Jeff A.: Here's what happened to my husband Gary on a business trip he took back in October. He wasn't crazy about me posting about him but gave his permission. It was in the middle of the day, and instead of going out to lunch with his co-workers, he told them he would go back to the hotel and take a little nap. He went into his room and into the bathroom to take a dump. A minute later, he heard the door to the room opening, and before he had a chance to say "Who is there?", the bathroom door suddenly swung open, and a young Hispanic cleaning woman came in. Gary said it startled him so much that he pushed out a huge log that made a big plopping sound, followed by a huge fart. The woman said, "Lo siento, senor!", which means "I'm sorry, sir!" and quickly went out. Gary yelled out, "That's OK. I'm almost finished. You can clean the room." A minute later, after wiping himself clean and flushing, he came out of the bathroom. The cleaning lady was emptying the wasteba! skets by the bed. Gary said, "I'm done in the bathroom." The lady said "Gracias" and went to the bathroom to put in a fresh set of towels. When she was finished, Gary gave her a tip and told her not to feel bad for walking in on him in the bathroom.

Buzzy, I'm afraid you will feel the need to take the following story into the bathroom with you. Yesterday I was visiting a client in her office. We got back from lunch and spent the afternoon discussing some proposals. I was so absorbed into work that the time flew by pretty quickly. By the time I was done for the day, I just realized that I had an urge to poop. This office was not too far from home, so I planned to go home and go to the bathroom there. Right after I pulled out of the parking lot, the urge to poop got stronger. I thought if I released a fart it would take some of the pressure off, but if I pushed, some poop would come out. I couldn't wait anymore. Fortunately, there was a medical office building very close to my house, so I decided to pull in there, even though I haven't gone there before. I went inside into the lobby, down the hall, and encountered an adjacent hall. I looked left, right, and straight ahead, and I saw the men/women restroom sig! n to the left and went straight there. I got to the ladies room and saw the door with a knob, which means that you might need a key to get in. I tried it, and luckily it was open. I went straight in and into a stall.

Once I got there, I quickly pulled up my skirt, pulled down my pantyhose and white panties, and sat. I started to push out a long, firm piece of poop, and it splashed loudly into the toilet. I pushed out two more pieces similar to that piece, then farted. I thought I was done, so I relaxed a bit before starting to pull out some TP. Then a sudden cramp hit me in the stomach along with some rumbling, then I pushed out one huge log quickly, followed by a succession of much softer but still firm, and thick, pieces of poop, about a dozen of those pieces in all. By this time a strong poop smell was emerging, and I still had some more to push out, so I flushed the toilet while seated. Then two people came into the ladies room, a mother and her daughter, who said to her mother, "Phew, mommy, I smell ca-ca!" They went into stalls on both sides of mine, and both were peeing. Meanwhile, I pushed out a huge soft gooey load of poop, lasting about ten seconds. I heard a toilet ! flush to the right of me, then another one to the left, then both of them washed their hands. I pushed out another huge soft load of poop, this one lasting 15 seconds. I flushed the toilet again while seated, and the girl said to her mother, "She must have a stomach ache," as they were exiting. I pushed out one more small load of poop, then I was done. I wiped several times, then flushed a final time, washed my hands, and left, with a strong poop smell still lingering. I felt much better after than and went home.

Kevin L.
Yesterday, my mom cleaned out our downstairs freezer. There was a lot of ice there left over from the summer. She threw the ice in the toilet to melt. Billy and I were supposed to go to cousin billy's for dinner, with my two little brothers. So having ice in the toilet would not be too big of a deal. Unfortunately, my aunt got sick. So Billy, his sister and little broth came to my house for dinner. When I got home, my brother billy said he had to go to the bathroom. I said so do I. My little brothers and mikey, my little cousin came too. Billy looked in the toilet. There was two sets of turds, from my older brothers. Two of them were long logs, and a few little logs. We had corn for dinner last night, so there was a lot of corn in it. I looked in and said, I think I will poop later. So did my billy. Josh had to poo, and he did in the little potty. Eric didn't want to poo on the ice, so he used the little potty too. So we all peed in the ice. It was funny hearing the ice melt ! in the toilet. My cousin paula came and and said she had to go. Usually she will close the door, but she was wearing a skirt, so we would not see her privates. She pulled down her panties. There was a lot of streak marks. More than my brothers or me make. only my friend joey makes a lot of streak marks. She was asking about my teacher at school. SHe finished peeing and said oh no. I said what's wrong? Then I heard the crackling sound. Paula a dropped a huge loose pile. SHe only took a minute. But she had to wipe herself like 8 times. We all went in to pee again before dinner. When we were finished peeing, most of the ice was melted. So I flushed the toilet. Everything went down, but you could hear the ice hitting the pipes. There was a huge amount of streak marks in the toilet. My brothers were in the cellar, where they have their own tv room. WHen they came up for dinner, they said, what did you put down the pipes? I said it was the ice. I guess they do nto have a good memory! .

After dinner, I said I really have to go now. So me, my cousin billy and brother billy all pooed in the toilet. eric, josh and billy;s brother pooed in the little potty. WHen we flushed afterwards, the streak marks mostly disappeared. Paula came in and made another poo while we finished packing. We were getting ready to go to our uncles cabin. We have to paint my brothers bedroom, and the downstairs guess room. My friend bob came up too. When we were done packing, we put everything in the explorer. Then we all went to bathroom for a pee before we got going. By this time, all the streak marks were gone from the poos my brothers made on the ice.

I feel really sorry for Heather's death. My best sympathies to Samantha and her family.

Greetings to the big pooping girls particularly Kim, Carmalita and Melissa (NY)

well, I wrote a nice long story but it didn't get posted. I thought it was pretty good! Oh well, on to bigger and better things. I remember once in the dorm my friend and I entered to take our showers and I told him I had to use the toilet. He was shaving with the water off and I went and sat down. When it came out it really started to hurt. I farted and couldn't help but grunt and breath heavy because of its size. He could here me and told me I should try to poop more often. I hate using public toilets so I try to hold it as long as possible. After I was done I wiped and had a little streak of blood on the toilet paper. It was so big. I let my friend see it and he couldn't believe the size. He told me I definatly need to poop more often. It had a hard time going down. I had to flush 4 times.

Hi,I'am James from the Bronx of NYC. I would like to say good-
by to Heather and I don't like
hearing about other people dying,
especially people who I meet on
the web,e-mail,and family members
and friends.

My goodness! I just returned from a business meeting. Half way through the meeting I needed to fart so I thought I'd sneak out a silent one. That didn't happen...instead I let out this massive, incredibly long and very loud fart! It was men and women too. I apologized and everyone laughed. As I had pooed in my panties I went to the ladies room to let it out.

Hullo all. I havent posted for a while, so greetings to all.

In answer to Pat, if someone tried to hold it in then the poo would either eventually come out in their knickers or underpants as they couldnt hold it in any longer or if it did become impacted then liquid feces above the solid fecal mass would leak round it , a condition known as "spurious diarrhea" Now this could lubricate the lump which would then come out too or it would stay there and as suggested if the impacted stool was impossible to pass it would require an enema or even in extreme cases surgical intervention to remove.

By the way I am NOT the George who posted about having a loose stool accident in his underpants recently. I have not shit my knickers for a long, long time and I glad to say I dont suffer from diarrhea very often and would not be posting about it if I did. I will alway sign myself George -Scotland.

TO PAT-Never really thought of your senario,but my guess would be answer #1-you would eventually have the poo force it's way out and that would be a meesy drag-or in the case of older folks,#2 could happen-but who really knows-i myself wouldn't want to try to stop pooing,it's impossible as long as you eat and you have to eat to survive so---Go poo and enjoy!
TO SANDMAN- I totally agree with your opinion about the pics of this forum-I've thought the same thing about outdoors shots of people pooing from the side angle-this way the moderators wouldn't get in hot water about exposing certain areas-GREAT IDEA!-Moderators-pay sandman"s post!
TO RIZZO-Your idea with putting your finger just above the anus when you are having trouble pooing woks pretty well-When I was a kid I had a problem pooing a few times and I just couldn't put my finger up my butt so i tried pushing above the anus for about 5 mins and it got thing moving-I thought I was the only one who did that-I thought it was funny when I read your post about it-One quesion though-What do you mean by "rhythmic jabs"I saw that you play Bach (so are those jabs straight 8th or dotted 8ths- 16th?)LOL-All kidding aside- good idea!

Alaskan Guy and Ryan: Real great posts from you guys. I've always wanted to take outdoor dumps, but big-city living does not give me many opportunities. I'd sure appreciate hearing stories from you guys about this. It must be a great experience to shit out in the wild especially with another guy alongside also taking a dump!

Just visited a site with graphic pictures of womens shit. For some reason, I felt very sick at the site of it - what with shit in their mouths, THAT was absolutely GROSS!!

But why do I love this particular website? Because the people in this forum are sane individuals and know when to stop!

Don't misunderstand me, I get very turned on by reading about female's shitting and farting experiences, which is why I read this site; we all share a common taste.

This site is sexy, and its up to the reader's imagination to interpret the composition. What tickles my fancy? Listening to womens farts (the longer the better), and watching women shit (never seen a woman shit in my life, hence my imagination provides that pleasure for me).

But the site I saw earlier was purely mad!!! Just goes to show that people would go as far as redigesting the shit. I find that kind of movement disturbing.

The person[s] who bought together this site should be commended for its output - proper and approved; its all about the pleasure of excreting matter, air and water, yet the material remains clean enough to not corrupt us.

The sad lost of one of our contributors (Heather) shows what kind of "family" this website carries. It is so sad that she will never again enjoy her popular past-time that we all exploit here.

I am still waiting to discover a woman who can release a VERY VERY long shit, and a VERY VERY LONG fart. That is my lifetime quest, and that is as far as my imagination will go to arouse me (which is why I always ask the people of the forum the above question).

My apologies for such a negative feedback today.

I'm thinking of pooping outside.

If someone doesn't poop then in a while they shall die.


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi,Toilet People!

I see a lot of people are responding to your great post BILL as I also did, and thanks for the info. I'd be interested in knowing how your son Jason and his friends who sit on your toilet, and you you yourself actually sit on the toilet. By that I mean with legs together or spread out. I always like to sit with my thighs parallel and so that way feel I'm covering the toilet seat better, as all I can see when I look down is thigh muscle. I tuck my privates out of view which is also useful in a public toilet so any guys watching aren't seeing anything apart from a guy sitting on the toilet.
I'm always fascinated in trying to determine when I see a fit arse, how well he covers the seat, perhaps you and your fit son and his mates have really muscular thighs that overhang the seat, but I tend to think that the more muscular a man's legs are, the more his buttocks hang down through the seat. I love all this geometrical speculation! Let me know if you can and you don't mind all these questions!
Regarding the "constipated " guy you described having a loud plopping session on your toilet- You mentioned a "6 pack" being brought round. My biker friend refers to beer or lager as being Nature's Laxative, and yet alcohol is also said to be dehydrating which would tend towards constipating. Perhaps the quantity of drink consumed might counteract the constipating efffect but I suppose it all depends on each person's own metabolism. Sorry to sound as though I'm doing a thesis on faeces! Forgive my scientific questions!
I've never had Ex-Lax but would rather have had it than the senna tablets I used to have when I was a boy!

JUSTIN, I love reading the continuing accounts of that great surfing guys' toilet! The fact that the toilet pans were/are stainless steel makes it more interesting still as in my experience the sounds and splashes are usually better.

JACOB G. I was discussing our problems at home with you growing up and using the toilet and feeling embarrassed if family knew we were sitting on the toilet. I recently remembered that I didn't like locking the door or if I did, I locked it very quietly as I think at about the age of 12 I'd rather someone see me on the toilet than know that I wanted privacy and that I was developing self conscious pride in my developing body. If anyone tried the door when I was on the toilet, and knew it was me in there, I felt I was making a statement that I'm growing up and therefore a man and I'm proving it by denying you access. By the same token; hearing a guy bolt the door when he goes in for a shit I find arousing as he's saying the same thing. Perhaps this secrecy aspect is the big factor in our interest. The more it's unseen, the more attention is given to it.
This problem with declaring my privacy only occurred within the family. It's all so paradoxical, isn't it?
Anyway, I hope you're getting more public now. If not, try to get to somewhere like that toilet in Washington Square with no doors or partitions I've read about! A great initiation if you were to use it with other guys who've never used one like that before!
Once when my biker friend was staying with me for the weekend, he brought a rabbit for us to cook and eat.
That dinnertime, I watched him on the toilet having a shit, and looked forward to having one later with him watching me as I couldn't do one at the time. Anyway, we went for a long walk after and along the banks of a river with noone else about. I suddenly realised that I wanted a shit and that I wouln't be able to wait till we got home and that I'd have to miss out on parking my bum on the toilet and doing it like he had. It was getting urgent and so I told him I was going to have to go very soon and so I quickly scanned the horizon, saw there was no-one else around and so, standing close to the river, pulled my jeans and pants down, squatted and dropped a load of soft shit. missed out on using a toilet but was glad to know he'd watched me do it, that it was an impressive load, and that I looked quite unconcerned about being so open. I wiped my arse either with some TP I always carry with me, or I may have used some dock leaves. Anyway, I think we both enjoyed seeing ! each other shitting that day, but I didn't expect rabbit to affect me like that! Especially after listening to some of his sessions on tape where after having eaten rabbit really takes his time doing some big hard turds!

Two snippets of info that I've remembered. On Channel 4 a few years ago there used to be a surreal comedy programme called "Absolutely". In this very funny programme, there was a sketch where a middle aged guy with well-built thighs was sitting on a toilet for a few minutes talking about some subject with passing references to what he was doing.No sounds but a bit of strain showed on his face every now and again!
Quite a long time ago, perhaps towards the end of the 80s, there was a comedy programme also on channel 4 called "Little Armadilloes". A sketch I saw featured a man in a raincoat meeting a rising young pop star and asking about his career and then saying to him-"I suppose we'll soon be seeing you on the toilet, then?" The young guy looks surprised and says "You mean the television?" The older man then says "No, the toilet, Keep pushing, then there'll be a big splash!"
The young guy looks mildly shocked and that was it. I thought that was going to be a continuing theme in the series and that they were breaking into new and hitherto taboo subject matter, but no!
At least there's a lot of films to look out for now with people on toilets.
Since reducing my fibre intake, specifically bran and less fruit, my turds are certainly bigger and cleaner! I really had a long grunting session on the toilet at home today, quite a bit of crackling at first and some satisfying turds, a few splashes on my buttocks and arse crack, and quite comfortable to do but with some enjoyable effort. Little does that doctor realise how much a good shit means to me! Anyway, Watch this space!

Someone posted about how he was too shy to have a pee in the night ?????? and that was it safe to hold onto it for too long. Definitely it is NOT safe to hold it in for too long, especially if it's really pressing on the bladder. DON'T DO IT! The urine can back track into the kidneys and do damage. If you want to go, then go!
As for the enquiry as to what would happen if someone stopped shitting- what would happen? Elvis Presley would be a good one to ask. Apparently the main cause of his death was acute constipation and having a gut full of impacted fecal matter. I don't suppose he was deliberately trying to avoid going but his junk food diet probably made things grind to a halt. As for what would happen if someone with a more healthy diet stopped trying to shit, I think quite a lot of illnesses could develop, as it got more impacted but I hope no-one would go that far to find out. Please don't experiment!

Have great and healthy shits, everyone! P P G

Hello All...

A very few of you may remember me from a while back. I've followed this forum for well over a year but only posted 2 or 3 times. First of all let me say that I empathize with the folks who were close to Heather, having lost several close friends in the last 10 years. Whatever your community is, losing a member is tough and I could feel the grief when her friends posted.

The recent posts of Bill and Alaskan Guy (whom I remember from a while back) were great to read. I've run track and cross-country, done a fair amount of landscape and stable work and have had many pleasurable opportunites to dump with other guys. I have to say at this stage of my life my taste in male dumping buddies runs along the lines of Alaskan Guy's...mature beefy hairy types. (Aside to Bill...Would love to work on your crew Buddy!) I recently acquired a house well north of the city I've lived in for the past 20 years, plenty big and private enough for me and my companion and our amimals. I has an enormous tiled shower room in the master bath with a drain large enough to serve as a head if we're too lazy to walk to the john. We've actually thought of setting a hospital potty chair in there so we can take care of all out business simultaneously <GRIN>! The handheld shower attachment "makes cleanup a breeze" as they say OVER AND OVER AGAIN in commercials!

The john itself is unfortunately in one of those tiresome water closet enclosures (with CARPET...JEEZ!). The first thing we did after hanging a double door from the adjoining dressing room into the master bedroom to hold the heat in was TAKE THE DAMN DOOR OFF THE CAN! We have a weekend and vacation day ritual of morning coffee, cigars and newspaper reading while taking turns grunting, farting, plopping and wiping. We have plans to cut the surrounding wall down to about 3' high and tile the floor in there so we can disport ouselves a little more freely. I've toyed with the idea of putting swinging saloon doors on the cubicle to go with my big cowboy whiskers but prefer as little privacy as possible when I have a buddy to do my business with.

Changed my diet some a while back. When my cholesterol shot up and i found myself about 15 pounds heavier and slower than I like to be I started hitting the gym, stopped hitting the fast foods and brought more rice, v?????s and green into my diet. I'll tell you guys, I've really noticed a change in my dumps. The added fiber and reduced fat combined with the rice (which others have commented on) have given me firm large brown logs that feel good coming out. I also have tended to be more regular and feel more "cleaned out" after a shit. I'm also real hairy back there and tend to wipe cleaner now. I save my steaks, burgers and other rich foods for weekends and special occasions by and large.

When I eat those foods now I really notice a difference in my shits. Last night I had a big cheeseburger, fried potato chips and a HUGE milkshake...having dropped a couple of extra pounds with the stress of the move and working on the new house. I had a wet messy fart in my BVD's and Levi's as soon as we got in...not that either of us were really offended...and this morning bfore I got online my dump was bigger, softer and took a lot more wipes to get my hairy anus clean. Not always a bad thing when you want to put on a show for your Buds but definitely felt more sluggish than I like to feel when my schedule is this crowded.

Speaking of...gotta get ready for work. I appreciate this forum and EVERYBODY's contribution! P.S. to Plunging Plop Guy...MAN your descriptions are GREAT!

Warm Regards,

Hi there at the toilet, especially PENNY!
Your concept of the "10/10 fart" amused me quite a bit. What exactly are your requirements for a "10/10" ranking? What would 10710 mean, regarding...
(1) volume? Would 10/10 mean that the person in the next cubicle will clutch the side of his/her head, bleed from the ears and scream in pain? Or would it suffice that the volume of the TV or stereo in the room next to the bathroom will have to be turned up considerably while the 10/10 fart is "on the air"?
(2) sound? A fart can be of a puffing, hissing, blubbering, booming, grunting, grating, droning, trumpeting, squealing, singing or whinnying sound (to be continued...). Which exactly would be 10/10?
(3) length? Would five or ten seconds be enough for 10/10? Or does it take half a minute non-stop? Do you count machine-gun fire or irregular on-and-off salvoes?
(4) smell? Would it be a rotten, rancid, swampy or chemical-smelling odour? Would it suffice to peel the wallpaper off, or would it be required that persons in contact will have to undergo an anti-poisoning medical treatment?
Please specify! I'll be glad to receive further details!
Good poos and pees to you all,

Hi, Karmalita. Nice to see another Raza here (I'm Puerto Rican). I mostly lurk, but I used to post a little about a year ago. I sure wish I could meet someone open minded like yourself to share this this unusal interest we all have. It'd be really nice if this site could set something up to where we could exchange e-mail addresses, but their policies don't allow it, so oh well. It's just not the easiest subject to bring up when you meet someone!

For those who don't remember me, which is probably all, my bathroom habits are pretty normal. I tend to go twice a day, and I go a lot. Usually my shits are pretty loose, so I'm in and out the bathroom within 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I'm usually at work when I have to go, which means using a public bathroom, but I've gotten used to it by now. Still, there's nothing like your own bathroom, right? I'll post some stories later, but until then I enjoy everyone's stories a lot...especally yours, Karmalita =). Nothing like a beautiful Latina. =)

Pete: My son Jason would be real amazed if he knew how many guys at this site are interested in him and his dumping habits. I don't intend to tell him - I don't want him to think I'm a weirdo. Your questions made me think about the matter. Your suggestion that he deliberately does'nt flush after shitting (rather than just being your usual teenage male slob) is real interesting as is your suggestion that he is real proud of his dumps. You also asked whether his upbringing may have affected his shitting habits. It reminded me that when he was real small, me and my ex-wife had a real difficult time getting Jason potty trained. We asked our family doc. He told us that we should always lavish praise on Jason when he remembered to shit in the toilet rather than in his pants and also that I should let him watch me shitting, so that he would get the idea. We tried this and it worked. Whenever, the little guy took a shit in the crapper, I would come in and tell him how great ! he had done especially if it was a real large poop. My wife or I always commented in baby talk about the poop and its size, if you get my drift. Then I would wipe his butt for him. I also showed him how I dumped and this solved the potty problems. You are probably right in suggesting that this process leaves him still wanting his large dumps to be admired and therefore not flushing. Once after he did not flush, I told him (he was about 14) what a great shit he had produced. He told me that in some societies the size of a man's crap is a sign of his virility and with the number of chicks who are after him, I don't doubt it. In answer to your other question, he is not real interested in seeing other people dump - he is just natural about shitting and thats real healthy. Also, he does not go into the bathroom with the chicks who spend the night with him. I have seeen him in the bathroom with guys who stay over. They usually leave the bathroom door open and I can see him! and the other guys on the crapper all having a great time and horsing around. When his buddies stay over, it is real difficult for me to get time to have my morning dump and that makes me real grumpy! Take care, Bill

Saturday, February 10, 2001

Teenaged Girl
Hey everyone. I haven't posted here in so long! I used to be a regular around this board but I got tied up in the chaos of life. I have been lurking around though and reading some posts recently. I do want to say I am sorry for the loss of Heather. That is terribly sad.

For anyone who's still posting here that was a regular back when I was and is wondering, I'm doing great. I have gone off to college and that alone explains why I haven't been able to post as frequently as I used to. I do have two stories to post for you guys. The first one being quite recent. 3 of my roommates and I decided to camp in line to buy concert tickets for one of our favorite groups. The store where we were buying the tickets did not open until 7 am and the tickets did not go on sale until 9am. The four of us being obsessive teenagers got in line at 4am. We were suprised that we were the only ones who had this idea. Then again, it was cold outside and we are crazy! In order to keep myself awake and warm, I drank about 3 cups of coffee. It didn't take long for me to regret that. After about an hour, I started to feel the need to pee. I had no choice but to hold it. The store would not open for another 2 hours and there was no other place for me to go. I tried not! to think about it. After about another half an hour,I knew I couldn't make it until 7am. I looked over and noticed my friend Rachael was squirming a bit. A few minutes later she announced her need to pee. I said I had to go quite badly myself. Our other friends suggested we go into the wooded area behind the store and go behind some bushes. We got up and went into the woods. We found some bushes, pulled our pants down and squatted. It felt so good to let go. I peed quite a bit. We went back to the line and then our other two friends went back to the woods to pee also. It always happens when I drink too much coffee in the morning!

There was an incident back when we had just moved away to college. Rachael and I thought it would be fun to go to an away football game at a rival college. On our way back to our apartment, I started to feel the need to pee. We only had about another hour to go so I figured I could hold on. I was doing pretty good until another 30 minutes later when the need became rather urgent. I started squirming and told Rachael that I needed to pee pretty badly. We started looking for places to stop. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of stopping to pee on the side of a dark deserted highway at 1 in the morning. I was extatic when we spotted a 24 hour grocery store. I parked the car and ran into the store. But to my horror, the restrooms were out of order. I knew I wasn't going to make it. I didn't know what I was going to do. I was very desparate. Rachael suggested I drive around to the back of the store and go back there. It was an ok idea considering I was running out of opti! ons. As I was running back to my car, a big spurt came out. I had to stop and hold myself. After I contained myself, I hurried back to my car but as I was fumbling with my keys trying to unlock the door, I lost control and felt the pee gushing down my legs. I was so mad I let this happen to myself but at the same time, I felt so good to be relieved. Rachael promised this was our secret. She even offered her jacket to put on my car seat so I didn't get it wet. I have got to learn to pee as soon as the need comes on!

That's all that's going on with me though, Hope you enjoy my posts and I will try to start posting more frequently again. Take care all!

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