Sara T.
Hi all :)

Lazy Texan- I have a few more peeing stories for you. Yesterday I decided I wanted to know what it was like to pee on a carpet. Being that I really didn't want my room to smell like pee, and I didn't want stains on the carpet, I did it in the closet which is also carpeted. Very fun, except it splashed my legs a bit.

Then I decided to try the plants. We have two very large potted plants in the living room. That was definitley my favorite.
Does anyone know if it's harmful to plants to pee on them?! I know it sounds like a stupid question, but I'd hate to see the plants die.

You know those big 4C Iced Tea containers? I keep one in my closet so I can use it to go in the middle of the night.

You guys know that I am not into pooping, but I'll put this story up anyway. I just got up and I went to the bathroom to pee when I felt that there was a turd coming down and pressing againt my hole. I think I let out about two or three pieces, gloppy textured, small in circumference but about five inches each. They were quite dark, and also they smelled really bad- I think it was from the BBQ ribs I had last night. I had to wipe a lot to get myself clean.

This may sound like a dumb question, but what would happen if a person decided they weren't going to poop any more? I'm not talking about a person being constipated and not being able to poop. I mean the person just decides for whatever reason to resist the urge to poop. Assuming they continue eating like normal, which of the following would likely happen?

1) Eventually the poop would just force itself out whether the person resisted or not.

2) The poop would become so impacted that it would damage the person's intestines and the person would require hospitalization and surgery to survive.

3) The person would become so bloated and full that they would not be able to eat any more and would therfore die of starvation.

My guess is that an otherwise healthy person can not hold their poop in forever. Eventually it will force itself out whether the person wants it to or not. What does everyone else think?


So glad to hear you have discovered the use of a chamber pot! I have used them for years now and keep one in each of our bedrooms. I have found over the past 10 years that many of our friends enjoy using them when they spend the weekend! At first a few we're a little worried about having their pee setting in their rooms - but most now don't think anything about it! We have all really enjoyed the ease of use and the benefit of doing our pees and being back in bed as quickly as possible! We also leave a pee pot on our deck which serves us when we're enjoying the outdoors and our hot tub.

Today I took a dump in a castle. My friends live there and we were talking and I had to go. I held off as long as possible, but as you guys know, on the days that I'm not feeling constipated (I've been doing better for three or four days now, thankfully, cold is gone, etc) when I have to go, I have to go now. I went to their bathroom and it came out very easily. It was a pretty big one for me too. Yesterday, I pooped twice and the same the day before. Today was only once but a big one. It was nice and clean too. When I got back to my room, I had to pee so I went to my bathroom (I didn't pee when I was at my friends') and as I peed, I also pooped one tiny little piece with a corn in it.

Earlier today when I was going to work, I walked past a construction site. I heard the door to the porta-potty slam and then I heard a very strong splattering sound of the guy's pee hitting the plastic. I heard it stop but he didn't come out right away. It was out of sight before I knew whether he was pooping or just zipping up.

I have a question to submit to the polls. How do you guys deal with using the restroom at a formal (like prom, wedding, etc with tux and evening gown type clothing) event? I'm going to my first real one soon (going to look for a dress this weekend). Do you have any stories related to going to the bathroom while at an occasion like this? Just wondering . . .

Has anyone at this site seen the new movie "Head Over Heels" with Freddie Prinze, Jr. The critics all agree that it is a stinker of a movie as all of Freddie's movies have been. He is a really bad actor, but is cute to look at. He is the male equivalent of the dumb blonde. I have not yet seen the movie because the bad reviews have put me off. One critic, however, describes a scene in the movie in which Freddie has a loud attack of diarrhea. Even though poor Freddie is about as dumb as a guy can get in real life, I would like to see him on the toilet passing a loose shit very loudly. Thats probably the only thing he can do well. It could make the cost of seeing this stinker of a movie worthwhile. Please, let me know if there is such a scene in the movie and whether it justifies the admission cost and the boredom of the rest of this lousy film.

PENNY, your posts about you and Linda in the mall and at the stables made good reading indeed. Yes, bean soup does give good farts. I had some yesterday before going to the movies and I had to be careful not to fart too loudly. As there were only half a dozen people there, no one seemed to have heard or smelled my emissions except my wife, who had a hard time trying not to giggle. The movie was 'Cast Away' and there was such a lot of water, sounds of the surf and Tom Hanks peeing into the sea, that I just made it to the gents' when the film was over: 6 urinals of gleaming white porcelain in a row along a white tiled wall, blue stall doors (3), indirect lighting, nobody in there, it was in all a very clean and very quiet place.
Barbequed chicken however beats bean soup in my case: it makes me fart like a stallion: loud, proud and smelly! You who visit the stables will know what I mean. I also like my chicken basted with hot chili oil, the result you accurately describe as 'ring sting'. I like that expression (I used to call it red hot rosette).

CARMALITA, your graphic narratives are just great! You really get the atmosphere (even the smells) across. Wow! Are you going to be an author? Or are you one already?

ALASKAN GUY, you who are used to outdoor pooping rightly do not take flushing toilets in heated comfy bathrooms for granted.
I, who like voyageing under sail in small boats would like to describe the use of the toilet, the marine toilet alias 'marine head' alias 'the head' on board my boat. I could say that 'I am shitting on my head' when using my marine toilet, which would of course convey a wrong image. Or that my wife is..... I won't go any farther.
If the boat is not moving much (neither rolling nor pitching) it is straight forward and easy: open the lid; look before you leak because if there is too much water in the porcelain bowl you will have your privates awash when filling the thing. Give the flush pump handle a push/pull or two to make room in the bowl. Do your business, use TP sparingly. Tampons, panty liners, etc. go into plastic bags provided or they will clog the pump (clearing it is a nightmare). Get dressed. Close the lid. Sit on it to tighten the rubber gaskets between the lid and seat and between the seat and the pan. Give 8 or 9 push-pulls on the pump handle, wait five to six seconds (counting one banana, two bananas, three bananas etc) then give another five to six push/pulls on the pump handle. You create a vacuum in the bowl which draws sea water for flushing in from the sea via a through hull valve and hose, and at the same time expells all waste through another through hull valve back to the sea.
How is that to make anyone stop taking flushing as something simple and for granted?
Or you can use a bucket, and tip the contents over the side.
Or go directly over the side. It all depends on where you are sailing. If you are sailing in a 'No Discharge Zone' it becomes more complicated.
A simple rule is: no peeing standing, which also applies to the ladies :) because if there is any seaway, you will be confronted with a lurching loo (sounds like something out of Harry Potter). If you hold on to the handholds to keep yourself steady, the stream of pee will wave around vagrantly creating a big mess. But you can kneel to pee, as the loo pan is mounted on a step upon which you place your knees, giving you the ideal height to point at shortest range.
OOPS! Time is up, I have to leave the computer, bye for now, send more later,

O.K. I am back, got interrupted, have a few minutes.

BRENDA, as far as I know you are certainly not a freak of nature! You have found a solution by bending over when sitting on the toilet. However, consider yourself blessed with an up-angled stream! Look in the posts by Louise and PV. You seem to be a born natural for the standing to pee method. Try it, and believe me (I am male), your quality of life, especially when away from you home loo, will improve greatly!
Have fun experimenting,

Kevin L.
I really am 8. My brother usually helps me though. We both are in the school's gifted program. I guess my teacher would be proud if she found out about our writing. We read all the time. They don't let us watch much tv or play video games. my teachers say that is good, because get more time to read and play. Plus we don't eat as much potatoe chipes and cookies while watching tv, so we are not too fat, like my friend joey. Joey weighs like 150 lbs. My mom and dad will only let us watch tv, play video games and play on the computer for only 1 hour a day. 2 on rainy days or when we are sick. Of course doing homework on the computer does not count.

Last night I was looking my dad's scientific american. There was an article about how water is in short supply in some parts of the world. In some places, they recycle the sewerage, so you get drink what you put into the sewers a few weeks before. They clean it and stuff before they drink. I asked dad about it, and he said they have been doing for years. He said along rivers, the water supply was upstream from the sewer outlet for every town. So the water is recycled like 5 or 6 before it gets to the ocean.


Sorry we haven't been about for ages, but we went on an unexpected holiday. We were all very sorry to hear about Heather, and we feel so sad for her Mum and Dad.

Rizzo- You say you played Bach, well, me and my little sister Lou are violinists, and love playing Bach.

Well anyway, as I was saying, we had an unexpected holiday. Remember the boy Craig from the village who Lou let in on our secret, well, I'm going out with him now, and he's always at the park with me, Kev and Lou.

Craig's Mum and our Mum are friends, and Craig's family own a villa in Florida. Craig's Mum and Dad invited us. So me, Kev, Lou and Mum went. Dad had to stay to keep the pub open. We had a brilliant time. For those of you who've been there, we liked Magic Kingdom, Seaworld and Epcot best.

I don't like American toilets though. The bottoms of the doors are so high that people outside can see you weeing. Me, Kev, Craig and Lou had our first group wee in the Everglades. We stayed one night in a caravan park there. We were outside, in a field away from the caravans. Kev and Lou were playing football, and me and Craig were doing girlfriend/boyfriend kind of things. Lou noticed that the American kids didn't seem to mind peeing outdoors where they could be seen.Lou reminded Craig that she said he could join in with us if he wanted. We went over to the edge of the field. Lou went first. She pulled her bikini bottoms down, and squatted. She must have needed to go, because she peed loads. Some other kids saw, but nobody seems to mind over there, so it must be normal for American kids to do. I went second. I lifted my dress up to my waist,pulled my knickers down and peed. A little bit splashed onto my feet because I didn't have shoes or socks on. Kev peed on the fence,! and so did Craig. It wasn't the first time Kev and Craig did it, because they play for the village Under 16's football team, and they do it during training.

well, bye for now, lots of love, Ellie xxx.

Hi I am 1 12 year old boy. Couple of months ago, I was over at my uncles house. I was sleepingover. I went to bed at midnight. For the first time, I felt I can't sleep @ their place. I stayed awake for a long time. @ 5 am I had a terrible pain in my stomach. I also wanted to pee. I stared peeing but I stopped because I get too shy making andy water noises that time. So I stopped peeing right away. I went back to sleep. I slept for about half an hour and I woke up and I couldn't hold it anymore and the pain is getting worse. I got outta the room and there is a a small couch in the hall. I sat on it and I felt that I am gonna faint. I started coughing so bad that it woke my aunt. she saw me coughing so bad. she asked me what's wrong. I told her about my stomach. she told me when was the last time I went to pee. I didn't got to pee or poo for 3 day now. I told her and she told me that is the problem. She said I should go pee, but I told her I can't. she said I must because it's d! angerous not to pee or poo for a long time. I sad I tried. She didn't believe me because it's too hard a person could hold pee for that long. So she forced me to go and try again and she came with me. I told her I am shy. she said she won't look. I acted like a can't pee because it's embarassing. So I told her I can't. she told me to sit on the toilet. I said I am shy. Sh e said "I'm your aunt you shouldn't be" so I pulled my pants and my underwear just a bit down so she wouldn't see anything to the point I thought I will poo on my undewear. As soon as I sat down, gas came out. I acted like there is nothing coming so she suddenly pulled my pants and my underwear all the way to my ankles. she sat on the edge of the bathtub which is right infront of the toilet. She told me to let me grab on anything with both hands and push hard. I felt like I was giving birth. I wasn't holding my dick so when I pushed, pee came out and went directly on her pyjama. she said that's ok. what made ! me not comfortable because I am sitting infront of somene half exposed. I mean I can't sit down and I am sure someone is looking at my dick! of course tons of poop came out. I said enough she plugged her nose because I stunk up the bathroom. Rightaway, she told me to get up and she ofered me to wipe my bum I said no. she left and closed the door behind her. She is the nicest person ever, I am not mad she did that because I know she is trying to help but the problem is I stil have a stomchache til now!

I am really sad to hear about Heatherīs death. My sympathy and condolences to all her loved ones.

TO Brenda, Yup me too
I have had to teach myself to sit further back or my pee goes between the bottom of the seat and top of the bowl and i wet my clothes or on some toilets it bounces back and soaks my bush,my sister has the same problem.also i don't know if it has anything to do with it but both of our clits very much toward the top of our vaginas and maybe our pee holes are up a little higher then normal too,i'm sure others have the same condition.

Alaskan Guy: At last a guy after my own heart at this site! Your story about taking a good dump in that foxy lady's house you were painting made me feel warm all over! I am a 28-year-old guy. I live in Wisconsin. Girls I've dated tell me I look like the Marlboro man in those old tobacco ads. I work as a computer programmer, but I put myself through College by doing carpentry and other home maintenance in my spare time. I spend a lot of time out of doors like you. During winter some buddies and I do cross-country skiing and in summers we camp out during weekends. Like you, I also often therefore dump out of doors. You are right. There is nothing like taking a slow relaxing dump out in the open especially when you are close to your buddies and these include guys and ladies. Since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed taking a shit with someone around. Most of the ladies I've dated are not inhibited about taking a piss with me standing by especially after sex. It is real cool to hear a loud stream and then see them wipe their pussies. The ladies I've dated are usually not into watching me dumping. The bathroom in my studio apartment opens off the sleeping area. I always leave the door partly open and talk to them while I slowly easy out my shit. It is a real good feeling for me to know that they know exactly what I'm doing even though they often don't really watch. I also agree with you that dumping with other guys can be cool, although I prefer taking a dump with a girlfriend around. I usually hold in my dump until I get into the office in the mornings. I'd sure like to go to the ladies' room to shit, but don't want to be fired or arrested! I therefore often go to the restroom with one of my office men colleagues and it is great to take a satisfying dump while talking to them across the stall partition. When I go camping with my buddies, I often will go off in the mornings with one of them and we both sit dumping in the warm sunli! ght. It is a great feeling to sit there with a large turd sticking out of my asshole with a real good buddy doing the same alongside me. I alweays enjoy seeing the large pile of turds under each of us as we wipe our butts. Let me know if you want to come camping (and buddy dumping) in Wisconsin. Also, lets hear some of your stories about dumping with guys, girlfriends and out of doors. Ryan

BRENDA - Some ladies do pee more forwards than other
ones do. I think I am about average like that, but I
know I piss a lot harder (you know, a big stream)
than lots of other girls.
Have you tried hovering above the bowl and bending
right over. I bet you could get a good angle by
doing that!
I will see what my boyfriend thinks about you peeing
forwards. He has seen a lot of women having a pee so
maybe he will have something to say.
Do you know that some guys if they are unlucky are
born with their pee hole not on the *end* of their
dicks but somewhere under on the shaft or at the
base? Oh no what problems they must have huh?

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Your talk of peeing while wearing
roller skates made me laugh a lot. I have never done
that but how funny it would be if I could not stop
myself from skating out of the stall. Hehehe. Think
about the pee trail across the floor! LOL. I think
Steve kinda likes that idea.

PV - Hi again. I have been real busy this week and so
has Steve. That night we read about poor Heather was
the only one this week that he has had time to write,
so I think he will have to wait until next week now.
I liked your story about being backed up for a wee
by that tree. I bet you were thinking a lot about if
someone saw you. You are doing so well if you can think
like that and still water the ground as well as that!
Are you having a contest with Kim for the champion
female shit producer? I just can not do large logs
regularly. When I have one that is about a foot long I
feel like my bum has been stretched open really wide.
I have had some difficult motions in the past and I
think I have told you about them.
This a little bit of our latest news. Steve was going
to write about this but because he is taking forever to
do it I have decided I will instead.
We were out walking back to Steve's mum's house on one
Sunday afternoon, and we both wanted a wee. We did not
want to wait, so we went to this really quiet toilet
block that has both men's and ladies' rooms. Steve took
me in when he thought it was safe, there was nobody else
about on the street even it was that quiet. Oh Gawd what
a mess the men's room was in. The floor was tiled and full
of muddy footprints. There was one stall there with a
piece of shit on the floor next to the toilet, and it had
been STEPPED IN! Oh no guys why do you have to be like this?!
There was a good long steel wall urinal there that was full
of scale and I bet it had not been cleaned for years! There
were those little blue tablet things and cigarette ends.
Oh really, guys! Well I took Steve's cock out of his trousers
and I pointed it for him while he pissed which was a lot of
fun. I was wearing jeans so because I have not been practicing
weeing out of the front of jeans for a bit (I can not get it
right yet) I took them down and bent over with my back to the
urinal. I just pushed my pussy backwards a bit so my stream
would go that way. I let rip and pissed into the gutter quite
well. It was not really my favourite, I think all the dirt
and scale spoiled it for me really.
We have had a little distance pee contest with my mum, my sister,
Jackie, my 17 and 37 year old netball team mates. I bet Steve
would tell that one well, he is a lot better at it than me!



On the terrible thing that happened to Heather-I'm kind of in the dark to exactly what happened to her-Maybe I missed the story when it was posted--I just knew she was in some sort of trouble,but I had no Idea it was so bad-Someone please tell me what happened to her!It really makes you think just how fragile and temporary our time on this planet is!Lets' all enjoy life for what is!
TO JANE-Another great story-enjoyed it-makes me want to sneak into a ladies room sometime(yeah right!)Or at least tape them!Good stuff!
TO PENNY-God,i hope I didn't offend you ladies,but that's what I did-sometimes(but not always) when I have a great poo I do gratify myself-It's fun-what else can I say-I'm sure I"m not the only one here on this forum that does this-I'm just being honest-Hey I really enjoyed your story,what else can I say(in a way it's a compliment to you ladies!) So Send me some more good stories cause now you know how much I enjoy them!Sorry again,if i put you off with this-All you ladies with your great stories just make things a lot of fun for me in the morning as i read them weather i'm pooing or not!
Well i'm off to the gym-don't feel any urges to poo today-maybe at the gym-see ya! BYE

Alaskan Guy: I thought your post was real interesting! You say you would like to buddy dump with me, but I see from your post that you like buddy dumping with guys in their 40s like the older construction guys I work with. I guess that would eliminate me since I'm a young 34. Unlike many of my fellow construction workers, I am real trim without a beer gut. You, however, sound like my kind of guy. I sure would like to buddy dump with a 25-year-old hunky Alaskan guy in the same line of work as mine. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, am 6 foot 3 inches tall and am well-built from the years of construction work. How would that work for you? Only problem is that Alaska and Arizona are really far from each other! Keep in touch, Bill

Bill: Welcome to this site! Your stories about your son Jason and his buddies are real interesting. That native American guy seemed real cool taking a dump in front of you. Its a pity you cured his constipation as he sounded more interesting being constipated! Your son Jason sounded real hip too. There is nothing better than watching a young guy like that take a shit and him being totally relaxed shitting with someone else there. He also sounds real proud of his dumps. Do you think he really forgets to flush or does he leave his dumps there deliberately for you to see and admire? Incidentally, was there anything in his younger years that would have made him so proud of his dumps? Is he interested in dumping specifically or is it just another thing for him? You say he has chicks sleep over. Does he ever go into the bathroom with them and does he go into the bathroom when his buddies take a dump at your apartment? I'd sure appreciate some answers since your situation sounds real interesting. Also, when you have the time, could you post some stories about your experiences dumping with the guys on your construction crew? Keep the stories coming dude! Pete

Poo jingles--

I often adapt popular songs to contain the content of the crapping event:

["Roll over, Beethoven"]

I have to sit upon the toilet and emit a rotten order of poo,
I have to lower trousers and this is what I have to do,
Oh, yes, I have to drop dukey,
Straight from my butt-crack today.

Oh well my toilet is filling, it's a fixing up to overflow,
Indeed you won't believe the stank of the rotten stu-u-uff I'll blow,
Oh, yes, I have to drop dukey,
Straight from my butt-crack today.

["Choo choo Charlie" (Good 'n' Plenty, ca 1970)]

Poo-poo Charlie felt up his rear,
Knew that loads of stuff were getting near,
He lowered trousers and he sure had fun,
Letting rotten hunky dukey, to make the folks run,

Charlie says: "Love that rotten hunky"
Charlie says: "Really makes a smell"
Charlie says: "Love that rotten hunky,
For there isn't any other that I love so well."

["Petticoat Junction" theme]

There's some rotten brown poo, it's a shitty mess, at the Hunk-tion
(Petticoat Hunk-tion)
It was blown by Kate, watch her lift her dress, at the Hunk-tion
(Petticoat Hunk-tion)
And there's Uncle Joe, who has got some farts to blow, at the Hunk-tion.

Hi, everybody!

Kim: WOW! WOW!! If you add those beauties together, you did 33 1/2
inches of exquisite delight!! I'm flattered you mentioned me as a
possible admiring witness, but by now YOU DO KNOW ME!! My fantasies
regarding your exploits are relatively simple:

1) THE BEST would be ANY KIND of physical witnessing of any of your incredible sessions...

2) But, lacking this possibility. I'm thankful for your detailed play-by-play accounts. KEEP POSTING!! You're a talented writer!

I'm also very excited you feel you've been INCREASING your capabilities.... Awesome...

Speaking of pee scenes in movies...

Has anyone here seen the movie "Love Crimes" starring Sean Young? Sean plays an assistant DA who is being held captive. In one scene she needs to pee deperately, so she goes behind a couch while her captor is tormenting her, and pees onto the rug. The couch blocks her private parts from view, but you can clearly see the pee hitting the rug, and it looks very real. Does anyone know if Sean Young actually peed for real in that scene? The movie has been shown on HBO several times...

Kate Winslet tried peeing for real in a movie scene a couple of years ago, but it splattered too much so they ended up faking it.

Does anyone know of any female poop scenes in recent movies? I've seen several films where girls are shown farting (example: Sugar and Spice), but I have not seen a female poop scene in several years (last one I can recall was Senseless). I did see one very funny female poop scene recently on the American TV show Hype -- an actress playing Britney Spears peed, farted and pooped very loudly in front of her boyfriend, Prince Harry. But I haven't seen any recent movie with girls pooping. Has anyone?

Thursday, February 08, 2001

Hey, everyone, the Sandman is back from Jury Duty!!! A word to the wise. If you ever get summoned to jury duty, make sure you get to the courthouse on time. And if you do get selected as a juror (I was selected as an Alternate Juror, and the case was settled after 2 weeks of testimony), by all means make sure you are in the courtroom and in your seat by 9a.m. sharp!! And, to add some extra advice, give yourself enough time to go to the bathroom before court is in session. There's nothing worse than trying to hold it while listening to the witnesses give their testimony. Oh, man, it's terrible, and you can only hope the judge, court reporter, or any of the other jurors have to go too, and that the judge will give us a break.

Yes, I agree with the other people on this site that I wish the picture on top would have more side views of people that show the poo coming out (obviously, the pooper would have to be hovering over the toilet for the picture to be effective...I wish someone would invent a "glass" toilet)! And there can even be pictures of guys pooing as doesn't just have to be women. Most of the pictures just show the person leaning forward, and no evidence of poo! I would also like to see more facial expressions, for example, the expression of a grunt or groan (whatever that may look like). Outdoor pictures with the person's butt hanging over a fallen tree and the poo coming out would also be fine. These types of photos or pictures CAN BE done in good taste while showing one of nature's most basic functions! I sincerely hope the people who run this site will consider more side-view and outdoor photos.

Also, I've given some thought to changing my name! I think there's a wrestler (the staged kind of wrestling) who's named "Sandman", although I'm not absolutely positive about this! He's not in the WWF or WCW, but I think he's in some lesser-known wrestling organization. Maybe I can call myself the "Stone Cold" Pooper, or, just simply, "The Rock" (that's what some of my poos feel like)! I don't want to get myself sued, however (and then end up in court again)! Remember that I've only posted here a couple of times so most of you don't know me very well. I'll sincerely try to post more often especially with stories. Well, I must GO for now, if you know what I mean!!! Take Care - Sandman

Samantha, so sorry to read the sad news about Heather. I played the largo in G by Bach in her memory, all alone by myself.

Andre, the method of accelerating stuck jobbies by massageing the rectum from the inside through the vagina does not work with me, as I am male. Sticking your (gloved) finger up your anus is rather drastic. What I have found is the following, which may not be as effective, but has worked quite well: I place my middle finger and the two adjacent fingers if need be, between the end of the vertebral column and the anus and press. Give some rhythmic jabs if necessary. I don't get shitty fingers, don't need gloves and it does get stuck jobbies moving. It is massage from the back, so to say. The turd needs to be very near the exit however.

Some time before Christmas I posted some childhood memories about adventures on chamber pots. Someone was interested in a continuation. Alas, I do not have more potty stories, only a story of the remaining potty gone missing.
My sister and I shared one large bedroom, where we also had our toys. Our beds were set up at right angles to each other against the walls. We kept one potty, the remaining enamelled one, underneath my three year old sister's bed in case she needed to pee during the night, as the bathroom was downstairs. Well, one early morning, the first rays of the sun had just come in by the window, I woke because my sister was crawling around the floor and underneath her bed. She was whimpering 'where's the potty, I need to pee soooo bad'. As we had received instructions to make no noise and not to wake our parents in their bedroom just across the landing, it must have been a Sunday morning, my sister did not want to go downstairs to the bathroom. And anyway she was in no condition to tackle the stairs, holding herself underneath her pink cotton nightie. I got up, looked under the beds: no potty. Frantically looking around my eyes fell upon the toy kitchen we had been playing with the ! day before. There was a toy stove that could be heated by candles complete with two deep saucepans, one frying pan with long handle and a toy water kettle. 'Here' I said, 'pee in these' and shoved the larger of the two saucepans towards her. Sis immediately hiked up her nightie, sqatted and aimed, letting fly at the same time. The first squirt missed but she shifted a little and managed to hit the target. With a hiss and a gurgle the pan filled. 'Stop!' She just managed to sq ueeze off the stream for a moment to place the second smaller pan in the place of the first, which got pushed to the side. In no time at all she needed the kettle as well. 'I can't stop, what shall I do' she wailed. As the frying pan was too shallow to be of any use in this case and because I had no more ideas, she proceeded to crawl under the bed to do the rest of her wee. The puddle was ramarkably small, as most of the pee drained into the cracks between the wooden floor boards. We never knew where to, a! s no stain appeared on the ceiling of the room below. The mess took quite a bit of explaining to our parents later, but they understood in the end. They seemd to be more disgusted by the fact that food containers, albeit toy ones, had been peed into than by the puddles on the floor.
So much for now, keep your stories coming, we all enjoy each others' posts, Rizzo

I enjoy reading all of your posts. I am interested to learn if any women have a similar problem to my own. My pee stream goes more forward and not enough downward, especially when I have to go bad. It hits just below the rim on most toilets when I lean forward a tiny bit, if I am not careful I overshoot onto my clothes. Is my anatomy a freak of nature, or do other women encounter this problem?

Lili and Sara T. -
I also like peeing in containers for convience. The large cups you mention work great. Seeing the output of a swollen bladder enhances the feeling of relief. I measured it recently, but I am too chicken to post it until veterans such as Lili, Sarah, etc. post first. I used to keep a large vase on my nightstand that wasn't there for flowers. Recently, I purchased a chamber pot from an antique store. That same evening I went drinking with friends and that night I awoke with a bladder ready to explode. The movement out of bed nearly made me lose control, so I crouched over the chamber pot in the dark and let fly. Worked awesome, but using a cup in the dark is easier. Anyone know of a container that a woman can use lying down in bed (or a sleeping bag)? It sure would be getting up on cold nights.

First of all i would like to tell you all how glad i was to find this page.
After reading some of the posts from the other females i don't feel half as much like i'm weird or something since my early teens (now 25)i've always gotten alot of enjoyment from having a good BM and from being in the room when some of my girl friends were going too,i don't exactly know how to explain it but it's like it makes me feel much closer as a friend after we share this very private time together and i always have wonderd if other females have felt the same.

At work a few days ago i was on my way to the ladies room to do my ususal mid morning poop and ran into Rita who works in a different department,we are just casual friends,we said hi as we enterd tne restroom together and took ajoining stalls and i was hoping she was here for more then a pee and as i pulled down my jeans and green panties to just past my knees i heard Rita let out a good size fart just before i heard her ass hit the seat and we both started our pooping at the same instant and i heard a plop and Rita said to me thank goodness and i replied as i pushed my bm out,ya i know what you mean girl and i continued with my farting and pooping and the room now had a strong odor from the both of us,and noe i could hear her do a long hard pee stream as i was still droping some small wet chunks and just as i thought my neighbor was done she surprised me with a bunch of farts that seemed to go on for a long time and she said sorry about all the gas and that got us both ch! uckeling a little
and a moment later i heard the tp being pulled and the sounds of her wipeing and when she opened the stall door she went over to the sink across from my stall and as she was washing her hands she said something to me that i didn't quite catch over the sound of the running water so while still seated i opened my door not so much to better hear whatshe was saying but more to see what her reaction would be,and when she heard the door open she turned to me and finished what she was saying with no reaction to the sight of me on the pot with my pubes exposed so i guess she is like i am and not a shy person.
When she left i stood to wipe with the stall door open since the room was now empty.

Back when I was a freshman in college and living in the dorms, which seemed so long ago, I remember myself and just about everyone else being a little apprehensive about sharing the bathroom with so many people. While we quickly got accustomed to taking a shower in each other's presence, many of us were a little shy about taking a dump in front of others. Some said they would deliberately hold it in until everyone else was done, and some would refuse to carry a conversation while they were sitting on the toilet.

About one month into the term, a funny thing happened that served as an icebreaker. One night our floor had an ice cream social, in which everyone helped themselves to generous portions of ice cream, cake, and other goodies. It was practically a 100% turnout, and it lasted well into the night. The next morning, many were feeling the effects of eating so much ice cream. By 6:00, the ladies room was packed. There were six stalls, and by the time I went in, I took the last unoccupied stall. It was strangely quiet, enough for everyone to hear everyone else breathing. A couple of people were moaning, but I heard neither a tinkle of someone peeing nor plops or splashes from someone dropping poop. It seemed like everyone was waiting for someone else to start. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then, all of a sudden, the girl in the stall next to mine pushed out a booming fart that echoed throughout the bathroom for about ten seconds. Everyone burst out laughing, and! that started a chain reaction, as others started to fart and drop turds. The girl that made the booming fart pushed out a cascade of mushy poop. I pushed out a couple pieces of poop and farted twice before pushing out two more large pieces. After that, I was done. By now, the smell of poop was coming from all over the bathroom. I wiped myself clean and flushed the toilet. I came out at the same time as two others, and three girls rushed in. I noticed there was a line that had formed. As I was heading to the shower, I heard more plops and farts, and one girl was pushing out a massive wave of poop.

Since that morning, many girls became more comfortable using the bathroom to take a dump, and there were many more conversations taking place behind the stalls.

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