Althea: Thank you so much for answering! Those enemas sound like torture! I used to get whipped for clogging the toilet, but I'd much rather get a whipping than an enema! Poor thing! I also love listening to other women poop. I’m like you that I sometimes take my slacks off and hang them on the door hook them to keep them from wrinkling. A couple weeks ago at work, I heard a gal come in, and she took the stall next to me and crapped a good stinky one. Man did she ever pollute the place! She took a good, sexy dump though. Nothing but turds dropping into the toilet. Turds and grunts, over and over again. One grunt was hard, she just went “mmmmnnnnhhhhhh” and dropped stinky bombs. The smell was very rich. She must have been eating pretty good. I was parked on the toilet for a good ten, or fifteen minutes which is a real long dump for me. I sat there with my arms across my ????, and my skirt up around my waist pinching a big loaf and listening.

Buzzy: I wish more men could be as fun as you! I'll take an honest, pooping man anyday!!! Not like Jim who still won't speak to me. He’s just acting like a baby!. I’ll bet you got the women doing headstands! What part of the country do you live in? I love your idea about pooping outdoors. I used to do that a lot at concerts, and hikes, and camping and stuff. It actually feels really good to poop outdoors. It turns me on. Once I sat over a low tree branch, this was in Monterey, and pooped using it like a toilet. A group of guys came by and caught me. It excited me! They stared while I squirted turds out.

Mike D: I’m not from Portland, but I’ve got friends there. I hope you do find a buddy dump partner. I don’t know if I would be a good one or not. I’m petite, but I still have big, stinky loads! I’m still not sure what buddy dumping is exactly. Is it what me and Renee do? I flush mine, and then she goes, or vice versa.

Okay, yesterday Renee came over around noon. I saved my poop for when she came. Poor, poor Renee! It was baaaaaddd!!!!! But she got excited just the same. First I farted in the kitchen, then we both knew it was definitly time for me to take a serious shit. We went into the bathroom, and I dropped my jeans and panties and sat in my usual forward posiiton. I’m so short that I have to lean forward enough to get my feet on the floor, and that makes my butt rise up. Renee loves it because then she can see my turds. It took me a few minutes longer than normal. I started out with a “ffffftttttt” and a few more farts. She’d talk to me, and I’d answer saying things like “nnnnyeahhh”. Renee tilted her head to one side and watched as I steamed out some poop. I had a cornball turd so long it touched the water before it broke off! It was long! It snapped and crackled, but no plop! The smell was drifting up from between my legs, and it was dangerous. Renee looked over at it as it was i! nching out, and said “Oooh! it’s long! I’ll bet it feels good to get that one out.” I just nodded because I was busy pushing. She took up her usual post on the edge of the tub, and was brave and stuck it out! After a few minutes though she had to plug her nose. It was still coming out, and she couldn’t believe it! She said, “God Malita, what did you eat last night?!” I just grunted and pushed. Renee looked at my butt as the sausage was coming out and said “I can’t believe this one! I wish I had a camera! Does it feel good?” and I grunted “nnnnnyeahhhhh” I finally gave birth to the longest hunk of poop I think ever came out of me! It was maybe only an inch around, but long!!!! When I stood up, we both looked in the bowl. It looked like a big corny turd shaped like my intestines! I mean it was a big pile of just one turd folded over like a string of sausages or something! Way coooollll!!!!! I was so proud of myself! What a good dump! The old Carmalita Stink-o-meter was registe! ring but not a 10 though. I think it was maybe a 6. Still enough for lysol. Renee was still holding her nose, but she took a real long look, at my beautiful turd, and told me not to flush for a few minutes. She must have stared for a good ten minutes or more. I was getting impatient because I had sticky butt. After it was gone, she said she had to take a shit too. She did one of her Renee specials, lots of plops and stink with one really huge fattie. Her poop stunk pretty good, much worse than mine. We both work out a lot, and she’s been recently eating lots of hard boiled egg whites, and man I could tell! But mine was still better nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!!! She warned me that she’s gonna hold hers for two days to get even, but I know she won’t . She can’t hold on to her shit that long, niehter can I. Oh well, that’s it I guess.

the most embarassing thing happened on the way back from vacation with my daughter. she said she had to pee very badly and at that time so did I so instead of peeing in a bucket I brought I just pulled off to the side of the road my daughter tore doen her panties and shorts and bagan pissing a puddle and I dropped my panties and pants and started peeing with her as soon as she was done I gave her a napkin to wipe with after that she pulled up her shorts and panties and said are you done yet mommy I had just finished peeing when I got a sharp cramp in my stomach just then I started pooping as it plopped from my ass to the ground I started peeing again. Just as I finished pooping and peeing I got another napkin out of my purse and my daughter said mommy there is a car behind ours with the lights on I looked back and it was a highway patrol the cop asked if we were all right I said yes I just got a little sick. I'm sure he saw me and my daughter that was the most embarassing thin that has ever happened! Anyhthing like that happened to any other girls please post!!!!

Heather, I thinks it's terrible that you have to wait for the handicapped stall when a non-handicapped person is in there - if there are regular stalls available. I see this all the time in men's rooms. There can be 10 empty stalls, and, usually, the handicapped one is in use, by an able bodied person! Also, people always park in handicapped parking spaces or they block the wheelchair ramps, just to save themselves 10 steps. Ridiculous! Do you have a backpack on your chair? If so, you could carry a diaper in there and use it in an emergency. Just pull your pants down and go on the diaper. When my daughter was young, we kept a large towel in the car, and when she had to pee, she could just sit on the towel and go. No need to hunt down a bathroom! I keep a jug in the car to pee into and a girl could use it with practice. You might want to try it! Get a plastic jug with a large screw on cap, you might find it easy to use. When you have to pee, pull down your pants and! sit on the edge of the chair, holding the jug over your peepee hole. It's possible to shit in it also, or else just let the shit drop onto the floor. Anyway have fun and God bless.

ALLIE -- You asked a couple days ago why I'm in a wheelchair. Well, something is wierd with my legs where they aren't strong enough to hold me and they never will be, and also the muscles aren't strong enough to hold me up either. I can move them and everything, but i just can't stand or walk on them. THe doctors aren't exactily sure why this is. A questoin for you, can you go to the bathroom by yourself, or do you always need help? I can go by myself but it is a lot quicker if somone helps me.

Anyway, Sundsy was my 12th birthday! So Samantha came over and we took the bus (which has a thing on it so I can get on it even in my wheelchair) and went to see a movie. we saw Castaway and since it was like three hours long I really had to go to the bathroom by the end, and so did Samantha. well, since we’ve been to the theater before we know the bathrooms there are really disgusting. So I asked her if she could wait 25 minutes longer, since that’s how long it would take to get home on the bus, and she said she could probably hold it for 45 min if she really had to, and I said me too, I can probably hold it for 45 min too. So we got on the bus, rode for about 10 min and then transferred to the next bus that would take us to my house. Well, part of this bus’s route was on the highway for 5 miles. The bus got on the highway, and we just got to the sign that said the exit was a mile away when we got stuck in traffic. Nobody was moving anywhere. Well, this was a little problem for us both, since we both had to go to the bathroom really bad. Pretty soon we were both squirming form the pressure. I lost it first. Forst the pee came out, and I was totally soaked, and the poop came out too. It was a monster, it created an enormous bulge in my panties in the front and on the bottom because of the way I was sitting. It must have been the size of a baseball and a half, but it mostly stayed in my panties. Luckily the bus was almost empty, we were near the back and there were maybe only 10 others on the bus but they were all in the front. (We were in the back by the wheelchair entrance.) I told Samantha and she asked if she could see, so I lifted my skirt (it was dark purple and it went to my knees) so we could see. My panties had been a very pale pink, but now they were wet so you could almost see through them, and there was the big brown poop sitteing there in the front, under me, and there was some in the back too. Anyway, about 10 minutes later Samantha couldn’t hold ita nymore either. she peed and pooed a lot, too. She was wearing light grey sweatpants, and her accident was pretty obvious. They were stained dark brown under her and also between her legs, and completely wet too. Well, finally traffic started moving slowly, and we enede up getting back home about 2 hours after we got on the bus. What caused the traffic was that a truck tipped over and blocked three of the 4 lanes on the hiway. Anyway, when we got home I let us in with my key, my parents were out to dinner. She was going to sleep over. We rode the little elevator thingy up to my room and went into my bathroom, where we cleaned up. we each took a bath, not at the same time but we were both in the bathroom, then I changed into clean clothes and took our soiled clothes to the washing machine. Unfortunately, Samantha is not my size anymore, she is bigger than me now so none of my clothes fit her, so she couldn’t borrow any of my clothes while we waited the 2 hours for the clothes to wash and dry. And she hadn’t brought any with her. So she just had to go with only her t-shirt but no pants or panties, (and her t-shirt wasn’t very long so it didn’t give her any privacy below the waist), but she didn’t mind as long as it was only me and I locked my door so my parents didn’t come in when they came home. Once her clothes were clean, I went and got them and she put them back on. They were still stained pretty badly, but at least they weren’t wet or poopy. She slept over and then went home in the morning.

Olde Oak
Thanks for some of your feedback from previous posts.
Since I've been reading all of the posts that everyone has written I have really gotten some insight & enjoyment from them.
Since this is a topic of a special nature, it does seem strange to most that there are those of us that take special pleasure & excitement from ours & others toilet habits.
For those of you that have difficulty in shitting in public places or just outdoors, but would like to, I say, just take it a step at a time. No, I would certainly not recommend getting caught and worse yet, arrested.
As I have said in my two previouse posts, both my wife & I ended up creating a 'game' of sorts out of this.
It wasn't planned at all in the beginning, but as time went on, started to get creative.
Who knows what dark inner urges that we all have, until there is focus put on a particular subject matter, such as this.
Oh yes, there is that certain excitement of the possibility of "gettting caught"! But would rather not have that sort of thing have happen. We have both found that taking a shit outdoors feels different and just take a joy of doing something different from the mundane. Sort of like people that enjoy 'nudist colonies'.
I'm sure there is a connection possibly.
Has anyone out there among you that have taken a shit in a lake or river? That is something that feels different and can be hidden from view of others, even if they might be looking your way.
Both my wife & I have access to a family lake cabin on the lake.
It is a shared weekend getaway. Different families will mark on the cabin calendar which weekend that they would like to use the place, including for an all week stay for a vacation during the summmer.
Back in the mid 1980's the septic system had broken down at the cabin, and it was our week to stay there, if we had wanted to.
Considering that no one else wanted to be without facilities or be in convenienced, we seemed to not let that bother us.
I had heard that some had brought their own camping potties along.
When either myself or my wife had the urge to go, we would just say, "It looks like it's time for a morning swim."
We would go down to the lake, get in the water, take off our swim suits and would lay them on a support beam under the dock that went out in the water.
We discovered years ago that taking a shit in the water is both discreet and just feels great.
I guess to the water pressure, it not quite as easy taking a crap under water as out, because you seem to have to struggle and push a little harder than usual.
Since this lake water is somewhat murky, you could be carrying on a conversation with someone, if you didn't show any signs of struggling on your face, could shit right in front of them and they not know it.
Now this of course is, if your shit doesn't float.
I will proceed to tell of an incident of the week that the septic system was down at the lake.
My sister-in-law came out to visit us for a couple of days that week.
She asked us how we were getting by with no restroom facilities.
And we just told her matter-of-factly that we both shit in the lake.
She is somewhat of a free-spirit person herself, and said, "oh well, it's biodegradeable anyway"!
Well, later that afternoon we were out in the water just talking, drinking beer and kind of floating in chest deep water.
My sister-in-law stated she needed to crap. My wife said pull your swimsuit bottoms off and just go. She said that this would seem embarrassing, but what the heck, we couldn't see what was going on.
She handed my wife her swimsuit bottoms and then you could start to see that slightly strained look on her face.
After about a minute, she exclaimed, wow....that felt good. And it wasn't so bad afterall.
What she didn't realize though, right behind her was her turd...floating on the surface of the water. It was about 6 or so inches long.
I said to her, looks at though you were loaded pretty good.
She said, what makes you say that. I said, turn around and look behind you! When she saw her turd, she said, god, I'm sooo embarrassed! She grabbed for it and pulled it underwater to make it sink. A few broken pieces still came back to the surface.
Another time, at the lake, I was under the dock to be in the shade out of the summer sun. When my wife was up on the dock above me.
There was one of the boards that had rotted out and left a pretty good gap. We had to watch our step.
On this afternoon, I heard her say, "here's lookin' at ya'"
I looked up and there she was squatted with her naked butt right at the hole in the dock. At that same time she started to pee and I saw her butt hole open up with a turd beginning to protrude.
With a little more straining on her part the turd slowly snaked it's way out of her butt and fell below to the water, splashing right beside me. This one didn't float either, it went straight to the bottom. I told her that I felt like a voyeur, watching her do her business. She said that it turned her on as well. I would like some others to digress on any of their water antics.
Well gotta' go for now.
Want to read some more of you all's experiences.
Smooth crapping to all!

ROSS - I do not sit down to pee all the time, I stand a
lot, so I will not do it as much as a lot of women, but
peeing and farting do not happen at the same time for me.
If my bum needs wiping I think I know it does, so I do not
normally wipe it if I have just had a pee.

KIM AND SCOTT - LOL I liked the story of your log in the
men's toilets at the car dealer. Hehehe I bet it gave those
guys a lot to talk about. I bet it must hurt sometimes when
you crash out such huge monstrous lumps.

PV - Hi girl! Things have been a little bit boring lately,
tere has not been much fun happening. It will be boring
next week too, because I have to go away on a work trip.
Steve will be all alone. Ahh.
I know you are very busy just now, I will save the little
story of when Steve took me to see this really gross men's
toilets for when you get a little bit more time.



Hello everyone!
I have been busy, children were home for the holidays, the computer lost its operative system and I was too dumb to fix that, or let me say: I have not enough experience to put such a thing right. Now I have been able to read some marvellous contributions on this site.
Carmalita: I enjoy your postings
Olde Oak: great stuff!
And to all the others I won't list here: fantastic!
Had a session of runny poops today. But this is nothing abnormal for me. Very very rarely do I produce hard knobbly jobbies. Usually I go to the bathroom after breakfast. Just switching on the electric shaver makes my bowels move. Think about the Pavlovian dog. The poop is usually very soft and just slides out on its own accord in three to five seconds. The toilet bowl is of a water saving type. There is a sort of steep porcelain ramp the poop falls upon and it then slides down to the front into the water leaving maximum skid marks. The pee hits the front of the inside of the bowl, but if I push my willie down (to prevent it from squirting through the gap between the bowl and the seat)the pee hits the water sump with a maximum spluttering noise.
Most women's pee streams angle down precisely into the water making sounds as if somebody were running a bath.
Now, I mentioned above, my poops are soft as if I were constantly on laxatives, which is true in a way. Dairy products do this to me, even in smallest quantities. A drop of milk in my coffee, some cream in the sauce, milk chocolate... Ice cream can result in the runs. I never in my life liked yoghurts or cheeses, which I find too disgusting to describe. The awful smell and taste prevent me from having more accidents akin to food poisoning. The same applies to eggs. They give my pains in my abdomen, cramps, gas and orange coloured diarrhea. Sometimes I eat a little bit of the above out of politeness when invited by somone who has prepared some elaborate dish, but always with disastrous results (one day I will post a description of such an event). Now I am old enough to politely refuse things I don't like.
I did not realize the connection when I was little. My parents waged a constant battle trying to feed me things that were supposed to be good for me such as milk, yoghurts, butter, cream, cheese, omelettes, puddings et cetera. I was punished, cajoled, and ridiculed until they (so I was told later in life) consulted some nutrition specialist who told them to ease up on me and to start meals with fruit as an entree. It did the trick, I started eating on my own and was allowed my own taste,well, most of the time and stopped having diarrhea at least once every week. Of those of you out there in the world who are lactose or milk protein intolerant, do you enjoy cheese but have to discipline youselves not to eat it? Or do your senses of taste and smell prevent you from doing so?
I have to stop now,lunch break is over, it will have to be next time that I will write about my pooped pants during my first year in school.

Shawn: You sound to me like you're young, like a teenager. I'm 14, how old are you? First, of all, there's nothing wrong with you. I don't know if I would call it "normal" to be turned on by thinking about someone else pooping, in the sense that most people probably don't get turned on by that. But to me, "normal" is meaningless. What matters is that you're not the only one. Everything having to do with pooping turns me on, as I'm sure it does for other people on this forum too. I'm especially interested in guys around my age pooping. It's a real thrill for me also to listen to a guy pooping in a stall in a bathroom. I hope this helps you feel better about yourself. Please tell some of your poop stories, when you're ready, and I promise to tell you mine!

Shawn: Your thoughts and desires are very much like those that most of who post here share. Please relate your stories and experiences.

Billy L.
Tis weekend, we went to my uncles cabin again. The cabin has just one working bathroom. My oldest brother is putting the tiles while my dad, uncle, me and my little brother kevin, and my cousin billy and mike work on other rooms. Mostly me, my brother and my cousins work on the walls. My other little brothers, Josh and Eric (3 & 4) came too.

Sunday, Josh said he was not hungry at dinner. After dinner, Kevin said to my mom, I don't think Josh popped since like Firday. Mom asked Josh if this is the case, and he said, yeah. Mom said to me and Kevin, can you go to the drug store for me? It was about 1/2 mile down the road. She told us get some mineral oil. WHen we got home, mom had ice cream out for all of us. we gave her the mineral oil and she poored it in Josh's ice cream and mixed it up. She said for everyone to come and get it. I took Josh's to him. Josh and Erci were playing with cars and we were playing monopoly. After everyone finished, we had to clean up. I noticed that tom had two ice cream things by him and Josh had none. After Josh was in bed, I asked mom what the stuff was. She said, remember when Kevin couldn't poop last summer, I gave him that easy pooping medicine? THat's what it was. I said, I think tom is going to have some easy poops tomorrow. She, he ate it. I said I think so. SHe said, don;t ! worry, it won't hurt him.

The next morning we all got up for breakfast about 7:30. Mom had breakfast all ready. I got went to the bathroom for pee. Josh was on the little potty. When he was done he asked me to help him wipe. Int he potty, there were 3 small poops, a little more than he usually does before breakfast. We were anxious to get to work, so we could go out and play later. Dad wants us to work about 2 hours. He says, after this we get sloppy and don;t work too well. After breakfast, dad went into the bathroom. Eric went in after him. Dad came out, and I went in to wash my hands. I felt a poop was there, but I decided to either wait for my brother and cousins or wait to we got outside and play. Josh came in too. He sat down on the big toilet. Eric was done, got off the little potty, washed his hands. I helped him brush his teeth. Tom comes in. He goes and sits on the little potty. I have not seen him do this since he was like 8 and had the runs. He just sits down and start pooping. Mom cam! e in to see how Josh was doing. Josh was almost done. She looked behind in the toilet and said, you made all that? He said, yeah. She said, I bet you feel better. He said yeah. She looked at Tom, and said, I guess that easy pooping medicine that I put in Josh's ice cream is working.

Kevin came in. Mom asked if we would go to the store and get some napkins and a few other things. We said sure. We brushed our teeth. My cousins did the same. We wnet to the store with our little brothers. Mom said we could get some soda and candy. On the way back, Billy said, i need to go to the bathroom. We put the bags down by the side of the road and went into the woods. I thought he was going to make a poo, but he pulled out his weiner and peed. we joined him. It is funny how pee steams in the cold.

During our first work session, I really had to pee again. I drank two sodas and had some water. I was working with Kevin and my dad. I said I have to go to the bathroom. Kevin said me too. I went and looked in the toilet. There were a ton of streak marks. I guess they were from Tom's poop.

I didn't really have to poop until we were out playing after lunch. we were going to pay hide and seek. I said, I really need to go tot he bathroom. Kevin said, me too -- I haven't pooped all day. We went to where the septic tank is goign to go, turned around and dropped our pants. We both made woppers. Billy, Josh and Mike also pooped. Josh went next to mine, and Billy and Mike pooped over our logs. there were some big piles in the snow. We played hide and seek for a while. it was almost time to go in and get abck to work. I said I have to poop again. eric said me too. We went and added some to our piles. Then we all peed over them. It is funny to see our poop steaming too in the winter.

The girl in the pic at the top of the forum looks familiar to me-I think I know this girl_from where I don't know,but i'm going to try and think where i've seen her!Nice pic,but i don't think she is going to the bathroom-i think she already peed or pooed already and is just smiling for the camera!
TO PENNY-Funny story about you and the 2 other girls pooing in rhythm!I would have loved to have heard that!Did it go on for a long time?Funny stuff
TO OLDE OAK-Really like your stories with your wife-do you poo for her too?More stuff!
TO JOE B-You know when i first read your posts about taking metamusil(sp?)and doing those big poops I thought you were overstating the size of your dumps-Then I decided to try some of that stuff the other day after seeing your post a few days ago-Hey joe B you were right about taking this stuff!It does increase the volume of BM's-Now I hadn't taken metameucil since i was real young and I don't remember what happened then,but i took some yesterday afternoon and when i got up this a.m at first i didn't feel anything until i had some orange juice and then i started to get some cramps,but it didn't feel like anything special,so i went around the house doing some cleaning up and stuff,and after about an hour, i really had to poop-So i went and got my mirror to watch and put it in front of the bowl and got some paper towels and put them in front of the bowl and sat on the bowl backwards with the mirror behind me.When I got into position where I could see my anus well,I relaxed and right away my anus domed out and out started the poop-it was well formed and smooth and i was not pushing,but i could feel a slight spasm inside my rectum that was pushing the poo out on it's own-Well let me tell you JOE B was right!This turd kept coming and coming til it was almost to the paper towels on the floor below me!Now that had to have been almost 2 feet long!I wish i had videotaped this!I came out slow but steady and when i tried to hold it back,it broke off and fell onto the paper towel on the floor.I looked at it and it was so long that it curled back over itself and almost was off the paper towel and onto the floor-WOW,What a poop!I felt sooo good coming out too!Must have been the metameucil!Thsi thing was almost 2 feet long and about 1 in thick and smooth from one end to the other!Then I looked at my anus which was open and looked like I was going to go more-I can kinda tell by looking at my anus if i have to go more cause when i'm done my anus closes ,but if i have to go more it is partially open and domed out-So i sat there for about 5 mins and decided to get up and clean up this poo on the paper towel-Then after i flushed this monster down the bowl I felt like i could poop more-so I sat on the bowl( the regular way) and proceeded to go-first I let out a real long fart and felt like i was going to poo and push,but nothing came out.Them i got a cramp and pushed and out came another long turd,but a but thinner,but another real long one with gas coming out at the same time-sounded like THHHHHHHHfart- THHH- fartTHHHHHFART followed right away by 2 long hissing farts-I looked in the bowl and saw another good size turd(about 10 in)and a bit softer than the first one.Then i pushed again and for about 5 mins all I did was let out a bunch of loud farts with some pudding in between!I guess this metameucil is gassy at least for me-I must have sat ther for about 5 mins just farting ,but boy did it make me poop!Then i wiped my butt and jumped into the shower-This guy JOE B was right I felt like i nedded a good cleaning out-Well i got it!I must have done over 2 feet of poo and well formed with no loose stuff-It was super!You guys should try this esp CARMELITA,SANDRA,MILISSA,and you other ladies-Man, I should have videotaped that poop! BYE

A word for TTT you don't have to feel alone I have had only one response to my posts. I have been posting off and on for about 3 months. I am 16 a male and have always had an interest in poop my own and others. I always felt odd until I came across this sight.I enjoy the posts they are almost to good to be true. TTT are you male or female? How old are you? This is the first post I have noticed from you. Anyway keep posting I will respond to your posts. Take care . DEL

Shawn, there nothing wrong with you at all. You've just described the way quite a few of us guys here feel. Some straight guys can also have these aroused feelings at seeing/hearing another guy poop. And of course lots of gay guys get turned on by it too. You musn't get worried about it. I remember getting terribly excited sexually at seeing other boys piss and dump ever since I was about 1O years old when my younger brother and I used to watch each other go. Eventually (when I was about 13) I made a new friend, Paul, who used to let me watch him many times. He'd just invite me in the bathroom with him when he went. He's married now with 2 kids! So Shawn, you never know how these things go, just accept that you enjoy this and know you're not alone. You've got friends here. See you-- Daniel


Hello again. I'm back! As Kev and Little Lou may have told you, I had an accident falling off my cousin's pony. I'm a bit better now, but I'm still not back at school yet. Kev and Lou have been brilliant, particularly Kev, who has let me have his bedroom so that while everyone's out, I can watch TV and videos in there and play on his playstation. He's been sleeping in my bed, and having to put up with Little Lou's snoring! as me and Lou share a room.

Kev has been really good helping me with things and so has Lou.As I have a broken rib, it is very painful to lean forward so I have to either lay down or sit completely straight, which has made going to the toilet difficult. Kev has been taking me, and when I sit down, he kneels facing me so I can hold his shoulders to keep straight. Kev has been such an angel. He even pretended he was ill so he didn't have to go to school so I wouldn't be on my own all day.

I must admit I'm a bit angry with Lou at the moment. As me and Kev weren't at school today, she had to walk to school on her own. She went and called for another boy in the village, Craig, who's my age (14). They walked to school together. Lou had forgotten to pee when she left home, so she needed to go on the way to school. She went down an alley behind a row of cottages, and squatted and peed inside the doorway of someone's outbuilding. Craig went with her, and she says he watched her peeing. As if that's not bad enough, she's told Craig that me and her can pee standing up, and that her and me and Kev like to go to the toilet together. He came round with her after school, which is when Lou told me that Craig knew. To make matters worse, he asked if he could join in. He's in my class at school, and he's promised he won't say anything, but I kind of fancy him, and I'd be so embarrased going for a wee in front of him. Kev's furious. He says it's a brother/sister thing and s! hould be kept that way. Still, we'll see what happens. Bye, love Ellie xxx.

Melissa (New York)
Hi all. Kim-Woooooooow! You are the bravest person I know of. But to actually use a men restroom but then to tell the guy you did that log resting there. Compared to you, I am nothing but fried chicken. But isn't it illegal for one sex to use another bathroom designed for the opposite sex? Because at my job, my friend Amanda used the men’s because all the female bathrooms were full. So her boss fired her for breaking one of the office rules. But it was an emergency and she probably couldn't hold off longer without shitting all over herself. Plus the boss at the time was a she. But now I'm the boss and that wont happen to any of my employees. Take care Kim and Scott and good logging.

Rick- Good to be hearing from you again. Got any stories to share because I enjoy your stories too.

Logger- Ah! You remember my super dump. All the shit I do might mistake people that is must of come form a whole family. Combined. You are so right. Crapping outside is a beautiful thing. It’s relaxing. But it looks like I wont be having much fun very so because I gotta take care of my husband Joe till his condition improves.

Buzzy- How have you been doing? And If you look at the right time you too might see someone shitting in full view of the road. And like I’ve said I’ll be posting a lot more. Plus since my husbands injury the size of his poop has increased too. But for me Things have actually gotten a tad smaller. Good to hear from you.

DM- Your right. That is something different to see on the commute home. I could have been an enema. But I really have limited knowledge about these things.

I must remember an incident that happened to me in 7th grade. When I was in S.S. class my teacher was boring us to death. Then I asked her to go to the bathroom. She said no. I asked again and she said no. I told her it was an emergency and I needed to go. So with my face all red I stood up and just went right to the bathroom. When I got back the teacher gave me detention for the whole week. I told my dad what happened and he told the principal then she was fired for not letting my go. So remember if the teachers say know just give a damn what they say. And if you get in trouble just tell your parents.



Justin- You and I have a lot in common. I'm 24 and love going into college bathrooms and listen to guys poop. You are sooo lucky to have that happen to you. It's too bad the cute guy didn't like it as much as you.

ROGER- I too like to poop my pants at home on purpose. It is great! I wish I could find that 1 special person to poop with. Have a pooping in the pants contest or something! Justin...what do you feel about stuff like that??

Penny your post was a hoot! Fart duets are cool but a trio -- that beats all. Keep it up.

Hello to all, Im sorry I havent posted for some time but Ive been very busy with work, staying over at hotels etc, away from home and computer.

Nicola, I liked your story about your brother listening to you doing a motion. A similar event happened to me when about the same age. I was at home one Saturday and one of my young brother's schoolfriends came round. Nothing unusual in that. I was tidying my bedroom and getting clothes etc together to put in the washing machine. I heard my brother saying to his mate as I went past his bedroom door, "She hasn't gone yet....." and I thought he meant I hadnt yet gone out, but didnt give it a second thought. I was going to meet up with my mother who worked on a Saturday morning and go into Glasgow to do some shopping. When I went upstairs I saw the two teenaged lads in the hallway but didnt give this a second thought and, as is often the case, needing a motion about noon I passed them and went into the toilet. I hitched up my skirt and pulled down my knickers and sat on the pan. Now the boys had been chatting as I passed them but now I could hear nothing. I assumed they had e! ither gone downstairs to the kitchen or into my brother's room.In any event I started to do my wee wee which tinkled into the pan, then I felt the big jobbbie start to come out. As usual it was a big fat one or should I say a big fat two as with a OO! AH! NNN! I passed two big fat turds KER-SPUL-LOOMP! KER-SPLOOSH! . I got my breath back, and wiped my bum, had a look at the 2 big lumpy jobbies, pulled up my knickers and pulled the flush. The smaller turd ,about 7 inches long went away, but the larger jobbie, about 12 inches long stuck as my motions often did even in the large old fashioned toilet pan we had at home. This didnt bother me, it never does, so I just left it and came out. The two boys were still in the hallway, looking at a book but I guessed they had really been listening to me doing my motion. I said I was going out but as I went into the hall cupboard for my coat ( a navy Burberry rain coat), I heard them going into the toilet and my brother saying, "See I promi! sed you would see one of her big jobbies, now let's have the 5 bob (25p a lot of money for schoolboys in 1970).I was both amused and annoyed as while I didnt mind them looking at the big poo I had produced, indeed I was quite proud, I didnt like my scheming young brother making money out of such a personal matter. I waited till next day when my parents had gone for a drink at a neighbours house and tackled him. "So Im a side show now am I to be charged a dollar for?" At first he didnt seem to understand then as it dawned he went bright red. I really wasnt that angry and after keeping up a wrathful stern faced big sister act for a few minutes I started to giggle and soon both of us were in fits of laughter. Turned out that one of the older lads had done a "panbuster" in the toilet at his Boys Brigade meeting hall and this lad had commented on it. My brother had said "That's nothing, my big sister Moira is always doing big jobbies like that at home" His friend had been sceptica! l saying "Girls cant do poos that big" and my brother had bet him his weekly pocket money that I could. It was just as well for him that I hadn't been playing hockey that day or In would have done it somewhere else. I couldn't be mad at him as he offered me half the money, (I refused), but I did say that in future I would appreciate his asking me before making my very personal functions an attraction for his mates.

Ross, yes I often fart when I just need a wee wee and will wipe my both my vulval then anal area, (always in that order for a woman as this avoids getting any fecal material into the vagina which can cause thrush etc ). Now like many who post here I use moist wipes so I dont normally find any residual poo on my anus. George as many of you know, prefers to sit to pee as he has done since childhood and also dries his penis after urination and likewise wipes his bum too. I have to say that as well as doing really big solid panbusters I have since I was a kid tended to be a bit of a farter, dry farts usually and a bit smelly, though I have perfected being able to break wind silently. Then the smell will percolate through the double gusset of my knickers and my pleated skirt and make itself felt. Okey if I am on my own but a bit tedious if Im with clients or other lawyers etc. Once we had a teenaged school leaver start with us. She was quite a nervous type so I took her unde! r my wing seeing that she was getting the usual ragging that every new person gets when they start their first job, but was not taking it well. She was consolidating some files for me when she let a real hum dinger of a fart go. She turned bright red and looked as if she was going to cry, having broken wind in one of the senior partner's offices. I just laughed and as luck would have it needing to "ease springs" myself blew a real skirt lifter. This broke the ice and she relaxed as I remarked, "as Robbie Burns said let your wind gang free!"

Nicola, on the J shaped jobbie. I too have done an easy but solid long one into a small toilet pan with this result, indeed my jobbie folded right round and made a letter U in the bottom of the pan.

Bryian, the pumping is to empty the toilet on a boat. While larger ships often have what looks like ordinary toilet pan which empties into a holding tank the smaller craft have these pump action toilets which look like a large funnel with a toilet seat attached. Once finished the toilet is "Flushed " by putting the cover down on the seat then pumping a handle back and forth to create both a flow of water and a suction which should empty the contents into the sea or river through a pipe under the water. Now I was a friend's cabin cruiser on the River Clyde off the sea side town of Dunoon. It was a lovely calm smoooth day and George and Gordon were fishing off the side of the boat while Joanne and I were sunbathing in our bras and panties. I felt a motion was due and went below decks to the toilet. Now as you can imagine it was a big fat jobbie and I had to hover my fat bum over the small pan to get it all out in a oner. Finished I was amused to see this big brown column sti! cking up out of the hole. I pumped like mad but it didnt want to budge. Joanne came down to see if I was okey and knocked the door. I let her in and she could see the nature of the problem. Being a ???? woman herself she often did jobbies that big herself she said and told me that she had found that pouring some water into the pan improved the suction. We did this and after more vigourous pumping there was a schloop sound and my jobbie shot down the pipe . We then heard a gale of male laughter from on deck. It transpired that Gordon and George had spotted the piece of toilet paper which had come out with the first flush and knowing I had done a motion had been waiting for my turd to follow. As I came on deck I could see it floating in the water. It had been stretched by the extrusion through the pipe and was now slightly slimmer but about 18 inches long. As I looked over the side at the long brown bar of poo it slowly sunk beneath the calm water of the Holy Loch.

kim and scott
greetings all! TO PV- thanks for liking our posts. yes scott does massage my back when i am sitting on his lap having a monster log. he also massages my back when i am not on his lap.scott only does what a man should do for his lady right?haha!cant wait to hear more of your stories PV bye now! TO KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID- thanks for liking post. scott and i like your stories too!i tell you the way you two write a story is great! its hard to believe you are still kids! keep up the goodwork.forever pals kim and scott. PLUS any new stories STEVE and LOUISE? scott and i are interested. well thats all for now i do not have a new story but hopefully pretty soon one will come up. but until then my friends scott and i bid you adieu!

JacobG in Florida
TTT - Welcome back. You ARE a real part of this group. I remember you and I liked your stories. Just because no one responds to your stories does not mean your stories were boring. I am guilty of not responding to many an excellent story because I didn't have time, I didn't have privacy (nosy roommate), and/or I was too shy. So post away and don't worry about whether someone responds. We've all experienced the non-response let down a number of times.

Justin, You have a great job. Some of my best college memories were of listening to guys in the library and student union restrooms. I really miss those days.

Shawn, there is nothing wrong with you. You are in good company here. I used to think I was the only person in the world that enjoyed listening to guys poop. It was a great benefit to me the day I found this site and realized I was not so weird after all.

I have a few good stories to post, but no time now. My nosy roommate is stirring around in the next room and I'm sure he'll be right over my shoulders at any moment. I envy those of you who can share this topic with your friends, roommates, significant others, and relatives. Have to go.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Line – I hadn’t forgotten you, and I’ve been away for a long time as well – it’s so nice to hear from you again. I think you were about 13 when you last posted two summers ago. I’ve never used one of those oriental toilets but I would think it’s a little like doing it outdoors. You have to squat right down over them so that everything goes in the bowl. I’ve had really bad diarrhea attacks just sitting on an ordinary toilet and it’s just covered the whole inside of the bowl. So I can imagine your poor Grandma getting it all over the floor and walls where there is nothing to really catch it all. I feel so embarrassed and sorry for her, I hope she didn’t get it on herself. All my love- lot's of OO XX from Melissa.

Hi All! I've just finished crapping out my brains. It was pretty big. I wasn't payin attention cuz I was playing Game Boy but I turned off after 1 turd came out. I crapped yesterday 2 times and it must of been the Burger King from Friday and I guess the rest of BK today


Hi all, it's me again, after a long time. I left for Christmas break and couldn't check messages or read posts then. But I'm back to college now.
Aaron, you still around here?
Hi, LINE. Don't worry, I don't think I'm very interesting. Very few people have ever replied to my posts, and I haven't been privileged enough to make such friendships as there are here on this forum. No, I think I'm rather boring. So don't feel bad about no one listening to you.I like reading here, but I don't think I'm good enough to be a real part of this group.

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