For DM, about accidents caused by having to wait for the handicapped stall, here's a few:

the first onr I can remember was probably when I was 5 or 6. I had gone to a store with my dad, and I had to pee. I was squirming a little and my dad asked me if I had to go potty. I said yeah and so he brought me back to where the restrooms were and I went in the girls room while he waited outside. Well, when I got in there there was someone in the handicap stall. Normally what I would do is go back out and get my mom so she could lift me into one of the not handicap stall, but it was my dad and he couldn't come in the girls room to help me so I had no choice but to wait. Well, the person was in there for a long time and I hsd to pee really bad, it started to come out and I put my hand inside my panties to try to stop the pee but it just ran through my fingers. My panties and pants were totally soaked. So I went back out where my dad was and he saw what happened and he was nice about it but there wasn't much he could do about it until we got home, and it was a lon! g drive home. (because this was when we still lived in our old house before we moved here and no stores were very close. We moved here in the summer of 1998, and I was 9) He helped me get cleaned up when we got home.

Another time was at school once, probably 3rd grade. We were on a field trip to a science museum. There were only 2 sets of restrooms, one on the first floor and one on the third floor, (there were 4 floors) but the ones on the third floor didn't have a handicap stall. So anyway, we split into groups of maybe 20 and our group started on the fourth floor and and worked our way down. We took a long time on the 4th floor and then we went down to the third floor. When we passed the restrooms there, one of the 2 teachers with our group told us all to go. She told me that since there wasn't a handicap stall she could take me down to the first floor bathrooms, but then I would miss the planetarium show on the second floor which was where we were headed next. I had to go poop a little, but I didn't want to miss the show and I thought I could hold it. Well, it was another 2 hours before we got down to the first floor bathrooms and by then I wasn't sure that I would make it.! Well, I waited for the person in the handicap stall, they came out maybe a minute later and I went in. Normally when I go to the bathroom, since I can't stand up I lift myself onto the toilet ant then take my pants and panties off when I'm sitting there. It's hard to take off your pants and panties while sitting, so it usually takes me maybe 30 or 45 sec to get them off. Unfortunately I was wearing overalls and those take even longer to get off, and I was in a panic. So I finally had the overalls down to about my knees, and my panties were still on while I was sitting ther on the tiolet when the poop just came out. It filled my panties and a little came out the legs and dropped in the potty. I finally got the panties off, but not until they were completely soiled. At least I got them off before I started to pee. Anyway, I cleaned myself as best I could but I couldn't get it all off so it stained really badly and they were white. It also smelled bad and the rest of t! he girls in the bathroom figured out pretty quikkly what I had done. They all teased me for a while about it. Fortunately it was the last year I went to that school before we moved where we live now.

There were probably a few more that I can't remember, but the most recent one was actually last november, I was at mcDonalds and I felt the sudden need to poop, I rushed back to the bathroom but someone was in the handicap stall and I ended up totally messing myself.

Usually, though, I make it in time. Whenever these things happen, it's sorto f my fault for waiting to the last minute, so DM I don't blame the person in the stall unless they take too long intentionally to make me wet or mess my panties.

Hey TTT and Melissa! Thanks for caring!


I have a question for the women who post here. I have always wondered about this. When you go to the bathroom just to pee and you don't have to poop, do you usually fart when you sit down to pee? Also, if you are just peeing and not pooping, do you still wipe your butt to make sure it's clean? If you do this, how often do you find your butt was dirty even though you didn't poop?

As a man, I normally pee standing up at a urinal, but when I use a regular toilet to pee in a private bathroom (such as at home), I often will sit to pee, and when I do this I usually wipe my butt in case there was some leakage since the last time I wiped. I'm just wondering if women do this. Also, I usually fart whenever I sit on a toilet (even if no poop comes), and I wondered if women do this too.

Nicola: You English girls have huge bowel movements. I have an English female cousin, Sharon. She was at my house this summer. Her first morning at my house, she had her first bowel movement. I was in the bathtub, when she stirred out of bed. She told me in her lovely English accent, "I have to poo, love." She pulled up her nightshirt and sat on the throne. She had no panties. She started to grunt, pant and strain. Then I heard a thick crackle and thick plop. Then, another thick plop followed. She said, "That airplane ride constipated me, love." Then, I heard a long wet fart and a long thick wave of doo-doo. She said, "That's more like it. That's the way I do it at home. I'm right on time." When the girl wiped and stood up, I saw two 6 inch logs and thick muddy doo-doo. the bathroom smelled. But, I did not care. She was my cousin.

I've had curved shaped stools. It depends on the weight and density of undigested food and water.

Another day, after a party we came home. My cousin was wearing a dress just like the cover girl. Seconds later, Sharon was talking to me when she entered the bathroom. She left the door open. I heard a pee and a muffled thud. I asked her if anything was wrong. She said, "No love. Just having a jobbie. Come in." Her summer dress was in her hands around her waist and her black cotton panties at her knees. When she stood up, I saw a 12 inch brown log with about an inch broken off. I said, "Sharon, this is obscene with you. You made like this in grammar school." She giggled.

Hi all,
I went to the loo on a different floor at work today. There is a small hole in the wall of the cubicle and the others reckon a man is sometimes in there watching us do our thing. Anyway while sitting having a dreamy BM in come two ladies from this floor. I do not know them and they are quiet and go into the other two stalls. I hear skirts up and panties down and them silence. Suddenly there is a soft knock like a knuckle against the wall. i listen cos this is strange. Then three knocks slowly ofter each other. On the third two farts. Silence, till one knock and then three ond another two farts. These two are pooping in tune. I am about to crack up but listen somemore. Knocking againg and this time two grunts and ploping sounds. I decide to play along. Not sure what is coming I hold the ring and push ready to let go on the knock. As it comes again I let go a monster fart and they both shit. I can't stop laughing when they say to play the tune. It is fart fart shit shit and ! then fart. We Wipe and Agree to meet same time tomorrow.

Hi, everyone!
Olde Oak: Enjoyed reading your post. I'd say you found yourself one
special wife! Mexican food ,eh?...

I like the new picture. She looks calm, relaxed and as though she's thoroughly enjoying herself.

Sandra. I think you should be careful about relieving yourself in public. It's one thing to go discreetly behind some trees or in the bushes where your waste will naturally biodegrade and be returned to its natural earth. Relieving yourself on a station platform or in a phone box is clearly a different matter because by 'going' in such places you're inevitably making a mess which other people have to cope with - and clean up. Moreover, if you were caught, and lots of places have CCTV nowadays you could, with justification, be prosecuted for damaging public property. It's one thing if you're taken short on the top deck of a bus or somewhere else where you genuinely haven't got access to facilities. It's quite another to deliberately mess in public. My advice is don't do it unless you genuinely haven't got a choice in the matter.

Hi all,

I've not had so much time to get to the board lately, and I've missed a few posts over thge last ten pages or so, but I want to assure all my friends that I'm still here and loving your stories and news.

I just wanted to say how terribly sorry I am that poor Ellie broke her arm. As a horse-loving gal myself, I know it's one of the hazards, but that doesn't make it any less painful. I hope she's up and about again soon, and that Little Lou can manage. Still, it's a nice piece of responsibility for a youngster -- to look after both a pony and an older sister -- but I'm sure Kev will be there for them both. He's a good lad, I know, and I'm sorry I came down on him that time.

Kim -- your monster poos continue to enthrall and amaze. Tell me, dear, when you straddle Scott's lap to deliver a mighty poo into the bowl, does Scott massage your back as you do so? It strikes me you're in a position a bit hard on the lower spine, and a firm massage of the area may be beneficial.

Louise & Steve -- loved your Scotland adventure (and that bit of morning fun with the poo that wouldn't drop!) and I'll be posting of fun in the south as soon as I can.

My best to all,


Joe B.
Here's an update on my poops.

Monday - A great 3/4" thick poop about 3 feet long all together

Tuesday - never had a good urge so I held it and started on 3 doases of metamucial wafers a day for 3 days.

Wednesday - A fantastic nice firm lumpy poop an inch thich and 2 feet long.

Thursday - The first metamucial poop - 2 inches thick and over 2 feet long - FANTASTIC!!!!

Friday - Another whopper - 2 inches thick and about 2 feet long.

Saturday & Sunday - back to normal pooping - nice poops about an inch thick by about a foot long

Stayed at a local Motel,moved the little round table near the mirror so I could watch the turd come out my ass as I shit on the top of the table,sometime I just shit on the floor....I like to do this about once every 6 months or so....

Nathan (Blighty)
I was having lunch with my collegues the other day, the usual jibes about my social status arose. For some reason I ended up pointing out the fact that my manager has to sit on the same toilet as all us other low down pleb ant works. He then pointed out that he only ever sits in the porceline. How gross? People piss on the porceline! Each to their won I suppose.

Our protee supervisor who is away at University cam back over Xmas to work. He managed to block the mens toilet. He's only short, but this turd was the size of an arm or somehting. I never knew he had it in him. Well, he hasn't now, has he?

I got back from Chicago and was catching up on the postings.

For Melissa, you talked about your experience when you were 10 yrs old of taking a dump in a development under construction. It triggered an old memory of mine. I was at my parents lake house and I didn't have a car. I was in either HS or College. THere were several neighborhoods around and most of them were still undeveloped. I had to take a dump one time and I had quite a few kleenex so I dropped my drawers and let loose. It was kind of cool :) More recently, I was coming back to Colorado from Utah and I knew an area where it was somewhat private. I had to shit real badly. I parked on the side of the road and went into the woods. It was relief :)

Sandra, I love to read your accounts of pooping your panties. Is this something you occasionally enjoy doing on purpose or is it just a convenience thing because you can't get to a bathroom in time? I love to poop my pants on purpose, but only in the privacy of my home. I haven't got up the nerve to do it in public yet. When you poop your pants while talking to someone, doesn't the smell give you away?

I was watching something on Nickelodeon(kids channel) on saturday morning and there was some show on where the a kid will switch places with another kid(ex. bill lives in flordia and his friend lives in the desert and bill would go to the desert and his friend would come to Florida for a vacation). There was this one where a girl and a boy swiched places the boy went on a boat in the carribean and this girl went to the desert. This girls family was showing this boy around the boat. They got to the bathroom/shower area and they told him about the toilet....they said.."If you have to do a # 1 you pump the pump a few times and if you have to to a # 2 you pump it 20 times. I thought this was funny cuz it was on tv. Any one have experinces of operating their own boad and this pumping im taking about? If so can you explain.

To G...I'm glad it has happened to someone else

Yesterday i went to visit my grandmother, we went out for lunch...i had such a big meal, 1/2 chicken, sweet potatos, stuffing, biscuit. Then i came home 2 hours later, after i was home about 2 hours i was still really full(not hungry) then i started to get an urge to shit. I must have taken a shit around 6pm and i had about 10" log which was light brown and a few smaller pieces. It was nice and firm....I had another big meal today...hope i go again like that.

Wow....those do sound like not so much fun! I am really shy about this site but there are many things I want to know about this subject. Is it normal to be turned on by thinking about someone else pooping and farting? I think this turns me on greatly. I am not ready to share my many poop stories yet but I get a real thrill by listening to other guys poop. Is there something wrong with me?

Why is it that adults do such silly things. Andrew wasn't meant to be staying over, but we got a visit from Andrew's mum at around 11pm to say that Dad wasn't very well. I immediately burst into tears and demanded to be taken to see him fearing he had had a relapse or something, but then my Aunty explained how he had got himself very very drunk, and so my Aunty and Uncle had decided it would be best if he came home with them where they could look after him properly. Andrew agreed to stay the night here, and afterall, if we needed our parents, they are only 10 minutes walk away, and on the end of a telephone as well.

This was actually quite exciting, and enabled Kirsty to fulfil her promise to let Andrew see her wee. Kirsty was staying in my room, and Andrew went in the spare bedroom, and we all went to bed.

In the middle of the night I awoke to a big sigh from Kirsty. I asked if she was ok, and she said no. "I need the loo". I asked "No. 1 or No. 2 ?". She said "definitely No.1, but I can't believe I need to No.2 again, but I think I do !". I couldn't believe she needed No.2 again either, because when she had gone earlier, she made five quite big poos ! Anyway, I asked if she wanted me to come to, and she said she'd be ok. I reached to put the light on for her, but nothing happened. The electricity was off ! I got out of bed, and sure enough all the street lights were out too. The whole village was in darkness. I told Kirsty, and she decided to change her mind and that she would like me to come along now. I took her hand and we walked carefully across the landing and into the bathroom. There was a moon outside, but it was on the otherside of the house, so it was quite dark in the bathroom, even though our eyes had become adjusted to the dark a bit. Kirsty could see me a lit! tle because I was wearing a white nightshirt. But she was completely invisible to me wearing that black one of hers !

I asked if she wouldn't mind me having a wee first if she was going to take her time over a poo. She said that was fine, but she knew she had to poo definitely now. I felt for the toilet seat and then perched down on the edge, and made a silent wee down the inside of the bowl. When I had finished, Kirsty and I swapped over, and I went to sit on the edge of the bath.

It was really funny, because Kirsty was wearing these brilliant white panties, and when she lifted up her black night shirt, they were suddenly shining at me luminously. I couldn't help breaking into a quiet snigger. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her, and it made her laugh too ( quietly ). And then as I watched these luminous panties being pulled down, it made me laugh again. And then all was silent for just a couple of seconds. Kirtsy had sat down and settled when we both suddenly heard stirrings in Andrew's bedroom, and then pattering of feet, and he came into the bathroom. I was mortified that he would do that when my friend was sat on the toilet. I imagined that he had heard us and come uninvited to see. That was a silly thought that I shouldn't have had. I knew him better than that, and felt guilty about that thought after. Especially with what happened. It was so funny, I'm nearly weeing myself thinking about it now !

He came in, and for whatever reason, neither of us girls said a thing. He then made his way to the toilet ( not spotting the luminous panties on show ! ) and then pulled his own pants down ! He reached backwards feeling for the toilet seat, felt Kirsty's legs instead, fell backwards with surprise, and finished up sitting on her knee ! I swear, if I hadn't had my wee first, I would have wet my panties completely with all the laughing. What was even funnier was that as he fell onto her knee, she made her first poo which plopped very loudly into the toilet indeed ! We must all of us been laughing uncontrollably for at least two minutes when Andrew said "I'm sorry, I'm wetting myself here" and he moved to the edge of the bath and began to wee in the bath instead. I leapt up from my seat on the edge of the bath as I didn't want to get splashed with his wee ! And while he weed in the bath, Kirsty surprisingly carried on with her poo and made two more loud plops !

After we went to bed again, Kirsty told me that was the strangest experience of her life ( not surprisingly ! ), sitting on the toilet with a poo half hanging out of her, and then to have someone feel her legs and then sit a cold bare bottom on her bare legs as well ! We laughed again so much !

This morning, Andrew asked Kirsty if, seeing as she hadn't sent him away while she had her poo in the middle of the night, if she would like to see him poo. I said in mock sadness " I hope I can come too". Andrew looked at my sad face, and said "of course you can princess, you didn't think I'd invite your friend to come with me and not you as well ". And then he saw me grinning, and chased me round the room until he caught me. Then he tickled me until I accidently spurted in my panties. That was the cue for the rush to the loo. I got to go first having already wet myself a bit. Then Kirsty went. And then Andrew. He made a good smelly poo as usual ! I did my usual trick of pulling my t-shirt over my nose, but Kirsty was wearing a crop top that she couldn't really pull over her nose without revealing her bra underneath it. However, the smell made her eyes water so much, she decided in the end "what the hell" and pulled it up over her nose anyway !

I hope everyone liked this story. I think my stories will always be boring now in comparison to this one. What a night. I'll not forget my 11th birthday in a hurry, nor Kirsty her 12th !

Some replies now, quickly.

G: That was a very good story about being desperate to go to the toilet. I enjoyed reading that. Hugs, Kendal x.

KATE: The Film Lawn Dogs is a FilmFour production. We got to see it by renting it from our local video shop, although it was naughty that I did see it because it is a 15. I think I'm different from you because I couldn't enjoy just squatting down to wee in front of strangers. I like to be in control over who sees, and then I like to be watched very much ! Have you really flashed your bum in the window of a bus ? I thought only boys did that. I've seen it happen before, and Mum was livid about how rude it was. I just laughed, and then got told of ! I think that if you enjoy letting other people watch you have a wee, then that is what you should feel, enjoyment. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable about liking it ! Love from Kendal xx

DM: I was only joking ! I'm so sorry if it sounded like I was angry. It wasn't meant to ! Please forgive me ! Love Kendal.

KIM: Fancy going in the mens room, and then inviting that man who came in to look at your enormous poo ! You really are amazing, and I know Andrew loved that story. He'll probably tell you so himself next time. Love Kendal.

NICOLE & SUZY: Your story about your ski trip together was really good. I laughed so much at the vision of you two making holes in the snow with your wee, and that it had turned to icicles the next morning. I wonder if the people below realised that the icicles hanging down in front of them were made from your wees. I wonder, are icicles made of wee yellow ? Love from Kendal xxx

LINDA: Haven't heard from you again recently. I'm really disappointed not to have had this girly chat while you had your big poo, or are you still waiting for it ? I hope not, otherwise you will be like a volcano, waiting to explode with all the pressure ! Perhaps you have tried to post and it didn't get on again. Really Linda, you will have to stop flashing your panties at Andrew all the time and the moderator might let your post get posted ( joke ! hehehe ) I'm so looking forward to the story of your poo with me that I could burst. Please don't be too long posting it ! Love to Elena and Miguel, and lots of love to you my special friend !! xxxx

kim and scott
greetings all! TO MARSHALL-the denzel washington look alike- I liked your story. do you look at ours sometimes? scott and i are an interracial couple too.scott is black and muscular six footer and i am a cute little blond with a killer body we both like to lift weights,swim and do other thats great you look like denzel. like SARA T. said HE IS A CUTIE!TO JOHN (VT)-thanks for liking our posts. I did loose total control when i let that 18 inch log loose didnt I?TO MIKE D>- great story about your 20 inch log. I love it!-TO OLD OAKE- I like your stories!TO BRYIAN- yes bry I did go to the mensroom on purpose because i am daring. i wanted to use an employee one to push the envelope even further . MORE RISKY!! thanks for liking post! TO LOGGER- thanks for liking post too! I think the reason for my gigantic bowel movements is probably my diet of fiber,fruits,vegetables,chicken,fish and the proper exercise and genetics I think they are all rolled up into one! I love i! t logger my ring is being outstreched even more so then before from my thicker and larger bowel movements.and i love it! plus i did have a log outside before when i washed my car and had a log into the pan. it sounds nice doing that. maybe i will go to a nude beach with scott like fellow posters LOUISE and STEVE do and show off my body a little,play some volleyball and have one of my huge logs in the toilets there or elsewhere!haha!PLUS UNDIN- I do not know if i will ever make it to greece but i would love to honor them with my biggest log yet but until then keep fantasazing huh? thanks for liking story! bye all!

To Chris and PPG: Liked your recent posts. I'm a 25-year-old Teaching Assistant at a Mid-West College. It is great since I am not much older than most of the students there. Like you guys, I really enjoy being with other young guys when they take a good shit. When I can get away from my duties, I like to sit on a crapper in the Library restroom and listen to young guys dropping their loads and farting and then wiping energetically. Unfortunately, the bathroom stalls all have doors and so I can't get to see the facial contortions as the dudes pinch off their logs. Recently, this changed for only one occasion. I was a proctor at the year-end final exams. There had been previous problems with students asking to use the restroom during exams and then consulting notes while there. The new rule is that any student going to the restroom in the middle of an exam has to be accompanied. Anyway, in the middle of the exam, a young blond guy raised his hand and I saw the head p! roctor speaking to him. The proctor called me over and asked me to accompany the young guy to the restoom. I thought that the guy had to take a piss, but when we got to the restroom he went into a stall and started to close the door. We were under instructions to watch exam candidates at all times and I told him that he had to leave the stall door open. He reluctantly did so. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and sat on the crapper with me standing at the stall entrance. He looked real sheepish. I heard a couple of loud farts and I saw him grimacing and then several turds hit the water in the pan in rapid succession with real loud loud plops. During this he also pissed while holding his dick into the bowl with his right hand. After the last turd had dropped, he started to wipe sitting down and it took several pieces of paper to get his butt clean. He then got up and flushed and washed his hands. On the way back to the exam venue, he was still sheepish looking and! I asked him why he did not take a dump before the exam. He said that he had tried, but nothing had come. He said that it was real embarrassing for him to take a dump with me watching so closely, but unknown to him I enjoyed every minute of it while doing my official duty! Look forward to hearing some more great stories from you guys. Take care, Justin

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
Hey, Everyone:

To Smart Aleck; as far as me and the people in my lif looking like celebrities: What can I say, bro? I guess that I'm just blessed like that, know what I mean?
Today, as soon as my girl and I got back from church, she immediately had to take a massive-crap. Especially, since we went out to eat, on the way-back. She ate one of those massive-burgers, from Chili's. I sat on the pot, first, even though I did not have to go, @ the time, and she unloaded, while sitting on my lap. We had to be-careful, so that her crap wouldn't hit my legs, on the way down. I was massaging her back, the whole-time, of course. She actually-climaxed, before it was all said and done. More, to come, later.



Lawn Dogs Kid
Like the new picture. Love the way she has tried to hide her pulled down panties under the folds of her dress, but you can just see the white edge !

NICOLE & SUZY: Had to have another massive wee soon after I got to Kendal's. Not surprising after two litres of coke ! Hope you enjoyed the experience ! Love Andrew xx.

Kendal and Kirsty both came in to watch, which raised high hopes of getting to see Kirsty later when she was ready to go. Neither of the girls was ready to go then, so they just watched me. I put on a fine show, smilar to the one I did just for Nicole and Suzy. Kirsty was apparantly impressed ! We were only able to do this together because we had been left on our own while Kendal's Dad and my Mum and Dad went down to the pub together, and they were not coming back until closing time ( 11pm ) ! So we had some fun playing some of Kendal's new christmas games.

It was Kendal who announced that she now needed a wee, and she looked at Kirsty, who looked at her, and then shyly at me, before saying "ok then" ! My goodness, my heart was beating so loudly, I swear that both the girls would have been able to hear it. As we got in the bathroom, I made a wee first, not that it mattered this time around, because I had become clearly excited, much to the girls amusement. Then my precious little princess, 11 yesterday, took her turn. She had on a beautiful dress her Mum had brought her for Christmas, typical Kendal, with a wildflower print. She hoisted it up and pulled down her panties a little further than normal, and then sat over the toilet, rather than purching on the edge of the seat. With the folds of her dress held high above her ????, her wee came out in cascades of sprinkles directly into the toilet water making a beautiful tinkling noise. When she had finished up, we both turned to Kirsty. She was very red, and I thought to mysel! f " she isn't ready for this, I can tell". But before I could say anything, she strolled boldly to the toilet, lifted up the dress she was wearing, a very striking sky blue colour which went beautifully with her rich dark red hair, and from under the protection of her dress material, she removed her panties downwards and sat down, spreading her dress back down her legs, which came to within three inches of her knees.

If she had been like Kendal, you would not have been able to see her panties, but as it was you could, because she had pulled them down until they were just and just beyond the curve of her knees. Kirsty was a very appealing sight sitting on the toilet ! I waited with baited breath for the first signs of her wee. She was still very red and didn't look at Kendal or me at all. She had been sat there for about 20 seconds when she suddenly stood up, pulled up her panties and rushed off saying she couldn't do this. I was horrified to have caused this upset to her, but Kendal went to find her in her bedroom and talked to her for a few minutes as I waited outside for an opportunity to apologise. When she did emerge, she had obviously been crying, but Kendal explained she was crying about letting me down, the silly girl ! Kendal told her I wouldn't mind one bit being asked not to stay, and I emphasised that fact by spontaneously reaching forward and giving Kirsty one of my famou! s hugs ! She was very surprised by that, but clearly pleased and comforted by it. She then told me herself that she wouldn't have had such a problem if it wasn't for the fact that she needs a big poo, and try as she did, she couldn't get her wee to come out without the feeling that she would poo at the same time, and she wasn't ready for me to see her poo yet ! I told her I fully understood, and said that I hoped she had a jolly good one, and without any further prolongings of the situation, I turned and headed down stairs. About half way down, it dawned on me that Kirsty would know how I sometimes stand outside to listen when Kendal goes and we can't go together because of the presence of an old. So I turned back and said "Oh yes, and you can go in complete peace of mind. I promise I won't sneak back again to listen outside !". Kendal's little face beamed her approval at what I had said, and Kirsty thanked me very much for being so understanding.

As I waited downstairs though, my mind was filled with images of kirsty sitting on the toilet ! I had had at least 20 seconds to form them from the view of the real thing, and I contented myself in imagining how she would take her poo !

When the girls came downstairs again around 10 minutes later, Kendal gave me a big hug and as it came to an end, she lifted her head up, resting her chin on my chest. Nothing was said. I could tell from her eyes and the expression on her face that this was because she was grateful to me for being so nice to her friend. And then I was surprised to get a hug back from Kirsty, albeit a short one, saying thanks once again, and promising that I could see her wee later.

Indeed that did happen, when all three of us were in the bathroom together preparing to go to bed ( Kendal will explain later ). Kirsty had changed into a black night shirt, and when she was ready to go, I turned so she could pull her panties down without revealing her privates to me from under the short shirt. When she was sat, she told me I could look, and far from being embarrassed, she looked pleased and was smiling at me as a strong torrent of wee suddenly shot into the toilet water, very remeniscent of the strong wee I do ! I took in this new view as well, of Kirsty sitting, with the front of her nightshirt tucked down between her legs protecting her modesty, but with the sides of her bottom clearly on show now, and her panties down to the same place just over her knees. When she had finished, I left for her to wipe in private.

But this was nothing to what happened later in the night. Kendal wants to take over the story now !

Shawn, there nothing wrong with you at all. You've just described the way quite a few of us guys here feel. Some straight guys can also have these aroused feelings at seeing/hearing another guy poop. And of course lots of gay guys get turned on by it too. You musn't get worried about it. I remember getting terribly excited sexually at seeing other boys piss and dump ever since I was about 1O years old when my younger brother and I used to watch each other go. Eventually (when I was about 13) I made a new friend, Paul, who used to let me watch him many times. He'd just invite me in the bathroom with him when he went. He's married now with 2 kids! So Shawn, you never know how these things go, just accept that you enjoy this and know you're not alone. You've got friends here. See you-- Daniel

Nicola your tale of your brother and his mate listening to your doing a motion certainly struck a chord as did Harvie's similar sory. I had a similar experience when I was about 14 when I visited a classmate of mine called Donald who had a sister called Frances who was then about 17 or so, a plain, ???? but jolly and good natured girl. Now while Donald and I were in his bedroom I heard her go into the toilet. As they lived in a council house with thin internal walls I could hear everything as Fran sat on the toilet and proceeded to drop a very large jobbie with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" I waited till she had finished and came out of the toilet and excusing myself went in. The smell of a solid motion hung in the air and looking in the pan I saw that, although she had pulled the flush , her fat knobbly turd was stuck in the bottom of the pan. It must have been about 10 inches long but really fat. I buddy dumped my own jobbie on top of it, one about the same length but not as fat.

Now you mentioned that you did a big jobbie yesterday and it was shaped like a letter J. You also said that it made no sound when it dropped into the pan so I think what must have happened was that it was so long that the start of it was touching the bottom of the pan as you were still doing it so it started to fold over and turn back on itself. I have seen this happen before and it has happened to me if I have had to do a really big turd in a small toilet pan, and it has happened to Theresa as well.

Someone asked about people all wanting to defecate at the same time. Now some of this is no doubt due to habit as if people eat their lunch at the same time then the gastro-colic reflex may well cause many of them to need a motion shortly afterwards. Just observe how heavily the toilets are used at work or school after lunch. Another reason may be caused by pheromones, the subtle scents that most animals, even humans, secrete and which can affect the response of others. Now these have been mostly written about in a sexual context but can affect other behaviour as well. Also, if running a tap in the bathroom can encourage someone to urinate then perhaps hearing the "kerplonks!" when someone else is defecating can excite the urge to have a bowel movement in the hearer, it certainly has for me ever since childhood, as has seeing a big solid jobbie that someone else has done lying in the pan, and unless I really do NOT need to go, having recently had a motion, I will often ge! t the urge and buddy dump a good solid poo on top of the one already there. Has anyone else had this experience?

Sunday, January 14, 2001

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