Hello everyone, I havenít been able to poop since Monday morning. My ???? is poofing out a little bit, and Iím pretty full. I really need a good long, healthy dump. Iíve been grumpy for a few days, and my ???? is cramping bad. Renee took me to the bathroom last night, set me down on the pot, and she brushed my hair which really relaxes me. I farted two, or three times, real stinky ones too, but nothing plopped out of me. Then I started crying because I was so miserable! She gave my back some rubbing, then got me undressed for a hot bath. While I soaked, she rubbed my ????, and I thought it was starting to loosen up, but still no poop! Iím so miserable!
Anne (Bus Driver), and Althea: Thank you so much for your concerns about my ďpotty paddlingsĒ, but it was okay.
PV: I was very touched at your comment. Nobody has ever cared enough to comment on my whippings before, or show sympathy. I only cried to make it stop, not because it hurt. My dad was not cruel, and never wanted to hurt me, or us. I think he just wanted to scare us into going poop more often which Iím sure he thought we werenít doing. My younger sister Luisa had the same problems, and sheíd get it too. I only mentioned it to Althea in comparison to the enemas sheíd get which I thought were worse, and again, at least for me anyway, the whippings never really hurt that much.
Love you for caring though!

Wizzer: Thank you for telling me a story! Iíll bet your girlfriend loves it when you take a dump! (and the good times you give her after!!!!Woowee!) You mentioned about the major woody you get when your girlfriend watches you. Lucky girl!

Stephanie S: Thanks for saying hi! Iím glad anohter gal can stink it up good! My friend Renee has given me the ďLysol awardĒ and she calls me ďHer stinky little LatinaĒ. I love that.

David: WOW! Iíve never been proposed to ever, even if you were just teasing! I hope you were down on one knee when you typed it! You seemed to have forgotten one thing though! You still havenít told me what you look like! Dude, fill me in! You owe me one now!

John (VT): Wow! Thanks for that story! What a turn on! 15" turds? If I were your wife I wouldn't be ticked off. I'll bet you looked great sitting there squeezing that one out!

Buzzy: Oh, my! You flatter me. Youíre going to print out my stories? I feel so special. And you sat on the pot nude huh? Hmmmm! Iíll picture that when I go to sleep tonight. Like I said, I donít get to see men going poo-poo, so itíll be a nice little fantasy for me. I donít know what you look like, maybe you can tell me? Donít you love those hissing farts?! That means a really good turd is coming. At least for me anyway. I was just so blown away by your post! You make me feel so special. Renee thinks youíre cute, and Iíll bet sheís right too! And that 10Ē turd! Iíd like to have seen that one! Iíd rub your thigh, and tell you what a good job you did, while waiting for you to crap some more for me. Iím even more flattered that you try to imagine me, and what I look like. I believe Iíve mentioned that Iím dark brown, and have long black curly hair. When I sit on the pot, my thighs flatten out on the seat, and my toes just barely touch the floor. Iíll usually sit spread legged! , with my elbows on my knees, and hands clasped together with my head hanging down almost between my legs. But if I have bad cramps, or refried turds, Iíll sit with my knees together, and my body upright, pushing with my ????. I love your idea of pooping together in a two seater outhouse. Have you ever done that before? I have. Iíll read your story on the pot, and I hope to God that tomorrow it all comes out of me! I canít take one more day of this! This happened before, and the last time I accidentally laid a giant loaf in my panties! I was so embarrassed I couldnít stand it! Renee says sheíll get me to poop one way, or another. I hope so.

TOO SMITH b.m simply stands for bowel movement, unless your name is brian mahoney HAAAAA HAAAAAA get it. OK who is brian mahoney???? well he was a boy at my school he was at least fourteen, and any time we changed for gym, he allways had poopie underpants, white cotten briefs with little holes in them. And if your wondering, i have no idear if the poo went through the little holes.

I did a beautifull poo tonight, a big brown solid one about six or seven inches long (no i did not measure it) a bit smelly, i wiped three times flushed and left.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Took an excellent one the other day. Had pumpkin soup and whew, it made me go good! Took a lot of wiping to get my butt clean after! hehe.

LindaGS: I feel so sorry for you, having to wait that long to go to the bathroom! I would've just walked out of class and gone! Teachers can be so horrid about stuff like that! Fortunately, none of mine were that mean!

Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid: How are you guys doing? I really love your posts, they're so entertaining. I look forward to reading more of them :)


Yesterday I felt a huge shit coming on and it was gassy and I felt that it would be quite watery. I decided to take a nap instead of getting on the toilet. So I was like just lying on the bed farting up a storm. I knew that if I held it for a few hours, it wouldn't be so watery. The bedroom completely stunk and my girlfriend was like: "R U OK?" So I fell asleep for awhile and the rumbling and noise woke me up. Then I went to the bathroom almost losing it and filled the pot. It was fairly firm and I wiped 10 times and flushed the huge load and the toilet clogged. I left it and flushed again. Still clogged. So I got a stick and stirred everything up and flushed again and then it went down.

To Heather: I have an idea that might help you. How about you try diapers. wear skirts and under that a diaper. No one will notice. I know how it felt because my sister broke both her feet so she had to be on wheelchair for a while. My mom bought her diapers and she loved it. she said it was easy.
To Bryan: I am glad you feel better now!!!

To Leo: Im glad you mentioned that last part of "Jackass" because i totaly forgot about that part.

JacobG in Florida
Shawn: You really remind me of myself. I'm also too shy to take a dump when I or my roommate have friends over. I don't know why, especially when they don't seem to have a problem letting me know they are going to poop. When I was growing up, my family used to go camping all the time. I could never bring myself to go into a stall to poop when others were in the restroom. I would keep going back until the restroom was empty. Eventually, it would be empty and I would go into the stall, but sit there terrified that someone might walk in while I was in there. This continued through my first two years of college. It was not until my junior year that I was able to go into a stall while others were in the restroom. Before that, I used to be just like you - hoping I could poop without any body knowing about it. Then suddenly, like overnight - and unexpectedly, I begin to enjoy pooping while listening to the other guys. However, I continue to suffer from the insecurity of w! ondering if anyone might be watching as I leave the bathroom. I know this is crazy. I'm working on getting over it, though. By the way, your story was very good. I look forward to more.

I took a day off yesterday and went shopping at my local supermarket. When I'd finished putting my groceries in the car, I wanted to poo so I looked arounf and didn't see anybody, just an SUV to my left. I hiked up my skirt, took off my panties, bent my knees in a semi-squat and started to poo by the side of my car. I farted and a thick poo started coming out then landed with a "floomp" on the floor. Then as the other poo started to come out I nearly had a heart attack...there was this sudden banging on a window with shouting. While pooing, I looked around to the SUV and there were 2 small boys pointing at me, jeering and laughing behind the closed windows. They must have been watching me poo all along. Anyway, I calmly carried on pooing. I even did a big gush of pee, looked at the boys, smiled and stuck my tongue out! I then put on my panties (I had nothing to wipe with), pulled down my skirt and got in the car, then drove off leaving behind 2 fat turds on the ground and 2 bo! ys who continued to laugh and jeer as I drove off!

Been a while, but I had to get back on and catch up. I missed nine pages worth of toilet fun!

BRYIAN -- I had a bird crap on my leg once when I was about 12 or 13. I was walking down the street, heading back to my aunt's house, when I suddenly felt a chill on my lower leg. Looking down, I had black-and-white birdshot on my shin and all over my sock. I looked up, but the bird was long gone. (I probably would have fired a rock off at it if I'd seen it.)

SHAWN -- Maybe you've heard this too much now, but guys listening to other guys on the pot is nothing strange. I've been doing it for years (I'm male), and I still have an insatiable craving for the opposite sex. Don't worry about it, and let us all know about your toilet experiences.

KENDAL -- "The Blackout" is probably your greatest story ever. Cheers to Kirsty for not being too upset about it. (By the way, we're still friends! I'm just too busy strutting my vocabulary...)

HEATHER, and now ALLIE as well -- Thanks for being open about your disabilities. It's hard to tell anymore if people are sensitive about this kind of stuff, especially in our politically correct world. Allie, I once had a friend with CP who was also in a wheelchair. Every now and then, I'd pick up a little scent of poop from her direction, but I tried to understand and I never said anything about it. As you have told us, not everyone is so forgiving. (Most of all, that horrible teacher you had. That kind of treatment is inhumane at best, and I hope they've been fired by now.)

MELISSA (NY) -- I don't know what it is about hanging turds (sort of like hanging chads), but I get that phenomenon a lot. It seems like eating a lot of poultry brings that on for me, but maybe it's something else. (?)

OLDE OAK, KIM & SCOTT, MARSHALL -- You people have incredible, open relationships. I can only dream! Olde Oak especially, your wife seems to be an amazing woman. Good to have you all here. (Kim, funny story about the car dealership. But, just to indulge my other passion, what kind of wagon did your parents buy? Sorry...)

BILLY L -- You tell great stories, and lots of them. Keep it coming!

CARMALITA -- It's OK that you didn't see me. My posts tend to fly by, compared to most of the other people on here. Thanks!

LINE, TTT and other "unnoticed" posters -- The previous comment to Malita kinda sums up how things go on this site. Sometimes you're seen, sometimes you aren't. Just keep posting and someone will notice, like me for instance!

And now to the serious stuff. Since there have been requests for more "guy-pooping" stories, I'll throw one out here for consumption.

About two weeks ago, I had been unconsciously building up a good-sized amount of poop. Someone mentioned the problem of still being hungry when you have to go -- that definitely applies here. Eight or nine meals and counting (at least five days -- I don't always eat breakfast), and I still hadn't gone. So, while at work, I took an opportunity during my break to use the restroom. (This also gave me a chance to peek through the stall cracks at others, but I digress.) After sitting on the pot for a good ten minutes, I had proceeded to evacuate several huge farts and some pee but nothing of substance. So I wiped (out of habit), and decided that this poo would continue at a later time. A couple of hours later, I went home. Then, after another meal and a couple more hours of TV, I went and peed again -- but still didn't have to poop. By now, I was a tad worried that this turd was going to be hard to pass; when I hold poop in, it tends to be a great ordeal and a painful process f! or the first couple of minutes. Several more hours (now late at night), and I headed for the bathroom determined to get this damn thing out once and for all. So I sat, feeling a turd waiting between my cheeks. After a deep breath, I started to push -- and felt the turd's firm end beginning to come out. And once it entered the open air, it began to slide out even more -- and more -- and more. Happily, I was not feeling any pain in the least and I proceeded to simply let this turd roll out on its own. When the bulk of it finally plopped out, I was nearly empty. But I squeezed out a few more smaller "torpedoes" and a couple of tiny turd "spikes". I then got up to check my handiwork. Coming up from the bottom of the toilet's drain was about 10 inches of turd, nearly two inches wide and in a nice "saddle tan" color. Floating above and sitting beside it were the smaller turds, including a 5-inch extension of the original log that had broken off when it hit the bowl. Quite pleased wi! th myself, I wiped up and flushed, half expecting our very weak downstairs toilet to back up under the weight of this burden. But luckily it didn't, and I've been back to normal two- or three-day intervals since.

A couple more things before I finally end this rambling monster post:

For those who want great male pooping stories, BUZZY's more recent stuff -- most especially his famous "Live Online" session and the original "Woodland Dump" series -- is excellent. Go back a couple hundred pages and check it out.

On that note, a suggestion for THE MODERATOR. Is there any easy way of making a "table of contents" or a search feature of sorts for the old Toilet posts? This would make it much easier to look for certain names, phrases, and dates. As I have struggled with a web site of my own, I know this kind of thing takes time but I'm sure it would be much appreciated by all.

And finally, since no one replied about it last time, I'll ask again. How many people in this group actually use the tissue-paper-seat-protector-thing when it's available? I don't; it just sticks to my butt and makes annoying crinkly noises.

And now it ends!

Happy pooping,

Billy and Kevin L
SOmeone asked how old our brothers are. They are 3, 4, 8 & 9 (us), 13, 15, and 16. Mostly the two of us hang out together, the two little ones, and our 3 older brothers hang out together. But we all get along. My dad and all of us poop and pee in front of each other (and in front of mom). Mom won't go in front of us unless she is wearing a dress or something so you can't see her privates. I have about 25 cousins. The ones who live near us are 2, 4, 8 and 14 (boys) and 6, 10 and 12 (girls). We tend to have pretty big families. The girls don't pee and poop with us, but the boys do. We have some cousins who live near the cabin. They are about 7 and 9 (boys) and 3, 5 and 11 (girls). We also have a bunch of other cousins around the same age who live father away.

Anyway, we told you we had to unload our first metamucil poop at home. Well, yesterday, we took eric and josh to preschool at our school. Kev said that he really need to go again on the way to the school. I said just go in the woods. He said he would wait until he dropped off Eric and Josh. Well, that is not all he dropped off. When he got there, he said to the teacher can I use your bathroom? She said ok. The water in the school is off for about five minutes. Don't be upset if it doesn't flush or if there is something already in there. Any way, he went in. There was already a pile poop in the toilet. He sat down and made another 2 footer. This one curled around the one already at the buttom. He wiped and left.

Billy says: After afternoon recess, I had to poop again. Joey and bob went first in the bathroom. Joey left a few sinkers and a 5 inch floater. bob left just a bunch of small turds. But I also left a 2 footer. When I was done, the three of us and two other kids who were there just for a pee peed in toilet and aimed at the floating turd (sink the sub we call it). Just after we flushed the toilet, our teacher came in. We went to wash our hands while he sat down and started dropping about 8 turds. They were smelly. He said, I heard you dropped a big long one. How did you know? We flushed just before you got here. He said, no in your little brother's preschool. He said one of the kids went in and got scared. He did not expect to see a snake-size turd I guess. They had to flush 3 times to get rid of it. (It was a kiddie toilet, so it was kind of small). I said, that was not me, that was Kevin. He said, oh. I said, don;t worry, kev will make more. We all laughed.

I told kev after school. (Kev and I see each other at recess only. usually we our with our own friends so we don't spend much time together at school.) He just laughed. We were playing hide and seek when Kev and I and Joey and bob all had to make another poo. By this time our poos were normal poos. But a lot of kids heard about the big poo in our little brothers bathroom. SO we were kidn of famous.

No Name Grrl,
I'm just your average 29 year old male...

Why did I feel so nauseous? I don't know... My doctor didn't seem particularly interested in finding the cause. He asked me if I had eaten or done anything unusual in the last week, but nothing came to mind. In the end, I think he simply chalked it up to "Just one of those things that happen from time to time."

I guess I felt so sick because my digestive system slowed down to a crawl and told my mind "NO MORE, until this other stuff is dealt with." Every other time I've felt similarly queezy, my body has resolved the issue in fairly short order - i.e. a good 20 minutes of vomitting or diarrhea for a few days. I also usually pin down the cause pretty quickly.
For example, one time a friend of mine was kind enough to offer to treat me to some East Indian cuisine (which I like.) It was very tasty and I thanked him accordingly. However, I spent the next day at work running back & forth to the john every 45 minutes or so for alot of loose BM's.
It didn't take a genius to figure out the cause, but my suspicions were confirmed when I called the friend and he reported simillar activities throughout his day. Needless to say, he stopped getting his Indian take-out meals at that place.

In any case, whatever origin of my week long blockage, it was truly a unique experince in my life.


Hi everyone
Greetings from South Wales
I've enjoyed reading the posts since I discovered this site a few weeks ago. I've always enjoyed outdoor pooping and thought i'd post something that happened last summer. Near where I live there's a lane leading from a motorway service area to a forestry car park. A path leads through a couple of grassy areas with picnic tables alongside a stream. Beyond this there are some bushes and the path carries on a little way along a narrow area between the stream and the embankment of a railway line which is only rarely used by freight trains. I had walked along there one sunny afternoon when the urge to poop came. I looked back through the trees towards the car park and saw a woman of about 40 standing on the bank of the stream about 30 yards away. I decided I couldn't wait for her to go away so went on through the bushes down to the narrow area where I reckoned I would be out of sight. I turned to face the stream and was unbuckling my belt when I caught a movement out of the co! rner of my eye. I carefully glanced to the side and saw the womans head over the top of a low bush. She was crouching down behind the bush looking at me. By this time I really had to go and I thought "when she sees what I'm doing she'll probably clear off sharpish". I dropped my trousers and underwear and squatted down a little. I looked sideways a little to see if she was leaving, but she was actually creeping nearer behind another bush. I thought that if she's doing that she's obviously not offended. I carried on pretending I hadn't seen her and started to poop. I was sideways on to her so she would have been able to see everything. I let a long firm poop come out as slowly as I could and then let it hang as long as I could. I found to my surprise that it was really enjoyable knowing that she was getting a kick out of watching me. I carried on pooping some more and then wiped. When I stood up she was nowhere in sight, but after I walked through the bushes I saw her standing! by the bank of the stream again. I walked past as if nothing had happened. I wish now I had had the courage to say something to her, but couldn't bring myself to say "did you enjoy watching me poop?" to a complete stranger of the opposite sex. I've been back to the same place a number of times but never seen her again. I'd quite like to repeat the experience but the opportunity hasn't arisen.
Do the ladies who post on this site like the idea of watching a man pooping outdoors? I think the idea of a secret badge or some innocuous password would be a great idea

TO NO NAME GRRL-A hernia is a medical condition which mostly happens to guys-It's when part of your intestine comes thru the wall down by your groin(mostly the right side),usually caused by heavy lifting or straining and it is painful and is a medical emergency.It wasn't fun!I mostly remember the pain and discomfort after the surgery-Nowadays,they use arthroscopic surgery to correct this and it's much less painful
TO JOHN(VT) Isn't it amazing how that stuff make you poo-The secret is you must drink a lot of water with the metameuucil or it will just bind you up-The more water you drink,the bigger the turds are and easier to push out-I've never tried the wafers-maybe I will sometime-A word of advice-don't take this stuff too often or your system will need it all the time just for you to poo normally(Like any purgative)I just use it once in a while for a good cleaning out-I take 1 dose and poo big,long ones for 3-4 days after-cool stuff
Went to the gym yesterday and after about an hour of exercising,i had to poo,so i went down to the toilets and got undressed and sat down and as i was sitting down,a small fart sqeeked out and right away a skinny,turd came out fast.It was about 10 in long and kinda soft and then i was done-even though i sat there pushing out my anus for about 10 mins,but that was it-then i wiped and showered and for the rest of the day somehow i still felt like i had to go more but nothing else happened -As i'm typing this,i don't feel any activity in my rectum-I guess i'm in the little poo cycle-A question for you all-Do you all when you have to poo, get cramps first or do you feel your rectum full first? I usually get cramps first way before i feel the urge in my rectum,unless i'm sick-then everything is just a drag-Just curious-Have a good one! BYE

Plunging Plop Guy- The story I was talking about was a woman named Daisy Brock who crapped herself when her employer wouldn't let her use the restroom. needless to say, she sued the company.

Marshall, yeah that is cool what you do to your girlfriend to get her to go. I do the same thing! My girlfriend was taking laxatives on a regular basis before she met me, and I said that there was no need to take them, that I knew of a better way, so I gave her the middle finger. She thought it was kind of gross at first, but I always wash my finger before we start fooling around anyway. I put vaseline on my finger first to make things go smoothly. Many women seem to take laxatives, and if they had an expert turd poker boyfriend like us they wouldn't need them.

Longest time I've gone without pooping was about 4 days when I was about 16. Even recently, I've sometimes gone 2 or 3 days without. It just happens. Normally I'm every morning around 9 or 10. To answer another question here, METAMUCIL is definitely available in England; it goes under the name FYBOGEL. See ya later-- Daniel

Anne the bus driver. I realise that you wouldn't have gone into details about your need with the teacher in question. It crossed my mind however that you might have passed wind and that might be taken as an indication of which 'number' you wanted to do. In saying that she should have let you use the staff facilities, my only concern was for your comfort. It can't have been very comfortable using an undersized pan. That said, I agree with you that when a situation's urgent, just about anything will do. Like you though, I'd draw the line at using a loo like the one featured on 'Trainspotting.' I hope you weren't offended by what was said in my last post. Please accept my sincere apologies if you were, because I didn't intend to put anything you'd take exception to. Keep up the good work!

Best Wishes

No offence in wrongly attaching me to Tony, PPG. I have known Tony as a close friend of my self and husband George for many years and he has watched me doing a motion and has directly buddy dumped many times with me. It was through myself and George that he met his wife Theresa.

Steve, are you for real? Just look back through any page of Old Posts here and you will find hundreds of posts about people "pooping" their pants, panties, knickers, etc. I have done so myself and have posted about it, although Im glad to say I havent done so that often. If you go back through the Old Posts you will be able to read all about people having accidents in their underwear, even one poster, Sandra who does this on purpose.

Smith, even here in the UK we know that BM stands for Bowel Movement, that is a number two, poo, jobbie etc. The term Motion tends to be more commom this side of the pond. Like Tony I find "Make" a number two somewhat strange, but I suppose its the old UK English Vs US English question, such as Sidewalk Vs Pavement, Wrench Vs Spanner, Fawcett Vs Tap. I have to say I find the latest expression "Bowel Opening" really quaint. I think I will stick to the good old British expressions, to DO a motion, poo, jobbie, turd, number two, etc. I just CANT ever see me saying to George, "Im just going to MAKE a "BOWEL OPENING", do you want to come into the toilet with me and watch?"

PPG, yes there are really two meanings to the word constipation. It comes from the Latin con together, stipare, pressed and if you look at the knobbly compacted turds passed when constipated then this is self evident. So REALY being constipated means needing to pass a motion but it being very hard and lumpy and uncomfortable and difficult to pass. This can be a motion that has only been in the system for a day or one that has been a number of days in the bowels. The confusion was deliberately caused last century and even before by the laxative manufacturers who to sell their products started the idea that not having a Bowel Movement every single day was "constipation" and would cause all sorts of terrible illnesses, and of course they preached "Inner Cleanliness" from taking their purgatives. One can go a number of days without a motion, (I sometimes do), but not be constipated if what is then passed is solid and large but passed with no real discomfort, but one can be con! stipated even if going every day if the resultant motion consists of small hard balls and lumps passed with considerable effort and discomfort. During my monthly period, like many women I will have a daily motion but it will be hard and consist of lots of big fat balls, so then I am "Constipated" although regular in my motions. At other times I may go 3 days or so without doing a motion then produce two or three long fat solid but reasonably easy to pass panbuster jobbies. One woman or man's constipation is another's normal motion.

To Ephermal,
Hello there, and welcome back. Louise isn't around this week to read your postings, but I will see to it that she knows about your latest achievements in the shower. It sounds like you very much enjoyed peeing down the bottom of the shower wall. I'm sure Louise would agree with me when I say that practice makes perfect. If Louise's close friend Jackie is anything to judge by when looking at how she seems to have become quite skilled at the standing pee now, you will be blasting the shower wall before very long. Good luck.

To Kendal,
Louise will be equally thrilled with your exploits doing the standing pee. I'm sure you will find it a useful skill some time in the future as well as being good entertainment. May you have many such enjoyable emptyings.

To PV,
I am in complete agreement with you with regard to your comments on Carmalita's punishment for producing turds which were large enough to clog the bowl. To punish such a thing is on a level with punishing someone merely for existing. You can't choose your turd size, can you? You're right, to be chastised for a natural function beyond the mental control of the 'producer' is extremely ignorant, to say the very least, and cruel at worst, and I could see how it could be very damaging psychologically. It would indeed cause a strong dislike of defaecation, an unnecessary aversion to it.
Louise's absence on a business trip this week leaves things so very quiet around here. Tonight I was invited to go swimming with Louise's mother and sister, which I accepted even though I knew it would seem somewhat strange without Louise being there as well. It has been known for Louise and I to receive comments that we seem to be joined together at the hip! Well, at the pool I met them in the usual place in the corridor, and we went into the gents'. They were both wearing blue one-piece swimsuits which were very suited to them, and at the trough, they stood on my left, Louise's sister furthest away. In the same situation before, accompanied by Louise, I have been accustomed to being flanked by both Louise and her mother. Perhaps Louise's mother picked up on my thoughts due to some kind of strange female intuition, and she asked Louise's sister if she would like to stand on my right side. Perhaps Louise's sister is a little shy of standing next to me when she pees, becaus! e when I took out my penis and urinated against the steel wall, her mother had no problem starting as well, and squirted a quite impressive yellow gusher at a similar height to my own stream. Both our emptyings sheeted down the steel wall, and combined to run along the trough at the base of the wall and down the drain. Louise's sister just could not begin, and the most she could muster was a few drops and a little trickle down her leg. She watched my own performance quite intently, and I think she noticed how I noticed that she was watching me. I was about to stand back and give her plenty of space in which to relax in case my close presence was making her feel uncomfortable at a level that she did not wish to state verbally.
I did not need to do that in the end, as the plumbing above the steel wall chose that moment to send a sheet of water down its full width, and I think it must have had such an effect on Louise's sister that she immediately gushed a strengthening, wide eruption of urine which merged into the cascading water. It was quite spectacular, and I was quite glad she had relaxed sufficiently to enjoy the experience, as she was giggling in a manner that reminded me very much of Louise.

I hope you enjoyed that little story, as I don't really expect anything of further
interest to happen until Louise's much needed return. I enjoy having my own space for
short periods, and it only makes me love and appreciate her more.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Has anyone ever pooped their pants?

No Name Grrl
Hello people!!

Thank you to everyone who answered me! Mia, Althea, Buzzy, CD & Ann[Bus Driver]

Yesterday I did it! It didnt seem like I did much but the toilet got clogged & I had to flush it a few times so I obviously did more than I thought!

Thanks for answering me! Wholly! 14-16 days??? Thats alot!! Did you go alot when you finally went? Thats probably what you meant by panbuster right?

Thank you for answering me! BTW what is a hernia? I heard about it but never really knew what it was!

Thanks for answering my question! I am almost 21 years old. Im sorry but nowadays I dont really like food & I feel fat from it. Okay maybe I shouldnt really like talk about eating disorders on a TOILET forum! The moderator would probably rather see posts about going to the bathroom!

Thank you soooo much for answering me! What do you think made you feel sick to your stomach when you looked at food? Oh are you male/female?

Thanks for answering my question!! Are you feeling better from your cold or was that along time ago? Im glad you felt better when you finally went! =)

Oh yeah I saw Hollow Man like two days ago & I remembered about this forum & was going to tell everyone about that girl peeing! What did you think of the movie?

Well I got to go.


I love Jackass. I saw that episode i kinda forget the beginning but I very clearly remember that. After he gets his ass cleaned, he runs to the shitter and shits water

Hi, everyone!

In response to Lisa and Carmalita's requests for more guy sessions,
allow me to give my latest update. I bought some Metamucil and gave it a try, with some interesting results, I think! I've had three BMs
since, each two days apart, two of which were HUGE! The first was, I
believe, my absolute largest one ever! It was at night, perhaps about 8:00 (?), and I had been trying to hold it until the next day, but finally the urge became overwhelming! When I got situated on the toilet, I let it out slowly, and felt my ring open OH-SO WIDE!!!...
And it just KEPT COMING... felt so GOOD! When I looked I could hardly believe it... one end was buried in the hole, then it stretched diagonally across the bowl towards the front, then abruptly curved at almost a 90 degree angle to the back. It was very wide like mine usually are, very solid, and probably 18 inches long...clogged up the toilet good- ticked my wife off- Ha!Ha! The second one was nothing special two days later,but today's was another whopper- maybe 14-15 inches. Also, very little residue on the toilet paper..all in all, very enjoyable!
but today's


To Mia: I don't know why diahreah smells sooo bad...i've got a guess maybe why it smells bad. Maybe diahreah smells bad because it is from exess fat and grease. I think i had that diahreah from really greasy eggs, maybe thats why.

I was talking about MTV yesterday, i saw some more bathroom humor on there. There was an ad for a some show for the superbowl and it is with NSYNC and all of the guys are standing at the urinals. It is funny cause they jump and shake the excess pee, then they run out of the bathroom any one see this?

To josh: Im better now, it only lasted a few hours, cuz i went out later in the morning. You are probably right. You are 14 right? im 19, we are only 5 years apart. I don't get embarased to poop at work the only time i hate to poop at work is when im busy, and can't leave what im doing.

Hi eveyone, the sit is really cool. i just would like to know if the women could post more fart stories. thanks

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