Gruntly Bogwell
CARMALITA: Your post are phenomenal, but unfortunately you have started something. I must say you made me extremely jealous when you dedicated a poo to David. May I suggest you dedicate a really great poo every now and then to one of the regulars on this forum and may I be the first to apply for such an honor, as an avid reader of the toilet tidings from you and Renee. Best wishes and may all your poos be satisfying.

SUMMER & JANE: Your descriptions of your pooing sessions are first rate, the detail and the ambiance of the setting. Eat well and poo hearty!

KYOSUKE: To a fellow creeper and peeper, I'm so glad my stories made you "come out" and join our group. Hang in there, maybe your wife may "loosen up" over time and I don't mean from eating bad food. So here is another adventure for you and all the others out there who enjoy "View to a Poo" with apologies to James Bond, but we are in the same businessÖ"spying."

As you know my time in the Merchant Marine took me to many ports of call. One scintillating memory comes from a trip to a port city in Brazil. I had engaged the services of a lady of the evening who was short, a bit pudgy, in her early 20's with a deep chocolate-brown complexion, a great smile, big brown eyes and dark curly hair. This was not for a quickie, but I paid for an all-nighter. She took me to a house that had an open court yard with flowers and a fountain and the rooms were off the courtyard. The toilet of the compound was across the court yard. It was a large room with tile flooring and a toilet to the right when you entered. But the kicker was that there was a large open window to the left and just behind the toilet that opened on the garden. In the middle of the night my little brown rabbit began to stir aroundÖshe tipped out of bed wearing only a sheer pink baby-doll night gown with a pink feathery trim around the bottom, that barely covered her bottom. She shuffled into her pink slippers that matched her nightie and left the room. I waited a several seconds, then tiptoed out after her, having scoped out the bathroom before while taking a pee. I tipped across the courtyard in my underwear throwing caution to the wind. I arrived at the window to hear the rush of pee water followed by a resounding fart. I peeped in to see her beautiful dark brown ass framed by the pink feathery nightie hem, ????ed down on the white toilet seat. Since she was short her bottom only covered three-quarters of the seat presenting me a great view of the double curves of her cheeks pining to the "V" at the top of her ass-crack. She was leaning forward reading a playbill for a local night-club. Another booming fart followed by a sigh sent the fetid odor of a bunged up bottom to my nose. The was followed by an nnnnngggghhhhhEEEEYYYYUUUUNNN and a sputtering fart, which stopped abruptly as the offending fecal lump forced itself into the breach, ready to come out. Another grunt and a more forceful EEEYYYNNNGGGHHHHH as she leaned farther forward to help get it started. This gave me a better view all the way down to her anus. Again a huge grunting sound emitted form the room and the a gnarly, dark brown turd speckled with bits of corn broke the tension of her anal ring, which became distended and showed dark pink around the locked log she was struggling to get lose. Another strain and the mass began to move ever so slowly, with some pants, oohs and ahhs. It grew to almost two inches in width and became less gnarled and soother, with the yellow corn bits for contrast. Another effort eased the foot long booger out, it tapered to a point and "kerplopped" into the toilet water sending up the traditional butt-wetting geyser. She eased back on her butt cheeks with as grateful sign and peed some into the commode. Soon she was back at it leaning forward again, not do far this time and a one by eight crackled out, without the corn bits. She grunted as it left and sat back, while my eyes bugged out and heart pounded. Finally, several smaller logs exited from her brown bum in rapid succession as the dam had broken. She sighed loudly and grabbed for the toilet paper. I love the contrasts between white paper, pink nightie and brown skin as she stuffed the paper into her crack and wiggled it up and down. She pulled her hand back and looked at the brown streaks on the paper and repeated the process. I tipped back across the court yard to the room but not after stubbing my toe on a flag stone in the dark and was waiting for her in an extreme state of agitation when she returned. I might add that because she was a pound or so lighter, it made her more active and I forgot about my sore toe.

Chantelle, Penny, Carmalita, Kendal, Bob (Sandman) I love your posts so please keep them coming...I especially love the details of your bathroom visits.

I have a cool story to tell from last week. I share an apartment off campus with 2 roomates, one a man (Neil) and the other a woman (Maxie). Maxie and I are 19 and Neil is 21. Anyway we had just finished dinner and Maxie went to her room to study, Neil sat in the livingroom to watch TV and I headed to the bathroom for a leisurly poop. I walked in leaving the door slightly open...we've never gone in front of each other but I think it would be cool and have always wanted to try it. I pulled down my jeans and white panties to my thighs, placed my hands folded on top and leaned forward. I let out this loud fart....BRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! I heard Maixe yell out from her room..."what the hell was that!?" I got pretty excited when I knew she had heard that so I pushed and tried for another good fart and sure enough this one was louder than the first. About 5 minutes later I peed a river and then started grunting.....UHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEE By this Time Neil had run over to see what all this noise was about and asked "Laura are you alright in there?" I said in a strained voice "Couldn't be better". I knew he was near the door listening so I pushed out my poops one by one...Plop Plop Plip Plip........then ended with a big...Oh Yes...Ahhhhh Relief. I sat there another 5 minutes hoping to do a nice juciy fart for him but no luck :o( I wiped myself about 5 times then pulled up my panties and jeans, flushed and washed my hands....when I did this I heard Neil run into the livingroom.

When I came out he was sitting on the couch acting like he had been there most of the time.....I went up to him and said "I knew you were listening", smiled and went to my room for the night.


Dr. Poop
To answer a question, I don't remember flushing cereal down the toilet, but I have flushed pizza down the toilet

Buy for now

Dr. Poop

Hi to all my Dumping Buddies.
Like you SHAWN, I wrote quite a long post last week in response to posts from BILL, ALASKAN GUY and PLUNGING PLOP GUY. I think I may have got quite carried away and a little more explicit than I should have been as it didn't appear. Oh well as they say, never mind! (Sorry Moderator)
I guess it goes without saying, what happens when we all talk about, listen to or watch another guy or girl take a shit.
BILL buddy, you said in an earlier post that you didn't think you were very literate. I can assure you that you most certainly are. Your posts are very descriptive and are an absolute joy to read. (I guess that's why my last posting didn't show up!)Thanks for telling us how you sit on the toilet and perform your act. I'd love to hear about how you get to see and/or hear other guys in your construction crew take a dump. Do you have open plan toilets. Do you have converstions with them while you are all shitting? Do they grunt and fart? Do you or any of them comment on what is dropping or the sounds being emitted?
Sounds like you have a good healthy relationship with Jason.
ALASKAN GUY. Great story. You could use my toilet any time (so could all you other guys too!)I'd be more than happy to buddy dump with you.
PLUNGING PLOP GUY. Hiya matey. Loved your story about your buddy dump with your biker friend in the library and then at his place in the morning. You can't beat a good morning shit! Those ripped jeans! Better not say any more!
BUZZY. Loved your description of the soapy shit. I do this quite often. I love the cramps you describe and the feeling of my hole opening to try and expel the turds. When you get ring burn from the soap, try finishing off wiping with a couple of moist toilet tissues. They are generally impregnated with some soothing lotion. I find this helps my hole whenever I shove soap up there.
That's all for now. Hope this one makes it!
Happy Crapping to all my buddies.


Kendal Ė I hope you have a good half term. Ours isnít until next week here. As far as sitting on laps and peeing goes Iím sure the wall outside is the best idea so long as you can find somewhere youíre comfortable doing it away from nosey neighbours. I wonder what your neighbours would think if they saw that! I look forward to hearing what happens. I enjoyed reading about your pee and poo in a jug but I think youíre right that 533ml is about a pint because 1 litre is 1.75 pints. Somebody here said it was more but I canít remember who now. Love Kate xx
Lawn Dogs Kid Ė I think I might be with the girls in giving you some stick over the late night incident. Fancy interrupting and sitting on Kirstyís knee when she was on the loo like that! The Texas concert really was good. Iíd probably have preferred to see Eminem or Backstreet Boys myself but it was a lot better than I expected. I actually saw the Corrs last summer at the Fledh. Not sure if Iíve spelt that right Ė if you donít know itís an Irish Pop Festival in London Ė the Corrs were the star act; they were really good too though I wasnít thinking about watching Andrea and co on the toilet when I was watching them. Why do boys have one track minds? Like at all outdoor pop festivals there were disgusting chemical toilets which I never use and so I had lots of pees and one poo outside. I usually go where I see boys going Ė if itís ok for them itís ok for me and besides it gives me an excuse to watch them. Often at pop festivals there are other girls weeing outside too. I d! idnít see anyone else having a poo though.
You were right lots of people saw me having my wee after the Texas concert. We were walking with a big crowd along this huge wide path from the arena to the tube station and I definitely had to go or I would have wet myself on the train. There wasnít really anywhere to hide and we were in a hurry to catch a train before too many other people reached the station and do I just dived behind a little pillar and pulled my pants down. Paul says lots of people stared and he thinks more people saw my bare bum that day than in the rest of my life (and thatís quite a few). I was facing away from the crowd and looking down at my shoes anyway.
It was interesting you said about Phil sending me a Valentineís card. Iím pretty sure he did; I got two though Iím not really sure who they were from. He asked me out a little while ago too. I didnít say yes. Heís ok but I donít think I really want to go out with him. He sort of sulked a bit and didnít talk to me much for a while afterward (typical boy). He is talking to me again now though but I think he might ask me out again soon. Iíd rather he forgot that and we could just be friends. Before all that he did ask if he could watch me do another poo outside. He said he really liked the view of it actually coming out. I said yes and so one day I missed my morning poo and had a big lunch at school. My stomach kept rumbling and stuff in afternoon lessons which was really embarassing and I wondered whether I would be able to hold on. It was ok though and I met up with Phil on the way home. We had a job to find anywhere private and ended up down a sort of back alley. I droppe! d my pants and squatted on this scruffy piece of grass. No-one else came along though it was sort of exciting to think that someone might. Phil sat really close behind me to have a good look and I did a more solid poo than usual Ė oprobably because it had been in my body for longer. Sort of one big long bit that went on for ever. After that he asked me if I wanted to watch him go; I wasnít sure whether I did but I said yes anyway. So he pulled his trousers and pants down and squatted and went. I didnít watch from as close as he did, but it was quite interesting to really see how it happens. Iíd only ever seen people poo on the loo before.
I have to go now. By the way Matthew is the younger of my brothers but heís still older than me (just over a year). You might be thinking of my cousin who came to stay at Christmas. Donít worry I mix up whoís who on here too. Love Kate xx

Hmm! I like the picture at the mast head. Reminds me of a girl I used to know but never saw "in action".
The number of posts seem to grow in geometric progression. Am having a hard time trying to keep up! Lots of work at the office and guests at home have kept me too busy.

To BILLY + KEVIN L. You say the amount Kendal peed is more than a pint when Kendal mentioned that it was not quite a pint. You are both right. A US pint holds 16 fluid ounces which equal 473.167 ml in total. A British pint holds 20 fluid ounces which total 568.2607 ml.
Clear as poop, isn't it? That is one of the reasons why most of the world has turned to the metric system.
To memorize the difference between a US pint and a British pint think of the following: If holding a US pint of pee will make most of us desperate, trying to hold in a British pint of pee would leave us in agony!

To KOYOSUKE. Hey, I enjoyed your story immensly! Great writing! Poor Chun, how she struggled to keep her dignity. (Do I notice a certain voyeuristic sadistic trait in myself here?)
Maybe you are right by saying that if she would see you on the toilet it would help to break the ice. What if it had been you instead of her to have had such a severe bout of diarrhoea? Post again, I would love to read more from you!

To PV. Just thinking about you gives me a tingle. Read head, weight lifter, sportive, an adventurous gal with the guts to advocate peeing standing is what I greatly prefer to simpering models who pose all the time. I am always looking forward to reading about your exploits!

To JEFF A. Your thoughts about the sizes of womens' jobbies in relation to mens' seem logical. The opening in a woman's pelvic girdle is big enough to be able to eject babies! So there is plenty of room, if the hole admits the stretching, for BIG diametre jobbies.
The other day I found one ENOURMOUS (by my standards) jobbie of about 2 1/2" across and a foot long, dark brown, knobbly and tapered at one end, on the ground between my parked car and a wall, garnered with a white tissue with brown streaks. Now, with the knowledge gathered from this most fabulous web site, and with the aid of turdwise "reverse engineering" I could try to imagine the woman or girl who was caught short.
I might have found her in person actually: there is a thirty year oldish street cleaner with very wavy wild dark blonde hair tied to a thick pony tail; she is about 5' 4" tall, clad in a green overall and rather powerfully built without being fat. She pushes a wheely bin with a broom and is outside most of the day. Could it have been her?

To BUZZY Rhythmic jabs? I had a good laugh at your suggestion of 8th or dotted 8ths! Try 3/4 beat and the jobbies might start waltzing out the back door!

To ELLIE So you like playing Bach too! I did not go into details, did not even mention the instrument I play. It is the flute.

So much for today folks, don't get constipated, and happy pooping to all! Rizzo

Billy L.
Bryan, my brother was 12. He did not know the problem was that he had a ton poop there. So why would he try to poop. Plus the doctor said the problem was that he had like 5 or 6 days of poop there, so a regular poop would not have done it.

Kendal, no wonder we broke off from Britian. You guys don't even use the right measurements. Of course, my teacher said that in the US the official unit of measurement is metric. Go figure.

The only time I saw someone throw cerail down a toilet was when my little brothers did it. It was some bran stuff that was like little brown spegghettis. They looked like little gerbal turds. My brother and I pooped in the toilet after that. It was funny watching the cerial going down with our turds, becuase they floated and looked little turds.

kim and scott
Hello all! TO LOUISE-hi girl. sometimes i do pelvic exercises but i dont think that has anything to do how wide my anus stretches. i think thats just the way i was built. i remember in an old post of yours when you where excited over my huge log and said to me "I guess your ring expands wider then mine." these are not your exact words LOUISE but you meant this. i guess my ring does expand wider then alot of peoples with the huge logs i have.hope i answered your i am glad your still posting LOUISE you,your boyfriend STEVE and PV are some of my oldest pals on this site.lets keep it going longer shall we? you know in april i will have been posting a year. TO JANE- thanks for the compliment saying i set the standard with my huge logs. thats flattering thanks. PLUS CARMALITA- i enjoy your stories. you are a lovely girl! thanks for liking mine and scotts stories!and i tell you honey you have taken this site by storm. even i have to take a back seat to you!haha!take ca! re CARMALITA and bye all. more stories from kim and scott later.....

I seem to have sturred a hornets nest re: the enquiry into the volumes dropped by some. Sorry, maybe I am different but I eat normally and have never been considered for the record books.
As for rocking onto your toes. In SA the loos are a little higher than in the UK (been there) and if you sit flat footed on a loo here your crack is not fully open but as you shit and rock onto your toes your thighs rise and the seat opens you up nicely.

Just a little trivial info!!! More horse show poos coming later.

See ya!

Hello everybody!

I think Steve will like the new picture, she looks a
bit like one of my friends.

I do not know what it was that was different yesterday
but all day long I was having to go for a wee about
every 90 minutes. I know I did not wait every time
until I was really bursting, but I just could not
stop producing wee. I do not think I drank lots
during the day, but it just seemed to get really
silly. Normally I have big wees about 4 hours apart
unless I have been out for a drink with Steve, but it
was not like that yesterday. I even had to stop by the
park on my way home from work yesterday so I could
have a squat in the bushes. I had a bath with Steve late
last night and pissed twice in the water.
I was not like that today though, I was back to my normal

JEFF A - PV talked me into starting learning Wing Chun like
my boyfriend has done for over 20 years. He does Aikido
and other stuff too. He always tried to get me to learn but
I thought it would be too hard for me. I know I do not know
enough yet and he is very strict but I am enjoying it lots.
PV and I like to pee standing and we talk about things like
that a lot on here, but I do not think I am really a 'macho chick'.

KENDAL - Hi! You measured 533ml? Did you time it? I bet you will
do a lot more when you are full grown.



Just a quick note this a.m. before I'm off to work. I have to take a really big, fat one, but I'm holding it because we have a new girl at work who's really cute, and dumps a good load first thing before she even gets her coffee. I want to poop in the stall next to her. What a great way to start Valentine's day, imagining her sexy butt with chocolate coming out! Mmmm-mmm!
Happy Valentine's Day to all!
David: You're very welcome. I only wish I could've done it in person for you. Oh well, boo-hoo. Your closing sentence touched me very deeply. I love honest and gentle men. Very virile!
Louise: To end that subject of the jerkoff who beat me up, that was only once, and I've never seen him again. I've learned my lesson. without trying to be too morose here, I was attacked one night in a park while jogging by a man who'd been hiding in a row of bushes. I got beat up then too. I've learned a lot about men, and what I don't know, Renee lectures me on regularly. She's an incredible honey who looks out for me. She was not happy to find out about the incident. So, in short, I do not see him, only that one time, and that was a

JEEEZ! I hit some sort of button that cut me off and submitted my post before it was done!!! Sorry everybody, what a dunce I am! I don't know what I did. Anyway, Louise, I'm through with that guy, and everyone else like him, so don't worry. Love you for it though!
Jane: I think you're a great gal too! Hope your man gives you a great big kiss today and some flowers and candy! Or how about some "romantic bouquet" lysol? LOL!
John (VT): Thanks for the good words! Renee also loves my smells. She says she's gonna make a little cardboard "turd" rearview mirror ornament that smells like me! That girl needs to take her medication! We're both quite crazy about you, so you have a great
Valentine's okay?
Him: Nice to hear back from you. When I said I was black and brown, I meant black hair, very dark skin. I've also been mistaken for everything from part asian, native american, and Jewish of all things! That one I haven't figured out yet, as I have classic Mexican features.
Kyosuke: Thank you for your wonderful words, and the lovely things you said to me. I enjoyed your wife's story, but felt sorry for her. Tell her to eat more burritos, and to let you into the bathroom with her while she makes her biggies! Carmalita's orders!
Jeff A: Thanks for looking out for me! Renee sends you a kiss.
Anywy, have a great day everyone, sorry for my little screw up! Hope I don't crap my panties on my way to work!

Linda GS
Lawn Dogs Kid
Considering I had time to think of the shape and color of this idea.. I think you know what I was doing. Espcially when there was a few large splashes and a long ahhhhhhhhhh afterwards.[winks]

Okay you're in luck.. yesterday after school my cousin picked me up as we were going shopping for more uniforms.(I've grown a bit more lately..and thnak goodness I'm not the shortest girl in class anymore)Anyway I didn't go pee and well I paid for it as you'll see. I held it as we left directly from school..hey I'm a nig girl.. and holding it's no prob. But man after trying on uniforms..not to mention that stupid babbling fountain that shop owner had.. I was dying. On the way home I was bouncing around so much in my seat with my legs crossed to tightly... i could have turned a lump of coal into a diamond. I asked my cousin to pull over somewhere.. he was going to as we needed gas and Elena (She's getting a bit of a ???? now) had to go too. Well i ran into the ladies at the gas station.... MAN.. it was god awful!! I mean I wouldn't have sat there ever. So I went out my poor insides throbbing with my heartbeat. elena went in and well.. she looked much better. As we left i a! sked her if she went.. she said yes.. and blushes saying it was so bad... and she had to go so bad... she went on the floor. My cousin laughed and said if it's as bad as you say.. then it probably improved things. I laughed and almost losted it. Oh it was horrible.. WHY do we have to live on Padre Island.. we drive on the bridge.. with ocean on both sides.. ALL THAT WATER!!! When we got home I dashed off hopping at the door as my cousin opened the front door. He opened it and I ran like man..[lifting up my skirt and pulling down my pampies... purple flowers <wink> as I made it. I heard my cousin laugh and whistle so he must have seen something.. don't worry i bopped him good later] I even lost a shoe in my mad dash. I turned around and crashed on the toilet.. I even fell back a bit as my poor little bottom went through the hole.. I didn't otuch the water and i didn't care as GGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!! I sat there with my bottom almost all the way down into the w! ater my legs sticking up in the air going OOOOOOOOOO and AHHHHHHHHHH and "THATS so much better" A site to see for sure.. especially for Andrew who was peeking in on me. PEEPING TOM!!!
Happy HEARTday everyone

TO LAURA-Can't beat a good morning poo like that! nice one!
TO CHANTELLE-Nice story!I may print it and take it with me to the toilet and read it again as i dump-You sound like a serious dumper- Who cares if you have a small chest-you probably have a great butt and with me that's all that counts-more stuff!
TO OLDE OAK-Good to hear from you again.coolstory with your wife pooing in the trashcan-I always enjoy your stuff!
TO P P G-Strange,but interesting story with you and your friend pooing together-I esp enjoy the ritiul of getting up and first having coffee to get things moving and then waiting til you really have to go bad and going off to the bowl-isn't that great!That whole procedure is more than half the fun-I used to do that with this nurse friend some years ago and get up in the a.m. and go to her place and we would both have some coffee and fool around and wait for our urges to reach a big crecendo and then we would sometimes do it together and squat opposite each other and dump out in the woods if the weather was OK or take turns on the bowl depending on who had to go more urgently-I miss those days-I wish I could find a lady that was like that again!
Well I"m off to the gym to work out and maybe i'll have to poo but after yesterdays big dump-right now i don't feel anything,but working at the gym usually brings on the urge so-we'll see !Great stories all-I have a lot of them printed and in a pile right by my bathroom door!BYE

Sara T.
To Poster: The only place I've ever pooped is the toilet. And in the bathtub once when I was little and had an accident. Sorry if that makes me a little boring!

Hey everyone. Haven't gotten to post in a while, but I thought I'd tell you something that I'm in the process of doing right now.

For some reason, I tend to like the feeling when you've been holding your poop for several days, and it starts to try and come out on its own. Sometimes though, I take it one step further, and plan this for when I'm on a road trip to somewhere, either a ski resort or some other place. I know I have to go so bad, but I can't until I reach my destination. I've never had an accident like this, but I just love the feeling. It's great and horrible at the same time. It's great because I can anticipate the release, but it's horrible because the pressure hurts so much sometimes. I'm doing this right now because I'm leaving for Stratton, VT on Friday. Don't ask me why I enjoy this, it's probably just a passing phase so to speak.

Happy and hearty shits to all!

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Hello....I've been one of the lurkers on this site for about a week and had such a great poop a little bit ago that I decided to post.

It happened about 8:30am, I was on my way out the door for school (I'm in college) when I felt this great need for a poop. I knew I'd be late for my 9am Lit class if I stopped but figured there was no way I'd make it without a major accident in my pants.

So I quickly bolted to the toilet,left the door open since my roomate was already gone, pulled down my black pants and brown panties to my knees and plopped my ass on the toilet. I peed for a bit first then pushed my big, healthy, brown sausage out.....It was slithering out like a snake...I could feel it come out inch by smelly inch. Ahhhhhhh what a relief as it made a huge sloooopf into the bowl. I sat there for a few more minutes before standing up to see what I had done....that thing was about 12 inches!!!! There was a little bit of it hiding down the toilet hole. I wiped my ass about 5 times then pulled my panties and pants back up, flushed then washed my hands.

It's almost 9am now and I stopped to post this before class....guess I'll be a bit late for class but it was sure worth it.....I'll post again real soon...promise......XOXO Laura

Sara T.
Had another pee into the potted plant today. Great fun again, except I hunched over and I accidentally splashed myself in the eye! lol. Now I've got to go again and I may try standing in the tub.

Hi all,
Must tell you about Linda and myself years ago before we even had children. We went to a horse show and as it was quite a way we left the day before. Arrived late afternoon, unloaded the horses and pitched the tent. We always camp at the shows. The Range Rover has a roof tent which is easier than getting hotels etc. That night we went out to eat and as two young ladies will do overdid it a touch. The first signs where at about 5,00 am the nevt am when I let go an enormous fart. It actually awoke Linda it was so loud. She asked if I was OK and I said yes but I do not think that I should risk another like that. As the honk disapaited she mentioned that she did not feel that well and should perhaps get to a loo. As you know the loos are revolting but we had already had our goodnight pees at a spot not far from the tent. I said that I was not sure as to what was behind the first fart but would come and start the morning ablutions with her. As we put on tracksuits (we sleep nak! ed. Hot SA nights) I could hear both my ???? and hers giving a little warning growl. This was not going to be a normal poo. We got down and headed across to the little clump of bushes. I said that I thought it was the calamari with garlic and the bottle of red wine that we had had. Linda said yes but I could see that she was in some difficulty She walked faster as I felt a snake uncoil in my ????. I thought better get ready cos hear it comes. We both just made it into the bushes and tore down our pants and stepped out of the one leg. I said to Linda spread extra wide today as we may just spray. As I got down the pressure on my bowls from bending squirted like a tube of toothpase. My arse hardly opened as pure brown water interspursed with wind and small round nuggets floodeed out onto the ground. As the next spasm started to clean me out I heard Linda give a gasp and a fart with the same result. We both sat for about 15 minutes farting ans having the gushes. The smell was terri! ble as there was no breeze to blow it away. I had the loo papaer and proceeded to wipe first. I said to Linda we better just chech each others buttocks for spray as we did not want to smear any splash onto our buttocks. After a good lot of wiping, less than most people as we put cream on our rings we checked each others buttocks and got dressed. As we litteraly tottered back to the car we both knew that a few more visits would be in order that day. Twice more and we both felt better. All in moderation but you could not teach the two young ladies anything at that time.

Well, folks, the Sandman is going to reveal who he is!! Since some of you have responded to my comments and questions, I think it's now time to at least give my real name. My name is Bob and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (South Bay)! Are we allowed to say what city we're from? I guess I need to read the rules again, huh?

I think what's amazing is that in my whole life I've never watched anyone take a poo!! I've been to many a bathroom in my life, and I've heard other men pooing, but I've never actually seen another person go! I should also let you know that I work at a drug store, and these stores have public restrooms. So as you can guess, I've witnessed several situations of customers asking where the restrooms are located, and some of them being in a deperate situation. Obviously I can't walk into the ladies room and listen to women go, but I've heard the occasional fart and groan because you have to often walk by the bathrooms while performing work duties. I've never buddy-dumped with anyone of either gender, and I'm not married.

At least in the men's room I can hear men going number 2. I don't like men in that kind of way, but it sometimes can serve as a turn on to hear them pooing. One time I was working at night and this man who I would say was in his 20's came to the back office and called out if anyone was there. I acknowledged my presence and he told me that he really had to use the bathroom. It was one of those stores where I had to unlock the door leading to the bathroom, and he told me that he had been waiting all day for this!! I was positive by this point that he had to poo in a bad way! I unlocked the door and let him in, but just to make sure, I wanted to know which "number" he was doing. Sure enough, he closed the stall door, quickly wiped the seat, unzipped and pulled down his jeans and underwear, and then sat down. Next, I heard this loud "Ohhh, Ahhh", and thought I heard a low-pitched kerplunk. I left the area and went back to the office because I new he was relieved. A few minutes! later he came out and thanked me for letting him use the facilities. He really appreciated it!

Later on that night when I was driving home from work, I felt good about letting him go to the bathroom. Imagine if I wouldn't have let him go! There was no other immediate bathroom in the area, and he would've desperately had to try to hold it! He could've lived several miles from home, and I could imagine the unbearable pain he would've been in sitting in his car trying to drive home as fast as he could! I would've gone to the bathroom at the same time, but there was only one stall. But I've never actually seen someone go number 2. I've seen people run off into the bushes to go pee, but I've never seen anyone take a hard, constipated, 20 minute poo. Well, I've got to run. Now you all know who I am!! Talk to you later. Bob

Sara T., have you ever pooped anywhere interesting?

Who here is has every flushed CEREAL down the toilet before?

I know looooots of people who do this.

Had a nice weekend away with Mum and Grannie and Grandad. Met Mum's new man as well. I don't think I like him very much. He obviously doesn't like me for some reason. Gosh, Mum is getting quite big now with the baby. It's not due 'til early June either !!

LINDA: You are so funny, I nearly peed by panties !! A heart-shaped toilet seat ! I bet it is possible to get one. It's not a bad idea really, especially if the point at the bottom is at the front, then I could sit on the toilet with my legs hanging down the sides and my feet flat and firm on the floor ! Mind you, if you wanted to poo, you'd have to make sure that your bum isn't sitting over the point at the top of the heart, otherwise it could get quite messy !! By the way, Andrew would definitely have bought you a valentine's card if he could have, one with multicoloured hearts, so that he could write inside "to go with your pampies" !!! We are on a weeks holiday from school after this week. I don't care what the Moderator says really, we will be having lots of toilet fun together even if neither of us are allowed to write and tell each other about it ! Looking forward to trying out this sitting on knees and going to the toilet. It sounds really naughty, but I bet! it will be huge fun !! If it wasn't for Andrew, I wouldn't be trying it out, because he is certainly the only boy I would trust to do this with. Anyway, have fun. And write again soon. We always seem to talk about poos on here now. Well, I want to hear about your latest great big whizzer of a wee ! Tell me about it soon. Lots of love my dear friend, Kendal xxxx.

KATE: Thank you so much for writing and telling me how you go about sitting on knees. I have to say that I had said to Andrew that my wee would miss ( we've experimented with clothes on. Andrew sat right back as far as he could on the toilet, and then I sat on his knee. Although there was some room between the front of my bits and the edge of the toilet seat, I did say to him that sitting up high on his knee might make my wee shoot all over the seat ! ) Sitting on a low wall is a great idea. Andrew does have one in his garden, but we would be afraid of being seen by a nosey neighbour ! We're going to talk about it loads anyway, and you have given us so many good ideas. I'm very grateful. We'll be sure to tell you all about it ! Love from Kendal xxx

BILLY & KEVIN L: Back to 4th Grade indeed !! Actually, I think I've found out why we disagree over the quantity of wee I did ( or rather Andrew has, he's very clever like that ! ) I was talking in British imperial pints. A British pint is 568ml, but Andrew says that an American pint is only 473ml. He also says that we have 20 fl ozs in a pint, while you lot have 16 ! So we have a great deal of confusion here. I thought I might say "back to 4th grade" to you two for not knowing that, but then I'm in the equivalent of your 6th grade I think, and I didn't know that, so I can hardly blame you for not knowing either !! I'm very happy to know that I peed more than a pint in your country, but it was less than a pint in mine ! Obviously, we will have to talk in ml all the time in future because at least that is a standard measure for us all. Thing is, "pee a pint" has a certain ring to it, where as "pee a 568ml" doesn't quite have that same ring !! ( or should I have s! aid "pee a 473ml" ! ). Anyway, happy pooping to you guys ! You sure do some good 'uns ! Love from Kendal.
PS: Actually, I have thought of something to get you back over ! In the bit where you told me to go back to 4th grade, you spelt my name "Kendel". Back to 4th grade for you two for spelling my name wrong !!! ( only joking ! ).

Hi my name is lisa and i love this site. Iam going to tell you all about a very embarrasing accident that happened to me a while ago.

My b/f and i had been out on a hike, we had taken a lunch with us and had it by a beautifull waterfall. Now on the way back, i got that feeling in my stomach "hey kev i gotta go real bad" i said my b/f just laughed and said drop your shorts behind a bush and just go.

I said "no way get real, iam not pooping out in public" well we carried on my pain getting worse, i begun to do stinky little farts you know silent but deadly, worse yet i needed to pee (too much wine).

well we had not gone much further, when i suddenley got a very bad stomach cramp i groaned and held my stomach, as i did i farted very loud and diarrea filled my denim short shorts, i was wearing bikini panties but never the less it all came out down my legs, i burst into tears and begun to pee my self as well.

Well to cut a long story short, we walked back to the car me stinking to high heaven poo all down the rear of my legs, wet in front, every one who saw us looked at me and laughed or tut tutted there disaproval.

We drove home in silence, me sitting on a plastic garbage bag to avoid getting the seat wet and dirty, anyhow when we got to my place i of course invited him in he just looked at me and said see you around, and drove off.

SOOOOOOOOOO i guess i now have no b/f oh well its not the end of the world. lisa

i was surfing on my boyfriends new laptop when i came across this site . i am a girl that can produce large poos on a regular basis and really enjoy the sensation in doing so. my poo is normally hard and dry so instead of doing long single logs it breaks apart as it exits my bum creating numerous plops and splashes. i do count sometimes and from memory the most poops i have dropped in one sitting was 27 , ranging from large plonks to tiny plips. i generally do around 15 or so. i guess i produce so much because i eat like a horse. i am tall and very athletic and have been blessed with a great metabolism so everthing i eat goes out again. my chest is not exactly big to be honest but my bum is big and firm though . my boyfriend is tall and fit but doesn't even come close to producing as much poo as me. my pooing habits do annoy him but deep down i think he enjoys it. our morning ritual is that i wil get up first to to use the toilet whilst kirk is half asleep. our bathroom is rig! ht next to the bedroom and due to our open relationship i leave the door open. i slip my panties down mid-thigh and sit letting out a long fart that ends with a hiss brrrrrrrrrrrfffffffffft. i start to pee while i get myself comfortable. i sit fairly upright with my clasped hands resting on my closed thighs and feet on tip-toes either side of the toilet. i do lean forward sometimes with folded arms across my stomach when i am having difficulty. i guess you could say i make alot of noise on the toilet getting quite vocal at times . i enjoy pushing out alot of poo so i am not ashamed to grunt, groan and heavily sigh , even in public and at work. my poo starts out very thick and long but immediately starts to break up creating a continuous and varying bombing of the toilet bowl plop kerplunk sploonk plip plooop kerplop plunk. i hear a tired shutup come from kirk who is still trying to sleep. i apologise and tell him that i can't help it. about half way through my poop i let go a! couple of short powerful farts that echo loudly out the bowl , booooorrrrrrt. it basically signals the next barrage of droppings albeit a bit softer producing a slip slop slloooop sound effect. i don't normally read anything while sitting on the toilet because i can't concentrate and enjoy my pooing as much during my 10 minute average potty time. i enjoy reading all the posts especially carmalita who is very descriptive of her big poo efforts. also i agree with jeff A that women generally do bigger poos than men. i have noticed that when i have long drawn out poops at work and in other public toilets i have heard many women do huge poops both in size and number. one of my girlfriends told me of an hilarious account of a poop she did at home. she was ready to go out to a fancy restaurant and was dressed in a long evening dress , but was desperate to use the toilet, she carefully pulled up her dress , sashing it across her right arm , pulled her g-string down just above her kne! es and sat. she said she grunted for about 5 minutes to push a big poop out. it hit the water with such force that it splashed up between her slightly opened thighs( she sits well back on toilet like i do ) onto her dress and g-string. as you can imagine she was quite upset. i always wear dresses and skirts but that has not happened to me , yet! they do came in handy when it comes maintaining as much modesty as possible. i once had no choice but to use a doorless stall with women watching me in line. i honestly think some women get off on it. i was busting for a poo so i dug deep for some courage and entered the stall. i backed up to the toilet with my head facing the ground and with much precision reached under the back of my skirt, pulled down my panties just enough to clear my orifices , then lifted only the back of my skirt and sat down quickly allowing my skirt to cascade down around the toilet and over thighs to just above my knees. in a private situation i cradle my sk! irt in my arms around my waist fully exposing my bum and thighs . due to my large frame i dwarf some toilets which causes my sides to slightly hang over the edges of the toilet seat. coming back to the story , i concentrated on a spot on the ground and pooped like a trooper. i have to go now . i know it is a long post but i hope you enjoy it. i have some more stories if you want me to post them. love chantelle

Althea: thank you for writing back.
I have that pain in my stomach for over 2 months now. doctors just tell me get some medicines but i am stil hurt and I noticed that my digestion is terrible as well. I noticed that from all the gas I make now and when I poop, it's not digested well. I had that problem since I was over at my uncle's house and my aunt helped me poop.any ideas might help me people?

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted for like a week. I was busy with school, which I've now ditched *sigh* My stomach is feeling a little funny today...I have these weird cramps. They're kinda like the cramps you have when your stomach is upset, only my stomach isn't. Quite the opposite actually, I felt a little constipated the last few days. Finally took a good one this morning, lots of little didn't make me feel better though.

To those who knew Heather, my sincere condolences. I didn't get the chance to know her, but I'm sure she was an awesome person. Please know that she's in my prayers.


The Metamucil Man
Yesterday was a ring-broadening quest. I felt the urge while laughing, watching NEXT FRIDAY. After the part at "PINKY'S", I went upstairs to the toilet. I took all my clothes off. The 2 inch thick, fiber-packed log pushed its way down me; I was almost brought to my knees by the plesure-pain. I took the advice of Modest and pissed first. Then I put a paper towel under me. That monster slid out with whispering farts; I shut my eyes becuase my ring feel like a rubber band. It was a hard, pottery clay 5 incher.

My God did it hurt!

BRISK BOY: You got a lot to learn about dumps

MODEST: You really are that

MIA: Do you ever get the BG's? (bubble guts)

That all. Until next time,

Cyber Fiber

Kevin L.
One of my neighbors, a kid named sammy, came into my class today during recess. She was not wasn't feeling good. So she sat down at the desk next to me during their recess (the little kids have recess berfore us). She is in 2nd grade (i'm in 3rd). All of a sudden, i noticed that there was a puddle on the carpet. I looked saw it was also under her desk. I real yellow pee dripping from her seat. I asked her if she just peed. She started crying and said yes. We were reading, so it was quiet. I got up and told my teacher. She asked me to go out and tell her teacher that she had an accident and would be in the nurses room. When i got back, I asked bob what where she went. He said michele and carrie took her to the nurses room. he said there was a large wet spot on her butt. Her chair was wet too. That was the first time I saw a kid as big as her wet her pants.

After recess, i had to poo. There was a little pile in the toilet already. It looked pretty fresh. Bobby was talking to me while I was making poo. When I was done, bobby had to poo. So I stayed around, while he made his poo. Then we peed at floating paper. I made two large logs and so did he. When we flushed the toilet, the toilet overflowed. Two floods in one day. We went out and told the teacher. WE blamed bobby, because if we told the teacher we didnt flush the toilet between poos, she would be made at us. He said that he did poo for a while, and now it was time. I later found out it was weimin who put the poo in the toilet before me. We had a good laugh about it after school. Fortunately, there was not much to clean up from the toilet. But they will have to clean the carpet from the girl.

Carmalita: GREAT story regarding the hand-held recorder... it was
almost like being there (of COURSE, I wish I WAS!). I liked the one hour consolidation build-up (you know I've done that, too...). TWO
super sausages... so sad to have them disappear down the bottomless
pit. And PLEASE stop apologizing about the wonderful aroma! I join
many others in this forum in ENJOYING this!

Renee: Good to hear from you, and thanks for the compliment! Looking
forward to hearing about your next session! PLEASE give us the luscious details!

I've been a bit busy with work (Alas!), so I haven't posted as extensively lately. Most of my own movements have been relatively
ordinary lately, but I had a nice one Sunday. It came out in one very fat piece, probably 13-14 inches long, with almost no TP residue... AHHHH... Very satisfying!

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