Hellowe everyone! How was Valentine’s for everyone? Carmalita had flowers delivered to her at work from some distant, older gentleman admirer: Her dad! Her dad is so cool. So is her whole family.
I came home tonight, ran into the bathroom for the toilet because it was ready to come out. Malita followed, and as I got sat, I shifted over to one hip and said to her “Quick, check this out!” and proceeded to poop about 2 feet of turd! She loved it! Her brown face was grinning from ear to ear! Then she holds her nose and goes “smelllleeeee!” and I said “As if you should talk.”
PV: Thanks for welcoming me aboard! I’ll miss you while you’re away.
Jeff A: You asked what I look like well, I’ve got naturally blonde hair that comes down to the middle of my back, which I part in the middle, or off to one side. I’m loaded with freckles, fair complexion, blue eyes, 5’6” and 132lbs. I have a rather healthy bustline, and other than that, I don’t really know how to describe myself.
John (VT): I had a fairly good poop in the ladies room at work yesterday. My load was coming in large, regular droppings. As I was pooping, I heard many girls coming and going. One of them took a nice healthy shit next door in the stall to my left. It really stunk too.
Carmalita, that weirdo, was on the toilet last night giggling, and had the cordless phone in the bathroom. She told me to pick up the extension and listen. She called an automotive repair place, and when the mechanic got on the phone, she was talking about how her “engine was giving off this really bad smell like rotten eggs”. Then I heard three good sized plops in a row. This guy had to know what she was doing! He then asked when she smelled this particular odor. Malita says, “everytime I give it gas.” PLOP! There was quite a pause on his end, and I could tell he was dumbstruck because it was quite obvious what she was doing. Then he says, “can you bring it in this week?” and she goes “nnnnyeahhhhhhh...” PLOP-K-PLUUUMP! Listening, I could tell he was trying not to laugh. He says “it could be your catalytic converter.” Then Malita says (with a giggle), “okay, I’ll try and eat more fiber then. Thank you, bye-bye.” then hung up. It was one of the best laughs I’ve had in a long time! Then she yells out at me from the bathroom “Renee, I need to get me a new crapalytic converter!” We both laughed for hours.

Hi! I'm new to this site and am curious whether anyone here shares my pastime. I've always got a buzz from being walked in on by other young guys while I'm taking a shit. I'm 22 years old and work for a Financial Planner in a high-rise building in downtown San Francisco. Every morning I hold in my dump. At coffee break I go to one of the lower levels where there are many dotcom companies employing cool young dudes. The men's room is the same on all levels of the building. When you walk in there are the usual urinals and washbasins. A little further in there are two stalls with doors and partitions. The closer stall is standard with the door opening in from the front. You can tell when it is occupied since you can see a guy's feet through the gap under the partition. The further stall is for handicapped use and is larger. Its door opens from the side so that it is difficult to tell whether it is occupied until you actually open the door. Anyway, I usually park my bu! tt on the crapper in the handicapped stall and wait. I often let a turd just start coming out of my asshole and then hold on to it so that my hole is stretched real good. I leave the stall door a little ajar. Usually about 5-6 different guys will walk in on me in any one session. Guys who need to shit usually head straight for the handicapped stall even if the adjacent stall is unoccupied. Seeing its door ajar they assume it is empty and walk right in to find me sitting on the crapper with my thighs spread wide apart. Most of the young guys are pretty cool about it and say "Excuse me!" and then turn around and go into the adjacent stall where I can hear them farting and plopping. Recently, I heard two buddies come into the restroom at the same time. The one entered the stall next to mine and the other opened my door and walked in. He seemed surprised to find me on the crapper and walked out continuing to talk to his buddy taking a shit in the adjacent stall. I slowly! pinched off my logs, but he got impatient. He opened the stall door and said to me: "Hey man! Are you grouting the tiles in there or what?" I apologized for keeping him waiting and quickly wiped my butt and came out. Anyone else like to have young guys walk in on them while you are dumping?

I look forward to reading any Valentine-related stories. Gary and I went out to dinner this evening. I had to poop as soon as we got home and managed to push out about 5-6 medium-sized pieces, but nothing else exciting. No, Carmalita, there was no need for Gary to whip out the Lysol this time. I usually feel the effects the next day, though, so we will see.

Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid (Andrew): You guys have a very special relationship, and it's great you share it with us. I have two sisters but no brothers, so the closest buddies of the opposite sex that I had in my childhood were my cousin Cory and Ben, the brother of Carrie, one of my best friends. Neither Cory nor I ever went to the bathroom in each other's presence. Ben saw me use the toilet, but only because I was desperate to have a bowel movement. I had a pretty nasty one, and it smelled so bad it drove him away. We never discussed it afterward but remained good friends to this day. I wrote about that episode long time ago (it's somewhere in the archives in the 250's).

Kim: Does Scott poop giant logs as big as yours?

Gruntly Bogwell: Yours is one of the best names here. I liked your last story, too. Must have been a fun stopover in Brazil.

Dr. Poop: Here's a story from my college days. One time I had a very tough Poli Sci class on International Relations, and I managed to do well with the help of a couple of study buddies, Greg and Steve. One night before the midterm we had a long study session in the architecture library, where hardly anyone goes, as opposed to the main undergraduate library, which can sometimes become one huge silent party. We happened to be sitting at a table very close to the ladies room. At one point I suddenly had an urge to poop, so I excused myself and dashed into the ladies room. The door was propped open, but I didn't pay attention then. I rushed into a stall, dropped my jeans and white panties, and sat. I peed at first, then pushed out what turned out to be a huge thick log that plopped into the toilet. It also turned out to be cork that broke everything loose once it came out. Before I knew it, out came a massive rush of soft gooey poop. As soon that that wave was done,! I flushed the toilet while seated, then I made a couple of booming farts that echoed throughout the room. It dawned on me then that the outside door was open, and there was a chance that Greg and Steve heard the booming farts and maybe more. I was embarrassed at first, but I thought they might be too busy studying to pay attention. I pushed out two more huge waves of soft poop, flushed the toilet, pshed out one more wave, then was finshed. I wiped several times and flushed a final time.

When I came out, I saw Greg and Steve quickly turned their heads down, which means I knew they were trying to listen. Greg said, "So, Jane, did everything come out all right?" I said, "Yeah, right." He said, "Just kidding. Feeling better?" I said yes, then Greg and Steve proceeded to tell me that, as soon as I went to the bathroom, they noticed a guy suddenly take a seat at another table that was nearby. They didn't pay much notice until they heard the toilet flush and subsequent booming farts. They said the farts made them laugh, but they also saw the other guy staring intently at the open door of the ladies room, as if he were trying to listen in on my pooping session. Steve decided to ask him some questions with the intent of distracting him. Steve said he asked him some dumb questions, and the guy seemed to be irritated that Steve was interrupting him, so he got up and stormed out of the library. Incidentally, we all aced the midterm and did well in the class.

Pooper Dooper (formerly PS)
Alaskan Guy- like your posts.

This may sound weird but could people start to talk to me.

Well I'll ask the question again. In a rate from 1-10 what would you give my posts.
Also I have been getting these really bad cramps during the day at school and when I get home I fart eggers. I also fart in the bathroom at school, but I won't poop at school. Need answers bad. Maybe I'll give my name soon, but someone has my name.

Happy Poops!!!


i am 19 and i have never been here before...but i got a question for you guys since you are all into this stuff. well...i've been with my girlfriend for like 7 months now...and we spend tons of time together and have done everything together, but i still have never taken a dump when she's been around. I've always been able to hold it because I am too shy for some reason to go when she's around. I am not usually shy about it like around my friends and stuff, but with her it's just different. i could never take a dump at her house or even when she's at mine. i just wouldn't want her to know what i was doin. anyways..we are spending more and more time together and i am gettin sick of holdin it in and i know sooner or later i'm just gonna hafta go with her around or even at her house. i just feel really weird about it cuz i take awhile usually and of course it smells. for the girls do u feel about guys you've been with goin at your house or when you're around? does it gross you out or are you cool with it? For the guys....what do you do when your girlfriend is around and you hafta go...especially like at her house?? well...thanx guys

Great post from Louise, so I'm wondering, do any other females pee in the bathtub? Please give details. Does the water turn yellow? Thanks so much!

KIM - Yeah, I did say that I bet your anus could stretch
wider than mine. I think I would be in real trouble if I
did logs as big as yours. The one I did this morning was
about 9 inches long and I think it was about 1 and a half
inches thick in the middle. I think it gets a bit harder
for me to push them out if they are 2 inches thick or more.
Steve does not get to write much just now, does he? I
know he has things to say and he wants to write, but he
works a bit late and then goes to the gym because he has
lots to do there. I went to see him there yesterday evening
and he looked so tired but he just keeps on going.
I think it is about a year since I started writing here too.
I am having lots of fun doing it so yes of course we should
keep it going.
Please say hello to Scott for me.

SARA T - Did you try peeing in the tub?

CARMALITA - Hi! It is good that the guy who hit you is not
around now. It is like my boyfriend Steve says. If he starts
out by doing that then he will just keep on doing it, so it
is good that you are rid of him.
LOL I hope your morning dump went all right! I quite like
weeing with other women I work with and then telling Steve
about it. It kindof makes him picture it the way it happened.
I made a mistake too, I think my finger bounced on the button
or something because my last letter appeared twice!



i have problems with pooping at all. but
this time it was terrible. i had to go during
walking through the wood. so i look for
a place to undress and squat. then the
horror starts. a fart came out and then a
rockhard piece of shit teared my hole
apart. i pushed and pushed i groaned loud
but the more the shit came out the harder
it became. i had to squat there for about
20 minutes and not get out all hard pieces.

Elena-- Hows it going? Have the prego hormones tuned your poop to stone yet? Has your loving Hubby had to help you out with a good 3H'er yet? (High, Hot, and a Hell of a lot) Tell us all a good poop story, you MUST have a few by now!-- JW

Kevin L.
A couple summers ago, I was peeing a lot. Like every half hour. I was eating and drinking a ton too. Although I kept eating, I was losing weight. That is when I found out I have diabetes. A needle a couple times a day, and I am totally normal again. Oh, and I have to check my sugar about once or twice a day. The only time I peed a lot since then was last summer at diabetes camp. Because they run so much more at camp, they lower your insulin. But I run around so much here, I actaully rested there. So I needed more insulin, not less. My blood sugar got too high and I started peeing a lot.

My friend Bob who has cancer pees a lot in the hospital. They give him a bottle to pee in. When he goes into the hospital, they give him lots of IVs. He says that's so that the chemo doesn't hurt his kidneys. It was funny in the hospital, because he would be lying in bed and talk to us. He just took the bottle, pulled out his weiner and peed while he was in bed. Once when I was there, I had to pee. So I asked if I could use the bottle. HE said ok. So I peed in it. The funny thing was that my pee was so yellow that the nurse saw it was not his and yelled at us. We got the nurse back though. Bob has some syringes and we filled them with ice-cold water. We squirted the nurse between her legs with the water. She jumped. Plus, it looked like she wet her pants.

Hi all sorry I haven't been lately.. I've been busy working the books for my aunt and such.. but I do have a quick funny story to include here. Enjoy.

You asked last time if having been witnessed pooping had affected an interveiw and such. wlel I have such one that happened a while ago. Lately my pooping habits have been the same.. I better not make any plans as I may be there for a LONG time before I get relief and well being a bit ill and not to mention "with child" had caused me to fall behind in my work. And well I got the urge to GO one day very badly as I was working.. I decided what the heck and with Miguel's help.. he set up everything for me to work while trying to do.."the deed". Well my aunt had dropped by to sees me. I had been meaning to ask her for a raise as we'd need more money with our baby on the way. Well I was there working.. with my overalls down around my ankles and my white undies down enough to expose my bottom.(Sorry Andrew.. I've had to since buy a lager size of underpants and well they don't make cute ones for expecting women)Anyway nowadays I don't push unless I HAVE to.. I just let it take it! 's coarse.. it may take longer but I have found that it feels OH SO GOOD when it finally comes out. Anyway I was halfway out and I was trying my best to add up the numbers when it got smoother and started coming out a bit faster. I got this nice feeling in my ???? and I even said"Good.. almost done" but I'm not sure if it was about my work.. or "my work".[laughs] Anyway my aunt dropped by to see how I was doing with the books. Miguel told her.. oh she's working on it in the bathroom.(He REALLY should think before he speaks cause she went in) Miguel rans and tried to stop her but she saw me there. I looked up..bare bottomed..on the toilet.. my glasses perched on my nose with a look of surpise on my face as there was suddenly a LOUD KAPLOOOOOOOOOOOOSSH!!! My face got hot as I saw both her and miguel looking with blank expressions on their faces. I just said with an odd smile"Um.. almost done tia(aunt in spanish)I'll get them to you today" My aunt's face turned red and she excus! ed herself and left. Miguel has a HUGE grin on his face as he shut the door. I was so embarrassed.. I sat there sweating and breathing hard for a bit then went back to work. Miguel walked back in and sat on the rim of the tub. I didn't look up at him.. but he witnessed 3 more huge plops and a soft pee. Done I looked up at him and asked if he was happy. He nodded and said yes.. your aunt gave you the raise. I was in shock.. I asked if HE asked her. He shook his head. Then I turned all red and put my hands over my face and said was it cause she's embarassed about watching me poop? He said no... she gave it to you cause you showed just how hard you work and how dedicated you are.. she never knew of anyone who would work even while tending to "pressing" needs. I laughed and I didn't feel so bad anymore. But Miguel jokes about it all the time.
P.S. Andrew... Linda wa sjust playing with you in her last post. She just said that so you'd be included. I think she likes you.

Miss Anne Thrope
I truly love the sound and smell of a good "meaty" fart, don't you? If you say not then you're a big liar!

TO CHRIS-You know as I was sitting on the bowl pushing out all that poop from the soap,i was thinking as my anus was burning,I wished I had one of those handi-wipes with me to wipe my sore hole with-thanks ,and I had to laugh when I read your post about that'cause tha's exactly what i was wishing for!
TO GRuNTLY BOGWELL- Great story about the hooker pooing in the middle of the nite-I too would have went crazy with that one!Lucky guy,you!
TO CARMELITA-I too as I"m typing and reading all your great stories have the feeling of a dump coming on-Isn't it good to read these posts and reply as you feel a poo coming on and i got one coming on!- i didn't go yesterday and I just got up and i'm going to go to the gym to do this one-it feels like s good one that I can hold for awhile as long as i don't drink any coffee-maybe i'll get a cup at the gym and sit on the bowl as i drink it- and at this time of day at the gym I know i'll have lots of company as we all sit down fart,grunt and groan, and do our morning loads together-it's so cool-today i'm really looking foreward to going there,so i'm going to hold it! Tell you guys about it next time-Got to go to get dressed i'm starting to feel cramps and I want to get there before my rectum,starts filling up so i can take my time pooing along with the other guys--i'm off! BTW-I really don't know what to make of the new pic on top of the forum-can't really tell what she's d! oing! BYE

Chris: I'm real glad that you liked my posts and also real sorry that your posting was censored. I'm amazed that a post from me could get another guy so excited! I'm real tired tonight - my muscles are all aching from a heavy day at the construction site. I'm just relaxing in front of the TV with a 6-pack and I'll try to respond either this evening or during the weekend when I'm not so bushed. I'll try to answer all the questions you asked. Take care Dude, Bill

LINDA: Andrew told me off last night for nicking his line, stealing the wind out of his sails etc etc. Actually, its amazing how much we can think like one another. We are like soul mates ! Are you sure you didn't send him a valentines card, because he got two ! One was from me ( we always send each other one, ever since I learned to write ), but he got another one too. It was anonymous of course ! I am just dying to find out who it was from !! Anyway, I loved your story about your big wee. I've gone off poos a bit recently. Mind you, I bet that won't last very long when we get into half term next week, and I'll be able to watch Andrew and Kirsty poo !! Back to your story, I've never heard that expression before, and it made me laugh so much that I actually did dribble in my panties ! The thought of you closing your legs together so hard and tight that you would have turned a lump of coal into a diamond .... Just a minute, let me get my hankie ! Actually, I have a bus! ting wee story myself. Today, four of us kids stayed behind at school for an after school class. At the end of it, I just knew there was no way I would make it home without wetting myself. So as it finished, I made my way into the girls, and was in for a shock, because our school caretaker was in there cleaning ! He's such a nice man. He offered to leave while I went, but I told him it didn't matter. I went into one of the cubicles and shut the door. I quickly got my school skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down, and I sat down on the edge of the seat. Just as my wee began ( it took a while, because it hurt to let it go ! ), I had this wicked thought about whether the caretaker might be listening or not. So just in case he was, I shuffled back on the seat to make my wee tinkle in the water. It was ever such a long wee, I let it out steady ( wish I'd got Andrew's measuring jug for this one ! ). I couldn't hear him doing much cleaning while I did it, so I bet he was listeni! ng !! When I finished, I gave him my biggest smile, and he smiled back at me. "You do realise that I will have to go and clean that toilet again now" he said to me ! It was only while I was walking home that two thoughts came into my head. First was, I normally poo at that time. Wonder what he would have made of that ! Second was that the walls of the cubicles aren't very high. None of the kids are tall enough to see, but he could easily have looked over he wanted ! But he didn't, and he wouldn't anyway, because he's a nice man and wouldn't take advantage like that ! I hope you did give your Cousin a big bop for whistling at your bare bum as you ran into the bathroom, and as for falling down the hole in the seat.. nightmare ! Literally ! When I was a very little girl, first learning to sit on the big toilet, I had this awful recurring nightmare of falling in ! Maybe that is why I love so much to have company while I use the toilet ! Then the person with me can make su! re I don't fall in !! ( Just like Miguel made sure you didn't while you had your huge sleepy poop !). I'll be sure to tell Andrew off for being a peeping tom ! Love you loads my friend, take care, love from Kendal xxxx

LOUISE: Can I really expect to be able to do more wee when I'm older ? I'm really looking forward to that then ! No, I didn't time it. I was more worried about Andrew being able to catch my poo coming out at the same time ! Imagine having to explain to Uncle why there was a poo on his garage floor !! Love from Kendal xx.

SIMON: Thanks for backing me up over measures and for being a knowledgable chap like my Andrew ! It was nice to have some support ....... So....

BILLY L: Our pint was around long before your pint !! So we're not the ones using the wrong measures !! Thats alright though, we don't mind if you want to continue short changing yourselves !! ( Joke ! ). Actually, my Uncle (Andrew's Dad) would be in big trouble in America. It's embarrassing sometimes when we all go out for say Sunday lunch. He always has a pint of beer, and he always checks to make sure he actually has a pint, or he complains. Imagine how much he would complain in America with your short pints !! I think you are right, metric is the way. We will both know what we are talking about then. Now, are the Americans thinking of inventing a new metric .... !! Take care, love Kendal.

LAURA: Thank you for liking my stories ! I loved your most recent one. It reminded me of how Andrew would stand outside the bathroom while I had a wee or poo, and then pretend he hadn't been listening. I knew !!!! How did it make you feel though, to know your house mate was outside listening ? I would get very excited when I knew Andrew was there. But it was all the more exciting still the day I left the door open a little and could see him in a reflection trying his best to peep at me ! When I knew he was doing that, I invited him in, and we've never looked back ! Are you going to invite your house mate in the next time you know he's outside listening ? Wouldn't it be a shock to him ! It was to Andrew, as he had no idea that I knew ! You could say something like "I know you're outside listening. Why don't you come in and sample the full show instead of half of it !" My God, I must remember that line for when I decide I want a boyfriend ! Still, I'm only 11. Ple! nty of time for that yet ! Take care, love from Kendal xx

KATE: Our half term starts on Monday coming, the same as yours I think ! Andrew and I still have to decide what we are going to do, especially now Kirsty is going to be with us all the time. Not that that matters. I'm so happy that she would rather be with me than her sister, it shows what good friends we are. However, we are not sure how she will be about me and Andrew sitting on knees. So we are going to wait to talk until she can be there too. Not that it will stop me and Andrew, but it will be interesting to see if she would like to watch us doing it, or whether she would prefer to leave us to it. We'll see ! Thanks for all your help once again. And you're right. Boys do have one track minds ! Looks like I'll have to don a long black wig and one of those lovely figure hugging long skirts that Andrea Corr always seems to wear next time I let Andrew watch me on the toilet ! ( actually, I do think she is very, very beautiful ). Love from Kendal xxx.
PS. Actually I think I've misled Andrew. It was me who thought that you were the middle child and that Matthew was younger. Sorry !

I wanted to share a story about these two guys I work with, Tony and Steve. Tony is this very masculine Australian guy and his best friend Steve is an All-American macho jock type, tall and very stocky. They both have a very crass sense of humor and they constantly talk about the woman they have sex with in detail, and many times when I’ve been with them in the bathroom at work, they discuss their farts and bowel movements in equally great detail. The size of their turds, the smell, how it felt coming out ("I really had to grunt that sucker out") the tone and volume of their farts (e.g., "that was a real baritone one" or "Wow, big loud fart man"), every minute detail. For instance, one time I came into the bathroom, to take a piss at the stand up john. Both Steve and Tony were side by side pissing. Tony finished first and started to wash his hands. I stood next to Steve and started to piss. Right before Steve was finishing his long hard piss, he let out a tremendous fart, extremely loud and unbelievably long. Tony, who has just finished washing his hands comes up real close behind Steve and puts his arm around Steve (on his shoulder) while he was still shaking his penis! And he says with a big smile, “Now that’s what I call a fart!” Steve starts laughing and turns to me and winks! Another time I came into the bathroom, Steve was in one of the stalls getting ready to take a shit. Tony had just finished and was exiting the stall. As Tony was walking toward the sink to wash his hands, Steve suddenly let loose a huge bowel explosion which was quickly followed by this immense crackling sound, and then a loud splash. Steve groaned loudly and then grunted while more crackling could be heard. Three more logs slipped out with distinct plops, which most definitely sounded like they were fat ones. A huge stink suddenly wafted our way. Tony stops before turning on the water to wash his hands and he walks back to stall that Steve was in and stands directly in front of it and says in his heavy Australian accent, “Hey Steve, sounds like you’re ploppin’ out some whoppers.” “No doubt, dude,” Steve replies. There is a moment of silence and then we hear Steve take in a sharp breat and then he rips a loud wet fart and we hear the sound of some loose shit coming out. Steve groans again ("UHH!") Tony starts laughing and says, “And you’re really polluting the air as well.” We hear Steve chuckle. Then we hear him get up to wipe and since he didn't use a toilet seat cover the seat sticks to his ass and slams back down. He says," Damn Tony, you should see the size of this one turd, man, it's f???in' huge!" Tony let's out a small hoot and starts laughing and says "It sure as hell sounded like it". Steve says, "My hole is still throbbin' from it." Both of them start laughing hysterically. Then Steve begins to wipe and Tony comes to wash his hands. For a few seconds there is complete silence except for the sound of Steve wiping his ass vigorously. I find their whole nonchalant, detailed and nasty discussions and interactions very exiting and intriguing.

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA: Sorry, wasn't me. I'm never a peeping Tom ! Kendal's here and she has just told me off ! That was a great story you told her. Fountains in the shop, sea on either side of the road. All you would have needed was for it to be raining while you were going home, all those droplets running steadily down the windshield !!! Honest though, I wouldn't peep unless invited to ! I should have known that dreaming up heartshaped toilet seats required a poop session ! Speaking of which, Kendal has just had a jolly good one here. Four big splashy pieces, and she's delighted ! Take care babe, XOXO

LAURA: So are you going to go the whole distance and invite the guy in with you next time, or some time in the future ? Kendal says she has come up with a classic chat up line for you to use, but she says I'll have to wait and read it about the same time that you will !

KATE: What do you mean, boys have one track minds ! I'm so sorry, but I just find it so difficult not to think about girls on the toilet sometimes, and you have to admit that the Corrs are rather good looking, especially Andrea ! So you had two valentines as well ! Hey, thief ! Sorry, Kendal was watching me write this, and she has suddenly shot off and nicked the other card from chest of drawers to inspect for evidence of who it might be from ! Oi, Miss nosey parker, put it back ! She's really miffed that I got another card other than hers. She wouldn't mind if she knew who it was from !! So, your bottom was open to viewing by all leading to the station was it. Well, I think Paul might be right then, more people seeing it than have seen it before. ( I can't believe that many people have seen it ! ). If you're determined to not go out with Phil, then I think he's very lucky (!) Lucky to have a friend like you who is happy for him to watch her poo ( great story down! the back alley .. ooohhh errr Mrs ) and wee and see everything, and yet not tying him down to be her boyfriend. Absolute lucky sod ! Kendal says she knows who sent one of your valentine cards. Me apparently !! On that note, I'd better say bye before I blush too much ! Take care, and we'll both be sure to let you know what happens with the sitting on knees experiment ! Love Andrew. PS Kendal and I won't be seeing each other over the weekend. Her Dad thinks we'll be seeing enough of each other all next week ( I wonder if he still reads here ! ). Anyway, have a good half-term holiday !

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Pool Pee
Have a look at urban legends - there are few stories (in MISC) about peeing in the pool, and why the pool owners are NOT using the chemical to detect the quilty.

The reason is simple - do you want to drain the pool several times a day?

Hello everybody!

I think Steve will like the new picture, she looks a
bit like one of my friends.

I do not know what it was that was different yesterday
but all day long I was having to go for a wee about
every 90 minutes. I know I did not wait every time
until I was really bursting, but I just could not
stop producing wee. I do not think I drank lots
during the day, but it just seemed to get really
silly. Normally I have big wees about 4 hours apart
unless I have been out for a drink with Steve, but it
was not like that yesterday. I even had to stop by the
park on my way home from work yesterday so I could
have a squat in the bushes. I had a bath with Steve late
last night and pissed twice in the water.
I was not like that today though, I was back to my normal

JEFF A - PV talked me into starting learning Wing Chun like
my boyfriend has done for over 20 years. He does Aikido
and other stuff too. He always tried to get me to learn but
I thought it would be too hard for me. I know I do not know
enough yet and he is very strict but I am enjoying it lots.
PV and I like to pee standing and we talk about things like
that a lot on here, but I do not think I am really a 'macho chick'.

KENDAL - Hi! You measured 533ml? Did you time it? I bet you will
do a lot more when you are full grown.



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