Does Kit's wife have a digestive problem like lactose intolerance? Experiment with Dairyease beno or other pills with lactose digesting emzyme.

A family friend of my Aunt and Uncle had a son with Chrone's disease. The disease was traced to lactose intolerance.

Lizzy (college gal)
Hello again fellow posters ^_^! Sorry Iíve been absent so long but Iíve just had nothing to write about. Well, I still donít but I hope this small experience is good enough to be posted amongst the other great stories I read here every day. By the way, great picture Mr. Moderator, she looks sort of like me.
Schoolís been in session for a week now after a glorious month-long winter break. I missed my college friends a lot over break but it was great to catch up with my hometown friends as well and now itís back to professors and books once again. Anyway, my story starts just last night when my roommate and our two bathroom-mates next door decided to order ourselves some pizza and watch movies to have some nice Friday night girls only fun. So we ordered two large pizzas from the Papa Johnís a couple of blocks from the building, one cheese and one pepperoni, some cheesy bread, and a 2-liter of soda. And we rented two movies, The Patriot (I love Mel Gibson movies) and Final Destination. I suppose that anyone that has been reading this forum for even a short time can predict whatís going to happen next, and theyíd be right. As we watched the first movie I totally stuffed myself with 3 slices pizza and some breadsticks, I was absolutely starving. After we watched the movies! it was pretty late so I went to bed still feeling stuffed with food.
This morning I woke up at around 10:30 still feeling kind of full. Within another hour the inevitable happened as I knew it would. Nature was calling me with a megaphone. I had a major urge deep down inside telling me it was time to unload. So I got up out of bed and headed straight for the toilet, and not a moment too soon cause as soon as I closed the bathroom door behind me I let a warm, very smelly, but silent puff of gas out. Luckily neither of the gals next door were in there using it cause I had to go and fast. I walked into the small room in the bathroom with the toilet in it and closed the door behind me. I pulled my tight bedtime shorts and pink panties down to my knees and plopped down on the seat with my creamy thighs slightly spread apart.
I could feel the unusually large load building pressure down near my anus; I was in heaven. I then closed my eyes, leaned forward, rested my elbows on my legs, and started to push ever so gently. It wasnít long before I could feel the tip peeking out of my opened back passage. It felt hard, knobby, and well-formed. After a few inches had left me something funny happened. A large piece broke off and I could hear that it had completely broken apart and fallen into the water as lots of little balls by the sound of the little splashes. After that I could feel that the log was going softer and softer as the rest slid out of me. Not too long after that a long piece broke off and fell into the water below with a barely audible splash. Still sitting there with my eyes closed I could feel the end of the turd still hanging from my anus, the tiny room filling with my warm stench, I spread my cheeks apart with my hands and it soon fell into the water with a slightly louder sp! lash. I could feel a little more poop inside but for some reason or another it just didnít want to come out, maybe it likes being inside of me ^_^. So I opened my eyes, wrapped my arms around my ????, and leaned even further forward to push. It still wouldnít come out so I gave up trying and let it end at that. I then tinkled a rather weak stream for a few seconds.
When I was done I stood up to wipe after a very satisfying dump. As I stood my shorts and panties fell down to my feet. I then looked down into the bowl as I always do. In the slightly yellowed water I could see first about five stone sized dark brown pieces floating at the top of the water, then a five-inch very fat, soft and smooth light brown but also kind of light green turd floating in a vertical position, and the small tapered end of the log floating as well. As I reached for the toilet paper I could feel this would be a messy wiping job and it was. It took about eight wads of paper to clean my anus up to an acceptable point. Luckily there was plenty of paper to accommodate my needs cause in the morning its usually nearly all gone, and Iím a ďmorning personĒ. When I was done I pulled up my shorts and flushed, it all went down, and I left the bathroom with the pleasant smell of a big BM in the air, well, pleasant for me anyway, and a relieved feeling in my sto! mach. Hope you all enjoyed, bye for now.

Melissa (New York)
Hi all. I just put my new Restroom policy plan into effect yesterday. It states this: ďIf One Gender uses a restroom for another gender, he or she will not be prosecuted nor will he or she be fired.Ē I donít think a person she be in trouble if the complete a humanly function itís a part of everyoneís life. If they like it or not.

Rick- maybe (this might sound awkward) butÖ Maybe if you share it with someone it might make it more interesting. My openness about poop started at a very young age. My father was a Brazilian and my mother was an Italian and I would be constantly be traveling between The US, Brazil, and Italy. (I was born here in NY) I would find pooping on planes pretty interesting so I would do it all the time. And when I was living in the 80ís my brothers would always be fixing cars and when they had to poop they would do it in the woods. And when we would be in the park. We sometimes wouldnít bother with bathrooms and we went in the woods. So really, Iíve been very open about pooping from a very young age and pooping with some isnít a problem either because I would do it at all the time with my brothers. Maybe try different techniques to make it more interesting. Maybe try what Buzzy does and crap outside more often. Plus having an exciting life isnít that good. I have to de! al with a lot of stress. Plus everyone in my old house used to be open about pooping. I remember we would never bother to lock the door. My dad can be crapping, my mom can be in the shower, and I can be brushing my teeth or vice versa. I hope this info helps. Take Care Rick.

Kim & Scott- I just put my new plan into effect yesterday. And I have seen people using it already. Yesterday as I was coming back to my office, I saw one of my employees heading toward the menís room. She told me the ladies room was full and she needed to go bad. So I said go ahead, I just put my new plan into effect. She hugged me and went into the menís room. I guess she appreciates that new plan. Iíve got my own bathroom/shower in my office. So I can clog the toilet all I want without getting rude comments. Being the boss is so much fun. Take care Kim & Scott.

Well Joe is recovering now he can walk with a cane. And in 2 weeks he should be back to normal. So now we can go to restaurants once again and resume the toilet clogging once again.

My story- my first dump in the executive office. Yesterday at work I knew I had a little too much coffee. I knew I had to go soon so I went in the bathroom. I took all my clothes off and sat naked. I didnít have to push at all. Mushy stuff came barreling out quickly. I then just sat there and waited because I knew there was more. Then I had another wave of mushy stuff. Then another, then another. Then I got of the can and looked in it. It was pretty full. I pushed the flush and Wow! This flush has more power than an electric generator. Plus it also has a pretty big escape hole. Iím going to have to try very hard to clog this toilet.

Thatís all for now. Take care Everybody,

Kendal--glad you enjoyed my story. Andrew--I always wear the same kind of underwear, all I have is plain white cotton briefs, sorry to be boring, but I'm practical. I also always dress very modestly, never wearing see-through pants or short skirts or anything like that.

Anyway, I am feeling much better, but have now been suffering from the opposite problem. I have not shit more than a few small pieces since the other night when I was sick. I don't know if this is a coming back to school thing (where I barely eat). Does anyone know of anything cheap, easily-obtainable and effective to help? I have a history of severe constipation and don't want to fall back into that. Oh, and I'm always around people, so I don't want to use something that will make me gassy or have to shit unexpectedly, immediately and often.

Hi there is a story I wanna tell it will be long but I wish you read it! it took place 4 years ago when I was 10.right now I am 14Back then Ryan was my bestfriend. He was our next door neighbor. He is 1 year younger than me and my mom is a friend with Ryan's mom. Ryan's mom , Margret used to come everyday to drink a cup of tea and she always brought Ryan with her. That one day, my mom decided that she goes to her house and drink the tea there. So she took me there with her. My mom rang the bell, it took like 10 min til margret opened the door. we waited that time because margret was aware of us coming. So Margret apologized to us and my mom asked why it took her soo long. she said she was cleaning up Ryan after his bm. I laughed my head off, so I asked where is he, she said on the toilet. she was stil wiping his bum. she told my mom to come and watch, so I came with her. when Ryan saw us. his face turned extremly red. I was of course laughing and my mom wasn't impressed that s! he stil wipehis bum. Margret said his underwears are all brown because he is not good at cleaning his bum. of course Ryan was so embarassed. My mom told her that idea. She said when Josh feels wants too poop the next. I will invite you both over and show you how he clean he is. Now Ryan of course started laughing and Margret thought it was a good idea. My mom know I poop every morning when I wake up. so I woke up, I went to the bathroom, and there was my mom, Margret and Ryan waiting there. I yelled and ran downstairs. My mom chased me and yelled at me and told me I am rude and warned me if I don't show Ryan how to clean up, you will never be allowed to see Ryan and you will be grounded for a month. so I said ok I will do it, I went really slowly to the bathroom and Ryan of course laughing. My mom pulled down my pant and my underwear, and in a command voice she said "now get goin" I of course couldn't poo in front of three people so my mom decided that Ryan, Marg will wait so! you wouldn't be all shy. I pooped and tears came out of my eyes. i was done, Margret and yan wer waiting downstairsand my mom was standing infront of meimpatiently. I said in a quiet voice "done" the quickly came up and I showed Ryan how to wipe his ass. I was soo mad so I yelled at his mom and said "Why the hell were you watching me and why didn't you just show him instead of this himiluation" my mom yelled at me and Margret felt ashamed of herself. They left and I was stil sitting onthe toilet. my mom said she was proud of what I said because it is true. I was'nt grounded but Margret wouldn't let Ryan see me again!

Had a lovely shower-pee just now. I didn't have to go desperately, but it was definately time to go. I hung my blue towel on the hook, turned on the water and "assumed the position" Then I let out a nice strong yellow stream (that smelled like chicken soup, even though I haven't had any to eat in weeks) that went forward!!!! I think that the stream must have divided though cause some also went down my leg, but more went forward the whole time!

Updates have been taking a few days, hope all is well with our moderator. I know things have been pretty bad here the past few days as a student at my school died this week.

Kevin L
Yesterday, I had to poop after afternoon recess. I pooped after lunch and had to go again. My poop was kind of loose. While I was sitting there, my friend bob comes in. He has leukemia. The chemo makes him puke sometimes, without warning. For lunch we had tacos and corn. He did not eat the cake. Anyway, when he walked in, he said I have to do a dookey too. Are you going to be long? I said I am just about finished. He said good. I started wiping, and all of a sudden, he turns to the side and pukes. I said, thanks for turning to the side. He was looking right at me just before he puked. He said, no problem. I said, you poop, I will tell the teacher to get the janitor. He said ok. I got up and he looked in the bowl. He said, look your poop and my puke look the same. I said, good thing I had corn for dinner. I just hope that is not lunch coming out of me already.

Bob pukes a lot. Just like we joke about our pooping and peeing and farting, we joke about bobs puking. We just take it in stride. Bob has one more round of chemo, and then he will be cured.

I went out and told me teacher. She said is bob ok? I said, he's fine. Then how come he is not out here? I said, because he is doing what boys tend to do sitting on the toilet. SHe ok. Can you go to the office and ask them to send the janitor to get the hose? There are two bathrooms (boys and girls) with a janitors closet between them. There is a drain in the floor, so the janitor came in (he was outside the room cleaning), went to the bathroom and hose out the mess in about 20 seconds. The janitor looked in the toilet at our poops and said, boy next time just hold it for about a day, and I won't have to come back. He said Yeah, they look alike, except the corn you see came from Kevin. Bob;s poop was loose like mine.

It was raining yesterday. After school, we went to bob's house. When i got there, I had to poop yet again. Me and my brother went into the bathroom. Billy said he had to poop. I said me too. Make it quick. Billy was done in about a minute. Bob was talking to his mom in bedroom right next to the bathroom. Bob said he had a good day in school and he only puked twice (He puked just before lunch too). I was almost done pooing and I said, yeah you want to see what it looked like. She said, no why? I said, it looked just like my poo, except I am all out of corn now. Maybe when I poop after dinner, because we had corn for lunch. I think this is breakfast comiing out now. She, ah, no thanks. I see enough poo every day. She is a nurse in the pediatric ward at the hospital, so I guess she is good at changing kids and gets to see a lot of poop this way.

Anyway, last night we wnet to my uncles cabin to finish up the walls downstairs. We are going to finish the dry wall. Tomorrow, we are going to start in my brother's room. I have to get to work now.

I am very interested in pooping accidents involving female celebrities. The problem with these stories is you never know which ones are true. For example, I have seen many references in this forum to an incident where Deborah Norville supposedly crapped in her pants while doing an interview on the air. Did anyone here actually see that happen? I have searched on the internet and even looked in her biography and can find no reference to it anywhere. I'm not sure if it was on the Today show or some other program. If anyone has any specific information on that, please post it.

Also, I was fascinated to see in an old posting here that Joan Lunden supposedly farted on the air once on "Good Morning America". Can anyone confirm that? With all the live morning shows and news shows, I am very surprised that people don't fart on the air more often, especially on the morning shows where digestive systems are still churning. After all, most people fart several times a day in real life, so why wouldn't it happen more often on live TV?

I think I've heard of two other celebrity poop incidents involving females. I recall reading somewhere a long tie ago that the rock singer Suzi Quattro (who used to appear on Happy Days) supposedly used a laxative once before a concert and it started working while she was on stage. She supposedly crapped herself while on stage, and then ran off screaming and didn't return. This is supposedly mentioned in her autobiography, but I haven't been able to find her autobiography anywhere. Has anyone here read it? The more recent incident was posted on an online site and supposedly involved Farrah Fawcett taking a crap on a producer's lawn during a party because his bathroom was tied up. Interestingly, Farrah actually responded to this and said it was untrue. Farrah said she is very shy about bathroom matters and won't even go on an airplane. She was very surprised that anyone would think she would do it on someone's lawn.

If anyone has any more information on these incidents or information on any other poop or fart incident involving famous females, please post it. Thanks!

Undin the Greek
I had visited another toilet forum site (of course I won't mention the name) and it had an interesting question to vote; How many times you flush the toilet??? I was surprised to see only about 40% that needed only one flush. And more than 12% needed more than 3 flushes!!! Pretty strange huh??? I think they have to visit a toilet museum where there are described many types of toilets to see what kind of toilet they need. For example different toilet is needed for long and different for fat turds don't you think?? Also metal toilets can easily get rid off the marsh and diarrhea poop that sticks on the pan compared to porcelain ones. Please tell me what you think...

Greetings to my poopy girls Kim, Nicola and others
Anne (Bus driver) where are you? I haven't heard from you for long...

To Plunging Plop Guy: How are you dude? I'm real glad you liked my recent story about the student who got caught short in the middle of an exam. Your description of what you would have done if you were the student was real funny. Actually, I preferred it the way he did it. He was real embarrassed about taking a shit with me watching him so closely from the stall entrance. This did not, however, dampen his performance. The farting, plopping, grunting and wiping were all there, but without any comments from him. You right it was an exciting experience! The fact that he resented me watching made it even more exciting for me. When we walked back to the exam hall he said he was real embarrassed about having to dump in front of me. I told him that I had to follow regulations. He said that if I had wanted to I could have given him some privacy and they would not have known!
Yep, I'm the Justin who posted the story about the time when I took a shit in front of four surfers in California. I'd forgotten about the experience, but thanks for reminding me about it. It was real cool. They did seem to find the sounds of me farting and plopping to be amusing and made friendly comments about them. It is real cool when guys can accept others shitting so naturally. I too wish that my experience with the student could be repeated. I think, however that that it was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I am sure glad that I enjoyed it even if it does not happen again. Take care dude, Justin.

I guess this site has been down for a few days-haven't seen any new posts-hope all is OK with this site!
Had a very nice dump this a.m.Last nite i went to the resturant and had some sheppards pie and fresh pinapple and it was great,and when I woke up this morning I ahd my usual glass of OJ and as i was finishing up the OJ I had to poo-so i went into the toilet and got undressed(I really enjoy pooing nude) and sat on the arted coming out-at first it felt like a average BM,but as the poo was coming out i felt a big cramp that extended into my rectum and then this turd gained some speed and kept coming out and coming out.Then as the last part slipped out a passed some hissing gas and looked in the bowl and saw 2 long soft turds wrapped around the bowl-I guess they were about 6-8 in each and very smooth-I felt like i had to go more so i sat there for about 2-3 mins and felt another cramp and this time i farted a wet one and then felt another turd start coming out and it was just like the first 2 exactly except this one came out slower and it was longer but thinner and as it fell in the bowl i farted again and as I was turning around to look at what just came out just as i was looking in the bowl another turd came out my anus on it's own and I didn't even feel it til it came out!So i looked at it as it came out and it was another long, thin ,smooth turd-It looked cool coming out as i was leaning to one side so the turd was coming out sort of at a 40-45 degree angle and then it plopped into the bowl-So now I had 4 turds in the bowl all of them smooth and long,but the last 2 were thinner but about 10 in long!There was a lot of poop in the bowl,but it was all the same consistancy-it was kinda unusual-must have been the pinapple i guess-Then i sat there and pushed a little more and did some soft squgglies that seen to go on forever,but no gas.Then i felt done and wiped my butt and looked in the bowl and saw a lot of poop-and my asshole still felt pushed out but i knew i was done-I love dumps like this-esp when you first sit down and it doesn't feel like you got to go that much and then you dump a major load-A nice surprise!Been pooing pretty good since the metameucil-High fiber-that's the secret for nice smooth poops for me!And they feel so good as you go too!Hope we get some new posts soon BYE

Ok...I'll tell this story first because it won't embarrass me. About two weeks ago I was in the shower trying to relax after a tough day. My roommate who is straight and 22 years old started to knock on the door. He said he had to take a crap and that it was an emergency. I pretended not to hear him as the shower makes quite a bit of noise. I smiled and kept showering. I kept hearing the knockes. Finally, I turned off the shower and stepped out to hear him say "God Damn!" I heard a huge fart and began to laugh. I said "What's the matter Ben? Is something wrong?" I opened the door and he was bending over in his closet getting underwear out when I saw the seat of his jeans soiled. "I guess I ate something that didn't agree with me..I've got to change my shorts" he said. He stunk soo bad. He walked by me and farted again..."There..just shit somemore..hope your happy!" He was walking funny which cracked me up completely. I have never been attracted to my roommate b! efore but after this happened I was very turned on. I listened to him on the toilet. He really had a nasty case of the shits! Any way..this sort of thing has happened to me before so I shouldn't laugh...but it was very arousing and hillarious at the same time!

Hello everyone!

The first part of my post relates to pooping in the lake etc. as raised by Billy L., Moira, Olde Oak and others in the past few days.
I, personally, haven't pooped into a lake, river or the sea either from above, or standing in the water. I guess it would be weird, maybe mildly arousing. Maybe I'll try it once the weather gets better. Knowing my luck, I'd probably end up with a huge skidder up my back or down a leg, depending on the density of my jobbies!
Given that toilets on boats empty directly into the water, I don't see the difference in squeezing one straight out into the water.
Surely this lake water isn't *directly* used for drinking etc?
Does anyone here have a boat on one lakes in the Lake District? These lakes are the reservoirs for a lot of the country's water supply, so do these boats still empty out into the water, or do they have to be fitted with tanks?

The second part concerns being watched.
On Wednesday lunchtime, I called into a supermarket in Liverpool to have lunch in their restaurant. I needed to pee, so made my way to the Gents. Two boys, aged about 14-15 went in in front of me, one of them went into a stall and his mate asked him how long he would be.
He said he'd only be 2 mins, so his mate walked towards the door.
Meanwhile, I'd reached the urinals (2 individual ones with no divider). I chose the furthest one from the door. I don't stand right up to the urinal, about a foot away usually. Anyway, I was looking down while peeing. I finished up, shook off and as I turned while zipping up, this boy was leaning against the wall near the door. I thought he'd gone outside to wait for his mate, but obviously not.
I don't know if he *had* been looking, or whether he could actually see anything, but I felt weird for a second.
It didn't really bother me if he had watched me. No harm was done.

I'd let a friend (either sex) watch if they asked me, but I think I'd probably get aroused just knowing that their eyes were on me - then I'd find it difficult to pee or poop!
Does anyone else that has a toilet partner or partners get aroused? I can remember Lawn Dogs Kid commenting on this some time ago.

Better go now.

All the best,

KENDAL Ė Youíre right, I have had a lot of prectice getting my panties off while sitting down, but like I said, it still takes me maybe 30 to 45 seconds to take them off. Thatís if Iím wearing pants. If I wear a skirt shorter than my knees itís quicker because I can just lift it up and all I have to take off is my panties. Skirts longer than my knees I take off like pants. Stuff like overalls, or long dresses take the longest to get off, usually at least a 1 min 15 sec or longer. As for taking my pants and panties off sitting on the wheelchair instead of on the toilet, I havnít found it to be much faster, I just prefer to sit on the toilet to do it. And in response to your question, I pull my panties all the way down to my ankles, because Iím used to doing it that way and Iím worried that if I only pull them off far enough to go they might get splashed, or worse, I might accidnetally not pull them down far enough and get the edge wet or dirty. Iíve done that before when! I was little so now I just pull them all the way down.

ALLIE Ė Where have you been? I havenít seen you post in a while!

Two summers ago in the middle of june this happened. I had been sitting in a normal chair, and I was leaning backwards and I fell, and I broke my right arm and a finger on my left hand. The problem was, with my wrist broken like that, I couldnít wheel my wheelchair around, so for the 6 weeks that I had my cast on I couldnít do much without help, I couldnít even move from the spot I was sitting unless someone was pushing me. So I couldnít use the bathroom without help either, I couldnít even get myself to the bathroom. My parents had to help me.

So anyway, the second day after I got the cast on I woke up in the morning and my clock said it was 2:30am. I had to pee, but I couldnít get out of bed without help with the cast, so I yelled for my mom to come help me. Unfortunatley she must not have heard me, she didnít come. The need to pee kept getting worse and worse. Eventually I couldnít hold it anymore and I totally wet my panties and my pajama bottoms and the bed. Somehow I managed to fall back asleep an hour later and when my mom woke up I told her what happened. She gave me the cordless phone so I could call her pager and that would wake her up, or if she was already awake she could come help me.

About 3 days later, my parents had to go somewhere for a couple hours, so I had the cordless phone so I could call next door if I needed anything. next door lived the girl who was my babysitter from when we moved here until my 10th birthday when I was allowed to stay home by myself. I had to poop, but I didnít want to call her because Iím embarrassed for anyone to see me go to the bathroom except my parents and my friend Samantha. Eventually, though, it was an emergency and so I called her because Iíd rather have her help me than have an accident in my panties. So she came over and wheeled me from the TV to the bathroom on the first floor. She picked me up, pulled off my skirt and panties, and sat me on the potty. I was still embarrassed, so I asked if she would leave the room. She waited outside the bathroom door and told me to yell when I was finished. So I peed, and then the poop came out. It was messy so it got all over my butt, I needed a good wipe but I coul! dnít do it myself with my broken finger so I yelled that I was done. She had me hold onto her neck so I was upright, I thought she was going to wipe me but instead she just put back on my panties and skirt. I was too embarrassed to tell her she had forgotten to wipe me and I ended up with a really big stain in my white panties.

Another accident I had maybe two weeks later, I had been on the cordless phone talking to Samantha and the battery died. My parents werenít there again, and I was supposed to call my old babysitter next door if I needed anything. I eventually had to go poop pretty bad, and I waited until it was an emergency to call the old babysitter like befor because I was embarrassed. So I called her, and then I realized that it was hard to call her on a phone with a dead battery. And I couldnít wheel myself over to the wall phone so the only thing I could do was try to hold it until my parents got home an hour later. Well, I couldnít hold it, I messed in my panties and it was big and soft. And there was nothing I could do about it until my parents came home, which was about an hour later, and my mom cleanse me up.

I know there are more stories from when I needed help to go to the bathroom when I broke my arm and finger, but I canít remember them all right now. If I do remember anymore I will post them.

kim & scott
hello all! TO MIA- i am sorry about your turd coming out the way they do. have you been eating anything differently lately to cause this? plus sometimes it does hurt when i am crashing out a huge log but it also feels good too that i know that i am crashing out another monster. PLUS MARSHALL thanks for writing scott and I. PluS why is it on the toilet picture in front that their is always a girl on the bowl instead of a guy? any reason for this?. well goodbye for now. scott and i will post again when another good story comes up. love,kim and scott.

John in RSA
Kit's piece on his farting wife reminded me of the wedding present my parents-in-law gave us 14 years ago: an extra bedroom and toilet were added to our house so that my wife would not have to use the ensuite bathroom. It was much later that my wife told me the truth behind their generous gift. By then she had discovered my interest in her bodily functions and revealed that not only her parents but also her sister had actually expressed doubts about her marrying at all. Imagine that: having to stay single because you tend to fart early in the morning. Anyway, she soon found out I actually enjoyed her morning farting sessions and after some coaxing she even learnt to arch her beautiful behind in my direction when she felt a fart coming on.

One of the pleasures of life is me holding her pussy to feel it quiver as she farts under the duvet. Anyone into that?

Saturday, January 20, 2001

My friend Penny told me about this site. We post on a friends computer. My wife as gorgeous as she is cannot poo in a public toilet. She has the loudest farts and the most rotten bum I have ever smelt. She starts while sleeping at about 5 am with these wettish bubblers. When we were first married I thought she had shat the bed but soon leaned that this was message time. Message that a regular explosion would take place shortly. After about an hour of these farts she decides to get up and go into the bathroom. Well here she goes. It rumbles and poops and grunts and farts somemore with logs and water dribling out and then exploding out if the sweetest cheeks you have ever seen. I don't know what she eats or what goes on inside that ???? but believe me we have invested in an extracter fan. She says herself that it would not be fair to other users in public loos for her to use one. The BM is a great leveller in life. When I married her I thought that this beaut could only be the most feminine sweet smelling thing on the loo but what a weapon. I love her sooo much!!!

Beware after a runny motion. Wipe your cheeks too. They will have been splattered. If you don't believe me look under the seat, If there is poop there its on your cheeks too.

the crapper
this morning i sat on the toilet. a little while before i went o felt some large smelly farts. they smelled like the beans that i ate on my taco the night before. actually i wanted another taco after smelling the farts. but first i needed room in my stomach. so i sat on the toilet for 20 minutes and did three 8 inch stinky brownish-yellow watery poops. i wanted to do more. so i waited for 10 more minutes while singing on the toilet. i went two more times and feel great! bye

Kevin L.
I am Billy L's Brother.

Yesterday after school we went to Joey's for dinner. On the way home, Joey said I really have to take a dump when I get home. My bropther said, so do I. I sad I already took my poop after recess. I will probably have to poop after dinner. When we got to Joey's, Joey went strait into the bathroom. Me and billy went too. Joey sat right down. His five year old brother still uses the little potty in the bathroom for his 3 year old brother. So Mikey sat down on the little potty. From Joey, you can here a bunch of crakling sounds for about 30 seconds. He wiped and got up. While he was wiping, his 3-year old brther came in and said my turn. So he hopped on the toilet. He weed for bit. You could not hear any poop come out. I looked in the toilet and he was making a bunch of real thing strings of poo. Mikey finished and wiped himself. So my brother said, I cant wait anymore. He sat down on the little toilet. The five-year old went and got his mom. He said, look, Billy is using the ! little potty. His mom came in and said, billy you could have used the guest bathroom. Billy, that's ok, I like to go with my friends. Mikey final finished. Billy said, come over here and I will wipe you. But Mikey's mom said, do you mind? I will be just a moment. I said, ok, I just have to take a whizz. She sat down. When oour moms have to pee or poopm, they will go in front of us if they are wear a dress or something so that we cannot see their privates. They used to go in front of us all the time, but our parents agreed that when we got in school, we were old enough that unless they were covered, our moms should get more privacy. Anyway, while she wiped Mikey, she took a huge pee. She was done peeing and wiping mikey at about the same time. She wiped for front and her back, which she always does when she just pees. She got up and washed her hands and Mikey's. She siad to bob did you wash your hadns? And she made him wash. While we were in the bathroom, we were talking about the games were playing at recess. She wsa talking about that with us. After she washed her hands, she said excuse me boys, I need to fix dinner. Billy had finished his poop, and while she washed her hands, he picked up the pot thing and went to empty it. He looked in the toilet and said that is what I call a turd. He emptied the pot, and Joey, me and Billy went started peeing (we often save our pee to aim at floating paper or turds). His mom made a huge turd, about 3 feet long. She said that is a metamucil turd. Metamucil is something she takes when she cant poop. I guess it works. It was funny looking in the toilet. Joey and Billey and bob all dropped small turds, about 3-6 inches long. Mikey dropped string turds, about 1/4 inch and 12 inches long. And there was one long 3 foot turd. What a variety.

After dinner, me and Mikey had to poop agian. I made 3 4 inch poops, which is about normal for me if I poop in school. Mikey sat down on the potty and made a few little poos too. Mikey was done before I was, so I wiped him while I was sitting down. I was about to get pot to empty it when his dad came. He sat down and said he will get it later. I washed my hands and left. He was reading something and was int here like 1/2 hour. Usually Billy and Joey come in for pee after my poop, so I did not pee. I left as soon as I washed my hands because of the smell. It was like 1 hour before it was safe to enter again.

I was thinking about something and figured maybe someone on here would know something about this -
What do people who are claustrophobic (sp?) do when they go to a public bathroom (many stalls)? Do they leave the stall door open (to eleviate the closed in space) or is the stall (with door closed) not a problem?
I imagine they would try to avoid public bathrooms, but what if they couldn't. If they do leave the stall door open how do they handle the (perhaps) weird looks from people - do they just say "I'm claustrophobic"? Maybe they choose the handicapped stall (which is usually much bigger) if there is one.

This morning i woke up very early for work and as soon as i started moving i felt a slight urge to shit(not urgent). I think i had this cause i ate a big meal right before going to bed last night. Any one ever have that happen? Any way i went to this one building to do some work, the urge was still there. I wanted to be almost done before going to the unisex bathroom to shit, so i could return to my boss ASAP. I go in and no one was in there(never seen any ladies in there). I pull my pants down and cover the seat with toilet paper....i can't enjoy a shit there cause there is a real loud fan always making noise. I pushed out a bunch a shit, i had to strain a bit to get it out. I thought i was gonna have a huge log, but i only produced a few hard balls(med-large). Then i wiped,only wiped one time or two then i flushed and returned to my job.

What a great bunch you all are, and such great stories! I especially love the stories by Sandra, Carmalita, Melissa, and Kim and Scott. Plus many others!
To Carmalita: Oh, sweet seniorita! I didn't sleep at all last night because of you! Your last story was awesome!!! I believe you mentioned that you were Mexican. Once when I was 16, my sister had a friend stay over, and she was Mexican. She left the bathroom door ajar by just a crack the next morning, and I saw her just in time to see her wiping her beautiful brown ass! Could you please describe yourself? and keep those stories coming!
To Sandra: I love those outdoor pooping stories!!!

joe b

I have video taped some of mine. its a great idea.

Last weekend, my dad and me went shopping at the mall. We ate McD's and after a while we both had to poop, really bad. We went to JC Penneys, and found the mens restroom. When we walked in, we were shocked that the booths had no doors. Even more embarrasing, was my Algebra teacher Mr. _'_______. He has a real bad case of diahhrea..Stunk the whole place up really bad. He said "hi" to me, and I felt like I had to be cordial, and introduce my dad to him. Mr. _'________, said to my dad, "Please, call me Paul, my dad saisd, "Thanks, my name is Jerry" Then the farting and squirting started. It was weird. Mr. _'_______ finished, wiped himself, and lifted his trousers......He stopped in front of my dad and myself for a minute, and laughed about the doorless stalls. "All the comforts of home. Just like the boys rooms at school, , right Mikey?" i said "yeah" He left, we finished up anbd left....IT WAS WEIRD !!!

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Hello Everyone...I know it's been a long time since I've posted but life has been pretty things seem to be settling down.

It's 8:15am and my bowel is getting ready to empty....I thought I'd post while I have the "urge". I still have my 8am schedule.......glad that hasn't changed.

I'm off work today so I'll be able to go to the toilet with my favorite magazines and savor the relaxation.

What bliss!!!!! I best be getting to the toilet now before it comes out right here on the floor.......hope everyone is well...I will post my toilet visit soon!!!!

Ciao Emily :o)

Chrissy -
It really would be wonderful if you did a poo outdoors! I'm not saying you have to do it with people around, if that would make you nervous. Maybe go to a park that has a lot of bushes or maybe a deserted lane. When I was living in England, I used to walk home through a lane at the back of the hospital and did a poo there several times. I hardly saw anyone walking there. Do you live near the countryside where there are fields with lots of trees and bushes? That's always a good place to poo with nobody around. I guarantee you'd love the experience - it's so liberating! Good luck!

Do I have a yucky problem. Lately my bowel movements have been days apart, but when I go it's like mud and smell terrible. Not like diarrhea, but that smell muddy, gooey movements have. Right now I'm so bloated my jeans won't fit and they were loose last week! I feel like I have five pounds of crap inside me.

I just got over my period, which usually causes me to have hard balls to pass. I've also been eating alot of raw spinach lately. I just want a movement where I don't have to use baby wipes!

Kim-- does your ring hurt after being stretched like that? I'd give anything to have a movement like your again instead of this mud!

TTT-- hi! I'll talk to ya!

When I pee I always use the wet papaer from wiping to give my ring a wipe. you will be surprised at the leakage that happens. A smell wet fart or a hurried wipe will give you a shkid.

Hi, everyone!

Carmalita: I'm continuing to enjoy your very frequent entertaining
posts! Your last one was excellent! TWO big prize efforts from two special ladies! I'd like to volunteer to be a judge at your next competition, O.K.? Of course, I know you'd require me to give of myself for the privilege, so I guess I'd have to challenge Buzzy to
a side event competition that you and Renee could judge... sound like a deal? Of course, I might have to try my own experiment with
Metamucil... sounds like it works WONDERS!!


I heard my Mum do a poo this morning for the first time in ages. I was half asleep in bed when I heard the toilet door close. Dazed, I got up and creeped near the door. I heard her wee die off and then shortly after a nice 'plunk' sound. She did a couple more that weren't as loud and I could hear her pushing but she was done and wiped up.

The other night I was watching the music channel on Foxtel when they showed a clip for Mental As Anything's 'Berserk Warriors" (I love that song!) Anyway, the clip has one of the band member's dressed as a viking. Halfway through the clip, while his viking wife is sleeping you see a front on shot of him squatting and he does a poo. Well he doesn't do a real one, all he does is drop some sausages from behind him but it does look real because there is a shadow. If you weren't paying attention you'd swear he just did a real one.

Have a good one.
CC Australia

DONNY Ė it would be very difficult for me to change into a diaper in am emergency, about the only way would be to wear it all the time but thatís not really practical because although I tend to have more accidents than most people, it is not a daily occurrence. And I would probably be too embarrassed to use a jar in public, and Iím not sure my aim is good enough anyway. But thanks anyway for the ideas.

Now onto my storyÖ

When I was in 1st grade, the school I went to had bathrooms in the classroom for Kindergarden and 1st grade. The way it was set up was there was in one corner of the room a wall stuck out maybe 6 feet, so it formed a little 6 by 6 foot area with walls on three sides and the fourth side open to the rest of the classroom, that way the teachers could see you and make sure you didnít get into trouble. Across from the open side there was a window, on the left wall there were two toilets and on the right there were 2 sinks. There werenít any stalls or anything, so there obviously wasnít any privacy and the other kids could see you do your business and see what shouldnít be seen, if you know what I mean. And because of my wheelchair it took me longer to get on and off the potty, so my private areas were exposed even longer. So since I was embarrassed, I didnít use the bathroom in the room unless it was an emergency, usually I would wait till recess or lunch so I could go in ! the restroom in the hall that had stalls (and privacy). (The toilets in grade 2-5 were still in the classroom, but instead of an open wall the room had a closed wall, and another wall dividing it into two 3 by 6 foot rooms each with a toilet and sink and a door.)

Well, one day in first grade it was after lunch and I had to poop, I had been backed up and hadnít gone for maybe 3 days, but it felt like it was ready to come out. I didnít want to use those bathrooms, and it didnít feel like an emergency yet so I waited. Unfirtuantely, I waited too long and some of it came out into my panties, and it was big so it got all over the inside of my panties too, it was all mushy like mashed potatoes. (I didnít pee, though. And I didnít poop all the way) I tried to pretend nothing happened so the teacher wouldnít find out. Pretty soon the other kids started complaining about the smell, and it wasnít too long before she figured out the smell was coming from me. So she asked me ďHeather, did you do something naughty in your pants?Ē I lied and said no, but she said ďI think you did. Come here.Ē She took me back to the little bathroom corner, pulled down my pants enough to see what I had done. Of course, most of the class saw too. Then sh! e pulled my pants up and said ďHeather! Why didnít you go to the bathroom to poop! First graders donít make messes in their panties! Babies make messes in their panties! You are acting like a baby!Ē THen she told me to clean myself up, it was really embarrassing because evryone kept looking at me, and when I was done I wheeled myself back to my spot at the table. Pretty soon it was afternoon recess and I still had to pee because I had managed to hold it while I was pooping, so I asked if I could go inside to go potty like I usually do but that day she wouldnít let me, because she said if I was going to act like a baby part of the day I had to act like a baby the whole day. So I wasnít allowed to go potty the rest of the day and I ended up wetting myself too.

After school I told my mom what happened and the teacher got in trouble for it.

Anyone else have something like this happen to them?

My first post. Man, I had to move my massive bowels so bad that I was crying at work. I work in the factory and have to relieved before going to the restroom. I stand while working and the pain in my colon actually doubled me over. I'd eaten a lot of greasy fried fish, and had drunk a quart of milk and the rumblings in my gut were not to be denied. But my foreman had the gall to deny my restroom break request, saying there was "no one to relieve me". In those cases, he was supposed to step in. I, unfortunately tried to hold it in, but the hot, runny mess starting seeping out of my butt crack, accompanied by several explosive farts. I wanted to appear normal, but the smell was noxious, and the liquid turds began to creep down my hairy legs, coating them and ultimately puddling in my shoe!! Finally, I was able to go to the restroom, and my shoes made squishy noises as I carefully walked to the toilet to clean up!

I still can't get over what happened last Saturday night. What a hoot !

EPHERMAL: Welcome back again ! Andrew will like you taking time to specifically tell him what you panties were like ! Loved your story, but I do hope you are feeling much better now. Love from Kendal.

SHANNON: Glad you like our stories. Your story about what you did with your friend of the opposite sex was good too !

LOUISE, PV, NICOLE & SUZY: Finally plucked up courage to try a stand-up wee in the shower last night ! It went very well, but the last bit did dribble down my legs. But I expect I'll get better with practice ! Love to you all from Kendal xxxx

ELLIE: Welcome back. Ooooooooohhh, I'm so pleased to see you back again, and I hope that your rib is hurting you less and less with every day ! Did you read what happened to Andrew on Saturday. That was so, so funny ! This might seem a funny question, but have you been enjoying being helped to go to the toilet by Kev and Little Lou. If I had broken my rib, and Andrew had to take me all the time, I think I would enjoy it tremendously, because he would be so caring towards me. Please don't be too angry with Little Lou. Sometimes things just come out. A lot will depend on how much this boy Craig can be trusted. And if Lou wanted him to see her pee, then I think that should be up to her, so long as she isn't going to be in any danger. However, it was a bit naughty of her to tell Craig everything else. But please forgive her. She's only little, and I'm sure you and Kev love her enough to work this out, even if Craig has to be told that this is strictly a brother/sister thing! , and you don't want him to join in. Does he know that you fancy him a bit ? I bet he'd fancy you back if he knew ! Anyway, you take care, and lots of love to all three of you. Love Kendal xxx

HEATHER: I have been reading your posts avidly since you came to this site. I've never known anyone personally who has to be in a wheel chair, so I have been trying to learn what it must be like from what you have been saying. I have to say that I tried to do like you described this evening when I went for my poo, that is to sit on the toilet and then try and take down my jeans and panties. I did manage to do it in the end, but it took a very long time. You have to do so much one handed while you hold on to the loo with the other hand. I began by using both hands, but very nearly finished up falling in instead ! So I suppose having to do it one handed is what takes the time. I don't know why, but I kind of got the feeling that I would somehow get on better if I pulled my jeans and panties down while I was in the chair and then transferred to the toilet, so I wouldn't fall in. But, I suppose you must have had so much practice now. Also, while you're pushing your clothes ! down, do you push them a long way down your legs, or just far enough to go ? Anyway, I look forward to reading some more about your experiences. And that goes for ALLIE too. Take care, love from Kendal x

KATE: Any more wees and poos to report with Matthew and or Phil ? What did you reckon about what happened on Saturday at my little party. Andrew is still so embarrassed about it. But Kirsty is loving having the upper hand over him at school. She's threatening to tell people (joking) how Andrew likes to sit on girls knees while they have a poo !! Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA: Come on girl, get your fingers moving on that computer keyboard ! Andrew's getting withdrawal symptons. He's dying to hear about your latest big poo and what colour pampies you're wearing !! (KEVIN, GRRRRRRRRR, watch it boy !!) So please write soon ! Love you loads, love from Kendal xxx

Billy L.
I was surprised when I read that people actually poop in telephone booths or in lakes. My mom would kill me if she found out I did that. If I pooped in a telephone booth, my mom would probably make me clean it out. And I would deserve it too.

When I was little, my mom taught me how to poop in the woods. I would have figured it out on my own, but I think she wanted to be comfortable early, because we spend a lot of time in the woods. She taught me that I should never poop in the water, but I never knew why until last summer.

Last summer, we were swimming at the lake. My big brothers were out at an amusemnet park. I went poop at home before going to the lake, but usually when I poop right after lunch, I have to poop agian in a couple of hours. I said to my brother Kevin in about 15 minutes, I am going to go in the woods. He said, I need to go too. About 10 minutes later, my mom said it is time to get ready. We got ready and after we got on the trail in the woods, I said to mom I need to get some tissues. She said, you need to poop? I said both me and Kevin. My friends Paul and Joe were there. Paul and Joe live next door. They always poop with us at home and in the woods. Paul said, get enough for me too. My mom said, I think I will come with you. I said, ok, but I think we can manage alone. We always do. My said, it is time to show Josh. Josh and Eric are my real little brothers. Josh just turned three a few days before this. I said ok. Paul me nad kevin went in the woods, found a spot and did ! dookey. Mom showed what things you need to do so you do not get poop all over yourself. After we were done peeing, Joe said this is how you pee in the woods. Paul made the biggest poop, so we all peed on it.

Over the next couple of weeks, Eric and Josh both pooped a lot in the woods. While we were swimming in the lake a few weeks later, Josh said he is going to go poop in the water. I said you never poop int he water. I said I don;t know, but mom owuld kill you if she found it. Me and Eric and my older borther tom had to go poop, so we went in the woods and dropped our loads with Josh.

The next afternoon is was raining and we playing computer games at home. Mom served lunch and said we can go to the movies. After lunch I really ahd to go. My cousin Billy and Joe were there. They got into the bathroom first. They both pooped first. While I was sitting the toilet, my brother Eric was pooping ont he potty. He said asked me why we never poop in the water. I said I don;t know. Mom was passing by, so she stopped in. She said there is a bunch of germs in poop, and when you poop in the water, you can make a lot of people sick. She said, you know how you get diarrhea and throw up? She said it is usually becuase someone poops or pees and does not wash their hands. Then they touch something and get germs on it. Then you get germs on your hands and get them in your food and stuff. Well when you go swimming, you get some water in your mouth. If someone poops in that water, you will get their germs. When she was finished, I wiped my butt and washed my hands. She looke! d in the toilet and siad you really had to go. I said, yeah that was the first time since the day before yesterday. It really was. I said, I made a ton of poop, but some of it is Billy's and Joe's. She just smiled and left.

That is why I would never poop in the lake. I do not want other people drinking my poop. I do not want to drink theirs. It is not like I am squeemish about poopiong out side.

kim and scott
TO BUZZY-i loved your story and will try that metamucil bit i tried metamucil before and it does make you go bigger but my logs are big anyway. i will probably try it again in near future though because its safe.maybe i can have a world record log out of it!that beats my 21 inch long. 2 inches thick one! thanks for sharing PLUS MELISSA from new york-thanks for your nice comments. i do not know that it was illegal to use another sexes restroom. thats nice though with you in charge you wont fire a person male or female who does this.keep up the good posts all! when scott and i have a new good one we will share- until then so long. love,kim and scott

All of you guys rock! I feel so much better about everything. Thank you for the comments Josh, Daniel, and Jacob. I am 24 years about the rest of you? I will tell some interesting stories in time. I am just getting used to this situation. Everyone else....nice stories!

Rick (peeper)

Hi again, I want to share with you an article I read in a N.Y. based newspaper that tracks Wall Street. The second largest toilet paper maker will introduce the first pre-moistened toilet paper. The company spent 3 years and $100 million on it's inovation which are essentially baby wipes on a roll instead of in a box, and they expect to sell 150 million the first year. The product is due to hit store shelves in May and they hope to overtake P and G as the largest toilet paper maker. The new product looks like a regular roll of toilet paper but requires a special dispenser, which snaps onto an existing toilet paper holder. It actually holds 2 rolls, a roll of regulare toilet paper on the bottom and the new wet one on top, covered by a plastic hood that holds in the moisture. The manufacturer is sure people will use both rolls because their survey showed that 63% of people use something wet to wipe up with such as a baby wipe or wet towel. The largest toilet paper maker is v! ery skeptical that consumers will pay 5 times as much for toilet paper. Personally, I have always used a wet towel with a little soap on it to clean up my anal opening after I take a shit. I do not see any reason to change my habits.
To Melissa (New York), I just never seem to take any exiting dumps like you do! That's my problem, I am just a plain square guy who takes plain old uninteresting dumps. P.S.- I have never taken a 12 incher in my life the way that so many others on this forum have.
Say Hi to Joe as well.

Yesterday I didn't shit and today I had a late in the day shit. It was huge and hurt coming out. It was hard, heavy and lumpy; about 10 inches long. I wiped 5 times with toilet paper and twice again with wet wipes. I then moved the paper aside in the toilet and decided this one was a keeper. So I reached in and took it out and dried it off with paper, then buried it in my large flower pot where I have gardenia and vinca plants growing on my porch. There's already about ten turds buried in this pot, moldering away into fertilizer for the plants. Before I put the plants in the pot, I had about six turds in there. In a weeks time, they were covered in white mold and stunk to high heaven. I then covered them with regular soil and put the plants in and so far the plants are doing well. This has been a great science experiment. Two neighborhood cats come around on a regular basis and sniff it but with the soil covering, you can hardly smell it.

At Western

I have the embarassign urge, when attractive wonem go to the bathroom I like to stand next to the door trying to hear what they do; hoping they will take a nice healthy bm and a good pee.

At Western I was entering the library and an rather attractive young lady was walking along and past me to the restroom on the first floor. When she entered I stood outside the door to listen. This time I heard a long puring fart followed by droping feces. She was in the bathroom a while. When she came out I said hello as she walked upstairs she either did not hear me or chose not to respond.

The time was about quarter to nine in the morning. I wonder if she normally defecates at about that time? From listing to the initial fart she did not need to strain. I like listening to women go who definatly have the urge to go however they are not desparate. I like listening to them go #1, a good pee as well as #2.

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
Hey, peeps:

So, Kim, I had no idea, that you and Scott were an interracial-couple, that sounds remarkably-similar, to Lisa and I! And, when I read about Scott massaging your back, when you are crapping, I was like "Man, that's too-coincidental!" I wonder if all Black-White interracial couples do that, or @ least the ones who are into what we are into? Food for thought, man! Anywayz, Lisa and I had one of our "contests", last-night. It was the kind of contest, where we both stick a pinky size piece of Irish Spring soap up our arse's, as she likes to call them, and make out, until one of us has to "go"! As usual, she ended up losing. Luckily, she was able to explode into the toilet, rather than the floor. So far, she has not had an accident yet, when we are playing this game. Let's hope that it stays that way. As much as I love her, if I wanted to clean up poopie from the ground, I would get a dog, rather than a cat, Samuel (named after Samuel L. Jackson), which I already! -have.



Plunging Plop Guy
I've just read your message, SHAWN and welcome to where you are among friends! Perhaps an interest in shitting is statistically unusual, but just read through the 500 plus long pages of postings to this forum and be reassured of the hundreds of different people who have contributed in great detail their intimate thoughts on the subject. Many of us like yourself have, at times, wondered if we were unique, but here's the proof- it's a wide-spread interest, and many of us never get the chance to express it. Here, you can feel free to go into really graphic detail and you will have the support of others who read what you have to say. So, go ahead and share what you have had to keep to yourself until now!
I have been fascinated in other men sitting in toilets since I was quite young and have been fortunate in having been able to share this interest with a few close friends, but like you, often wish I could see and hear men much more often.
To coin a phrase, Let's be true to ourselves and "Go into the closet"!!!

To JUSTIN, That was a brilliant thing to happen to you recently! What a perk to have with your job, being instructed to watch that young student on the toilet as he had a shit! If I were in the position you were in, I'd find it difficult to hide my enjoyment of such a situation! I'd love also to have been the student, as I'd take full advantage and give a running commentary of how my turds felt as I was droping them and do lots of loud grunting and satisfied sighs with each plop. I'd keep standing up to look at what I'd just done. I'd either disgust the guy watching me, or turn him on quite a lot! Either way, I'd be quite exhibitionist about it;especially with the arse-wiping, standing up to wipe and examining each sheet of toilet paper carefully and making comments.
Anyway, I hope you have the opportunity to see someone having a shit again and I really envy you as I bet many others do.
Are you the same Justin who once had a shit in front of four surfers and dropped a few loud plops that they made appreciative comments about? I think that was somewhere about page 380.

I have in recent weeks, or months now, referred to toilets I've enjoyed sitting on, public toilets where I've listened to guys shitting, and occasionally had a simultaneous or sequential shit with, asked for advice to improve my shits, and posted a fantasy, and also gone into a certain amount of detail about friends sharing dumps in the bathroom, and also tape recording.
However, I've not yet said much about the tapes a friend used to send me so here goes.
At one time we were swapping tapes,(C90) audio cassettes at about the rate of one every 3 weeks. My friend would usually record as many of his shits as he could, sometimes at his flat on a toilet which not only had great acoustics, but he was frequently getting his arse splashed as he dropped his turds. Other times, he would have a portable tape recorder with him as he used public toilets and so there was a cross section of his sessions.
On his session at home, he'd often give very graphic details of how the turds felt as they were getting pushed out, and referred to them as "torpedoes","arsehole stretchers","big nutties","bullets" "big hard knobbly bumhole stretchers","tree trunks", and often sounded really gratified when the water splashed up on either his "buttocks","right up the arsehole", "on my balls"."on the shaft of my dick while it's hanging down the toilet",or sometimes,"F---ing hell! All over my buttocks and up my arsehole! Ssshhhiittt!!!"
The progress of every turd he dropped on one of his toilet sessions would be shared like this and there were certainly some really loud plunging turds dropping out of this well-muscled biker's arse as he sat there with his tight jeans down.
There were sessions where he'd say nothing at all letting the sounds speak for themselves, and then he'd give me a commentary after, and sometimes he'd be reading a paper and having a really slow relaxed shit with grunting to announce the next plop. Also there were a few where he had some heavy rock music in the background and wait until thre was a pause in the music when he'd try to time the next plop. He also drops some great farts on the toilet and the sound of him wiping his muscular arse on Izal toilet paper is brilliant. He shares the pleasure with me of using loud rustling strong masculine(?) toilet paper.
On one particular occasion, he sits on the toilet for about 6 or 7 minutes, and drops about 20 mostly very loud plops, and is so confident that the turds are all dry, doesn't bother wiping his arse and pulls his underpants up and his jeans , flushes the toilet,(there's often heavy skid marks left down the toilet, if not in his pants),and then gives an account of what he's just done.
"My arse was splashed to buggery after that shit, water up my shit hole, water either side of my crack, water all over my buttocks, They were heavy as well,it took me 6 or 7 squeezes on some of them as it went right up again until it dropped in the water and splashed it right up again. Great to sit there and decide when I'm going to do it, then pinch it off with my arse and let it plunge".

I've been very fortunate to have a friend as masculine, uninhibited and articulate as he is who loves being watched and heard on the bog and while he's proud of his muscular thighs and buttocks and his output of shit, is never conceited, just honest and glad to be such a great shitter.
As if all that wasn't enough, he used to wear jeans with the biggest rips I've seen, really showing off his toilet muscle!
More next time. I asked him last time we met if it was OK to give details here about his prowess on the lav and about our taping etc. so will share what I think will be of interest .

Have great shits and good company if you can, everyone! P P G
He's also sent me pictures of guys he's looked at while he's on the toilet, and drawn a superimposed toilet seat under the guy's bare arse and fantasised about the shit the guy might have. Also snippets of information, what he's heard or seen in toilets and chat etc. and comments about my performances.

James D.
Okay,back in 1994, I was hanging
out in the east village drinking
a few beers,so I drank about 4 or
5 of them and I had to take the
subway back home.
When I was riding the subway
towards the Bronx I had an urge
to pee,and since I couldn't get
off a train station because their
bathrooms have been closed up since 1968, I had to get off a
certain train station and use
a bathroom at a nearby police
station,the desk sergeant was
kind enough to let me use the
bathroom,oh I pissed like a
g??????n racehorse.
If you like my story,e-mail me

I remember back in 1994, I was hanging out in the East Village drinking beers like crazy.
But when I was riding the sub-
way back to the Bronx I suddenly
had the urge to pee,and I was
hoping that the train would go
express to my stop,and I had to
get off the train to find a loo.
Luckily,one of the train stations had a police station and
the desk sergeant was nice enough
to let me use the bathroom.
He looked at me and said,"Oh,
gotta use the can,right,or you'll
have an accident,right?". I nod-
ded yes and tear-assed to the
nearest loo. Luckily I made it
and I peed like a motherf????r.
I like to thank those nice
police officers for letting me
use their loo.
E-mail me if you like my story.
I'm James D. from the Bronx of
New York City.Ciao!!

TO MILISSA(NY)-Look foreward to more stuff from you-No i've never seen anyone pooing by the LIE,wish i did-That's a bit too risky for me-don't want to get arrested!More stuff!
TO OLDE OAK-I too have pooed in the water-it's pretty cool but what i really like to do is find a big branch or log( like your wife does-it's really fun!isn't it?) and sit on that and do a good dump in the woods(check my older posts in the summer months)I enjoy your stories-Do you and your wife buddy poo together?
To SHANNON-You sound young-had a good time buddy pooing with your male friend?It sure is fun!
TO CARMELITA-Man,I look foreward to seeing your posts here-they are soooo good-I live in NY about 40 miles east of NYC,too bad you are 3000 miles away!Hoped you enjoyed my metameucil poo yesterday-that was serious poop!As i was reading your latest post about Renee coming over and you guys pooing in the toilet,I am feeling my rectum filling up-I love to read your stories along with a few others when i feel the morning urge building up-it is a nice feeling-and right now i have to poo pretty good-So Carmelita,excuse me for a bit --------------OK,i'm back ahd another good dump just now-went in and sat on the bowl and as I'm sitting down,a hissing fart slipped out and 2 long turds came out pretty quickly along with a lot of gas as they were coming out-it was over in about 10 secs.Then as I was sitting there i looked in the bowl and saw 2 turds side by side about 8-10 in long and very smooth along with some shredded wheat poop around it,boy did it come out fast!I felt like my as! shole was relly pushed out a lot as the poops shot out!Then i felt another cramp and pushed out 2 really long farts-the only thing i don't like about that stuff(metameucil)Is it's pretty gassy for me-and i took it the day before yesterday afternoon-Whew,strong stuff!Then after the farts,some more pudding poop kinda slid out my butt and plopped in the bowl along with a wet fart.Nice load.I also noticed my poop don't smell as strong either,which is fine with me.then I wiped my butt and here i am!You sound like my kind of pooing girl,Carmelita,hoped you enjoyed my morning dump,I relly enjoy yours!Send us some more stories and i'll read them as i get ready to do my morning poop-They work as good as a cup of coffee!There has been some really good stuff on here lately-i really enjoy all these stories,all!BYE

On the matter of buddy dumps, having done many of these over the years I would beg to differ with those such as Shannon who may accompany each other into the toilet but then after doing their motion the first person flushes the toilet before the other one does their's. Now what is the point of that? The whole idea to my way of thinking is for the second person to do their jobbies on top of the first person's. That is a buddy dump! Now it can be what I call a Direct Buddy Dump, that is two people go into the toilet together one does their motion , leaves it unflushed in the toilet pan and the other then does their's on top of it, or an Indirect Buddy Dump where there first person does their motion alone in the toilet in the usual way and either doesnt flush it away or they pull the flush but the jobbie is too big to flush and gets stuck in the pan. The second person, who may have been listening outside the toilet when the first one is performing, then does their motion on top o! f the first. To me those are buddy dumps. I have Direct Buddy Dumps with my wife Theresa and used to have Indirect Buddy Dumps when a kid at home or at school. What do others out there think on this topic.

Carmalita from my early teens I often clogged the toilet with my big turds but never got into any trouble for this as I wasnt the only member of the family to do this. If it stuck and wouldnt go away we would throw a bucket or two of water down the pan and that would normally shift it.

Melissa.As far as I am aware it is illegal for a man to use a womans public toilet in the UK but NOT the reverse. It isnt a matter which often comes to Court, but there have been a few cases. I think it would be up to the local Police and would depend on the circumstances. A man taken short when the Gents Public Toilets were closed or fully occupied who used the Ladies Toilets to avoid a messy accident in his underpants would probably be given the benefit of the doubt but another man going into a Ladies Toilet when the Gents were open and available and who didnt have such an excuse would be likely to be prosecuted especially if a woman using it at the time complained or he had been behaving in a lewd or threatening manner. As far a work's, pub's and other such communal but not Public toilets are concerned that would be up to the proprietors.The Bar 38 chain in the UK has unisex toilets which seem to be surprisingly popular with users, at least the younger patrons. Moira o! f course has unisex toilets (after Ally Mac Beal) in her offices although there are two male and female toilets to satisfy those few staff who prefer the old fashioned separate toilets. The headmaster at the Barmhall Secondary (High) School in Stockport in North West England wanted to have unisex toilets at his school, (with a couple of toilets kept segregated for those who prefered that option), but the Local Education Authority overruled him. Since we in effect use Unisex toilets in our homes I cannot see the problem but of course, those men who like to use Urinals would be disappointed.

Old Oak. I have done a motion in the water when wading out on a nice sandy beach I felt a jobbie come down so I waded out till the water was up to my chest, eased my swimming trunks, (navy blue briefs) down and stood and pushed it out. It was a big fat jobbie and with a bit of effort as said it slid out with a load of bubbles of cas as I farted, then it floated up behind me and I saw it bobbing up and down as I turned to wade back. Unlike Old Oak's wife I just left it floating and waded away, pulled up my briefs and eventually came out of the water.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Hi Everyone, this is my second post. It happened over the weekend with my friend who is of the oppesite sex, my roomate shelly was out and he had come over to work on a project with me. We ate some lunch and about a coulple of hours later I said that I needed to take a crap, he said he did too so I had an idea, that we should buddy dump together he said that would be fun. So we went up stairs to my bathroom and he opened up the lid and pulled down his pants and underware and sat down and started to go, he farted first off and then i heard his logs coming out and plopping into the toilet while i was sitting waiting for him to finish and he was going good which i was enjoying. I was sitting there and I let out a good fart and he smiled at me and i smiled back saying that i had to go now so he wiped and flushed. I went over to the toilet pulled my sweat pants down and my thong panties to my ankles and sat down on the can, my friend had not seen me this naked before and he was loo! king at me, he said you have a nive body. Anyways I sarted to go with farting and grunts he liked hearing me fart and grunt. My poop came out good and he listened to it and i had a very good pee and well. then i was done and wiped myself good and pulled my panties up and my sweat pants bakc up too. and he came over and looked in the can and said wow you really did a big job. I said yeah i usually do. then we washed our hands and went back down stairs. We had coffee later which made me fart some more and have to pee and we did that together too. That is my story

To Kendall Lawn Dogs Kid: Your stories are great, keep them coming


I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!

I still haven't caught up on reading what I missed, but I have a story to tell about today. Okay, so I'm back at school after a month's vacation. I successfully peed in the shower once or twice standing up, PV and Louise, but most of the time I didn't have to go when taking a shower.

Anyway, I got back to school yesterday and had dinner on campus, went out for Chinese food for lunch today and dinner on campus tonight. I didn't have breakfast today cause I woke up really early and I before dinner yesterday I ate 2 pieces of French toast and airplane pretzels. Apparently, the school food just isn't agreeing with me.

After dinner tonight, a friend came back to my room with me and then asked me if there was a bathroom nearby. I said I was just about to head there myself. I felt like I had to pee, but couldn't and once I sat down, my stomach started to hurt and I could feel a loose poop trying to come out. My friend peed and I told her to go back to my room and I would be right there. She washed her hands and left. I couldn't pee, but was able to let out a few farts and a tiny bit of poop, knowing it would come back to haunt me. Anyway, I walked her back to her room and went to visit a friend in her building (across campus). That friend was in another mutal friend's room. In this dorm, the guys have the bottom two floors, the girls the top two. This friend lived in the basement.

I entered the room, hugged my friend (I hadn't seen her yet, I had seen him) and then sat on the floor. We were talking maybe 5 minutes when it hit. I said that I would be right back and ran all the way down the hall and up the two flights of stairs. I checked the stall for tp and neatness and then locked myself in. To make matters worse, I was wearing button jeans and was so bloated I had to undo all of the buttons. I pulled down my underpants (plain white cotton Hanes, Andrew ;)) and farted twice. It sounded like a machine gun pppf-pppf-pppf-pppf-pppf-pppf-pppf then again pppf-pppf-pppf-pppf-pppf. I then let out the torrent of pee that wanted to come out earlier but refused to and then a whole bunch of loose poop. It wasn't watery really but loose and nasty and yuck. My stomach was still killing me and it stunk so I flushed. About a minute or two later I relased another part like that. there was one soft pile near the front of the toilet bowl that looked like! a pile of dog doo (you know how it rounds and curls on top of itself?) and the loose stuff floating around behind it. I flushed again, still hurting and sat pushing a few more minutes. Nothing came out, so I wiped (not too messy all things considered) and went back down. I just said casually to my friends and his roommate whom I didn't know, that the school food wasn't agreeing with me. The female friend was my roommate last year and so she knew that I got this a few times then.

A few minutes later, I had to go meet another friend in her room (2 actually, roommates). I explained that the food wasn't agreeing with me and I had a stomach ache when she offered me chocolate and jelly beans. Then she offered me water which I graciously took. I was just sitting talking to them and another friend stopped by. We talked for awhile then that friend and I were going to other friends room (we just got back to campus, it's fun to visit everyone) and while she was talking to him on the phone I went to pee. I knew while I was peeing that I farted a few times but was surprised that there was a pile of tiny little poop balls at the bottom of the toilet.

Then I peed again when I got back to my room and my stomach is still hurting and rolling, but i don't have to go anymore. I took a shower and now I'm going to bed and should be fine by the morning.

I guess it's good that I got all cleaned out though cause I've been constipated for a few days with traveling and the rush of packing and all. Now that I'm back hopefully I'll get back into a normal schedule. For the benefit of those who are new (welcome, btw), this is important to me because for my entire childhood I was severely constipated and this happens quite easily for me.

And before I send this let me reply to Ross: I probably fart while peeing 30-40% of the time. And yes I wipe my butt because the pee drips back there and I don't like it to be wet. I have never gotten any poop remnants while doing this for two reasons 1. I always make sure to clean myself completely when I poop and 2. I tend to have hard, dry, semi-constipated poops most of the time. I don't like pooping cause most of the time it hurts badly, but it's a relief when I do go because of my history.

Regards to all, Ephermal

Okay, I had to pee awhile ago, then started to finish reading old posts (am caught up now) and during this time have become terribly desperate. I even had to undress cause my stomach is sooo bloated. I'm off to the shower to hope for a successful standing pee. Will finish when I'm back ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm back. Okay, so I went downstairs to the bathroom carefully with my stomach all bloated and hurting and knowing I could barely hold on. As I was going down, I heard the shower running and thought oh no, but one was still open. I turned it on and positioned myself, but the pee went everywhere. After attempting to adjust for ten seconds, I stopped and tried repositioning myself without the stream coming out (very clear, I've had a lot to drink tonight), with my stomach still killing me, I tried again and still sprayed EVERYWHERE. Again after ten seconds or so, I stopped and no sooner than I had moved my hands away than a gush of urine sprayed in a neat line straight down and there was nothing I could do but stand there and watch it. I'm usually very good at stopping and starting when I want, but not this time. When I was done, my stomach still hurt and I felt like I needed to poop (which I hadn't all day). I quickly showered (making sure to wash very well) and the! n rushed to the toilet. I wiped it off, hung my keys on the door (I had left my shower basket on the sink ledge) and sat down with my blue towel wrapped around me like a shaw. I pushed real hard and squirted out a drop more pee. Then I kept pushing and pushing and nothing was coming out. Finally, I pushed out one little piece. It was like 2 1x.5 in pieces together one halfway down the other so it almost looked like a z. I still felt like I had to go, but without luck. So to check, I stuck my finger up (I know it's gross but I didn't want to spend unnecessary time shivering in the toilet) as far as I could and didn't feel any fecal matter up there, so I wiped, flushed, wrapped my towel around me and washed my hands very well before heading back up here to finish this. I think I was pretty cleaned out from last night's sickness. My stomach hurts a little now, but in that I have to shit (even though I don't) way as opposed to the I'm getting the shits. It could also be ! that I'm due for my monthly visitor soon, but this is not one of my normal symptoms.

Anyway, I'm going to get myself in bed.

Night, Ephermal

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