Samantha, so sorry to read the sad news about Heather. I played the largo in G by Bach in her memory, all alone by myself.

Andre, the method of accelerating stuck jobbies by massageing the rectum from the inside through the vagina does not work with me, as I am male. Sticking your (gloved) finger up your anus is rather drastic. What I have found is the following, which may not be as effective, but has worked quite well: I place my middle finger and the two adjacent fingers if need be, between the end of the vertebral column and the anus and press. Give some rhythmic jabs if necessary. I don't get shitty fingers, don't need gloves and it does get stuck jobbies moving. It is massage from the back, so to say. The turd needs to be very near the exit however.

Some time before Christmas I posted some childhood memories about adventures on chamber pots. Someone was interested in a continuation. Alas, I do not have more potty stories, only a story of the remaining potty gone missing.
My sister and I shared one large bedroom, where we also had our toys. Our beds were set up at right angles to each other against the walls. We kept one potty, the remaining enamelled one, underneath my three year old sister's bed in case she needed to pee during the night, as the bathroom was downstairs. Well, one early morning, the first rays of the sun had just come in by the window, I woke because my sister was crawling around the floor and underneath her bed. She was whimpering 'where's the potty, I need to pee soooo bad'. As we had received instructions to make no noise and not to wake our parents in their bedroom just across the landing, it must have been a Sunday morning, my sister did not want to go downstairs to the bathroom. And anyway she was in no condition to tackle the stairs, holding herself underneath her pink cotton nightie. I got up, looked under the beds: no potty. Frantically looking around my eyes fell upon the toy kitchen we had been playing with the ! day before. There was a toy stove that could be heated by candles complete with two deep saucepans, one frying pan with long handle and a toy water kettle. 'Here' I said, 'pee in these' and shoved the larger of the two saucepans towards her. Sis immediately hiked up her nightie, sqatted and aimed, letting fly at the same time. The first squirt missed but she shifted a little and managed to hit the target. With a hiss and a gurgle the pan filled. 'Stop!' She just managed to squeeze off the stream for a moment to place the second smaller pan in the place of the first, which got pushed to the side. In no time at all she needed the kettle as well. 'I can't stop, what shall I do' she wailed. As the frying pan was too shallow to be of any use in this case and because I had no more ideas, she proceeded to crawl under the bed to do the rest of her wee. The puddle was ramarkably small, as most of the pee drained into the cracks between the wooden floor boards. We never knew where to, a! s no stain appeared on the ceiling of the room below. The mess took quite a bit of explaining to our parents later, but they understood in the end. They seemd to be more disgusted by the fact that food containers, albeit toy ones, had been peed into than by the puddles on the floor.
So much for now, keep your stories coming, we all enjoy each others' posts, Rizzo

Mark and Plunging Plop Guy: Sure glad you guys liked that story I posted. I guess you both wanted to know more about my son Jason and his dumping habits. Jason is 16-years-old and does construction work (although he also attends courses at night in computer science). I divorced his Mom when he was 3 and my ex-wife got custody of our two daughters. Jason has been a real cool dude. With just the two of us living together, we have always been quite open about everything. Whenever we take a shit, we leave the bathroom door open. Sometimes, Jason and I are on the same construction crew and we leave real early in the morning to start work. Jason often comes into the bathroom while I am there and takes a dump. He is a real sports fanatic. He sits on the crapper reading the sports pages and tells me all about the teams he follows, while he dumps. He usually spends about 5 minutes each morning on the crapper. He is also a health nut and eats a lot of fiber. He usually pass! es real big shits. He is one of those guys who often forgets to flush so I often get to see the logs he has unloaded. He always takes a shower after a dump in the morning. Sometimes, I am taking a dump when he comes to the bathroom in the morning. He then just waits till I'm done and talks to me while I squeeze out my turds. The only thing he is firm about is that I should stay out of his room and I respect that. Some nights, a chick will spend the night with Jason and I have to remember to close the bathroom door when I take a dump. When his buddies are there, I leave the door open and some of them also do this. As I said, Jason is a real cool guy. Hope this is enough detail for you guys!

Pete: Hi dude! Yeah, I miss that old Florida beach restroom with the two unseparated toilets real bad! I think you asked whether I got to see the other guys' turds. Occasionally, I did. As I mentioned in an old post, some guys did not like to sit on the toilets. They were steel toilets without seats and were often real dirty. Many guys would kinda hover over the bowl and I could see their logs dropping out - that was the best. They would hit the water with a real loud plop because of the distance. Most guys would clean the rim of the bowl and shit sitting down. Usually, they would also wipe sitting down so I would miss seeing their logs since these were covered by TP when they stood up. Some guys would wipe standing up and I could then see into the bowl and see their logs. You are right. I did get "excited." Most guys would be concentrating on dumping and not on me. They would look straight ahead or even turn their head away. Anyway, I used to be dumping myself s! o I would just keep my dick directed into the bowl. If I got "excited", my hand would just keep it down. I had to be careful when done since I was usually nude having pulled down my swim suit. I therefore usually waited unitl the other guy was done then stood up and pulled up my swim suit. Take care, Justin

kim & scott
TO OUR FRIEND PV-great dumping girl. I tell you .It might be you thats our peeing and dumping queen eventually!take care girl!

A soup meal sometimes gives me the runs.
Last night was one of those cases.
I had a Thai coconut soup for dinner. Maybe it wasn't good coconut juice, because about an hour later, my intestines were gurgling and itching. I sat at my computer desk surfing the internet. I felt a fart coming on, and let it go - a mistake. It was wet. I had let a gush of mess into my pants. Luckily I was at home. I went to the bathroom and had a look. My underwear had a pile of smelly muck in it, and my jeans were slightly stained. I used a lot of toilet paper to clean myself up. If I had been out at a restaurant, it would've been really embarrassing. Throughout the evening I made half a dozen trips to the toilet. My butthole was getting sore from all the wiping. I wish it would all come at once, but it came in waves of every ten minutes. My bowels gurgled and itched throughout the evening. But I think it's all out of my system now. Perhaps the coconut juice in the soup had something foreign in it that my bowels were irritated by.

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

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Penny, Try again, it didn't work.

Gruntly Bogwell
Sorry, Fanny (nice name) I just got your inquiry post, regarding my poo encounter with Mira, the Vietnamese girl...she was having a hard time pooing in the "seated" position so she lifted up the toilet seat and squated on the commode bowl. She was wearing those low cut Ked's sneakers/tennis shoes which are very bendable. This gave her leverage to take a squatting dump. Mira is about 5 ft. 3 in. tall she has shoulder lenght black hair parted in the middle, that curls uder at her shoulders. Her eyes have that sexy almond look and are at a slight angle, dark eyes and an oval face, with a creamy complexion. Her pubic hair is not curly, but straght and hangs down like soft down, which is why it wafted on the air from the heater vent I was peeping through. The sight of her the underside of her bottom and her anus struggling to discharge its load was intoxicating! I hope this satisfies your curiosity and helps with your fantasies.

Chris: Hey buddy! Yeah, that experience watching the constipated, native American dude take a long, slow difficult dump was real cool. Honestly, it was a whole lot better than seeing the other guys on the construction crew taking dumps. Guys on construction crews are real crude and it grosses me out sometimes to dump alongside them. Most are older guys with beer bellies. Some of the newer guys are young and it can be real cool to watch them dump. I'd sure like to tell you about them, but I'm not real literary. Shitting usually consists of fart, grunt, plop and wipe without much variation and I don't know how to make any of these experiences shitting with other guys interesting for you. Let me know what kinda story you would like to hear or what details are interesting for you. My son, Jason, often works on our crew and he knows all the younger guys so they are friendly with me too.
Bryian: Yeah, the guy Andrew did take the Ex-Lax after he was done shitting. He and the other guy and my son left soon afterward and I missed the opportunity of seeing him shit again. I sure would have liked to be there to see the results of my treatment! When Jason came home later I asked him if the Ex-Lax had helped Andrew shit easier. He laughed and said "Hey is that what happened?" He told me that they were in the car on the evening of the day Andrew took the Ex-Lax. Andrew started quirming around and farting. Jason and the other guy, Mike, needed to piss so they all stopped at a Wendy's. Jason said that they went to the bathroom. He said that while he and Mike were taking a leak, they could hear Andrew farting and shitting like crazy in the stall. He also said that later when they were with some chicks, Andrew had to go to take a dump two or three times. So my treatment did work!

Bill: The story about the constipated native American guy taking a shit while you were shaving was just great! Please keep these great stories coming! Your son, Jason, sounds like a real cool guy with great buddies. Its too bad that he won't let you hang out with them when his buddies visit with him. With all those 6-packs and Ex-Lax the bathroom activity must be real hectic. Do you ever get to see Jason taking a dump? I'd be real interested to hear the details.

Billy L.
Poster, my dad is going to put some special paint in our basement at the cabin so what does not come through. Maybe that will help your smell problem. Now you know why we poo in the woods, not the basement.

Yesterday, it was snowing when we came out of school. I made my early morning poo. Kev said he had to poo before lunch. I said lets stop in the woods on the way home. He said ok. Josh and Eric, my little brothers were with us. Josh was on the potty at the preschool when we got him, but Eric said he needed a poo too. Weimin, cousin Billy, and bob were there too. Bob was pooing when I went to pee right after recess. Weimin and billy both said they need a poo. We stopped in the woods and got out of sight. eric and me went first. I made only a medium size log. I was kindof cold, and I did not want my butt to get too cold. Eric pushed out a lot. Then Kev and Weimin made a poo ours. It was funny seeing all the steaming poo. We had to pee then, so we all whipped out our weiners and peed on the poo, josh and bob too. We were there only about 4 minutes. WEimin said, lets go to my house and build snowman. We went to his house. WE called our moms to let them know were we are. We built a couple of snowmen, and went sledding. About 1/2 hour before we had to go home for dinner, weimins mom invited us in for some hot chocolate. We all went in. I had to poo again because I only got rid of like half my load. Bob had to go again too. I asked weimin if I can use his bathroom, and he said yes. Bob came too, and then others about 2 minutes later. While i wqs dropping my load, mary, weimins sister came in. Then all the others came in. I dropped two more logs, and wiped. Bob sat down and dropped a few logs. The other boys and me and bob then got around the toilet and peed. All the poos were sinkers, so we took aim at the toilet paper. When we were done, Mary said my turn. Weimins mom said the hot chocolate was ready. we went and washed our hands while mary was on the toilet. We could hear a log coming out plus her pee. She was done about the same tiem htat we finished washing our hands. She got up. She made the biggest log of all of us, and two smaller ones. She flus! hed and washed her hands. then we ate hot chocolate.

Samantha: I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Heather. Our condolensces to her family and you.

Melissa: I was reading the posts back to New Year's. Thanks for enjoying my story back then. I wasn't able to respond until now. I've enjoyed your stories, too.

Buzzy: Thanks for enjoying my stories. I like reading your stories, too. Some of them are hilarious. Anything more to the story of the telemarketer?

Jeff A.: I liked your story about the Hispanic maids walking in on you while you were taking a dump. The same thing happened to my husband Gary on one of his recent trips. Unlike you, he didn't quite enjoy the experience.

Summer: Great stories about your college bathroom experiences. I've also written several stories about my experiences during my college years. Even though they took place several years ago, I remember many of them in great detail. Your last story reminded me of some similar experiences when I was living in the dorms. I will post them later.

Once again, Gary and I send our prayers to Heather and her loved ones.

Hi all,

PENNY -- Hi Penny. Well, that was an experience to remember, your first outdoor poo with Linda at the horse show. I guess rural events are not always equipped with mod-cons, and the ability to 'go like nature intended' is a big aid to survival. Many thanks for sharing this, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to more extracts from your memoirs!

CARMALITA -- Hi grrlfriend! Darn, that's a nice thing to say! I'll visualize some flowers on the 14th from a cute latin lady! Please visualize some from a small redhead who likes lifting weights!

SAMUEL -- Hi Sam. I know that ep. of Xena, it's the one where Joxer's radish-stew gives the girls the runs. He later uses it to defeat a Scythian army, by giving them all diarhoea! They did some scat jokes in other episodes, there's one where Xena seems to be using a sit-down toilet in front of Gabrielle. You can't see anything, but they added the sound effect of a flush, then you hear a ZIP! as Xena gets up.

BUZZY -- Hi pal, thanks for the appreciation. Yes, that was a delicious dump, and I think I've got plenty more of them to come.

KIM & SCOTT -- Hi there, good buds! I'm basking in pride for my product to be called a "massive log" by none other than Kimberley herself! I'm eating plenty of fruit and cereal, so the 'intestinal broom' effect seems to be at work, and is paying off... The other day I did it again, I passed not one but two really good logs, I'd have guessed each was around 10 inches long, and this time more compact and a good inch thick. They flowed out with normal pressure, and the second followed the first immediately, as if I'd had a continuous 20 inches of poo lying in my rectum and lower bowel. I usually pass a few loose bits before and after as well, so it looks like I have around 2 feet in a normal motion.

It's also interesting to note that I'm pooing two, even three times over a space of some hours each day, and my really big stuff is often in the second opening of the day. If I could train my bowels to consolidate that lot rather more, then I could look for a thick, single-delivery, and I too might feel those delightful anal tingles, and take not a few seconds over passing, but a couple of minutes.

Then I'd really have joined the board's "big girls" of poo!

All my best to all,

PS: I've been very touched by the words of comfort from the board members to Heather's family and friends. The shock of loss is difficult to understand until it touches you. I contributed to another board a couple of years ago and something similar happened -- a girl who had been a regular poster in the days before I came to the board pretty much disappeared, and many months later a friend, tying up the loose ends of her estate, posted that she had been a Police officer -- and had been killed in the line of duty. To say that shock went around the board was an understatement.

It never gets any easier, and I'd like to add my expression of comfort to Heather's family and friends.

Marshall: I'm a 19-year-old blond gal. I have a great boyfriend. I was real interested to see your posts and similar posts from Donny and Andre. My problem is that I am often constipated and I would sure like to avoid laxatives. Anyway I showed your posts to my boyfriend, Jeff. He is 20-years-old and a real cool guy. I asked him if he would help me out in the way you describe. He was real reluctant. One morning when we woke up, I nagged him enough and he told me to get the KY-jelly. With me lying on my side on the bed, he put the KY on his index finger and pushed it up my asshole. He then said that there was nothing there and asked me to push down like I was dumping. When I was pushing he said he could just feel the tip of a turd. Jeff says that your technique just won't work because the shit it too high up to be reached by the finger most times. Is this true or do you and the other guys have any suggestions about how he can help me better using your technique? ! Do you really look like Denzel? He is a real sexy guy! All the best, Sue

TO METAMEUCIL MAN-Isn't that stuff great-I only rescently discovered the stuff and boy did it make me go-I did some 2 foot long turds with that stuff-I think i'll use it every now and then to clean myself out!Cool stuff!
TO CARMELITA & PENNY-I really enjoyed both your stories so much that i just printed them and I'm going to take them to the toilet in a few mins cause last nite I had a big bowl of home made pea soup and some pizza-a real BM combination-it really make me go-esp the pea soup cause this stuff was thick with lots of ham and v?????-so as i'm sitting here typing this,my ???? is giving me some cramps and my rectum is full-I really enjoy sitting here reading this forum as my rectum expands with my morning excrement-I was going to use the bedpan,but this might be too much for that-so i'm going to go and unload-I gotta go---------------------------------------------
Well it's been 20 mins and i'm back and it was grand-I took both stories with me and sat down and started to read Carmelita's first And when i read the part about you sitting down and farting first i let out a hissing fart too,but then I got a strong cramp and tried to hold it back but the pea soup was doing it's work and you know the part where you did the loose mexican part of your dump.i let out all this soft pudding stuff too first instead of last like i usually do-Then i continued to read your story and when you let out that big log with some farts and crackling,well i farted a small fart too and jsut when i thought it was going to be mush,this long,smooth turd started to push out my asshole and it came out slowly with some ThhhhhThSPPPpiittttt sounds and i stopped it and looked bewteen my legs and saw a long turd just about in the water and still hanging out my butt(just like you!)So i read the reat of your story and let it hang there for awhile-I loved your story-so! und like you really pushed out some stuff-Carmelita,As i'm sitting here,my dump so far smells pretty normal for me-i don't stink unless i have the runs when i'm sick ,but this does smell, believe me!Then I shifted over to PENNY's story as I felt a cramp and the lonf turd started to move again and fell into the bowl without a sound!The I sat there and as I'm reading the part about you,PENNY starting to pee and pushing out your "plug"followed by what you discribed as soft poop-I farted and pushed out a cascade of poo just like yours along with some wet farts that came out for about 15 secs as i grunted in relief- Tell me Penny,do you always poo like that?At this point ,i felt done but I sat there and read more of your story and the part where you discribe about Linda talking about Having an orgasm as she pooed-well that was great and promped me to do the same at that point too as I was pushing out some squgglies and mucus at the same time-it was super-PENNY,send some more stuff! -It made my morning dump really a pleasure along with my poo-buddy Carmelita!Then I looked in the bowl and saw 1 really long turd on top of what looked like chocolate Mousse and then a sizable pile of squgglies on one side of the bowl just about the same color as the pea soup.but a but thicker--Then i wiped my muscular butt and quickly jumped in the showwer for about 1 min and came back to the computer to tell you about it!-I never pooed any more yesterday,but all day I felt "full" well,it came out this morning all right,with the help of PENNY and CARMELITA-Thanks ladies for helping me go along with you and your great stories!Please, more stuff boy did this feel good letting all this stuff out-Whew-Hoped you guys enjoyed it too!I'm sure i'll be back for more stories myself(I feel like i'm going to have a good streak of pooing for the next few days)BYE

I saw a great peeing sceen in a movie a wile back. It was in the movie "hallow man" that came out last year. for those of you here that have not sceen this movie, here is a brief summery. the plot is very simple, a doctor wile doing reasearch has come up with a way to make a human invisable to others. during an experament in there reaserch bunker, this doctor becomes invisible. in one particular sceen they show an assistant (female, late 20's, tall) tell another assistant (male) "i have to take a piss" they then show her go into a co-ed facility and lock the door. this bathroom has 2 urinales and a toilet pus some lockers. she becomes a little worried that the hallow man is in there as she hears something. she then walks over to the toilet, starts to unbutton her pants and begin to sit down. she then hears another sound and puts on her infrared glasses to see if he is in there, wile she dosnt see him, she does see some heat from one of the urinales implying that he was there..! .they then show her on the toilet from the side and you a side of her butt and leg and then if you listen carefully you hear her begin peeing. this sceen is pretty good but is kinda silly in the fact that she is whereing those stupid glasses. the whole thing lasts about a min or two so its a pretty long sceen for a movie. the movie itself was kinda dumb, but worth it if you are looking for a good femal pee scean.

has anyone else scean this movie??

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to all in the toilet,

Firstly, My condolences to all of Heather's friends and family, and my best wishes for all of you while you feel her loss. May God, The Universe or however you regard the Ultimate Truth give you comfort.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I saw my doctor today about my own ongoing problem with soft and difficult-to-do stools and at last, feel I might be getting somewhere. Apparently my diet is most probably too rich in fibre and that is what is making it so difficult to clean up after and causing the urgency I sometimes get, apart from the discomfort from passing this type of motion. Hopefully, I,ll soon be plopping properly like most of you again, and as the doctor said- The hype about a high-fibre diet isn't always suitable for everyone.

Terrific post from you, BILL!!!! How I'd love to have been in your position, standing at the wash-basin while an athletic teenage dark-skinned guy sits on the toilet next to me, doing a loud fart, and dropping loud plops with lots of grunting and effort and completely without any embarrassment! I bet he was proud of himself and I envy him his dramatic shit. Constipation?? As long as he didn't feel pain or prolonged inconvenience, I think most of us envy him and would love to go like that. You're really fortunate to meet someone like that sitting on your toilet. I'd love to hear about any more of your son and his friends' open attitude and their sessions on the toilet. To get the chance to see what he'd done when he stood up to wipe his arse too!!! I'm just imagining the splashes those big solid turds would have made on a conventional British toilet!!!

All for now, Good Health and it's great to see so many kind letters of sympathy here as well as all of our graphic details we all love to share. That is what those of us no longer here would like us continue. P P G

I am very sorry to hear about poor Heather. How awful. My deepest sympathys to her and her friends here on this forum.

Carmalita: You're the only one who's ever answered me here, thank you for that. I kid around a lot, but I guess I did fall in love with your stories. Okay, and you! I'll admit it. You seem like so much more than just a girl who posts in here, but a carefree, loveable lady who is funny, and very refreshing. I laughed my ass off over your famous "stink-o-meter" and your "refried turds". I don't know any women who can be that open, and laugh at themselves like that. On top of that, you sound absolutely gorgeous!I'm anxious to here more from you. Okay, here is a description of me this morning. Like I said, I'm tall, and I have wire rimmed glasses, and I have longish blond hair. I usually go in the morning. I'm an executive, so I wear slacks, shirt, tie. I was reading GQ, and doing a big one. Not very exciting I know, but I grow a beard quickly, so on weekends I don't shave, and am pretty stubbly. I usually leave my bathroom door open so I can hear my answering machine,and I! take a while. Does that help the visual?

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to relate something. This morning on the Y100 Morning Show Philadelphia, they did it again! Another morning full of PEE! :)

As some may know, yesterday in the Northeast US, there was a sudden snowstorm that trapped people at work, in cars, school, etc. Philadelphia and eastern Pennsylvania got hit the worst. People were stuck on the road from early afternoon into the night. So one may imagine, people had to PEE BADLY!

The Morning Show was taking callers on the phone that were stuck in it all yesterday and to relate the stories of what and how they peed stuck in the mess. The most memorable ones were a woman peeing in a leather purse (she actually got a prize for that story!), a plumber used PVC pipe - he stuck the far end out of his passenger side car and peed from the drivers seat, a woman used the "cake pan" method - she took off her pants and sat on a cake pan she found in the back of her car. She couldn't get her pants back on while she was holding the pan of pee so she had to open the door and dump it bare arsed. That's all I can remember at the time... There were a LOT of people calling in about it!

If anyone not in the Philadelphia area wants to listen to the show and hope they talk about bathroom issues in the morning, they have it broadcast live on their website. Just search up Y100 Philadelphia or Y100.3 to get the address. The time is 6AM - 10AM EST.

Also wanted to mention that I'm wearing Glow-in-the-Dark boxer shorts today! They're a pretty cool Chinese dragon design and the dragons glow-in-the-dark. Anyone else out there have Glow-in-the-Dark underware??


Justin: Your story about that Florida restroom was real cool! I looked back on your old post about the teenager dumping with his friend passing comments - it was one of the best! I sure hope you'll share some more stories from there. Too bad that they put up stalls around the two toilets. Apart from the two teens in your post, did any other guys you crapped alongside talk to you or talk about passing their logs? Were the crappers close enough for you to see some of the guys' logs and were there any real big ones? I saw Chris asked how you covered your "excitement." How did you dude - I would have had a difficult time? Keep the great shitting stories coming. Pete

As usual i am sitting on the pot makeing a smelly creation. This is going to be a good one.this past weekend where i live they had a major golf tournement, the AT&T in pebble beach CA. Any now while walking the greens i came upon a restroom area, and i swear this is no lie i could hear and smell people pooping in the outhouses and here the kerplunk.I am sitting now and can feel my poop just hanging by the thread as i read Carmelita's post. i love to take a dump and read her post. Just curious Carmelita mention she took a dump out doors in a place called the gorge. we have a place where i am called the gorge in arroyo seco. the reason i ask is I saw a women pooping at the gorge, and i watched her from the bushes. After she left i went and added on to the pile. speaking of pile the toilet is full to the rimm with poop and you can smell it through the whole house. ive been siting here now for 15 minutes reading post from other people.I went out and bought a dinner for 2 and havent relesed till now its been 2 day brewing inside of me and now it all comes out. hehe A toilet clogger for sure.Keep up the good work all i love to sit and read and as allways take care and keep the woeds comeing.

Andre, I too have used the fingers inserted in my vagina when I have been a bit constipated. It does seem to help. Like your wife I am only too happy to let my husband accompany me to the toilet when I have a motion, He rubs and gently pushes my ???? and even wipes my bum when I have finished, but unlike her I most certainly am aroused by defecation as I have been since I was a kid, and so is my other half.

Regarding the story of the female tennis players and the two big jobbies in the hotel toilet, it is a commonly held misconception that most sportswomen are skinny v????? types. This may be true for some competators in track events, runners for example, but I work in Physical Education and participate in many sports such as (Field) Hockey, Netball, Volleyball, Women's Soccer and Cricket, and I also play tennis in a rather amateur way. I am not skinny, anything but, Im a large girl but its muscle not fat, and I eat a fairly balanced, not cranky or foodie faddie diet. As readers know my stools are very large and well formed, and often stick in the toilet pan. So I am not surprised that the girl tennis player did such a big motion. Now the poster of this story thought that the one girl may have passed both big turds. This could well have been the case, I have often done two really big ones at one sitting, but if the two were sharing one hotel room they may have both gone at ! the same time, and buddy dumped. When I was a teenager I once buddy dumped with my young brother, both of us did a really big 12 incher but everyone thought I had done both jobbies. After all, as we had been eating the same food and were of a similar build the two turds looked very similar in colour, shape and texture.

Like Moira I have been revealed sitting on the pan. In my case when at school. I wont bore you with the many times the toilet door was opened on me sitting on the pan in the Girls Toilet. Im sure this has happened to most of us as school toilets are notorious for having no bolts on the door and other pupils will either by accident or deliberately open the door when you are sitting there. It didnt really bother me, to be honest, and I have always been big enough to take care of myself so I didnt get bullied and would add I wasnt a bully either! The incident which happened with me was when I was about 16 and I was working out in one of the Gyms after school. One of the boys football teams were practicing on the playing fields. I needed a motion and went into the toilets in the changing rooms and sat on the pan. I knew there was no bolt on the dooor but this didnt worry me. I was doing the jobbie when the door flew open and one of the male PE teachers stood there and was in the act of pulling down his tracksuit bottoms preparatory to using the toilet himself. No doubt he thought the toilet was empty. The poor man turned scarlet and said "Sorry Nicola! I didnt know you were in there" I couldn't reply as at that moment my jobbie, a big one, dropped into the pan with a loud KUR-SPLOONK!" We both started to laugh which broke the tension of the situation. Finished I wiped my bum and pulled up my bottle green knickers and flushed the toilet, but as usual the turd stayed behind. He had gone by this time, no doubt to use the toilet in the other changing rooms. Although this incident didnt bother me at all, such accidents happen, I did notice that whenever I saw this teacher he would blush.

Carmalita: Nice description of a SUPER poop!!! I really like the smell, too! Can I take you and Renee out to the best Mexican restaurant you know for your next relaxing dinner, so you two can
continue your friendly competition?

Renee: Wanna have some Mexican food with us? I got a chuckle out of you having ice cream while on the pot... HA! Can't wait to get the next batch started? I'm disappointed, though, that I didn't get any good details about the finished product... can't really blame Carmalita, though... PLEASE(!) post about your next adventure!

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

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