Billy and Kevin L.
Nothing new in our poos yesterday. However, yesterday, my mom sent us to the drug store for some candies and stuff for us and our brothers. I dared Billy to get some metamucil. I said we both take some wafers. He said ok. So we both got some. We had two packages last night. We wanted to meet some friends on the internet, so we got up real early this morning. We went to breakfast and had some cerial. THen we got on the computer. About ten minutes ago, Kev said I think I going make a poop now. Billy said ok, me too. Kev sat down first. By then, the rest of the family was waking up. My older brother Mike usually poops when he gets up. But usually, he is up first. He came and said I guess I will use the guest bath. I said, remember, dad was fixing the thing in the tank. He said yeah. So he waited. Tom came in and said, you all waiting for a dump? We said yeah. He said, Kev what's taking so long. I said I am pooping up a storm. I made a huge long one. It took like twice as long as ! usual. Just as I started to wipe, Eric and Josh came in, our little brothers. They both had to poop. Eric hopped on the little potty. Josh said, please can he go. So I got up and Josh used the big toilet. Then Billy hopped on the toilet. Mike said, I don't care. I am using the guest toilet. We can fill the bucket and flust. Tom, said me too. So they left. Then Billy hopped on. He looked at Kev's poo and said, wow that is a huge one. We both looked at each other, and said, metamucil. ANd billy hopped on. He made a huge one too. Both were about 2 ft long. Fortunately, only Kevs really landed in the whole. When we were done pooping, we emptied Eric's pee and poop. We left it there so that Mike and Tom can see what a job we did. I guess the metamucil stuff makes big poops.

Just commenting on Tony comments about the American take a poop or whatever. When I was a little kid, we learn "to make a poop" or poopoo or whatever. I guess that is because to a little kid, you are making something. And, in reality, we do make poo. Of course, we don't make it while we are pooping, because by then it is all made. I guess it is sort of accurate to say make a poop in the sense that you are making a pooping session. I don't understanding taking a dump or whatever either.

Well, it is time to get to school. We both feel another poo coming on. We will try to wait to after school . Only time will tell. Cheers and happy pooping.

This one isn't too day I had to crap so bad and I was at home. My roomate (the one with the diarrhea problem) had some friends over. I was too shy to go into the bathroom while they were here and I had been holding my poop for about 4 was beginning to hurt and get more forceful. I told them I was going to the library and I did. At the library I thought I could sneak in and do my business and no one would know. I went in and sat down and did my job...I'm noted for having huge logs. I heard the door open and I thought I would die. A guy went in the stall next to me but didn't shut the door. He said "wew...I think I'll wait" I was kinda embarrassed. Of course it was one of those poops that took forever to move. Anyway...I came out of the bathroom and left immediatly hoping he wasn't watching me. I know this is lame but I'm still warming up....better ones to come I promise.

Anne (Bus Driver
Adrian. I simply asked the woman teacher who had been on the coach with the kids if I could use the toilet as most people would do and she pointed to the Girls Toilets at the end of the playground (schoolyard) - I would add that it is quite an old school with the toilets outside. I didnt go into details saying "I need a motion" or anything like that so I assume she thought , as would be the case for the majority of folks in such circumstances, that I only needed a wee wee. I have used the female staff toilets there in the past, 5 cubicles in a row, the usual washbasins etc, but ironically on that occasion it was just for a wee wee, not a motion. It didnt bother me, when you need to go just about any toilet will do, though I would draw the line at the gross and filthy bog in the Trainspotting film that you describe.

Mia, Im not a medical type but diarrhea smells so bad as far as I am aware because the usual chemical and bacterial actions that occur in the colon dont have time to take place and the fluid isnt absorbed so the liquid yeuk which is spluttered out is full of partly digested food, bile and other secretions etc, which gives the rancid and chemical type of smell. If the attack of the runs is due to illness or a bug then this too may cause the nasty stink. Obviously what you eat or drink affects the smell even of normal formed stools, just use a toilet after a Guiness drinker or an egg eater has had a motion -gross! Maybe one of the medical experts who post here may have a better explanation.

I like the new pic of the girl on the bowl from the side-she looks a bit shy about someone taking her pic-very pretty girl-Lovely butt!don't know if she was doing any business though-I like this pic better than the last one of the girl posing while bruhing her teeth while on the bowl-I don't know about you folks,but I for one would not brush my teeth while pooing-so i don't think she was doing anything but posing for the pic!Let's see a girl who is really pooing while the pic is being taken!
TO LISA-Haven't heard from you in a bit-always look foreward to seeing your name on the forum-I also sometimes print (like i mentioned in my last post) some of your stories and bring them into the toilet to read while i am pooing a good one- Good story with the fast poop-Isn't it weird how sometimes when you poo and it comes out in only a few secs and you look and it's a big one-hey how about you, Carmelita and I go for a good poo in the woods-Oh well,dream on Buzzy- But it would be" loads" of fun!Glad you enjoy my stories-I'll keep 'em coming for you guys cause I always gotta go in the morning while i read all your posts!!More stuff!
The last few days ,I've been pooing real good-This a.m.I don't feel anything yet so i guessI'll go to the gym-I find that if i don't have to go by the time I leave the house,when i get to the gym and I start to exercise,within 20-30 mins,I gotta go pretty good-Even if i don't have a big load to do,whatever is in there will come out so maybe I dump at the gym-So i'm off-Love all your stories-this is such a cool place!BYE

I think it was No Name Guy who asked what everyone's longest holding time was, can't exactly remember. But anyway, mine is around 15-20 hours. I've managed this on a couple of occasions.

What does BM stand for? I realise it has something to do with shitting

JacobG in Florida
Thom! Glad you're still around and you like my posts. Actually, you posted one of my favorite stories on this site - the one about your houseguest - way back on page 65. I sure do wish I had been that houseguest of yours, although I would have probably fainted. I've read that story at least a half a dozen times. I'm looking forward to reading new posts from you.

Here's the story I promised. It happened about a month ago. I was at a Barnes and Nobles store looking around and needed to pee. As I started walking toward the restrooms in the back of the store, I noticed another guy about 30 feet ahead of me walking in the same direction. He was probably in his mid to late 20's. Earlier, I had seen him sitting on the floor in one of aisles looking at a book. He walked into the restroom first. From that distance, I heard the stall door slam shut so I knew he had gone into the stall. It's a relatively small restroom with only one urinal and one large handicapped-equipped stall. This just happens to be one of those restrooms I've spoken about before that has highly reflective tiles where one standing at the urinal can see a very clear reflection of the person sitting on the toilet. I walked up to the urinal, and could see him wiping the seat with toilet tissue. He pulled down his pants, pulled up his shirt, and sat down. Immedi! ately, I heard him inhale loudly. What happened next startled me. He started to grunt audibly and rather loudly. As he grunted, he started leaning forward slowly, and more forward, and even more forward - until his head was between his knees. At that point, his butt lifted off the seat. He was in a bent over standing position and was continuing to grunt loudly. Then, he started shaking his butt and jumping up and down at the same time. Then, with a loud exhale, he sat back down on the toilet so hard it made a creaking sound. He sat all the way back, looked up at the ceiling, inhaled deeply, and started leaning forward. Once again, he kept leaning until his butt lifted off the seat, but this time, the seat stuck to his butt because it came up a little, then fell back down with a loud crash. He sat back down, sat straight up, looked at the ceiling and took another deep breath, and repeated the performance. This time, when he stood up, I could see him reaching back to ! spread his butt cheeks. He shook his butt, and jumped up and down, but nothing seemed to be coming out. As he sat back down, he slapped the wall and let out a four-letter word under his breath. Then, he repeated the performance once more. By this time, I was over at the sink washing and drying my hands. Suddenly, I heard him pulling up his pants, so I figured he must have given up. I saw him a few minutes later sitting in one of those big overstuffed chairs they have. He had his legs propped over the arm of the chair and was reading a book. He looked so relaxed. It was hard to believe that just a few minutes earlier he had been so aggressive in his efforts to poop.

Tony--I don't think "make" #2 is a funny expression...think about it, that's what your body is literally doing. It is producing the final product of your creation that you have made.

No Name Grrl--I've gone about a month w/out taking a dump. This was pretty common for me when I was younger and frequently constipated. And you do need to eat, remember what goes in must come out. Please take care of yourself.

I was eating dinner reading through a website (for school) and suddenly had to poop, so I went downstairs and finally had a nice one (the first decent one that wasn't tough to get out or like that one night I was sick) and it just came out with only a little bit of pushing on my part. Now, if this only sticks around every day I'm in good shape. Oh, and something strange...does this ever happen to you? I was still hungry before I went down and then after I pooped I wasn't hungry at all!

One more thing, for my lovely ladies, PV and Louise et al. Last night I came in from the gym/pool and had ice cream with my friends. After they left, I had to pee kinda bad and I was also all chlorine-y, so I undressed and went down to the shower, but both were occupied!!! So I went to a different bathroom, ran the shower and was able to start my pee with very little split and guess what! It went all the way to the wall like my goal was!!!!! It was at the very bottom of the wall, so I've still got some room for improvement, but it was a good one!

Okay, got a ton to do tonight, later all!

Plunging Plop Guy
A few replies to those responding to my recent comments.

TONY, Yes, sorry I mixed up the names of your wife and with George's wife. Hope it didn't cause any embarrassment!
As you say, we are free to differ and the wonderful thing about this forum is that we can express our opinions about what we like about the toilet without following any established convention.
There are occasionally things that don't interest me at all here sometimes, but I accept that we can't share the same enjoyment of everything.
To me, being able and privileged to communicate with people here who do relate very closely to my ideals of buddy dumping and the wonderful sound effects of plopping into a toilet is why I feel so at ease to describe the intimate details of my ideas and experiences that won't always match everyone else's.
I suppose to me, the sounds are the most important of enjoying a satisfying shit, either my own or someone else's, and which is why I also like the idea of "pinching off a loaf"; more plops and splashes!
Just the way I am.

I've only ever heard of Metamurcil here, but will enquire whether it's available in England. If it does firm up the turds and increase the size of the logs, I might give it a go, but it seems the human body's alimentary canal responds in an enormous variety of different ways to laxatives, as well as foods.

JACOB G , Many thanks for the info. about toilet stall design, although we can each only know what we have personally seen.
I agree on the frustration of not knowing when to expect to hear something good. I can't say I've been able to see a pattern in when most guys go to a toilet, anytime of day I've heard the occasional great session. I suppose the most common time to have a shit is straight after breakfast, but those shits would therefore tend to be at home. As you say, you sometimes have just timed it wrong and someones's just finished, and who knows when the next guy's going to do one.
I recently decided I'd wasted enough time waiting to hear anything one busy Saturday afternoon-lots of pissing but no shitting of any interest, when walking away from the toilets, I noticed a dark Latin type youngish guy walking quickly to the toilets. I thought, Maybe he wants to shit urgently so went in and saw him go into a cubicle, heard him take off his jacket, sit on the toilet and almost immediately drop a load of loose shit! I thought how good he was able to find a nice clean toilet to sit on and one of the good ones for sound effects. I hoped he was enjoying getting his arse splashed and as soon as he'd finished, heard his mobile telephone go off.
He said "Oh, shit", and answered it saying he was in the toilet and would meet whoever it was in a few minutes.
He was probably glad it rang when he'd done rather than when he was plopping! He wiped up, went out and I went in and sat on the toilet seat and wished I could have done one in the slightly cloudy water under me. Worth waiting for!
Look after yourself and have good times on the bog!

THOM, Good to hear from you and I found that page you asked about. Not much detail but a great scenario, you'll agree.
It's from Hugh G. and it's on page 251. I'd love to have been the boy concerned with my every grunt and splash recorded and broadcast to my schoolmates. What a brilliant thing to happen to anyone! I'd find it a terrific turn-on everytime I had a shit after that knowing I'd been public when I was really working hard on the toilet!
You say you're constipated and that you drop hard turds that splash loudly in the toilet. Are you happily constipated or do you suffer with it? What I mean is does it cause you discomfort trying to do one or do you enjoy the effort put into it and the feel of satisfying logs getting pushed out?
The word constipation is another of those hard to define matters.
I would love to be more constipated in the sense of doing firmer and more satisfying turds with louder splashes and a cleaner arse when I've finished. On holiday I eat less fruit than I usually do, and had some really enjoyable shits except that they were often very small and I was doing about 30 or more turds in one session.
There is strong opinion in medical circles that strain brings on haemorrhoids and I have had that complaint sometimes after a lot of straining. However if the turds are big, there's less pushing than is required for small sticky turds that aren't big and firm enough to stimulate the natural peristalsis.

Or is your form of constipation the sort where you feel full and heavy but don't have the urge to shit?
When I was quite young I was given Senna tablets which I had until I was about 12 when I suddenly realised I no longer needed them. From then onwards for the next 10 years my regular pattern was to go once every 2 days and occasionally 3 days with no discomfort at all, just the very pleasant sensations of an arse full of shit and an enjoyable, slow deliberate, controlled session of dropping average logs and plopping each one.
How I want to get back to that kind of shit every time instead of the small ones I often produce. Anyway, I keep trying to modify and reduce my fibre intake so hopefully will get back to that firm output,but every day!
Anyway, tell me about your constipation and I hope it's enjoyable and not the unpleasant type.
That's another thing about my biker friend-his big hard firm nutty arsehole-stretchers that he retracts back up his arse before he decides when to drop them with an almighty splash and totally comfortable! What most of us want to do!
I wish you well and great to be discussing this with you.

I was shocked to read from MACK recently about that vindictive and authoritarian supervisor who DENIED you your basic right of going to the toilet when you were so obviously in need of one. To have to ask permission is bad enough but to be treated with such humiliating contempt deserves some action being taken against the company. As someone said in response, there is very likely to be legislation in favour of allowing an employee such basic rights. I think if I'd been in your predicament I'd have felt like going to the toilet anyway and asking if they would sack me for going. If the supervisor said they would;I'd ask what they would do if I didn't go to the toilet but squatted over his desk and shat there instead.
This is not the first time I've read this sort of thing and I can't understand why anyone allows another person to subject them to an embarrassing, unhygienic and humiliating accident the consequences of which are so disgusting for everyone else. Of course, there will sometimes be occasions where it's impossible or dangerous to leave one's post, but when it is possible, no-one should have to seek permission. Just go, do it, and sue the ';[#-=
who threaten you with dismissal if that should happen.

As I've said before, I really appreciate being able to discuss toilet matters so openly and it's great to get responses from others,Jacob G.,Drew, Justin, Shawn, Dazz, Thom, Chris (uk)1, Mark, and others, and I feel a lot of kindred spirits here!
Don't be disheartened TTT when it seems no-one is interested in what you have to say. Sometimes I wonder if anyone can relate to what I've said and then, Yes, there's a comment and while not everyone agrees with us all the time, there are many out there who do read and enjoy and feel reassured and delighted at what is said.
Thanks also to the Moderator who keeps this Toilet clean and friendly!
Stay healthy and regular, everyone, P P G




Loved your posting about your shared pooping experience with you lovely friend whiel you were typing your post! This is wonderful stuff!

But I have to say I'm puzzled and distressed that your father would punish you for having a bowel opening big enough to 'clog the toilet,' as it were. The way you speak of it makes it seem something that happened a fair few times. I would have to say that all reasonable approaches to parenting would deem this sadistic -- a child cannot help the size of a motion, and to punish her for it is as pointless and, frankly, cruel, as just about anything I've ever heard.

Had this happened to me I'm sure I would have grown up scarred mentally, with an unhealthy attitude to defaecating. I can see this did not happen to you, but all the same it distresses me -and rather a lot -- to think of a young child being 'whipped' for something we all here consider one of life's most wonderful pleasures.

All my best,



I've been reading your posts and quite intrigued! I've never thought about what handicapped people must go through when it's "toilet time."

With your condition, can you stand up still at all? If you can manage a stand (it might take some balancing, unless I'm wrong and you can't do it at all) you can stand still and then take down your pants and panties.

The only other thing I can think of to help you would be that when I was young, I used to have fun by placing some paper towels or toiler paper in the back of my undies and then pooping in them. The underwear most of the time didn't get messed at all, but it was a long clean-up job on my butt.

When you said that you tried the hole in you panties method, did you wind up peeing in them too??

Thank you,

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
Hey, Peeps:

I don't know how yall will take this, personally, I don't really care. The other-night, my girl, Lisa, could not get her load to come out, no matter how hard she pushed, and she grunted. So, how did we fix this situation, you might-ask? Well, I do what we always do to each other, when this happens: I stuck my middle-finger, up her anus, and into her rectum. All I had to do, was work it, up and down, for about two-minutes, and then, "all Hell broke-loose", ;), and the toilet was full of assorted turds, of all sizes and consistencies! She does the same-thing, for me. Although, she does not do this to herself, when she is "in trouble", but I do do (get it?) it, to myself. Needless to say, the sex was spectacular, after this little-episode.



Thom, thanks for asking about my friend Nat. He finished college (the British equivalent of saying he graduated high school) and is spending a "gap" year travelling around before he goes to uni next autumn for a highly-competitive drama course. Remember I said he's an actor, a very good one. I miss his lunchtime visits greatly. He would always ask to use my toilet before he left and always did good dumps, usually a high-pressure piss followed by two or three big splashes and a nice sigh afterwards. Often there were heavy skids when I went in afterwards and a pretty intense smell too. He's such a nice "boy-next-door" sort of kid and I hope I will see him again soon when he gets back to uni. He's probably, as we speak, skidmarking toilets in France, America and Australia! Cheers everyone, Daniel

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Hi all. i haven't had any interesting happening lately but i've been keeping up with all the posts.
Buzzy--love those stories. keep them coming man. Your metamucil(sp) post was awesome. I think you'll like my latest poo story.

This past friday I didn't have my morning session. at about noon i felt a slight need to go. I waited cause it didn't seem like much & I hate sitting there waiting for it to come. What a waste of time. So I wait until I really gotta go. Anyway, a couple hours later I need to go pretty badly. I quickly hitail it back to the bathroom. Sitting I pee a lot then feel my hole open. It feels like a messy one & it takes only a few seconds. Taking a look I'm totally surprised by what I see. It wasn't mush but a reallllly long smooth rope. It was about an inch wide & about 15 inches long. It doubled back on itself looking like a horseshoe. It came out so quick I almost missed I couldn't get over the length & just kinda looked at it for a few minutes. The best part is the next day I had another almost exactly like it. I sat & this time i felt it coming & coming. It was so arousing. I felt great after. Oh how I'd love to see a good looking guy in this s! ame position. More guy pooping stories PLEASE!!


I just remembered another one from the time when I broke my arm and couldnít move around without help. It was night again and I woke up having to poop, like diarreah. But when I reached over to my nightstand to grab the cordless phone to call my momís pager so she would come help me, I couldnít find the phone there in the dark. I ended up having several waves of diareah in my panties there in the bed, then it sort of died down but I didnít fall back asleep the rest of the night.

Kendal, you got me thinking about how long it takes me to get off my panties because of my wheelchair, since taking them off while sitting on the toilet takes too long according to you. So I got to thinkng of ways I couls speed up the process. I figured that maybe if I wore a skirt, and no panties, that I wouldnít have to pull anything down and I could just sit on the toilet and go. So Saturday morning when I got dressed I took off the panties I had been sleeping in, and didnít put any on, I just put on a skirt and a shirt. Well, it felt weird to go with no panties, and my mom took me to Wal-mart in the morning to get some stuff, I was so worried that someone might see up my skirt and see my special area since I wasn't wearing panties. So I gave up on that idea and as soon as we got home I put some panties on and thought about different ideas. Then I came up with the idea to cut a little hole in the bottom of my panties so I wouldnít have to take them off, I could ju! st go through the hole. So I got some scissors and then went back to my room, took off my panties and cut a hole in the bottom just big enough for a normal piece of poop to go through, maybe 1 1/3 inches across, and put them back on. I had to poop anyway sort of badly, so I decided to try them out. I reached between my legs and felt through the hole to make sure it was where the poop would come through it and it was, so I took my hand out, closed my legs back together and pushed the poop out. Unfortunately, when I closed my legs the panties must have moved, because it did not go through the hole, the poop missed the hole and just went in my panties and made a big mess. So I gave up on that idea.

My final idea was to do similar to what Donny suggested, to go in a jar, except like I said I didnít think I could use a jar so I adapted. I got one of those disposable foil pans, they are like 18 by 18 inchs. My idea was that when I had to go to the bathroom I would go by the toilet and then put the pan under me, and then go in it. Then I could take the pan out and empty it and never even have to get out of my chair. But it was too uncomfortable and it took just as much time to pull my panties down, lift myself up to put the pan under me, pee and poop, lift myself up to take it out, empty it, wipe myself, and put my panties back on, took as much time as just getting onto the toilet. Plus after I sat down after taking it down, I hadnít wiped yet so I got my wheelchair a bit dirty and I ended up having to sit on the toilet anyway so I could wipe off the chair. So I gave up there too. I couldnít think of any other ideas, but i'm open to suggestions.

Did anyone see the film 'Trainspotting' on Channel 4 last night? Despite having a fairly good write-up it was pretty abysmal in my opinion, lacking much story line and a rather pointless expletive punctuated just about every sentence uttered. However, it did have a couple of amusing toilet scenes and I they certainly lessened the monotony of it. In one scene a chap is recovering from constipation and he has the urge for a sudden unconrollable bowel movement. He reaches a toilet, just in the nick of time, and unloads quite heavily into it. Unfortunately it isn't the standard of convenience he would wish to use but his state of desperation is so bad that anything will do. When he's finished you see him apparently disappearing don the loo and going for a swim - impossible in real life and not something I'd recommend people tried! In another scene, a man comes to a breakfast table in the house where he's staying, clutching his bed sheets and admitting that he's had a noctur! nal accident. His hosts tell him that it doesn't matter and the sheet can go in the wash. However, when somebody tries to wrench the sheet from him, poo goes flying in all directions. It wouldn't be the real thing though - probably chocolate sauce or flour mixed with gravy browning!

Anne the bus driver. I enjoyed your post about using the facilities at a local school. It sounds like you did a really big sausage at 14 inches long - and U shaped too. I think the teacher should have let you use the staff toilet though, assuming it wasn't engaged. My guess is that if she knew you needed to do #2 she probably would have. I assume you weren't making any tell-tale signs on that score!

I see the picture has changed yet again. She looks happy and relaxed although there doesn't appear to be any paper visible. Maybe the holder was situated outside the camera's field of vision.

Bryian--I've had diarrhea attacks that smelled so bad I nearly threw up.
Why does diarrhea smell so terrible?

No Name Girl: I've gone about 14-16 days without a crap. When it came it would be a real pan buster!
A trick to make you crap: get nervous! Call up an old boyfriend, ask a guy out, read a test score. Do whatever gives you butterflies. I promise it will get that load moving.

Kim and Scott: I think I'm back to normal! Woo-hoo!

Has anyone crapped in a public restroom and stunk it up so bad that people who came in started retching?

Stephanie S.
A new post, the new picture of the girl is a good one. The other day i was a my job and it was afternoon. When I felt the need to have a bm so I went to the bathroom, went into a stall pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles. I sat down and immedetly farted and then a nice big one started to come out and some more gas with it and a few grunts. I really had a tremendus pee as well and my poop was a little stinky from the college fast food. I sat there pooping and reading my book for my class and the stall beside me was being taken I heard the lady pull down her pants and sit down she let out a big fart and it smelled and then I heard the plopping sounds of her's hitting the water, I was doing some more as well and still reading my book after to more farts and big logs I wiped and pulled up my stuff and went over to the sink as I was over at the sink I saw the stall door open and the lady with her pants at her thighs going imto the net stall, apparently there ! was no tp in her stall and she not hve want to ask me for some. Well I left and went back to where i was working. This weekend my boyfriend and I did a buddy bump at his place he went first as i watch him and then it was my turn i pulled my pants down and my panties and sat down and farted and then a log dropped right on his, he always comments about my nice puvice hair because most of the time I have it shaved bare, it makes for a nicer pee, anyways i have let it grow back for a while and he said he likes seeing it. Anyways I am on the toilet really going good with some pretty nice farts and grunts with some more big logs coming out. After that I was finished and wiped my but hole good we both looked in and then flushed away. This my story.

To Carmalita: Yours storys are great, I can stink up the bathroom too.

Stephanie S.

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