Shawn: My mom used to give me soap water enemas. I was not crazy about them. They were brutal. I sometimes suffered with constipatation when I was in elementary school. I could not wait for that nozzle to be pulled out of my rectum. I had hold that water until I could not take it no more. When I sat on the bowl, brown chunks and water would cascade out of my stomach for an hour. Then that was not the end. The remainder would stay with me for days. Then, I was in elementary school. I did not move my bowels in school session until 7th and 8th grade. I look back now, I never had an accident in school.

Carmalita: Welcome, it is so nice to be with you. Other women shitting turns me on, where I work, at the gym, movies, dep't stores, parks and playgrounds. At the job, some girls make more noise than others. I had after school jobs in h.s. and college. One female boss took a stall next to me while I was having a piss. She lifted her black dress and slip, then spread her legs to unfasten her stocking garter and lower her panties. When she sat, she farted like Mt. Vesuvius and then I heard these little snap, crackle plops. The day before she asked who the hell was making noise in the next stall. It was me evacuating my bowels. My jumper was on the stall door coat hook. I did not like to wrinkle my clothes. My slip was around my waist. I told her people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
I have no sis's or bro's, just cousins. Me and my girl cousins have PJ parties. We shit and stink up the bathroom the next morning.
See my other posts, much, much early.

Heather: I was once in your straits in elementary school. I found I made doo-doo in my bed while sleeping. Then, I went to the bathroom and could not make anymore. I went to bed and then barfed up. My mom came in to my room after the commotion. I was crying b/c I was frightened. I could not go to school. I sat in the toilet with my head between my legs. My stomach avalanched both ways. The vomiting stopped. Then for three days, I had diarreah. It got fun on the last day b/c I could read my comics while on the bowl.

Heather, God loves you.

Allie: that was rotten. I had a wheelchair classmate. She had polio. She took part in class activities. We girls and the teacher looked out for her, when she had to use the toilet. Our first day at school during indoor recess, Lisa was her name said she had to go. She climbed out her chair and hobbled to the toilet stall. She asked me to help her. I lifted her jumper dress and pulled her panties down. She thanked me and made two huge baseball sized pieces of doo-doo and urinated. I gave paper to wipe and helped her to stand and fix her clothes. We remained friends, then she moved away suddenly.

Yes I to pee on my floors in my house on purpose. I never pooped on the floor though, I dont wanna have to clean that up. Usually when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee I go in the corner of my room cause I dont wanna walk all the way to the bathroom.

Hey, I haven't posted in a REALLY long time, so I doubt any of you remember me, but I am 15 and my name is LINE. I have two stories to tell.

Recently when I was visiting my grandma in LA, she told me about something that had happened a few years back. She was in Hong Kong at a store buying a rug, and she desperately needed to poo. The people who owned the store took her into their home to use the bathroom. She sad the toilet was a little flat pan that one would have to squat over on the floor. She couldn't use it right, so she farted out diarrhea and got it all over the wall! She just kept doing it till she was done and the bathroom was covered in shit and then she ran out.

She also said that once while she was on a plane she needed to pee, so she ran to the bathroom, pulled down her pants and started to pee, and then saw some type of liquid flowing onto the floor, and realized that it was her pee, riccocheting off the toilet lid that she had forgotten to put up! Another woman was waiting outside, and my grandma said to her, Oh, don't use that bathroom,it's disguting and someone got urine everywhere!

Then we had to drive to her house really fast cuz she had to have diarrhea or something.

Well, that was my story. Last time I came here no one listened to me or cared what I had to say, and you probably don't know, either, but oh well

Sara T.
Marshall- Denzel look-alike? Lucky you! He's a cutie.

For Sofia-
Well, the only place I poop is in the toilet, but like you I do pee in other places. The other night my friend was in the shower and I had to pee really bad. So I grabbed an empty milk carton, peed in it, and poured it down the drain.

Olde Oak
Well, I'm back since my first post last night.
I had a thought on a particular health food that some of you might be interested in. It's called Tabooli, a salad of sorts.
It's made up of cracked whole wheat, being the main ingredient.
Just a few bites of this daily will certainly keep your bowels regular. The only side effect, is it will make you fart something awful. The wheat ferments in your intestines causing a lot of gas.
I certainly don't recommned it if you are working around the public a lot. My wife & I have eaten some pretty large portions of this, partly because of the health benefits and just to hear each other let go of some gargantuan gas expulsions. AND.....I mean, long, loud rippers that you would think would leave a black hole in your underwear.
If there is anyone out there that enjoys a really good fart, actually, it's not just one, because they keep coming on all the next day. But wow!! Does it feel good when you can let them go.
As I said in my first post, my wife & I have enjoyed each others bathroom games/habits with each other for years now.
I guess, that is still true love, when two people can enjoy these really intimate moments like this.
To give you an idea of just what Tabooli diet can do for your bowel, we have eaten some pretty good size portions and let me tell you, the next day you'd think that we had taken a laxative.
Since we both are morning crappers, we usually aren't out of bed too long before we can feel the movement starting down the poop shoot.
This is one of those shits that you don't have to push out of you.
All that's necessary is to squat and spread your cheeks, and it's starting to slide out immedietly. The crap is semi-soft to slightly mushy and is a thrill to feel it passing out of your butt.
My wife now tells me that when she is shitting that she feels that she has almost climaxed when I watch her.
Another little story, from a number of years ago.
One afternoon my wife had gone off to the store to do some shopping.
Later, she comes wheeling into the driveway quite quickly and into the garage(I'm in the garage working) She barely gets the car stopped and out she comes.
She said to close the automatic garage door quickly! As the door started to come down she's pulling down her pants & squats beside the car and out comes a loud fart, starts peeing and then begins a huge shit that is sliding out of her onto the floor of the garage.
I said to her, "is this for my benefit or what?"
She said that it suddenly hit her while she was walking from the Mall to the car and knew if she could only get home she would have it made. Either way, for my benefit or not, I was quite turned on by the whole scene. As per usual, she went into the bathroom where I cleaned her up. Then went back into the garage to clean up her load off the floor & dispose of it.
She doesn't like going out in public restrooms. She has told me many times that she would rather shit in the outdoors than sit on public toilets. Being the outdoor people that we are, we both go outside fairly frequently.
When we take our little nature walks on our property in the nude, she thought that she would surprise me once. She was walking a little ahead of me one morning, when she started to shit while she walked.
I asked her if she couldn't hold it in till she squatted, and she just said she wanted to see if it was possible to shit while walking.
It looked really weird seeing crap come from between her cheeks(it was a soft turd)while still casually walking.
As usual, another turn-on!
Also, speaking of leaving your shit where others can see it, she on occasion said that it gives her a rush when she's purposely left her load where others, especially a man can see it, besides myself.
One particular incidente comes to mind last year, in the Spring we always go to the Nursery to buy flowers, plantings, and such for around the house each year.
On this particular weekend we got out of the house pretty early.
Neither one of us had our morning BM yet.
As we were walking through the Nursery, she said that her rear was feeling full, and she would be needing to go real soon.
There were a good number of customers around the Nursery that morning, not counting the staff that works there.
We walked over to an area where they had a lot of trees in huge containers, almost like a mini forest.
Fortunately for her she was wearing a sun dress. She told me to keep a look out for her. She quickly removed her panties, stuffed them in her purse. Then casually walked around. In the meantime I was keeping an eye out for others in the area. When I said, I think the coast is clear, she pulled up the back of her dress and sat down on the edge of the tree container. I stepped behind her to get an eyeful and provide lookout. Her dress was barely above her crack but could see as her butthole started to protrude and out snaked a very large and long turd from her rear end. The smell of her shit wafted in the air pretty good. She whispered that she would clean herself later and got up letting her dress drop down again in back.
We both quickly walked from the area and started to look around else where in the Nursery. She picked out some ground cover and flowers and left them on a cart. When one of the staff, a young guy walked by she said that she wanted to have him give her some prices on the trees that they had. We both followed him as he walked us back to where she had made her "deposit" earlier. She purposely went toward the tree container where she had shit. She asked the guy how much they were asking for that tree, when he walked up by the container and saw her load of shit, he said Uh Oh, looks like someone couldn't hold it. He kinda half smiled, told her the price and said that the fertilzer was free. We all three laughed. She thanked him and we paid for our purchase and loaded it in the car. When she got in the car, I asked her how she felt about what she had done.
She said that it had given her a rush and made her wet from this cute guy seeing something that had came out of her.
I kidded her and said that she was going to become the next Phantom Shitter. She gave me her little wicked smile.
Well.....didn't mean to make a novel out of this, but wanted to share some more of our little stories with the group.
Naturally, a little feed back would be interesting on others experiences.

Hello again!
I posted a few days ago, but that one didn't make it.

(The junior members of our community might have more of a clue who I'm talking about here)

I commented on adding someone to my list of people I'd like to watch on the toilet. Without naming people or companies it was the rollerblading girl from a UK TV advert for an unwanted present exchanging service.

I've been sorting through my collection of movies over the past few days and noticed that one young actor (Michael Galeota) was involved in pee scenes in two of them:

In "Clubhouse Detectives" he is in the bathroom, standing to pee in the toilet. Looking through the window he sees something happening next door. As he leans over to get a better look, we see the stream go astray, up the wall and all over the toilet roll holder.

In "Bushwhacked" he is one of the group of scouts standing and peeing over the edge of a cliff. Far below, the bogus FBI guy remarks on the "nice cooling mist from the waterfall" or something like that. The scout leader politely informs him that it isn't a waterfall.... He looks up to see the group peeing!

Incidentally, I have a signed photo of Michael, but I got that before I saw the movies.

I'd like a bit of advice on foods which result in slightly drier, firmer poos than I'm having at the moment. It's just for convenience really, being easier to clean up when out in the middle of nowhere.

Si :)

Linda-- How ya doing sweetie? Last we heard from you, you hadn't pooped for a while and thought you were going to have a hard time of it, what happened?

Elena- Hows the pregnncy going? Any good poop stories yet?

New Girls-- I started out lilfe as a VERY constipated kid. Do you
all remember much about learnig how to poop in the potty? I remember my Mom teaching me to "push" and "bear down"-- JW

TO Shannon-Love your stories,i would enjoy pooing with you also-I like a girl who is uninhibited and lets it all hang out like you-pooing and farting and enjoying it all!
TO CARMELITA-Too bad you are so far away-it would be soo much fun you and I pooing together out in the woods on a nice summer day when we both gotta go bad!I truelly like your stories a lot-Somtimes when I'm reading them i am on the bowl letting out my morning stuff-wish you were here!Love the story with you and renee-super stuff!keep 'em coming!
TO OLDE OAK-Hey i really enjoyed your story a lot-consider yourself lucky to have a lady like that!I think it's great!kudos 'ol oak!More stuff!-she sounds like s great dumperyou lucky guy!Loved the way you told the story!
Ever since my big dump I took at the gym the other day,my poos have been pretty non-eventful-I've been just reading all your posts and holding it in and then i go in and sit on the bowl and i do a fart followed by a skinny turd about 8 in long and then i'm done-I guess it's that cycle thing-i'm sure i'll go back to normal in a few days-not much to report-love all your stories all-I posted the other day but it didn't get on-don't know why-think it was wed or thurs (Jan 10 or 11) I don't think i said anything strange-Oh well BYE

It happened to my father once when we were gathering gulls eggs.A gull dive bombed him and got a direct hit.He had to leave it for about an hour before we got home and it stunk!

Undin the Greek
Kim thanx a lot for your impresssive story. I hope you keep your promisse to honor our toilets in Athens when you come...

Unfortunately I lately work a lot here in Devon and I don't have time to write often. Some days ago I had a talk with my friend-the cleaner of the public toilets in National Garden, in Athens and told me that weather is quite bad but the previous weekend was very lovely so he saw lots of tourists having their pleasant walk and using the toilets. He saw a big log in one of the ladies stall. It was not that long (about 8") but very very hard that was impossible to break it and flush it down using buckets of water so he fished it out with a small piece of wood and threw it outside on the soil so that it can be a fertiliser!!!!

Many greetings to all the pooping ladies Nicola, Anne, Moira, Melissa, Malita and others I forgot to mention

Mike D.
I haven't posted for a long but I finally have a poop story that is worth posting. Last night was the best crap I have had in the two months. Lately my pooping sessions have produced turds of only meager proportions so last night I was expecting more of the same. I usually poop once a day right after work and yesterday was no exception. I came home, went straight for the bathroom, locked the door, and parked myself on the toilet for what seemed to be another uneventful crap. About ten seconds after I sat down, the first poop began making its way out. At first it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary but I noticed that it just kept coming and coming. I looked into the bowl and noticed the tip was already touching the water; however, the turd was still coming out me with no end in sight. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the turd finally broke off and dropped into the bowl. I then pushed out another six truds and was finished. Before I started wiping, I took a peek in th! e bowl and was shocked at what I saw. That first log I passed was a good 20-incher --Nicola and Kim, if you girls are reading this, you should be proud of me as this a rare event for me. The other six pieces were about 3 inches long, making this largest poop session that i have had in months. After all was said and done, I felt about five pounds lighter. I hope I start dumping this more often because it makes me feel good.

To Carmelita: I love your poop stories as they are very descriptive.
I would really love to hear more of them. I read in one of your posts that you live in the Pacific Northwest. Well, so do I. Do you live in the Portland area? If so, maybe we will bump into each other sometime. I have been for a female "buddy-dump" partner for ages and I would love meet you sometime. Until my next post, happy pooping.

Billy L.
AN. asked me what happened to my friend Paul when he wsa staying with us. Well, he woke up 2 or 3 tiems to make poop (well at least I hard him 2 or 3 times). He said ti was not diarrhe, but kind of soft. He also said he did not feel well. About 4 in the morning he woke up again. He felt sick to his stomach and started to cry. I woke up when I heard him start crying. I asked what was wrong, and he said he did not feel good. I said, do you want me to get mom? He said, no I am going to be ok. Then about minute later, all of a sudden, I heard hid him puke. Then he started to cry again. When I went over to him, he siad he filled his PJs with poop. I helped him to the bathroom. He threw up again. I do not think he pooped again, because i did hear any crackling sounds. Then I got mom. He poops in front of her in our house when he comes visit (he leaves the door open when he poops, even if she is cleaning the hall), but he did not want her in the bathroom. I guess he was embarassed b! ecause he pooped his pants. He said I can help, so I got him to the tub, cleaned up his butt and weinie and nad sack (the poop moved around a lot), and then had him take a shower. While he was taking a shower, I had to make poops. She changed the bed while we did this.

Unfortuantely, in the morning I had to poop twice. In the afternoon, I had to poop a lot. At breakfast and lunch I did not eat much. Paul was feeling better, but my mom would not let us go far or go in the pool. In the afternoon I had to poop like 7 times, the last 3 were like brown water. At dinner I did not at all. The next day I did not poop at all. But Paul and me were feeling fine. She made us stay inside. After we both ate a ton of food for lunch, she let us go out and play soccer. The next morning was Sunday. At church, I had to poop during the sermon. My little brother and Paul both had to go too. My little brother had diarrhea. Paul made a large normal log and three small logs. My poop was a small white log, followed by a big brown large log and four regaular logs. We went out to breakfast. I asked my mom why my poop was white while we were eating. She said that my poop white because the first part was mucus. SHe explained that when my ???? is upset, sometimes I! make a lot of mucus and it comes out with my poop. This talk seemed not to bother anyone at our table, but there was an old coouple at the next table who seemed to eating about this time. I guess they did not like our talk. After breakfast, they came over and said to my mom that we should not talk about poop at breakfast. I said that poop is a part of life and it is no big deal. The guy got red, turned around and walked away. His wife said, sorry about that. He is like an old prune.

Harvie, your story of listening to your mate's sister doing a nice big poo and then seeing it afterwards reminds me of a similar incident where I was in the position of the sister.

This was when I was about 19 I suppose and still living at home. My young brother then 17 and his mate were in his bedroom working on a project for their A Levels. I had been doing some work in the garden and was going to the bathroom both to shower and wash my hair and firstly to do a very large motion I had been needing for a couple of hours but had held it in as I wanted my weeding and planting done before the impending rain and as I knew I was quite safe with the toilet being near at hand.

When I got upstairs the two lads were in my brother's bedroom with the door open. I popped my head round the door and said in a matter of fact way "If you lads want the bathroom you'd better go now, Im going for a poo then I'll be having a shower and washing my hair" Both said they were okey so I went into the toilet. Now in my parents' house the bathroom was between my bedroom and my brother's with my parents's far larger bedroom at the opposite side of the house. Entering the toilet I slipped off my clothes and before getting into the shower sat on the toilet pan. I farted a couple of times and I heard giggles from my brother's room so I knew the two of them were listening to me. Now this didnt bother me one as readers know I have always been open about such matters and had my brother been alone he would have been welcome to come in to the toilet with me if he had wanted, but I didnt feel it right to extend this to his mate who I didnt really know. I decided to give the! m a virtuoso performance. I did my wee wee, as usual a loud hissing piss, which loudly tinkled into the pan. I then felt the jobbie start to come dowm It WAS a big fat solid one as I knew it would be and I didnt have to fake the NNN! and UH! sounds I made as I pushed it slowly out of my back passage. It was one of those fat firm turds what come out a few inches at a time in jerks as you push. I knew they were listening and I heard my brother's mate say "Cor it must be a big one, listen to her trying hard!" My brother replied "Shush! she'll hear you!" I had to stiffle a laugh but I could then feel the jobbie start to taper to an end and with a final OO! I expelled it into the pan with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" I gave a long AHH! then got off the pan, had a look at the fat knobbly jobbie, a big fat log with a tapered end of about 14 inches long. I left the toilet unflushed, it stuck anyway when the flush was pulled, and had my shower and washed my hair. After 15 further minut! es I dried myself, changed into clean bra and panties and came out. I looked round the door again and told the lads, "If you need it the bathroom is free now" and went to my bedroom to put on a clean top and skirt. I was no sooner in there when I heard the two lads go into the toilet. "WOW! look at the size of that turd! Was she constipated?" my brother's friend exclaimed. He replied, "I told you she did huge jobbies , no she's always doing them that size, she isnt constipated" I had a giggle to myself I have to admit. Any other girl or woman deliberately left her poo for some man or boy to see.

Yesterday I did a funny shaped jobbie. I went to the toilet at the Leisure Centre and passed an easy but nice solid jobbie, a big long fat smooth poo which just slid out easily and made no sound when it went into the pan. On looking down the pan I saw that the big jobbie was shaped like a letter "J" with the end turned round. I cant think why it was that shape, any ideas from the experts out there?

Hi again everyone. One time when I was in 2nd grade I was really backed up, I hadn't been able to go for 4 days and my mom said if I didn't go by Sunday of that weekend she was taking me to the doctor on Monday. Early in the morning on Friday when our teacher gave us a bathroom break I tried to poop but I couldn't. When I went back to class I was ok other than my stomach hurting a bit. Every once in a while I would push a little bit to see if I could get the poop loosened up but it wouldnít move. When we got our afternoon bathroom break I tried once again to poop but I still couldnít. When I went back to class I was really frustrated because I didnít want to have to go to the doctor but I was afraid something might really be wrong. When we got back to class the teacher explained how to do our math assignment and then told us which problems we had to do. I started working on my assignment even though my mind wasnít completely on the problems I was to be working on. After workin! g for about 10 minutes I started pushing again trying to loosen it up, after doing that for a few minutes I decided to push really hard to see if that would help, so I put my hands on the wheels of my wheelchair, raised my butt up off the seat a little bit and pushed as hard as I could but it still didnít move so I kept doing it. After about 45 seconds I decided it wasnít going to work so I stopped, but as soon as I stopped the poop shot out and landed into the seat of my panties. I was in shock. I hadnít expected this. As soon as I recovered enough to do anything I raised my hand and motioned for the teacher to come over to my desk. I whispered to her what had happened and she told me to go to the PI room (itís the room where all the teachers assigned to only the handicapped kids are.) and have them help me. I wheeled myself down to the PI room and told them that I had an accident and needed to be changed, one of the teachers pushed me into the handicapped bathroom and lifted! me up onto this mat they had. She pulled down my pants, then took my leg braces off so she wouldnít get poop on them, then she took my panties off and dumped the poop in the toilet. Then she put my dirty underwear in a plastic bag and closed it with a twist tie. She raised my legs and wiped me with baby wipes. Then she left for a minute to get me some clean panties from the extra close stash they had. She redressed me and gave me a choice of either calling my mom and going home or going back to class. I decided to go home because I didnít feel like going back to class because I was sure everyone knew what happened.

Lawn Dogs Kid
NICOLE & SUZY: Especially for you, I drank a two litre bottle of coke. Made for some great burps and farts ! But that wasn't the point. I was determined to be full so that I would be able to have a massive wee for you both this afternoon before I go to Kendal's later. I felt the need for a wee coming on quite quick, but I held it all in. However, as you can imagine, 2 litres is a pretty large load, so I transferred myself upstairs to be near the toilet, so that when I knew I couldn't hold it any longer, I could make a quick dash ! I took my trousers off as well and just sat around in my undies, ( orange, LINDA !! ). Eventually, it was hurting so much that I had to go. I rushed to the bog ( seeing as Suzy likes that word ! ) and got my willie out of my undies. However, it hurt so much now, I couldn't get to wee for fully 10 seconds. When it did start, it was still hurting. I took a sharp intake of breath and held it as the wee began snaking out my willie onto the right h! and side of the toilet, as the pain quickly eased, I let my breath out again, and made relieving sounds "Ahhhhhhhhhh, thats good !", and "mmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh" ! I then directed my willie so that I was weeing all around the edge of the water in the bowl, making that fizzing noise I've described before ! Then I pointed it directly at the water, and pushed really hard, making a powerful splashing, some of which actually splashed up onto the rim of the toilet ! Then I rested the pushing and let it come out normal, waving my willie around so that it made intermitent splashes in the water, and splatterings on the bowl. As it came to an end, I spurted out the last drops in three goes, and then waggled my willie to shake off the last remnents. Then I grabbed one sheet of toilet paper, and dabbed the end of my willie to make sure it was completely dry. How was that girls ? Enough detail for you ? Look forward to hearing about your next wees together ! Lots of love from A! ndrew xxx

Saturday, January 13, 2001

Smart Aleck
To Marshall (Denzel lookalike):
Does everyone in your life look like a celebrity?

The other day I was in the can at work and one of the top managers came in. He went straight for a stall, sat down, and emitted a long, strong string of dry-sounding farts. I like the fact that men can do that in the restroom and not be embarrassed.

I was on my way back from vacation on Tuesday nd had to go through Franfurt Ger. On the way there, I got up to go pee. It was after lunch so all of the restrooms were full, so I had to wait. As I was waiting, a young women in her early twenties, come up to the restrooms. She asked me if all of the restrooms were full, I said yes. By her accent I could tell that she was German. So we waited about 5 minutes, and I could tell that she was uncomfortable. She kept moving around and finally the other person came out. I told her to go ahead of me, and the great fully thanked me. She rushes in and shuts the door. After a couple of seconds, I hear her fart, and an explosion of crap, and her grunting several times. I was like wow. I hear flush the toilet once, then she grunts again and another explosion. She come out after a couple of minutes, and thanked me again.

To Lindsey S Ė Hi Lindsey, yes I know exactly how you feel. I also hold my poo for as long as I can during the day. Sometimes I have to let it come out at college but many times I will hold it until I get back to the apartment. When I was at school at about age 10, I remember walking home once and realized I was not going to make it without an accident. Luckily our development was still under construction so there was still a large area of bushes and trees just off the sidewalk. By the time I had found a spot that seemed suitably secluded and I had hitched up my skirt and pulled down my panties things were getting pretty desperate. I started to pee furiously and almost immediately I felt my poo starting to open my ring. It took what seemed like an age to come out, but the one thing I remember was the wonderful feeling of relief after it fell to the ground. But much more embarrassing was the total accident I had going to my summer job at the mall one morning about 18 m! onths ago. I knew I needed to go but I thought I could hold my poo in until I got to the shop. I was Sooooo! Wrong! I tried to make it from the parking lot but part way across I just couldnít hold it any more. So there I was with my legs crossed standing for all to see as my panties slowly filled in spite of everything I tried to do to hold it back. After it had all come out, it took me an age to get to the store because I was afraid to take anything more than very slow small steps. Luckily it was my turn to open the shop that day so I had the bathroom and toilet to myself and I was able to clean up in private. My panties and pantyhose were in such a mess I put them in a bag and threw them in the dumpster. Luckily my dress wasnít stained so at least I was able to go out and get fresh underwear at one of the other sores. I was only 18 at the time so I really do know how you feel. I love you Lindsey Ė lots of hugs and kisses from Melissa.
To DM Ė Itís nice to see Iím not alone with poops that stop part way. Iíve never understood why a poop which seemed so insistent on coming out one minute would want to stop part way. What usually happens with me is that the tip just comes out an inch or two and then it stops. So now I canít squeeze it back in and I just have to sit there with it sticking out until it decides to move again. I must confess that I love the sensation of it holding open my ring and I donít like to push, so I often end up waiting anything from five to twenty minutes before being able to finish. Whatís more, the two girls I share my apartment with at college are always kidding and making comments about the time I take in the toilet. Love Melissa.

I love going to the bathroom in my pants and outside, pretty much anywhere but the toilet. Can anyone tell me what they think about pooping and peeing in your house, on the floors, on purpose? I do it all the time. I love to do it too!

Stephanie S.: I went to judo school from 5th grade thru high school. I was the only girl kid in a class of men, boys and adult women. There was this 21 y/o girl, Irma in the class. We had a locker room with a shower and two toilets, no doors or stalls. I used to urinate or make #2 before at home before class. Well, after class I had to move my bowels. I sat, lowered my white uniform pants and white panties to my ankles. I squeezed out 7 huge chunks of yellow doo-doo. They were big as hard baseballs. I was barely nine.

Then my pal, Irma walked in. Innocent little black me told her I was making doo-doo. She took the bowl on my left and lowered her gym slacks and white panties to her ankles and took off her jacket exposing her black bra. When she sat, immediately she urinated, along with an avalanche of loose doo-doo. I mean her bowels released like a mud slide for three minutes. The toilet room smelled. I sat with my chin in my hands, while my pal sat with her abdomen in her arms. She said, she went everyday at the same time. I told her I did not like to use the school toilet. As we talked, I was straining to evacuate the last four baseballs, while Irma was making were watery farts in succession.

We talked about our toilet habits and we became close friends. We reached for our own rolls of paper. We were rolling and wiping constantly. I said to her, "you had diarreah." She smiled as we washed our hands and rubbed her hands in my hair.

back in the old days, I worked at a office where everyone was Asian like moi. One day they decided to go and get iced coffee and bring it back to the office. They even got some for me...all with half and half in it. The boss told me that if I didn't drink milk I could give it to X. Back then it didn't affect me as much so I drank it...not long after I wonder what happened to X (a fairly attractive older Asian woman). She had finished most her coffee milk but nowhere to be found.

I suspected what was up and asked someone. I was told "well, you know..." (Yeah we all knew, so's not like no one in the office ever had to dump in public).

Sure enough she was in the office's only bathroom. I had to piss so I had to enter the bathroom after her and it was like some perfume mixed with the smell of her BM. that was not bad--it kinda turns me on--you know she was trying to mask it...the bad part was that i was hurting from having to hold in a very long piss...

I only worked there a short might have happened once more. I have since become just as LI as she might have been...oh well...


Sandra- Managed to put my name at the top today! I do like to hear about your pooing outside. Still haven't had the guts to do that yet, I'm coming round to the idea though. So your a usual lunchtime pooper then? same as me. I always get the urge to go at around 1 p.m or a bit later in the afternoon, no matter whether i'm flying or in the office. It is far easier to be like that when i'm in the office.

Went for a pee in the office toilets today at about 11.00am, there were 3 stalls taken up and all were pooing. I could quite clearly hear all the plops and farts, nobody seemed to care. I quickly finished what i was doing and as i was leaving two of the stalls emptied and 2 of our hostesses came out, the other was still having a poo. However, they did not seem to know each other and quietly washed and left.

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