Happy Super Toilet Bowl Sunday everyone! Me, and Renee have decided to celebrate the ocassion by taking a big dump together! She's been eating stuff all weekend.

Melissa: Thanks for the advice, but I never take laxatives. Sooner or later it all comes out. I like your stories too, especially the one with your vietnamese friend. And I agree with you about those nice, firm long ones! I think you would like my friend Renee. She still won't post here yet, the big scaredy-cat!

DM: Oh I hope you're not feelng too horrible! I was just so miserable! Take care!

Logger: I really wouldn't know how to answer your question. Lots of mine are fat, and long. However, I did a huge one outdoors on a camping-rafting excursion that I'd been holding for two days. It was about 8" long, and four fingers wide, and hurt like hell coming out. Then I crapped more on top of it. Seriously!I was embarassed. I'm glad nobody saw me do it!

Okay, now for Super Toilet Bowl Sunday: Me and Renee ate a huge pizza and drank a lot of wine last night. This morning, we were both letting some prety stinky farts so it was time for you know what. Since we both figured I'd stink worse, I went last. Man were we ever wrong! Renee crapped such a rotten pile that we both turned green. She's a bit taller than me, 5'6", and has a really great butt, and nice creamy thighs. This morning she was only wearing a T shirt, and panties. Sthe stretched them down, and sat down for a very healthy, twenty minute dump. It was a great show, complete with conversation, and sweet little grunts, and "unhh's" in between good sized plops. Renee sits sort of straight up, with her legs spread, and her knees pointed inward, but when she takes a long one like she did today, she leans forward, adn puts her hands toghether. The toilet is longer in the front, and with the cieling light, and vanity light on, I could see her turds coming out from the fro! nt. They looked like black shadows, but I could still see them, and their size. Her face turned red when she began pushing. Renee really took a serious shit!!! In the twenty minutes, I swear she must've crapped at least 10, or 12 healthy logs! Nice fatties. I'd nver believe a girl like her could have so much poop in her! And it was nasty too!! She stood up to wipe, (6 times because she had a real sticky butt), and I checked out her prizes while she did. Damn, what a log pile! They should've been floating down the river! It smelled so bad I had to cover my nose. Serves me right, huh? I decided to hold off on my morning poop till the place aired out a bit. After a little while, I came in to do my business while Renee put on her makeup. She said "Uh, oh," but stayed anyway. I sat my butt down, and hovered over the toilet seat so I could get my feet flat on the floor. As I did, Renee watched. I did a fairly good pile, lots of logs. One took forever to come out. It just kept inchin! g very slowy. Every time I'd grunt and push, it would inch out again, then stop. Renee asked me if I wanted her to break it off by hand, but I said no, I'd crap it out on my own. She said for me to spread my cheeks and bear down, which I did by spreading my legs more. My head was down, and my hands were clasped together, with my long, black hair hanging down between my legs. Renee said that everytime I pushed on that stubborn turd, my knuckles turned white! I didn't stink up the bathroom very bad though, htat's a plus! I did some really noisy, and long farts which made Renee giggle like crazy. I didn't stink as bad as she did though! We've both have tomorrow off, and it's been really sunny, and cold here lately. We're going to go for a hike in the Columbia Gorge, and do a really nice, healthy outdoor poop together. Tonight we'll eat a big dinner. I hope I get caught by a shy forest ranger! (hee-hee!) Renee reads these posts with me, and says hi to everyone.

I was going to post on this subject anyway, but I notice JOSH has commented on it in his post.

I just wondered if anyone who is either in their house alone (or lives on their own) closes the bathroom door when on the toilet, either just out of habit, or to prevent the poopy smell drifting through the whole house?
I usually leave the door open when on the toilet, but close it when I'm in the bath or shower to stop the draughts!

My friend came around on Saturday to help me with some work on the house. He had to poop twice while he was here, once just after he got here and again before he went home. He shut the door both times.

He noticed that I had some drain clearing rods, and commented on the time I'd unblocked the drains at his house, and that he hoped that we wouldn't have to do that again.
I told him that I probably would have to unclog the drains again, blaming the producer of the panbusters that I'd seen stuck there.
He said "Don't blame me, I only do little poos - it's more likely my brother or Dad!".
I agreed, because he left one behind at my house, which was about the same size as I produce. Like I've said in previous posts, my toilet has a feeble flush!

BILLY L. - Don't worry, I won't go polluting your (or anyone else's) water supply. A little bit of information goes a long way.

Si :)

Matthew kept his promise and let me join him in the bathroom when he had a poo on Friday. When I asked him he said I could when there was no-one else around and sure enough he offered the first time we had the house to ourselves which was on Friday evening. It was interesting to see his private bits properly because they looked a bit different to last time I saw them which was quite a while ago; I think heís a bit embarassed about the way his body has changed and at first he tried to stop me seeing too much but he relaxed after a while and we held hands while he did a big pee and poo; three big lumps that made real loud plops (Kendal Ė I mean the poo not the pee).
For a while the boys Ė Matthew Paul and Phillip Ė have been asking whether I would do a poo outside for them to watch. Matthew and Paul like watching that because outside itís easier for them to see the poo actually coming out of my bottom which they like. I havenít done an outside one for them for a few months because usually I do my main poo of the day in the evening and of course itís dark in the evenings in winter. Phillip hadnít ever seen poo coming out of a bottom and wanted to. Iím the only person heís ever seen pooing at all. We decided to do that on Saturday; there was a lot of snow about from Friday evening but it was a nice sunny day. I deliberately didnít have my usual after breakfast poo and ate quite a lot of lunch so I knew when we went out for a walk in the afternoon that I had quite a lot to do Ė in fact I needed to go quite badly. Thereís quite a lot of countryside around where we live but being Herts thereís a lot of people out walking to so it isnít ea! sy to find somewhere private. Anyhow we went behind some bushes off a path and I took off my skirt and pants completely so they didnít get in the way and I sort of half-squatted with the three boys behind me watching intently and I did my pee and poo. It was quite a big poo Ė but like most of mine it was pretty soft and explosive and collected in a big soft pile on the ground. I donít think it smelt much probably because we were outside. Then I wiped with some tissues I had brought specially and got dressed. Some people went past on the path on the other side of the hedge while I was going but they wouldnít have been able to see anything or definitely not enough to know what we doing. I suppose there was a risk that someone would pop their head round the hedge to see what was going on. I find the risk of that sort of quite exciting somehow but god knows what would happen if some strangers caught me naked from the waste down having a poo in a field. Iíve been caught weeing plenty of times but not pooing.
Anyhow the boys really enjoyed it, particularly Phillip who said it was fascinating to see how the body works down there and they should show you that in biology at school.
Lawn Dogs Kid Ė The Paintball thing was a lot of fun even though I didnít bare my bum for a wee actually in a game Ė the boys tried hard to persuade me to but Iím not that stupid. Our team lost virtually every game we played though Ė there were lots of people there whoíd done it many times before. I flashed my bottom out of the window on a public bus on Saturday after the poo I talked about above. Usually I do it on a school coach but this was ok because there was only us on the top deck. I know itís a pretty boyish childish thing to do but it gives us a good laugh. I canít believe Iím the only teenage girl who does it though. You and Kendal are lucky to have each other too. Love Kate x.
Kendal - When I looked back at my last post I saw what you meant about the smelly bath. Iíd love to know what you thought it smelt of though. Let me know whether you try sitting on laps to pee Ė Iím sure youíll only do what you feel comfortable with. Trouble is it can get a bit messy if anyone starts giggling. Love Kate x

To Jacob G: Your story about the guy trying to shit in the bookstore restroom was real cool! With all the details you gave, I almost thought I was there myself. What makes you so sure that the guy was unsuccessful in pinching off a log or two? The sort of movements you described,i.e., bending forward and spreading his butt cheeks are usually used when a turd has already just started to come out of the asshole, but then stubbornly remains in place. Guys who are just constipated usually remain seated on the john and keep straining. I guess that he either just dropped a couple of logs that you could not hear or else went back to the store to read with a turd stretching his asshole. On the other hand, if there was a log stretching his ass hole, he would probably not have looked so relaxed when you saw him with his legs over the side of the armchair! Anyway, it was a real great story and keep these great stories coming. Take care, Pete

To Billy L: I'm the same age as you and think your pooping stories are real cool. I live on a farm and spend a lot of time with an older cousin of about 14 years. One day when we were together doing some chores, he told me that he had to poop. We went back to the house. I asked him if I could come in with him when he pooped. He said no, but I kept asking to come in and eventually he said yes. It was real cool watching him giving birth to his poo. Now he's used to me coming in when he poops and the other day he even raised his butt off the seat so I could see his poo coming out. He never wants to come into the bathroom when I poop. I read in your post that you guys wipe each other's butts after pooping. I'd like to ask my cousin if I can wipe his butt after a shit, but don't think he will allow me to. Do you think I should ask him?

JacobG in Florida
Plunging Plop Guy: Actually, thanks for psychoanalyzing me. I appreciate any insight into why I suffer from embarrassment when someone knows I'm going to poop or just came from pooping. You're right about that family thing. I can't think of anything more embarrassing than the thought of my parents or sisters hearing me using the toilet. I avoid that at all cost. On the other hand, when I use public restrooms at work and the mall, I will do so only if the restroom is empty or someone is in a stall and can't see me. If someone is in a stall, or comes in immediately after me, I'll wait for them to start first. If they start grunting and so forth, so will I. That can be fun. I have on occasion experienced that note under the stall thing (written on toilet paper, of course). I'm not in there for that, so I decline or get up and make a quick exit. That's probably more embarrassing for them. At home, my roommate sometimes walks in on me while I'm pooping. He's usually in! to get something then out quickly. Sometimes, he gets into the shower. For some reason, that does not bother me. Regarding my friend who asks me to videotape him pooping, I would do so in front of him (not the camera) if he asked. I don't think that would bother me either since I have seen him poop a number of times. You hypothesized that I may feel that when someone knows I'm on the toilet, they will think of me in a very sexual way, which would cause me to feel uneasy. You may have something with that. I think a lot of us who post on this site, including me, do associate sexual feelings with using the toilet. However, I think most people do not think that way. Therefore, maybe I think that if they associate me with pooping, they will think of me as being dirty and stop thinking of me in a sexual way. That could be a form of rejection. Hmmmm . . . I don't know if that makes sense or not. Sorry for the rambling, but thank you for the insight.

The messenger
Hey, everyone:

Check out the following-story. It's absolutely-disgusting!

A suspected Scottish jewel thief who swallowed his haul to avoid being arrested has won his four day fight against constipation, allowing police to recover the stolen loot, police sources said on Thursday.

"A little bit of laxative was required, but in the fullness of time, nature has taken its course and we have recovered some jewellery," the source said.

"He managed to hold out for a good three to four days."

The sources believe the bungling burglar swallowed the jewels after being disturbed while robbing a first-floor flat in the central Scotland city of Perth.

He then leapt to freedom from an icy window-ledge, but landed awkwardly and broke his hip.

Officers arriving at the flat to investigate a possible break-in discovered an injured man lying in agony beneath an open window.

"X-rays revealed he had a broken hip as well as some items in his gut, which appeared to be jewellery," the source said.

One unfortunate officer had been detailed with sifting through the evidence


Dude- I'm a guy...hope your not too disappointed

Sorry I pood yesterday

The Daily Sport excelled itself today by printing an article about a website for fat people where fat women can get advice on wiping their backsides. Apparently wiping so that the area is cleaned thoroughly can be a problem for fat women (and I would assume fat men too). However there is now apparently a website where tips and advice can be obtained on this matter. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to give the address of the site in question as to do so would not be permitted on this forum and the Moderator would see to that. It does sound interesting though and I thought it was worth mentioning.

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
Hey, Peeps:

A couple of things, first of all, check out this excerpt, from a website that I won't-name:

Chuck Berry: Can you say "dirty old man"? When videotapes were seized from Chuck's home in 1990, the public found out that ol' Chuck is into kiddie porn and he likes to secretly videotape people using his bathroom. Chuck apparently likes to go one step further than watching people urinate and defecate. I will not fill in the rest. Use your imaginations.

Second, hey, Donny: right-on, brother! You and I practice something that 99.9% of people who do it, as well, will not admit. It is always-effective. Gives new meaning to the phrase "giving the finger", right? If more people tried it, there would be no more need for laxatives or enemas, other than if the people using either of these things, just enjoys the experience. As far as "getting things moving", that's what God gave us all middle-fingers for, IMHO. Think about it, they are the perfect-size, for this, aren't they? The bottom line, is to irritate the bowel. The rest, will take care of itself!




Oh, darling, what can I say? That boyfriend was a RAT! First as a little girl you were given strappings by your father, then this HORRIBLE RAT of a boyfriend actually hit you because you didn't get off on his idea of pornographic entertainment?

{Pardon me, I need to go and scream in frustration! ... That feels better.)

Okay, my friend, I see why you can't think kindly of enemas. And nobody will ever force you -- you're an adult now and can make these choices yourself... And while it was really wonderful of your freind Renee to help you, so gently, with your difficult opening as she did, with massage and popping a finger into your botom to ease the way (and we're so relieved you were able to go!) I can only lament that these things have happened to you, and left you susceptible to a condition for which there is an easy answer.

You know, I wish I was there to help too. I'm positive a flushing given just as gently would do the job. It would be warm, it would be nice, very gentle and definitely wouldn't hurt.

20" of poo? That's amazing! I hope you never become so obstructed again!

Kind thoughts,



Hi Steve! Just a quick note and a big wave! Mmm, I loved your decription of Jackie's performance! Yes, the hot spell here has broken all records, and but for a few spots the other night, my warm shower is all the liquid the lawn has received in months! I should take pity on it, and squat or stand out there every night!

No more adventures to report yet, hoping for some soon!




Well, you were right, Kim darling, that one was an incredible treat for your fans! 25" x 3" -- that equals Melissa's (NY) record for the biggest turd ever on this forum! Okay, Melissa is a mighty woman, and produced a great deal more, but you're a slightly more regular-size lassie who produces seriously out-sized logs! That's over double the length of the biggest that's ever dropped out of my bottom, and a good inch thicker than my all-time record for width.

Here's a thought, do you find your anus is able to open wider now than in yeas gone by? Have you stretched it to greater capability by the magnitude of your defaecations? That also raises another question, have you always produced such huge motions (at least in proportion when you were a little girl), or did they develop at some particular time in your life?

Your description is incredibly graphic, and I can just visualize your audience watching with wide-gazing appreciation as this stunning performance unfolded. How deep was the toilet? I thought standard US toilets were too low for a 25" turd to even fit into! Your delight in entertaining your audience comes through wonderfully, and it must have been an absolutely fabulous moment for you all. Your friends are so lucky! And so are we to be able to share, if only through the medium of the written word!

Carry on dumping, sister, and may your production numbers remain awesome, gigantic and memorable!



Sunday, January 28, 2001

Hi PPG: Thanks for your response to my post about that great restroom in Florida with the two adjacent toilet bowls without stalls. The two toilet bowls were about two and one-half feet apart and you could therefore be real close to the guy on the adjacent crapper. No unfortunately, I have not had the experience of a splash back onto my butt when my turds drop. American toilets don't seem to provide this, but it would be a turn on. I have been thinking back about my experiences taking a shit in the Florida toilet looking for one that you might enjoy. Once on a Xmas morning, I was at the beach as usual and was holding my crap back until I could shit with an interesting guy alongside. I followed a young guy in and was real pleased when he went to the one bowl. I reached the other at more or less the same time. He looked at me and said sarcastically: "This arrangement is real practical huh?" I agreed that it was not the greatest, although thats not what I really thought!! He pulled down his swim suit displaying a beautifully curved hairless butt and sat on the toilet after wiping the seat. He kinda looked away from me. When we were both seated comfortably, I wished him a Merry Xmas and he looked over at me and wished me one as well. He then looked away again and unloaded several turds quickly. He flushed while doing so, but this did not obscure the good old plopping sounds since there were too many. He did not look at me again, but obviously heard me dropping my logs as well. We both wiped ay the same time and he left without saying anything. I'll try to remember some of my other experiences there for you. All the best, Justin

Hi all,
A few months back I posted about having a shit beside the road and a nother car stopped and a girl shat with me and her guy wiped us both. First time for me. Well when I was on holiday (have posted about the lady who was jogging and we watched each other) I walked on the beach each morning early which is about the time the ???? wants to work. When the pressure was building I decided to find a place to dump. I little firther on was a gully in the rocks, quite deep and secluded. So in I went and found a firther gully with a bend totally secluded. Off with the costume and a nice relaxing squwat produced a complete movement. Starts with the normal little sausage about two inches long and then the wet mush behind it. I always shit like this, I think the plug holds it all back and seeing that I always put cream on my ring the plug comes out easily. Anyway a wipe and off I go. This was now every morning. I had decided that no more poos in the cottage it will all take place outside! . Very comfortable. After about a week I started to notice foot prints in the sand going in the same direction, so I followed them one morning to find that they led up behind my private commode and commanded a clear view through the rock to "my spot". There was a young teenager with a binocular waiting for me every am. He did not see me and so I decided to keep it a secret but to carry on the show for him Everyday. Every day I would see the footprints and I would go on about my bm in the rocks. The tide would wahs it clean avery day so I hade a clean loo each day. What I did start doing was improve the show making sure that I stripped and walked around for him and then chose a spot where he could see it all. Legs apart or standing ot half bend or extreme pushing. Pretend finger in anus to help, pushing and massaging on ???? etc. I never need to push but thought a good show would make his holiday. The wiping was a show to. Lots of wipes up and down always so he could see it all! , creaming the ring etc. Slow dressing and examining the produce, but never letting on that I knew that he was there. Best of all when I saw him in the village later in the week I deliberateley followed him to the supermarket and got myself into the line behind him. He did not notice until turning to offload the trolley (excuse the pun) when I looked him straight in the eye with a big smile. My secret but he went pink and started to sweat. Could not get out fast enough. Next morning he was there for the show. I gave him a special my last day, by dropping little heaps as if I was having the utmost difficulty getting the trolley offloaded. The diffuculty was stopping the download and moving a foot each way for each dump. I loved it and I think he still thinks about me.

I'm so embarrassed!!! I was sitting in school and I noticed that I really had to poop. It had been about two days. Well, I got up to go sharpen my pencil and I let out a very stinky but silent fart. I walked back like nothing happened. When class ended I knew I REALLY had to go. I picked up my bookbag, walked outside and I could feel the poop dropping into my undies. I saw my boyfriend and sorta ran towards the bathroom. By the time I got there my pants were totally full of poop. I didn't know what to do. My friend Tracy came in and I told her and she was in shock. I had to ditch my undies in the bathroom... and everyone knows about it!

Melissa (New York)
I'm just curious, did anybody hear of the pooping termsí ďThe general must deploy his troops and I must empty the tank.Ē My friend used them on the phone yesterday but I had no idea what they all meant till she told me she needed to poop.

To Carmalita- Please Donít Take Laxatives. Please Reconsider. Laxatives will get you in a whole lot of trouble. I know this from experience. If you look back in some of the older posts I did you will see why laxatives are so horrible and why everybody here detests them. The cramps are murder and I mean murder, It will hurt. And if you canít make it to the bathroom in time, you might unfortunately mess yourself. Plus, nothing beats the thrill of having a nice long, wide, nicely formed log. Hope youíll be able to poop again and I really enjoy your stories with your friend Renee. Good Luck and all the best wishes on trying to poop.


Thanks for everyoneís concern! I hope I donít forget anybody here. Thank all of you guys whoíve been posting your potties! Itís a turn on!
Modest: I laughed so hard!!! My ringletís going to be like a hula hoop! LOL!!! It was, believe me! Owwwieee!!!!

PV: Thank you. I think you are a real sweet gal, and Iím liking you. Iíve never had an enema, itís just that once I had a bad experience with a guy who rented an X rated movie called ďenema girlsĒ, or something like that. I didnít like it, but he got crazy over it. When I said I didnít want anything to do with that, he began to get a little violent, to a point where he even smacked me once. You read about all these stories about dangerous guys, but itís not funny! Not when you get a split lip out of it! I got the hell out of there fast! Enemaís bring back frightening memories for me. I donít ever want one. Thanks for listening to me, I like talking to you.

David and Jeff: You guys are cool! Thanks for thinking of me. Iíd love to hear that motel room maid story jeff, I used to do that at a motel on the coast for a year when I was 18. It was alright living at the beach! David thanks for the info on you. I like knwing a little about what people look like here. It makes it so much better. 6í2Ē! WOW!

DM: I hope you post more often, youíre interesting. Thanks for the info on Buzzyís really good dumps on old posts. Iíll look them up!

Summer: God I loved that story! How exciting! Iíd loved to have been in a stall listening to you, and then seeing your prize that you left! You sound awesome to me. Do you grunt and strain alot? Iíd like to see you and Renee poop together! Beautiful girls in stereo!

Buzzy: Woowee!!! Yes, I know Iíd love your muscular butt! You just gave me good things to think about tonight. You sound awfully good looking! Iíve got a big crap built up for tonight before I go out. Iíll picture you watching me when I do it. Iíd love to watch you take a nice giant sized man type of load. Iíd love to sit on your lap while you went, a strong guy like you could hold me on your lap easy! I might even fart on your crotch to warm you up! Love you sweetie. I am also a bicyclist, and used to love lots of touring. I still have my Fuji Gran Tourer SE that I bought back in the 80ís. I once rode from Portland to Battleground state park in Washington, hitting every Taco Bell on the way! This one is for you when youíre on the potty in the morning. Read about what came out of me Thursday night!

Okay, here goes. Renee helped me to have a really good poop! I was so miserable! When it finally wanted to come out I was afraid Iíd clog the toilet bad. So Renee suggested that I sit on the edge of the bathtub, while she climbed in behind me, and held a plastic mop bucket under my butt. After she came in with the bucket, I lowered my jeans and panties to my thighs, and sat on the edge of the tub. I wore a pair of speckled slides with two inch heels so I could get a better, knees up position. My butt was hanging over the bucket, in a good pooping position, but it was still stubborn and nothing would happen! I grunted, and strained like crazy, but nothing! I began to cry again because I was so full and miserable. Renee very gently began rubbing my lower back, and then lubricated her finger, and slowly inserted it into my rectum. She held her finger inside of me while she rubbed slowly along my lower back, and whispered to me. After about a minute of that I could feel a turd! wanting to come out. Gently, she widened my opening, tehn withdrew her finger, and out it came! It was a biggie. It hurt at first, bad! Renee was going ďoooh itís a big one!!!Ē As I was crapping it out, I heard little poofs of air come out of my butt! It was like ďThpfffff-thhhpfffttt-thhppppfff...Ē This turd was really long, like a thick hunk of sausage aboaut 2Ē around, and at least 20Ē long! Maybe longer! I grunted hard until I heard it sliding into the bucket. It lay in the bottom of the bucket folded in three places like a giant loaf!!! It was really quite amazing! Very firm, and huge, full of smelly corn! That thing never wouldíve gone downt the toilet. After I finished, she showed it to me. I felt sooooooooo gooooood!!!! It was big, and fat, and brown! Isnít it amazing what a good dump can do for you? Then came the chore of emptying the bucket. As soon as I wiped good, I had to go on flushing duty. It took four flushes to get it all down! One for my wipings, and three ! more for the turd. I had to sit there on the edge of the tub, breaking up that giant turd with an empty tampax box. Pewwweee, it stunk!!!! You might say I was grinding corn! Poor Renee! She sat right behind me in the tub, smelling that awful poop at point blank range! It smelled like fresh turd, and rotten garbage. The ďstink-0-meterĒ was registering beyond 12! Later, to celebrate, Renee gave me another bath, and washed my hair for me. She admitted that it was really a nasty smelling shit, and she sprayed some Victoriaís Secret on herself after. I kknew that I wasnít completely finished, but I was definitly lighter, and feeling better. I still need to poop more tonight though. I think my log jam happened because I was under too much stress this week. Iíll drop a big load again in the morning with my newspaper, and coffee. Or maybe one of your posts Buzzy! It was a rather large turd for a small girl like me. I was embarrassed over it. Itís a good thing Iím so brown, Renee could! nít see me turn red!

Not to be confused with the "Steve" who posted the question "Has anyone pooped their pants?".

To Kendal,
I'm glad you liked the story. Yes, it was quite enjoyable, and it was better than having a straight run of five consecutive nights with nothing to do. The time peeing in the gents' at the pool with Louise's mother and sister was a welcome invitation. As luck would have it, I neither had any other demands on my time this week or any other relevant toilet related events to post. It hasn't been all bad though, I do enjoy my own company, and I have certain activities to work at when I am alone. I'm sure Louise won't be upset that you haven't been practicing the standing pee. I'm certain she would merely suggest that you do so when you can. No pressure.

To PV,
Ha ha, yes, it was quite an interesting evening. When Louise's sister couldn't get going as she stood at the trough, I briefly thought of you, and it was good that she did start urinating as the urinal flushed itself. It's interesting how the sound and sight of running water can sometimes act as a psychological trigger that provokes the urge to urinate. She had no trouble once she started, and it was a quite impressive eruption. Physically she is nearly identical to Louise, but is rather more shy as a person. A minor attack of nerves, which happily was easily overcome in the end. Oh yes, I was distracted! Very!
Your little story of your garden wee was very nice to read, and you painted a very clear picture. I'm not sure how much rain you are getting in Adelaide at the moment, I suppose your weeing might be the only watering your garden currently receives.

I'm expecting Louise to arrive soon, so I think it would be a good idea to tidy up <snicker>.

Bye for now,


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