Linda GS
Today I almost had an accident.. of the major kind. We had an assembly today and well t was after lunch and I HAD to poop and pe so bad. But I couldn't get out if I wanted to i was boxed in with other girls all around so I felt it in. I hadn't gone in 3 days and it all wanted out..NOW so I sat there squirming squashing my tushie aginst the seat to kep it from opening. Well the assembly ended and we went back to class.oh it was hard.. I went to the bathroom and all the stalls were full. Girl were peeing and poop up a storm and the ones waiting in line were dancing or hopping around.(Guess I wasn't the only one who had to go bad)I went to class and sat down and layed my head down. I was praying the whole time that I would NOT have an accident. Well class went on and I asked many times but my teacher did not let me go. She said I had plenty of time to go after the assembly. I can't remember what she was talking about in class cause all i thought about was this HUGE poop that kept! stretching my poor tushie open.. and how i had to fight to keep it closed.Finally class ended and I tied the bathrooms again... full again. Finally I was just dying.. I had to get out of there. My cosuin picked me up and I cried telling him my story and I apologized for the accident I was going to have in his truck. He pulled into a gas station and I made my way to the ladies room. It was being cleaned. My cousin took me into the men's and locked the bolt on it.. he said go ahead.. I took the first stall.. I didn't even close the stall door I ripped my hose down( I mean it they ripped) then my pampies (white with multicolored hearts) and sat. Out came the longest loudest gush of pee I had ever done.. it was like a minute and a half. My cousin stood at the stall door and said you okay? I sat there and nodded and my poor tushie was finally allowed and it opened WIDE as a huge long smooth ready to come out poop came out.. and it kept coming out for I don't know how long. Slowly ! the pain in my ???? faded as it slid out. I sat there a few minutes more reflecting on the major poop I had just had.(Luckily Kendal comforted me.. how she got in the men's room I'll never know. hee hee)So after that I got cleaned up dressed except for my hose which I threw away and we flushed well tried to as it started to over flow. When we got out the manager got after us for locking up the Men's room (he was about to open it up with the key)My cousin told him it was an emergency and HE locked the Ladies and no one was cleaning it.. sides he did everyone a favor.. and he joked about no one wnating to be in there when I unlaoded. I hit him and we left. Well i didn't plan to back there anyway. Whew. Okay well just wanted to share that with you.. I'm still shaking from the good feeling of letting go.. and it happened almost an hour ago.

Plunging Plop Guy: I can't single out any particular public toilets in Britain with good sound effects. In my mind, they all have good sound effects compared to North American toilets. Had a great shit at university a few hours ago. A nice thick log about a foot long which gently eased its way out; just how I like it. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry so couldn't wait for someone to be in the next stall before I began my performance. Shawn: hope you now realize that you are not alone in this interest. I'm straight but have always got a buzz from hearing another guy take a dump. Justin: great story, definitely a dream come true! Hard to believe the guy didn't protest.

Peeping Tom - You mentioned US television not having any wetting scenes (which is too bad). But do UK or other non-American shows have actual scenes like that? Just curious

Folks, if you're interested in poop stories, I recommend the story "Big Boy" in the book "Me Talk Pretty Now" by David Sedaris. It's the classic tale of man vs. extremely large and uncooperative turd.

To Bryan: I am glad you like my story. Are you ok? how are you feelin now. I hate diahrea. espicially if I am at school and I have diahrea. I get so embarassed goin to a public bathroom. I never did in my whole life except like when I was at KG. I was stil like really young so I wouldn't be all shy if I had to go. I bet a lot of people have the same problem right??
I sometimes had to act very sick so I could be sent home so I could poop. The only people I could actually tell him I need to go are my mom and my new best friend Jimmy. that's all!
see ya all. I feel i'm gonna make new friends here!

In the movie HALLOW MAN a woman pees.

JacobG in Florida
Shawn: I'm getting to that age where I just say I'm thirty-something. Hope to read one of your stories soon.

Plunging Plop Guy: I would love to be your audience anytime. Seems lately when I've been in public restroom - either at work or while out shopping - I'm the only one in there, or just as I enter, someone is flushing and leaving. I hate it when I miss performances. You recently spoke about exchanging tapes with your friend. I have made audio tape recordings of myself pooping before, but I always erase them. I would hate for them to fall into the wrong hands. You may remember me posting a couple of times about my friend asking me to use his digital camera to make mpeg videos of him pooping. We were out the other day and he mentioned that as soon as it gets warmer, he wants me to make a video of him pooping out in the woods. That should be interesting. I will be sure to post about that when it happens. Concerning the stalls in the US, I would guess the stalls start about three-fourths up from the floor to where the average guys knees are. This makes it easier to m! op the floors, I suppose. I am 5'11" and when I stand, the top of my head is just slightly above the top of the partitions. The gaps range from hairline gaps to gaps big enough to stick your arm through them. I have noticed more mirror-like tiles on the walls behind the toilets than on the floor, although I have seen some detailed shadows and reflections on the floor too. At work, we have large chrome lighting fixtures above the toilets. When standing at the urinal and looking up at the right angle, you can see a top-down reflection of the person sitting on the toilet.

I do have a story to post, but I don't have time now. I'll try to get to it later this week. Happy poops.

The other night i was watching MTV, A show called "Jack Ass" was on. And this guy "Jonny Knoxville" was in a santa clause suit. He went to the doctor and they like stuck a tube up his butt and they were cleaning his anus/rectum/ colon out. You could see little brown chuncks in the tube coming out. Any one else see this? I didn't see the begining of this.

Also speaking of MTV,i belive i saw a commercial on there where a bunch of people were using the public bathroom...don't really remember too much of it.

Another good picture up top!!

To Allie: I liked your story about your hospital stay.

Hello to everyone. Plunging Plop Guy I really enjoy your posts. Wish I could be with you when you dump. I like to dump in public men's rooms knowing that the guy in the next stall can hear me as I grunt out my dump. I tend to be very constipated so it is usually a prolonged session with lots of grunting and splashing as the hard turds hit the water. I missed the story about the constipated teenager who was secretly recorded by his buddies and then given the name Splasher. Do you remember what page that story is on?
Billy L and Kevin L enjoy your posts too. How old are you and how old are all of your brothers and cousins?
Justin great story about watching the guy taking a dump.
Daniel what ever became of your young friend who used to come over to your flat at lunchtime?
Shawn you are in the right place for great bathroom stories and you are not alone in this interest.
Jacob G. Always like your stories too.
I will try to post some stories soon.

Hi, I'd posted as Anom before, but I see it's too similar to somebody else here.
Carmalita: Thank you for responding to me, and answering my question. You sound beautiful to me! I have another question for you:Will you marry me?!! I'm just kidding! I love you stories!! Keep em coming!

Little Lou (Sister of Kev & Ellie)
At the moment I'm very unhappy because Kev and Ellie aren't speaking to me. This is because there is a boy in our village called Craig who's in Ellie's class at school. I let him watch me pee, then I told him our secret, and said he could join in if he wanted to. He said he did. I only told him our secret cos he told me his secret. He said he loves my sister Ellie. I know she loves him too cos she told me. I was only trying to help. I thought that if Ellie and Craig got to know each other a bit better, they might tell each other that they love each other.

When Ellie was poorly I helped her, and I think she's being horrible, but it's not her fault. Kev told her not to speak to me, and not to let me join in when they go to the toilet.

I'll tell you about my pee in front of Craig. Ellie was off school because of her cracked rib, and Kev had told Mum he was poorly too so he could stay at home and Ellie wouldn't be lonely. I was going to walk to school on my own, but then I called for Craig, who lives in the village. We walked and chatted. He kept asking me about Ellie, so I just asked him if he loved her, and he said yes. I hadn't gone for a wee before I left home, and I realised I needed to go. I told Craig, and he said to go down behind a row of cottages. I asked him to come as a look-out and he said ok. About halfway down this little alley, somebody had left the door to their outbuilding open. Craig opened it a bit more. He told me to go inside and pee there as nobody would see me. I said that he would see me. He offered to turn around, but I said he could watch if he wanted to. I went inside. I pulled my knickers down and held my skirt round my waist. I started to pee, and I made a huge puddle cos I w! as desperate. I pulled my knickers back up, and as we walked I told Craig about how we like to go in front of each other. I said he could join in. Craig came round after school and told Ellie that he knew. He promised he'd keep it a secret. Kev and Ellie both took it alright at the time, but Kev went mad at me after Craig left. He called me a horrible name which I wont repeat here because it's rude.

LAWN DOGS KID: I hope you are nice to Kendal all the time, and that you are never horrible to her. Kisses & hugs, Little Lou xxx

KENDAL: I thought what happened with Andrew and Kirsty was funny. Perhaps you could try to persuade Ellie and Kev that it worked out alright when you let Kirsty in on your secret and alowed her to join in. Lots of love, Little Lou xxx

TO FORREST-I'm 90% of the time a morning dumper-once in a great while i'll poo at nite after a huge meal,but i'll still poo more the next morning too-As far as reading meterial,a lot of times i'll eigher bring a laptop with me and read these posts while i'm pooing or get a bedpan and sit in front of the computer or get the best stories on here and print them up and bring them into the toilet and read the posts as i push out my stuff( which is really cool) or any newspaper will do- esp at the gym!
TO NO NAME GIRL-I usually go every day without fail,but I think the longest i went without pooing was when I was about 11 or 12-I went 5 days without going cause i was in the hospital for a hernia-when i finally did go it was about 20 balls of poop and at the end was a bunch of mush-too bad i was too young to really enjoy it!
TO BILLY L-I had to laugh when i read the part about your aunt pooing those metameucil poos-That stuff really makes you do some really long,soft turds!Mine were almost 2 feet long!!
TO CARMELITA-AHHH yes,as usual another great story with you and Renee-I'm glad you enjoy my stories also!I'll tell you something i think you'll enjoy-This a.m. I'm reading all the posts after i had my OJ and I feel the call of nature coming on and I get to your post on here and turn on the printer and make a copy of it and I didn't read it yet until i really had to poo good -So after about 15 mins of reading all the posts and letting the urge build up good,I took your story with me to the toilet and got undressed and sat on the bowl nude with my legs spread and started to read your latest story about you pooing first and then hearing Renee pooing as you wrote the story.As i started reading your story,I let out some hissing farts(2 of them) and I feel my anus opening up as I sit there reading your story as the turd starts coming out and it feels like a long one so i let it come out slowly as i continue to read your great story-WOW what a rush this was!I felt like we were pooing together at the same time!Then after the 1st turd came splashing in the bowl I stopped reading and looked in the bowl and saw 1 10 in poo wrapped around the bowl-very smooth and well formed-Then I just sat there and waited to go more and after about 3-5 mins I had to go again-so i started to continue reading your story as i farted again and just relaxed my anus as a bunch of soft stuff came out with a lot of farts at the same time which always feels sooo wonderful to me-it's such a relief!Every time i felt like i had to poop i kept reading your story-It was sooo cool-I think i may print up your stories(all of 'em)and when i have to poo i'll bring them into the toilet to read cause all your stories are really great to read either holding my poo or actually pooing as i read them!It 's great-You are such a great pooer Carmelita! Then when i was done i wiped( it was kinda a messy one with all the mushy poo coming out at the tail end of my dump) and jumped into the shower-Needless to say I love your stories esp now that you gave us an idea of what you look like-So i can see you in my mind as we poo together(sort of!)You should try this Idea-it's kinda fun!I can only imagine you and i pooing together in an outhouse with 2 holes next to each other as we poo at the same time with your nice butt sitting next to me!fun stuff!BYE

PPG I think you have got my wife Theresa mixed up with my best mate George's wife Moira. I have certainly seen Moira doing a motion many times and have buddy dumped with her in my sense of the word that is accompanying her to the toilet, watching her perform then revering the roles and doing my jobbie on top of hers. We must beg to differ on what constitutes a "Buddy dump" but I enjoy doing my motion on top of one done by another person especially a woman. Each to their own but doing it after another person into an empty, flushed toilet pan is meaningless to me , after all we do this all the time when using a public, school, work or other communal toilet.

As a matter of interest, can one buy metamucil in the UK?

I have posted in the past about the different toilet terminology used in the UK and USA. I can just about see "TAKE" a dump or a BM although it seems strange to me, as most Brits would say, DO or PASS or DROP a motion, jobbie, poo, etc. But I just cant get a handle on the American "MAKE" a number two or whatever. It just seems a very weird way to describe such a function to UK ears. Likewise "PINCH" a loaf as this would seem to indicate the sphincter closing on the turd as it comes out making a mess and something most people I know try to avoid doing as most like to get it all out in as large a jobbie as possible. Also to "CRASH" out a large log. Is this expression tied in to the "Kersploonk!" or other sound effects? From reading this website I thought US toilet pans didnt have such good sound effects as UK pans and in any event huge long turds often make no sound at all when they are passed into the pan.

On the matter of boats flushing into rivers and lakes. If the lake is a reservoir then strict rules are applied. In Scotland we have a lake called Loch Katrine which supplies most of the drinking water to Glasgow. Any boat sailing on it must have a closed system for its toilet enptying into a tank which is pumped out to disposal facilities in shore. I think the same rules apply for the Lake District in England. This doesnt apply to the sea such as the Firth (estuary) of Clyde and many towns in the UK still discharge raw sewage straight into the sea. It is possible to walk out at low tide and see lumps of poo, toilet paper, condoms, sanitary towels and tampons washed up on the beach. They are trying to modernise such facilities and bring in treatment of all sewage before discharge as is down inland into rivers but it will take time and a lot of money.

Monday, January 22, 2001

Carmelita: Too bad you were punished for clogging the bowl. I never was. Sometimes, I use too much paper and the toilet backs up. I stop flushing and let the water break down the paper. Eventually, the toilet will return to normal. My childhood girl friends and cousins used to make some whoppers then use reams of paper to wipe. We were in the Carribean when I was 12. My 11 y/o friend, Lynn had to make doo-doo after dinner. Her mom was strange. Lynn was sitting on the
bowl with her red shorts and white panties at her knees. I heard loud plop after plop. When she reached for the toilet paper, she stood up. I saw five pieces of brown doo-doo. One was 6 inches and broken off with a fresh 3 inches and wide as an inch. Her mother came in and chased me out. Her mother was watching her wipe and telling her use more toilet paper. The girl kept pulling off more and more paper. Then the toilet would not flush. They kept playing with the flush until it all went down. Good. I would not lift a finger to help them.

Forrest: I am a daytime pooper, mostly. I go after breakfast and lunch. If dinner is extraordinary, I will go in the evening. When I was a kid, I always went in the afternoon and evening. Then in high school, I was uninhibited and then regulated myself to morning. As for reading, I like the newspaper, latest magazine or the day's mail.

No name girl: I went for almost two weeks without a bowel movement. That was in Girl Scout Camp. I hated the food. I tried to forced a bowel movement with no avail. Then at breakfast we had pancakes and apple juice. An older girl said the juice has a cleansing effect. Well, I ate the food and drank almost a pitcher of juice. After dinner which was good, the action started. I grabbed a Girl Scout handbook and headed for the outhouse. It was a 4 place, no stall barn. I pulled my green shorts and white Carter's panties to my ankles. It was a gusher. I could not see. But, I could smell and the cramps were murder. I was really happy, because I had not made in almost 10 days. As I sat, I evacuated more and more. It was like a volcano. 45 minutes later, a car with a spotlight approached. It was a female state trooper. She entered and asked me if I was sick. I told her no and she was satisfied. No, you are not wierd. Maybe, you need to eat fresh meats, fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. Your troubles will be over. Do not starve yourself. Eat, please. How old are you?

Heather - Sorry I haven't posted lately, haven't been able to get on the 'puter long enough. To answer your question from a few days ago: I can go to the bathroom by myself if I have to but it's much easier to have help.

When I was in 8 years old I had to have surgery on my legs and the cast they put on them had a bar in between my legs (on the ankles of the cast) that kept my legs seperated. Because of the way the cast posistioned my legs I wasn't able to sit on the toilet to use the bathroom which led to some interesting experiences.

The first time I had trouble after that surgery was same day as the surgery. It was around 6:00 in the evening and I was watching TV in my hospitall room when all of a sudden I had to pee extremely bad. I told my mom and she called for the nurse and she came in with a small bottle. She lifted up my hospital gown and slid my panties down, as soon as she slid my panties down a short stream of pee shot out and made a wet spot on the bed and some also landed on my leg. She quickly put the bottle in posistion. After I was finished she warned me that the medicine they used to put me to sleep might make my muscle's weak which caused my sudden pee emergency and she also said it might make my poops really soft and mushy.

The next major event was on the way home from the hospital, I had to lay down in the back seat of the car because of that supid bar between my legs. I was laying on my stomach because that was the posistion where I was most comfortable. I just wearing a long T-Shirt because I couldn't get underwear or anything on over the cast. About 15 minutes into the drive home I had to poop, so I told my mom. She asked if I could hold it and I said I wasn't sure but I would try. We drove for about another 10 minutes, then my stomach started cramping a bit and I knew it wouldn't me much longer before I lost control. waited a couple of more minutes to see if my stomach would settle down before I told my mom that I wasn't going to make it home, but it wan't long before I knew that if I didn't tell her soon the back seat would be a mess.

"I need to go soon, I won't make it home without having an accident."
"I don't know what I can do Allie, we can't stop beside the road because of the casts on your legs and you can't sit on the toilet so we can't stop at a gas station."

We rode for about 5 more minutes until my mom spoke again.

"How ya doing back there?"
"Not good, it's getting really bad."

The car was quiet again for about 2m inutes then the car stopped, pushed myself up as high as I could to see where we stopped, it was a gas station. My mom got out of the car and went inside, several times while she was gone I thought I was going to lose control. When she returned she was carrying a plastic grocery sack but it didn't look like anything was in it. She opened the door closest to my feet in the back seat and lifted my T-Shirt up. She ripped the handle things on the sack so it unfolded like a diaper and slid it under me. She folded it back and re-tied the handles then tore some leg holes just big enough for my legs to fit through. She instructed me only to use it if I absolutely couldn't hold it anymore. Soon we were back on our way. We drove for about 5 more minutes and then I felt my stomach nuscles tense up, I tried to fight the poop back but it was coming out whether I wanted it to or not. First just a few liquid chunks came out, then a medium sized load o! f semi-solid poop came out. By this time I realized holding back was a lost cause so I relaxed. When I did it all came out at once. I was suprized the bag held it. When we got home my mom carefully carried me into the house and straight to the bathroom to clean up.

I'll post more later because it's getting late.


It's been an interesting weekend in the great British press where toilet matters are concerned. Yesterday (Saturday) in the 'Weekend' section of the London Times there was a whole article dedicated to Victorian sanitation and the weird and wonderful toilets invented by the Victorians. There were plenty of illustrations too! Fascinating stuff. Normally I only look at the Weekend section to read Anne Robinson's column. I 'd love to see a picture of her on the throne! Today the Sunday Sport (a tabloid) did a feature about some photos which had been taken of a football celebrity's partner being taken short on a foreign beach. True to form the Sport reproduced the photos but in such a way as to safeguard the lady's modesty - and stay legal. However, she was definitely weeing and the stream was clearly visible.

This morning I popped into my office before going to church and used the facilities whilst there. I didn't do a particularly big dump but I managed to make quite a stink nevertheless. Thankfully the smell soon cleared. I think the pint of bitter I had yesterday lunchtime was probably the culprit. It tends to have that effect on me. Anyone else similarly affected by drinking bitter or lager.

I like the new picture and she's obviously got a plentiful suypply of loo paper to use. She looks as though she's cleaning her teeth ay the same time though. Rather novel if you ask me.

No Name Grrl,
The longest I've ever went without having a movent? Let's see...
It was probably about 1 week... What really sticks in my mind is not that I felt bloated or 'full'. What was most memorable was that I felt so sick to my stomach that I couldn't even stand looking at food. By the last day I was so worried that I went down to the local medical clinic to speak to my doctor. Much to my displeasure, he didn't seem too concerned. He said nothing appeared to be particularly wrong and sent me on my way.
Late that evening I sat down for another try. After a few minutes of misery just sitting there I summoned a bit of effort and gave a good push. It wasn't a great strain, but it was enough. Something cracked...
I then let loose a good 15 minutes of wave after wave of poop. No diarhea... Just dozens of various sized logs of every description.
Under normal circumstances, I would have turned around and spent a few moments admiring my work, especially with a BM as large as this. But with the load now gone, the only thing that came to mind was FOOD! When I was sure I was done, I cleaned up and headed straight kitchen to make up for the 3 days I had gone without eating.

Shawn- That is kinda funny.About what happned to your roomate. It happened to me as well, except I was at the computer. What about you?

Mack- did you know that you might be able to sue your employer for that incident? (if it happned recently)

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