Hello to everyone! It has been a very long time since I posted. I am finally back at school and have been very busy getting back into the groove of everything this semester. I have had several very good dumps since I arrived on campus. Yesterday I had to take a very big one! When I woke up, I had to hurry and get ready for class because I was running late. I felt the need to poop the night before but decided to put it off until morning so I could go in the building my first class was in. My plans to wake up early were ruined when my alarm did not go off! Anyway, after I had finished all of my classes for the day, I met my roommate Heather in the student center food court for a quick lunch. After I ate, the need to go number 2 came back with much more urgency than the night before. I hadn't gone in 4 days and I could feel a large turd begging to be let out. As I talked with Heather, I began squirming in my seat and leaned from side to side as to only sit on one side of my butt! I think those who have ever had to take a big one know what feeling I am trying to describe! I finally told her I had to go poop really bad. She laughed and said don't stink it up too bad! We put our trays up and went out of the food court. Heather said she would see me later as I headed the other direction for the restroom. The restroom near the food court is pretty big and gets alot of action as you might guess around lunch time. There are 12 stalls, 10 regular and 2 handicap. I believe 6 were occupied, plus there were several girls fixing their faces, etc. I heard a big fart from one of the stalls followed by several loud splashes. I chose the 5th stall, a regular one. There was someone in the one to its left, I later discovered this girl too, was pooping. I had worn my tight, black stretch pants on this day, I lowered them to my ankles as usual, followed by my black and gray striped bikini panties. I sat down just in time to allow a long windy fart! to echo in the toilet. I spread my legs so that each of my knees touched the wall of the stall. I looked down into the bowl to see a skid mark left by a previous occupant. I planned to add my own very soon! I also caught a glimpse of something I have always thouht to be very cool, when you sit on a toilet, there always seems to be a gap between your cheeks and the seat, just enough to allow light in to see a reflection of your butt! Anyway, I made an audible grunt which was followed by some crackling of my poop. I could slowly feel my anus gaping open to allow the big log to pass. At this point the girl next to me made two loud splashes about 5 seconds apart, followed by a sigh. My log SLOWLY began to ease out, I looked down to see its reflection in the water also. Finally after about two minutes I could see it as its tip touched the water, I knew that several inches were still yet to emerge. It was hard and about 2 inches thick. After about 2 more minutes of motion, it dropped. I looked down to see about 10 inches. To my surprise, I farted three times right after it dropped. The girl next to me had been farting and splashing this whole time as well, she showed no signs of letting up! I immediately knew I had ALOT more to do as well. I grunted again and felt the next turd ease into place. Like my first one it slowly slid out over about 5 minutes. It was also 2 inches thick and about 6 inches long. I farted again after it dropped. I had not made any splash sounds yet because my turds were so long! Elsewhere in the restroom, I could hear at least one other girl doing number 2, and about 2 others peeing. The girl next to me had not made a sound, but was still there. I felt another urge to push, the result was six golf ball sized poops, one after another, each made a loud splash which announced loud and clear to everyone what I was doing! I knew I was still not done, I still felt that ever so well known need to go. The girl ne! xt to me dropped two more small sounding turds, and began to wipe. I grunted again and felt my big final one make a move. My hole again streched wide open, except this time it was a feeling I had not felt in quite some time, I had a HUGE turd to pass. I pushed again but it did little to resolve my dilemma. After about 3-4 minutes, I was hurting. I closed my watering eyes and clinched my teeth together as I pushed very hard, I know everyone heard me strain! Finally after about another 3 minutes of pushing, I passed the log. It was almost 3 inches wide and probably 6-8 inches long. Finally after about 25 minutes, I was done. I wiped and redressed. I decided to leave my job for all to admire, besides it probably would have not gone down any way! See you all later!

Haven't posted in ages.
Well i ate my schools hot dogs.I had a HUGE jobbie right there in the john. Then later after school i went to my friend marcs house. we were playing a computer game when CRAMP. My bowel filled up with crap. I ran to the bathroom (which was only four feet away. I forgot to close the door and i didn't care. i wiped off my pants sat and released. i didn't care that marc heard we are open with our body.7 wips 2 flushes. Then 10 min. later i went again, and for the next 2 hours i pooped every 10 min.
i tryed menamusile and it worked quickly. I'm a guy and hearing me dump turns me on. i'm not gay though.
well happy pooping

Melissa (New York)
Hello everybody let me tell you about my second dump in the executive bathroom. Thankfully this one is better than the first (breathing a sigh of relief). Please note itís been 3 days sine Iíve used the bathroom. So I was pretty clogged up. So around a quarter to ten, I felt rumblings in my stomach. So I head to my bathroom. I went in and stripped myself nude. Then I sat on the can and took a deep breath. Then I pushed. And then I pushed again. Then the tip of this wide poop started to emerge. I kept pushing and finally he landed with a splash. I looked at it and I got my 30-inch ruler I usually keep in the bathroom. Cool. A nice solid 21.5 inches. But I only knew that was the tip of the iceberg. So I sat on the toilet and I pushed some more then I felt something poking out. I kept pushing and straining but it wouldnít budge. I didnít want to make this an all day affair so it put on a glove and pulled it out. I measured it and it was 20.3 inches long. So ! I placed him in the toilet. But I still had more to get out. So I sat there and I felt the tip on another wide poop. I took my hand (I had a glove on) and I pulled it out. It measured 17.4 inches. I know I was done. So I pushed the flush and it sucked the smaller one down. I pushed the flush this time and I pushed both of the 2 remaining poops down the hole. The reason I just didnít let them sit there is because if my office and bathroom were to be cleaned and the janitor saw three big poops in the toilet, heíd probably get aggravated and will think Iím unprofessional. So I want to save him the trouble of unclogging the toilet. Then after that I took a shower and went back to work.

Have a nice day


Steve---to answer your question..I have pooped my pants. Sometimes on accident and somtimes on's one of those things I just like to do occasionally. you? I've been constipated the last couple of days. I don't know why. This never happens to me. I finally moved one today and it hurt like hell.

JACOB--You and I have a lot in common. I still have a problem with it at times and will only use the public toilets at college when I absolutely have to. This made things very tricky when I moved into the dorms. I love taking a pee when someone comes in to poop but if they come in while I'm on the john I get very nervous.

Actually once I was going poop at school...I had just sat down and was going to push it out quick but I heard a couple of guys come in. I tried to hold it back but couldn't. My body like automatically pushed it out. As it came out I farted a couple of times and I heard some of the guys snicker and laugh. It was also one of those hard turds that makes a distinct crackling they heard that too. I thought I'd die. At the same time one of the guys peeing farted and all the guys laughed. I shouldn't have been embarrassed but it happened....Another time was when I had diarrhea in the dorms....not fun at all..I'll tell that one some other time.

Linda GS
Thanks for feeling sorry for me. And trust me I would have left class but I would have gotten in trouble and well everyone would have know what I was DYING to do and I would have been made fun of. The things a girl does to aviod such things and just go and have a quiet moment of relief. (giggles)
WHERE ARE YOU?!!? I finally come back and you're gone now. grrrrr.

Hi Everybody!

Today on the Y100 Morning Show (100.3FM Philadelphia), they had a contest called "Urination Island." It was to poke fun at Temptation Island, that sick show on TV right now.

There were 8 contestents, 4 male and 4 female and they had to hold their pee all morning! :) During the morning they had to keep drinking water after a certain time. Certain amount for each person too. Later in the morning, to eliminate contestents faster, they had to put their hands in bowls of warm water!

The last 2 contestents were women! I think the first one out was a woman, followed by the men and another woman, and only the two other women remained.

The contestent was "Out" when he or she ran out of the room to the bathroom. They had to stay in the studio the ENTIRE time. One guy got up and walked through the door, then came back and said he was fine and wanted to continue, but he had already passed the threshold of the door! He got disqualified!

Also, there was a microphone in the bathroom so you could hear the contestents while they were peeing! (It was a unisex bathroom)

That's all for Now,

Carmalita: Great to hear back from you! I guess I do owe you one don't I? Okay, I'm about 6'2", 23 y/o, cacasian, and have long blonde hair. I'm sorry about your dilemma! I hope everything comes out of you soon! Taht must feel terrible. Three days without. Oh yeah I wasn't on my knees when I proposed to you either, so I guess it dosen't count huh? Oh well, I think you're awesome! Renee sounds fun too! You tow sure have alot of fun together!

Bowel Movement? Well, I couldn't agree with you more - but I I'm not one of those that say: "Just going to pop to the loo..." How's about: "Just going to have a big shit!" Now that's my kind of language to speak!

It is also my answer to everything - you should try it. If anyone is moaning, fighting, frustrated, or indeed pissed off, just tell them to "have a shit"! Its the answer to all problems - trust me!

Billy & Kevin L.
Steve asked if we ever pooped our pants. I am sure we pooped our pants when we were 3 or 4, but certainly not since we began school. Once or twice we both dumped a little diarrhea when we could not get to the bathroom in time. And we also filled our underwear when we had diarrhea and threw up. I think that happens because when you puke, you push with the same stomach muscles to empty the stomach as you do when you poop. However, that was not a big deal. I little bath and cleaning up our sheets, as were ready to get back in bed.

We have seen others fill their pants only 4 times (except real little kids) when they were not sick. One was a 5th grader in Kevin's class (he was in 3rd grade at the time). The 5th grader was being kept from a movie as punishment for not doing his homework. He had to poop, but we think he was too embarassed to go in front of other littler kids. He finally decided better that others see him poop than to poop his pants. Unfortunately, he came in when Kev was on the toilet. Kev had diarrhea and was on the toilet for 5 minutes. So he pooed his pants in the bathroom. He dropped on pretty solid log in there. When Kev was done, he pulled his pants down, so that was only one log in there and dumped it in the toilet. His underwear were only a little stained. When Kev left the bathroom, he was still pooping like mad.

Two other times we were on different field trips. We stopped for breakfast. Both times an old guy came in to the bathroom while the kids in class were pooping. The old guys waited for the kids to finish but it was too long. One guy wanted to wait and stay to clean himself out, but the teacher came in and told him to go home. The teacher knew that more boys would need to poo before we continued on the trip. The other time, you could here the old guy pooping and farting. He just left, with a red fact.

The last time was a 6-year old boy. We went to McDonalds in the summer. It was just Kev, Billy and our little brothers Josh and Eric. It was raining and we were stuck inside all day. Mom said we could go to McDonalds. When we got there, Billy said he had to make a dukey. Kev and Josh said they had to poo too. We talked about before how we tend to have to go at about the same time, becaue our body rythymns are similar. And Josh and Eric are too small to pee or poo by themselves in a public place. Usually, when one of us can't wait much longer and really has to poo, one or two others needs to poo and will go at the same time. With Eric and Josh they need help and we are there anyway, and with Kev and me, we like the company when we poo. Plus if we are playing games together or with our friends, it makes more sense for all of us who have to poop to make our dookeys at the same time, or we will stop the game like 5 or six times instead of just once. Plus we all poo fast, like ! 1 or 2 minutes, so that we don't take much time. Anyway, Billy sat down and started to poo, and a guy game in, with his son. Billy said, my two brothers need to poo and one needs to pee. Do you want to go next? The boy said I think I can wait. Billy are you sure? He said, yeah. So when Billy was done, Josh got on next to poo. While he was pooing, the boy said oh no. And then you could here some crackling sounds. His dad said did you just do a dirty potty in your pants? The kid said, yeah. The dad said, it is no big deal. Accidents happen. But why didn't you go next? he said, I thought I could wait. Kev was next. He said, you should have gone. We usually poo together, so that we don't waste time coming and going to the bathroom. We would have let you go. It is no big deal. Plus we like each others company while making our ca ca. Then Kev said, it is ok, we all make mistakes. Then he said, were you afraid to go in front of us? The boy said yeah. Kev said, you could have asked ! us to leave. But you should not be embarassed about pooping. We all poop. It is what happens when you eat food. Your food your body does not use comes out as poop. He said, ok. Billy wiped josh, and then kev made his poo. Then eric sat on the toilet. The toilet is one of the higher handicapped ones and he could not reach to pee standing up. He peed and then he said I am going to poop. he dropped two little logs. After that, kev flushed the toilet adn the guy said, to the boy, mike, I have to poop, then we could go home and I will help you clean up. The kid said, what do you mean help me clean up? The guy sat down and started pushing out some logs. The guy said, pooping your pants is not a big deal. It happens to us all. Remember how last summer, we were in that traffic jam and i pooped my pants? It was my poop, so I had to clean up. Well, you are old enough to clean up your own poop when you have an accident. I will help you though.

On the way home, we talked about what he said about cleaning up your own poop. We guess it makes sense. It is pretty much what our mom taught us, even though she never said it. The only time we pooped our pants was when we were throwing up. And we had diarrhea. We had to clean up ourselves then, even though it was not our faulr. Of course, we helped each other with that. I guess in the end, he is right. It is our poop and we all have to take responsibility for what we do. Just like we have to take responsibility clean our plates. I guess it is the same. Unused food on our plates, and unused food in our poop.

Interesting new pic-It looks like this girl was just finishing up a poo and was smoking a cigarette and this pic was taken-It looks like she is slightly surprised at the photo being taken
TO JACK-Cool story with you pooing in the woods with the unexpected companion-That happened to me some years ago (Check older posts)It was really a cool thing-at first I was very uptight about doing it but then i figured,what the hell and i really kinda enjoyed it-I'd do it again in a minute-Last summer i ran into a couple of bicyclists in the woods and we all 3 pooped together on this big log right in front of each other-I had never done that before,but it was a rush to do this with these other 2 guys(too bad they weren't ladies) but still it was fun to do-I enjoy pooing with either guys or girls(again check older posts with more details)Good story!
TO CARMELITA-I feel bad for you that you can't poo-tha's such a lousy feeling-now if you were with me I would insert a Dulcolax suppository in your nice butt and let you wait 20 mins and I guarantee you would poo like a champ for 30 mins and it would feel great( if course,i would be an appreciative audience!)Hey try that metameucil stuff-you'll really poop a storm too!Please let me know the minute you poo,honey-I'll be looking forward to reading about it for my next poo!You asked what do I look like-Well I'm an average looking guy I guess-some poeple say I look a little like a cross between Micheal Keaton and David Cassidy-Who knows!I'm 5'10" and 167lbs and I'm an avid bicyclist so i'm in pretty good shape-Mostly my lags and my butt are muscular from all the riding i do-Sometimes i like to look at my muscular butt as i poo-it's fun when I can't see anyone else pooing-which is definity the case lately!-I think you would like my butt-I know I would like yours!I guess I'm jus! t Your average guy who lokes to see and hear other people poop LOL!
Hey Carmelita,don't poo in your pants,get to the bowl and sit down and enjoy it and remember,tell me about it!Love all your stories!
Things have been non-eventful as far as my pooing goes lately-so i haven't anything to report til i eat a big meal or something -Later all BYE

Sorry I've been away a while. Lots of home work from school recently ! Anyway, I see Andrew hasn't posted recently either. I think he's blue like Linda about a post that didn't make it. I told him if it was that good to try again and make sure he left out the naughty bits he must have put in last time, but he says he didn't put any naughty bits in. Hmmmm !! Well the moderator wouldn't pull the post for no good reason !

GEMI & DM: I'm glad you liked my recent story about Andrew accidentally sitting on Kirsty's knee in the dark while she was sat on the toilet. I know I won't ever beat that story !

STEVE: I hope you are having a nice time without Louise. It seems you are with that story about Louise's sister and her Mum ! I enjoyed reading that ! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done another stand up wee since I last wrote about it. Hope Louise, PV, and Ephermal won't be mad with me ! Love from Kendal x

HEATHER: I hope I haven't caused you too much anguish over different ways to go to the toilet. I just wanted to try it myself so I could kind of know what it must be like for you when you go. I have to say that since I last posted, I had a poo while still wearing my school uniform, and it was so much easier while wearing my school skirt than it was wearing jeans to get clothes out of the way. Thing is, I didn't time it, but I just know it was quicker. I don't really have any other ideas for you. I suppose the best is just to wear sensible clothing when you are likely to have to go to the toilet on your own, and save the fashionable, difficult to get out of stuff, for when you are with a trusted friend, or your parents, who can help you to get out of it ! I have to say that I enjoyed reading about your experiments. Take care, love from Kendal xx

KATE: This will make you laugh, it did me. I misread your last post. You were talking about the boys watching while you had your poo, and while you had your bath as well. But then you added to the end of that, that it was quite a big smelly one. I realised that you meant your poo again, but it was funny to think that you had quite a big smelly bath for a short while !! Hey, I bet you were right, that the boys encouraged you to wee outside hoping you would get shot on the bum with a paint pellet ! They are naughty ! As for being a terrible show off, well I have to say that given the choice of seeing a boys hairy bottom in a bus window, and a girls, I'd rather see yours any day ! I think girls have much nicer bottoms ! Glad you liked my story about Andrew sitting on Kirsty's knee. Your story about sitting on each others knees while having a wee gave me a new idea to try out with Andrew. But then again, I think Dad would take a bit of an exception to that one. Mind you, ! I suppose it would be alright if I sat on Andrew's knee while he went rather than going myself sat on his knee, and vice versa. I'd still be wearing my clothes, so that would be alright ! Poor Kirsty though got the full bare bum treatment. I will have to get my hankie now to wipe my eyes from all this crying with laughter ! Have fun Kate, love from Kendal xx.

LITTLE LOU: I'm so sorry to hear that Kev and Ellie are giving you a hard time and leaving you out of the toilet visits. I'm surprised at Ellie, because she must know what it is like to be on the end of someone being horrible to you, after the way Kev treated you both a while ago. So Kev and Ellie, please try and work this out. It's not nice to feel left out. I think you must still say sorry for what you did to Kev and Ellie though. You might not have meant to do it, but you did betray their trust by telling Craig about what you all get up to. What you do yourself with Craig is really up to you, but you shouldn't involve Kev and Ellie unless they want that. The thing is, Andrew and I had a long talk before I decided to tell Kirsty about our secret. So I think you should promise them that you will never tell tales again without finding out if it is ok or not with them first, because it effects all three of you. However, I think that if you want to wee with Craig, then that! should be up to you, so long as you can really trust him. I loved your story about your wee with him ! That was really nice. I so hope that the three of you can work things out. I've only ever had a nasty argument with Andrew once, and we both felt so bad about it that neither of us could sleep that night, and we cried and made up first thing the next morning, and promised never to fall out like that again. So far we haven't which is wonderful ! Andrew and I will both be rooting for you and we hope you will make up soon. Lots of love and hugs from Kendal xx

LINDA: So I missed your major poop session ! Well, I understand, especially if you tried to post to me about it. Perhaps you can get Miguel to post about it if he was the only witness. And fancy falling asleep while pooing. I've never done that before. I'd be too afraid of falling off, or worse still, falling in with my poos !! Your post that did make it, I loved it ! What a good desperation story that was. I was holding my breath as I read it, so afraid that you were going to say that you pooped your pampies. Then when you made it to the toilet in time, I let it go again, and had to breathe very heavily to get my breath back ! Hey, I've got some white pampies with multicoloured hearts on them, so Andrew will know exactly what they looked like in your story. I don't have time to write much more tonight, but I promise that when I write the story about us going for a major poop session together, I'll wear mine, and you'll wear yours, and then we'll be like twinnies !! ! So good to hear from you again, and I promise to write that story just as soon as I can ! Loads of love from Kendal xxxx PS, If Miguel had locked that mens room, then I would have been brave enough to come in with you and comfort you while you had your urgent poo. So you shouldn't have been surprised really !! Hey, I'll be seeing Kirsty this weekend. I wonder if I can pursuade her to join in with us both ! I'll see what she says, but strictly no boys !! I wonder if she has got some white ones with multicoloured hearts ? Then we could be tripleties !!

LEO: I watch Johnny Knoxville whenever I get the chance. Once on JACKASS (Sunday) they had horse poop wrestling. Then there was the time was Knoxville was in a PORT-A-POT filled with dog pellets & piss as a waste disposal truck turned it upside down.

NO NAME GIRL: Hallow Man was pretty good; it was the same director that did ROBOCOP (which also has to bathroom scene) & STARSHIP TROOPERS. Hallow Man even puked invisible chucks into the toilet. The woman that pees in the film couldn't dropped a few fresh turds.

MIA: "Panbuster"?

BRISK BOY: Yes, you'll go down in PISTORY.

CARMALITA: a hot bath should have got that blockage moving! Whenever I get bound up I go walking. And I refuse laxitives (I saw DUMB & DUMBER). I used to take Fleet, but that mineral oil enema only softens the outside of my stool. I would rather GIVE BIRTH to what I ate. Try holding you breath and pressing down lightly. Either way, your RINGLET is gonna become a HULA-HOOP . . .


Hi there! What a wonderful experience with Louise's darling mom and sis, you are the luckiest of men! It must have been a cross between fun and distracting, in the very nicest ways!

Not much to report from this end, though with the heat there have been opportunities. In the early hours of the morning a few days ago I went outside to see if it was any cooler, walked naked around the garden and, though I'd just come out of a cool shower in which I'd had a wee, at last I pushed my hips forward and managed another little wee on the lawn for good measure. It was nice!

Looking forward to dear Louise coming home, and hoping for many more fun adventures,

Your friend,



My dear, I'm so glad your punishment didn't hurt -- that your Dad was not hitting too hard. I'd still have to say I feel it's very wrong to use even the suggestion of violence to try to frighten girls into going to the toilet more often... Perhaps a few home truths about the health problems that cna be faced later on would be as or more effective.

I'm so sorry to hear of your constipation, a ???? rub in a warm bath should have helped loosen you off... I hope you poo tomorrow.

It's unfortunate that you have come to dislike enemas so much, as this is exactly the situation in which they are most helpful. A simple cleansing enema would, almost certainly, relieve you without distress. As I've spoken of before on the board, while a forced enema as might be given to a child is cruel (how come it's kids who suffer the most in these things?), an enema accepted willingly can be a comfortable experience, if given properly there should be no pain involved, only a gradual warm fullness spreading through your ????, followed by the urgent need to sit and expell.

Do you know how an enema is properly given? I'm sure your friend would be delighted to administer them, and you would not have to suffer the distress of constipation. If you would like to know more, please feel free to ask.



Peeping Tom
I hope my name is not offending anybody, does it sound like am a pervert?

Not much new to report on my seems like days rather than hours since I've slept and I'm quite ready to collapse, so this will be short.

Steve--thanks for the encoruagement, I'll keep working at it.

Moira--good to have you back. As constipation is something I've dealt with in various forms, your explaination was quite interesting.

DM--that's not nice to want to kill a bird for doing what comes naturally, the bird didn't mean for it to land on you.
As far as the paper seat covers go, if they are available in a public restroom I usually use them. Two quads at my school actually have them now (not mine) but I tend not to use them there. I lived in both of those quads last year and survived without using them as I do now in my dorm.

Jacob--I don't especially like pooping in public restrooms, or even at home when my parents are upstairs by my bathroom but hey when you gotta go you gotta go, so I basically just learn to do just that.

Good luck Carmalita!

Anyway, time for me to pass out.

Jeff A
Hi all, what a great bunch of stories lately!
BUZZY: Thanks for explaining the hernia thing. I've had one myself, and it's really a painful recovery. That was also the surgery where the nurse made me poop while she stood over me to make sure everything was working okay. If there was ever anything good about that experience...Also, your Metamucil dump was great! I really like your posts, their very relaxed and refreshing.

DM:I also have an insatiable craving for the opposite sex, but really get off on listening to other guys in the restroom. I'm not even going to try and figure that one out, just enjoy it.

CARMALITA: David is right! You're most worthy of a marriage proposal! I'm glad he had the good sense to propose! Poor thing, I hope everything comes out soon! I'll try back in a couple of days with a story you might like. I got caught pooping again, by another housekeeping gal at a motel. This is twice it happened to me.

A big howdy to Rick, Steph, Traveller, PV, Nicola, Alex, and a host of others too numerous to name, but nonetheless important! I'm staying pretty busy these days, but will try to get back sooner.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

I am very interested in pooping accidents involving female celebrities. The problem with these stories is you never know which ones are true. For example, I have seen many references in this forum to an incident where Deborah Norville supposedly crapped in her pants while doing an interview on the air. Did anyone here actually see that happen? I have searched on the internet and even looked in her biography and can find no reference to it anywhere. I'm not sure if it was on the Today show or some other program. If anyone has any specific information on that, please post it.

Also, I was fascinated to see in an old posting here that Joan Lunden supposedly farted on the air once on "Good Morning America". Can anyone confirm that? With all the live morning shows and news shows, I am very surprised that people don't fart on the air more often, especially on the morning shows where digestive systems are still churning. After all, most people fart several times a day in real life, so why wouldn't it happen more often on live TV?

I think I've heard of two other celebrity poop incidents involving females. I recall reading somewhere a long tie ago that the rock singer Suzi Quattro (who used to appear on Happy Days) supposedly used a laxative once before a concert and it started working while she was on stage. She supposedly crapped herself while on stage, and then ran off screaming and didn't return. This is supposedly mentioned in her autobiography, but I haven't been able to find her autobiography anywhere. Has anyone here read it? The more recent incident was posted on an online site and supposedly involved Farrah Fawcett taking a crap on a producer's lawn during a party because his bathroom was tied up. Interestingly, Farrah actually responded to this and said it was untrue. Farrah said she is very shy about bathroom matters and won't even go on an airplane. She was very surprised that anyone would think she would do it on someone's lawn.

If anyone has any more information on these incidents or information on any other poop or fart incident involving famous females, please post it. Thanks!

Looks like the girl in the picture is mad about something while smoking a cigarrette.
This to Stephanie S,thanks for your response and hope that you keep posting more interesting stories at this forum

Plunging Plop Guy: Great to hear from you again and I'm real glad that you liked that old post of mine. That was one of my best experiences ever! The public restroom I described in that post was the only one of its kind I've ever found. It was on a public beach in Key West, Florida. The two toilet bowls were side by side without any partitions around them and no doors. You thus sat alongside other guys while they crapped each facing the wall in front of the bowls. The TP was in large round containers on the wall in front of each bowl. Obviously, this unusal lay out provided multiple opportunites for buddy dumping with other guys. I used to go to this part of Florida for my annual vacation. The mornings were the busiest times for guys to take a shit. Sometimes, I would just park on one of the two toilets and hold back my shit until an interesting guy sat on the adjacent crapper. We would then shit together. Most would ignore me and just kinda stare into space whil! e they crapped, but they still grunted, farted, and plopped and I caught all of this in my peripheral vision. Other times I would follow an interesting guy into the restroom and we would take a seat at the same time. In the old post, the situation was unusual in that the two young guys interacted with me. Also the guy who was dumping kinda hovered over the bowl so I could see his logs dangling from his asshole before he pinched them off, although I could not see his asshole because it was obscured by his butt cheek nearest me. I saw a couple of other young guys shit there in the hovering position (the crappers were real filthy), but most sat on the seat after wiping it and crapped. Generally, apart from some initial comment about the unusual layout of the toilets, they would not say anything to me. What made it more interesting is that since the restroom was at a beach, the guys would come in, pull down their swim suits and dump in the nude so that I got a real good view of all the action. I'll post some of the other less dramatic stories from there one of these days. As I mentioned in my old post, after 4 annual vacations at this place, I went back and found to my disappointment that the restroom had been made "respectable." It was now real clean, but the two toilets now had stalls around them and also doors so that the good old days of buddy dumping came to an end. You would have loved that place - it was unique and I have great memories of it.
Drew: Glad you liked my more recent story. The guy did protest real strong. Since, however, I was backed by the regulations, he had only two choices. He could have waited to dump until the remaining two hours of the exam had passed or he could have taken a shit with me watching. He had a large load to dump and even though he did not like it, shitting in front of me was the better alternative for him. I did advise him in my "official" capacity, however, to try dumping before exams in the future, although I'd be real glad to accompany him again at any time!
See you guys later, Justin.

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