Greetings all!

It seems I am the latest in what appears to be a string of lurkers who have decided to come forth and introduce themselves to the group. Iíve been coming to this site for years now, have perused almost the entire archive, but have never spoken a word. Now, however, Iíve decided to make a contribution.

I must say I was inspired by the recent story posted by Gruntly Bogwell, one of my all-time favorite posters in the history of this site. Youíve got a lot of great stuff and I always enjoy reading whatever you have to say. Your latest post about your Vietnamese acquaintance, Mira, was an especially great read and I enjoyed it a lot. Other shout outs go to Carmalita, who I believe only recently joined the forum, but already has become another of my favorite posters. Never a dull moment when youíre in the house, Carmalita! Your posts are always so much fun and you sound like someone who would make a great friend, as you have no qualms about discussing so many things. Please keep gracing us with your presence Carmalita; youíre a welcome asset to the board!

And now for my debut contribution. Allow me to first explain that Iím a 21-year-old guy, and I am married to a young Chinese woman named Chun. Chun is a very petite girl, with straight black hair and very deep brown eyes. She is very soft-spoken and charming, the kind of polite young woman who is somehow hard to imagine actually using the toilet like the rest of us! I think itís for that very reason that I am turned on so much by the prospect of her going to the bathroom. Iíve yet to see her (well, 100% of her anyway) use the toilet, and while she knows about my fetish and thinks itís "cute", I havenít been able to convince her to try anything like going to the bathroom together, or even letting me keep her company when she has to go. Thatís probably why I like Gruntly Bogwellís posts so much, especially his last Ė because he usually tells the story from an exclusionary or voyeuristic perspective, one that I can relate to!

It all started a couple Saturdays ago, when Chun and I ordered Thai food for dinner. Chun adores Thai food, especially hot and sour soup. She always orders a ton of stuff, more than I could ever possibly imagine her little stomach holding Ė and then proceeds to eat most of it! Anyway, some time after dinner, we were sitting around watching TV...I could hear Chunís stomach gurgling and making noise, and she looked like she was in pain. Finally she got up and went over to the magazine rack, picked out one of her favorite issues and said, "Iíll be right back, honey." She then headed down the hall to the bathroom, the cheeks of her bottom peeking out from below her cutoff denim shorts with each step. I wouldnít have thought anything of this, except for the fact that Chun never reads on the toilet. She always is so quick about doing her business, even when she has to poop. So I knew she expected to be a while this time, probably because she had a bad stomach ache from eating to! o much. This turned me on immensely! Iíve always wanted to see Chun go to the bathroom Ė itís been a particular dream of mine to keep her company there when sheís sick to her stomach. So, completely horny beyond the possibility of any logical thought, I waited till I heard the bathroom door close, then I snuck down the hall to see if I could Ė somehow Ė catch any sneak peeks, or at least hear what was going on.

I quietly hovered outside the bathroom door, listening to the time I got there she was already sitting down, and I could hear her pee trickling into the toilet bowl as she relieved herself. After a few moments the trickling slowly wound down, and Chun farted loudly. I heard her sigh, and the sound of her turning a page of her magazine. Then the sound of a thick, slimy log crackling out of her little anus came floating under the door, clear as day. Chun gave a little grunt as she pushed harder, trying to force out her solid turdÖthe crackling built to a crescendo, and then finally: *sploop*, the log broke off and dropped into the toilet bowl, the sound of which was masked by the wave of watery, soupy diarrhea that gushed from Chunís bottom immediately thereafter. Moaning softly in pain, Chun farted wetly through her messy poop as she tried to relieve her aching stomach as fast as she could. I heard her turn the page of her magazine again, as a few stray drops of p! oop fell from her butt and into the sludge-filled bowl beneath her. Chun sat on the toilet for a while, obviously still feeling sick but not feeling the urge to crap any more just yet. She read her magazine patiently, and I continued to linger noiselessly outside the door. A few minutes later, I heard Chun sigh, and a small rush of liquid poop splashed into the toilet. Not longer after that, I heard the toilet paper rack rattle quite a few times Ė five I think Ė before I heard the soft sound of Chun standing and raising her panties, flushing the toilet twice to get all her poop down, and then coming back outside a short time later. By that time, of course, I was back on the couch in the living room as if nothing had happened.

That night became the night from hell for my poor wife. She had the runs all night long. Later that evening around 7:00, I saw her heading back to the bathroom with her magazine, holding her stomach with one hand. After she ducked swiftly inside, I once again took up my place outside the door, amazed that she was going back so soon. This time, I decided to lay down flat on the floor and see if I could see under the door (the doors in our home are cut rather high up from the floor, to avoid friction with the thick carpeting). Well, I was in luck Ė I couldnít see much, only from Chunís feet until halfway up her beautiful calves, but it was something. I saw Chun turn her back to the toilet, and then her pastel blue Body By Victoria thong dropped to just above her ankles. She seated herself, obviously on the very front part of the toilet seat, as her feet were several inches away from the toilet itself. She sat with her legs perfectly together, her heels lifted up off the floo! rÖand as soon as Chunís soft, round bottom touched the seat, her anus burst with soupy diarrhea. As Chun moaned with nausea, I heard a sound not unlike someone emptying a bucket of wet mud into a pool of water. Her feet were trembling, her little blue panties quivering right along with them. Chun sniffled as she relieved herself, gushing water and runny poop for several more minutes. I heard her flush the toilet, although she was still seated. Chun read her magazine and pooped somewhat more solid motions for another ten minutes, sighing and whimpering nauseously the whole time. After while, I heard her pulling off a huge handful of toilet paper, and then the very subtle, somewhat mushy sound of Chun wiping her slimy bottom. She wiped and wiped, flushed the toilet again, and then got to her feet. As I saw her reaching for blue underwear, I decided to discreetly leave.

That wasnít the last time poor Chun visited the toilet that night. Ohhh, no. As we were going to bed, she moaned "I have to go to the toilet...oh, why? Iím tired! I wanna sleep!" Sighing, she got up out of bed and said her famous line, "Sweetie, Iíll be right back, okay?" Disappearing into the bathroom (which is adjacent to our bedroom, so I didnít have to even get out of bed to hear her), she promptly dropped her panties and sat, and a huge wave of poop slopped into the toilet. "Unnhh," Chunís voice grunted. I heard her blow a few wet, gooey farts, and then a log of semi-solid poop slithered out of her rear and into the muddy water beneath her. The toilet flushed. Another wave of Chunís diarrhea poured into the bowl even as it was flushing. After that, Chun sat there for several minutes, probably just holding her stomach and waiting out the awful pain. After a few more farts and one last soft splash of poop, Chun wiped herself thoroughly, washed her hands as always, flush! ed twice more, and came to bed.

Late that night, I was awakened by the sound of Chunís moaning, as she tossed and turned in the bed beside me. Finally she woke up I guess, and though I had been drifting half in and out of sleep before this, I became fully awake in time to see my Chinese wife running desperately toward the bathroom door, moaning "I need the toilet!" in agony as her long black hair tossed to and fro with the motion of her body. She rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door, forgetting to lock it, flung herself down on the toilet, and cried "Auuuhhhhhh!" as her bottom exploded with water. This time Chun moaned and groaned the whole time, her anus dispensing wave after wave of diarrhea and one fart after another. It was awful. I wanted to go in there and help her, but I obviously wasnít going to just barge in the door. I got up and knocked lightly on the bathroom door: "Honey? Are you okay? Do you need any help?" Chunís gasping voice came back weakly, "No, thank you baby...thatís all rig! ht...owwwhhh..." Another wave of diarrhea gushed out of her, and a honking fart followed. "Are you sure?" I prompted. "Yes," she replied. "Iíll be done in a minute. I just got stomach ache." I didnít want to keep prying when I knew she had so much else on her hands, so I said "Okay" and went back to bed. Poor Chun stayed in the toilet, passing diarrhea and farting for another few minutes. Finally, after a few flushes, she returned to bed, exhausted, and promptly fell asleep. That was the end of her night from hell, as the next day she felt quite a bit better, and didnít have any more attacks of diarrhea. Obviously whatever made her stomach behave so badly had more to do with her just eating too much, but I was glad to see she felt better the next day. If she hadnít, Iíd have seriously wanted to take her to see a doctor. She means the world to me, and while I do enjoy listening to Chun use the toilet, if sheís really ill, of course her health will always come before fulfillment! of my fetish!

Being a very shy girl, Chun is not the type to talk about her bathroom habits, and certainly not the type to let me witness them. I donít want to impose myself on her, so I never insist that she let me come with her or anything like that. Perhaps if I let her watch me instead, sheíll see that it really is okay. An experiment for the future, I guess!

Thatís it for now...Iíll post up some more observations if anything happens.



Kevin & Billy L.
I was looking at old posts, and I saw a question billy and I wanted to answer. Someone asked about being able to hold our poo in when we have to go. In the morning, if we to poo, we usually have to go right away. Sometimes after dinner or lunch when we have to poo, we have to go right away. However, except for that, we can usually hold off for 2 or 3 hours. Usually we try to wait for after school, so we can poo either in the woods or at our friend's house.

My brother Justin used to hold it in for a long time. He only goes like every other day, usually after he gets home from school. Last spring, he was in a play, and had to stay after school. He would usually wait until just before he took his shower. One night, when he got home, his ???? really hurt bad. So mom took him and me and billy to the hospital. My little brothers stayed with dad and my older brothers. In the hospital they took xrays of his stomach. It was kind of neat because you could see his intestines. YOu could also see his poop. There was lots of it. They said that was causing the pain. So the put then end of a bottle with like plast needle at the end, and shoved it up his butt. Then they pushed water up there. ABout 10 minutes later, he had to go poo. He was too embarassed to take mom with him, so me and billy went in with him. He pooed water. He flushed the toilet, then he pooed like 6 huge logs. They said because he was holding in his poop, when he went po! op, not everything would come out, and some stayed in. That is why it hurt so much. So he no longer waited until after dinner to poo. That is when he started going after school. I think he would have gone at school, but the bathrooms at school are really nasty. Fortunately, when we get to middle school, we will have a new school.

I asked my mom we hold our poo in too long. She said that because we can see our corn in our poo the next day, we are not holding in poo too much.

Rayman: I was 12 myself in Barbados on vacation at my aunt's house. After a Friday night party, I went to bed. Around 4:00AM, I woke up with an excruciating stomach ache. I walked the long hall way to the toilet. My older male cousin 28y/o passed me and kissed me on my forehead. I was drunk with sleep, in a hurry and hurting. I knew I had a running stomache. I entered this large bathroom, pulled my pj pants and white panties down quick. A tidal wave of thick brown lava gushed out of my stomach. The cramps were murder. More gurgled in my stomach before it evacuated. The cramps would not stop. I let myself hang loose in anticipation. I bent myself over and watched as my rectum turned into a water faucet. My older female cousin knocked on the door. She asked me what was wrong. She heard. She wanted to urinate. So she waited and kept me company. 45 minutes later, I reached for paper to wipe myself. My cousin took her piss and we returned to bed.

For some of you guys: I can not shit outdoors. Never have. Never will.

As for Heather: Rest in peace, may her soul.

PV:I want to visit Japan. I don't know about those toilets. I have seen pictures of them.

Christina: Put some vegetable fiber and water in your eating and the mucous will go away. Cut out sugar.

Becky:I enjoy a good daily morning bowel movement. I am sorry, I never had the opportunity until late in high school. It was like heaven. I was in gym and had to go. I could not wait. It was loose, I remember. After that, I got the urge every morning and it has been like that.At my many jobs, I would meet my friends by chance and have a morning group boo-boo. I usually take off my dress, skirt or pants so they will not wrinkle. I am also comfortable. My bowel movements ranged from huge logs to loose. I keep my bowels loose by taking vitamin c and fruits. I have my buddies at work and we go together. My pal Shannon and I meet by chance at work. She was new. We entered stalls next to each other. I slipped my pants on the hook. Shannon sat with her jeans and white panties at her ankles and rapidly evacuated chunks with farts. I pulled down my panty hose and black panties to my knees. I was pushing this hard 12 inch log out of my stomach. Nine inches were murder. The last three came out easy. Shannon commented how lots of Chinese vegetables give her noisy bowel movements and also stink up the place. I told her this foot long stick was a killer for me. As we sat, we talked about our love lives. She moved in with me later.

Hello to Lisa, and Him. Him: Puerto Rican huh? Cool! Were you born here, or there? I was born here. Iím black and brown, how about you?

Jane: I loved that story of you in the restroom, and the little girl saying ďca-caĒ. It reminded me of that time in the grocery store where I too had a little girl encounter. I really wish I couldíve been in the stall next door hearing you drop those biggies!

Rose: I never flush my pads. I just roll them in toilet paper and put them in the waste basket. If itís a real heavy day, then I usually empty the bathroom basket into the big garbage that same day. You really shouldn't flush them though. Try plunging and flushing a few times to see if the water rises normally. If that dosen't work then squirt a big turd down and push it through! Good luck!

David: I just took that big poop I promised you. Iím using a hand held recorder that I use for conferences. It picks up my plopping and crackling sounds good as I talk and poop. Obviously Iím all done, but Iím typing it like itís happening right now. I hope you like it! Hereís the dictation:
Iíve just finished putting my makeup on and Iím in the bathroom now. Iíve had to take a shit for about an hour, but I held it in to let my load build up. Iím sliding my tan cargo pants and white cotton thong down just below my knees. The thong snaps against my thighs because itís basically just a peice of butt floss. Iím wearing matching strap slides that help elevate my feet. Iím sitting on the toilet now, my brown legs spread just a little. I can feel a big load wanting to come out. Ohhhh, this oneís just for you....Uh-oh....I just farted some smelly gas. Okay, itís crackling now. My cheeks are spreading and a big turd is poking out of my butt coming out hard and slow. I can feel the knobby thing creeping out of my butt crack. It smells like last nightís dinner. David Iím imagining you here with me, smiling with that long blonde hair, gently rubbing my thighs while I grunt it out. Unnhh....unnhhhh.... I see you kneeling down in front of me, looking between my legs and s! eeing a big brown thing squishing out. Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh-itís half way out. Uuuckk it smells too! I feel so sorry for your nose! Oooo-weee, itís a long one.....uuuuhhhhh....there! Whew, finally! It just plopped in the toilet for you sweetie. Sausage number one. I have to brush my long, black hair out of my face, and pull it over my shoulder. Iím wearing a white T-shirt with a sheer underwire bra beneath. It has lace embrodiery, and you can see through it perfectly as it supports my two grapefruits. (I have small breasts, I hope thatís ok.) Oh....I can feel another turd coming. Ooaaaaahhh, itís big and meaty! It stinks too, sorry sweetie. Okay, plug your nose itís crackling, making a real sloppy noise as it comes out....uuunnnnnnnnnhhhhh.....Man, that one felt gooooood! Instant weight loss! I just gave birth to another sausage for you David. Iím not through yet, but we have to wait while I pee. Sorry about the smell hon, but I canít help it. Little Carmalita is stinky today. Ok! ay, itís been about a minute, I can feel more poop up in there. Iím pushing, grunting, and pushing some more. My thick, brown lips part and reveal two rows of gritted white teeth and pink gums as I push hard. Uh-oh, here it comes! Pewie! Itís a mess of soft plops! Theyíre crackling and spitting, making real sloppy noises as I pinch Ďem out of my brown ass! kkkrrkkkllllsssprrklll-Plooop-plop-plop-plop-pluuup-plupp-ahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh that feels so good! Man we need some lysol in here in a big way. I just polluted the place! Iím ready for some toilet paper now. Okay, David, now Iím going to pretend that youíre wiping me. You sat through this nasty, smelly job and deserve something extra nice. Wipe between my legs first, okay? Go gently, but get in there and stop the drip....alrightie, Iím going to lean forward so you can wipe my Latina butt for me. I think itíll take about five good wipes to get it clean. You might have to dig with your finger on the paper a little to get it up in ! there....thatís it, one more, Iím still a little sticky....Good....keep wiping me till thereís no more brown on the paper please. Done? Okay, now itís time for me to pull my pants up and check out my load. As I pull the thong up, flossing my butt, I hitch my pants up to my waist and button them. Hmmm, good sausages like I promised, one 8 incher, the second one a good, thick 14 incher, and a large pile of semi-soft sausages. The air is brown in here, but I feel great. I hope you enjoyed pooping with me David, I know I sure did! I donít get to do this very often for guys.

Plunging Plop Guy: Thanks for your interest. Yeah, Jason and I both have muscular thighs. We are both in construction and that helps. When I take a shit, I have my thighs and legs spread wide apart. My dick and balls then hang into the bowl just behind the rim of the seat and are sometimes partly exposed. I've noticed Jason and most of his buddies shit in the same way. I've never thought about it before, so I guess that was how we were taught to do it. American guys when sitting anywhere naturally tend to spread their thighs wide open as opposed to the ladies who cross their legs. So its a macho thing here. I guess our butts do cover the seat partly, but so long as my asshole is over the opening that's fine with me. I don't really care if anyone sees my dick in that position. I usually dump at home and Jason and his buddies don't pay any attention to my dick and the same applies when I dump at our construction sites. Also, since I usually piss when I dump, I often! hold my dick into the bowl to avoid pissing on the seat or floor. I wish Jason would learn to do the same. After he is done shitting apart from the turds in the bowl, there is usually also some piss on the seat and floor. Some of his buddies do the same, but they never clean up after themselves! Hope this is enough detail for you.

Wife and I went for a hike in mountains today. One hour into the trail she said she had too have a BM and went off trail behind bushes as I waited. After five minutes passed I called her. She said she was having a hard time. A couple minutes later she came out and said she couldnt go. We hiked another 20 minutes and she said he wanted too try again. Same thing. This time I went too where she was at and she said she just couldnt pass a log. I took a look. This huge piece of hard stuff just barely showed on her distended bum, and it was cold out, about 25, and hard for her too relax. We finally returned home with her in some discomfort. She sat on the toilet for half an hour and still no result. Finally I decided to take charge. Taking a clew from Penny on here, I had the Mrs. remove pants. Then taking another clew, placed gob of vaseline around and inside her ring and had her squat on bathroom floor over papers with legs and feet apart, resting sideways against tu! b. Massaged her back so she'd relax and couple minutes later out it slowly came as she shut her eyes and almost cried. She is just going to have too drink more water; only about six-seven inch long but over two inches in diameter about as hard as a piece of kids modiling clay that size. Her poor little bum is pretty sore now, she is only 5'2 and weighs 115 so you can imagine. I did enjoy helping her however. Freddy

In the movie "Saving Silverman" there is a poop scene with a guy. He poops in a yard.


Hi grrls! (Welcome to the board, Renee!) Hey, I'm really thrilled to be thought of so highly, and to be pals with some more great gals here. Yup, redhead, and I lift weights. I once bench-pressed a bar of around 75lbs if I remember, that was about five years ago. I use light dumbells to keep in shape, and there's nothing like the feeling of the muscles working, is there? (Except a good poop!)

I'm in my later thirties -- but I feel a lot younger (always the way, eh?) I'm proud to be considered smart! (I ain't got the PhD *yet,* dammit!) I'm into fitness walking, swimming and (used to be) karate.

What a wonderful dumping story, and I so love the way Renee cleaned you up afterward. That is so sweet! It would be delightful to experience such a warm moment.

Renee, the guy who hurt Malita was a big guy? A big guy who ... Ohhh, that makes me sooooo mad! There are sickos in this world, and whenever I hear things like this I go get my weights and do another series to work out the frustration. I've been called a "macho chick" and that's fine too in the sense that "demure" is the last thing I am. I don't look for trouble, but there are things I feel strongly about. Irish temper, I guess. No wonder my poops are getting bigger, they're making a statement all their own!

Big poos and gentle wipes to you both,


I saw something on E(Entertainment televison) the other day. It was a clip from Jerry springer, it was his hidden camera. It showed several guys in a public bathroom shitting on the toilet. One guy was reading a paper. Check it out on E or on Jerry springer...don't know when that airs.

Linda GS
To Kendal and all on this site
I thought and thought what the perfect Valentine's day gift for all of you would be(Oddly enough I was sitting on the potty at the time. Heh) And it came to me.. the perfect gift... a heart shaped toilet seat. LOL. Now if I could only find one.. and enough for all of you.
Happy Heart Day
Andrew.. I'd get you a Valentine.. but you may take it the wrong way. [giggles and winks]

Rose: Never ever flush those things down the toilet! Someone using our cottage over the holidays flushed one down the toilet. It got stuck in the pipes and backed up our toilet and the toilets of several neighbors! These men came in with equipment, dug up the ground and opened up the pipe. They stuck this piece of equipment that looked like a giant corkscrew into the pipe. After several minutes they pulled out a sanitary pad, still intact long after it had been flushed (over a week). We were very embarrassed and angry. Our yard was destroyed and our neighbors not too happy. Why did you flush it in the first place?

Shawn: That was some dump you took! It must have been so wide it split your ring! How thick do you think it was?

Has anybody ever goe in for a crap thinking it would be normal and it turned out to be very difficult to pass? Once in college I went into the bathroom for what I thought was a normal crap after my house mates had left. I started pushing but nothing happpened, which I found odd. I leaned forward, on my tip toes and bore down with all my might as this turd barely budged. My ring stretched open to the max and felt like it was going to rip! I took a deep breath and pushed harder, with my whole body trembling with effort. I was scared I was going to split open but I knew I had to get it out or it would only get worse. It slowly crept out of me as I pushed so hard tears were forming in my eyes and dropped into the toilet half an hour later. It was a monster about 20 inches long, rock hard, thick and lumpy. OUCH! I had to break it up in order for it to flush.
Afterward I was still shaking from all the effort I used to push it out of my hole.

I have been too busy to post with school and work. First of all, my condolences to Samantha & family on the loss of Heather. I went back to look at the old postings by her. A while back, we lost another person by the nickname of "Cancer Child".

I have been taking enough time to read the postings and I enjoyed the postings by Bill concerning his son Jason and his friends. It is interesting that Bill is my age and has a 16 year old and I have a 2 year old son myself, also divorced.

A question for "Plunging Plop Guy". In a very recent posting, you mentioned about Washington Square and also about a show on Channel 4. Are you in Indianapolis ? They have a Channel 4 and Washington Square on the East Side which is along US 40.

Well, I don't have a good dumping story for now so I need to run....

I have been in womens restrooms when i was young. Also seen my mother using the toliet

Mark: You asked me for an outdoor buddy-dumping story. Here goes! Me and a guy from my office, Rich, often go camping during summer weekends. Rich is a real macho guy. He is always jogging, playing soccer, tennis, you name it! His favorite activity, however, is having sex with girls and he spends much of his time doing it! He is 27-years-old, about 6 feet tall, has blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is into weight lifting and has a great build. One real hot weekend, we left on a Saturday morning. My girlfriend Sue came along and Rich invited Brandi, a chick he had met in a bar a few nights before. We aimed for a proper campsite, but what with delays did not make it and we pitched tent that night in the Wisconsin countryside near a stream. It got cool in the evening and we ate around a campfire. We all slept in one tent. It was real dark and me and Sue had sex quietly before falling asleep. Rich and Brandi went at it loudly most of the night keeping us awake part of the time. The next morning Rich grabbed a toilet roll and said to me: "Hey dude I gotta go dump - you wanna keep me company?" I needed to shit and went along. We went to a clearing between some trees. We both pulled off our shorts and got buck-naked. One tip is that if you ever shit in the open and like to squat, its best to remove all shorts. That way you can spread your legs and thighs wide and you avoid shitting on your pants. Rich and me squatted on the ground facing each other. After we had both cut a few farts, Rich, in between grunts and sighs, began giving me the details of how he'd "done" Brandi the night before. He quickly unloaded several large turds that formed a pile under his butt and then stood to wipe himself. He looked at his logs admiringly. I take it much slower. I had dropped one 9-incher. Another was half way out and I let it dangle from my asshole as I enjoyed the moment in the morning sunshine. Rich pulled up his shorts and stood there watching me while I dumped. Most of his talk was about his sexual prowess, but at one point he said grudgingly: "Hey Dude, your dump is almost as big as mine." After I'd slowly unloaded three more large, long turds, Rich handed me some TP and I wiped my butt while still squatting. Rich said "Hey man, I thought it was going to take you all day to get done shitting." I told him that he does not know the pleasure of taking a slow dump and letting the logs come out without straining. I pulled up my shorts and we headed back to the campsite and the girls. It's real great taking a dump in the open especially with a buddy. Try it sometime!

Lawn Dogs Kid
What a boring weekend, with no Kendal for company. She's gone to see her Mum and Grandparents. Seemed daft to me that she should go this weekend when next weekend is the start of half term, and she could, in theory, have stayed longer. But it seems her Mum had something else happening. Typical ! I don't know why Kendal bothers ! Still, the upshot is that we will both be together for a whole week now of the holiday, so.....

KATE: Kendal and I will have a good talk about things, and thanks for all your advice and warnings, and for sharing your experiences with us. With so much time together over half term, we will have no trouble experimenting with sitting on knees while all the olds are at work ! Kirsty is coming to stay with Kendal for a couple of days during half term. Kendal has said that she will ask her advice about what it is like to have a boy sit on your knee while you are on the toilet as well ! ( I don't think I will ever be allowed to live that down !!) Still, I'm hopeful of getting another chance to watch Kirsty on the toilet again. Have you put on any good toilet shows for the boys again recently ? You went to see Texas you say ? Cool ! And typical you to take a pee outside, presumably where people could see you !! I went to see the Corrs a little while ago. Now, there are three ladies who I would dearly love to see sitting on the toilet, especially Andrea !! Kendal or I! or both of us will be sure to tell you how we get on the week after this one. How did Matthew take the idea of sitting on knees again to wee with his big sister ? Did he take much persuading ? Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Love from Andrew.

ELLIE: So good to see you back again, and obviously happy and recovered ! Good to hear that you have finally got your man in Craig. Have you relented and had any good toilet experiences with him yet ? Love Andrew

LITTLE LOU: Is everything all better now ? I really hope so. I felt very sad to think that you were sad a while ago, and I wanted to care for you just like you did me when Kendal had to go away. Love, and a big hug from Andrew.

LINDA: How is the Cousin household then ? Any good wees or poos recently to report ? I'm sorry that the moderator has cut the fantasy elements. I used to enjoy the stories that both you and Kendal would write to one another about pretending to go together ! Never mind ! Take care babe. (Still wearing the multicoloured hearts pampies ?? !) XOXO.

Jeff A
JANE: I'm sorry your husband didn't enjoy his little event in the motel room. Like I said, when it first happened to me, it scared me at first because I wasn't expecting anyone to barge in, least of all a cleaning lady. But after a few seconds I loved it. I really loved your restroom story, it was wonderful! I've come to really enjoy alot of your posts because they're so natural. It sounds like you went a ton! You kept dropping, and dropping! I also enjoyed the fact that you left a strong smell behind. Good for you! Very exciting! Your husband is a lucky man!
SMITH: Welcome to the wonderful world of scat. I've seen those sites too, and agree with you. Seeing a woman's face painted with what looks like chocolate, but really isn't dosen't do a thing for me. I often worry about what can really happen with that, such as Hepatitis or even worse fecal transmitted diseases. Don't feel that you've been negative, you just saw something that didn't float your boat is all. If you're interested in seeing what we discuss in here, try searching under the same categories, but focus on "solo action". Those are usually just pooping performances, not in people's faces, or mouths, but on the floor, or in buckets and containers, etc.
CARMALITA: Oh, my, my! Your newest is now my favorite story! I have to tell you that your descriptions of your grunts and smell get me excited beyond belief!!! Please don't take offense to this, but I wouldn't dare meet you on a trail sometime. You are obviously a very beautiful Hispanic woman. We have a lot of good people on this forum, but any weird stranger tuning in might go there looking for you if we attempted a meet at a given time or place. The reason I use the word Hispanic is that there are alot of Hispanic people in this area. Other young and attractive Mexican females who might venture there for an innocent hike could be mistaken for you. And who knows in this crazy world! But I will say this: No wonder the Gorge is so green! It's got your beautiful fertilizer to help it along! Again, I hope you understand. I think you're the greatest! Don't let what I said deter you from taking hikes in the Gorge. But meeting should be something that we've arranged somewhere e! lse.
RENEE: Great to hear from you! Thanks for coming out of hiding. I too rather enjoyed the ice cream on the pot story. I can picture it, but I'm having trouble picturing you. Can you help us out with that?
I know you're blonde, but that's about all.
PENNY: I love your stories too! Keep 'em coming! Especially the outdoor pooping! I can understand your disbelief over the size and amounts of women's droppings, but I've seen some of these monster offerings in person, and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I really do think that many women do bigger jobs than most men. The reasons for that, I'm not quite sure of, but suspect it has something to do with child bearing. Don't ask me why I think that, it's just the only visible difference I can see between men and women's bowel habits. I had a chunky girlfriend once who would poop two or three logs that were about 12-14" apiece, and close to two inches thick. Then with a grunt, could pile up more on top! I'm wondering if it's not really how long the bowels are, but how far they can contract in width as to how much a gal can store up. Just like toothpaste in a tube, I can see how 6" of something in the bowels could come out to be 18" in product. Anyway, that's just a thought.

Take care everyone!

........ BUZZY

You are not alone in that department my friend, I mean how else can we enjoy these posts? The first time I read this site (Nov 2000), I had to releve myself good and proper. Hardly do but believe me, it turns me on just before indulging with my partner - she would kill me if she found out that a percentage of my pleasure comes from reading this posts.

Say, you can kill two birds with one stone, I too enloy your reading too, and thats goes for Penny and other writers.

Well, I wouldn't worry, just eat some Kelloggs Bran Flakes (about 2 portions or 3) and that should clean out any crap left behind in your belly.

Your gut has been trained to ISO 1234 standards!!! That was one long shit - how did your belly hold that much? I'm jealous!

Very sorry to hear about that - but you did entertain everyone at work.

I had an ironic experience on Friday. I was at uni, and standing to read my timetable, and the notice board is near the toilet, which has mens and womens next to each other, so if i go into the mens, i can go in, and listen into the womens toilet pretty good (smart eh?).

This tall woman (about 6"1), who had a nice big bum and body weight to match a model, went in to the toilet (just after she had swiftly saluted her mate). She was bending slightly forward and speeded up her journey to get to the bog, so i quickly hurried into the mens to hear the action.

She slammed the door, locked it and sat. Would you believe, machine-gun fire for 38 seconds?!!! the sound kept oscillating in wavelength, but she had a bloody damn BIG fart!!!

But what was ironic? Well, she flushed, and finished. She heard someone go into the mens (that was me), so what she did, was open the door to exit the toilet, and so I thought she had gone. Then i carried on pissing. When I came out, the womens door opened and the TALL LADY came out herself when I thought she went out earlier! She obviously stayed to listen to my actions! She came out smiling though, so for all i know, she probably enjoys listening to toilet noises!

Rose, get a plunger if you don't already have one and plunge that toilet. 99% of the time you can clear a pad with one. I take care of girls toilets in schools and toilets are often clogged. We have a closet auger handy on those rare occassions where a plunger won't work such as when a hard object becomes stuck in the trap. I put up a sign in the girls restroom asking them to please not flush pads and to put them in the disposal bins. Tampons usually aren't a problem but i ask that they don't flush those either, but just because I want to see them.

I like the new picture. It looks as if the lady in question really means 'business.'

Today Bernard Manning has written in the Sunday Sport about a boss who is trying to make his employees poo at home so that they don't waste time sat on the toilet pooing at work. Basically, he was disgusted by what he saw as an unnecessary and meddlesome stipulation. He also made that point that everyone from the Queen downwards has to sh*t which is, of course, very true. There are no exceptions.

Rose. I know it doesn't sound very sympathetic coming from a man, but I wouldn't advise flushing a sanitary pad down the loo! Unless you can safely retrieve it yourself, I'd advise getting a plumber in. In most en-suite hotel bathrooms nowadays there is actually a notice stipulating that sanitary towels must be placed in the paper bags provided and put in a separate bin.

Christina. It's important that you can talk to your parents about health problems and this includes abnormal bowel movements. Your Mum and Dad love you very much and if you're at all worried about your health, including what you do on the toilet, you should talk to them about it. I know it's embarrasing from your point of view, but your parents have been around a lot longer than you and their experience of the world will be wider. I'm sure they won't be embarrased. If you really feel unable to talk to them though, I'd make an appointment to see your doctor. He or she should be able to reassure you. It's very rare for young people to have serious bowel related illnesses (or any other serious illnesses come to that) but I always advice anyone whose worried, whatever their age, to see their doctor.

Penny. I like your postings and I'm always pleased to hear about your output. With regard to what Buzzy did, it's perfectly normal for men to be turned on by women needing to poo. I know because I 'm turned on by that sort of thing and I'm not the only poster here who is. I particularly like to hear of women called Anne needing to poo but that's another story.

Smith. One of the things I like about this site is that it has clear limits and rules about what is and isn't acceptable. This keeps it clean, decent and legal - as well as enjoyable. I wouldn't want it to be otherwise this and I'm sure most other posters feel the same way.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

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