A recent incident that I thought everyone here would appreciate:
I was returning back to my office from lunch break and entered an elevator with four cute guys from another office, a few strangers, and this ditsy administrative assistant (twenty-something, perfect body, and always flirting). She is secretly known as "water bottle girl", because she practically always has a giant water bottle fused to her hand. She is an over-hydration freak. So, we were all packed in the crowded elevator hardly able to breathe. The woman starts flirting with the guys right away. About half way up, the elevator stops and the emergency lights come on. They were about as dim as a candle. After only 5 minutes, the water bottle woman starts a pee dance and says she's about to burst. After another 10 minutes, she was in dire trouble and announces she is unable to wait. Her friend suggests that she go just a little to hold off the flood, because help would not be much longer. Everyone on the elevator was dead silent. The woman dropped to a deep knee bend crouch, tugged at the hem of her skirt, for modesty, with one hand, and the other disappeared under the skirt to adjust her underwear. Nobody could move an inch. A few seconds later, a gentle hiss and quiet spattering on the carpet started. After about 5 seconds it subsided. I was thinking "wow, what control" when the woman gasped and there was a powerful hissing and spraying sound. She lost control and was peeing all over her friend's shoes, and splatters were getting onto several of the guy's pants. She couldn't get her stream angled downward enough, so the situation continued until her bladder (which was huge) had emptied. She cried and everyone else was still silent, but irritated with spattered pants and a wet floor. Not more than 5 minutes later the elevator started and everyone left. I heard the guys all joking about her and the water bottle on their way down the hall. Now I think twice before I guzzle a lot of water when I am not thirsty or dehydrated, or when I see all the other women with their water bottles. I think that could have been me.

Kendal - Standing to pee is the greatest! Try it in the shower, outdoors, or into a cup or bowl. That creates less mess.

I seem to remember a bunch of women who were going to measure there bladder capacity and post it (including Kendal). What happened? I only remember Louise. If I missed them, can they repost? Mine is 650 ml when really uncomfortably full.

James D.
One time last year. I got real bad food poisoning from eat-
ing fried chicken. I ended up
getting the shits and the pukes.

MW WOW! are you saying that Jennifer Capriatti actually did these two big jobbies in the toilet or that the 2 girl tennis players were just rank outsiders. Whatever, it was a fantastic experience.

I have to say I deplore the habit some people have of putting a large wad of toilet paper in the pan to hide a panbuster turd. This will only exascerbate the situation by making a real blockage which will need a plumber to clear. Far better to simply leave the big jobbie and let someone else remove it. For all the doer knows it could well be someone like MW or myself who would be turned on by such an experience and not be squeamish about removing it. I have always left my turds behind when they have stuck in the pan. Like you MW I have long had a fantasy list of women who I imagine doing a really big solid motion and my seeing it in the toilet pan after they have done it. Most of the female tennis players are on that list, Jennifer Capriatti as you have said, Martina Hingis, Aranxa Sanchez Vicario, the two Williams Sisters, Gabriella Sabatini, Anna Kornikova, and of course Steffi Graf. I did once talk to a man who had worked in one of the large hotels in Brighton where the said Steffi had been playing in an indoor championship. He said that he had been cleaning her room after she had gone down to play and there was a big long jobbie in the toilet pan. Now this may have been an invention on his part but could well have been true. I do know that many athletic sporty women pass large solid motions. My own wife Theresa plays (Field) Hockey, Netball, Volleyball, and some other sports and her turds are nice, long, fat and well formed. As to the contention that the two big jobbies this tennis playing girl passed were one massive turd breaking apart as it was passed, this could be true, but having observed quite a few women, (with their complete agreement) doing large motions, in particular Moira, my best mate George's wife and of course Theresa, I know that they will often pass two distinct jobbies. To produce two 12 inchers is quite some motion but I have seen Moira do a very fat 12 incher then after getting her breath back, pass an equally thick one about 8 inches long. As both had smooth ends not ragged which would have suggested a single large turd that had broken in two as it came out I would consider that in this case Moira had done two distinct big jobbies and she also considered this to be the case. MW, can you remember if the 2 big whoppers you saw and removed after the tennis girl had done a motion had ragged or smooth ends?

This happened to me when I was on a training tip with my college swim team. I had been coughing a lot for like 2 days and one afternoon we were doing drylands(situps, pushups, etc.) and I started to get really bad cramping in my stomach. As we were doing crunches my stomach started to get really bad, so I went up to one of my coaches and told him that I needed to go to the bathroom. Of course he was not pleased that I would leave in the middle of drylands and he told me that I should be better prepared for practice. I ran to the bathroom and I had explosive diarrhea. When I finished I went back to practice and tried to do more abs and stuff but my stomach was not liking me. We left the gym and headed over to the pool for the rest of practice. As I was getting ready to swim my stomach did another summersault and I ran to the bathroom where I had explosive diarrhea again. After i was done I was shaking and sweating. I knew I still had to try to practice. I figured I wou! ld be fine but I was wrong. I did about 4 laps and my stomach could not handle it any longer so I jumped out of the pool and ran to the bathroom where I had the runs again. By now I was feeling really sick and I could not stop shaking. Practicing was out of the question so I went over to my coach and told her my stomach was not feeling well. SHe let me go back to our dorms where I continued to have diarrhea. I tried eating something and soon I had to use the bathroom again but this time I puked. I felt much better after I vomited. I went to dinner later that night but only ate toast and drank water. I felt fine that evening. I guess it was something I ate but I still dont know. I woke up the next morning with a sore throat probably from puking and kind of weak but other than that I was fine. There was a kid on my team with a stomach bug or something so I think I might have caught a slight touch of it from him. Thats another story and I will post it later.

To JUSTIN. I really enjoyed reading your post about your buddy dumps in that awesome toilet in Florida. I remember thinking how good it sounded when you posted about it the first time. How on earth did you manage to conceal your excitement watching these dudes dropping their loads?
JACK from South Wales. Loved your story of you pooping in the woods and knowing that you were being observed. I frequently drive from London to West Wales (usually about once a month)You'll have to let me know which exit off the motorway!
I very often poop outdoors when I walk my dog. Last week I climbed onto a wooden bench in the woods close to where I live, squatted over the back of the bench and dropped my load. It was 6:30am so there was no-one else around. (Unless someone was observing me without my knowledge!!)
PLUNGING PLOP GUY. Always a great pleasure to read your stories. I'd love to buddy dump with you.
Take care all


Billy L.
Mike: The only person whose butt I wipe is my little brother's. He is 3 and can't wipe himself well. I really don't want to wipe anyone's butt. I don't really enjoy (it does not bother me either -- my dad and mom and big brothers used to wipe me when I was little).

Over the weekend, we went skiing on Saturday to celelbrate cousin Billy's birthday. We were watching my friend Bob while his parents went away for the weekend. And Billy's friends Mike and Pete went along, as did Kevin, my older brothers, and Billy's older brother and sisters. Saturday, we got up at about 6:30. We ate breakfast early, and got on our way. My little brothers stayed in the cabin. We got to the ski place about 8:30. Most of us went to the bathroom for a pee (only Kevin had to poop). Kevin, Billy, Mike, Pete, Bob and Billy's sister and me stayed together, while my brothers and Billy's oldest sister and brother went off together. My mom and aunt got lessons for us all. WHile we were having our lesson, Bob (he has leukemia and throws up sometimes without warning form chemo) turned to the side and just puked. We said, lets move a little downslope (furtunately, we were off to the side and bob threw up off the slope). The ski teacher said, are you ok. We said, he's ! fine. He does that all the time. Then he took his hat off, and said, yeah, my food sometimes goes with my hair.

We met at 11:00 for lunch. After lunch, none of the boys had to poo, so we just peed. We decided that we would check in with our older brothers at at 2:30 in the lodge. About 1:15, I we were at the top of the slopes. I said lets head back to the lodge because I have to go ca ca. Kevin said me too. So did some of the others. When we got to the lodge, we all went into the bathroom. Our cousin sammy (short for samatha) went into the girls room. There were about 30 urinals and 30 toilets. There were six of us, and we took the last 3 on either side. We all sat down and started pooping. A group of guys came in and sat in the stalls next to us. We heard them talking while we were talking. I said, Tommy is that you? He said, Billy? I said yeah. 10 boys, and we all had to poo at the same time. Anyway, it worked out well, because we all were able to get our poo out, and back on the slopes.

About 3:30, I said I have to poo agian. Only Bob also had to poo. I said, lets stop at the first aid station. So Bob and I did. Bob had to poo first and then I went. We missed one run and met everyone at the bottom.

When we got back to the cabin, I had to pee. Kevin and Mike had to poo. So Kevin and Mike went into the bathroom first, while everyone else help onpack the trucks. There was only one load for each of us, so it was not a big deal. I went up to pee. I looked in the little potty my little brother use. The was liquid poop in it. I siad gross. Kev and Mike said, yeah, there was nasty stuff in here before we sat down. Mom came in while Kev was still pooing and said be real quiet, your brothers were sick today. I said, I see. She said Josh was pooping a lot and Eric puked a few times. We went downstairs for dinner (I emptied the potty first. but washed real good.)

During dinner, none of the little kids came. After dinner, I had to poo again, and Eric came in. He said he was feeling better. He sat down and let out a smelly liquid poo. Josh came in when Eric was done, and did the same thing. My brother Justin came in for his daily poop when I wsa there, so he got to empty the potty.

We were all feeling tired, so mom had us get ready for bed with the little kids. Eric and Josh both made diarrhea agian. Mom put them to bed, then we went to bed. About 3 in the morning, Josh came to me and said he had to poo. SO I took him in. When Josh pooping, Eric came into the bathroom. They both made only a small amount of poo. I am surprised they even had to get up.

About 7, I felt pretty sick. Eric got up. He sat on the toilet. Then I felt like i had to go. All of suddent, I really had to go. So I sat on the little toilet. I pooed out some normal solid stuff, then passed som liquid poo and pee. I almost overflowed the potty. Eric came in and said what are you doing? I said, you guys made me sick. Tommy was the only other kid to get sick. He threw up a few times in the middle of the night, but he did not get diarrhea. I had to poo about 8 times during the mroning. Mom made me drink a lot. By about 10, I was done pooping and felt better. I didn't have to go to church. Tom and me watched the little kids, while everyone else went to church. By noon we were all back to normal, except I was not really hungry. Mom made me and tom some soup. After lunch, we worked for a while. Because I was feeling better, mom let us go outside. Everyone went outside.

This morning, I got up on time. I did not have to poo until after school (we went in the woods - me and kevin and bob and joey). This time we all went one at a time, on the same pile. I was the last one to poo. My first turds were small, but normal, but the end of it was liquid poop again. It was pretty funny, because there was solid poop surronded by burn ice from my diarrhea. I was also the first time in a while when I had diarrhea outside. Then about 8 of us went pee on the pile at once. Afterwards, we all went back to the school to wash our hands. Bob said we should, so that he does not get sick.

Anyway, i guess it could have been a lot worse. IF I got the runs while I was skiing, it would have been pretty nasty. And if bob got sick, he could have had to go to the hospital. (Mom made us wash our hands a lot.)

Hey, everyone. Watch "That Seventies Show" this week. Saw a preview last evening and it contained a clip about a girl putting high powered laxatives in a pan of brownies. It showed a group of teens (male and female) running to find a bathroom. Probably won't show anything too revealing, but might contain some rather interesting dialogue. Later.

Hi, everyone!

Super Toilet Bowl Sunday indeed! Some superb posts to read in my
catching up after the disappointing game!

Carmalita: TWO great posts from you I hadn't read... WOW! That
20 incher sounded incredible! I would have loved to have assisted
as Renee did... and your Super Toilet Bowl adventures were fun to read about, too... I LOVE your enthusiasm!

Kim: And OF COURSE you're right that your fans would LOVE your post!
I was just starting to wonder where you'd been lately... that post more than made up for the wait. A 25 X 3 inch MONSTER!!!??? Incredible! I SO wish I could see AT LEAST the picture (sigh!), but
PV is right that hearing about it is special, too... although I
really can't get a mental image of something THAT awesome... WHEW!!

Buzzy: Thanks for the advice on avoiding becoming Metamucil- dependent. I'm giving it a break now. My last couple of movements
have been more ordinary- one solid piece about a foot long.

To josh: Do it!! Poop in public!! I used to be shy about pooping in public(especialy around kids my own age) untill i was in 10th grade, i got the currage to poop around kids my own age. Why did you have to give samples of your pee???

To Matt: I liked your story about your Cousin... Speaking of people wiping each others butts that was just on my mind...
Any one ever wipe someone elses butt(or they wipe yours)??
I wonder how it would feel(bet it would feel good).

To Billy L: Is it really true that you guys wipe each others butts??
I love your stories.

To The messenger: Intresting story about the robber...did they recover the jewels??

I am now going to experiment with my bowels - I bought some 100% wheatbran from Sainsbury's, which consists of just fluffy 100% bran. The packet cost just 49p, and will last a month!

This is not the rock-hard bran normally associated with the conventional cerials which are artificially fortified with other nutritional variables, but this is extremely solublea and 100% fibre, so i may mix it in hot chocolate so as to intake more of the stuff (albeit it may taste boring on its own.

I will let you all know of the results - I intend to shit my shit out and feel the pleasure of cleaniness, just like changing the oil of your car!!

I wish I was in your shoes my friend - but I would love to meet that lady who knows how top shit (AND MY GIRLFRIEND STILL DENIES ME HER BUM WHILE CRAPPING!)

That was a very interesting shit you presented to that spectator... Please tell us more of your shitting records

JacobG in Florida
Pete: I'm glad you liked my story about the guy in the restroom at the bookstore. Although I not positive, there are several reasons why I'm fairly sure that he was unsuccessful in pinching off a log or two: First, as he was spreading his butt checks, he was in a stooped-over standing position with his butt above the toilet. I could clearly see his puckering anus, but I never saw anything come out. Second, I never heard crackling or kerplopping sounds and I never smelled anything. Third, when I was at the sink washing my hands, I heard him let out a few choice words then slap the wall or the floor or something. I took that as a fit of frustration because he couldn't get it to come out. After another loud continuous grunt, I heard the sound of him pulling up his pants, but I never heard wiping. I've seen some other interesting things in that restroom. One time, I walked in just in time to see a guy remove his shirt, hang it over the grab bar (it's a handicapped stall),! then lean forward so far that his head was resting on his knees. I love that position. He started straining gently, but did not come off the toilet, jump up and down, and carry on as the other guy did. Another time, I saw a guy hovering above the toilet and could see his turds coming out.

Last night while channel surfing, I came across that Jackass episode on MTV Bryian mentioned where the guy dressed like Santa Claus (maybe Johnny Knoxville?) is going through some sort of bowel cleansing procedure. At the end, he runs and sits on a toilet. The guy that administered the procedure shows him some sort of footstool he can put his feet on while he's sitting on the toilet. He uses it and makes some remark like, "that's great". I'm not sure of the purpose of the footstool. Maybe it's to help him get in a better position for pushing out the rest of the fluid. The whole thing mesmerized me.

It's starting to storm outside, so I better shut down my computer. I do have more stories to tell and will do so soon.


Wow! Your regular poos in the gully above the beach were fabulous, and to perform like that for an appreciative peeper was a very daring and delicious thing to do. It was entirely harmless, certainly, you both enjoyed it greatly, and I can say you've whetted my ambition to deliver a similar production number in the great outdoors one of these days!


Another super post -- you and Renee have the most wonderful experiences together. Your buddy dump was spectacular and delightfully described. Renee certainly does deliver a barrage! I hope you two have a really fantastic opening in the woods, and I'm sure we all look forward eagerly to your account of it!



Buzzy's the day after the super bowl and my Giants got whupped real bad-What a massacre(34-7)!But I watched the game with some friends and we had a good time eating our butts off and having a few beers-I'm not much of a drinker(2 beers for me)I had to drive,so I took it easy Anyway,yeaterday I didn't poo all day and I'm sitting here reading all your posts and I can feel the fullness in my gut and the cramps are starting>got up about 10 mins ago and I' drinking my OJ now as I Type this,so as I'm waiting for my morning urge to build up,i'll comment on some posts-
TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-WOW you lucky guy you!I would love to see a beautiful oriental woman do a good load-I really enjoyed your story!I printed your story and I'll take it to the toilet with me sometime to enjoy as i poo!
TO PENNY-That's a cool story with you pooing on the rocks at the beach-I'll bet that guy got an eyefull!It's kinda cool to poo with someone watching isn't it?Wish I was there,I did it a few times by a RR track and when the train went by I squatted and pooped and it was a cool rush cause I know some people on the train saw me going!(check my old posts)You sound like you poo pretty fast too-Wish i was there to see it too-Sounds like it would be a very entertaining view!Good stuff!
TO CARLMELITA-Hi there poo-buddy!I saved you for last cause right now right after I read you 1st post with you doing that big,smelly poop with Renee,I got to go let out my super bowl food in the toilet and I've been holding this for about 15 mins and I've got a full rectum and the cramps are really getting strong-I'm going to go to the bowl now so hold on while I shit--Oh man I gotta go!-----------
OK i'm back-I went into the bowl and decided to squat over the bowl and spread my cheeks-as soon as I spread my cheeks,the turds came out really fast-2 real long ones and they were a bit on the soft side followed by a wet fart-then I came back in the computer room and I'm sitting here tellng you about it -the whole thing lasted about 15 secs,but as I sit here I can feel I'm not done yet-So i'll keep talking to you till i have to go again!-Hey Carlmelita,I would love to have you sit on my lap as I poo and have you pooing at the same time-That would be fun wouldn't it?-I think the best would be if you and I went out to the woods and sat on a big log together and pooed across from each other about 2 feet apart so ww could enjoy each other's poo view-I just read your 2nd posts with Renee doing that good load first and you ther with her!I love it!Hey I gotta poo some more,hold on a min------------------------
OK Now i feel done-I took your 2nd story and printed it and took it with me to read as i pooed -you know the part where you talk about her grunting and pooing,well, that's when I let my load come out as I read that part-It'a like we were all pooing together!I farted a small fart and let out the rest of my morning excrement-It came out like toothpaste from a tube-A lot of long thin,soft turds and every now and then a hissing fart in between-then ending up with a explosion of pudding poo as i grunted in relief-every time i felt like more was coming out i read more of your story-It was greatiYour stories a better then a strong cup of coffee for me-Then as i finished your story i pushed out some long string of mucus and the last one just hung out my butt down to the bowl and I finally had to wipe it off and then wipe my butt which was a bit messy from splashback-then I jumped in the shower and here i am!I'll teel you the stories lately have been super from all!Been having plen! ty of stories to print and take with me to the toilet!Hoped you enjoyed my super bowl poo,Carlmelita,It sure felt good for me!Well i'm off keep up the great stuff BYE

Monday, January 29, 2001

I'm really tired but wanted to put in a quick note. Kendal--of course I'm not upset with you for not trying the standing pee. It brings back very traumatic memories for you of what happened when you first tried it. Take your time and whenever you feel comfortable, great. Until then, we all support you 100%, except for Andrew who supports you 300%!

Lou, Ellie & Kev--Andrew is giving you guys wonderful advice. I would suggest listening to him.

DM--no problem :)

I don't remember what the poop I had after being constipated for so long was like. It was always painful and most likely enema-induced.

Okay one quick story and a longer one. Isn't it really embarassing when someone comes looking for you and you're in the bathroom? Today during services, I went to the bathroom (which is downstairs). I wasn't going to go to the bathroom, just to take care of woman things . . . so I'm in the middle of doing so when this guy comes downstairs and yells my name. I was like "what" and then he left...

I had a date tonight. I was wearing a long black skirt, a sleeveless velvet (low cut) black shirt and a button down purple shirt over it with lots of sparkles and everything. We went into the city for dinner (Italian) and I drank lots of water. I didn't have to pee when we left the restaurant. Anyway, we walked around the city a bit, went into a bookstore. Shortly, I had to pee and I couldn't find a bathroom in the store we were in, so I didn't do anything and we walked some more and went into another book store. We were in there for a long time and I was starting to get really desperate, but I didn't want to say anything. Finally, I was just dying (and also had to deal with the woman thing fairly soon to avoid a big mess) and I asked my date if he knew of a bathroom there. He didn't think there was one, but I asked the employee and there wasn't one. So then we went across the street and down the block to a coffee shop and asked them. They didn't have one. I sai! d to my date "it's okay, I can wait" but I didn't think I could and I would be in serious pain, but he was sweet about it and said "it's okay, when you gotta go, you gotta go" Finally, we went to Au Bon Pain and there were signs everywhere saying that the restrooms were for customers only. There was a manager on the floor and my date asked him to open the bathroom for me (I'm perfectly capable myself, but he did it before I could say anything). I was sooooo relieved and just had such a strong pee there. The toilet was stainless steel and the pee resonated against the bowl. I took care of my other business, washed my hands and we went out into the cold to wait for the bus. I really wish there were more public bathrooms accessable in the city. Anyway, I gotta pee quite bad again now and get some sleep.

Some of you have been discussing poo euphemisms such as "bowel motion" or "number 2." When I was about 9 years old, I was quite shocked when one of my teachers (a woman) said she had to the toilet because she "needed a shit" - in fact the class went silent! Since moving to America, I noticed people will use "dump", "crap" and "shit" much more often, although of course most people will go to the bathroom without announcing what they plan to do there. My female boss, however, will often say in a meeting, "be right back, gonna take a dump". She's the one I've mentioned before who will often ask one of us to continue a meeting with her while she's taking her dump, leaving the stall door open as we talk. Once I had to go up to her to sign something and could see a log dropping from between her legs as I did so! She's quite a character!

My bedwetting seems to be getting worse instead of better. When I was 9 or 10 I would only wet my bed about twice a week and now (I'm 15) I wet every night. I had been asked by my mother to go back to wearing diapers a couple of years ago and have worn them every since.
Last week I stayed home with a terrible touch of the flu and wore diapers pretty much around the clock. I pooped my diapers twice which wasn't that pleasant but probably better than making a mess in bed. I feel OK again but decided to wear diapers all day today and wet myself 3 different times. My mother caught me in wet diapers and was a little confused to say the least but didn't make me take them off. The embarrassing part was when my girl friend came by and found out I was still wearing diapers. I think I'm going to get a lot of teasing from this one. But I told her if she told anyone I would tell about the times she has wet her pants, so we will see.

Back in my teenage years, my parents used to run a small boarding house. It was during this time that I first discovered that some people produce much more shit than I had previously imagined.
There were two young woman tennis players staying (the only guests at the time), both aged about 18/19, and quite attractive (important to me at the time!).
One morning, I was left to clear up after the guests had finished breakfast. I heard them use the bathroom and then leave for their tournament. Having cleared up and washed up I went to clean up the bathroom, check the towels etc. I noticed a strong aroma of shit as I walked in, and went to open the window to air the room. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the toilet appeared not to have been flushed, which seemed strange as I was sure I had heard the flush - twice. On close inspection it became apparant that the toilet was actually blocked, and someone had put a load of paper down on top. I was quite excited at this discovery, and carefully lifted the paper to see the extent of the blockage, and I was amazed at what I found. There were two enormous logs, too large to get round the bend due to the fact that they were very thick and quite firm. Both logs were the same colour and texture, and were probably the result of one massive turd breaking apart during deliver! y. My conclusion was that one of the two tennis players had produced this huge bowel movement, and on discovering that it wouldnt flush, had disguised the fact by covering it with toilet paper.
I had to clear the blockage by hand, which I didnt mind too much because it had been produced by an attractive young woman. I got some newspaper and laid the logs on it (they were still warm), before wrapping it up and disposing the parcel in the rubbish bin. I would estimate the logs were easily two and a half inches thick, and each was about a foot long. One of them alone would have been far bigger than anything I had imagined anyone could produce, and way out of my class!
Having read posts on this page for some time now, I realise that such monsters arent unusual for active young women (in fact my wife occasionally blocks the toilet with a big one).
It does occur to me when I see international tennis players in action that they too might well produce huge bowel movements. Am I alone when I confess to fantasies of seeing Jennifer Capriati (with her powerful shoulders and wonderful thighs) unloading her massive logs into a hopelessly inadequate toilet?

Today i went to this restaurant and it was pretty empty, excpet for a few big parties any way im sitting there looking around i noticed this big party and they had atleast 6 kids with them and it kinda reminded me of Billy and Kevin L and their brothers don't know why. Then i wanted to use the bathroom and the back is narrow and i couldn't get by so i waited till these people left and before i went in i noticed one of the kids came out of there. I went in there to pee and to wash my hands. I noticed that the seat had piss on it and the toilet had really yellow pee in it(unflushed). I bet those kids did that. I flushed it and washed my hands and left.

I was watching a tv show last night on disney, its a new show called Lizy maquire or something like that i think. I swore there was going to be a bathroom sceen on that episode cause this boy who was about 7 was sick with fever and and his mom wanted it down before he watched tv so he went to the refrigerator and ate some jalopeno peppers(it would cool him down and make him sweat) then his mouth was burning and he picked up the first bottle he saw and started drinking it out of the bottle cause his mouth was so hot. He looks at the bottle and he realizes it was prune juice. I thought maybe in a few minutes there would be a sceen where he was on the toilet from the peppers and the prune juice. It didn't happen, wish it would have.

To josh: I liked your story, that sucks that, that old lady saw you naked on the toilet

I like the new pic up there!! It looks like someone who i went to school with...doubt that it is her.

Hello my friends
I never ever pooped in a public bathroom before except when I was like really young at kinder garden and I am wondering is it embarassing at all? I mean that one guy, he pooped and all kids at my school started laughing at him and said that he stunk up the bathroom and stuff and I don't want anyone to do that to me. as I said sometimes I act sick so I could go home and poop. I am not a shy person at all but when it comes to public bathroom or pooping outside my house, I feel like a stop sign hits me! I dunno should I do it???
By the way I don't like the new picture because it's not natural at all.
there is something that I also really hate and that is when I go to the hospital and they want a sample from my pee and I already peed in the morning and I just can't do it and my mom keeps on forcing me that she would give me her hand to squeeze so hard so actually some pee would come out. that happened once and since then if I go to a doctor or a clinic or even a pharmacy now, I have to drink 10 glasses of water!

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