Going to visit my Mum this weekend in Cumbria, so I'm making a quick early post today. I went round to Andrew's last night to measure my wee in that old jug. We went outside together in the garage. I was still in my school uniform, so I quickly took off my panties, and while I held my skirt in the air, Andrew held the jug between my legs. I was really bursting to wee because I had had loads to drink beforehand. Problem was, I really needed to poo as well. I managed to begin weeing, and Andrew made comments about how warm it felt ( the jug doesn't have a handle, so he had to hold it with his hands ). Things were going ok until suddenly my ???? gave way, and I involuntarily started my poo. I quickly told Andrew what was happening, and he moved the jug a little further back between my legs to catch my poo as well. I did two large pieces, one of them stuck up above the top of the jug ! Now the problem was that Andrew couldn't really measure how much wee I had done because the poo took up some room as well. It was a very big poo for me, one was 10 inches high, and the other about 6, and they were both an inch across. The six inch one was submerged, but only 7 inches of the big one was submerged. Sounds like a school maths test ! Anyway, Andrew is very good at Maths ! With the poo, the wee was showing just above the 700ml line on the litre jug. Andrew worked out that my poo in the wee amounted to 167 cubic centimetres, or 167ml. Therefore, my wee measured a little more than 533ml. Thats almost a pint !! I couldn't believe that I could hold so much wee !! The next problem was where to empty the jug now it had two poos in it as well ! Well, we simply went into the house, Andrew checking that the coast was clear, and he immediately went into the downstairs toilet, and tipped it down there ! Then I stayed in the downstairs loo to wipe my bottom and put my panties back on while Andrew went back outside to use the outside tap to clean out the jug ! Problem solved. So, to ANONYMOUS and whoever else it was who asked, I can pee a pint (nearly) !!

BUZZY: Heather was involved in a terrible car accident. Initially she survived, but died later in hospital of her injuries.

BRENDA & LORI: Most of the time, I sit right on the edge of the toilet seat to wee. The main reason for this is because I like to be able to touch the floor with my feet while I'm sat. However, now I'm 11, and a bit bigger, I don't really need to do that, but old habits die hard I suppose. Besides, Andrew thinks I look really cute sitting on the edge of the toilet ! Anyway, I've never experienced any real problems. If I needed a real whizzer, then I would get splash back off the rim sometimes, but now when I know I need a whizzer, I sit further back !

ELLIE: I'm so pleased to see you back again. I thought when you didn't make any replies for so long that you and Kev were mad with Andrew and me for what we said to you two about Little Lou. However, now we know that you have all been away, and that you and Craig are now an item, and that everything now seems to be ok, I'm feeling really happy and glad for you all. I take it your rib is better now ? Loved your story about how you all did a wee on the playing field ! I'm so, so glad to see you back ! Love from Kendal xxx

LITTLE LOU: I hope I haven't mis-understood Ellie's post, and that you are all happily friends again now. Andrew will be so pleased when he finds out too. In fact, I shall phone him as soon as I have finished this ! Actually, I hope Ellie has thanked you for what you did now ! It seems to me that you helped to get her and Craig together !! Take good care. Lots of love from Kendal xx

KATE: Where have you gone ?! I'm relying on you for some advice about how to sit on knees and go to the loo seeing as you say you have experience of that. Hope you reply soon, because I'm dying to give it a try !! Love from Kendal xx.

LINDA: So, my dear friend, do you know how much wee you can do ? What do you reckon to my story ?! I don't recommend pooing at the same time though ! I forgot to say, but my first poo, the smaller one, splashed into the jug, and a small amount of wee jumped up and splashed onto Andrew's hands ! EEeeewwwwwwwww !! Come to think of it though, that bit of wee might have been the difference between not quite doing a pint ( as I didn't quite ) and actually doing a pint !! However, it didn't wet Andrew's hand that much, so I'm probably clutching at straws there ! Still, it would be fun to see if you can pee a pint as well ! Hope you and Elena and Miguel are all ok, plus the bump too !! Love you loads, love from Kendal xxx

I need some advice. Today, I flushed a somewhat small sanitary pad down the toilet and although it swirled and went down, everytime I flush the toilet now, the water empties slowly or it rises. But it doesn't seem to be THAT bad, but I feel guilty for flushing the pad in the first place.

Does anyone know if the pad will more than likely dissolve soon (if it is caught on something in the drain or pipe) or will I need to snake it out eventually?


Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pooped outside for the first time!!!!!
I'm only 12. Boy is everyone right, it does make you feel good. I feel so good. I did what someone said on how to poop outside. I'm sorry I forgot who sad that. I'm doing that again, and soon!!!!!!!! Thanks all!!! I feel a lot better I wasn't feeling well after school today. I'm think of chaging my name, what should it be.
Bye all, Happy Poops!!!

For the past few days I have noticed flakes of mucus in my stool. Is this something to be concerned about and do I need to go to a doctor? I dont have diarrhea or stomach cramps or anything else its just the mucus. I am kinda embarrassed about telling my parents but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if any ice skaters have had accidents during shows or competitions?

Hello everyone, You men out there have given me some awesome fantasies lately! I try to picture each and every one of you.

John (VT): I always love it when you talk to me. Yes, you can take me and Renee out for Mexican food! We’ll reward you for it later, but you’ll have to do the same for us, deal? You're cute!

PV: Hey girl! Redhead huh? I think redheads are sexy! And you like to lift? I do too. I benched 60 lbs last week with dumbells, not on the machine. That’s pretty good for me. I pulled a muscle in my left delt doing lateral raises though. Ouchy! I also like running, hiking, and, oh yeah, pooping! Do you mind if I ask you about how old you are? I’m curious because you’re such an intelligent woman that you make me proud of my sex! Love you!

Kim and Scott: Man that story was red hot!!! I sure wish I could’ve been in the stall next door hearing you squeeze ‘em out girl!! I love girl poops! I have also pooped nude in public restrooms, mostly because it’s so much easier to get dressed again, especially if I’m wearing a one piece.

Bill: the area I was referring to is the Columbia Gorge that divides Washington and Oregon. I’m glad you like to read my stories when you poop too. I’d like to have heard those guys pooping in the outhouses. Maybe I should take up golf huh?

David: You truly are a sweetheart. You’ve said some really nice things to me in here that believe me, really mean a lot. I’ve been a little down lately, and what you said the other day really picked me up. I light up whenever I see your name in here because you have a very special way of talking to me. I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear a man say he loves me, even though I know you’re only kidding. That’s sweet. You sound really sexy with your long blonde hair, and shirt and tie! Very GQ! I believe you told me you were over 6’. I can imagine you in a nice Hilfiger pinstripe, with shirttails falling over your manly butt, and big thighs. Sounds real tasty! Especially with a tie hanging down. And you poop for a long time with the door open? Mmm-mmm-mmm!!! David, I will take a nice special poop just for you tomorrow morning. I ate Grilled Salmon, cauliflower and a baked potato tonight so it will be a nice, healthy one. Protein really makes me poop longfellows! I’ll be lo! oking forward to pooping some nice, big sausages in the morning for you, okay?

DM: So you like us Mexican girls huh? That makes me tingle. I’ll try to live up to your fantasies okay? I loved your description! Thanks. Especially the wire rimmed glasses part. To me, glasses make a man seem so much stronger. I don’t know why, they just make him seem really virile to me, like a man who thinks before he acts.

Jeff A: Man we are neighbors!!! I live further east, but it’s not too long of a drive. Hope we can meet on the trail someday! Thanks for your lovely words. I’ve never been the twinkle of anayone’s eye before! I’m flattered that you keep a “Carmalita Collection”.

Buzzy: You take some serious dumps there hon! I’m loving the fact that you read my stories in the morning! Just think of me looking at you while you grunt, and fart okay? That’s what I do with Renee, and she loves it!

Rizzo: Thanks for that wonderful compliment! A writer huh? No, that’s not me, but that would be fun!

Wednesday night for dinner we had homemade macoroni and cheese with way too much cheese. My ???? was hurting, and I was all plugged up again. I came home, undressed, and laid down naked on my bed with a heating pad on my ????. Renee came in, smiled, and said “I love your outfit!” She knelt down on the floor next to the bed, and began rubbing my stomach real easy under the heating pad. I don't usually lie around naked, but it just felt so good. It only took a minute of her rubbing and I was ready to unload! I stepped into the bathroom, and sat on the toilet. My black hair fell over my shoulders, and hung down in front of my breasts as I squeezed my thighs for support. Renee brushed my hair away as I farted “ssspppppllllttttttt”. She gently rubbed my back with her soft hands, and I let out some more gas "splfff-ffffffffftttt-ssspffff". I then felt a large turd start inching out, and I mean a BIG one! It smelled pretty ripe too. My butt was feeling so good to get rid of t! hat big thing, and I went “rrrrnnnnnnnnnn” and it inched a little farther! This turd came out rock hard, and as thick as my wrist! It was a big poop, very stinky! Renee was sniffing the air which made me giggle. She took a healthy whiff while I pushed! It was a joke at first, but I could tell she was getting warm! She told me she’s getting to like the smell of my dumps! She’s such a hottie that I like that! So I pushed harder, and harder, and that big hunk of brown stretched my little opening until it hurt bad. I gritted my teeth and bore down grunting. After it was out, I stood up to look into the toilet at my work. It was about a 10” log, dark brown like me (hee-hee!), and very, very thick. It was sort of football shaped, big in the middle, and tapered at both ends. It was a real ass-sculpture and stuck to the side of the bowl! My butt barely needed a wipe it came out so clean. Renee pulled off a long piece of tissue, and offered to do the honors. With one hand on my ???? ! for support, she dug in gently with the other, giving me a real tender wipe. I could feel her fingers combing around being real gentle. I told her it hurt coming out so she went easy. I do like my softer, bigger piles much better. Fearing that it would clog, Renee got some old newspaper, and scooped it up and took it outside. She deposited my turd into the flower beds after it was dark, and no one was looking. I’d love to see what someone says about that one! It doesne’t even look like it came out of a human let alone a petite Latina like me!

Kevin L. and Billy L.
I have never pooped like you do, I am 16 but you have me beat. Do you guys have a lot of pre poop gas? You never mention a good fart intalong with a good poop. Just wondering. Evenious

Hi Teenaged Girl! That's the kind of experience (in particular the second one) which is missing here for a longer time. Very very welcome!!

I haven’t posted for a little while but I would like to say how sorry I was to hear about Heather and to send my condolences to her friends and family. I was a real shock and quite upsetting. I guess sharing such intimate moments on here makes you feel close to people you don’t really know.

Kendal – sorry I didn’t answer you post earlier. I was pretty thrown by the Heather thing and I haven’t been looking in here so often this week. The peeing on laps thing works best if you’re on the bottom ( a bit tough for me because both my brothers are older and bigger than me). I would sit on the loo as far back as I could with my legs open a bit but not too much and one of my brothers (preferably Matthew because he’s smaller) would sit on my lap make sure his willy was pointing down into the loo and we would both try to pee together. We did try it with me sitting on Matthew or Paul’s lap; that was a lot more comfortable because I wasn’t getting squashed but then because of the position I was in it was difficult for me to get my wee to go in the loo – it tended to end up on the floor in front of it. We did try sitting on the edge of the bath too but that was pretty awkward. I guess peeing in the bath is still a bit of a no-no for you anyway. The best way was outside wi! th one of the boys sitting on a low wall me on his lap then we could pee together and not worry where it went. We had some fun with all this a few years ago when we were younger and smaller but hadn’t tried it for a long time. Since the subject came up here though it reminded me about it and I did try it again with Matthew but it’s really hopeless on the loo now we are bigger though outside is still fine with me on top. Thing is though I don’t see how you could do it unless you both take your clothes off from the waist down and obviously it involves a lot of physical contact so I shouldn’t try unless you’re comfortable with that.
We all went to a Texas concert yesterday at Wembley arena. It was my dad’s choice of band – he likes Charlene whatever her name is. It was still really good though. On the way out there was a big queue for the loos so I had a wee outside on the way back to the station.
Love Kate xx

Poo jingles: Nice ones! However, the melody for "Choo-Choo Charlie" is called "Casey Jones".

Sandman: The wrestler called Sandman became famous in ECW, went to WCW for a time, then returned to ECW. He then had a falling-out with ECW's owner, and has since worked for the smaller independent companies. ECW is now going out of business.


It's okay, girls, you're completely normal, just one aspect of the great breadth of variation in the way women are mae. I've heard gals weeing in stalls and their streams are hitting the rim under the seat, the sound is quite distinct. I heard once of a Japanese girl who was configured in the extreme of this way -- she was compelled to stand and urinate like a man, if she sat (on a western-style toilet) her stream arced up over the seat and landed on the floor! (Japenese toilets are squat-toilets. of course, so she would have to adjust her posture to be sure of a 'hit.' Yes, as Rizzo suggested, you gals should be naturals at the standing method -- I've known some ladies have a natural forward stream that means they can comfortably and easily pass their water hands-free (gnash, the rest of us have a lot of manipulation to master -- I mean mistress!)

LOUISE -- hi sweetie! Yuck, what a disgusting bathroom! I bet you would have prefered an alley behind a bin or something. (shudder!) I've seen one or two grubbies myself, and they're enough to make the great outdoors look very attractive!

On my big recent poos, I seem to have a fairly narrow action so that when passing a foot-long shit or larger there's no anal stress. I'm guessing when you do a footer, it's so compacted you're anus is stretching uncomfortably wide. (That beach poo where you had so much difficulty, for instance.) Kim reports her anus will expand to three inches wide, which is staggering, and I'm guessing two is about your max, but uncomfortable. I'm hoping mine will stretch in due course, if with proper diet I could get my poos to consolidate more. I stretch to 1.25" without difficulty, but to really *feel* a passing needs a bit more! Length -- well, those two sessions were in the order of 20" each, which came as a surprise to say the least. I don't normally eat enough to generate big poos. Kim and Melissa (NY) are both body builders so they take about the fuel for their physical activities, and their magnificent poos are in proportion.

Hey, I'd love to have been there for your pissing diatnce contest! I'd not have been in contention, I'm sure of that, but it would have been fun! How did you areange it? Dare I wonder if you drew a line on the ground, lined up on it and let rip? I doubt it, somehow! Please tell -- and who won? let me guess -- you Mom?!

KIM -- many hugs for your encouragement. Imagine it, me, the board queen of peeing and dumping one day! Hahahaha!!! I have a long eay to go, dear, before I step into your shoes, or darling Louise's for that matter!

Happy poops all,


Hello people, I'm Carmalita's friend. She's been bugging me to get on here so i figured I should. I really like that picture up there. I think I'd like to help her with that toilet paper. The little honey needs some good wiping.
John (VT): You sound like such a cool dude! I wish I could meet a guy like you! So Malita told you about my eating ice cream on the toilet the little snitch! (that's ok, I love her to death! She's too damned cute to resist!!!) She did'nt say what kind of ice cream I was eating though. It was chocolate chunk! Going down, and coming out the next day! John, you can take me out for Mexican anyday! I can go for it! This sure is a fun place. I've never read thngs by such beautiful people.
PV: I agree with Malita (who thinks you're awesome) that you are a cool gal! I've been reading your stuff. I am also just as angry at the asshole who hit her in the mouth! I know that guy, and he's a prick!!!! He's really big, and Malita's such a tiny thing!
Kim: Honey you get down with your bad self!!! What a queen pooper you are! Very sexy, very hot stuff from you. It sounds like your man is pretty awesome too. Does he have any stories about dumping in the men's room or anything?
I actually saw a man in a unisex nightclub restroom taking a shit. There were no doors on the stalls, and that bathroom was the hottest spot in the place! It grossed some of the girls out, but turned me on like crazy. I told Malita about it, and she went to that bar quite a few times. She couldn't resist, that crazy Mexican!
Thanks for listening to me.

Peeping Tom
oh I would be in so much trouble if my mom know I posted this.
but when I was about 16 I was in the shower,my mom knocked on the door and said she had the go to the bathroom.I got my clothes off the
toilet cover and got dressed.My Mom rushed in.soon after I heard yelling she said "Tom am so mad at you" "why" I asked she said
"you left the toilet cover down and I peed all over it,and I got a big mess to clean up". I started laughing so hard as she said "it's not funny".I asked her why she hadn't look before she peed.
she had to go so bad she didn't look.

Rizzo: I saw Cast Away, too. There is one crapping scene and a at least one piss scene. I drank a large drank before the movie and was in agony soon afterward. Watching Hanks piss into the ocean at night was almost just too much for me and my bladder to take.

So sorry about Heather dying.

Kim: keep up the entertaining posts! How long does it take you, on average, to push out such fat jobbies?

I'm on my period and enjoying the large fat balls I've been passing. The urge comes on so strong that I can't resist. As I sit down and push hard, they open my ring up wide, and shut it close as they pass, over and over, causing tingling sensations as they drop out and splash my butt.

Dr. Poop
Hi evryone it's been a long time since I last posted butt I have been reeding on and off here. I must say how sad I am to hear about the los of Heather.

I had not hadd a bm in about a week exept for a fue pebbles on Wednesday, when I put some sope up my butt. So tonight since nothing had worked, after my parents had left to go out with some friends I used my moms turkey baster to give myself an enema. I filled up the pouderroom sink with hot water. Then I sucked up a baster ful of water and put the baster into my anus and squerted it in. I did that four times. I sat on the toilet for a couple of minuts untill i got the urge to poop. When it came I pushed the water into the toilet and it made a lowd tincling sound. After that I then pushed out a large lode of poopies wich made a lowd clunking sound whith more gushing water and oh did that fiel good. So I wiped my anus got up and flushed. I was amazed at the brown pond of poop in the toilet after I finnished.

I used to wipe standing, but now I wipe sitting on the toilet because I lift up my junk and am able to wipe my anus much better, and my fingers don't stink after I am finnished

I wonder how many of you wipe standing?

Jane I loved your college icecream social story Keep writing mor college stories.

Buy for now

Dr. Poop

Hi all,
Buzzy, don;t worry it was just that we as mid 40 year olds just did not think along those lines. I hope that those men that hide in ladies loos do not do it while listening to us. I suppose that my son does it to. He is 16. I think Linda got quite a buzz though. All quiet here. We have visitors and as usual will take them for a walk on the farm. Maybe nature will call on my city friend out in the middle of no where. If not I will surely be called. Will keep you posted,
Reading old posts i am having difficulty beleiving the quantity past by some of the ladies. I mean 18 inches by 2,5!!! Come on please. measure that up from your anus to somewhere in your bowel. If it is true then it is the product of 5 days storage. For me I look forward to my daily drop! As the doctors say everything in moderation. I would love to dump at least twice a day but can't. I often will assume the position either indoors or out. Winter coming up so better get a lot of outside dumping done. I am trying to think of the memories over the last twenty five years that I have lived and shat here in the veld with or without my dear friend Linda. Lots of horseshow elimination coming up.

Hi all.
Carmalita--your stories are great.
Wizzer--where did ya go? I love your stuff. Any good pissing lately?
Come back dude.
Buzzy--My main man! You've had several good sessions this week. I hadn't thought about printing out stories for reading while crapping but I'll have to try it. I don't know about Penny but I'd be thrilled to find out you were "gratifying" yourself while reading one of my stories. So i'll just have to give you one that might help you

For about the last week my dumps haven't been very satisfying. All I could do was small nuggets. Everytime I sat to pee I'd drop about a dozen or so but that was it. I didn't feel constipated or anything just not getting my usual results. Well today that changed. I woke up needing to shit bad. I quickly went & pulled my black panties off. AS soon as I sat I began to pee like crazy & a tight,long, & loud fart echoed in the bowl. Ahhh..I love that first fart of the morning. Then I feel the first log begin to slip down. I could tell it wasn't going to be nuggets this time. I got one of those cramps that feels good as you clench your stomach muscles to squeeze out the turd a bit further. AS it inched it's way out it stretched my hole wide open. After about a minute it slipped quietly into the water below. I got another cramp as the next turd began. This one was much quicker & almost shot out & made a BIG splash. I could feel there was more so I waited a few! minutes. I farted a half a dozen times or so then felt ready for more. With a slight push I pooped out a big load of pudding type shit. Taking a quick look before wiping I saw a 12 inch log that was 1 1/2-2 inches fat & another 10 incher that came to a really sharp point & my pudding pile. I wiped 4 or 5 times.
Letting that long fatty out felt so good. Nice & slow--it gave me a thrill as it left me.

I have a good story of popping at the mall that I'll save for next time.


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