Gruntly Bogwell
I had this great poo experience this past week end. I went to a stayed at a friend's house who iss married to a Vietnamese woman. They happened to have a gorgeous 22 year old relative of his wife staying with them from California. This girl was an art major in college and has long black hair and a body that was out of this world. Our bedrooms were on the first floor and we shared a bathroom. But, that's "not" where the poo encounter took place. They had a half bath off the kitchen with a sliding "pocket door." This half bath had a garage storage room on the other side and that's where I put my golf clubs. Early on Sunday I got up to take my morning walk, but before I could leave and as I was passing through the kitchen, the Vietnamese food and beer frfom the night before took its toll and I got an urge from deep inside as I was passing through the kitchen…no one was up and about so I tipped into the half-bath, slid the sliding door closed pulled down my maroon sweatpant! s and jock strap to my ankles and placed my ass on the commode…letting out a warm wet fart. Just then the heater came on and began blowing air through the vent right "next" to the toilet. This aid came upthe left side of my exposed thighs , hit the curve of the toilet seat and some of the air flowed between the toilet seat and the commode itself and right across my buttocks which were pooched down into the toilet. This made my anus ring feel cool after the warm, wet fart. As I savored this sensation, my hole opened and warm mushy poo began sliding from my nether hole. So there I sat with warm poo coming out of a cool anus ring…(has anyone had this experience before?) After my bowels had disgorged their load and the heater had cycled down so the air stopped flowing, I wiped several times and observed several medium brown ragged poo logs in the toilet indicative of a mushy poop, probably 16 inches total. I flushed and went off for my walk feeling significantly lighter in t! he ???? and lower bowel region.

Upon my return to the house about 40 minutes later I came through the garage and went into back room off the garage to check on my golf clubs. I heard the pocket door slide and rumble closed on its bearings on the other side of the wall. I looked down and saw the "other side" of the same vent coming through the wall next to the water heater. The same vent sserved "both" rooms. This was followed by a tinkling sound of someone having a pee. You all know my penchant for peeping, so I quietly got on my stomach and peeked up through the wall air vent and THERE on the toilet were the creamy thighs of the 22 year old Vietnamese girl. All I could see was from the thighs down past her knees to the calf of her leg. she had her white panties bunhed up ther just above light blue jogging pants. I swallowed hard as I heard her peeing go from a tinle to a rush as she audibly strained for a poo. She let out a sigh and no poo plop was forthcoming. Shortly there was another effort, her thighs shifted and a groan emanated through the vent…I was dizzy with delight and had to adjust my crotch which suddenly became cramped against the cold garage floor I was laying on, if you catch my drift. I guess she came to the kitchen end of the house to avoid me hearing her in the bathroom we shared at the other end of the house, not knowing I was already up and about. Another nnnnnnhhhhhhnnnnaaahhh echoed from the half bath, with some panting at the end, then another, but only some phutt, phutt farts were produced. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity on the toilet…her hands reached down and pushed off her jogging pants and the next thing I knew she was perched on the commode with a white tennis shoe and white socks on either side. Apparently whe had lifted up the toilt seat and squatted on the commode itself to attempt a shit in the squatting fashion of the far east. This had the effect of lowering her phenomenal ass into view between her spread feet and gave my a fabulous look at her lovely underside from a little over 2 feet away. The straining quickly returned and little brown anus began to dome. The heater came on and air began blowing out both vents, her pubic hair swayed in the artificial breeze as a grunting effort showed a brown "turtle headed" turd at the breech. It disappeared, then reappeared with a renewed NNNHHHGGGGGGGHHHHH on the Mira's part (did I mention her name was Mira?). Her little hole stretched and she groaned again, the anal and lower bowel "hold it in" tension was broken as the brown "head" grew into a 1.5 inch wide log. Her whole underside pooched forward, the heater cut off and the 6 inch turd broke off and dropped away into the toilet with a "kerploomp." The broken end of the turd cake was still an inch out of her hole, I was freaking out, the turd continued slide out with an UUUMMMMMPPHHHHFFFF by Mira…another six inches and it too dropped away, her hole closed and then quickly opened for a eight incher with a little curl from coming around her colon bend…."kerploomp" Her hole eased as the shitting motion became easier and softer, a long twelve inch poo chain tapered off, and fell into the commode. Her underside disappeared from sight as she got out of her toilet squat, pulled the seat back down and sat down on the seat…tinkled some more eased out a few last plops. My last view was her wiping by rolling up on her right cheek, which showed her beautiful underside one more time. Five wipes and she flushed. I waited in the garage until I got my arousal under control, before walking through the back door, saying "Hi Mira," who was making coffee and immediately walking into the bathroom off the kitchen, to act like I had to pee, but it really to savor her poo smell. For fun, I coughed and choked a few times. When I came out she was a bright shade of crimson, especially when I said "Phew, Jack (my friend) must have been up early, while I was out walking." I winked at her and headed off to the back bedroom to shower and take care of business.

Undin the Greek
Hi everybody, I would like to thank our ladies for their impressive stories.

Melissa: what you usualy eat in your daily diet

Since the last week I have been eating cereal in breakfast that causes constipation. So here is my poop story. After breakfast I had a salad for lunch in my job and at night I had my "Kleftico" in a Greek reastaurantr. Big pork pieces served with rice, peas and salad together with starter (Tzatziki and bread). Next day I had same breakfast and lunch and a big Pizza. Next day after breakfast I felt the urge to poop and I went to the toilet and I had a really long one about 20" but only 1" thick. It went down after two flushes...

I can't remember who it is on here that's in a wheelchair and had trouble with removing her panties to use the toilet.

My wife has a garment whose bottom part has snaps under the crotch. It's approximately a one-piece swimsuit in coverage rather than just panties, but the idea might be of help. Since I get the impression you are not yet an adult, you might have a hard time finding something in the store like it that fits.

Plunging Plop Guy: I saw your recent post asking about details of toilet stalls in public restrooms in the U.S.A. They vary so much that it is difficult to give an overall description. Some are just great since they allow good views of guys taking a shit. I guess that the average gap between the stall partition and floor in public restrooms is about 18 inches. You can therefore see a guy's feet and lower calves while he dumps. The door and partition heights also vary. Usually, they are about 5-6 feet. You asked about the "mysterious" gaps. These are real great, but again they vary. Often there will be a 2-4 inch gap between the door and the doorframe. If you stand outside the stall at the right angle you therefore get a good view of a guy on the crapper. Also, in restrooms with tiled walls, there is often a 2-4 inch gap between the back of the partition and the rear wall of the stall so that if the tile is reflectile you can see quite a lot of detail of guys taking! a dump. Hope this satisfies your curiosity
This brings me to a story of a recent experience that I had. I'm surprized that there has been little mention on this site about airport restrooms. In my experience, they offer great opportunites for observing other guys while they take a shit. Guys in the U.S. seem not to like dumping in airplane toilets so that they always "go" before a flight. The toilets are especially busy in the mornings. Recently I was at the San Diego airport waiting for a flight and felt the need to shit. The restroom was small and real busy. There were 4 urinals along one wall near the entrance with sinks on the opposite wall. There was a line of guys waiting to piss. Further on there were two occupied stalls with doors and a narrow hallway outside them. Two young hunky guys with military haircuts were waiting in the narrow hallway to use the two occupied stalls. I joined them and said: "Hi - Looks like a full house!" They laughed and one said: "'Hey dude, you'd better take a number." I began to talk to them since it is always enjoyable waiting in line with other guys waiting to take a shit. They told me they were marines at Camp Pendleton and were heading home for the holidays. After a while the two stalls emptied and the two marines entered the stalls. I said to them: "Hey guys keep the seat warm for me" and they both laughed. I took up my position outside the stalls. Fortunately, there were 3-4 inch gaps between the stall doors and frames and by moving around a little I had a good view into each stall. I saw each of them wiping the seat and then pulling down one of those seat covers to place on the toilet seat. They pulled down their jeans and boxers and sat down. They sat with their thighs wide apart. It was real interesting because they talked to each other continuously while taking a dump. I heard one say to to the other after a while: "Hey dude, you done yet?" The other replied: "No man, I've still got a few pieces to pinch off." The other said "Me too." I could hear them both fart, but could not hear their turds dropping into the bowl because of the noise in the restroom. They both wiped at the same time. One wiped sitting down and the other stood up and looked at his turds in the bowl and then wiped his ass with his back to me so I had a real good view through the gap of him wiping his crack. Gaps such as these are real great for watching other guys take a dump especially at busy airports. Any other guys out there have good airport experiences? Mark

here is one story that happened to me like last year or so. My parents every weekend, go out of town for about 2 hours or so and they leave me at home by myself. They invite me to come but I just like bieng by myself, on the computer etc.. so I used to when they leave right away. I go to the bathroom, take a poop and leave the door opened. I am very shy so I could never do that if anyone is home, even if the dog is inside that time. so when my mom and dad left, I took off my jeans and my underwear and left the door wide open. Our next door neighbor is an old lady. she has our key because we go on a lot of vacations and she take cares of my dog "Tiger". Tiger has been escaping a lot from the backyard. he is all the time there cause he hates stayin at the house because it's too small for him. but that day it was cold, so i decided to let him stay in the basement until i'm done my poop then I could let him stay with me in the house. Our next door neighbor got worried when she did! n't see Tiger in the backyard and she knows he never stays in the house so, she quickly came in the house. she thought I wasn't home too because the car was gone. she opened the door, looked for Tiger. she opened the basement and he was there. I was soo scared she would see me and there was no time to get my under wear and my pants off the floor so I tried to stand up and close the door. while I was she went by and saw me and saw me standing up in the bathroom and no cloths down my waist .she turned red but she yelled at me and I felt ashamed but come on it's my house and I want to be comfortabel in my house. she said that's no excuse she forced me to sit on the toilet and she closed the door and left! I hate our neighbor soo much. I wish my mom never made friends with that new neighbor. I miss my old neighbors, ryan the guy i had a fight with his mom, but atleast they didn't have our key. she told my mom and my mom told me that was discusting from me to leave the door opened.

Last night i was here at the computer, getting ready for bed...I was talking to someone online. Then i was starting to get an urge to shit. I held it in, awhile. Then we finished up talking right as we were finishing the urge came on very strongly, didn't think i could hold it much longer so i shut the computer down and went to the bathroom. The pain and pressure was so intense i thought it was going to be a huge log, but it turned out to be brown in color and, soft and it was broken into 3 or 4 pieces.

I do have that distinct urge again(not as bad as last night, at this momement).

shawn are you a guy or a girl?

Billy L.
Yesterday, after school, we went to our cousin Billy's. He was going to have a birthday party at the pizza place for some friends. We were outside, and I said, I am going to go to the woods now. Billy, I had to poo too, I will go with you. We all started to walk to the woods, and our cousins mom called and said it is time to go. Our cousin said, about 5 minutes. His mom, no, now. Se we all got in the Dakota, and went to the pizza place.

When we got there, I knew my brother and cousin had to poo. My brother said, I am going to amke a dookeey. My cousin said, it is my part and I can poo if I want to. In the bathroom at the pizza place, there are two stalls, without doors. My cousin took the regular one and my brother the handicapped one. My little brother Josh said he is next. Josh will alway wait his turn, but if he has to go now, he will say something. While my brother was pooing, he said, boy I need this. I did not go all day. My cousin said, I needed this too. I made a little poo this morning and that was all. My cousin started to wipe when that 6 year old kid came in who pooped himself last summer with his father. His dad said to me and my brother, weren;t you at McdOnalds last summer? Billy said yeah. I said to the little kid, my little brother is next, but you could use the other toilet if you need too. My said, no, I can really wait this time. His dad said, do you mind if I go? I said no. my cousin ! finished wiping. The guy looked in the toielt and said, wow that is a big one. I looked in. It was about 12 inches and pretty thick. Pretty big for my cousin.

When my brother was done, he help josh up on the toilet and he pooped. The guy started to wipe when josh was done. I said to my brother, I need to go, so I can wipe while i go ca ca. He said ok. I looked in the toilet. There was one long long, a big one, and about 5 smaller logs. On top of that was another load of smaller logs, a different color brown. My little brother had to really go too. A big load for my brother. He looked at me, and I said, It was too high for me to wipe Josh while he was standing, so I picked him up and laid his over my lap. Josh didn;t like that, so he siad, stand me up. So I stood him up and my knees to wipe him.

Just as I was finish, two of my class mates came in. They were here for the party. Mike had to poo, and I said, you are going to have to wait. We all pooped, except Eric. Eric said, I made a poopoo just before leaving home. I just have to pee. I wiped my butt. I looked at what I did. It was as big as my cousins and my brothers. Eric was too short to pee in the urinal or stand in front of the toilet, and that other guy was making his load. So I put up the seat and stood eric on the toilet. The rim was clean. I held on to eric while he peed so he could not slip and fall in. When we were done, we left the toilet unflushed. i figure Mikey would use it next. As we walk out of the stall, the 6-year old said, it is my turn. So he hopped on the toilet and pooped. You could hear about 4 turds plop. Then he wiped. his dad finished. Mikey hopped on the one that his dad used. The guy flushed the toilet, but I looked in before he did. There was a huge pile of poop. You could still see! my cousin's big log though. His dad went to see how his son was doing. He was almost finished. WHen he got off the toilet, the dad flushed it. The water level rose real high, then fell. We almost clogged it.

After the pizza, I had to go again. My brother Eric said he need to poop. I asked Josh if he needed to go to the bathroom, and he said, yeah. I asked Eric if he want to use the small toilet or the big one. He said, the big one. i lifted him up, and he pooped. He made 3 logs. After he wiped, I hopped on. I made 3 bigger logs. Nice size, but not as big as I did before. While I was pooping, the guy and his 6 year old came in. The guy hopped on the next toilet. His son siad, boy, you guys have to poop a lot. I said, I usually go 2 or 3 times a day. He said, I usually go once. My dad, he goes like 4 times a day. Big smelly one too. We just laughed. Mike and Chris came in just as I was finishing with my brothers Billy and Josh and cousin Eric. Chris had to poo, so he sat down when I was finished. He made three big logs. The were floaters. Josh and the rest just had to pee. I held my pee in too. So I put Josh up on the toilet and he peed. Then the rest of us peed and played sink ! the sub. The 6-year old kid siad, what are you doing? We said, playing sink the sub. We take aim at our poo. He said, could I join you? We said, sure. So there were about 6 of us aiming our Chris's poo. After that we all washed our hands and left, except the 6 year old. He was stuck waiting until his father finished stinking up the place.

Kram. Although the water holding contest you describe sounds interesting, it's not the sort of thing that should be encouraged for a moment, as it can be injurious to bladder health. This morning I was talking to a chatline girl who needed to wee badly but unfortunately wasn't allowed to go to the toilet bacause she'd arrived late at work and wasn't entitled to any breaks. Needless to say I encouraged her to relieve herself in situ if necessary, as holding it plainly wasn't doing her any good - not to mention the discomfort.

EPHERMAL -- Sorry! Sometimes, I'm sarcastic and no one can tell. Please be assured, I would not have pitched a rock at the bird; that was simply the closest emotion I could find to express myself.

Just had to clear that up. Otherwise, I'm feeling kind of like Carmalita right now. I've got a whole load waiting to come out pretty soon.

And hey, thanks to those who've answered my seat-protector question so far! I usually don't get any response to this kind of stuff.



Modest: I saw that Episode. Wee Man won I think.

Donny> Using a stick and stirring your poop around actually made it go down? How did you pull that off? I never thought of that.

I've been dropping some big logs about every other day for several weeks. They've been averaging approximately 12 to 18 inches long, and 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide. I don't know what has brought on this spell of huge turds, but I'm sure pleased with the current state of affairs. Maybe it's reading all the awesome posts by the "log queens" on here that has inspired my body to produce such bombs- who knows!
BTW, SUMMER- That's quite a production that you left for later admirers; that last BOMB must have been quite a rush; great story!
MELISSA(New York)-It's so nice to hear from you again. I see that you are still producing outrageously huge logs! I'd LOVE to see the results of one of your sessions. How wide were these monsters, anyway?
LINDA GS- haven't heard much from you lately; are you still producing those huge long logs?
EPHEMERAL- Wow! Not going for a month? what did that one look like? I can't even imagine!
CARMALITA- What's the longest, fattest turd you've ever done? I'd LOVE to know!
KIM- Haven't heard much from you either; you always have such good stories to tell! Hope you're saving up a huge one!

TO SUMMER-Boy would i liked to have been a bird on your shoulder when you were in the ladies room pooing along with all the other ladies!Nice story-that would be great to audiotape!
TO MILISSA(NY)-WHOAA!!That's some serious dumping, lady!Three turds over 18"long in the same sitting!That must have been A wonderful feeling for you!You must have ate a ton of food!Nice poop!
TO JUSTIN-Interesting story with the 2 toilets side by side in Florida-I think I would have enjoyed pooing along side another guy doing a good load,but I don't know if I would get up the nerve to do it,but I find it interesting and I would like to try that sometimeI'm trying to get enough nerve to go into NYC to wash square park where they have a bathroom where the are a few toilets totally out in the open with no partitions-maybe this summer i'll try it-I'm a straight guy but i would definetely enjoy doing that-Cool story
Had a nice dump this a.m.As soon as i got up I had cramps big time and I had to go-So I went and sat on the bowl and let out 2 big, long farts.They felt so good coming out that I grunted loudly as they came out-Then I felt my asshole open up and crackle out a soft rope of poop that sounded like as it was coming out like THHHHHHHHHHH with some hissing gas along with it and towards the end,it sped up and my anus exploded with a big fart followed by very soft mush that came out really fast.Oh did that feel super-then right after that,I felt totally done.The whole dump took about 10-15 secs-I looked in the bowl and saw shredded wheat with a lot of soft pieces floating around-I saw the remnants of the tomatoes that I ate last nite-Sometimes tomatoes make me poop pretty good-Then I just sat there pushing out my anus and getting off really good-A nice way to start the day,cause now I feel nice and clean inside.Had to take a shower cause I had poo on my butt cheeks from the loos! e poo explosion-Boy,lately the stories here have been wonderful-Great reading while i sit on the bowl,but didn't get a chance to do that this morning cause I had to go badly-BYE

Tom the all seeing
When I was Ten are so I learned the letter games.
at school somebody told me to spell pig backwards then say alot.
I did so and ended up saying G I pee alot. I went around make every body say it,some thought it was gross.
there is also one when you say I then spell cup. you end up saying
I see you pee. Has anybody else heard this.

Why do you think there are more pooping accidents on this site than
peed pants?

To the lady that pooped in the parking lot, great story remind me of
a episode of ellen.

Billy and kevin you must be the youngest male poster here.
let me guess kevin's 12 and your 10 and a half.
going by your brothers ages. well you tell great storys keep it up.

To Kram: Intresting about that radio contest, sounds like fun though

To Billy & Kevin L.: I love reading your stories. I got a few questions for you guys. Have you guys or your little brothers ever been in the bathtub(alone or together) and accidenly pooped in the tub??

To Modest: I was the one who started that topic on Jackass, but i have seen all those episodes you have mentioned.

To Justin: I love all of your stories sooo far man!! They are great. Loved the one where you had to watch that young guy shit at school and the ones about the open toilets at the beach. Loved them both, keep em coming man!!

Oh about that picture up top, that girl looks furious or mad...i can tell by her eyes(she's probably thinking...get away from here, im taking a dump".)

Has anyone ever felt their butthole open. I mean touching and feeling it open? I'm a guy and listening to other guys poop turns me on. I'm not gay. anyone else.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to all my friends in the toilet!

Yesterday I almost had a buddy dump as I would call it except the ironies of nature decided differently again. I'd been sitting on a public toilet waiting for some interesting or appreciative company in the next cubicle, and after half an hour gave up and decided to shit with no audience or inspiring sounds to listen to. It was fairly good, some arse-splashing and reasonable looking turds and a few average plops, when having done it, I heard a young American guy say goodbye to someone as he went into the next toilet. I heard him pull off a few sheets of TP to place on the seat, pull his trousers down, then drop a load of quick loud plopping turds in a few seconds.
I called out to him "Sounds like a good one!", to which he responded with a laugh. I then said "The splashes are good in here, aren't they?", and he laughed again and we chatted briefly about his holiday etc. and I waited to hear him do any more, which he didn't so as he wiped his arse, I wiped mine ,flushing as he flushed and met him at the wash-basins, and we discussed his plans for visiting he went out as I went and sat on his toilet and wished I could have waited that bit longer and for us to have heard each other. I'd have liked to have continued our conversation outside, but I'd have wanted to bring the subject round to his impressions of British and American toilets and I might have come across as rather intense as he hadn't heard me going. He seemed so relaxed and friendly, too.

DANIEL, I have just seen your surprising info. that Fybogel is the British version of Metamurcil! I had actually been prescribed that and taken it for several months gradually reducing the dosage and can't ever remember doing big turds as a result of it. Several times I was taken short and had very big flaky loose shits but certainly not like other people have reported. As I say, the same laxative can have very different results.

Thanks for the info. MOIRA about the definition of constipation. To assume that when it is very difficult to shit would seem the most feasible use of the word, as our frequency to use the toilet varies a lot and the best sign of a healthy colon must surely be comfort, satisfaction and relief when we go. I used to know someone who told me he went once a week, and he ate a lot of junk food and never any fruit and I asked how it was when he did go. he said a bit sore, but I'd have loved to be in there with him, and see the kind of turds he dropped. It couldn't have been too bad or he'd have changed his diet.

JACOB G. I'm not trying to psychoanalise you, but I'm interested in your acute embarrassment on being known to be using the toilet.I suppose I can relate to some of your concern as I would feel awkward if family members had been near the toilet door when I was in the process of being just about to drop a big one and being heard, whereas I'd have loved strangers and friends even to hear me and be impressed. I think this is because since the age of puberty I've regarded shitting as an overtly personal and erotic activity and equal to sex in its importance for the person concerned. If I'm sitting on the toilet with my concentration on what I'm doing between my hairy legs and looking very sexy as I like to think I do as I hopefully make very personal and loud noises and enjoy it a lot-then that's something I want to share only with those who regard me with respect more than I think members of one's family can.
Perhaps in your case, you feel that anyone knowing you're on the toilet will think of you in a very sexual way and hence the unease.
The more you hear others shitting and not only feeling easy about it but proud too, the better you should feel and this is exactly what discussing it here should do.
Maybe the parental input of it being something dirty is a factor, I like the very positive attitude of praising the quantity they've done. In my case, I can't recall any strong negative or positive influence, except when I'd been constipated, then it was the talking point of the family, so perhaps I felt I was constantly under scrutiny!
I did have a friend who was so so afraid to use public toilets that he wouldn't in any circumstance, he said, because someone had merely passed him a note under the partition and he felt threatened.
All sorts of reasons for embarrassment I suppose.
SHAWN, you also seem to feel awkward about it and I like to think it's because you feel so proud of how you look on the toilet that you feel it's narcissistic. The only guys I could imagine not wanting to be known to be sitting on the toilet are embarrassed about how they compare with other guys. Even if a man's legs are skinny and don't cover the toilet seat very well but he drops some impressive plops; that should be enough to impress himself and others,"I might not be big but I can do a man's job!"

Good to hear from you again JUSTIN. Glad you had the opportunity to revisit that toilet in Florida and it sounded the best buddy dump ever that you had that first time with the surfers. How far away were the toilets from each other? It's on such occasions as these that a portable tape recorder can be so good if it's small enough to have in your pocket! You said the toilet was quite high that time when you dropped 4 big ones as the other surfers were changing. Did you get arse splashed and do you enjoy that sensation? I LOVE it as most people who read what I post will know by now!

I'll have to call that it for now. I've still not described all my reminiscences of my biker friend, but until next time when I do-Here's another of his quotes. "Just been looking at that big muscly arse of mine in the mirror after I got off the toilet and wiped my arse and could see all the bog-splashes and the imprint of the bog seat where it was hanging down through the toilet seat."
"Made me think, My arse is a perfect fit for bog seats, just about covers them, F---ing ace!".

Until next time, Good plopping, P P G

Lawn Dogs Kid
Seeing as Linda is posting again, I thought I would as well !

Love the picture of the girl at the moment. Just having a quiet widdle and a fag !

LINDA: So good to see you back again. Kendal has some pampies that are white with multi coloured hearts on them, so they are very easy to picture ! Glad you managed to hold on until your cousin got you to a toilet. I can imagine how relieved you felt ! I shall be a bit bored this weekend, on my own. Kendal has gone to Kirsty's. And I bet me sitting on Kirsty's knee like I did will still be a hot topic of conversation. Kirsty and I just grin manicly at each other whenever we pass in the school corridors. Hope you enjoy the threesome that Kendal is planning between you, Kirsty and she. No boys allowed. Nevermind ! Kendal thought I'd feel left out, so she came to meet me off the bus yesterday and walk me back home so she could poo for me. Still in her school uniform, she tried ever so hard to poo, but couldn't. She said she didn't understand why she couldn't because she had been feeling the need to go before she even left school, but then it had gone away. Well, I enjoyed ! watching her trying, her little face turning red with all the effort. Anyway, she set off home to begin making the tea ( her Dad is well enough to be back at work now ), and the kind old lady and gentleman next door to her are keeping an eye on her between her arrival back from school and when her Dad gets home. So she's quite happy. I spent the next 15 minutes after she had gone relaxing and reading a book, when all of a sudden, I heard the front door burst open. Kendal was back, looking very flushed, and out of breath from running. "Quick, I definitely can go now". My little princess had got back to her home, when the need to poo suddenly came on again, and she so kindly decided to come back again for me to see. We rushed upstairs to the bathroom, and she lifted up her school skirt, and whipped down her panties and tights both together, rather than seperately like she normally does. There was then a most unusually loud trump from her which made us both laugh, and her poos co! uldn't wait to rush out, with really loud plops much to Kendal's glee ( and mine ), five of them ! So Linda, you enjoy whatever Kirtsy and Kendal have planned for you. I've had my treat for the week ! Take care babe, XOXO Andrew.

KATE: I've always fancied trying one of those war game things where paint is used. Never have. But I must hunt a place out soon, especially if I'm likely to find one or two nice bare bums to shoot ! Kendal thinking that you had taken a nice big smelly bath made me laugh. She has such funny thoughts and ideas sometimes ! Phil, and your brothers are very lucky chaps to have you about, but then so am I with Kendal. And as for bums in bus windows, I have never seen a girl do it before, so I think you are pretty special and unique. Look forward to the next stories from Hertfordshire ! Love Andrew.

SUZY & NICOLE: Have you two left us now ? Such a pity, I had become quite fond of our little conversations, and hearing your stories. love Andrew.

LITTLE LOU: I do hope that by now you have sorted things out with Kev and Ellie, and I'm very sorry to have taken a while to reply. I'm with Kendal in saying that you must always talk things through before involving other people in what you do. However, what has happened has happened, and I think it's about time that some forgiveness was in the air. Kendal and I would be just devestated if we fell out with one another like that. Don't get me wrong, we do have a very occasional argument. But we finish up going away to cool down a bit, and then we hug and make up later. We made a pact after one bad occasion never to not make up again in the same day. And so far, we have always managed that. I'm just so sad and sorry to hear that you are sad and feeling left out, especially after all the kindness you showed me when I was sad without Kendal when she had to go away a while back. So, just for you, a very big hug better, and you can come back for one of these just whenever you f! eel like you need one, just like Kendal. Love and kisses from Andrew xx.

KEV: I'm probably speaking out of turn here my friend, and you have all probably made up by now. I really hope so. But isn't it time to forgive your little sister ? No matter what she did, I think she perhaps is very sorry by now. I really do hope that you and Ellie just sort it out, especially when the three of you care about each other so much. Little Lou will have learned her lesson I hope, and you can see that Kendal and I have both backed you two up over the incident that took place, in saying that Lou shouldn't have said anything about what the three of you get up to. But neither Kendal or I can condone shutting out Little Lou altogether. At best its not nice, and at worst, its cruel. Please, put yourself in Lou's shoes for a while, and maybe you'll be quick to forgive her what she did, and start over again as the caring brother and sister. Take care my friend, Andrew.

ELLIE: Have you forgotten how Little Lou helped you while you needed her with your broken rib ? O.k, she has caused you some severe embarrasment with her comments to Craig. But although what she did was wrong, it has identified that Craig likes you, and you already said you like Craig. So maybe in that way, Lou has done you a favour ! If you don't want Craig to join in with the toilet fun, then just tell him so. If he's any kind of decent chap, he will accept what you say. But whatever, please forgive Little Lou. I really think she has a heart of gold, and doesn't deserve to be treated the way she says she is being treated. If I treated Kendal like that... well, I just couldn't, no matter what she did. In the end, she is still my precious little cousin, whatever, and I love her very much. Just as you and Kev do Little Lou. Time to forgive, and make up I think, and I hope you do too. By the way, I hope the rib is continuing to get better, and that your loo time trips are ! becoming less painful, and more enjoyable again ! Love from Andrew x

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post! and this post is sure to turn on some kim fans. last friday my boyfriend scott and i went over our friends john and donnas house for dinner. john and donna were live in lovers engaged to be married. i liked john and donna alot and always had the feeling if scott had not grabbed me first his friend john would of asked me out because he always thought i was a knockout babe. but john had donna now and was happy. when scott and i came over their house for dinner everyone was dressed up. john and scott were in suits. donna a pretty brunnette was in a blue dress and i was wearing a thin white headband around my head, a white form fitting miniskirt on my body and white mule sandal high heeled shoes on my feet. after a dinner of chicken and steaks. we watched some vcr movies at their house and danced. after this john invited us to sleepover his house. we accepted and slept in the guestroom. scott and i slept nude we did no! t need any pajamas. when i was sleeping that night i awoke suddenly because i felt a gigantic motion coming on. I did not have a dump all day and with the huge dinner i ate i had to go bad! just as i was getting out of bed scott woke up. he is a light sleeper. i told him i had to take a massive shit. scott asked me if he could watch. i said ok as an idea hit me. i told scott to wake up john and donna so they could watch me squeeze out a log since they were into this sorta thing and they knew i shot out real big logs. i did not feel nervous dumping in front of them because i knew then so long and they were such good friends of ours. john has seen me squeeze out a log before. donna never. i thought why not give them a treat i said to scott as i strutted to the bathroom and scott went to wake up our pals. while i was on the bowl john,donna and scott came in to watch. everyone slept nude so nobody had any clothes on save for the thin gold chain i wore around my waist.I then put bo! th hands on the back of my legs and raised my legs up bending my knees to my chin. i loved to push out logs this way because it gave me more leverage and looked kinda sexy too! i then took a deep breath as i started to push out a log. my ass quivered excitedly as a log started to appear out of my ass. i then pushed harder as my ring expanded and my log got bigger and bigger in size! each push sending great jolts of electricity in my ass! i then took a deep breath and squeezed real hard! as my once big bowel movement grew into a gigantic one! my ass was being pulverized by squeezing this outrageeous log out! so there i was a cute,naked little girl with a gigantic turd sticking from her ass! my friends were so excited watching me their eyes were popping out of their sockets. my boyfriend scott has seen me crash out monsters before but never this big! i then moaned "ooohh!" as my log got bigger and longer still! i then took one more deep breath as my chest heaved,ass shuddered a! nd ring expanded real wide as i moaned a long "ooooooohh!" and blasted out from my quivering hole the largest log i have ever had so far in my life. my log hit the water with a big splash. i then got off the bowl to admire my log with my pals. my log was a humongous dark brown sausage that was thick,long and solid. donna then got the measuring tape and measured my log at 25 inches long. 3 inches thick . in one amazing piece. this log beat my previous record log of 21 inches long. 2 inches thick. donna then took a few pictures of my log and handed me one while she took the other. even though my log was huge it was straight and flushed pretty easily. donna then hit scott and john playfully because they both got erections! i guess seeing a pretty,nude girl squeeze out a collosal log like this will do that to some men!haha! after this we all went to bed. scott and i left the next morning after having breakfast with john and donna. wow! that was fun maybe i will do that in front o! f my friends again in the future. but until then i will continue to have my monster logs alone or in front of my boyfriend scott.bye now !!TO BUZZY- i had this super-log without the help of metamucil. EAT YOUR HEART OUT MY FRIEND!haha! PLUS JOHN (vt) congratulations on your 18 inch log. and you said you never saw a log that big before!haha! plus DM- the car my parents got was a mercury tracer blue station wagon. by the way i have a sexy red mustang with big sportcar wheels and a brown ragtop. scott has a red toyota corolla! bye now!

Saturday, January 27, 2001

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