when I was about 14 or 15 I was at a boarding school
for boys we still had to wear short pants ,I didnt mind this at
all but most of the others thought they were sissies for wearing shorts
I often wore shorts even out of school so it didnt matter to me
any way it felt good to still be wearing short pants especialy at school
as it was coming up to the holidays. and I was waiting for my parents to pick me up
I,d been holding my poo for acouple of days now so I thought I would do it when I got home as usual mum told me to get changed out of my school uniform { grey flannel shorts grey socks and white shirt and blue jumper and my tie } but before I did
we needed some milk from the shop so I said I would walk up and get some
I took a short cut through some garden that was open to the public there were quite a few people about I got to the shop and was on my way back when I felt the need to poop so I made my way to the toilets in the gardens there was only one toilet out side as there was quite a que to use it I went inside the gift shop and it was the same there so I left thinking that I could go in the barn or one of the other buildings so I
went to the barn I saw a few people go in possibly to do the same as me I didnt want to go were there was people by now my poo was on its way so I went behind the wall
I was about to pul my short pants down when a few women walked by I think they knew what I was about to do so I had to wait until they had gone but it was too late for that I was pooping in my pants I felt my bum and could feel a large bulge forming in my shorts it felt good I d wanted to do it in my short pants for some time now I was doing it ,it was a bit hard going but I pushed again ooohhh uhh! expecting any moment now for it to finish with the soft sloppy stuff at the end but it didnt
I guess it was hard going because my shorts were a little tight around my bum
and also they were a little shorter in the leg than what the other boys wore. I just finished when some lady came along asking for directions to the gift shop
she was I guess about thirty , she said I looked kinda cute in short pants I some how
think she might of thought other wise if she had known what Id just done ,as my poo was a bit hard it didnt make much of a mess in my pants I got home and changed
and put on another pair of shorts green denim it felt so good ,will post more like this another time

Christina. It is natural to secrete some mucus with a stool, the intestines internally are a mucous membrame and this is the natural lubricant they produce. If it didnt occur we would be unable to pass anything solid. Having said that, if the amount is excessive or if other symptoms are present, griping pains, urgent need to defecate which comes on suddenly, alternating diarrhea and constipation , I would see your doctor or the school nurse if you dont nwant to discuss such matters with your parents. Hope all is okey, and please let us all know. Adrian, I hope your statement to Christina "your Mum and Dad love you very much..." is true. Unfortunately, from some of the stories I have read on this website I know that a minority of parents are very harsh to their children over toilet matters, inflicting physical punishments and humiliation on them for having accidents in their panties, doing a poo which stuck in the toilet and other such natural occurances. I was lucky, I have ni! ce kindly Humanist parents, who brought me up to have no shame about my body and its natural functions such as urination, defecation and menstruation. Others have not been so lucky, as the poet Phillip Larkin said "They **** you up your Mum and Dad" so perhaps Christina may be better able to discuss her worries about her bowel movements with her doctor or even better school nurse.

Rose, as others have said, dont flush sanitary towels or tampons down the toilet. Put them in the wrapper provided or one of those little brown bags and into the bucket in a public , works or school toilet, or if at home wrap them up and put them in the bin or if you have a open fire, burn them, although this can cause a smell. When I was at school the janitor was always complaining about the pans in the girls toilets being clogged by sanitary towels and every so often our Form teacher, a woman, would have to tell the girls not to flush them, which, our school being co-ed , always made the boys laugh as mentruation usually does amongst males of any age. Of course some of us, myself especially, used to block the toilet pan with big solid turds.

On that topic, I can assure the reader who queried the size of the motions passed by some posters, especially women, that such big solid jobbies are quite common, I do some panbuster whoppers myself as old posts will confirm. The bowel does not go straight up from the anus but is a routed round the abdomen like the 3 sides of a square until it joins with the end of the small intestine the illeum. It is capable of expansion, and the female rectum is a different shape, wider than the male. I agree that the female reproductive organs and wider pelvis are connected with this.

Mia, I did a "ring stretcher" jobbie yesterday at home. I only did a small, for me, jobbie on Saturday, in the dressing room toilets after my field hockey game, a very firm turd of 7 inches long and 2 inches thick which made a lovely "KURSPLOONK!" as it dropped into the pan. I felt I needed more but it wouldnt come down, so I wiped my bum and went home. I didnt need again, and I never force myself to go. Now yesterday I didnt feel the need until after Sunday lunch I felt the movement in my belly and after emitting several smelly farts to my husband's great amusement I felt a big poo in my back passage. We went together into the toilet and I sat there with my brown corduroy trousers and pale blue panties at my knees. I did my wee wee then sat for a while as I knew it was a big fat very firm jobbie and I didnt want to strain my sphincter. I farted a few times and then felt it start to emerge. My ring stretched as very slowly this knobbly dark brown lump came out as I gently ! pushed "NNN! UH! " my husband giving a push on my belly when I asked. We both looked between my legs as the fat log slowly grew in length. The start of it was already in the water while I was still doing it so when it tapered to an end it made no sound as it entered the pan. When I got my breath back I stood up and we both had a good look. About 4 inches of it was sticking up out of the water. We pulled the flush but it stuck so wearing a rubber glove I removed it from the pan to dispose of it on the compost heap in the garden (if buried under the compost a turd will soon be broken down harmlessly and add to the nutrients for the garden, However I do NOT recommend this method of disposal for anything other apart from the occasional toilet blocking panbuster, certainly NOT for all one's sewage as a health hazard could be caused). Anyway, we measured it and it was shaped like an artillery shell, tapered and pointed at one end, 2.5 inches at its fattest and for much of its lengt! h, 16 inches long and quite knobbly, dark brown to begin with then a lighter brown.

This morning when I did a motion after breakfast it was an easier curved sausage, still 12 inches long and as fat as the one I did yesterday, but smooth and light khaki brown and rather smelly. It went away after 3 flushes.

Away for a while, friends, I'll be back online in a week or so.

Happy poops, all,


Pooper Dooper
Hi this is PS!!!!! I changed my name.

In a rate of 1-10 what do people think of my posts?

Happy Poops!!!!
Pooper Dooper

Pete (US)
Welcome back, BEAR. I remember you, enjoyed your postings, and would like to read more.


Thanks for the advice you guys! Although, my toilet only flushed slowly that same day that I flushed the pad. Apparently, it finally went down the line and all was normal then. But I won't be doing that again just in case its REALLY bad next time.

MIA> To answer your question (although I hate that I have to be this graphic) but the reason that I flushed the pad down in the first place is because it was EXTREMELY soiled with blood. I didn't want to take much time handling it.

Carmalita & Renee: You guys are a trip! Great stories, some of the most hilarious stories in recent weeks! If you guys were to come over and use our bathroom, my husband Gary would be right there with the Lysol can in hand. He can't stand the smell of poop, not even his own. He has grown to like the smell of poop that I leave behind, though. Too bad most of the more massive pooping sessions I have had took place in public restrooms.

Smith: Thanks for the compliment. I think the one who sets the standard around here has got to be Kim, with her massive-sized pieces of poop.

Jeff A.: I've also loved your stories over the years. I especially liked the one about Kelly, the one who worked in the bar and did a massive soft load of poop while you were unclogging the toilet in the womem's room of the restaurant. Any more stories about her?

Laurie: Are you still around? It's been months since you last posted. We miss you and your stories.

Kyosuke: That was a terrible ordeal that Chun had to go through after eating so much Thai food. I'm glad it only lasted one night and wasn't too serious. I had a similar bout a long time ago after eating hot and spicy Indian food. I had several massive bowel movements for the next couple of days.

Nothing unusual to report for now. You all take care.

Hi,all-some really good posts lately-boy some of you are really pooing up a storm!Semms like a lot of us are getting more fiber in our diets and that's good for your body as well as great poo stories!
TO SMITH- As far as those "scat"sites,you can have 'em!I too hate that kind of stuff and it makes me sick to my stomach to see that stuff! I just enjoy seeing and hearing women poo-I also enjoy hearing other guys poo too esp as i poo along with them!-but that other stuff,forget it!-I'm just like you but i HAVE seen a few women do some great pooing and my friend,you shoud experience it-You would love it-I hope you do someday soon-keep us posted!
TO PENNY-I'm not that much younger than you and I think age has nothing to do with it-I guess it's just you say to-ma-to and I say tomato-different strokes I guess-you get off in your own way just by posting your stories i'm sure-I'm sure that kid got off in his own way by seeing you on the beach that time-so what can you do-we each enjoy it in our own way-I enjoy your stories too -so keep them up!
TO CARMELITA & LISA-Boy I do love you poo stories-I guess mostly when you ladies poo a few loads in one sitting-I too like to poo like that -it's the best!I printed them all and save them and when i gotta do a good poop i bring them with me to the throne to read as i push out my stuff-as i read about you ladies pushing out your poo too!
TO JANE-Yes,i printed your story too and took it to the bowl with me too!I really enjoyed it to say the least!
Had a nice poo at the gym yesterday a.m.When i left the house i didn't fell like i was going to go at all and when i went to the gym i worked out and did some running and stationary biking and then went to take a showewr-when I was in the shower i had just about ran out of soap-all I had left was a small sliver about 1/2 in or so -so i had read about this on the forun and I put this small piece of soap up my anus-i put it up as far as i could and continued to clean up-then I got out and was toweling off and went to get dressed and then i felt a cramp and I felt a slight urge to go-So I went to the toilets and took a bowl and there was a guy in the next stall really doing a mushy load with a lot of farting and groaning-it was great and gave me inspiration to sit down and as i sat i let out a small,wet fart and I felt like i had to push and all this soft stuff flew out and sounded like PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-it was great!I even grunted with pleasure-then I heard this guy f! art again and he did another loose load-At his point my anus was burning and it felt wide open and I just pushed and pushed and i felt like i had to go more ,but nothing was coming out-So i just sat there for a bit and enjoyed the sound of the other guys on the bowls-and just as this new guy went into the other stall on the other side of me and he sat down and let out a good morning load I felt another cramps and decided to push again and this long turd started to come out and it slithered into the bowl slowly-it was a long one,but a bit thin and i really had to push to get it out as it went into the bowl as it was still coming out my domed anus as i got a strong cramp-then at the tail end my anus exploded with pudding and boy did that feel good!Then i let out a long fart as a couple of other guys were farting and pooing too-Funny,but I didn't feel like I had to go this much-boy that soap trick really works well-at least with me it did!The only drag was that my asshole was rea! lly burning-Then I wiped my messy anus and even as i was wiping I could hear all these other guys doing their morning loads_i really enjoy pooing along with other guys in the morning at the gym esp. when I got a nice surprise with a good dump myself!I had to take another shower too,but it was worth it!Felt great after that one!Wish I had some of the stories I printed with me!Great stuff all!BYE

Karmalita - I was born outside of New York City and moved to Northern California, where I now stay. I've never even been to Puerto Rico. =( There aren't many PR's here either, so I'm mostly around Mexicanos y Central Americanos. Being PR, no one here really can figure what what I am - I've been mistaken for everything from white, to Black, to Eurasian. (I look like the singer John B, so I'm not sure what that qualifies as.)

I've been shitting a lot lately. I'm slightly lactose intolerant, but I'm addicted to ice cream so I accept the consequences. This morning I work up with stomach cramps and knew I had to take a shit. I thought I was going to have one of those explosive shits - you know, when it bursts out the second your ass hits the toilet seat - but I didn't. I sat down on the very cold toilet seat and began pushing. After about a minute, a long, thick log began inching its way out, picking up speed until it fell kerplop into the toilet. It was medium brown and about 9 inches long. At this point my stomach began cramping more and the expected loose shits began. I let out a medium load of soft crap and the another right after. I immediately felt better afterwards. I had the day off today, so at least I was able to go in my own bathroom. =)

As I haven't posted for a week or so, the first thing I need to do is express my sympathy to Heather's friends and family.

Linda GS: Mentioning novelty toilet seats reminded me of some that I saw in a bathroom fittings shop in Stockport last year. They were made from a clear resin material. One had shells set into the resin, but the other was barbed wire! I really liked that one but it was mega expensive - about 150 UK pounds, which is 210 US Dollars!

Kevin and Billy L - Kendal's not got her maths wrong! There are slight differences between US and UK fluid measures. Dunno why, but there are. Gallons are definitely different, so maybe pints are too.
In the UK 1 pint is 568ml. It says so on every milk bottle!

There's not much for me to report on the toilet front. The subject of standing to wee came up with my female colleague at work. She said she'd tried, but it had made a mess. I told her to try again, and suggested she look at one of those other sites that have good instructions.

Si :)

Olde Oak
Welll,'s been awhile since I've posted. Been out of town
on business, and not having the time to do any posting, so, here's
my updates.
This last week when my wife & I went to bed for the night, I
woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak.
When I returned back to bed and sleep, I could hear gas seeping out of her butt. It was just a low audible phhhhhhht....phhhhhht!
As I tried to get myself to sleep, this phhhhht continued for a number of minutes. I figured that she must have a good load in her for the morning.
When the alarm went off, I got out of bed to do my morning activities she was still in bed. This time instead of phhhhhhht, she let out the loudest fart! I said to her that it sounded as if she was really loaded. She said that she wasn't sure, but that she knew that she was really full of gas. I told her that to let me know when she had to go , as I always enjoy a good show, even when I'm trying to get out of the door to go to work.
She got up and got herself a cup of coffee and sat down while I was finishing getting dressed. Within five or so minutes she said that she could tell that the coffee was starting get things moving for her. She said that she thought it was about time, but, first would I rub her belly and massage her a little.
As I started to give her belly a massage, she let out some more gas, giving out a soft moan, saying ohh, that feels good.
Well, this little belly rub started to get a little lower and started to rub other parts of her as well. As I ran my fingers over her butt and between her cheeks I rubbed her anus and felt it already starting to protrude outward somewhat. I told her it felt as though she was starting to go. She suddenly pushed me away and started for the bathroom. As I started to follow her, she already had her nightgown pulled up over her rear end. She made it just inside the bathroom door when suddenly she stopped, bending over slightly and grabbing her stomach, saying she didn't think that she was going to make it.
She said, let me stand here for a second to see if this will subside so that I can get to the commode. Without further warning, she groaned and bent over further. I quicly grabbed the trashcan and held it under her butt and told her to relax and let it go.
She grabbed her cheeks and spread them apart and her hole was already open wide. Out started sliding a huge semi-soft turd. As I held the trashcan I could feel the weight getting slightly heavier as she filled it. I said, were loaded alright!
I got some toilet paper and started to clean her up. She said that she's grateful to have me handy during some of these ordeals of hers.
As I had mentioned in some past posts. My little lady enjoys having a little fun pooping out doors in some public places on occasion.
She reminded me recently, of when we went to the beach on vacation a numbers ago. I prefer not to disclose the name of the beach.
We had set up our ice chests, beach towels, and umbrella.
We went out for a swim for awhile and returned to our spot.
Had lunch and then lay out to get some sun. After a short while, she whispered to me that she needed to have a good BM. Nothing more was said for a while. Then I asked her if she was needing to still go to the bathroom. She said that it was too far to walk, and said, "you know how I feel about public restrooms anyway".
Within a couple of minutes she pulled apart our two beach towels and started digging a hole in the sand. I said what in the world are you doing. She said, gonna try something different, that's all.
After getting the hole in the sand, she pulled the beach towels back up near the hole. The beach umbrella was behind us. She proceeded to sit over the hole in the sand and pulled her swimsuit over to one side. As she had herself resting her butt over the hole, she looked over at me and winked her wicked little smile. I watched the relaxed look on her face and then heard a little muffled sound as she let out a fart. Within seconds there is this acrid smell of fresh shit wafting in the air beside me.
Mind you, while she's taking a nice big smelly dump, there are people all around us on the beach and no one is the wiser to what is going on. When she was done, she pulled her swimsuit back over her bottom and rolled over on the beach towel. I looked over into the hole and she had the nicest turd all coiled up in that hole in the sand.
She told me to cover it up, which I did pretty quickly.
I asked her how was she going to clean herself up since she hadn't wiped. She said, let's go hit the surf. She ran out into the water and I followed her. She pulled aside her bottoms and rubbed and washed herself off in the water. She told me that it always gives her a "rush", when she can pull off something like that and no one else knows whats going on.
I told her that I hope that when the tide comes in it will take her little prize out to sea.
One last little story, before I close.
This past weekend, we were working out in the yard adding peat moss & such to our flower beds, getting the soil ready for Spring planting.
While we were working, both she and I were letting off some pretty obnoxious farts. I was turning the soil with a garden fork, when she said that she would like to add some ammendments to her garden.
She was wearing some old jeans, she unbuttoned & unzipped them and pulled them down to her ankles and squatted down to where I had been working. She let off some gas and then watched as she started pushing and out came a nice turd, big and long. She peed some, then pushed some more and out came some smaller ones.
As usual, she asked me to clean her. I reached for the garden hose which was nearby and while she was still squatting I washed her little hole clean. She pulled up her jeans, and said, OK, bury "my" fertilizer. I said, I'll bet the flowers will really grow in this spot! Well, so much for now. Really enjoy all the rest of the groups stories.

Lawn Dogs Kid
BILLY & KEVIN L: Kendal phoned me up to say that I'd got my sums wrong and how embarrassed she was to be told by you two that she needed to go back to fourth grade ! Actually, there is a reason. I see she hasn't posted yet, or rather the site hasn't been updated, so she might have posted by now. I'll let her explain. I should imagine she would like to write to you two anyway !

LINDA: Are you brilliant, or are you brilliant !! Heart-shaped toilet seats. From what I've seen on other unmentionable sites, a ladies bottom is shaped rather like a heart anyway when viewed from down below ! You'll have to get a patent on it quick ! As for the valentine's card, well, I'd have definitely bought you one, with multicoloured hearts on it to match your pampies !!! ( giggles and winks ! ). Nice to know that your excellent idea came to you while on the potty. Now, were you pooping or peeing I wonder ?..... XOXO.

KATE: Kirsty, Kendal's friend, is coming to stay with her virtually all week at half term now because her parents are going away for a bit, and Kirsty decided she didn't want to stay with her big sister. Not sure what effect that is going to have on our plans to wee sitting on knees now. Much will depend on Kirsty I suppose. We'll see. Have fun, and be sure to let us know if you get a Valentine's card from Phil. He must fancy you by now ! Love Andrew. PS, look forward to hearing the next exciting pee/poo story from Hertfordshire !

Jeff A
Just a quick note here. I was up early and read the posts here.
DAVID: Wow! You have got to be the luckiest man on earth today!!! I read Carmalita's gift to you, and I'm not really envious. I'm just plain jealous!!!! Seriously David, I thought it was pretty cool of her to customize one for you!
CARMALITA: You've now surpassed yourself, and entered into what I would call one of the hottest stories of all time. Even though it wasn't a story, but the recapturing of an event. Carmalita, I love you too, does that help my case any?
PV: You're into Karate? I've trained in martial arts for over sixteen years myself. I think that's really cool. I love to see women in the martial arts. Benching 75 lbs too huh? That's great! So are you!
Anyhow, take care all!

Hi,all,Boy i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who enjoys gratification while pooing and reading these posts which lately have been super!I don't do it all the time when I poo but sometimes when I read some of these stories and I have to poo badly i just enjoy the whole production-Yes,i've been printing CARMELITA"S,LISA's,JANE's,PENNY's to take with me to the bowl just to name a few!But I also enjoy some of the guys stories too-I'll respond to them when I have more time!
TO RYAN-Cool story with you and your buddy dumping facing each other in the woods-I did that last summer with a couple of guys i met on the bike path(check old post)It was fun!
Haven't really been pooing any good ones lately,although i go every day,but it's been one of thos poos where i sit down,fart and do ! or 2 soft logs that come out fast and that's been it and my schedule has been so hectic that I haven't bee able to wait for the urge to build up and really enjoy a good one-hopfully sometime this week i'll have a good one to do for you folks!Have to run! Love ya CARMELITA,LISA JANE and PENNY-Got all your stories printed and the next time I have time and the urge for a big dump i'll bring them with me!Keep 'em coming!BYE

Joe B.
Hello everybody. My poops haven't been very good for about a week now. I've had several small poops with mostly days skipped in between. Now I haven't pooped in 2 days and I feel totally stuffed. I'm going to take a series of soapy enemas later today and get totally cleaned out. I love taking enemas. I'll post results later.

kim and scott
hello all! TO PENNY-Hello! i like your posts. like poster jeff A. says women often do bigger logs then men. mine average a foot long to my record 25 inches long. 3 inches thick. and you could be a small built lady and have a huge log. you dont have to be a big lady.I like you honey but dont downplay other peoples performances on the toilet ok? TO MIA-I love your latest story about you squeezing out that 20 incher! plus the question you asked me in how long does it take me to squeeze out one of my monster logs? it depends MIA. if i am in a hurry i can squeeze it out in a few minutes but if i am in no hurry or if my boyfriend scott is watching i take a long time enjoying the enormous motion coming out of me. ok? bye now more kim and scott posts sometime later and thanks to all for the nice comments on the last one. we appreciate it. thanks. bye now.

PV - Hi girl! I do not have a lot of time tonight, so
this letter will have to be a quick one.
I would have preferred to wee against the wall outside
that dirty men's room to going in looking at all that
mess. It really was bad and we will not be going there
again. LOL I weed into an empty bin once, a metal one.
I remember how noisy it was!
Yeah, it maybe that my own hole can stretch to about
2 inches looking at the size of my logs. I do a lot of
pelvic floor exercises to keep myself good and tight
down there so maybe that is why times like that beach
shit were hard work for me. Yeah, that shit was a bit
hard, I remember it.
Steve still can not be here to write about the distance
contest but I will tell you a little bit. My two netball
team mates bet me they could piss further than me. I
thought maybe the 17 year old could do it further and the
37 year old could not, but they had gone and challenged
the mighty Louise, so I had to test them out in the showers
after the game. I think the 3 of us did not play too well
because we were running about nearly wetting our knickers.
It was not really arranged that my mum, sister, Jackie
and Steve would be there as well but when everybody but
Steve said at the end of the game that they wanted to wee
it all just sort of happened because I just invited all
the ladies to join the 3 of us in the changing rooms. We
sneaked Steve in as well. Maybe he should not have been
there but he was in by invite, so that makes it ok, right?
I will let Steve write and tell you about the rest of it
but I will tell you that my 17 year old team mate was
joint first with my mum! I did not do as well as I can on
that day!

KIM - do you do pelvic floor exercises and if you do, do
you think it makes a diff to how wide you can stretch open
when passing a log? I think it makes it harder to do even
though it is good for other interesting reasons!

CARMALITA - How sorry I feel for you getting beaten and
punched like that. That guy is just not at all like my
Steve. He really can not stand any violence and abuse
of women and his friends are the same and are very nice,
but that guy who punched you is just a bully and a coward.
My Steve is a hundred times the man he could ever be and
I know I am very lucky.
I'm getting mad now, but if you are still with him then
give that guy the flick.
It would serve him right if Steve and PV could one day use
him for a punchbag.



With regards to Japanese squat toilets and women who pee almost horizontally, I do not think that this would be a problem. Unlike the French and other Eastern squat toilets, which are completely sunk into the floor, the Japanese ones (at least those I have seen in pictures) have a hood shaped 'guard' (I believe that you squat facing this when using a Japanese toilet) onto which you can pee. I would imagine that men also often pee onto this rather then aiming down into the hole.

I must confess that although I have seen French "toilettes turc" I have never used one, only ever needing to pee, and doing so in the urinal, in French public toilets. I would expect that dealing with your clothing would be a greater problem, especially underpants (or knickers for women) and trousers as if you pulled these too far down then you would not be able to spread your legs enough to squat correctly, and if you don't pull them down far enough then you run the risk of wetting or soiling them.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to everyone on the toilet,

Like SMITH, I too found some websites or one in particular that I found really disgusting with real "In your face" (Yuk!) images of scatological activities. I felt sure though, that somewhere I'd find something like this, but as I was searching, I found several like I described with varying degrees of pornographic detail, a Few that deal with the subject of shitting in a humorous way, and several webcams of toilets where nothing happens. I found a few forums with brief comments and one with offensive and crude banter between those who posted there, and loads of pictures of the various types of toilets and cartoon pictures etc.
Of course, any identification and e mail addresses are prohibited on this forum but even though many of us would love to meet others here, there's a danger that anyone else reading our posts could pretend to be any one of us and any meeting or e mail could then result in attention from people with less than honourable motives.
By the laws of chance, though, I suppose the chances of any of us meeting others whom we "know" here may happen as we discuss various toilets and places where some of us dump in the open.
One place that's been mentioned a few times is the washington Square toilet in New York and I bet a few of us have actually used that one, perhaps together on occasion!

To REDNECK, No, I'm English from the land of the superior toilets but inferior layout; ie. too private as compared with the USA, and Canada too, it seems! If only you had toilets like ours and we had open plan stalls like you have!
Channel 4 is a British TV channel, quite innovative and liberal but I'd love to have seen the Jerry Springer programme that BRYIAN saw with the hidden camera in the men's toilet with guys sitting on the toilet. Any more info about that, Bryian would be fascinating to read!

The best buddy dump I had with my biker friend was some years ago when I was on holiday and staying with people about 20 miles away from where he lived at the time.
We met in the early evening at a main library and as he needed to have a shit and had just come straight from work, we went up to the top floor where the toilets were and he went in to the cubicle, and left the door open as there was no-one else around and pulled down his tight light blue jeans and pants and sat on the toilet and had his shit. Someone came in so he closed the door and reopened it when the other person had gone and wiped up and came out.
We then spent the evening chatting in a cafe and arranged to meet again the following morning at his place where, hopefully, we would both be ready for another shit and this time on his own toilet I'd heard being used so many times by him on the tapes he'd made.

I slept very little that night anticipating the morning when I'd see and hear him on his own toilet for the first time and was really extra keen having seen him on the toilet the previous evening at the library.
I made the journey ok and met him just as he was approaching the bus stop where I'd got off the bus, and saw he'd got some well worn levis on with rips in the seat showing off some of his muscular "toilet zone" and after a few minutes walk we were there.
He felt good and ready to go on the toilet but made coffee first and I had a good long look at his jean-clad bottom with the rips showing his muscle and thought of the motto that used to appear on hats bought at the seaside many years ago...........
The coffee having been made, we both went into his bathroom and he pulled down his jeans and quite dirty underpants ( skidmarks from his shit last night) and sat on the toilet. Sitting with big strong legs parallel he dropped about 15 medium size turds in the water and got a few splashes on his right buttock which he stood up and showed me, then wiped his arse as I looked at what he,d done.
(Look away now TONY in Scotland; you won't like the next bit!)

He flushed the toilet and I looked down for the skidmarks in the pan and we both knew that I could go on and plop into water as he'd done and get splashed as well.

I pulled down my jeans and pants and got down on the toilet really slowly as he asked so he could watch my thigh muscles tense as I sat down. I was now on his toilet where I'd heard so many loud plops, farts, arse wiping on the Izal TP and commentaries of how his turds felt as they were getting pushed out, being retracted, sticking out ready to plunge, and dropping into the toilet and splashing or drenching his fit man's arse and sighing and grunting as he plopped.
Both of us on this occasion had had small to medium plops and not much splashing up but we had watched, listened and got whiffs of our shit and it was a great experience. I stood up and he saw me wipe my hairy arse and then I needed to stand facing the toilet for a minute after as I needed to do something else, as I noticed he did also, and we went in to his living room and had our coffee.

It was then time for us to part and we left together, and I made my way back as he was going to work and at the bus station I noticed a young guy with jeans with the biggest rip I'd seen-Almost his entire right buttock was on show and I noticed another man staring.
However I realised that far from wishing I could see him on the toilet or retaining a strong image of him and fantasizing about his public showing of his toilet muscle- I felt really satisfied and calm, like I'd had such a great time shitting with my mate, I hardly had another thought about men on toilets for several days!
I don't mean it's good that I didn't think about the subject, but that I had no feelings of yearning to share that intimate experience as it had completely satisfied my need.

Glad to have been able to share this and to say that sometimes we can have such a feeling of shared intimacy with someone, that we can be free of the sense of desperate longing that can happen when we feel so deprived of such experiences. P P G

To Kevin & Billy L.: I liked your story about your brother having to go to the hospital. How old was he at the time? Couldn't he have just tryed to poop, instead of going to the hospital?

For the last hour or 2 i've felt a slight urge to shit....i feel like holding of as long as possible.
I did have this happen last night and i went to the bathroom right away.

Carmalita: Thank you so much!!! I couldn't believe what a wonderful thing you did for me! When I checked in here to see if you had anything new (like I do everyday), I saw this incredibly beautiful, and sexy posting from you! But the best part is, that you did it for me! what can I say? There are no words to describe how I feel right now. You are truly a warm, and generous, and obviously loving young woman, and I love you for it! I flipped when I saw my name, and then when you were calling me by name! I printed this out, and have read it over, and over again! You are sexy, funny, and an absolute treasure! This was the most beautiful gift I've ever recieved, and you've made a lonely man very happy.
Thank you again for thinking of me sweet seniorita.

Plunging Plop Guy

So much to say to everyone and little time to say it in today!
BILL, Thanks again for further info, I'd better give you a rest now but grateful for so many great details. You said that Jason said that in some cultures, the size of a man's shit is regarded as a sign of his virility. I wonder if in such communities, women and girls are able to watch the guys squatting and watching what drops out!
A friend I used to correspond with in London told me that at the college where he worked, he could see into the frosted window behind the men's toilets and it was just about clear enough to see the students sitting on the toilet and wiping their arses afterwards.
His observation post was the cleaners' room and one day when he'd seen a student going towards the toilet, my friend went into the cleaners' room only to discover the cleaning ladies were in there, three of them standing at the window and watching the guy on the toilet! I'd love to know what they'd been saying to each other as they were watching! If I was a student there and I knew they'd be watching me , I'd take a large sheet of paper in with me and when I'd finished, I'd write in large letters the results of my shit and display it at the window with a thumbs up sign!
I liked the post recently of the Spanish lady who burst in on the guy on the toilet, who immediately dropped a loud plopping turd and a loud fart to follow. Perhaps she shared that with one of her friends after. I'd love that sort of reputation and admiration as the guy who drops big turds.

When I was 15 and on holiday with my parents in Devon, I had a shit in the guest house toilet one evening and took my time and really enjoyed it. Just as I was unlocking the door I noticed a large keyhole in the door and as I opened the door, a middle aged lady stepped back, looked embarrassed and then went into the toilet.
Perhaps she'd been watching and turned on by a 15 year old boy on the toilet having a good shit, and enjoyed the warm seat from my bum.
I hope so, anyway!

BEAR, Glad you like what I like and I wish you well with your alterations. As for the "hospital" toilet chair or commode- Put a big bucket under it and you and your mate can have a good long piss in it and when the turds drop in, that piss should really splash up all over your or your mate's arse!! A supreme act of male bonding that can be! good luck with it.

Running short of time now so I'll answer more and share more tomorrow. Cheers P P G

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Billy and Kevin L.
Someone asked if we fart a lot. Sometimes we fart a lot we have to poo. Sometimes we make big smelly ones starting like after lunch or dinner. Then next time we poo, it stops. We might some gas while we poop, but usually we do not make a lot of sounds. So we fart a lot, but not in the bathroom. We notice our farts mostly in school, church and in the cafeteria at school.

Kendal, if you peed 533 ml, you peed more than a pint. There are about 30 ml in an once, and about 18 onces in 533 ml (we are learning the metric system at school. See how it is important). Kendel, my mom would say you need to go back to 4th grade.

This morning, when we woke up, we had to pee. Usually, when we wake up, we just go for breakfast, because we don't have to pee that bad and we have to poo after breakfast and brush our teeth. The toilet in our cabin in one of those toilets that don;t use a lot of water. There is only a little bit of water at the bottom of the bowl. One of the our little brothers or maybe my little cousin had to poo in the middle of the night. When we lifted the seat for our pee, there was a pile of poo. It was dried and above where the water was. There was 3 little logs and some soft stuff on top. Needless to say, we aimed at the poo. Some of it broke off, but not all of it. I guess we will hvae to take aim until my mom cleans it with the toilet brush.

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