Billy L.
About two years ago, we went on our friends boat. It was a big boat with bathrooms and all. We were on the boat all day. When I had to pee, I just peed in the water (my mom told me and Kevin and my other brothers if you have to pee, you can go in the water. She was careful to explain that you have to be in the water firts). Anyway, after lunch I felt that I was going to have to poop pretty soon, but when swimming. After I while, I swam back to the boat and asked my mom what are supposed to do when we have to poop? She said that there is a bathroom downstairs and that you use that. I said, why not just poop in the water? Does the toilet empty in the water? She said that there is tank that your poop will stay in until we get back on shore. I said ok. I swam back to where everyone was swimmming. About a hour later, I said to Kevin, I am going to go go back in the boat. I need to poop. He said, I'll go too. It was like 90 out, so it only took about 10 minutes to dry off. We went t! o the bathroom downstairs. The toilet was a little weird, so I told Kevin, you go first. Kevin sat down and pushed out two or three logs. While he was pooping, mom came in and said how to use the toilet. It was a little different than a land toilet. She said you better flush between uses. It might not flush as well as the one at home. We said ok mom. Kevin wiped and got up. He flushed and when the action was down I pooped.

So I thought that poop does not go in the water when you poop aboard a boat. I looked on the web and found a web site about this. At least in Oregon, you're supposed to use only toilets with tanks on them or on-land facilities or special toilet that degrade the poop and make it safe for hte water. Same with other waste, like regular garbage. So it looks like you are not supposed to poop in the water. The other thing, that the lake the old guy pooped in did not have anyone drinking the water from the lake. Well, when I swim, I get some water in my mouth and swallows at least once or twice during my swim. So I guess I am drinking the water. So to Simon and that old guy, please don't poop in my water. I won't poop in yours.

Anyway, this weekend, we went to my uncles cabin to finish up downstairs. We got the drywall up and my uncle is finishing whatever so we can paint next weekend. After we got done working around noon, mom made lunch. Erir did not poop on friday or satruday and mom gave him some mineral in his ice cream last night. We were upstairs and Eric said, I have too poop now. I saw my uncle go into the downstairs bathroom with a newspaper, so I knew he would be a few minutes. I knew Eric was about to let go. I said, come with me. Tom and Mike finished the tile in the bathroom. Tom was in the bathroom. I said is it ok to use the toilet. He said I was about to turn on the water. So I told Eric sit on the potty there. He sat right down. He filled the hole at the bottom of the toilet with his poo. In addition, he made a major pee, covering about half his poo. When he was done, he said, thanks I needed that. Tom turned the water on and the buttom of toilet filled water. Then he flushed. T! he poop left, but there were more than the usual amount of streak marks. We were down working, so we went outside. We went near the cesspool pit and we peed. I also wiped Erics butt, because there was no paper upstairs. Fortunately, his butthole was pretty clean already.

I did not poop before lunch today. After lunch I really need to do a big one. We were done with our work. My borthers Kevin, Josh and Eric were there too with my friends bob and joe. After lunch mom said why don;t you take josh and eric out for some fresh air? We said ok. My older brothers justin mike and tom still had some work to do. They said we will be done in about a half hour. We went outside. I said it is time for poo. We went to the cesspool pit. While I was dropping my turds, I heard the toilet flush. A minute later, a long poo came out, about 30 inches. You cannot see the person sitting on the toilet in the new bathroom, but you can see them after they get up. We looked in the window, and enough, it was my aunt. I thought so, because when she does not go for a day or two, she takes a few packets of metamucil wafers. That usually makes for a long one. I saw her eating a wafer last night. I guess worked.

Someone asked what is the longerst you can go without pooping? My friend bob went like two weeks. But that was when he first had chemo and barely ate for about 2 weeks. For me, it was like 3 or 4 days. we were camping and I guess we did not have any fiber rich foods. I was not hungry. then I made a long solid poop and felt much better.

It is time taht we left the cabin and got home for dinner. I feel another turd getting ready. So I think I will poop before leaving. I will try out the new toilet.

Paul, Matthew, Phil and I went to play a Paintball Wargame yesterday. The place was down a long dirttrack and the weather was really cold. The facilites there were really basic; nowhere to change and really horrible chemical toilets; much worse than normal portaloos. I was the only one who needed to change; the boys were already in their rough old clothes; there was no way I was going to change in the horrible smelly loos and so I stood behind an open car door to change. It didn’t shield me all that well and I think a few other people saw but I didn’t worry because I only stripped down to my bra and pants. I was more worried about how cold I was. There were about sixty people there altogether; mainly blokes in there twenties.
I wasn’t long before I needed a wee – it was hard to find anywhere private because although there were a lot of trees and bushes it was all fenced off for paintball games; anyhow I squatted down and did it with Paul Matthew and Phil watching and there were a few other lads a little way away who could probably tell what I was doing but they weren’t close enough to see very much. It was a really big powerful wee though; all my breakfast tea and milk. We were there until about three in the afternoon and I had two more similar wees; the boys wanted me to do one actually in a paintball game but I didn’t. I think they hoped I would get shot on the bum.
When we got home I decided I wanted a nice long hot bath to warm up and bathe my bruises. We all went to the bathroom together and the boys had a pee while I started to run the bath. I decided to have a poo before I got in the bath although I don’t usually have one until the evening – I guess it was because they’d given us quite a big lunch at the panitball – greasy sausages and burgers and stuff which I wouldn’t usually eat but I was really hungry. The boys sat on the floor on we all talked about the paintball while I did my poo (and while I had my bath); it was quite a big smelly one; not really big pieces but quite a lot of medium size ones and it made quite a lot of noise. After my bath I stayed just wrapped in a towel for a couple of hours while we had tea and watched the television. The towel wasn’t very long and I could tell Phil was always trying to get to a position where he could see my private bits up it. I couldn’t resist teasing him and playing along a bit, b! ut I wondered why he was so bothered when he’s already seen everything quite a few times. Boys I suppose.

Kendal – You’re story about the little party was hilarious. I would have giggled for days about that if anything like that happenned to me. When we were younger me and my brothers did try sitting on each others laps on the loo and peeing through each others legs – not on each other or at least not deliberately. Thanks for your advice the other day. You really are quite mature for your age. I am really a terrible show off – usually I have fun with it but it was a bit of a bad day when I did that other post. I’m afraid to say I have flashed my bum out of coach windows many times. I love doing it. Love Kate x

Kevin L.
I saw the person's post about how often we can go without pooing? the most I went was five days. i was camping with my family. We left on a saturday. I think pooped that morning and did not poop until like thursday. Wednesday, my brother pooping behind a tree next to a tent. He said, hey you did not poop since we were on the road on saturday,did you? I said no. I gues mom overheard and asked me when i pooped last at dinner. I told her. She went to the drug store and got some mineral oil. I had to drink a few spoons full. The next morning, right after breakfast, i made a big poop and another after lunch. my saw my big poop after lunch. I said its working. See that poop that billy is pooping on? THat is mine from after breakfast. She said good. usually i go like 2 or 3 times a day, but i can normally go 2 or 3 days with a #2. If you don;t eat a lot, you are not going to poop a lot. Poop is used food. Nothing in, nothing out. It is like if you do not drink, you do not pee.

Anyway, as my brother billy, we went up to the cabin this weekend. On the way back, my little brother Josh, 3, said he had to poo. It is the first time I think he had to poo while we were driving and couldn't wait. I had to poo too, so i said I would take him. Billy and Justin both said they needed to go, so they went as well. We just pooed a few feet from the car. Mom had tissues, so clean up was not a problem.

After dinner, Josh had to make another poo. SO did I. Billy was already there. Josh was went in with me and sat on the little toilet. He and Billy finished at the same time. My saw them get up, and me and my other little brother, 4, sit down on our toilets. SHe said, boy, you guys really had to go tonight. I said, yeah, it is your cabin cooking. I think it was. Because about 3 hours later, while we were all getting ready for bed, we had to make yet another poo. Justin, who usually only goes once every other day, went again too. He came in just after I got up. Eric was still pooping on the potty, so at least justin had to empty the potty. Funny thing is, every time we went, he dropped big loads. Maybe something we ate yesterday blocked us up a little (Me and Billy went only once and Eric and Josh did not go at all), and what we ate cleared us out. Anyway, we all finished our poops. It is time for bed. Good night.

I've been away for a while with computer problems & have just caught up with the posts. Mine must not be too interesting as I don't get much response. Oh well I'll try 1 more.

simon--I often get a major hardon when my girl watches me on the toilet. The problem is that makes it impossible to finish what i'm there for-either piss or shit. It's worth the wait though.
Carmalita--i have a story for you.
i went to the mall with a buddy of mine to get some new jeans. my girl had to work. anyway we ate at the food court. had a couple slices of pizza & a HUGE coke. well then we found my jeans & went over to the video place to see if there was anything good. did some other looking around. after a couple hours i feel the need for a shit but it's not to bad so i figure i'll wait until i get home. we leave the mall & i drop my buddy at his house. as i'm driving home the need gets very strong & i have to piss badly. (for those who don't know from reading- i can hold my shit but not my piss--when i gotta go i need a place quick). i'm now driving with one hand & holding myself tightly with the other. i pull into my driveway & quickly run into the house still holding my crotch. i open my fly as i walk & the second i arrive at the john i let it fly. now i still have a need for a major crap but am lucky to have made it without pissing my pants. i pee a gallo! n & quickly turn to sit my ass on the pot. now i let out a huge fart & a wave of pudding poop falls out. now i can feel more coming & get a cramp that doubles me over. clutching my stomach i let out an explosive wet fart. with a grunt i give a i feel a moster turd coming & it causes another cramp. it slowly comes out as i continue to grunt & push. after a few seconds it falls with a loud splash. after another wave of soft crap i fart & am done. this made me feel so good. luckily my girl came home after a few minutes & we had some seriuos sex.
please tell me if you like my stories. i like to read all of yours. some of you do some seriuos crapping.

Last night i went to bed at 11pm, then 2 hours later i woke up with severe diahreah. I went to the bathroom like 3 times and it was pure liqiud most of the time. It smelled really bad too...i was soo bad i thought i might throw up too,but i didn't. Then i went again in the morning to get the last out, then i was done.

To josh: I liked your story, i thought it was funny that you had to go through that. And it must have been embarrising, i would have felt award if i was u, and my mom, moms friend and my best friend was watching me.

No Name Guy
Hey GREAT SITE!!!! I just wanted to know what is anyone's longest hold it time is? Mine is 8 and a half hours. Anyone beat it ?

I don't know if anyone else saw this, but I read in a newspaper (Daily Mirror, I think) last week, that a Toilet museum will soon be opening in England, at a cost of 1.3 million pounds!


Loved your posting about your shared pooping experience with you lovely friend whiel you were typing your post! This is wonderful stuff!

But I have to say I'm puzzled and distressed that your father would punish you for having a bowel opening big enough to 'clog the toilet,' as it were. The way you speak of it makes it seem something that happened a fair few times. I would have to say that all reasonable approaches to parenting would deem this sadistic -- a child cannot help the size of a motion, and to punish her for it is as pointless and, frankly, cruel, as just about anything I've ever heard.

Had this happened to me I'm sure I would have grown up scarred mentally, with an unhealthy attitude to defaecating. I can see this did not happen to you, but all the same it distresses me -- and rather a lot -- to think of a young child being 'whipped' for something we all here consider one of life's most wonderful pleasures.

All my best,


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi there. everyone. I've just been listening to one of my friend's bog sessions on tape that I mentioned recently, then had a satisfying shit myself so am really in the mood to talk toilet!
The last few days I've had some really enjoyable goes on the toilet. Firm, but easy to do but controllable so I could put some effort into doing them, and plopping fairly loudly now and again. Yesterday in a public toilet, I had a good 10 minute seesion of dropping some turds, most of which gave me a bit of a splashback, and as I grunted them out thought to myself; This is exquisitely pleasurable! The one thing missing was an audience!

To TONY, You asked for comments about what should be considered a buddy dump. To try to make a fine semantic distinction between the different circumstances of shitting with someone else is very subjective. If I have a shit in a toilet at the same time as the guy in the next cubicle, and we haven't met before but are both enjoying each other's performance; then perhaps we are buddy dumping. If either of us listens to the other plopping and then uses the same toilet immediately after; I would class that in the same category. Also if a friend is in the bathroom watching and listening to someone else on the toilet, and wipes his mate's arse for him when he's finished, looking at the turds in the water, then the toilet is flushed, and the other guy sits on the warm toilet seat, and drops his turds into the same toilet, perhaps with some good heavy skidmarks in the bottom of the pan and both are enjoying this very intimate experience as I have done in the past with my friend;! If that's not a buddy dump, I don't know what is!
The reason the toilet was flushed in our case, and presumably with others who use the same toilet sequentially, was so that the second guy would be plopping into water, whereas if it hadn't been flushed, the next guy's turds wouldn't be plopping into the water, but quietly splatting onto the pile and there'd be no plop, no splashing up of water, and a lot of stink.
The other day I dropped so much that it was almost upto the water level, and the water trap in my toilet is about 6" deep!
I'm sure that when you and Moira use your two toilets, you are enjoying the plops each of you makes, which you'd probably not hear if there was too much in the pan already.
Of course, I'd love to shit into a toilet with some turds left behind from someone I want to follow on the bog, and sometimes I have, but only if there's not too much to prevent me plopping into the water.

As for shitting on top of someone else's and I suppose this would turn some people off; I'd be curious about using a German type "Wash Out" toilet with a shelf for the turds to land on and he hasn't flushed it and I go in straight after and sit down on the toilet and feel his big turds touching my arse! Assuming he had an almighty shit and his logs are upto seat level.
No splashing but what a buddy dump that would be!
My friend and I once stood back to back with our arses touching as we shat into a bucket as I mentioned here some time ago, so I think are loads of different ways to buddy dump.

JUSTIN! Great to hear from you again. I should spare a thought for the guy who was so embarrassed to be watched on the toilet, but perhaps he'll feel less inhibited now and I hope proud of what he does on the bog!
So you're the guy who actually dropped his loud plops with otherguys watching and listening!!! Great to be able to "talk" to you here! I've looked through some old posts and found one from you on page 384 that you mentioned and on page 367. That account was absolutely BRILLIANT!! To sit there with that young friendly guy next to you with no partitions and see him raise his arse off the seat and see his large turds slowly emerge and plop in the water with heavy thuds as he grunted and his friend stood there and said "Bombs away!" as you dropped your loud plops...........!!!!!!!
One of the most terrific things I've ever read!

I've still not read them all yet but there are certainly some great ones here. Another I especially liked was about the school band of teenagers one of whom is constipated and one of the boys secretly records this constipated guy's efforts on the toilet with all the heavy grunting and plopping. The recording is then played to the others in the group and the boy who knows nothing about this wonders why he's suddenly got the name "Splasher"!

I'm still trying to get a mental picture of the average stall partitions in high schools and universities in the USA.
What is the most usual height of the partition and how big is the gap from the floor. It seems there is often more on view between the stalls than I can understand and I'd love as much detailed info. as possible if that is not too much to ask, as I know there are some noticeable variations apart from the doors or lack of doors, These mysterious gaps between doors, and are there sometimes tiles on the floor so shiny that they act like mirrors?

All for now and look forward to hearing from you again, and wishing you well, and once again, thanks for sharing such great experiences!

I'll share some more about my biker friend next time and hope everyone has great times on the toilet. P P G

Anne (Bus Driver)
No Name Girl. I have gone for a week (7 days) without passing a motion. This happened when I was in bed for many days as a result of a bad chest cold. The medicine had codiene in it which is a constipator and being inactive in bed and not eating properly contributed. When I finally got up after a day or so I felt things start to move and I had a really fantastic toilet experience. Lots of big hard balls to start with making resouding "KURSPLONK! KUPLOONK!" sounds as I grunted to push them out. Then two lovely big logs followed by a long smooth easy sausage. I felt a lot lighter after that load and my ring throbbed.

In answer to Nicola about really big jobbies curving round in the toilet pan I did one like that last week. I had a coach load of kids to take to a swimming pool and back to school afterwards. On the way back I felt a poo coming down. No problem, nice and solid, no urgency. When I delivered the kids back I asked the teacher if I could use the toilet and she pointed to the Girls Toilets off the playground. I went in and went into one of the 10 cubicles (stalls). Now as this was a Junior School the pans were smaller than the full adult size, Id say 2/3 size. Not a problem if I had only needed a wee wee but with a big job to do I thought this could be amusing. I hitched up my skirt and pulled my white floral patterned panties down to my knees and balanced my fat bum on the smaller than usual seat. I farted then did my wee wee and felt the jobbie coming out . It WAS a big one alright and as I did it I felt it become more difficult rather than easier and realised that it was t! ouching the bottom of the pan while I was still doing it. I stood up slightly to get it all out. There was of course no sound. I had a look and was amused to see it had turned round in the pan and the start was now pointing back up out of the water steaming in the cold air. It was shaped like a big letter "U". I wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers and adjusted my skirt. I did pull the flush but the big turd stayed put, I estimate it was about 14 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, firm and smooth. I wonder what the kids thought when they used the toilet at playtime and found this huge sausage in one of the toilet pans and wondered which of their classmates had done it?

Forest, I usually do my motions during the day, after lunch being my normal time, not often at night though occasionally if I havent done a motion during the day I will wake up about 3.00 am needing both a wee wee and a jobbie and do a nice big one then go back to bed feeling very satisfied indeed.

Carmalita, I certainly didnt get belted if I did a big poo which stuck in the pan as happened many time from my early teens onwards. If anything was said at all it would simply be my Mum remarking, "I bet you felt better for that Anne, that was good motion you had!" or words to that effect. She also did "panbusters" so it wasnt an issue at home. Anyway, I usually did my motions in the Girls Toilets at school after lunch or during the afternoon break where it didnt matter if the turd got stuck as the janitor would deal with such matters when he cleaned the toilets in the evening.

Sunday, January 21, 2001

No Name Grrl
Hello do anyone remember me?

Well I wanted to know...WHAt WAS THE LONGEST TIME YOU EVER WENT THROUGH WITHOUT #2????????? Actually I didnt do #2 for a LONG time. It seems like 2 weeks about but I doubt THAT long. And I still dont think I will be doing it anytime soon. Hmmm I wonder what is happening?? My family thinks I am anorexic/bulimic becoz I dont really eat much anymore. Mostly just when my sister screams at me to do it & even then I dont eat MUCH!! That probably has something to do with it right? Im not trying to be funny or anything here either. And Im not trying to make people feel sorry for me. Do you think hardly any food is the reason I dont do #2 anymore? Coz #2 IS food after all right? Please dont think Im weird or anything!

Are the folks here mainly daytime poopers or nighttime poopers? Or does it really not matter what the time of day is for most people?

Also, what's everyone's favorite on-the-toilet literature?

Shawn, I'm 28. Glad you're starting to feel more comfortable. Some of my stories of my experiences with my friend Paul are in the old pages somewhere, pretty far back. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Daniel

To Bryian – Yes – I know exactly how you feel, this actually happens to me a lot and it’s usually in the morning. The problem is that sometimes it just fades away and maybe it won’t be until the next day that I actually manage to do a poo. I think this could one of the reasons I have a habit of holding my poo until the last minute. I know if I sat on the toilet I would be disappointed. But sometimes it disappears only for a short while and soon comes back stronger and stronger during the day. Did you ever read my post on my huge accident I had one morning in the parking lot at the mall? That’s exactly how it started. I had this vague feeling early in the morning that I needed to poo but I just ignored it even though it did come back a little stronger before I left for work. Anyway, by the time I got to work, parked the car and started to walk across the parking lot it was too late, I couldn’t hold it back any more and out it came. Bryian – I hope this never happens to! you – love Melissa.

Hi Everyone
Sorry if I've been gone so long. It's just me and Miguel are very busy nowadays. I have some stories to tell but I'll have them for a later post. It seems that Miguel has a way with Linda. I've talked to Linda about her growing up with him and she speaks very highly of him. She trust him very much. I know I did when I was growing up with him.I recall one time when we were small we were playing checkers.. and I had to poop..BAD. On Top of all of that I had to pee. So there I was sitting on the floor trying to hold it back wiggly and fidgeting. Finally Miguel asked if I had to go. I looked at him and said no..well I whimpered no as I got a spasm that stretched from my pelvis to my belly. I told him I didn't want to stop playing. he thought for a moment and looked at me. ( I'm sure the sight broke his heart) He picked up the game board and carried it off. He told me to follow him. It was hard.. I waddled over behind him with one hand on my front and the other on my bottom. I ! even felt my poop poke out. He took the game into the bathroom and set it on the floor. He told me to sit on my potty and he'd be right back.As he walked off I fought with my shorts and underwears andhe came back with a box as I sat down. He put the box between us and placed the game on it. As he did that, my pee came out the minute my bottomed touched my potty(I had a chamber pot was ALWAYS cold) So we played as I TRIED to poop. I remember moving a checker and then shutting my eye tight and I tried to push out my poops. I remember grunting lots and Miguel waiting for me to be done and move and never did he complain. I was only able to move it a little bit at a time so I'd relax and sometimes it would move on it's own. I remember making a big production when it would move on it's own.. opening my bottom wide. I'd yell out OH IT'S COMING!!! (I was a very vocal child)We played about 3 games before I finished. Oh I felt better.. I even stated that to Miguel in a as a mat! ter of factly voice when I was done. We finished the 3rd game when my mom came in. She looked at us and asked what was going on. Miguel got up and told her the whole thing. She laughed and smiled saying to him he was very smart and sweet. Then she asked me if I was done. I said yes and she cleaned me up. I remember looking at Miguel while I was being cleaned up.. he had his back turned and I smiled. My mom told me I was lucky I made it in my potty cause from the looks of what I had done.. my underwears and shorts would have exploded. I went over to Miguel and kissed him on the cheek..I remember my mom laughs as he wiped his face like trying to get the kiss off. My mom tols us to go play.. as I closed the door I noticed my mom lifting her dress and facing her back to the toilet..I didn't think much of it as we went to the living room. Miguel said HEY our game and went back. After a little while Miguel came back and his face was a bit red. then in my little child mind it clicked! ..i asked him what my mom was doing..he said as his face got redder..she was pooping.He set the game on the floor and layed down on the couch and buried his head under a pillow. He wasn't in trouble nor did my mom get after him and I did find out when he was younger my mom did take him in with her and that aftwards he did see her.. but I guess.. that time he wasn't prepared. I remember talking to hi lots before he played with me again.

Kendal Linda says for you to do your "sessions" together as she has given up for now on trying. She says she's been good but her post never make it on. She says you can have her major session as she did finally poop.. but it was late at night and she almost slepted through the whole thing. the only witness to it was Miguel who wondered what was wrong and had to keep waking her up as she fell asleep on the toilet a few times. Funny thing is though she didn't remember going.. just feeling GREAT that morning when she woke up. Miguel filled he rin on the details. those two are crazy I tell you.

John (VT): Very intriguing Idea! Renee loves it too. She’s here with me right now. And yes, I would insist on getting to watch you and Buzzy in return. But what would the winner get? Hmmm....

Anom: My dad used to call me his little seniorita. I really miss that! Thank you so much! You want to know about me huh? Let’s see...I’m dark skinned, with long black wavy-curly hair that comes down just below my shoulders. I’m 5’1” and 106 lbs. I lost two pounds, maybe from yesterday’s huge dump at work! I have dark eyes and I also have thick lips. I’m glad you like us Mexican girls! You’d love my sisters. How about you? What do you look like? I think pooping is extremely sexy, especially when men do it. I never get to see men do it though. They always chicken out if I ask.

Tony: Thanks for your concern, but it never hurt getting the belt. It was more embarrassing than anything, having your dad whip you for taking too big of a crap.

Buzzy: I LOVED your metamucil dump! I wish I could’ve been there! I’m flattered that you take my stories to the potty with you. I like that idea a lot. Some gal’s gonna grab you up if she hasn’t already! Renee is telling me it’s time for me to go poop because of the fart I just did. Since you showed me yours, I’ll show you mine! Last night’s dinner wants to come out now. I had barbequed chicken, 2 corn on the cobs, (what a pig I am!), and two helpings of baked beans. Beans give me very solid turds. I also had a lot of beer later. So I will now go take my big morning poop, and tell you about it on the next paragraph.

Okay, 10 minutes, and 4 sprays of lysol later….Renee sat in there with me....Damn I really stunk up the bathroom this time! My poop, was very soft, and very huge! The first one came out fast, and it crackled and made lots of noise. It was also so big that it curled out of my butt like a big sausage, and hit part of the toilet seat behind me. There was a bit of brown glob on the seat Yukkkk! . Even with Renee I sometimes get embarrased over my big poops. The second turd hung on, and on. I started to jiggle my ass, but it wouldn’t shake loose. Renee asked me if it was still hanging out of me, and I said yes. She looked down as I hovered about four inches over the seat, and there was big brownie dangling from my butt. She giggled and said "It looks like corn and beans". Still the damned thing wouldn’t fall! I spread my legs wide, then reached under with some toilet paper, and pulled it off by hand. Then came this huge “K-Ploooop!” as it hit the water. Woowee! Too many beans ! last night! Then I crapped a huge pile of soft turds. I laid enough logs to build a cabin! I sat there in my own stink with toxic fumes creeping up between my thighs. I had to flush once, then Renee held her nose. I sat there breathing poisonous fumes while I wiped 6 times. After that it was pants up, soap and water, and I was done.
Renee's in there right now. The computer is in the bedroom next to the bathroom door which is open. I just heard her grunting. She’s taking a big one in there. She says Hi to everyone! She looks so cute with her blonde hair and freckles, sitting there reading her magazine. Oh yeah, here we go! One plop, uh-oh, two more! They sounded like fatties to me! I think we had too much fun last night. She’s got her sweats on, and her white panties are up on her thighs. She looks great when she leans forward and grunts. I’ll try and get her to post something if she ever quits being so chicken! It looks like she's going to sit it out till next spring! No, there went another one! K- ????! Smells pretty rich too. She's stinking pretty good! Oh well, I love her anyway! I better go and look at her prizes before they’re gone! She's getting that "time to wipe" look in her eyes.
See you next time, and thank you all for reading and making me feel welcome. Guys, tell me some of those big old crap stories! especially about what you look like on the pot!

Peeping Tom
One thing I hate about American TV is thay never show anybody haveing
a wetting accident or wetting the bed. I mean like in sitcoms.
they may have to go real bad but thay all ways make it.
sometime thay may say do you recall when this happened but they never show it.

it's time for a wetting accident to be show, it happens in real life so why not.

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