this is another of my experiences of
seeing a girl pooping it happened when I was about eleven or so when I used to play with a few of the other kids in the small village where I lived mostly boys but one of the boys had a sister and her friend .and often she would just pull up her dress and
pull down her panties and just pee where she had been standing the first time this happened we all looked she made no objction to us watching her as most of us boys had not seen a girl peeing before let alone seeing her with her knickers down
we had all seen most girl,s knickers when they did handstands against the wall at school . after we had seen her pee afew times when we,d been out playing we never used to take much notice of her . then the next time .we saw her she pulled up her
lemon gingham dress revealing a very pretty pair of lemon lace knickers , her best knicks .as she called them she squatted and started to pee when we started to walk away to the buildings , she called out wait I,m having a babber as well her word for a poo ,so we all stood round she grunted afew times each time looking between her legs , Im doing it she said . we watched as her little butt heaved a couple of times and slowly this small knobbly poo began to slowly slide from her bum
it landed on the ground , she looked between her legs at what she had done
then we saw her have that look of concentration on her face as she pushed again this time she strained quite abit and this thin poo slowly slid out almost flat and curled
up on top of her first poo Iv,e finished she called out as she stood up and pulled up her knickers trapping the bottom of her dress in her knickers . thats my first time I saw a girl pooing will post more another time bye

Samantha: I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Heather. Our condolensces to her family and you.

Melissa: I was reading the posts back to New Year's. Thanks for enjoying my story back then. I wasn't able to respond until now. I've enjoyed your stories, too.

Buzzy: Thanks for enjoying my stories. I like reading your stories, too. Some of them are hilarious. Anything more to the story of the telemarketer?

Jeff A.: I liked your story about the Hispanic maids walking in on you while you were taking a dump. The same thing happened to my husband Gary on one of his recent trips. Unlike you, he didn't quite enjoy the experience.

Summer: Great stories about your college bathroom experiences. I've also written several stories about my experiences during my college years. Even though they took place several years ago, I remember many of them in great detail. Your last story reminded me of some similar experiences when I was living in the dorms. I will post them later.

Once again, Gary and I send our prayers to Heather and her loved ones.

PV- Technique is everything. If you are wearing a onepiece overall you could end up shitting in the collar.
Smith- I can fart the 10/10 fart. Volume sound and smell. After beans the best. My kids don't like it though. My friend Linda never farts except in the bathroom and never in front of family. Her hubby has not ever seen her shit. I fart in bed and pull the covers over my husbands head.
Buzzy- Depending on your age I may have forgotten what you still need to learn about outdoor shitting. Sitting on a branch. Bullshit get down on your haunches to open the bowels. Yes I agree the pictures need a lot. Side on, see the bum pants down or even on outdoor pic.
Linda and I went shopping in the next town(we do not have a supermarket) and as usual before leaving for home went off to the loo. I wanted to pee as I had plans of shitting next to the road on the way home. In we go and each takes a stall. The door to the ladies has a broken spring so stays open and the men have to walk past to the gents. We are in two stalls that face the door. I pull down my jeans and g-string and sit. A small fart escapes and then a good piss against the porcelain. Linda takes longer as I think she first removed a tampon and dropped it in the bowl before turning round and sitting. I hear footsteps approaching and assume it to be another lady, but they stop at the door. This must be a guy listening. I have nothing more to do so just sit. Linda however who has never farted in public or in front of family is unaware of two things. 1) that we have a listener and 2) that a fart into the bowl is much louder than a free in the breeze fart. As she never farts ! outside of a loo she builds a bit of pressure. As she sits she lets go with a wet bubbler about 15 secinds long. I can hear her relax as she starts to pee. Straight into the water. I say to her what a relief and she sighs as she says that I must'nt wait as she has to do a poo. I say no problem I will just sit. She proceeds to fart again and then a little push produces two logs that splash her ares. I say to her "Wet bums hey" She laughs as a stream of semi solid mush starts to fall into the water. At this point the guy at the door says in a stage whisper"What a smell!! Who did it? The sandals or the Nikes?" I then realise he can see our feet. We both say nothing and as we wipe hear him move on to the gents. As we leave I say to Linda lets hide and see who it was. We go into a coffee shop and wait till this guy emerges. Guess what? Our neighbour from home. He did not see us and he does not knoew till this day but have heard him mention at the golfclub about two ladies shitting ! up a storm as he walked past. He lies he stood and listened. Maybe we should tell about a listener in the mall.
More about the road shit next time.

Answers to the questions.
Yes a definite technique is needed otherwise if you are wearing a one piece overall you will shit in the collar!!
Farting is a prioroty. I am as my kids say a 10/10 specialist. Volume, sound and smell. Bad after beans.
Buzzy- depending on your age I may just have forgotten what you stil need to leartn RE: the outdorr dump!! HA HA
Better pics neede on the masthead. Side on see some buttock and pants down. Outside pics??
Linda and I went shopping the other day in the next town. We have no supermarket. Before leaving for home she says she needs to go and I go with her as I need to pee. The springf on the door is broken so we leave it open and each grab a stall. The gents is down the corridor so we can hear the men walking past. I pull up my skirt and wip off my g-string panties and am wizzing away merrily. A small fart and I am finished. Linda I can see is still facing the loo but has got her jeans down and I assume pants too. I ask "What are you doing?" She replies that she is removing a tampon as she needs to poo and with it in is very difficult. I hear the plop of the tampon and her feet turn as she turns. She sits and lets go with a bubbler. Wet fart. SAys to me here goes the silly ???? again. What she does not relise is 1)Farting into a bowl makes a lot more noise than outdoors and 2) She does not fart except in a toilet even at home so she has a little pressure to release. I am sittin! g waiting for better days as I would rather poo on the way home next to the road. I hear footsteps and assume it is another lady but no these stop at the door and it dawns on me this is a man listening. I keep quiet as my dear friens proceeds to pee loadly into the water. As she stops she lets go a groan as a crackling log slides out to splash her arse. This is followed by silence and then a 10 second wetty that I am sure sprayed the bowl. She says to me "I am making a little bit of a mess today" I say thats for sure. She then lets go with a semi solid mess that is gaurenteed to smell. I get a wiff and nearly gag. With that the listener says" Which of you two has the rotten bum? The sandals or the Nikes." I then realise that he can see our feet under the door. I hear Linda gasp and start to wipe, about five up and downs and then she puts cream on her ring as I taught her to do. I wipe and dress as the listener goes on his way. As we leave I tell Linda that we must grab a coffe! e and watch for this guy. We do that and he emmerges shortly. A middle aged man not bad looking but we now know his hobby. The broken spring is what alows him to do it without going in. Linda is a little shocked but will recover. She always amazes me at what she does and doesn't know or do. More later.

BUZZY- HOW COULD YOU??? I don't believe it. You wacked off while reading our post. Linda came for tea and we read your post together. She is standing here next to me. She first went bright red and then said "No how could he" We assume you are male. Then she said let me read it again. " He really did," Then she went red put her hands up over her face ( I thought she was going to cry) but then she smiled and said " No body has ever done that. I feel soooo good!! That I could mean that to someone. Great"
By the way quickly, yes I do normally shit like that. Never had an accident with the plug but had curry last night and my husband kicked me out of the bed this AM sayin" Go and shit before you crap the bed." I did. Well sitting naked on the loo literally gushing HOT shit. Called ringsting. He was turned on. By what I do not know. Either the sounds or the smells. Both horrendous. Cream fixed the ringsting.

Kevin L
I did not poo yesterday or morning or in school. After school, weimin, me, billy, cousin billy, my little brothers, bob and joey went to mcdonalds. When we got to mcdonalds, I gave my money to my brother and said i have to poo now. josh said he had to go too. When we got to the bathroom, I asked josh if it would be ok if i went first. usually when one of our friends or family asks to go first, that means they really have to go. He siad, ok. Usually i let the little kids go first, but I did not want to mess my undies. I was there for about minute, my 3rd and final turd just slid out. They were really big. One was about 10 inches long, the others abut 5. ONe of the kids in our kindergarten came in and said, can i go next? I asked josh, and he said, sure. I sort of knew the kid. He goes to our church. We have pooed together before, so i knew we could wait in the bathroom while he pooed. He sat down. Immediately, he started to pee and poo. You could hear crackling, but nothing hit! ting the water. WHen he was done, the poo he made was even bigger than mine. I said, you really had to go, while he was washing his hands. He said, yeah, it is all that frosted minis my mom makes me eat. I said, yeah, they do the same to me. He just laughed. I was amazed that such a little kid could make so much poop at once. Josh sat on the toilet. He made 4 pretty big logs for him. After I wiped him, I flushed the toilet. With all the poop, the water level rose real high. Then suddenly it cleared. We almost blocked the toilet.

We ate our food. The little boy was sitting next to me. I know the boys mom. She said, Frank said you made a big poo. I said, yeah, but not nearly as big as his. She said, we all make big poos in the family. I said, I am amazed such a big poo could come out of such a little kid. She said, I am afraid that we will have to get heavy duty toilet when he gets bigger.

After we finished eating, Billy and Joey both said they had to go poo. I said, I have to go agian. Josh and Eric both had to pee. Billy said, i really have to go now. I said, don't worry, I will clean up. We cleaned up, and joey and my brothers went into the bathroom. When we got there, a high school girl was walking out of the door. She was big and fat. She must have weighed about 300 lbs. I went in, and billy was just about to sit on the toilet. I looked in the toilet. There were two little turds there. SUch a big girl and such little turds. Anyway, billy sat down and made his poo. I could hear a lot come out. I asked billy if this was the first time he pooed today. He said he made a little one before lunch at school. When he got done, he made about the same size poo as mine. Joey sat down and made two pretty big logs. They both floated. Eric decided he needed poo, so he sat down. He dropped about 5 thing logs. Finally, I sat down and made two small logs. When I finished! , we all whipped out our wieners, and we took aim at the floating turds, what we call sinking the subs. WE don't really sink them, b ut the turds are almost underwater and kind of sub shaped. So they remind us of subs. When we were all done, the kindergarten kid comes back in with his dad. The kid hopped on the toilet again. Two more turds came out. They were still pretty huge. The father and the kid peed in the toilet together as we were leaving.

Good morning,all it's 8:25 and i've been up for about 20 mins and I feel another juicy poo coming on and i've got my friend's laptop and i'm going to take it with me to the bowl,but first i'll respond to some posts
TO JANE-I'm glad you enjoy my" adventures"in pooing-No,i never heard from that female telemarketer,at least not so far -too bad,that would have been fun,but who knows!
TO PV-You sound like you are in the big poo mode!Next time you feel a big one coming ,on,try to hold it as long as possibe and then you may have all 20 inches of poop come out at the same time!I try to hold it for as long as i can and go to the bowl and just relax my anus and try not to push first and boy somtimes I do some long ones!
Speaking of long ones-i'm sitting on the pot now with the laptop and i'm relaxing my anus -Ahhhhhhhh,a nice fart-Ohh here it comes-As i'm typing this a nice turd is sliding out my butt-Ahhhhhhhhhh-with each H i type the turd is sliding out- plop-there it goes-hold on-lets see-it's one smooth poo about 10 in long and about 1 inch thick-boy that felt good coming out-boy I wish I had a laptop-this is fun to poo as i write to you guys-I have the laptop in the sink just to the left of the bowl as i sit here-i'm slightly turned to the left to type this with my legs spread on the toilet so I can see it coming out-TO BILL-isn't it cool to read all these posts as you are pooing-I do it a lot-Were you using a laptop to post your last post?Sound like you were doing a good dump-Hold on,got another cramp-I want to push-Oh another fart-Oh-Ahhhhhhh-Oh yeah,a nice load of soft ice cream just came out my domed anus and hit the bowl with a plop-plop-plop-plop sound-sort of like toothpaste c! oming out of the tube-That felt wonderful-well.i'm just going to sit here for a bit,pushing out the tail end which is just mucus-this is truelly fun!This is better than the bedpan cause i don't have to empty the pan and clean it out which is a drag to do-this way I just flush-hold on,i'm going to wipe---It was kinda a messy wipe-there is 1 long turd with a pile of soft stuff rising above the water line-a nice feeling dump i must say!Now i'm flushing the bowl-funstuff!No fuss no muss-well,i'm off to the shower now and I can't take the laptop in there-so See you all later-Lately,all of you guys are on a "poo-roll" and it make for great reading while I dump along with you guys!It's super!I really should get a laptop!You guys should try this! BYE

I haven't posted in a while, and I was looking at past posts that I haven't gotten to read, and saw the one about Heather. It's horrible what life does to people. It sure shouldn't have done it to Heather. She was a great girl, and will live on in all our hearts. I wish I could say something truly inspiring, but my brain is nearly always running on zero power.

On a lighter note, I have great poop story. Recently, my dumps have been a bit bigger, chunkier, bulkier, whatever word you might use. Only a few days ago, I had a gigantic dump! I can usually hold my poop for about 3 to 4 days comfortably. In this case though, it stayed in me for about a week. Beyond my control, I was bunged up worse than I have ever been in my life. On that 7th day, I was working on a cross-country planning sheet for flight school when I suddenly got the major urge to shit. I went into the bathroom, and sat down on the can with my pants and briefs around my ankles. I then began what must have been the biggest shit of my whole life. I'm not good at details, but it took about 15 minutes to get the sucker out, and it was about 25 inches long and 2.5 inches around.

Happy shits to all! Dave-NY

Jeff A
How tragic about Heather. I feel so bad. We are all such a small community in here that I hate to see anyone in here hurt, or suffering. SAMANTHA: May your friend sleep and dream peacefully in sunny fields of Elyssium. All my best.
JANE: It's great to hear from you again! I loved your last story. Everybody loves a good cheerleader story. I'd like to hear about your husband's encounter with the maid service, it sounds great!

PV: It's really nice to read your voice again. You've been a wonderfully strong advocate of women's issues here, and I've loved every word! Not to mention you're a real stand up girl-pun intended!
Someday we still need to share a urinal together and just shoot the breeze, not in the breeze!

KIM AND SCOTT: That was one awesome restroom story! quite glorious I must admit! Kim you sound really great! You sure know how to make th best out of going to the movies! I love the way you describe the other activities going on in there too. It reminds me of those great old posts of yours. I've lost touch in here for awhile, but am planning to make up for lost time.

CARMALITA: Hola, sweet seniorita! You asked what part of the pacific NW I'm from? I live just a breath away from the Columbia Gorge and have hiked those same trails many times. I agree with DM. I too love the thought of a sexy young Latina girl on the toilet. I love your stories, and you make that image very real! In my opinion, you are a twinkle in the eye of this forum! My "Carmalita Collection" is growing, and growning! I can't decide which one of yours is my favorite, but the bucket in the bathtub thing is definitely up there! I'm also in agreement with John VT that we need to hear from Renee pretty soon. Surely she isn't that shy!

Anyway, take care everyone!

A famous Singer
KEVIN L Did you say your 8 years old,I find that hard to believe.
you have A great vocabulary and grammar for your age.

I can't believe heather didn't make it am shooked,I was sure she would be alright.I am so sad I have to give time to sink in.

Alaskan Guy
Howdy. To let you all know I'm 25 years old and I grew up in the interior of Alaska. While we've got regular towns and cities here I live in a cabin without running water, so I use an outhouse 365 days a year. Even when we get cold temperatures down to 40 below zero. Hey, I don't mind! It's what I've always been used to.

Writing here because I liked some of the posts lately. Work construction here too, it's how I'm paying for school. I've had some interesting times doing jobs.

One time I had a job painting house. I was working as an assistant to an older more experienced dude. The house was owned by this young couple with a couple of little girls. The wife was an attractive dark haired lady in her early 30s, in very very decent shape. I found out later one of her hobbies was running marathons. She was awfully nice to me bringing me coffee and offering to let me come in the house whenever I needed anything.

Well, one afternoon I was up on a ladder doing some prep when I felt that rumble in my belly telling me I had to take a big old dump. I came down and wiped off my boots on the mat and knocked on the door. When she answered it I asked if I could use her bathroom and she smiled and said sure, and showed me where it was. As I was walking across the kitchen, careful to stay off the carpet, one of the little girls dashed across the room and into the bathroom. I guess she knew she'd better grab her chance! I didn't mind, I stood around and chatted with the lady for a few minutes about the job. Then the little girl came out of the bathroom. So I excused myself and entered the bathroom with the lady and her two daughters staring at me. Although I'm used to more privacy when I use the john, I wasn't embarrassed 'cause I figure that's what it'll be like when I'm a dad some day.

I noticed that the little girl had peed in the toilet but hadn't flushed. OK. I unbuckled my pants, dropped em (I don't wear underwear in the summer), and sat down. Then I relaxed and let a nice solid footlong turd out slowly, letting it hang there for a second. I thought about the lady being out there knowing exactly what I was doing. I kind of enjoyed it. It was a clean dump and didn't take too many wipes. So I got up and flushed. I wondered if it would go down without clogging the toilet but it did. I washed up careful, and left with a smile on my face. The lady gave me a big smile and I got the feeling maybe something was up but I didn't think about it too much. Having that lady watch me kind of turned me on!

Since people here get to be honest, I have to say the idea of watching a woman dump doesn't do a lot for me, although I like watching girls I've gone out with have to piss, and I kind of get into being watched by a girl or a guy. But I do like being around guys in their 40s when I take a dump, like some of my bosses and the guys I've worked with. Young guys just don't do much for me, I dunno why. Hey Bill, it sounds like some of your buddies-- the ones with the beer bellies-- would be the kind of guys I like to crap with, even though you don't get into it. In fact I'd prolly enjoy buddy dumping with you.

I do some serious hiking and I also like going prospecting for gold, another Alaskan tradition. That means I do plenty of pooping in the brush and under trees. In fact going to the bathroom inside is about as uncommon for me as it would be for the average poster here to relieve themselves outdoors. There's nothing like feeling the cool air on your thighs and butt while you peacefully drop a load onto the earth. Kind of reminds me of that old saying "In days of old when knights were bold and toilets weren't invented, they dumped their load by the side of the road and went on their way contented!"

Hey George and Tony, been wanting to tell you, I respect your idea about eliminating urinals but it sounds damn strange to me!!! See I'm used to standing up to piss, no muss no fuss. Most urinals I've seen here in the USA have also been purty clean on average. Also I've never been "caught short" like you say while taking a piss, so it just seems faster and more practical to me.

Well that's all I have to say. Your bud in Alaska

kim & scott
TO OUR FRIEND PV-great dumping girl. I tell you .It might be you thats our peeing and dumping queen eventually!take care girl!

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