hello all, its my first post and i thought that i'd just share this with you. When i was younger (about 12), I had a girl friend and we used to spend some time together after school just having fun and hanging about etc. On this occasion we had walked up to an old disused barn or cowshed, I forget exactly and she indicated that she really wanted to take a poo urgently. I remember vividly that we agreed that she would go in the old milking shed part of the barn and that i would stay where i was, in another room and she told me "dont watch..or follow me OK?" .. so she quickly scuttled around to the other room to do her business.

I remember finding a small gap in the old timbers that allowed me a view of the other room and being the inquisitive soul that i am.. i couldn't resist taking a peek... well i wasn't disappointed... I got there just in time to see her remove her pants.. and panties, quickly squat and begin her business.. well it's years ago now but i can still vividly remember.. I saw her expression of concentration as she started and as I had a side on view I could see the turd slowly appearing, then a sigh with a little push and this thin light brown.. nearly orange snake just seemed to burst out of her.. coiling up under her squatting bum. It seemed endless, and one thing that sticks with me to this day is that "C" was a redhead and with a very freckly complexion.. that snaky turd was almost the same colour as her hair.. and totally fitting with her complexion.. a red turd for a red lady..!! <smile>

I think we walked through the room on the way out, her little 'business" had been discretely hidden with straw. I don't recall ever telling her that i had watched her, or have I ever confided this to anyone until now.

Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good posts..!! I enjoy reading them.. especially the Ladies in the forum..<grin>


Hi everybody. Im a 22 year old guy and this is my first post here although I surf through this site regularly. For the moment all my bathroom experiences have been uneventful, however I tend to suffer from constipation and would like some advice. Are there other young guys who also suffer constipation? Please share your experiences.

I don't have time to write a story write now. I'm just posting because I'm worried about Heather because she hasn't posted in a while. I checked her most recent post and she didn't say anything about leaving. If you're still visiting this board Heather please post again, I miss reading your stories.


no of course im not disappointed...but ya gotta know these things right? :) Peace!

Hi there at the toilet!
It's been some time since the last of my infrequent, lengthy posts, but finally I've got something worth reporting again. I wrote this down some days ago but could not post it since my internet connection was down. But now that it's fixed, here we go.
My wife and me spent a week skiing in Austria. Ever since we got there she was constipated, presumably because of the change in scenery, and food. For three days her butt acted as if it was not there. On the fourth day she started to fart excessively, but still felt no urge to poop. On the fourth day she produced a single dry, rock hard, short, blunt, very fat, gnarled black carrot. After she had given a time-consuming birth to this wicked stool in our hotel bathroom (the thing caused a splash like a tank falling from a bridge) she said pushing it out had felt "like passing a wooden club with iron spikes". After this, she was still bloated with gas. During the night and all through the morning, she was haunted by recurring bellyaches which led to drawn-out, very noisy, on-and-off blowouts, some of which lasted almost a minute. In the morning she passed another very fat, black, segmented ball.
That day we went to the city of Innsbruck. The gas spells, most embarrassingly, continued to hit her with unbroken force, and got even more frequent through-out the day. Before going to bed, she said the pain was so bad she said she would try to "move things by use of force". Applying her special technique to relieve constipation (i.e. inserting two fingers into her vagina and pushing against the rear wall, thus putting pressure to the colon) she managed to produce a short, fat stump, a hen's egg, and a few nuggets, all pitch black, dry and rock hard. Night was hell again for her with constant stinging bellyaches and recurring lengthy spells of farting, mostly at a high, whining, tortured pitch. Finally, she fell asleep with exhaustion (pun intended).
Morning came; she awoke while I was in the bathroom, about to finish my pee. She came rushing in and shoved me out of the way, uttering sounds of alarm. She hovered over the toilet, pushed out her small but well-rounded butt, and started to bear down, closing her eyes and holding her breath, straining forcefully. After twenty seconds, a procession of three massive dark objects started to grow out of her butt at an inch a second, breaking off and falling into the pan like heavy sacks. Water splashed over the rim, and a look into the bowl revealed two wrist-thick, broken-off, compact columns, black to dark brown, eight and ten inches long, and a seven-inch carrot of the same girth. My wife insisted on trying the flush repeatedly, but all three pieces refused to go away. So we finished our bathroom routine, dressed, and walked off to the dinng room.
During breakfast, my wife was fidgeting in her chair. "I can't sit properly; my asshole is hurting", she said with a wince, "plus I need to fart big time again. And most certainly there's another good shit on ist way out, too." "Are you going off?" I asked, but she said, "No, I'm waiting until we get back to our room."
When we were on our way, she suddenly accelerated her step, and mumbled, "Oh my, I've got to hurry up!" We made it to our room just in time, and she plopped down on the pan immediately without closing the bathroom door. A very loud, and amazingly long trombone-like fart echoed through the room, and six or seven godalmighty splashes followed within the next five seconds. She some more minutes on the john, occasionally releasing resounding gas, but no more plops were heard. "This is at even more than I did before breakfast!" she commented afterwards, checking on her achievement. "I wonder where I keep all that stuff stored these days." She also pointed out that her early morning production was still floating in the pan. This time, she made not attempt at flushing, and I bet the chamber maid had something to admire later on, discovering the combined loads. However, come evening, everything was taken care of discreetly, and the monstrous filling was gone from the loo.
Still, things did not seem to return to normal conditions after that. My wife felt uncomfortable all day, and in the afternoon, after returning from skiing, she had to hurry again to avoid disaster. She used a toilet in a cafe, so I could not listen this time. She told me the sheer volume of material she released had been amazing again, only this time it had emerged in the form of two dozen golf ball sized pieces which she had forced out in a single, uninterrupted half-minute go, creating an almost ridiculously prolonged soundtrack of irregularly timed, deafeningly loud plops and splashes. "The lady next door who had come in at the same time, tinkled for ten seconds, and produced a short, muffled fart and a modest plop, was greatly impressed, and also somehow amused", she told me when she met me out in the street. "She approached me at the sink and talked to me in German. What she said would have meant something like, ,If my ears have served me well you must have lost twen! ty pounds in there'. I replied by stating dryly that it had been my third big load for the day. ,I can't believe that, honest to God!' she said, half laughing. ,What on earth have you been eating? And, whatever it was, how much of it?' ,Nothing special,' I replied, and released another very long, especially vulgar sounding fart which made her catch her breath with exasperation, pinch her nose, put the other hand to her mouth with wide-open eyes, then blush and giggle again. I think I have given her something to remember, too."
That was about it. My wife's bowel habits went back to normal after that for the rest of the holiday and ever since. Hope you enjoyed my account - good poos'n'pees to y'all!

I heard on a commercial the other day that some company is going to introduce wetwipes on a roll(like regualar toilet paper).
Any one here this? I forget who is making this

To historian: About "That 70's Show" I saw that preview...and i totaly forgot about it...then the next day i woke up and was thinking...i want to watch that show...there is some odd reason why i want to watch it. I knew there had to be a bathroom sceen or something. Thanks for reminding me about it.

samantha b. (heather's friend)
Heather told me to come here and tell you this... she has been in a very serious car wreck sunday, i visited her yesterday and she's in very bad shape. They're not sure if she will survive. :( :( :(

She can't post while she's in the hospital, i will post for her and I will print the posts and bring them to her.

I will keep you updated.


-Samantha B

Has anyone been really embarrassed for grunting loudly in a public restroom when they couldn't push out a big one, especially when others knew nothing was coming out? Maybe Pooping Girl, Moira, Kim and Melissa can give some insight.

Jacob G--nice story about the guy trying to crap in the restroom. It would have been interesting to see what it looked like when it finally came out.

I gotta go off to the bathroom and pass a big one, as it's been a few days.

Just saw Jennifer Lopez's new movie and heard her new CD.

I wonder. People always make so much of Jennifer Lopez's big butt. Do you think having that big butt makes it any easier for Jennifer to push out large, solid motions?

Plunging Plop Guy

I posted a long message the other day which I was uncertain whether or not it would be allowed and I now see that it wasn't so will try to remember the gists of the different themes I wrote about.
It was obviously a bit too explicit in certain parts and probably slightly off message. never mind, I'll try to modify it.

JUSTIN, Good to hear from you again and your details of the toilet in Florida, I bet you'd love to have the sensation of a good splashback when your shit drops in the pan. It seems a lot of guys in North America miss out on that with the shallower toilet pans, although I know not everyone likes it when the water splashes up anyway. As you say, you'd find it a turn on- try hovering over the toilet when you shit; that should make a bigger splash and a louder plop.
The toilets in Australia are apparently as good as the British ones in that respect, read the posts from DAZZ on pages 127 to about 135. He describes brilliantly his enjoyment of his turds plopping and his bum getting soaked by the splash! Or visit Britain and try our more traditional ones that sound great and are likely to drench your buttocks when a big solid turd is dropped!!!

SHAWN, Hi there! Just remember we all do it and that you're doing something quite natural, healthy and in the right place!
The acoustics must be really good for the sounds of the crackling as the solid turds get pushed out of your arse to be heard by the other guys! They're probably envious and admiring what they hear.

MARK, Thanks for more info on the layout and design of the toilets you've been to. 18" gaps under the partitions??!!!! Terrific! That must mean it's possible to lean forward and be able to see the guy's thighs and buttocks on the next toilet while he's sitting there!
Am I correct? My biker friend was on holiday in North Wales once and used a toilet at a camp site like that and said the 18" gap under the partitions and the doors meant that he could tie his shoe laces at the wash basins and see right across to the guys' thighs and buttocks as he heard their turds dropping! I tried to find this camp site but was unable to, but it was probably only accessible to those staying there.

JACOB G. Glad you found it interesting what I suggested re. your embarrassment at being known to be on the toilet. Don't you just hate it when someone in the family asks you how long you're going to be? Such a personal question!
I remember one Christmas at home with family and relations , we lived in an old house with beams so that the ceiling of the lounge was virtually the plastered floorboards of the upstairs. Anyway I must have had a stomach upset with too much rich food and the bathroom was directly above the lounge. It never occurred to me that even though I'd lived there several years, I'd never noticed hearing anything, but I wouldn't mind guessing that I was heard on that occasion. If I had known I'd be heard I think it would have been with a mixture of embarrassment and pride, as there were several people of different ages and both sexes.

CHRIS Hi!, Glad you're still enjoying what I love talking about.Have you heard anything good lately? All best wishes to you. I loved what you said about the Irish lodger and how it seemed to open this interest for you.

BRYIAN, Hi, Yes I've wiped my mate's arse for him on several occasions when he's got up from the toilet. We both considered it an honour and he's wiped mine. We've used strong bog paper and both like the sound and the fact that when we've got our arses well-splashed- the paper doesn't disintegrate in your hand.

I'll have to repeat the other comments and reminiscences next time but avoiding too much explicit material. It's about a buddy dump I had with my biker friend so will confine myself to the toilet and shitting details.

Have great bog-sessions everyone! P P G

Tony: No I only mentioned Jenifer Capriati because she happens to be in the public eye at present, although with her athletic build she does look like a woman who knows how to dump. The other players you mentioned are, of course equally athletic, and fascinating to think about when watching them play, knowing that they probably had a good big dump before coming on court.
As to whether the ends of the turds were ragged or smooth - I really cant remember, but I do remember comparing them in order to decide whether they came from one girl or two. Of course I did wonder which of the two had done the deed. They were both equally lovely girls, students I believe, and with rather posh accents.

Hello everybody!

PV - Hi girl, I'm back! I am catching up a little bit
now but there is still a lot to read. I read Steve's
letter about my mum and sis taking him swimming, and
I thought the part about the steel wall flushing
making my sister wee was very funny.
Last week was a bit dull when I was away. The room I
was staying in had its own little bathroom with a
shower, and I weed in it every morning and night,
which was very nice but I wished Steve could have
been there to see me do it. LOL once I was bursting and
I thought instead of my standing wees with my legs apart
I would stand with them really tight together. When I
let rip I had it running down my legs but a lot sprayed
out to the front as well.
I only had one dump while I stayed there and it was not a
very big one at all. I set up my mirror so I could watch
myself hovering over the bowl, but my turd was a bit
disappointing because it was not very big, about 6 inches
long, but it was fun to watch myself in the mirror.
I think I saved it all up for when I got home because the
first thing I did when I got home was to take Steve into
the bathroom because I needed a good piss and I felt like
a huge dumping session as well. Steve was a good guy and
took my knickers off for me, and I lifted my skirt and
hovered over the bowl. I really needed that piss and I
let rip a big geyser down into the water. When I finished
pissing, I squeezed out a turd that was about a foot long.
I really felt empty after that. Steve wiped me very well
and well, we went to bed after that!

KIM AND SCOTT - LOL liked your latest stories. Wow! Your
friends must have wondered if you do logs that size all
the time!

ANONYMOUS - Hi! I really liked that story and so does my
boyfriend. LOL girls who drink a lot sould not use lifts!
I always use the stairs. I mean I walk up and down them
not pee down them LOL.



kimberley and scott
greetings all! TO PV-hello there! thanks for liking the kim and scott posts. and to answer some of your questiones.yes i have always produced big logs ever since i was a little girl. but now that i have grown i squeeze out even bigger logs! my logs are now gigantic!! usually a foot long and up! and usually up!! I think my huge log size is due to my metabolism,proper exercise and diet of fiber cereal,fruits,vegetables,chicken, fish ETC. and yes my anus does expand real wide due to the size of my logs. i will continue to measure my logs for you and for the rest of the posters for your enjoyment but dont ask me to measure my ever expanding anus. it obviously stretches real wide due to my huge logs. thanks! plus my toilet can and does hold my massive logs in. half of my 25 incher was in the bowl hole while the other half stretched all the way out of the bowl water up the porcelain!!my toilet doesnt look it but it can hold quite a massive load! and it has fantastic flushing powe! r too! and with me it needs too!!haha!well thanks for liking our posts pv. scott and i appreciate it and we think you are something special too! bye thanks JOHN (VT) for liking our posts along with other people. we appreciate it .byeee

Good morning,all-Wanted to comment on the pic above-This girl looks like she is pissed off at something,but she does look like she just did a poo-looks like she is reaching with her left hand to get some toilet paper-hard to tell what's really going on-
Was at the supermarket this a.m.pretty early so i can beat the crowds to get some stuff and I was walking around getting stuff when I felt like I had to poop-so I figured I would just hold it till I got home,but after about 10 mins I knew I had to get to the toilet-So I found the toilet(I've pooed here before,so I knew where it was)The men's room has 3 bowls and a sink and as I'm walking to the bathroom,this guy gets in front of me with a newspaper and says to me"You know where the bathroom is?"I said"Sure,i'm heading there myself"He said"Oh good i'll follow you" and we get to the toilets and he says"Oh thanks,man" and when he saw that I was going into the stall he says"Listen,i really got to go bad and I hope you don't mind but this could be bad"I said "hey that's what this is here for,I got to go too" and as I'm cleaning the bowl off this guy goes into the next stall and pulls down his pants to his ankles and sits down and as soon as his butt hits the saet,he lets out this really loud fart and grunts and I hear the rustling of the newpaper and then I hear crackling of what sounded like soft poo coming out fast and I was just getting ready to sit down and he says as the poo is flying out his butt,"Oh man What a relief this is" and laughed.This prompted me to sit down and I let out a nice fart and right away the poo started to come out my anus and at first it came out slowly and then sped up and I exploded in the bowl with some pudding stuff and a wet fart.Then I heard this guy say"Hey you had to go pretty bad to huh?I just kinda grunted "yeah" and we started to talk about the football game and turns out he is a really big Giant fan so he went on and on about the game and every now and then as he was talking,he would grunt and fart and do some loose poo and at one point we both farted and I hcould hear as i was pushing out the tail end of my BM,that he was also pooing too-Like I've said before-i really enjoy when I can poo along with another persaon and we are both pushing out our loads at the same time-Then I wish he would flush it ,but he didn't and then I started to wipe my butt and he farted again and he was still going!So I flushed and got up and said"Hey have a good one,nice dumping with ya"He said "hey it was cool bet you feel better now huh? bye"I think we both kinda enjoyed it.Then I finished my shopping and came home and when I got home I had to poo again so I sat on the bowl and farted a hissing one and let out some soft stuff and just sat there for a bit and pushed out my asshole and got off good and then got in the shower-That was some unexpected fun at the market,esp when the other guy is into pooing along with me-Since i've been on this forum i've noticed that quite a few guys when they poo in the bowl really get into it with farting and pooing and grunting and they don't seem to care about who hears them-it's pretty cool,that's the way I enjoy it-that was fun!BYE

Greetings, all!

I must begin this post with praise for what I believe to be one of this site's greatest stories:

GRUNTLY BOGWELL -- thank you very much for bringing us Mira's story in fabulous detail. I remember your excellent stories of "well-proportioned" women from way back when. Good to see a triumphant return from you, and especially pleased that this woman had a good time in the process as well (or, at least it sounds like she did).

And now, other notes and comments:

TONY and MW -- I don't know what it is with pro tennis players, but you guys have really hit on something there. I especially have to agree with Tony's "wish list" picks of Vicario and Kournikova, as well as the Williams sisters. Maybe it's because of those short little skirts that show their rear ends to great effect...actually, on second thought, now I know that's what it is.

KIM & SCOTT -- I think LOGGER hit the nail on the head when he (she?) predicted that you were "saving it up for a big one." How right that was. Kim, I am absolutely in awe of your twenty-five inch accomplishment and can only imagine how that must have felt coming out. Or, for that matter, how the toilet must have felt while trying to contain that log.

BILLY L. -- Interesting coincidence, meeting that same little kid again. Based on his casual approach to the subject of pooping and peeing, I think you and your buddies really helped him out with his feelings in the McDonald's incident. Obviously, he doesn't have any problem holding back his need to go anymore. (And apparently, his dad was doing alright to start with.)

CARMALITA -- All I can say is that I hope you and Renee are feeling quite empty now. And, good to hear that you got that monster blockage out before the big game. I mentioned that I was a tad "full-up" a while back; I managed to clear that up on Friday with a good foot-long log. In my post-natal (hee hee!) inspection, this particular turd was very rough and knobbly at the beginning, which probably helped with the stoppage. Thankfully, however, a bucket and finger were not required!

PLUNGING PLOP GUY and JOSH -- My best experiences in hearing the pooping sessions of others have been generally in older buildings (built before the mid-1980s), as there was apparently more emphasis then on simply providing toilet facilities and less on how enclosed the occupants would be. But as Josh says, in the USA there really is no set guideline or particular style for restroom design. I will mention, however, that several of this country's large retail chains (most especially the big blue store that starts with a "W") are beginning to "tighten up" the gaps in their newer stores. To wit; I have begun to notice the use of plastic stall partitions that are affixed to the wall in a continuous seal from top to bottom. This, of course, totally takes away the possibility of seeing someone in the act of pooping. Even worse for our pastime is the growing use of non-reflective tile, which (I would believe) has to be harder to clean than the usual glossy tile. Therefore, Josh's! discovery of the addition of stalls at his Florida beach simply follows this sad trend. But, such is life in the new politically-correct world we live in. (Proceed to let out a deep sigh now.)

But now I've talked too much. Carry on, friends!


Not been here for a couple of weeks, so the comment I am about to make about the new picture may already have been made. It looks as if the lady is not wearing any panties under her jeans.

A question to the females on this page. When you go and sit on the toilet for a pee, do you also always fart, or maybe just sometimes? Or maybe you never fart on the toilet? Please tell us.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

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