Good evening everybody! Thank you guys for sharing your intimate dump stories here! I get really excited thinking about a man sitting on the toilet taking a big one. Forgive me if I sound bad!

Traveling Man: Thank you for sharing your poop stories with me. I have to tell you that it made me really hot! (I read it twice! lucky Jessica!!!) If it was me, I'd sneak up and listen at the door, and listen to your plops, and try to picture them sliding out while you grunted. How lucky your neighbor was. If it was me, I'd of sniffed until you confessed what you did while looking into my dark eyes. You did a good stinky one too! I know all about that! I polluted the ladies room at work today!

Buzzy: Thanks for all you say! I like you a lot. I'm from the Pacific Northwest since you asked. Phone pooping sounds fun, but I'd rather be with you in person so I could hear every massive plop you drop. Only leave the mexican food out. I'll do monster dumps if I eat maybe a steak and baked potato, and a lot of fruit. Also, fish and chips for some reason really gives me fat ass turds! I'm still waiting for some guy to poop for me, though a few brave souls have tried in the past, but they get nervous. What's wrong wth guys anywya? Why are they so scared to poop in front of a woman?. I'm not going to see anything I haven't seen before.

DM: I'm so sorry that I forgot you sweetie! You said hi, to me, and I forgot to say hi back! Please don't be mad at me. I'll do an especially big one for you tonight, I can feel a long, and hard one inside of me waiting for later. I'm going to drink some beer tonight, and it'll come out nice and long!. I also just farted something really evil!!!

Do any other girls get turned on listening to other girls in the ladies room? I was with Renee at her house last night when she had to take a dump. So, I went in to talk to her while she crapped. Before I go on, I should describe Renee to you. She’s very cute, with long naturally blonde hair, and a face full of freckles! She’s a year younger than me, I’m 22, she’s 21. She pulled her panties down and sat, and let out a big fart. Then I heard a “thhhhhhhppppppp” lots of gas. She grunted hard, but nothing. Then she got upset because she couldn't squeeze out a turd. So, I got down on my knees next to her, and started gently rubbing her leg, and reached around behind her to scratch her butt softly with my fingernails. She loves it when I do that. I have small hands, and can reach easily as she leans forward giving me her cheeks. I scratched, and rubbed for about five minutes, whispering to her to “C'mon, make some poop, make a pile, c'mon….” She also loves it when I! whisper. Then it started to come out, I could hear it crackling like a wet sausage. A big, brown log pushed out, and it just kept on coming! Then it stuck, and it hurt. I took some paper, reached down, and broke it off for her. I could feel it through the paper, it was really warm, and soft. The rest slid out easy in a big smelly chunk. I looked down, and her poop was enormous! Then, without warning, she squeezed out about five more good sized plops. It was really beginning to stink good. See? It’s not always me after all! She got really embarrassed to a point whre I almost couldn't see her freckles anymore! She says "Can you smell it?" and I just nodded. I asked her if she’d like a wipe, and she nodded. She pulled off paper, and handed to me, while I wiped her. It took 6 times. I sprayed lysol after. That’s all I can talk about here!

Hi guys. I'm new here, in case you didn't recognize me. The other day I was in my apartment alone and I had to pee and do poop. So I thought, why not do it in my pants and on the floor? So I went into the kitchen, and after a minute I could feel my bladder starting to let go. Pee started to come out in my underwear, and then running down my leg and onto the linolium. I could then feel my poop coming out. I let down my pants a little, so that the poop would have enough room in my underwear (cause I could tell it was going to be a big one) So I startes to push, and pretty soon a log started to come out. When it landed in my pants I got a good look at it. About 5 inches long and pretty thick too. I thought I was done so I pulled up my pants, and went to the bathroom to change and wash up. A half hour later when sitting to read my book I could feel my bowels opening again. So I just stayed seated, and let the poop out in my pants.

Heather - Hi, I'm 11 years old too and I'm in a wheelchair because I have Cerebral Palsy. I thought you might like to hear a story of mine.

When I was in kindergarten (5 years old I think) I had this really mean teacher. I told her I had to poop and she took me in the handicapped bathroom at my shool. I was having trouble going and couldn't get it to come out. After about 10 minutes she came in and took me off the toilet and pulled my pants up. I told her I wasn't done but she said "Yes you are." and took me back to class. I was fine for a few minutes but after about 10 minutes it became an emergency. I was so mad at my teacher, this was her fault. Almost immediatly I felt it start moving, I tried to hold it but once I felt the tip touch my panties I knew it was too late so I just relaxed and let go. It was pretty solid so it all stayed in my panties. This kid smelled it and everyone laughed. I got so embarrassed that I accidentally peed my pants too. The teacher made me sit in the corner like that for the rest of the day (like an hour). I told me mom when I got home and my mom came to the school and yelled at! her, hehe.

Mind my asking why you're in a wheelchair? Hope to hear another story from you soon.

Anyway, I'll post again soon.


Awesome posts guys! I love to hear about poop incidents. I am a little shy to post some of my experiences. Maybe I will soon! Keep those stories coming. Is it really safe to give yourself an enema with soapy water?

Hi guys, this is my first posting here. I'd like to relate to an incident which occured about a year ago and involved my best mate's sister.We were in his room, listening to the radio.His sister was in the shower {she is 17 and drop dead goergeous} and, because the volume was low we heard her get out of the shower and plonk down hard on the toilet.We were naturally interested and listened. She started to groan, and LOUD. Suddenly she let loose a ripe fart, a real arse-ripper. After much farting, and SEVEN minutes later we heard a gargantuan turd hit the water. She got up, WITHOUT WIPING and dressed. She walked out and saw us sat there and gave us a glare that would split rocks and walked away. We went in and it smelled RANCID. There wa a turd in there about afoot long and really wide.My mate sid to his knowledge she had been constipated for over a week. We just went back to his room and laughed.

To Stephanie S.

Could you animate more of your farts please...?

Olde Oak
Hello to everyone out there,....!
I've been lurking on this site since I accidently discovered it a while back. I never in my wildest dreams thought that there were others that had such an interest in "toilet matters".
I have been married for about 30 years, so....I guess that's why I'll just call myself "Olde Oak".
In my early years of just being freshly married, I always had a desire to watch my wife have a bowel movement. When we were dating she would accidently fart sometimes and act somewhat embarrassed.
After marriage she would go in the bathroom and always close the door. I liked to try to listen in whenever possible.
I finally got the courage and asked her if I could watch her when she took a crap. At that time, back then, she was quite reluctant, but went along with my desire to watch her.
Finally, after a year or so, if she got up before me to go to work and didn't have the chance to "do a show for me" she would just not flush the pot and leave her logs in the pot for me to see later.
This was always a turn on for me, and was her little way of showing that she cared by doing this.
After many years of togetherness, we are both very open about our bathroom habits. Since she knows that it's a definite turn-on for me she will now let me know when her bowels are on the move, by saying that she feels "pressure" in her rear end, or on occasion she will mention that she has a log sittiing at her "back door".
She knows that this can get me aroused, and I will follow her into the bathroom to watch the show.
Speaking of close calls or accidents, there was a time one Sunday morning when she was cooking breakfast standing by the stove, she didn't make any mention that she had to go to the bathroom badly.
She was wearing a short nigtgown which hung just below the cheeks of her butt. I am reading the Sunday paper at this time, drinking my coffee. Suddenly, I heard her groan and she turned to me and said in a rushed voice, honey bring me a section of the newspaper, I can't wait for the bathroom. I hurriedly got up and brought over a section of paper. Just as I was starting to place it on the floor she spread both of her cheeks, while I'm still holding the paper under her butt and she starts taking a huge crap. I said, wow, you WERE loaded!!
She told me to keep holding the paper under her rear while she pushed out the rest of her load. I am NOT kidding, the newspaper now felt like it weighed in at 2 or more pounds.
She asked me to clean her up(while still in the kitchen)she didn't want to get her hands dirty while in the middle of breakfast making.
While we were eating breakfast, she looked across the table at me and said that she hoped that she didn't gross me out, being in the kitchen and all. But that I was very kind to take care of her during her time of need.
During our years of marriage we have both made little games of our having to take a crap.
We were in a Mexican Restaurant(an all you can eat) and she went back
for a huge second portion. I remember saying to her that she was really very hungry tonight.
As she sat eating, she looked at me and winked, then said I'm loading up so that I can give you a really good show tomorrow, and give you something to look forward to.
Good grief.......when she said that I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas day to arrive.
The next morning, I bounced out of bed, made the coffee, to really get things "moving" for her.
She is normally a "morning person" with her BM's. After two cups of coffee she still hadn't said anything to me and the tension was starting to build in me.
She finally suggested that we go for a walk. We live on 10 acres of wooded land, so we have our own "nature trails" that we like to walk.
In fact there are times that we will go nature walking in the nude, carrying our clothes with us just in case.
She was still wearing her bathrobe as we walked down the trail. We had walked for about 15 minutes or so when she said, "nature calls" and she had to shit pretty bad.
I asked her why it had taken her so long for her to go this morning, and she said that she really had to go over an hour ago, but that she had been holding it in and wanted the "timing" to be right.
She took her bathrobe off, hooked it over a limb, and then turned her back to me and bent over spreading her cheeks.
No more had she spread her cheeks of her butt, that I could see her hole was already dilated open and see the turd still inside of her.
She said that she wanted to really enjoy this one and she let her muscles of her rectum relax, and without hardly pushing the turd started to slowly emerge from her. She let maybe 2 or 3 inches just hang there for a few seconds before the rest started to move out of her rear. I must say that this was the sexiest dump that she had ever given in all our years together. As it flopped to the ground, I looked at it and she turned around to see what she had done.
It had to have been 16" to 18" in length. She even admitted that she had made a prize that she was proud to show off. To bad it couldn't have been saved for posterity.
As usual, when she does a show for me, the agreement is for me to clean her up. Since she didn't bring any toilet paper with her, she just put her robe back on and walked back to the house.
I always enjoy cleaning up her tail end after she gone for me. leads to some very exciting sex also.
Whenever I'm taking a shower and she is taking a morning shit, she'll now just get up off the pot and stick her butt in the shower stall and I will wash her up. So, you see, it benefits us both.
I hope that I haven't bored all of you on my ramblings, but just wanted to finally share some of our little habits & games that we do together.
I would like to know how many other couples, married or not, that share some of their bathroom habits with each other. And get a kick out it as well. Perhaps there would be fewer divorces if couple shared such intimate things with each other.
I could go on further, but have made this much too long as it is.
Thanks for giving me the space to share. Let me know what you all think. Till another session.....

Hi, everyone!

Kim: Thanks for your continuing support and encouragement! I love your very descriptive stories, and your last one was another winner!
Very daring! I wish I could have been that employee that walked in just at the right time... I've NEVER seen anything close to a 18-incher... I think it would take my breath away! Well, at least I can fantasize about it...

Hi All

Just like to clarify and to avoid any confusion, that I am the Chris who recently posted about my enema fun amongst other things, and not the Chris who woke up with the turd in bed. I guess I forgot to add the 1(UK). I know there has been confusion with same named posters in the past. Maybe I should change my name to "Enema Guy"!
Also to TONY from Scotland. I enjoyed your post about your dumps in the snow with George, Moira and your wife. I would have loved to have come across the four of you all squatting together dropping your loads. I bet it was a sight to behold!!

Marshall (Denzel lookalike)
I am a 26 year-old Black Man, by the name of Marshall,and I am often-mistaken, for Denzel Washington. Albeit, a younger-version. And my lady, is Lisa, a 19 year-old White woman, who is half German, and half American-White, who is often-mistaken, for Renee Zellweger, Jim Carrey's ex. I'm telling you all this, in case any of you cared. But, back to the story: Lisa was telling me, about how her and her friend, Monica, a 19 year-old Latina who looks like Penelope Cruz, were in the women's restroom, of the health club, that all of us go to. Of course, they were both "going number 2". I was @ work that night, and it's not like I would be able to go into the bathroom w/ them, even if I wanted to. Unless I didn't mind risking being-arrested/sued for it. By other-women, who happened to be in there, of course. I know that Neither Lisa, or Monica would sue me. @ least, I know that Lisa wouldn't. She is quite-unihibited about it, and she and I hav! e a good 'ol time, when it comes to pooping-together! I just wish that I could have been w/ the two of them, that night, in that health club women's-restroom! God, I wish that that club had a unisex-restroom, so I could share this experience w/ the two of them together! What fun that would be! She told me all about it, after I came home from work. She told me, to rub it in, how she was conversing w/ Monica, that she was pretty-sure, that the load that she was pooping-out, @ that point in time, was the dinner that I we had shared, @ Bennigan's, a couple of nights ago. The one that I had paid-for! She asked Monica, where she thinks her's came from, and she thought that it was the pizza that she had shared w/ her roommate, a couple of nights ago. She says that both of them took about ten-minutes, and, really, stunk the place out! She says that her's came out exceptionally-easily, because of the salad that she had, as an appetizer. Needless to say, that we had great-sex, after she told me all this. Man, did her story turn me on! I want all of you to help me pray, that this place gets a unisex-restroom installed. That's all that I want, for Christmas 2001! I will try to keep all of you posted, of the latest goings-on, especially toilet goings-on, in the lives of Lisa and I.



Traveling Guy (a.k.a. Traveler)
SANDRA - I admire you for pooing in the street between parked cars, even in a quiet, suburban neighborhood. It would be my luck that the owner of the rear car would decide to leave, turn on the headlights and back up - putting me and my act in the spotlight. I, too, enjoy a good outdoor poo, but I usually pick someplace like a woods. This winter has been a very cold one in the US, though. Yes, you should give al fresco a try, Chrissy. It's so satisfying.

I once lived in the Caribbean near the center of a small town that was having its 3-day, patron saint's feast. One evening, a women in her 30's was walking by from the festival to her car while I was outside the house. She stopped suddenly, turned toward me and started conversing over the fence. I sensed she needed a pee but was shy, so I said, "I imagine you want to ask a favor, don't you? No need to be shy." She glanced down sheepishly and answered, "Oh, no thanks. That's all right," then went on her way. A bit later, I walked up the hill in the direction where she'd headed and found an empty parking spot. Beside it, near the curb, was a wet splotch with a small stream running down the street. I'd guessed right.

Later that night I heard three, 20-ish people talking just outside the house. One of the women was desperate for a pee and her friends were urging her to have it in the carport, between the car and the house wall. I could have watched furtively through the window, but decided I didn't want to have to clean up her urine. Instead, I went out to the small front lawn and as soon as the three saw me, the needy one asked to use the bathroom. Then she started with, Is anyone else home? Are you alone? "Look," I said, "If you have to go, let me show you where the bathroom is." Her need got the best of her and she took me up on that. (BTW, the festival had too few porta-potties, but I couldn't find much evidence of outdoor pees.)

I’ve been feeling really sick the past few days. It all started last tuesday when I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning because of a sudden cramp. Once I was a little more awake after a few seconds, I realized that my butt felt warm. At first i thought that I had wet the bed (which wasn’t unreasonable because even though i’m 11 I still wet the bed once or twice a month), but it wasn’t wet. So I put my hand in my pajama bottoms and felt the bottom of my panties and I realized that there were maybe 7 or 8 little balls of poop in my panties, just slightly larger than jawbreaker candies. I guess that was what the cramp that woke me up was all about. anyway the little balls of poo were fairly solid, like normal poos are, so they just stayed in my panties and didn’t squish that much, they just sat there. I thought it was really weird. Well, also I was feeling really sick to my stomach, too, and I had a really dry throat and I was really tired. So it was a few minutes befor! e I finally started sitting up to get out of bed and go clean it up. But another cramp hit me before that and maybe 10 or 11 more pieces came out. They came out as fast as diareah but it wasn’t wet at all. Finally I got out of bed and into my wheelchair but of course the poo squished when I sat down in my chair. I wento ver to my bathroom and tunred ont the light and lifted myself onto the toilet. I pulled down my pajama bottoms while I was sitting on the tiolet (because I can’t stand up to pull them down) then I pulled down my panties and then I peed. Then I tried to push more poo out, but none would come. I decided to wait in case another cramp hit me. Nothing happened for a while as far as the poo but I did have to throw up so I grabbed the little trash can right next to the toilet, held it next ro my mouth and barfed. well, another cramp came after sitting on the toilet for 15 min, and a bunch more little balls of poo came out into the potty. So I waited another ! 15 minutes and no more cramps, but I kept waiting just in case. Finally it had been half an hour and still no cramps, so I guessed no more were cominga nd wiped myself. Then I took the panties off my ankles and left themn on the floor to clean up later, and then went back into my room to put some clean panties on, then I rode the little elevator thing we have down to the kitchen and got a drink because my throat was so dry, and then I went back to bed. But before I fell asleep again, another cramp finally hit me and maybe 10 or 12 little poo balls filled my panties. So I got back in my chair and went and woke up my mom and told her what happened and how I was sick. She took me back to the bathroom and helped me clean up. Then she got a pair of panties form by drawer and put them on me. She helped me back into bed and then she told me since I couldn’t control the cramps it would probably be better if I stayed in bed so the poo balls didn’t get squished, and then maybe ev! ery half hour or so she would come check on me and take the panties and dump them into the potty and put them back on. So that’s what she did. She also brought me a trash can to barf in and an empty 2L soda bottle filled with water for me to sip on. By 8am, I had pooped 8 more times, and each time about 7 to 15 little poo balls came out. I was sick enough to stay home form school. At 8am mom had to go to work, so she couldn’t stay home with me, and dad was out of town for the week, so I would be alone. She said she would check in on me at lunch at 11:30, and to just stay in bed and she would clean me up when she got back. So from 8 to 11:30 I stayed in bed, watching TV, sipping the watter and pooing and barfing. By about 9 I had to pee, because of drinking almost the whole water bottle, but I was too tired to get out of bed. I tried holding it and then one of the poo cramps came and as well as the balls of poo I lost control of my pee too.

By 11:30, I had pooped the little balls out maybe 11 or 12 more times and had also peed again. my panties were bulging from the little balls and they were also wet and so was my bed. My mom took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up, and then she put a pull-up in my size on me because she had bought a pack on the way home. She said it would be easier to clean up that way. Then she changed my sheets and helped me back into bed, refilled the water, and then went back to work. Over the afternoon, the cramps sort of went away, so after a few hours I didn’t feel any cramps at all, the poo just came out when it felt like it. I could finally take a nap because the cramps didn’t wake me up anymore, so I slept for maybe 5 hrs and the poo didn’t wake me up, it just must have come out because the pull-up was about as full as it could get. By then my mom was home so she cleaned me up again, and put on a fresh pullup. I was up for a few more hours, still feeling sick and still p! ooping out little balls of poo a coulpe times an hour. My mom changed me a few times and eventually I went to bed and woke up with a full pull-up again. I stayed home from school then, too, but I wasn’t fealing sick anymore and by the end of the afternoon, the poos gave me an advance warning before they came out and I could hold it in for maybe 5 min before it would come out, so I made it to the toilet in time most of the time. The next day I went to school, there was one pull-up left so my mom had me wear it just in case. I made it all the way through the day with only one accident of 6 or 7 little poo balls (and nobody seemed to notice, at least they never said anything, the only person that knew was samantha because I told her), the rest of the time I made it to the tiolet on time.

DM- It doesn’t offend me at all. Yes, I have had accidents waiting fo rthe handicap stall, but it's not too often. I do have a story or two about it that I will maybe post later.

Joe B.

I really enjoyed hearing about your enema. I wish there were more posts about enemas here. I've enjoyed soapy enemas for about 45 years. I like to have one or two enema sessions a month. Each session, I take 3 or 4 two quart soapy enemas to get a really good cleanout. It feels so great. The whole procedure usually takes about an hour.

Normally, I enjoy great daily poops between enemas, but things do slow down a bit after a couple of weeks. Last week I had a great enema and until yesterday, had nice one inch thich poops every day. Yesterday, I never had a good urge so I just held it.

Another thing I do recreationally is I take metamucial recreationally for a few days every couple of months. I started on 3 doses a day of the metamucial wafers yesterday. Mid morning I enjoyed a fantastic 3 foot poop about an inch thick! None of that poop was from yesterdays metamucial. I can tell the difference, but the fiber probably helped to push out what was ahead of it.

Usually I take the metamucial for 3 or 4 days, 3 doses a day. Typically I have poops from it at least 2 feet by 2 inches thick. They are firm and wonderful. The biggest poop I've ever had was 3 inches thich by about 18 inches long.

Anybody else have similar experiences?

Traveling Guy (a.k.a. Traveler)
JUSTINE - A good detention for teachers like that would be one week in a circular room with no way out and no toilets.

RB - Public phone boxes (we call them booths) are all but gone in the US. Now we have little metal hoods that barely cover the phone, with no protection from the weather and no privacy. The phone companies say booths are too expensive, etc., etc., but I wonder if people were pooping in them here, too. So what's up with pooping in boxes? Are people taking revenge on Telstra? Or is there a lack of public toilets, like here? Or is it just a cool thing to do?

BUZZY - When your intestines do all the work, that's the greatest, isn't it? I get disappointed when I have to push, even a little. But I guess that's what makes the automatic dumps so special.

SUMMER - Whazzup with your favorite pastime, dumping in public? Please tell us what's going on with you and the ladies to your left and right.

BELIZEAN LURKER - Thanks for the update, my friend. I like it when new people bring new foods with them and those foods catch on. Sort of an immigration pot luck dinner. Or maybe the food was there all along but most people never noticed it. Spicier stuff is catching on more and more in the US. At least that's what the food makers' surveys show. And that means more new after effects to share here!

kim and scott,
Kim-what a GREAT story about the car dealer superdump! I always wanted to do nervy stuff like that; just never followed through; You certainly are a brazen one- I LOVE it!
By the way, it seems like your logs are increasing in diameter, as well as length. That must be especially satisfying. If this is so, then what do you attribute this increasing thickness and length to? Is it age? Diet? Exercise? Maybe just genetic- Perhaps you will eventually be dumping like Melissa (NY), with her 5" x 24" multi- logs!
Have you ever tried unloading outdoors? It's a great summertime favorite of mine- warm breezes, lots of greenery, and very peaceful; just find yourself a nice secluded spot, then let it happen. Making your own compost pile can be fun! Plus, there's no clogging, no flushing, etc.

To kim and scott: I loved your car shopping story, when you had to shit at the car dealer. How come you used an employee bathroom?? Did you use the mens room on purpose? or was it a true accident?

On wed after work i got an urge to shit and i sat down, and all these small balls came out of my ass. Then on Thurs. i had to go in the after noon, and i still had balls coming out my ass....then i went again in the evening(twice in one day...a bit unusal for me) and i was still pooping those little balls. I wonder what causes a person to poop balls(instead of big log).

I've got a question for you might be a little off topic(not sure). I was wondering if any one has had a bird shit on their happened yesterday to a friend of mine.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Nicole & Suzy
Hello all, sorry I should have said I was going skiing with Suzy and her family until yesterday.. A real treat to hav extra time off school! Arrived back today and read all the posts and have got this afternoom all to myself. We had some fun me and the daredevil but it was cold (of course!) and that makes me need a wee all the time. On the first day i did a bit of ski practice but had to wee badly very soon and onlt just made it back to a loo intime! My ski suit takes ages to undo and I nearly did a wee in it. Its brand new too. We were all in a little appartement and it meant we couildnt do much weing together but one night we slept together and woke up wanting a wee and we bet on who had to get up first. We had a torch in the bed and kpt a check on each other to see if one of us was wetting the bed! It was funny and we made so much noise Suzies Dad came in and told us off. Then we didnt dare get up for a wee and wake them up so we opened the window, it went right to the flo! or and sneaked out onto the balcony in the snow. It was so cold Brrrrr.. and we had nothinh on but panties hee hee! and we both weed together. It ran off the end and we heard it hit the next balcony below and in the morning there was icicles of our wee at the edge!

Kendal - Hello my love are you OK and settled again? seems like it. So now am I a daredevil to??? I nearly had a icicle appear on me I can tell you! I like the holes it makes in snow when we wee in it don't you? Lve from us 2 XXX

Lawn Dogs Kid - Oh yes please!!!! do have a wee for us, we both would love that. Suzy says like you she wants all details. We have neither of us seen boys weeing real close up and it will be great. Thankyou Andrew! Now you must go and drink and drink until you cant wait a second longer and wee for us We'll be watching remember!

Suzy says and me I want to know too, have you ever wet yourself? Like we do? Boys dont seem to doit much its a pity its not fair we do it all the time. Tell all soon, love from N & s XXXXXX

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