Hello everyone, I have not posted in the last week or so, but I'm now glad to be back. I have enjoyed reading everyone's latest stories, they are great!

Jane - I'm glad that we seem to have a common link in our pooping experiences, I love your stories!

Kim and Scott - I've been meaning to tell you for quite some time how much I enjoy reading your posts, there is nothing better than hearing about the MONSTER logs you pass, keep em coming!

Someone asked several pages back if I was a "big girl." I am not. I am an average 20 year old, that often poops very big. I am 5'7" and I weigh roughly 115 lbs, strawberry blonde etc. For as long as I can remember I have always pooped much larger than my size would indicate, I feel kinda fortunate since there is no better feeling than pushing out a foot long, 3 inch wide turd! Anyway, on to my latest experience!

Friday morning I was still laying in bed fighting the urge to get up and go to class. I ripped several good farts under my covers which told me that a big load was on its way at some point today. I got up and got myself ready to go. I felt like being a naughty schoolgirl, so I wore my plaid miniskirt, I also chose red panties.
I had two, hour long classes to sit through. After the second one I really had to go, I could feel that it was going to be big! I had been wanting to go poop in the art building so I gathered my belongings after class and heading in that direction. The art building usually contains many "free-spirited" people that do not have many inhibitions. It is a great place to hear others go. I finally got to the building and chose the large restroom in entry area. It has 6 stalls. Since it was between classes, the restroom was really busy, all of the stalls were occupied, I waited about 2 minutes and a stall opened up. Most of the other girls were peeing but I heard a fart from another stall as I closed the door to mine. I hated to tell everyone but they were going to soon hear many more especially from me! I hung backpack on the hook and reached under my skirt to pull off my panties, I hung them on the hook also. I wiped the seat off and sat down, my legs as far apart as! I could get them. After I settled my butt into the most comfortable position, I couldn't wait any longer, I ripped the loudest and longest fart that I have done in a long time! I overheard another girl who was waiting outside say "Jeez, I think I'll find another restroom." I felt my anus begin to gape open slowly. I knew this was going to be big. After about 2 minutes I felt the urge to push. I squinted my eyes and grited my teeth as I made an audible strain. After about a minute of pushing, I could feel the tip come out. I apparently motivated another girl to grunt as well, I could hear her about 2 stalls away. I decided to let my log work its own way out without my pushing. It hurt a lot! After about 5 minutes it dropped. It was two - three inches wide and 15 inches long! I did not have any more to do. I savored the feeling for about another 5 minutes and then wiped and pulled my panties back on. The girl who was straining 2 stalls down had left by this point! , I did not remember hearing a flush. I did not flush my masterpiece either, it was the art building afterall! When I ready to leave, the restroom was empty. I went over to the other girl's stalled and was amazed at the sight. Floating on top were three 5 inch turds but stuck firmly in the drain hole at the bottom of the toilet was a huge turd. It was bigger than a softball and looked very painful to have passed, I guess that explains her straining. Anyway, happy pooping to all.

is it just me but as a woman i tend to pee on my tampon string any advice

I can relate to CD. It's ahellfoamesstoblotdry when your dick sqirts between the toilet and seat.Usually I'm not aware when it happens till I pull up my jockeys and I have a wet seat.

Pooper Dooper
Kim and Scott-
I'm male, I have a girlfriend and no we never buddy dump(I would love to), I have glasses, braces, I'm pretty short. I love your post. You guys really create monsters.

Happy Poops

Plunging Plop Guy
After a positive account of my recent visits to the toilet, I'm at the moment really fed up and depressed as I'm having a lot of trouble again. Anyway, perhaps others may find it useful to know the details and avoid the same results.
Up until last Wednesday when I had that terrific shit and felt really great, Things really seemed to have improved dramatically then on Thursday I was unable to do a lot which made sense as I was ptobably really cleared out for a while. On Friday, I wanted to go but only did a bit and later felt I wanted to do one but couldn't. I was concerned I was constipated and with still some tenderness in my arse, thought I'd better have a sachet of Fybogel in water before going to bed. The next day, I got up and soon felt the urge to get on the toilet, and so I got on there, and Yes, I really was constipated. I pushed for about 5 minutes feeling already rather sore in the anus and eventually with a lot of straining loud grunting and sweating started to produce my turds that took about 10 minutes to get done. My arse was sore and feeling very delicate and I saw that I'd had a really impressive shit and they were all good sized and satisfying looking. I wiped up gently, flushed and t! he bottom of the pan looked great with all the heavy brown skidmarks left as a tribute of my efforts. However, the rest of the morning I still felt sensitive, like I'd got piles again and then later on the Fybogel kicked in. Going to the toilet for a piss I realised I wanted to do more and sat down to release some very soft shit that felt like acid when I'd done. I mean it stung like nothing I'd ever felt! after wiping up what seemed to take ages and still I couldn't get clean, I sat on a chair for a while as the soreness slightly went off. about 2 hours later, exactly the same again- Piss, soft shit, very, very sore arse, loads of ineffective wiping and a gradual easing of the soreness.
That was yesterday and as yet I've not gone but don't ever want to take any more laxatives! I feel so f---ing angry and disappoined when it seemed I was really doing well again and now I don't know where the happy medium is between too little and too much fibre so am back to monitoting precisely what I eat and the results.
Hopefully, the chances are that by the time this is posted I might be much better and that good health is restored and that this was just a glitch in the body readjusting to a slight change in my diet.

Well, at least I've shared my frustrations with you all and perhaps what happened to me has warned anyone not to try a laxative unless really necessary if you have a sensitive system as I seem to have. Thanks for any help and support any of you may be able to give me and sorry to show the unfortunate side to the body's workings.

Now on to happier matters!
to SCOTT, Yes, I'd certainly like other guys to burst in on me when I'm on the toilet but only if they want to have a shit themselves and aren't just dick-watchers or have ulterior motives. Otherwise I'd leave the door unlocked in public toilets and would love to be dropping a big loud plop at the instant someone opens the door.
Sometimes I've been sitting on the toilet with a door that doesn't lock and put my hand against it as someone is trying to open it and yet with my pressure against it they still push! That suggests they're wanting to see me on as the expected response would be "Sorry, mate" and for them to wait outside. Anyway in a place of work as you describe the raeson someone goes to the toilet is much more likely to be for the same reasons you go, so good luck and I hope a lot of guys see you on as you're plopping and so you know who it is if he goes next door!

RICH, That was GREAT what you described with your uninhibited friends sharing all those intimate details of their turds and all the sensations and pride at what they've done in the toilet. I'd want to have every shit I had in the company of thoes two and I bet you try to time it so as to hear them. Get yourself a tape recorder!

MW Hi!, What was that amazing channel 4 documentary I missed that you described? I certainly missed something there that I'm sure most of us would have appreciated. Please recall as much of the details as you can of the guys on the toilets, what they looked (and sounded) like and the scrutiny of their turds and were they embarrassed etc. It sounds absolutely amazing. The name of the programme would be great to know for enquiring at Channel 4.

Hi, BUZZY, I tried to work out how the guy next door to you was able to watch you on the toilet and how you were able to see his turds coming out. Are these particular stalls you use the ones with very reflective tiles or are you fortunate enough to have the ones with those partitions that start high off the floor.?
I think I'd spend all my time in the toilets there, and not bother with the work-outs but at least, you've got something great to look forward to when you're in the company of these guys in the gym!

All best wishes to all of you and I feel a bit better now having got my tale of woe off my chest and I really mean it when I say Have good shits in the toilet as I really know the difference between a good one and a bad one! P P G

Hello everybody

Jane: I'm glad you had a good Valentine's Day. It sounded real good to me! Gooey turds, mmm-mmm-mmm! Wish I could've been there to help!

Marc: Thanks for saying hi, and liking my stories.

David: I loved your poop story, it was great! Brown suit, and needing a shave. It's a nice picture for me to thnk about. I don't know how to describe myself anymore than I already have. How does one go about describing their face? Let's see, I have really dark eyes with heavy black eyelashes. My lips are very thick. Renee calls them "kissy lips". Oh yeah, and when I smile, I'm all teeth and gums, and my eyes squint. I also have a round face. I'm afraid that's about all I can think of, besides the fact that I've got really long black hair, and I love to work out. Oh, and thanks for putting me at the top of your celebrity pooping list! I feel very flattered to be up there with Brittany Spears and Denise Richards!

Kim: Rock on girl! Sexy blonde with a big bustline! Does Scott do some big turds too? I'll bet he's beautiful!!! I wish he'd describe himself on the pot, or I wish you would. I've read about some of your huge turds, and it gets me hotter than hell! I'd love to sit in a stall next door to you. I love women's dumps, seeing, listening, smelling, just as much as I do guys. I once took a nice, healthy shit in a unisex restroom with doorless stalls next to a guy doing the same. Once he'd told his friends about it, I had guys buying drinks and coming on to me like crazy! I took more hits than Pearl Harbor!

Last night I grabbed a magazine before heading off to the bathroom to take a real big one. Renee swung those sexy hips of hers back and forth down the hallway, following me into the bathroom. Once inside, I set the magazine down on the side of the tub, and began undoing my belt. While she watched, I hooked my thumbs in the waist of my jeans down and slid them down to mid thigh. I was wearing wranglers with the brown and tan cowboy boots that Renee got me for my birthday last year. She's a Texas girl, and still has that sexy drawl, and has great taste in western wear. I also wore a white button down shirt. I sat there with those jeans high up on my thighs and black panties underneath rolled up on my legs. My black, silky patch was clearly visible with white shirt tails hanging over my brown hips. I sat on the toilet, nose in my magazine, flipping pages and grunting softly. "Umh.....umhhh.....umh...." Then I let out some gas "Spliiifffffffffffffffff...." There was lots of! crackle, and spitting followed by an enormous "K-Pluuuuummpp!" The poop fell between my dark thighs, smelling like a double order of cooked cabbage. I peeked between my legs to see my dropping, and had to pull my long hair back out of my face, and over my shoulder. I saw a big, black log floating in the water. When I looked up again, I winked at Renee and said "that was fat one". By this point, I am so hot, you could've scrambled an egg on me! I love it when she watches me. Little did I know that I was at the beginning of what I'd call a good 6 pound dump! (it just felt like that much.) Just my crap smell sent her into orbit! She says I have a sexy stink, and I was grunting and breathing enthusiastically with each poop contraction. I leaned forward with toilet paper balled up in my hand, and peed a little. I heard more krickly sounds, and grunted, "Oh,yeahhhh.....this one needs to come out." I then put the magazine down, and smiled at Renee. She was breathing heavier than nor! mal. She winked at me and then reached up to brush a long curl out of my face. I began sniffing for a joke, then she laughed and said "it does stink, babe." Then we gabbed while I pooped and pooped. After about five minutes I felt my little butt stretching open, and gritted my teeth because the big one was creeping out of my ass. I heard this "plooop...ploooooop...KLOP!" as it broke into three peices! I looked up at Renee and said "Man that was a big turd! It came out in three chunks." Renee then moved to the side of the tub where she could rub my thighs. There'd be long periods of nothing, just girl talk, then more turds fell, crackly, and smelly, plopping like crazy. Finally, after about fifteen minutes on the pot, I was empty at last. The air was poopy, Renee was gorgeous, and I was one hot tamale! I sniffed again, taking in my own perfume. She smooched a kiss at me while I wiped my vagina. I asked if she'd wipe my ass for me, and I leaned way forward giving her complete ac! cess. She wiped me tenderly about eight times, then ran warm water on a washcloth and cleaned me up. After that I stood up and pulled my underpants up while Renee looked into the bowl. There was a hunk of turd in there 20" long and fat, with three more big chunks floating. There was so much poop in there that the rest of it was piled on top completely out of the water. Afterward, I hitched my pants up, and dabbed on some makeup and lipstick with that sweet aroma floating in the air. A couple squirts of Liz Claiborne, and I was ready to do the town! Using the plunger handle, I had to hold the big turds back while I flushed, so they wouldn't clog. It took three flushes, but I got it all down. I was light as a feather after! Thanks for listening to me everyone.

CHRIS: Hey buddy, I'm real sorry I took so long to answer your questions. We are constructing a new downtown multi-level parking facility needing about 18 months to complete. Management therefore decided to put in temporary restroom/shower facilities for the crew since there are about 40 guys working in different shifts at the site. When you enter the facility, there are lockers for all the guys and showers near the entry. Further on is the shitting/pissing area with 5 metal toilets along one wall and a long trough urinal on the opposite wall. All the plumbing is connected to the sewer system. Yeah, it is the open plan without partitions around the shitters so it's real cool! I get to see most of the guys on the crew taking a shit and always dump there myself at our morning break. All the guys know each other so the atmosphere is real relaxed and friendly. Yeah, I do hear the other guys farting and grunting and I also hear their loads plopping into the water. Some o! f the guys read the newspaper while shitting; others talk to guys shitting next to them or to guys taking a piss. Usually, the conversations are about chicks, football, baseball and sometimes work. Some guys comment on their progress. They say things like: "Hey man that was a big one" when they fart loudly or drop a big log. I often have younger guys on the crew assigned to work with me. Recently, there was this blond dude, Ken. He is 22 with a great build and a cocky attitude. He is always telling me about the chicks he balled the night before. Every morning at break I announce that I need to go dump. After about two weeks working together, he told me that he also had to hit the head and we walked there together. We sat on two adjacent shitters. We both farted loudly and then started to grunt. He was talking to me all the time, so I could see his face grimace and contort as he squeezed out his logs which made loud plops as they landed. I also dumped at the same time. After he had dumped about 6 logs, I asked him if he felt better. He said: "You better f*****g" believe it! I did not have time to go this morning and needed to shit real bad!" He stood to wipe and I saw several large, long brown logs filling the bowl. I said: "Hey dude. That is one great dump!" He just grinned broadly and looked real proud of his achievement. I wiped sitting down and then we went back to work. I have lots of other great stories. Construction work is a great life! Take care buddy, Bill

Last night after i posted my message, i had to poop again. I sat down and pushed this time my logs were much softer and light brown in was almost tinted green. I wiped about 10 times.


I haven't posted for some time.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at this very computer and I could smell a faint trace of urine. It wasn't very strong but enough. I thought for a moment and then smelt the front of my boxers which I wear in the evening (more like shorts). There I found the problem which I put down to after taking a wee, just putting my penis back in. The problem is that there is usually a drop or two left which get collected by the shorts. So now I wipe my penis with a single piece of paper. Not only do I solve this problem but I feel a lot cleaner.

I have a recollection from a few years ago when I was almost caught listening to my Mum on the toilet. Tony from Scotland can probably relate to some parts. Anyway, one morning before school I heard Mum go into the toilet so I carefully snuck opto near the door and listened. I decided to sneak upto to door and place my ear against it which I did. I don't usually do this as I stay near the hallway which is back a bit. So I listen but I can't hear much. Suddenly, to my great surprise, the door opens and I stand back. I said quietly to my Mum "I was just waiting" to which she replied "Thats ok, you go ahead and use it". The reason she had come out was because of the kettle boiling. So I went in there and did a poo, fairly average size. I came out and went into my room and heard Mum go in again. This time I snuck upto near the door but faraway enough not to get caught again! I heard Mum sit down and then a fair few plops and ploonks.

This was one of those situations that are really arkward, when she opened the door I thought I was caught for sure and that she'd enquire to what I was doing there. I think she has a suspicion that I listen because sometimes the floorboards in our hallway creak when I sneak down there.

"Stay Young"

TO CD-I too sometimes have some problems with erections while pooing which I get just about most of the time (esp if it is a good load!)as the poo is sliding out and feeling great!-I just have to keep my penis pointed down cause a lot of times,i pee while i poo also-Once or twice i've peed on the floor but that happened when I was a teen-Now I just point-due south!
TO PENNY-Nice story with you and linda in the outdoors-nice pooing!
TO CARMELITA-Great story with you and the ladies pooing together in the toilet-sounds like the gym story I just posted-I think I'll print that one of yours!Love your stuff with RENEE-
i just had a few mins to post before I leave on a plane later today for L.A. and San Diego-Se ya all around 2/27-3/1-I'm sure i'll have some great stuff to read when I get back and I'll have some stuff to tell you guys! Posts have been super!Nice pic too-she looks like she is doing some business!BYE

As you all know I love to dump outside and do not mind being watched. It is part of the outdoor dump.
A horrible thing happened to me today. I needed to poo at the mall where we do our monthly shopping and went off to the loo. Left my daughter to watch the trolley. This loo has three stalls and the middle one was occupied so I took the left one. I proceeded to get on with the job and was just finishing when I heard a grunt and moan from the next cubicle. I happened to glance across at the partition and was I shocked to find a small hole under the loo roll with an eye looking at me I then bent down and glanced under the wall and it was a man. A perve. I think he was masterbating from the funny noises. This was shocking. I went to the caretaker but he had gone by the time he got there. If a lady chooses to shit outside then she may be watched but to choose a ladies loo and a locked cubicle means that at that time some privicy is desired. I think people like that are pigs. I do not mind someone watching if it is my choice to go outside or to read about me pooing but to secret! ly spy is out. Are you perverted men listening to me.

Nick: I was real interested to read your posting about being embarrassed to dump when your girlfriend is around. It reminded me of myself two years ago. I'm 21 years old and was a bit uptight then having had a Catholic upbringing. My first few boyfriends were also uptight and the sex was quick and guilty. All that ended when I met my current boyfriend, Matt. I live in San Diego and Matt is a 22-year-old marine stationed at a base there. He is a super looking guy with a taut-muscled body, a real short military haircut and great blue eyes. Even from the beginning I just loved looking at his cute curved butt. It looked great in jeans, but even better when he was nude! Even during our first dates, he was real uninhibited. He used to fart loudly while I was around and just grin widely and I would just blush and pretend that nothing had happened. One morning when we were in bed together he asked if I wanted to try a "Dutch Oven." I had never heard of it and asked what it was. He said that he would show me. He covered my head with the sheets and then farted loudly while we were both covered so that the smell was real concentrated. He just laughed and asked if I liked it. I was real surprised but felt turned on. He then said that he was going to take a crap and I could come in with him if I wanted. I was real embarrassed, but being turned on I agreed. He was nude and sat on the toilet with me sitting next to him on the edge of the bathtub. He farted again a few times and then I heard him sigh and grunt. I had never seen a guy dump before, but seeing a hunk like him on the toilet was a real turn-on for me. I then heard loud plops when his dump hit the water. We just held hands while he dumped. I then watched him wipe that beautiful butt of his and we went back to the bedroom and had great sex. So you see, you can never tell when even an uptight girlfriend will like to see you dumping real well. Now I often accompany Matt during his! dumps. He often dumps and they are real big and masculine. I suggest that you try farting while your girfriend is around and then why not try the Dutch Oven treatment! Who knows where it might lead?

Sunday, February 18, 2001

Scott: Welcome to this site! I enjoyed your recent posting about getting a buzz when other guys walk in on you while you are dumping. I also enjoy that. I prefer stalls without doors so that guys waiting to dump can see me (and I can see them) while I'm pinching off my logs. I enjoy it even more when they make comments to me and I can reply. Unfortunately, restrooms with doorless stalls are often difficult to find. Then I will often do what you do. I leave the stall door a little open so that guys can't tell that there is anyone in the stall. It is real enjoyable when they walk in on me while I'm on the shitter. Some act real surprised; others seem embarrassed. You are right -- young guys are usually real cool about it. Some give me a big grin and I say: "Hey buddy. I'll be out in a moment." Recently, I went to dump in the end handicapped stall at a mall. After a while, I heard the sounds of a janitor coming into the restroom with his supplies. I had left the st! all door partly open. He walked in on me. He was a young Latino guy probably in his early twenties. He excused himself, but I told him it was no problem and gave him a big smile. He relaxed and asked me if it was OK if he put on new toilet paper rolls, since there was little TP left. I told him to go ahead. He kinda leaned over me to replace the rolls since the TP holder was close to the bowl. I pinched off my logs while he did this and he grinned as he heard me fart and plop. I started wiping my butt while he replaced the second roll and I told him that it was lucky for me that he had come in at that moment. He just grined and then went into the next stall. Scott - keep the stories coming.

It's been a couple of days since the forum last updated and I don't usually post more than once between updates, but I thought I'd get this story in. Last year was relatively quiet for me pooping-wise, when I had mostly normal dumps most of the year and I picked up the pace in the fall with quite a few major pooping sessions, like during my late teens and early to mid 20's, when I had my share of huge dumps. This year, though, I'm off to a fast start with an average of one major dump every two weeks. I had one such dump last night, probably from the food I had on Valentine's Day.

I went to work early that day and went home early, too. I had a dump before I went home, but it was nothing unusual. I changed my clothes and went shopping at the mall and was able to finish before dinner time. By the time I was leaving the mall, I was due to go to the bathroom but thought I could get home and go there. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I suddenly felt a stomach cramp and a very sudden urge to poop, one that almost caused me to poop in my pants on the spot. I went to the other side of the mall, parked the car and headed for the department store. As I was walking, I made a huge fart. There were some people behind me and probably heard it. I was just happy not to have crapped on the spot. I chose the entrance carefully because I knew the ladies room was close by.

I made a brisk walk to the ladies room and farted again as I went in. I went into a stall and saw there were a couple big pieces of poop that someone forgot to flush. I would have flushed first but was so desperate that I quickly pulled down my jeans and panties and sat. Immediately I flushed the toilet while seated. As it was flushing I let go a huge rush of soft gooey poop. As soon as it was finished, I pushed out another huge load of soft poop that, strangely enough, didn't make much of a noise as it was cascading down. I peed for a bit, then unleashed another load of soft poop. By that time there was a strong poop smell, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I pushed out another load of soft poop, this one not as big. I was done for now, but my stomach was not quite settled, so I sat there for a minute or so. I then pushed out a long thick piece, followed by another rush of soft poop. Now I was done. I only needed to wipe a couple of times and decided to su! rvey what I had done. It was a brown soupy mix that completely covered the bottom of the bowl, with a few clumps floating at the top. I flushed the toilet, and it all went down without leaving any skidmarks, though there was a lingering poop smell. I felt much better after that.

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