TO PENNY-I for one would like to hear any of your outdoor poos and also any of your friends also-i'm also an outdoor pooper(when weather allows)Check some of my summer posts-outdoor pooing is the best!
TO COPROLOGIST-Oh i've had my share of the silent pooers in public toilets and they are a drag esp when you are really doing a good dump and they are doing Na-Da-I run into those folks a lot,i just don't bother to post about them-I for one could never poo totally silent sure I could hold it down and there are times when that is called for but to be totally silent,no way-sometimes they are not there to poo at all but to do something else or whatever!It it is so cool when you strike up a conversation while pooing along with the other guy esp when you and he are grunting some turds out as you are talking,it's kinda fun
TO CARMELITA-Isn't it great to sit there and poo while reading a good poo story esp when you are pushing out a big, long one as you read about the other person doing the same thing-it's a real rush!I just love reading yours as i am pushing out my anus with a real long poop and I try to do it at the same time as you are doing your on the story-wouldn't it be cool if we had connecting videocameras and really poo together-I'm sure it's already been done somewhere on the internet!As usual,your last story with Renee is really great -Boy there is nothing like pooing outdoors(check my posts from the summer-i do it quite often) HEy Happy birhtday!!Hope you enjoy it-esp with your sisters Luisa and Maria-maybe all 4 of you will do a "community" poo-Keep me posted Enjoy your birthday!Here's your present from me!
I pooed this a.m as soon as I got up-I had to run into the toilet so I couldn't read any of your stories as I was on the bowl cause I went right from bed with just my PJ tops on to the bowl and sat down with no pre-poop gas and just exploded with 2 real soft,long turds that came out really fast with a TTHhhhhhiiiiiitttttt sound-I was still kinda half asleep but when these poos came out I let out a grunted" OH man"cause it felt soo good.Then I sat there pushing out my anus waiting for more and after about 3 mins I let out a wet fart and then another hissing fart and felt my rectum fill up again,so I pushed and a lot of mush and farts flew out-It was pretty noisy,with a lot of splashback-I felt it splashing all over my butt cheeks as it was coming out-then at the end ,it burned a bit-it was one of those cleanout loads and at the end was a lot of mucus and oozed out my domed anus.Then I looked in the bowl but it was kinda cloudy with all the loose stuff although i saw the 2! long turds wrapped around the bowl and were breaking up already but they looked about 8-10 in long each with a lot of mush on top of them-It was definitly one of those morning cleanout dumps!I sat there for about another 5 mins and decided I was done-So I pushed out my anus one more time to wipe it(I always do that,it makes wiping easier when your anus is pushed out)Then I took a shower-More stuff Carmelita I really look foreward to seeing your posts on here!I grin when i see your name come up cause I know that you enjoy pooing at least as much as I do-More stuff! I've bee really enjoying jsu about all these posts lately,cause a lot of you are really letting it all" hang out" sort of speak and it 'e great!BYE

I hope Heather makes a good recovery and is soon restored to health. I shall endeavour to remember her in my prayers.

Frank. With regard to your question about constipation, I think it's very much a matter of what you mean by 'constipation.' Everyone gets bunged up from time to time. If you mean you don't do anything for a day or two sometimes or your motions are on the hard side, that's nothing unusual and I wouldn't worry too much about it. If, however, you're persistently bunged up I think it would be worth discussing the problem with your doctor. He or she should be able to help and give you some good advice. On the preventetive side, a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and veg (who amongst us truthfully has enough?) and, of course, plenty of fluid. I know it's a truism and it probably sounds trite, but we are what we eat. The motions we pass are, at the end of the day, mostly consist of the processed undigested food we've eaten.

Best wishes to everyone on the forum but especially Nicola, Tony and, last but not least, Anne the bus driver.



Just had to respond to your story! The outdoor pooping was great!

Anyway, it's funny that you should have that fantasy about a guy on the toilet, newspaper in hand, glasses, tall, and needs a shave.

I match that description! I'm 6 foot tall, have glasses, usually need a shave (I'm just too lazy to shave everyday). When I'm on the toilet, I like to be doing something, reading a book, studying for school, playing my Game Boy. Sometimes I can take a paper in too, I don't get one dilivered but I get the school newspaper - The Whit every Thursday to read. Occasionally I've taken it into campus public restrooms.

So now that you know I'm psyciclly sending you fantasies about me, what do we do next? Oh, I know... UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh.... *Plop* (Just Kidding)

I just think it's funny that description fits me...


kim and scott
greetings all! TO FANNY-hello there! funeeeee what you said about me having my monster logs in that it would be no problem for me having kids later. i like your sense of humor. post some of your own stories. TO BUZZY- you ask if i am a quiet pooper? like i said to MIA i sometimes groan and moan erotically in a public restroom if other people are around to turn them on also.and sometimes i dont. it depends how i feel.. I do fart and pass gas sometimes when unleashing my submarines but sometimes a massive log of mine just slides out quietly with no sound. it i usually do have massive logs in one piece but not all the time. sometimes i have two gigantic logs in there.I hope i answered most of your questiones BUZZY. by the way i love your stories.and you do sound like a cute guy!!haha!bye. plus HEATHER please get better and get back to us when you can on this long my friends. love,kim and scott

Friday, February 02, 2001

Sara T.
Samantha B.-
Please send Heather my wishes for a speedy recovery. I don't post much anymore but it's been nice to see her around here.

Does anyone know those large metal tins that butter cookies come in? I've found that if I keep one in the computer room, it's easy to put on the chair and pee in to if I don't want to get up.

Hi everyone, God I feel so bad! Poor Heather!!! I hope she's okay! I will pray for her tonight. I feel like crying my eyes out for anyone who is sick or hurt on this forum. I almost don't feel like mentioning this now, but Saturday is my birthday. My two sisters, Luisa, and Maria got into town last night to help me celebrate this coming weekend. Theyíre only going to stay till Sunday though, boo-hoo! Iím so happy they're here!!! Luisaís a great little toilet clogger. Renee is very excited! Over the weekend she moved out of her apartment, and in with me which will help us both with expenses. And since we get along so great, I think itíll be a good match.

PV: Thank you for your feelings on the matter of that guy who punched me in the mouth! I feel like youíre watching out for me! I guess we all have to learn hard lessons sometimes. Iím very, very careful about guys now. Renee feels the same way, and she looks after me. Yes, me and Renee do have some wonderful times together. I love her. Thank you PV for being such a good friend to me.

John (VT): I wish youíd been there to help me with that awful poop too! Iíd love to have you give me an assist the way she did.I was in so much misery. Feeling that fat thing come out was like heaven! Of course be forewarned that one good turn just might lead to another!....

Buzzy: Iím flattered again that you pooped with my story in hand. I did the same thing with yours yesterday morning. It was almost like we were pooping together! Honey you take some decent dumps! Two real long ones, then some more? Iím hot! I sat on the toilet reading it when Renee came in to put on some body lotion. I was taking a pretty good crap, and she could hear me plopping while I grunted and read your story! I did a nice, semi-stinky soft poop of about four fat logs this morning. One of them crackled really loud. She said it sounded ďmeaty.Ē She peeked down between my legs into the bowl, and saw a big, brown thing floating. My lower half was dressed for work, heels, black skirt, and pantyhose. Up top though, I was only wearing a bra, and my hair was still kind of messy. Renee said she wanted to take a picutre of me, but I was in mid-log, grunting, and stinking, reading your story, so I didnít respond. I hope you have more good poops though. Iím not sure when Iíll! be able to post next. My sisters will keep me busy!

Okay, now for the outdoor poop: First of all, we went hiking through the Gorge, it was beautiful!!! We went to this area I didnít recognize. It was heavily wooded, with a small creek flowing through it. Renee took a quick look in all directions, then unbuttoned her jeans, slid everything down to her thighs and squatted. She grunted, and began giving birth as the wind whipped her hair all around. Her turd was so huge, I couldnít believe it! I just stared at that fat thing coming out of her. Renee laid an unbelievable log,very, very long! She said it hurt at first, but was happy to be rid of it. She has a bunch of freckles along the top part of her butt, and she giggled when I said I was going to take a pen and connect the dots while she pooped. Her turd crackled loud before it thudded to the ground. She wiped herself with the paper towels we brought, then wanted me to crap on her log. I thought it was too beautiful to cover. So, while she stood guard, I undid my pants, and ! squatted near her pile. A big wind gust came along freezing my butt. I did a long fart, then gripped my knees, and spread my legs more. It only took a second or two for everything to start moving. Then it came out of me, this really, really fat thing that squished out and plunked down on top of Reneeís turd. It was a big cornball turd as long as my forearm! Man it felt good. Then I pooped out some soft mush. By the time I wiped and stood up, it was a huge, steaming pile. It looked like somebody had held a crap contest out there. Renee called my pile a ďmexicali burgerĒ because it was so big. I think I got rid of alot of excess poop out there. I must have because when I got home, and got on the scale, I wieghed in at 102 pounds! Pooping outdoors is great because Iíll dump quite a bit. It must have to do with the cold, and all the exercise of hiking and stuff, and the excitement that I might get caught. It was fun, and a big dump for me! Iíve been having this fantasy lately, ab! out a guy sitting on the pot reading a newspaper taking a real, long dump. He has glasses, is tall, and needs a shave, and has his pants down around his ankles. Anybody out there fit that description?
Carmalita P.S. Heather: I am praying for you! You come back to us!

Hi, this is my first post. I'm probably one of the youngest people here, as I am 12.

Anyways, I've been reading for a while, and have a question: Does anyone know of children's cartoon shows which ever show a character or have an audio of a character peeing or pooping? This issue seems to be covered up from kids, but it should be more open to them as it is part of everyday life, and I was wondering if they'd let that get past the ultra-tight censors. Thanks for any replies! I have some good stories to post, but don't have time now, so bye.


Yesterday for about 2 hours, the ladies room on my floor at work was flooded so there was a sign saying we had to use the mens room. Needless to say I needed a poo so wanderered over to the mens room. Cardboard had been placed over the urinals so men who hadn't read the sign about women coming in wouldn't use them! There were only 3 stalls and the middle one was occupied so I went in the left stall. I noticed from the shoes that the person in the middle stall was a man. I pulled up my skirt, lowered my panties, sat down and farted loudly while I peed. I could hear plops coming from the man next door so he was pooing. I forced out a poo which seemed to go on forever. It didn't make any noise. When I finished I looke in the toilet and saw a fat poo curving round the toilet, about 15 - 18 inches long! The man in the next stall was still pooing. I flushed and of course the poo stayed there! I left the mens room wondering which person (man or woman) would get to see my giant poo!

does anyone know of any books with good pooping scenes?

Gruntly Bogwell
DW & Buzzy...Thank you for your encouraging words, nothing like the sight and sound of a distrended, pulsating anus losing a load to bring people of like minded-interest together. "Make poo, not war!"

Summer...Your description of your return to college, food court restroom dump, was quite titilating to say the least. Your experience in a room full of nubile bums, relieving themselves as you detailed your own efforts was "music" to my ears.

Rebbonz...what a delightful tale of your wife's bunged up tail.

Linda said you suggested I post about her midnight poop she pretty much fell alseep through. Okay well I'm not much of a sleeper as I la in bed with Elena curled up around me.( she's like a python that woman she is)When I heard a thump. I got upp (After prying Elena off of me heh) I went and saw the light in the bathroom on. I called in and asked Linda if it was her..all i got back was some grumbling. I poked my head and there she was sitting on the toilet..(It's been cold so she's been wearing her thermal PJ's with the trap door at the back.. so she just unbuttons the back to expose what needs to be exposed and sits..good thing too she was half asleep so the easier the better) with her hea din her hands and her eyes closed. i walked over and said are you okay?Half asleep she nodded.I her a soft tinkle in the toilet from her pee. She slowly started tilting to the right and I sat her up right. She picked her head up..still half asleep. i told her don't fall asleep. I decide! d to remain so she would doze off and hurt herself. She rested her head on her hands again and I heard a soft but loud enough to hear crackling.I'd hear her grunt under hear breath. then.. she fell asleep again..but the crackling didn't stop. I sat on the rim of the tub and rested her hea on my shoulder. The crackling continued and it got louder. I waited a while and there was no more noise..not even a splash. So i just took it as she had passed a huge long hard poop. I woke her up and I asked her if she was done. She grumbled and cleaned herself up. I buttoned her and carried her to bed(she's grown a lot and gotten much heavier than when i last carried her)The following morning Linda came out of her room full of energy and fresh as a daisy. She said should could not understand why she felt so great. I was brushing my teeth as Elena was sitting on the toilet "trying" to poop and Linda waited her turn. I rinsed my mouth out and told her it was probably cause of the tremendous poop she had last night. Linda looked shocked. She said..that's odd cause I had a dream about having to poop..and me finding a pretty purple toilet and going there. I told her what happened and she was even more shocked as Elena laughed. Elena said I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered where you had gone? Linda with a red face asked if she had made it in the toilet. I told her yes..but in your sleep. She said in her dream she had to go so badly.. and she couldn't get over how good she felt in her dream. Elena commented that it was cause it was in real life too. We still tease her from time to time..cause let's face's too funny and too weird. Anything like this ever happen to any of you? For those who are wondering..Elena is fine, and getting big..and the poor gal seems constipated more than ever now. It breaks my heart to see her seated and trying with all her might to get her bowels to move. Sometimes i leave her alone thinking privacy will help..but it does! n't do much.

Corpologist: I fart sometimes when I take a pee. That is pressure on the intestines. I used to do a lot of that. Still do.

Frank: When I was your age, I had a bad incident of constipation. See my earlier posts from last year or two. Dulcolax did it for me. Only, use it once in your life and eat a clean diet of fresh foods. No processed chemicals and fats. Drink lots of water and your troubles will be over.

Kevin L.
The night before yesterday, Billy and his brothers and sisters stayed overnight, because his mom and dad had to go to a funeral. I think a cousin on her side of the family died. Billy usually gets up early, so he woke me and billy. His little brother and my little brothers woke up too. We ate breakfast and went out and played games on the computer. My brother Josh said he had to go to the bathroom. Eric said he had to go too. So they took off and went. As soon as we finished the game, Billy said I have to poop. cousin billy said he had to go too. So we went. Mikey was on the little potty and eric was sitting on the toilet. ERic was finished, so my brother sat down. cousin billy saw my big brothers get up, and said I better get my sisters up. They were sleeping in our guest room. So they got up and went into the guest bathroom. My big brother Mike usually has to poo when he gets up. He usually takes a big one. Billy was back and I was already pooping. Mike came in and said, I'm! next. Billy said get in line cousin. He said I am not waiting. SO he went out to the guest bathroom. I did not poop the day before. I passed a log, then a bunch of little ones. It took me like 10 minutes. I made a huge pile. Mike came back and said the girls are in the guest bathroom. I just sat there. He could hear me plopping, so he knew I was not just sitting there to make him made. He said, are you going to be long? I said, I will be done when I am done. He said, ok. Josh finished, and little Mike sat on the little potty. I wiped Josh's butt (please note: I only wipe his butt, and my little cousins' butts, because they are too little to do it himself. I really don't wnat to wipe anyone else's butt). Anyway, little Mike made a little pee and passed to small logs. I wiped his butt too. Then I finished and wiped mine. My cousin sat down. My brother Mike said that's it. He grabbed some toilet paper, put on his jacket and went outside. When he got back, Billy said, why didn't ! you wait? I was done pooping in like 30 seconds.

Billy is in my class at school. Today, after lunch, I had to make another poo. So I sat down, and pooped. I passed a nice floater, and a bunch of little logs. We were about to play sink the sub, but this kid, Weimin, who came from china came in and sat down. He passed some smelly diarrhea stuff. I said, we can try to sink the sub later. We all left. Weimin went like 4 times during class. He just moved from China. So it was the first time he went pee or poop in front of us. He did not seem too embarassed.

After lunch, cousin Billy had to poo (he is in my class too). I went in to pee. Billy passed one long floater log and a few small ones that sank. He got up and we got ready to pee on his floater. Then Dave came in. He ran to the toilet and threw up three times. I said, well, there goes sink the sub. The other kids laughed, including dave. We said are you ok? He said, I feel fine now. We told the teacher and she asked us to take him to the nurse. SHe called his mom and she came to get him. Fortunately, we were able to wait. Billy and his brothers and sisters came home for dinner. After Billy, cousin Billy and I all had to poo. My brother Justin had to poo too. He usually poos like everyother day, and takes a long time. Forunately, we got into the bathroom before he did. I don't know what we ate, but we all dropped little turds that took like 5 minutes each. So Justin had to wait like 15 minutes. He was looking pretty desparate when we finally finished.

To Kim (of Kim and Scott): You know, reading those stories about your massive poops, I think you're going to have *no* problem during labor when you have kids someday. =)

I have been reading the posts at this forum for quite some time and have finally summoned up the courage to post. This happened about a year ago when I worked with a Chinese guy . He was very muscular and worked out a good deal, maintaining a diet of protein shakes and the like. One day he casually remarked "I havent shat in six days, I think this new protein shake making me constipated." The following day we were invited to a fellow worker's wedding reception at the local Leisure Centre. We had finished the meal when he asked for directions to the toilets because he needed to go rather badly. Curiosity got the better of me and so I waited a moment and when nobody noticed, followed him in.
The male toilets consisted of two rooms, the first with a urinal and two washbasins, the second with two partitioned stalls. He had just secured the door and was unfastening his belt when I took the neighbouring cubicle. He pulled down his jeans and briefs and sat down and I could see his feet quite easily from the gap under the partition. A few moments later I could hear him grunting and straining, breathing deeply all the while which sounded more and more desperate with each passing moment. He cursed a couple of times using the 'F' word indicating he was experiencing a good deal of discomfort.
I thought it was all over when he decided to stand up, but, to my suprise he put both his feet on the rim of the bowl and squatted as I believe is the asian practice. Once again the straining noises were heard finally resulting in a loud crackling noise which seemed to last forever. His turd made the biggest Kursplooonnnnkkk I have ever heard after he finally let it go followed by several others which he was passing more quickly, moaning all the while.
Just when I thought he had finished, sat down again and let forth a wave of very runny shit muttering " Hell" followed by two more bursts. Boy did it stink!!! Strangely enough, his gargantuan effort only warranted two wipes before he pulled up his jeans, fastened his belt, and exited the stall. I believe to this day he was too proud of his effort to have flushed and was keen for someone else to see it. I could not resist taking a peek. There were about nine very firm and thick (about 2") greenish brown turds, the longest (his first) one was sticking up out of the water and was at least 10" although the rest was obscured by the S-bend. It certainly looked like nearly a weeks worth!. I saw him a few minutes later as he was queueing up for dessert. He was a little flushed and I casually asked if he had managed to find the toilets OK. He said yes and casually remarked " and had the mother of all craps".
I still wonder in amazement how all that bulk came out of that small muscular chinese guys' ass!!!

Chris: Thanks for your response to my old post. I'm sure glad you liked the posts about the Florida restroom where there were two adjacent toilet bowls without any partitions separating them. In answer to your question, I observed dozens of guys shitting there since I used to spend a lot of time there. Apart from the case of the two teens that I described in an earlier post, most guys I took a shit alongside did not pay much attention to me. If I approached a bowl to shit at the same time as another guy, most would simply go ahead and dump without saying anything. Some would ask "How ya doing" and then get on with their business. I found most guys to be pretty cool about shitting alongside another guy. Most, however, seemed to want to sit and think and enjoy their dumps and would just stare straight in front of them. Occasional guys would comment about the unusual layout of the place. I would occasionally comment to the guy alongside me after I had pinched off a large log with a loud plop that I was feeling a whole lot better. Most would just say "Yeah" but some would add "Yeah, me too." Once when my supply of TP ran out, I asked the guy next to me to pass me some. He did so and when I thanked him he just said: "No problem." Anyway, my point is that little attention was paid to me. I was the one paying attention to my co-shitters.

I was with a friend the other day on the way back from town, I needed the toilet badly, I farted and started going, I crouched down and re did up my shoe lace and let it slide out, I could hear it crackling as it came out, my friend looked at me but didn't say anything.

Melissa NY: I loved that story of the exec. washroom! That one was great. You sound like you can do some monsters! I've been enjoying your stories alot. Anymore with your vietnamese friend? Also, could you describe waht you look like too? I'm very curious.

Carmalita: I think I'm in love with you! Your last stories have been incredible, especially the one about the bucket, and your friend Renee. You are the poo girl of my drezms!!!!

Ladies out there, could you all describe what your normal poo experiences are like everyday? I'd appreciate it.

Last night i watched, "That 70's show". The gang was at this restaurant and they thought they had money to pay their bill so they all one bye one got up and left, this was know as Dine N Dash. At the end they all eat brownies and the girl says there's something special in turned out to be ex-lax then 2 min later after they are aware of it they have to shit. This one guys girl friend comes in and is talking to him and he is jumping up and down alot, he had to shit so bad(i could tell) and his girl friend was talking to him. That was the end. They didn't show any one in the bathroom(they should have).

Then after that i went to bed and i got up early in the morning(before sunrise) so i could go to work. I get out of bed and my stomach felt a fullness down there or something...or i was gettign the flu. Then im up 5 min and i had to shit. It was fairly solid. When i was shitting i was also brushing my teeth at the same time cause i had like 20 minutes to get ready and leave. Then another hour or so passes and im at work for 20 minutes or so and i feel the urge to shit again(i felt something when i was walking in the door..i was gonna try to hold off till break). Then it came on really strongly and i had to stop what i was doing. I went to the upstairs bathroom sat down quickly...cause i needed to be back on the floor with in 10 minutes or so. I had pure diahreah. Then a little later i felt a slight urge then it went away and i never had an urge or had to shit again today. Don't know what causeded...maybe it was caused by going to bed on a full stomach.

To Robbonz: I liked the story about u peeping on your girlfriend when she was shitting and she told you not to look.

Don't really care for that new picture...that lady looks she would do something illegal in the usa(on the streets etc.). She looks too S*x*

Man I wish I was there to hear all that!
Samantha B.-
Tell Hearther I hope she gets better!!!
Welcome!!! It's nice hear. I take vasaline and put it on my finger and put it up my butt. I got it on this website.

To Everyone-
I usually poop every other day or every three days.

Happy Poopings!!!

Hey,what's with the new pic?This girl looks like she is posing for a fashion mag or Victoria's secret-Come on Give us a break!yes she's pretty but so what! lets' see a pic of a girl really doing what one does on the bowl!Hey i'll tell you what-I'll wear a 3 piece suit while sitting on the bowl and send it in but I won't be pooing,just smiling and looking for my big break!
TO ANDRE-Good stories about your wife's poo adventures in europe-Sounds like she lost 15 lbs!
TO KIM & SCOTT-Kim,I know you sound like you always do these monsters in the toilet,but are you a quiet pooper-Do you pass gas while unleashing these submarines-Does it all come out in one poo?
All is quiet this morning-i guess i'll head for the gym-maybe I'll poop there-Just had to say something about these pics lately!BYE

Hi Buzzy and Smith,
Glad you enjoyed the gully dump. What a terrible pun. I am a farmer's wife so we live in the country and I am busy getting all the outdoor dumps together that we have had while working our livestock. No trees or bush needed just go. My friend Linda and I go to horse shows often. She has a dicky ???? at shows (nerves etc) so will ask her if I can post some of her memerable liquid evacuations taken behind stables or bales of hay. The show loos are holes in the ground and the flies have a meeting on your ring as you sit.
Love you all the big dumpers.

Plunging Plop Guy and Buzzy: Thanks for two EXCELLENT posts. I love hearing what goes on in adjacent stalls, but have never got into conversation with anyone while doing my business.

What always amazes me is not the noises that people make, but the fact that some people can apparently defecate totally silently. If someone goes into an adjacent stall and you hear nothing till the sound of TP being torn off, it is very disappointing. The more noise the better! It happened to me this morning. There I was sitting there and grunting hard to push out my second installment (the first had fallen out with great ease), when someone came into the adjacent stall. After several minutes, I head TP being torn off and heard him flush, but nothing else at all. My turds always make some noise as they hit that water, and I usually manage several bubbly farts as well.

To Gruntly Bogwell--

A question about your encounter with Mira: you said something about her white tennis shoes and socks. Was she squatting on the toilet with her shoes on? It's hard enough without shoes, but with shoes must be darn near impossible. Or did you mean to say she had taken off her shoes and socks and was barefoot on the toilet?

Also, could you provide a brief description of Mira's facial features?

Jack Tors
Hey, crap-appreciators:

I wanted to tell all of you, about an experience, that I had @ work, yesterday. There was this guy, who will remain-anonymous. Okay, let's call him "Garry". After Garry Shandling. Anyways, I was waiting for this guy to finish-peeing, since, for some reason, I never use a urinal, while the anyone-else is using any other urinals. I guess that I just don't like the "tight quarters" that that would entail. I was waiting for him to finish-up, and he took-longer, that I anticipated. Meanwhile, he let out a monstrous-fart, while he was pissing. He then finished-up, and I finished my piss, in about 45 seconds. I then came over, and washed my hands, while he was drying-his, and I proceeded to talk to him about something, when he farted, again! Miss manners sure wouldn't approve of this, in that this was done in-public. But, hey, what better place to do this, than in the toilet, right? Another person, an older-gentleman, who comes in every-morni! ng, @ about the exact-same time, like clockwork, always comes in and actually sounds as if he is giving-birth, in that stall! There is no other way for me to put it. I am so-embarassed for that guy! I mean, I can time when I am going to piss, that's easy. You can easily-estimate, that if you drink something, it should be ready to be pissed-out, in about 90 minutes, let-alone, two hours! But I just don't-understand, how someone could manage the same thing, when it comes to "butt-chunks"!

Talk to you people later,


(Denzel lookalike) Hey, peeps:

Yo, Andre: would you mind telling us your wife's name? I really don't understand, why she sticks two fingers, in her vagina, rather than one finger, her middle one, up her anus?! Sounds like she is just-masturbating, to me! Maybe it actually does-work, but, as me and Donny, and everyone who does this knows, sticking your middle finger into the "business end", otherwise know as your anus (isn't that a planet?), is far more-effective. Maybe she has a phobia, about getting crap on her finger, etc. Not terribly-surprising, if she does. In fact, as common sense would tell you, she probably-would. But, hey, that's what soap's for, right? Maybe you should do this for her, the way I, and apparently, Donny, do for our women? I am sure that she would be most-appreciative. That is, if she is not shy about things like that. But, I don't see why she would be, considering everything else that she seems comfortable sharing w/ you! Have you ever brought the subject up, ! to! her? How would you feel about doing this? Wouldn't it turn you on? My money says that it would. Let us know, how it turns-out, if you do it, or why you would not do this. I would sure like to know, as I am sure that a lot of other-posters on this board, would be.



Gentle Man
I've visited here regularly for a long time but never posted until now.

Samantha b . . . please convey to Heather that everyone here holds her in their thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery.

The messenger,
They thief swallowed the loot, eh? Nothing particularly unusual about that actually. I think I hear about something similar every few months... Every now and then you even see something like that on one of those 'Reality' TV programs or documentaries on the illegal narcotics trade. (Usually some 'mule' who's swallowed cocaine filled condoms.) The interviewer usually ends up asking the officer, "How long has someone held out?" The answer is usual in the the neighborhood of a week or more. I think I even heard that they had to operate on some guy. The officials didn't get tired of waiting, the crook just became ill and endangered his life by keeping the stash of "whatever it was" in his digestive tract.

Hello there! It's been a while since I've been able to post for two days in a row. Hooray for me, I guess.

Anyway, LOUISE reminded me of something I'd been meaning to ask about. On several long trips I've taken over the years, I've usually found that it's hard to poop when you're a long ways from home. Consequently, the homecoming is usually punctuated by a good stint on the toilet to remove all that "vacation buildup" from your system. Has anyone else found this to be true?

And now, on a much more serious note:

To HEATHER (via SAMANTHA B) -- Very sorry to hear about your accident. Please know that I (and, I'm sure, many others of us) am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for the best.

Best wishes for all (and especially Heather),


kim and scott
greetings all! HI LOUISE WELCOME BACK!-i am glad that you,DM,john (VT)and others have liked my posts.PLUS SAMANTHA B>-heathers friend-thanks for keeping us updated on HEATHERS condition i and i am sure others here pray that she will be ok.PLUS MIA- i am never really embarrassed by grunting too loudly while i am pushing out a big one in a public bathroom. in fact i LOVE to moan and groan loudly and erotically when i am crashing out one of my monster logs so others could hear me and hopefully be turned on as well. i guess i am sort of an exhibitionist.hahaha!so long now more stories sometime later...

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

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