Sara T.
I did try the tub again, when I had to go in to shower, this way I could wash away whatever dripped down my legs. There's really not enough room in my tub though but I did get a stream going that hit the wall. I wish I had a bigger tub!! I was thinking about peeing off the back deck at night when no one was around, but I'd be too worried someone might see!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone had a great Valentine's! My dad sent me flowers at work! Renee told about my phone poop to the Nissan place! That was fun! I made her a valentine's tape of me pooping from my hand held recorder. I was grunting extra hard for dramatic effect, then held the thing close to my crotch as I plopped. It came out great. She loved it!
Kim: Thank you for your sweet words hon! But I agree with Renee that you are still one of the queen poopers of this site! I've loved your stories for a long time.
Gruntley Bogwell: I love that name! I just might have to take you up on that proposal. I'd like to have a description of some of you though. It's not the same if I can't see you in my mind, or my heart.

My morning poop with the new girl was great!!! As usual, she got up, grabbed her purse, and headed to the ladies room. I followed giving her a few seconds to get in and get seated. I entered the stall right when she was getting situated. She's got really pretty, dark brown hair, long, and parts it in the middle. I raised my skirt, and stretched pantyhose down to my thighs, and began to pee. I heard her fart a little bit, sigh, then start pushing. Her sweet little voice was going "ooh...uunnnh...uhhh..." She must have had quite a build up because she started plopping turds like crazy! Real tasty ones too with a nice smell. Then she goes "rrruuugghhhh!" and this huge plop hits the water. This girl has a rear end as sweet as two peaches and I could just picture this big brown pickle sliding out of it. There was a bit of silence, then I farted some, and began pushing my own load that I'd saved up for her. "uuunnnhhhhhh..." I squeezed out three very soft, but long turds that ma! de huge splashes. My smell was pretty tasty too. Together, us girls were really spicing the place up let me tell you. Then I did a really long fart, and crapped another large, smelly pile. I grunted and sighed heavily. As I listened next door, she was grunting again herself, then all of a sudden I heard this familiar sound like: "Ssslllluuuuuppppp!" as a big load of really soft ice cream came out of her ass. I wish I could have wiped her, the little sweetie. Oh well. Then I heard another voice as she was finishing up. It was a rather large gal who works down the hall talking to someone as she entered the bathroom. I watched her feet enter the stall on my right side. I saw her hefty ankles, and the pants that dropped down to them. In less than 10 seconds, this woman was pinching a monster loaf that crackled like the plastic off a new CD! Man this thing came squeezing out forever! She's a pretty woman, I've seen her, sort of reddish hair, shoulder length, oval, wire rimmed glas! ses, and tasty lips. Just before her fat turd fell, there was a little wet fart. Mmm-mmm good! I wiped and pulled my panties up, got my skirt straightened, and went out to wash up and check my hair. The new girl was just finishing drying her hands, smiled sweetly to me, and left. The hefty attractive woman was still seated, and she went "Sssppprrrickkkk!" and crapped out another big sounding monster. I stayed and listened as she did two more after that. Woo-wee! Man that lady was pooping out a lot of used dinner, that's for sure! It was a good day in the ladies crapper. I'm kind of in a hurry, but have more to say. Hopefully tomorrow!

Hi again everyone:
It's late saying this,but I'm sorry about Heather. I'll
miss her. Question, Do any of you girls and women sit on the
toliet like the girl in the picture? If so is it so you can
be in a better position to wipe your anus after a poo?
I read in a local paper that a fair board was going
to buid some restrooms at the fairground for a cost of $20,000.
Also, New Yorkers plese describe the the one sit loos down
by the subways that cost a quarter. Hope everyone has a nice
poo and ladies keep the stories coming.

Hi been enjoying the posts recently. Carmelita ,really enjoyed your post to David from a few days ago. Would love to hear more stories from you. I posted a story about my ex-wife a few years back around Page 160. See everyone around.

shawn- you never told us your personal experiences with accidents! Are you going to?

Here's a story I recievd from embarrasing mail (a service I recieve)-

"Stress Relief

It was late in the evening and I was studying in the university library's reading room. It was in the middle of final exams, so the library was a hectic place with students milling around everywhere. I was sitting at my desk with my pile of books and felt the need for a nap before I continued with my work. I wasn't asleep long before I was awakened with laughter. To my surprise, everyone who was laughing was also looking at me. I looked around the room, silently pleading for answers, when someone next to me leaned over and whispered, 'You were farting in your sleep. -ernest MA'"

Last winter Linda and I went skiing with our families. One fine afternoon Linda and I went walking in the snow as all the gang were off doing their own thing. We had had a big lunch wine etc and I had a fullish feeling that signaled I may need a loo. I had brought a couple of tissues along just in case. It was not long before I anounced to my friend that I needed a loo and would go off the trail behind some rocks. She must watch for me. I stripped off my jeans and long underwear to my knees. I had boots on so could not get a leg out. I thought I had better be careful as I did not need wet or shitty cloths at this point in time. Linda came over to say all clear and we chatted as I let go with the customry fart and the firm plug pooped out followed by the pile of semi solid mush. I felt so good. It was cold and I could feel the knife like wind on my lips and running up my crack. As I was finishing a good long beer wee Linda suddenly pulled her tracksuit pants and g string down a! nd bent down next to me. She just sat there as I pulled up my jeans. As she finished peeing a brown log started to emerge from her distended hole. As usual her eyes where closed as this monster proceeded to push itself into the snow. Its heat melted the snow as it dropped. Eventually it broke off and just stood erect in the snow. She looked and shuffled forwards about a foot as another one emeerged. I was fasinated as I watched this silent session. Two logs standing upright in the snow and the pee had made a yellow line in the snow. She asked for a tissue but I had used all of mine. Oh dear she says I can't get up like this without a wipe. I bent down and made a small ball of hard snow and handed it to her. She said but that is freezing. I said better than shit on your g string. She agreed and proceeded to wipe with balls of snow. Her hole may have been a little wet but the g string absorbed the little moisture there. Pants up and off we go feeling a lot better. She almost alw! ays wears a g string as her bum seems to allow a panty to rude up between her buttocks.

Nick: I'm a College freshman and my boyfriend Joe is a year ahead of me. He is really the cutest guy and I can't get enough of him. We spend a lot of time together like you and your girlfriend. Often we go out of town during weekends and stay in cheap motels. The first time I saw Joe on the toilet he looked just as cute and adorable as ever. Watching him poop (and letting him watch me poop) just increased our sense of intimacy. Joe dumps a lot more than I do, but the smell is usualy slight and I don't mind it in the least. I suggest you try dumping when your girlfriend is around at first keeping the bathroom door closed. Then leave it a little open and eventually dump while she is in the bathroom. If you are as cute as my boyfriend, you may find that she will get into watching you dump. Don't get uncomfortable and hold your crap in just because you think she will be offended. Mosts of us girls are tougher than you think!

Rock Bass
One sunday morning at the cottage I got up very early and decided to take the boat out on the misty lake. I motored slowly to a quiet, undeveloped area of the lake, enjoying the wild scenery and solitude.

Suddenly, I had the uncontrollable urge to go. Luckily, a small shelf of rock appeared at the nearest point of land and I pulled the boat up. There was just enough space to squat comfortably although the liquids were running towards the water's edge.

As I sat there trying to keep the crap away from my feet, a canoe glided silently around the point, not 10 feet away. Two prim looking teenage girls were paddling and looked in amazement at a grimacing, grizzled middle aged man with his pants around his ankles, having backed away from a big pile of crap at the water's edge.

I am sure I am forever enshrined in the folkore of the cottage those girls were staying at.

pushed out a couple of big ones today. 9 inches and longer.

Nick: I'm also a guy about your age, but have never had your problem. Most of the chicks I date are not the sensitive type - I prefer those that look and act like hos! I always enjoy a good dump and I would not let any chick deter me from having one. Unless you enjoy holding in your dump, why not go ahead and just dump when your girlfriend is around? She may even get real excited to see a cute 19-year-old guy dumping a large load. Some of my girlfriends have developed a real liking for watching me on the crapper. Others just act as if it a just a normal thing and don't make any comments about it. If your girlfriend does not like you shitting with her around just close the bathroom door and enjoy. If the stink worries her, just open the window when you are done shitting. Let us know how your problem works out.

Kendal's Dad
Yes Andrew, I'm still reading here !! Now you two have a fantastic time on your half term holiday, but please promise me one thing. Don't make Kirsty feel left out with your antics. She's with us all week, and I should hate to discover that she has had an unhappy time. And just make sure that you're invited to sit on her knee next time as well !!! ( Thats it KATE, you keep reminding him about it, in fact, all the nice girlfriends that Andrew has on this site, like LINDA, don't ever let him forget what he did to Kirsty, the poor girl !! ).

LINDA: Just have to say that I think you're a very clever girl, heartshaped toilet seats ! Kendal talks about you so much, it's such a pity you can only be friends through this site. Please don't be frightened away again like you were the last time I contributed here. I'm really not that scary ! Hope that your Cousin and Elena are both well and happy. Love from Kendal's Dad.

Thanks to a certain beautiful Latina girl in here, I've been on cloud 9 for the last few days! Carmalita, I have been so happy ever since that glorious posting you did for me! Now I'm like a kid in a candy store, looking forward to seeing your name whenever I visit here. I know I'm asking for a lot here, but could you give me more of a description of what you look like, face wise? I know you have long black curly hair, and are dark skinned, but what else? I'm trying to picture your face.
Renee: I'm looking forward to hearing more great things from you as well. You two are so incredible together! I'm really glad I found this place because of you both!
Kim: I also am a big fan of yours! I've been reading your stories for awhile since I came here. Your ladies room stories are the best!
Carmalita, you gave me a story, now I'll try to give you one, though it won't be as great as yours! Last night when I got home from work i loosened my tie, took a magazine in with me, and sat down for a good two flusher. it came out hard, and long, about four huge logs! I was wearing a brown suit without the jacket. My hair has been trimmed a little, but is still kind of long. anyway, I grunted and grunted, and out came this really long thing, maybe 16". My legs were spread because they're so long, that's the only way I can go. I couldn't believe how big it was. After that,I concentrated hard, hung my head down studying the magazine, and out came two more monsters. the door was wide open, and my tie was hanging down toward my crotch. I stood up to check out the first load before I had to flush it. there were three giant turds floating so I flushed. The fourth one came later after lots of straining and reading, but it came out long too. Oh, and I haven't shaved for two days! , so I was pretty stubbly. So, little Carmalita, that one is for you. I wish it was more exciting, but oh, well. Love you!
For everyone else: here are my fantasy ladies I'd like to see taking a huge dump. They are in this order:

2.Ashley Judd
3.Brittany Spears
4.Denise Richards
5.Kathy (a woman who works down the hall from me)

DR.POOP> You flushed pizza and it didn't clog your toilet??? May I ask WHY you flushed it?

I haven't posted here before but I've been reading for about a year. I personally enjoy seeing a girl who is bursting to pee and am interested in that topic rather than pooping. I've just got home from a night out drinking and have just peed about 900ml. I would like to ask Louise what her 'record' is and if she deliberately holds her pee during the day. I 've also got some grat pooping stories to share with you all.

To Lori & Brenda,
Speaking as a guy, you both have my sympathy. I can only imagine what you must go through to remember to get that angle 'just right' every time you pee or have a BM. I've had only one similar experience and it came as a real shock I must say...
One day at work last year I was sitting at my desk when the urge for a BM came. It wasn't especially urgent, but I needed a break anyway so I got up and went to the gents. When I got to the toilet I closed the cubical door, took down my trousers & y-fronts, sat down and then proceeded to have the most pleasurable BM I had in ages. No unusually huge stools or anything, it just felt marvelous as I passed it.
It was so pleasurable in fact that I obtained a good, stiff errection as the last turds came out! Slightly surprised by my reaction, I opened my legs a bit further to allow the errection to take it's full course. Of course... now in order to pee I had to either forcefully push my penis down or wait tad until I calmed down and my errection subsided. I made the mistake of choosing the latter...
When I thought it had gone down enough, I relaxed and let the urine come flowing out. Unfortunately, although my erection had subsided to a point so it was just below the toilet rim, it still had a slight angle to it. As I let fly, for a few moments my mind was elsewhere and I failed to notice that the usual WHISSSS of urine coming out wasn't being accompanied by he tinkle of it hitting water hard porceline. Instead, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small fountain of urine efficiently soaking my underware!

I guess it wasn't as bad as it could have been... Very little of it apparently made it to my pants but I spent a good 10 extra minutes in the cubicle using sheets & sheets of toilet paper to dry off my underware.

I spent most of the remainder of that day praying that no one would smell the aroma of urine on my person...

Nice new picture. Looks like she's enjoying a dump in earnest!

Miss Anne Thorne. I can't speak for other people but yes I certainly enjoy the sound and aroma of a good meaty fart. It doesn't compare with the sound, aroma or sensation of a good healthy dump though. About 20 minutes ago I went for a big dump and, believe me, it felt good. Have you had any good dumps lately?

Hey all I LOVE the new masthead pic.. i have it as a matter of fast. For those you you wondering what that big black splotch at her feet is.. it's her skirt.. for some reason she dropped it to the floor. Sigh.. Elena has warned me about dreaming about Japanese School girls.. and I too have warned her about her dreams of Ricky Martin.(She even dreams of seeing him in the bathroom..sick girl [winks])Anyway..

Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal
Please don't take what Linda said they wrong way about Andrew peeking. Fact is she was just trying to include him in the whole story.. me and Elena have this odd notion that she likes him. As for the Valentine's car he recieved.. as far as we know.. she doesn't know where he lives. Anyway.. so.. um Andrew you had permission to peek.. um i said go ahead. Heh. Just um.. she looked rather busy and you didn't wnat to bother her.. but um.. you checked in on her to "see if she was okay" So you're not in any trouble.. do it to Elena and well.. "we'll have words". J/K

Anyone here into Japanese animation like I am? If you are I ahve a couple of titles to watch for. Lost Universe volume 3 has the most hilarious epsiode where something ivades the ship and the rooms keep moving around and well the two main charaters have a HUGE problem.. there's only ONE toilet on the ship so almost the enitre episode the run around looking for it. The girl in one scene walks around as best she can asking GOD to send her a toilet. There's even a scene where they play a word game to get their minds off of it but every word they come up with invovles a bathroom. The other is one called Jungle De Ikou.. it has a scene with a gal on the toilet.. kinda odd as she yells at her sidekick for poping up at the most improper of monets.. but then goes into a long conervsation with him while she's still seated. Odd..oh well. Later everyone.

I took a dump it was approximately 2 feet long it stopped up my commode.

European vacation toilet guide

If you are looking for 'interesting' toilet experiences in Europe, I recommend France as THE place to go. Where else can you find squat 'hole in the floor' toilets, often unisex, sometimes with gaps under the doors and occasionally with gaps under the partitions too? (See also my posts on pages 407-425.) Don't expect to find these 'attractions' right by the port or airport. You need to search around, concentrating on places off the main international tourist itinerary. If you are ever in Le Mont-Dore in the Auvergne region, do visit the unisex public toilettes by the Place de la Revolution.

Driving on the Autoroutes in France is expensive due to tolls, such as 99 French Francs (aout $13 US) from Calais to Paris but there are plenty of rest areas with toilets. Most of these are clean but even on the the newest roads, 'squat' hole in the floor toilets are de rigeur. They not only have the standard flush nozzle at the back but another two each side so that flushing produces an impressive torrent. There are usually separate ladies and gents toilets but some French women aren't inhibited about using the gents' if there is a long queue (line) in the ladies. There is usually a gap under the door but unless you have eyes in your feet, you can't really take advantage of this!

Off the autoroutes, on the 'N' roads, there are no tolls but few toilets at the rest areas. French men can sometimes seen standing facing away from the road and peeing whereas women tend to be a bit more discreet, opening the car door for some cover and squatting down if there are no suitable bushes.

French youth hostels can be interesting places to stay, whether or not you are youthful. In most FUAJ YHs such as Lille, Metz and Chamonix-Mont Blanc, mixed wash rooms and toilets seem to be the norm and mixed dormitories are common. The higher grade FUAJ YHs have an en-suite shower and toilet for each room but these aren't very intersting so I prefer the more basic YHs with shared facilities. However, if most of the girls aren't French they may avoid using the toilet if there is someone, possibly male, in the next stall.

Le Camping is very popular in France and French camp sites can be fascinating places for the toilette connoisseur. Squat toilets are widespread, often unisex and often with gaps under the doors or even under the partitions! I can recommend some of Europe's best 'views' in the Vanoise National Park if you camp at Pralognan-la-Vanoise (the village has a Web site) or rent one of the new chalets on the camp site. If you like hiking in mountains, the scenery is quite good too!

I was thinking yesterday and today, that latly i haven't had any big bowel movements with in the last few weeks, i mean i've had small movements, not alot of shit. I was also remembering when i last took a shit, i realized i hadn't been since Monday morning and today is Saturday, so i was thinking i am really constipated(5 days without a movement). I was at work today, i had about 2 1/2 hours when i suddenly got a strong urge to shit. I was busy and couldn't stop what i was doing. About an hour later i was done what i was doing, and i finished up some other work. I knew in about 10-15 min. i would have to do this other assignment that couldn't wait. So i decided to hurry and go to the mens room. I sat down, i noticed someone was in the other room, near the mens room...i thought about him and i sat down and began shitting as fast as i could cause i knew i would have to get back to work ASAP. Then I felt as i was done, i stood up and wiped my ass, only wiped 2 times. Then i flus! hed and went back to work. I looked in the bowl and saw like 10 medium sized balls that were brown/dark brown in color.

That oriental girl is hot.

To Kevin L. I thought that part about your friend who is sick and u peed in his bottle, i was wondering if you shouldn't have peed in there, then i saw what you wrote. I would have been worried about that if that was me.

Well i better go now, i feel like i gotta poop again!!

Apparently, I've been away for far too long.

I was reading back over the 1.5 to 2 weeks of posts I missed, and somewhere along the way it came up that Heather did not make it out of the hospital. This is a great loss for this site, and to all of us who enjoyed Heather's take on the natural phenomenon we all enjoy. I had a great toilet session to talk about, but now I'm not sure if that would be appropriate. In return, I offer a moment of internet silence.

You will be greatly missed, Heather.



I get the feeling that you are not THAT close with your girlfriend. Please please don't make out her shit doesn't stink. We all have to shit, so don't even bother to hold your belly for her sake - its not shyness, you just think that she will think differently of you after you take a big crap. She will not "dump" you for shitting. If she had a problem with me shitting, I'd shit on her myself to shut her up. Don't ever think like that. Share it with her... (well, don't go overboard, I mean don't talk about the fun of shitting), but this is serious, you will hurt yourself not shitting.

If you wanna break the ice, fart around her and dee her reaction. Act on the consequences...

HEY... why was my valentines day special censored?

Jeff A
Looking forward to good post Valentine's episodes in here.
KIM AND SCOTT: I'll bet you two have really got something good to tell us! Kim you are something else, I love hearing about your biggies!
JANE: Wow! I can't believe you remember the "Kelly" story from all those pages back. That must be from a couple of years ago at least. I've been on this forum since the pages numbered in the 60's, and now it's close to what, 500? Yes, there were more incidents with Kelly. At the time, she was one of those loves of my life. One time she visited my apt. and the bathroom door was missing because the manager had taken it to replace it. She was over, and we were drinking, and she says "you're not gonna watch me use your potty are ya?" then she giggled and said she was just kidding. She went in, lowered her pants and sat down to pee, and I was dumbstruck! then I heard four very distinctive plops followed by a sigh. She sat forward grinning at me, and said "You'd better open this bathroom window Jeffrey because I'm taking a shit." She used to say 'taking a shit' as opposed to any other verbage. She also used to call me Jeffrey. One of the only people in the world I would allow to! call me that. That was an incredible day. There were other times involving her, and Jane I thank you for bringing that wonderful memory back to me for Valentine's. Lots of love to you from me! I'll tell another one about her that's awesome when I get more time, right now I'm sort of on the run.
RIZZO: Yes, I do believe that the giant turd you found is from that gorgeous female street cleaner. It has to be! it's too beautiful a vision not to be!
LOUISE: I am quite familiar with both Wing Chun, and Aikido. The former was invented by Madame Wing Chun, a whorehouse propietor. She developed the style to fend off rowdy customers. It's a great style too. Bruce Lee's main foundation is Wing Chun. Personally, I believe that Aikido is the ultimate of any martial art. It's also best suited to women who have a lower gravity due to their hips. It's very, very effective. I'm 6'3" and weigh 250 lbs. I was put into a simple wrist lock by a woman who weighed 100 lbs, and was 5'2". She did it quite effortlessly, and she had me on my knees! It was just a class demonstration, but what a waker-upper!
RENEE: Man that was hilarious about Carmalita and the phone call! You two are just awesome!!! I agree that the guy on the other end no doubt knew what was going on. It probably made his day too! I love you both! I'm waiting on pins and needles for your Valentine's Day releases! I also love the cardboard poop rearview mirror ornament! Just great! I'd love to be around the both of you at a party, or even hiking on a trail. If you ever manufacture those ornaments, please make sure I get one somehow! Renee, you need to give us another story ASAP, and tell that gorgeous little Latina to do the same! Love you both.

Kevin L
Yesterday, I did not poop before school. After our first class, I had to go. So I went to the bathroom and sat down. I pushed out 2 large logs and a bunch of small ones. It took about 3 minutes, which is long for me. Bobby had to go, so he came in too. WHen I was done, I wiped and got up. Bobby dropped his pants and his underwear when the teacher came in. SHe said what are you doing? He was mad, because while we talk and stuff in the bathroom (besides pee and poop) we do not waste time in the bathroom during school. He said, see that stuff in the toilet. It is called feces. Kev made that. Now I am going to make more. Is that ok? She turned around and left. While she was leaving we started to laugh. I washed my hands and left.

We had to take bobby to see the heart doctor today. His mom and dad had something else to do. So my mom took him. WHile we were at the docs, my brother billy and josh had to poo and so did I. Josh went first. It was one of those high toilets, so I had to lift him up. Josh pooed two pretty big logs. Then I said, its my turn. Billy said ok. SO I hopped on. I like the high toilets better. It feels funnt when your feet hang in the air. I pushed out a couple of logs. While I was pooping, I wiped josh's butt. josh is 3 and can't do it himself good yet. WHen I was done, billy went. Billy maded one huge log, a floater. When he was done, we all aimed at the turd with our pee. Then we washed our hands and left.

When we got home, mom asked what happened at school with the teacher. We told her. She said that she heard we were rude to the teacher. She said that what we did was ok, but we should have just said we were pooping. I said we never waste time in the bathroom at school, so I did not like her coming in. I don't care when people see me pee or poo, but i don't like them thinking i am trying to get out of work or something because i have i to poop at the time.

Last night we came to our cabin. Bobby and weimin too. We have our brothers' room all done, mom and dad's room, my aunt's and undles' room, four bathrooms, the kitchen, the computer and the playroom. We still have to finish the girls room, the guest room, a bathroom, and the main living room. Bobby is done with chemo, except for some maintance chemo he will have to take over the next couple of years. So his mom is going to bring up some friends on Sunday and we are going to have a party. On Monday, we are going to ski. OF course, we have a lot of work to do first to get ready. We are going to have to get the guest room ready (except we won't have time to paint it) for bobby;s mom and dad. The kids will sleep on the floor, of course. parents make us. they are mean. My mom said some of the doctors are going to come over for the party too. But bobby doesn't know it yet. So it will be a nice surprise. I think our teacher is coming too. I want to walk in on her when she is pooi! ng too, after the way she treated us yesterday. But she is really nice and was trying to make sure we were ok. I think she is bring a some of the kids in class too. SO we should have a good time.

Does anyone else recall a few years ago there was a health programme on UK TV (channel 4 I think) which actually dealt with the subject of shitting without being too gross? My memory is fairly vague, but I do remember the presenter was the lovely Davina McCall, and she actually conducted a dumping contest in which three guys went into stalls and the first one to manage a shit pressed a button which lit a light on the top of the stall so that the audience would know.
After that they had an "expert" looking a photos of three different panfuls and commenting on which was the healthier dump. I seem to remember Davina giving a knowing look as if to say "Call that a dump? I could do loads more than that!"
Nicola (and others): Thanks for your explanation of how it is that women seem to be able to produce bigger shits than men. It all seems to make sense. I suppose it is natural for a guy to be attracted to a woman who can produce big healthy logs, on the grounds that she is likely to be able to produce big healthy babies!
You have also pointed out that the bowel can expand to hold a larger load from time to time. Is this why certain women seem to have a bigger "belly" some days than others? I used to have a girlfriend who appeared noticeably bigger now and again.

Alaska Guy
Hey. I haven't read the recent posts but I figgered I would share another story.

Last fall I was driving the jeep to work on a nice morning when I felt a RUMBLE RUMBLE in my gut. Hmmm I knew I wasn't gonna have too much fun trying to make the jobsite, and even then I'd have to go in the bushes. Then I had a great idea! I was driving past the soccer field the kiddies use in the summer, and I knew there was an outhouse right there. So I swung a 30 mph turn and pulled into the dirt lot kicking up a cloud of dust. As I hopped out I noticed a couple ladies from the village I knew. One was a pretty blond girl in her early 30s who is married to one of the guys, the other was a friend of hers I didn't know, a dark haired girl, and finally there were the blond girl's 2 young kids. They were all sitting at a park bench having an early lunch (I guess the day starts EARLY when ya have kids!). I said howdy to them all and walked past them down the trail to the outhouses. They didn't ask me what I was doing there & I just gave em a grin.

Well the outhouses are built side by side like a little duplex! I checked in one and then the other. Everything was fine inside except no toilet paper! GRRRRRRRRRRR went my ???? and I scratched my mustache. Then I had another good idea. I rememberd I had a bunch of rags in the back of the jeep I use for cleaning up grease & dirt, and they were so-so clean. They'd work for wiping in a pinch. So feeling kinda silly I walked back past the ladies and the cookie crunchers (howdy howdy), back to the jeep, grabbed the rags, and BACK again past the crew eatin their lunches.

Well I just about dashed into the outhouse in the left, unbuckled, dropped my pants, settled back and HOORAW did it feel good to let go of that superturd! Had to go pretty bad, so I was setting there a while. GRUNT GRUNT OH YEAH. Damn it seemed to go on forever, load after load comin out, my gut flexing, I even got a little happy because of the relief. When it was done I just set there awhile enjoying the feeling of my whole bod being relaxed. Still had some time before work so I didn't feel I had to rush.

Well I was just like that, feeling good when I heard steps coming down the path CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. Hmmmmm who was this gonna be? I thought to myself Hey chickabiddy, go for the other outhouse! But nope! the door swung open and there was Amy the blond girl! WOW! Was she surprised! She turned bright red faced and started apologizing like crazy! This made me laugh for some reason and I told her it was OK. I think my shirt hid the fact that I was standing at attention but I ain't sure. She backed off in a hurry and closed the door still red as a beet. I finished up, and the rags worked just fine. When I stood up I felt like a million bucks. Amy hadn't gone and used the other outhouse, I guess she was too embarrassed!

As I was walking back I saw them again. It might have been embarrassing but I was feeling to good. I stopped & chatted with them for a minute and both girls had big smiles on their faces. I was enjoying this, they both seemed to be in a silly mood and were joking around. Amy said she was sorry again and that she should have known I was there since she saw me walk off that way. I said it was no problem & she should not feel bad. I would have liked to have stayed longer but I did need to get to work so I took off.

To Bill, hey bud, I'd enjoy crapping with you some time & Bear it's good to see ya again. To me taking a poop is one of those great natural pleasures and I like to share it with other people so long as it doesn't make them uncomfortable. Why should it? It feels great! Also makes me feel closer to a woman or a guy if that experience is shared. I have more chances to see other guys than girls. When I'm in the hardware store & have had to crap in the toilets there, the sight of other guys work boots and wool socks and hairy legs and the sounds they make really make me feel good and natural. Yeah, I do get a thrill out of it. I guess I just feel ashamed if somebody else feels I am violating their privacy. I know other people had different upbringings so going to the toilet is a really personal private thing. So I don't want to make anybody else feel weird.

Well we had a ton of snow fall recently & I had to shovel all the snow off the path to my outhouse so I could go poop! I tell ya that one was a hell of a relief!

My respects to all the women posters on here, you're great! I'm probably not the kind of guy you'd go for since I live pretty rustic and I don't have much money, but I still like to read your posts and share that much with ya.

To the guys, hey buds I wish ya the best. OK that's all.

Hey Chris- You sound pretty cool. Tell us about yourself. How old are you? What do you look like? Have you ever had a massive accident in your pants? Have you ever let out an earth shaking fart when you were pooping? Any good shits? I am interested in hearing more from you. I had a good poop earlier today. It kinda hurt when it happened. My friend was here and he walked in to brush his teeth while I was on the john. He looked at me and asked..."Why are you pushing so hard? Is it stuck?" I told him it was a little hard but definatly not stuck. It was one of those that is very forceful and big and as much as you might want to hold it your body forces it out whether you are ready or not. I felt so relieved afterward and managed to fart a couple of times which cracked my friend up.

kim and scott
greetings all! TO POOPER DOOPER- scott and i like your posts but we rather not give a grade ok?.ok pooper dooper heres a few questiones. what do you look like? i do not know if you are male or female but do you have a mate? do you ever buddy dump with the mate like scott and i do? and what do you think about our posts? and just because nobody replies it doesnt mean nobody is interested you gotta give it some time ok? welcome aboard. and just in case you dont know about us i am a voluptous,long haired blond girl and my boyfriend is a 6 foot 1 in height black kid.we are an interracial couple. we like to lifts weights and swim together. plus do other fun things if ya know what i mean!haha!TO LOUISE-hello girl. thanks for writing me back. scott and i really like you and steve and would like more stories from the both of you ok?plus thanks for the hello to scott he gives hellos back to you and steve. bye honey. TO JANE- scott can do big logs but not as big as mine. scotts are 10 i! nches to 16 inch logs. while mine are a foot long to my current record 25 inches long. 3 inches thick. bye. more kim and scott stories a bit later...

As an experiment, I haven't wiped my bottom after a poo for about 3 months. As I bathe instead of shower, I'm still clean. It's very liberating to sit down, poo, get up and flush without wiping. My poos are always solid and there's never much residue left in my botom.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to you all,

Here's a progress report on my toilet activities since I saw the doctor over a week ago and who advised me to cut out bran in my diet.
Yes, a big change for the better, I think, read on.
Last weekend staying with friends I had to use one of those ridiculous syphonic toilets for a shit. It must have the smallest water trap possible and I was really enjoying having a slow, deliberate shit and feeling I was pushing out bigger ones than I had been in recent months; when I finished and looked at what I'd done- I could only see a bit of it as the rest was out of view! I'd have been better off on a German ledge-type pan; at least I'd have seen the results! Anyway, it was comfortable to do, I felt I'd finished and it was cleaner to wipe my arse after. This didn't happen until nearly 6pm, much later than my normal time to go but as I wondered what had happened to it during the day; trusted nature to provide the goods when it was ready.

The next morning I went to the public toilet and thought I felt the need to go, so decided to sit on a toilet but with absolutely no pushing at all, just waited and sat there wondering if there'd be any company and then gave up and left. I'd been sitting on the toilet for exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes and as soon as I got up and walked out, I realised I'd got the sensation of haemorrhoids, ( that feeling of something sticking out slightly but not actually). I walked home and half an hour later was feeling ok, but realised that just sitting on a toilet for a long time CAN have that effect.

The next day- WOW! I went to the same toilet again and felt I did need one but not urgently. One of these mystery men were in the end cubicle,( the type that doesn't seem to be doing anything toilet-related but there's lots of unidentifiable sounds and long silences).
I thought I'd go in next door to him and let him hear what a toilet's for so got on the seat and started to grunt out my turds. It took a while to start, but I grunted a lot and dropped some heavy loud plopping turds and felt I was really living up to my name as they plunged into the pan, and knew he could hear all this. When I'd dropped a really loud one I said loud enough for him to hear" I'm having a good one here." No response but at least I made the effort to communicate. It loked so good down there, bigger than I'd done for ages and a real impressive pile of turds it was! They felt great as I did them, sounded great and I felt relieved and proud of my arse!
As I was about to go to bed at midnight the same day, I had a sudden feeling of stomach ache which I NEVER have! It persisted several minutes, then the feeling of wanting to shit became apparent and I was amazed to realise I really needed to go on the toilet again. I went and sat on the bog and knew it was going to be a major dump and that I'd need to push to get it started. I must have tried for a few minutes until the first one dropped, and with a lot of grunting had a terrific and pleasurable 10 minutes doing plips, plops and kerplunks, getting splashed randomly and doing medium size turds like I'd done that morning.
I looked down and wondered how avoiding eating bran had made such a difference and felt great, relieved and empty and went to bed happily.

This morning I could only do a few small turds and so I hope it all comes out when it,s ready and to avoid straining as I was probably doing, leaving any effort to when I can actually feel it there up my arse wanting to come out.

My fairly high fibre diet is unchanged, still eating fruit and pulses, and breakfast cereal but it seems I'm allergic to bran and get no benefit from Psyllium husk laxatives, but while I,ve got an itchy tender anus,I attribute that to the bran cereal I was having.
All this seems to completely contradict other people's experiences but maybe some of you have had similar results.

BUZZY, I don't know if the coffee was relevant to our buddy dump; we didn't drink it until afterwards! You always seem to hit it right at the toilets in the gym; what time seems the best for going, or would you say the exercise is what stimulates the gut? I often find a quick walk a good stimulant. I bet there's some hot sweaty toilet seats at your gym after you guys have had your work-outs, and plop-outs!

CHRIS, I too have had a post rejected and regarding the one about my friend and I when we met, had to be very careful not to be too explicit. Hope you understood the veiled reference to seaside hats! French men kiss friends on the cheek when they meet and I may be of French descent........!

Hoping you all have the type of healthy and feelgood factor shits that I hope I am beginning to have again, P P G

Hey-nice pic on the top of the forum-ahh yes,a very pretty oriental woman on the bowl-one of my fantasies -hey now your guys are getting warmer instead of those boring photos lately-more stuff like this!I'm sure the moderators could have pics of girls pooing from the side angle and not get in hot water(censor-wise)Now that would be super!Anyway-good photo!
Had a wonderful poo at the gym yesterday a m-As soon as i got there I had to go pretty good,but it was the kind I could hold for a bit-I really love those kind cause I can control them- So I want to the stalls and picked one in the middle and there was some pooing going on too-Some farting and ploping going on-So I undressed and sat down and let out a nice fart and just relaxed my anus and didn't push and I felt my anus open up and this turd started coming out slowly-I was sitting there with a newspaper with my legs spread slightly-there is a 2-3 in gap when you close the door so you can see out pretty good-anyway as this turd is slowly coming out,across from me a guy came into the stall and he looked liked he just came from the shower-he just had a towel on and when he went into the stall,he took it off and right away sat on the bowl without closing the door all the way and I just looked up from the paper and saw him taking a glance at me and he looked like he was lookin! g down and I could still feel this turd coming out and it felt like a pretty long one-So I looked down between my legs and so it was touching down almost to the water line and still hanging out my butt-it was smooth and starting to curve foreward-when I looked back up I saw this guy was looking at me and I think he saw my poop coming out too,cause at that point he spread his legs slightly and then he had a magazine with him and he started to read it and then I saw 2 long poos come out pretty fast followed by a wet fart-I couldn't see too clearly,but good enough-it was pretty cool-I don't know if he was returning the favor cause I think he saw me going too-then he wiped and got up and left pretty quick,but it didn't get uncomfortable thank god and the whole time i'm still sitting there with this big long turd hanging out my butt-it was great cause I could just hold it there for as long as I didn't get another cramp-Then another guy came into the stall next to me and he was in a! hurry and as he sat down I heard a tight fart coming out before he hit the bowl-then when he totally sat down-I heard a loud crackling of what sounded like soft stuff coming out fast and it went on for about 10-15 sec-now that's a lot of poop-and as he is going I let out the rest of my turd and then I farted softly and then the rest of my morning excrement started to fill up my rectum-So I let that start to come out and it came out pretty fast-it was soft and I let out 2-3 farts as it was coming out-It was pretty noisy too-It felt like a lot of pudding-then I heard this guy moan a bit and as my poo is coming out he farted again and did a bunch of loose stuff at the same time-boy this was a good morning here at the gym!! I loved sitting there pooing along with this guy-Then I felt done and this guy started wiping himself and he left and I sat there pushing out some squgglies and a few more farts and heard another guy explode with his morning dump as I was wiping my butt-The m! orning seems to be the best time to be here-Everyone semms to really have to go then_Including ME! I did a nice load-1 turd about a foot long and about 1 in thick and well formed-then a pretty sizable pile of pudding and squgglies-Had do do some good wiping too after I got off good and then went to the showers-it was great!Hoped you guys enjoyed that half as much as I did! I'm going out to the west coast on business for the next week or so and I will be gone from the forum for a bit-I'll be back around march 1st at the latest-I'm sure i'll have some stories to tell from Calf.-Til then Happy pooing to all and let's get some decent pics here OK? cause now you folks are getting better with this one! BYE

Saturday, February 17, 2001

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