Stephanie S.
Hi, I am not the stephanie that's been here before, she post as just Steph she is someone else. I just started posting on saturday with the story about the after school pexperiece with no stalls because of construction. My second post was on Sunday. So I put and S. after my name to distinguish myself. Here is another post. I was at school and felt the urge to poop and went to the bathroom, went into the stall pulled my skirt and pulled my panties down and sat down, this was the University Library. I started to push and a wet fart came out the I felt a the poop coming out and it got big then some more came out and I farted again then I was finished and wiped and left washing my hands and going back to studying.

To Red: Yes I do fart a bit when I am using the toilet.

Stephanie S.

Lindsey S
Hey I'm new here and I was wondering. Those of you girls who are in school do you hold it all day and then have an accident on the way home. I ask because this often happens to me. I am a 15 year old who loves to poo. I remember one time leaving for the mall early in the morning and that night before i left for home I had to poo so bad then suddenly someone hit me and I fell the poo started coming out slowly and I couldn't stop it so I ran to the car whenI got there i had a 6 inch poo in my pants and another half way out so I just push hard and forced out five more

I remember another time I had an accident. It was last August, during summer vacation. We were at my friend Samantha's house, in her yard. Her house is by a highway, so their backyard has about 20 feet of grass, a whole ton of big trees, and then one of those huge tan sound-proof walls that they put by highways. The trees were pretty thick, but there was a little brick path that Samantha's dad made that led to the wall, and then there was a clearing, maybe 5 feet by 10 feet that had trees on three sides and the wall on the fourth, and bricks for a floor (her dad had also put those in.) Since the trees were so thick (except for the path), it was like a little fort that we played in, and nobody could see in from the house. Anyway, we were playing in there, playing monopoly on a little card table that she had back there. We had been playing back there for a couple hours, and I had to go to the bathroom. She asked pee or poop. I said both. She said she sort of had to go to, but si! nce we were almost done with the game, can you hold it? I said I thoutht I could, since she was beating me as usual and it did look like the game was almost over. So we kept playing. However, the game was not over until longer than we thought, so 45 minutes later we were still playing. I told her that I really had to go now, so she said okay and started to put away the board. Then suddenly, I couldn't hold it any longer and the poop started to slowly come out and fill my panties and pants while the pee started coming out. I started crying. Samantha saw me crying and said "Heather, what's wrong"? I told her. She told me that it was her fault because she made me wait too long, but it didn't really make me feel better. So she said, since it's my fault, and since I have to go to the bathroom too, I'll poop my pants too so you don't feel so bad. I told her she didn't have to do that, but she didn't listen. She took off her shorts (but she left her panties on) so I could watch, then! she started to poop and pee in her panties.
After she did that, we both went into the house into her room and changed into some clean panties. Samantha let me borrow some of hers. ( She offered me some clean shorts, too, but I said that my shorts weren't that dirty, they were only a tiny bit wet and they would be dry before I had to go home.) Then she got a ziplock gallon bag and put the panties in (so it wouldn't smell too bad) and threw it into the outside trash can.

Last summer, me and my mom and dad were at our county fair for the first time since we moved here. We arrived at 11 in the morning, my parents gave me $40 to spend and they told me to meet them at 4pm so we could have dinner together. So I went off. Later, it was about 2:15pm and I had had a lot of sodas and drinks, because it was a really hot day. I knew I would have to go to the bathroom soon, so I started looking around for one. I saw a sign for restrooms, so I followed it, but it was Port-o-Potties. Because of my wheelchair, I couldn't use the Port-O-Potties without one of my parents helping me, and I wasn't going to meet them until 4. So I just thought, well I'll just go find another bathroom that I can use. But the next bathrooms were Port-O-Potties, too. I decided to go to the information booth at the front of the fairground and ask where there was a bathroom I could use was. But there were a lot of crowds, so by the time I got there it was about 2:45 and my need to go ! was getting more urgent. Well, they said that there were wheelchair accessable bathrooms near the rides. Unfortunately, the rides were near the back of the park and it would probably take me a half hour to get there. I wasn't sure if I could make it, but I started heading there as fast as I could (which wasn't very fast). Well, by the time I was about halfway there, about 15 minutes later, I had to go so bad that I was shaking. Suddenly I couldn't hold it any more and the pee started to come out. I did everything I could to keep it in, but it came out anyway. By the time I was done, my panties were completely wet and the pee had soaked through so my shorts were totally wet too, and the bottom of my shirt, and it really showed. It seemed pointless to finish heading for the restroom. But it was another hour until I met up with my parents, and I didn't have any other clothes to change into. The next hour was really uncomfortable, and a lot of people stared at me. Finally, my pare! nts came to our meeting place, and they saw my problem, and I explained what happened. They were really understanding about it, because it had happened before that I couldn't find a bathroom I can use. Anyway, we went to a stall selling t-shirts and bought one that was really big, it went down to about my knees. Then my mom helped me into a Port-O -Potty and closed the door and took off all my wet clothes, which was just about everything except my sandals because my shirt shorts and panties had gotten wet. She sat me on the toilet while she unfolded the big t-shirt. Like I said, it was big enough to go to my knees so nobody could see that I wasn't wearing any shorts or panties. Then helped me out of the port-o-Potty and into my chair. We left the fairground, went to have dinner, and then went home so I could put some dry pants and panties on, and my mom washed the wet clothes.

Treveling Guy (a.k.a. Traveler)
No new posts up yet, so I'll just go with a story. CARMALITA, in particular, asked me for more stories.

I was off work early one Friday afternoon a few months ago, just relaxing at home, when I got this really strong urge to take a dump. It was one of those that comes on suddenly before you know what's hit you and you know you'd better go soon, or else. No cramps, just an undeniable urge that makes you walk around with your butt cheeks clamped tightly together and leaves your crack sweating. Trouble was, there was some kind of sewer blockage where the pipe from our townhouses connects to the city's line. Everyone had a note on the door asking them not to flush or pour water down the drain, so it was no use asking the neighbors in our complex. What to do?

I thought about it, then it came to me. Just down the street there's a cute little house where three young working women live. I once asked them if I could park a rental truck in their drive when we moved some furniture. They were friendly then and we've always greeted each other on the street ever since. But would anyone be home now? Could I ask to use their bathroom? Sure! Go for it!

Jessica answered the door. (I changed their names.) Me: "Hi! I hate to ask this favor, but we can't use our drains and I really need to go to the bathrooom." (She could see the workmen down the street.) J, with a smile: "Oh, sure, no problem! Come on in." She led me toward the bath. J again: "I'm leaving for the weekend pretty soon, but take all the time you want." Hmmm, she must have picked up on what I needed to do, I thought. Maybe it was how I asked. I found myself in a cozy bathroom with orangish, melon-colored tile trimmed in black, with a black potty seat to match, not just a plain white one. I wasn't sure whether I should crank open the small window over the bathtub, so I didn't.

So here I was now, sitting on the very pot where these three young ladies do their business. I wondered if they ever joked with one another after one of them did a whopping big stinker there. Anyway, I had a job to do. I started to grunt quietly and in no time at all I understood why I'd had to go so badly. Fffff-fllluh-FLOOOMP. Ah. Then again, Ffffffuh-FLOOMP-FLOOOMP. Oh, what a relief! And then more came out. It was one of those poops that's not the runs, but not a normal solid one, either. It's on the soft, watery side, yet the dark brown logs still hang together somehow. I had managed to fill up the water in the bowl, but flushing it down didn't worry me because it was so soft. The other thing I'd managed to do was stink it up there, and I mean a lot! It wasn't a repugnant stench, but it was way past that smell of a normal good one. While all this was going on, I hears Jessica humming to herself in the kitchen while she put things away in the cupboards ju! st behind the bathroom wall. I flushed my crap down first, then I wiped, using a lot of paper, and flushed again. No flushing problems, but that stink - whew!!

I washed my hands and opened the door, then I decided to have some fun and left it open a crack behind me. Jessica came walking down the hall toward the bathroom. I thought she would go on past me, but she just planted herself there in the hallway and started to talk, with me standing by the partly open bathroom door. That big stink started to waft past me and I was sure she was now getting a good whiff of it, too. I kept a straight face and so did she, but she kept on talking and I knew she was getting the aroma full blast now, yet she talked on about her trip and work. We could have talked in the kitchen or living room. Why there, right outside the bathroom? Was she getting the same buzz I'd have gotten if she'd done that same big, stinky poop in my bathroom?

Finally, we moved toward the front door. J, with concern: "I have to get going now, but what will you do if you have to go again?" Me: "Oh, that's OK, thanks. I'm fine now after that." J: "Are you sure? You know, I could give you a key to our place and you could give it back to Alison or Anna later. Alison'll be home from work in about an hour and I know she wouldn't have any - problem - at - all letting you use our bathroom." (Oh, really?!) I said 'thanks' and 'goodbye,' thinking that just maybe I'd made someone's day more interesting. The sewer problem was fixed before I needed to come back. Besides, I couldn't repeat a performance like that.

Still would like to know-have any male-female couples ever been forced to poop themselves in each others' presence (e.g.-both have urgency but are stuck in a straffic jam or too-long a walk, etc.)?

Chrissy -
I assume that was you responding to my last post (you didn't put your name). Anyway, my general rule is I wear no panties or panty hose (tights) under my skirt in the summer, just stockings and a garter belt (suspenders in the UK). In winter I wear panties. So really it's only in summer that I can do those standing up poos. In the winter I have to squat. Actually last night I pooed outdoors. I hadn't pooed during lunchtime (my usual time) and as soon as I got off the train on my way home, I needed to poo. I walked to a secluded street (I live in the suburbs), went over to between 2 parked cars, pulled up my coat and skirt, squatted, and did one huge, long and incredibly firm poo. I didn't even fart which is rare. It was dark and there was nobody around so I took my time. Once I was done, I got up, arranged my clothing and looked at the poo. It was about 13 inches, extremely fat and curled round into itself a bit. It steamed in the cold air! I couldn't wipe as I had no tiss! ues, but the poo was so firm and dry, so I didn't need to. Then I walked home. Anyway, Chrissy, I really do think you should try pooing outdoors. Just find a discreet place where nobody is about. I think you'll find it satisfying! Try it today!

To Mr. Mike Ė Iím really glad you liked my story, and I just want to say thanks, itís always great to receive compliments. Actually, you are right, I have cut back on details Ė mostly because since I started college I canít seem to get the time. Anyway, just for fun I searched back in the archives (took me forever) and just wanted you to know that some of my earlier (more detailed) posts can be found on pages 194,197,198,201,205,208,212,216,220, and 235. Love Melissa.

Last night (Wednesday) there was a documentary programme on Channel 4 which dealt with the treatment of piles and anal fistulas. Quite enthralling really and subject matter which was close to my heart as someone who'se experienced soreness of the posterior and had to consult the medics about it. During the commercial break, half way through, there was an advert for Senokot about which forthright opinions have already been expressed here. Later on there was an episode of "Sex in the city" in which the question of peeing arose - although in fact there was none. Quite an evening on Channel 4!

At last!A story!I was out on hire on the mixer today and had felt stirrings during the afternoon,but as they didn't seem ufgent I thought I would be able to hold until I got home.Bad idea.The last load took a long time to empty and by the time I got back to the plant to wash out everyone had gone home leaving the canteen locked.By this time the urge to go was getting very strong,but I didn't fancy going outside as someone would be bound to see it,so I decided to hold 'til I got home.
By the time I'd finished washing I was doing a dance,so jumped in the lorry and horsed along the road;I was also desperate for a pee now,so turned down a side road and stopped at a quiet bit.I jumped out and tried to pee to relieve the pressure a bit,but I couldn't pee while keeping my bum muscles clenched,so after a few contortions it was back in the cab and away.
Of course it was now rush hour:4 miles of traffic lights,and I stopped at every flaming one,getting strange looks from people who saw me jumping up and down in the cab.Finally,just when I was starting to rise off the seat(!)THE YARD.Yes,made it!Dived out of the lorry almost before it was stopped,tore through the workshop,(things are starting to move now)up the stairs,along the passage,bang through the toilet door(this is going to be sooo close)lid up jeans down and explode.God,the relief!!
A torrent of pee poured into the bowl as a long smooth turd slid rapidly out,followed by 3 smaller pieces,FLOOOMP PLOP PLOP PLOP.2 wipes and I tottered out on weak legs to get the inevitible slagging from workmates.Hope this story was ok.

Billy L. -Your stories are always so great! I enjoy reading them, because usually the same thing has happened to me or someone I know. But what happened to Paul last summer so that he had to change the sheets? Just curious!

Took a dump just a few moments ago. Nothing but little brown pellets instead of my usual fat logs....oh well. Better luck next time, eh!!!!!!-----petty

Hi everyone! No stories to share at the moment...I'll share as soon as I do have one, though.

Kendal: Don't feel too sorry for me..seeing as though I've never had anyone to share this with, I don't think I'm missing a terrible lot! Hehe. You seem really nice and thanks for being so kind :)


Greetings All.

Louise and I had some fun in the bathroom this morning. After we had both had a pee (Louise sat to do hers) and we had wiped each other, Louise took up a hovering position above the toilet bowl. Wearing an expression of concentration on her face, Louise squeezed out a turd approximately six inches in length. When it failed to fall into the bowl, she looked down between her legs, and she was quite amused at how the turd, which was quite soft, swung slightly from side to side for a number of seconds before gravity finally won the battle. It stretched at the point it was dangling from her anus, dropping with a small splash into the water. I spent a few moments cleaning her anus for her while she held her buttocks apart, as there was a small blob of crap remaining around her hole. She advised me to wipe in the direction away from her pussy, as if I needed to be told!

To Lawn Dogs Kid,
I couldn't agree with you more.

Bye for now,


Well Iím back to school now so weíre back to our usual morning routine; I donít like getting up in the morning but itís nice to see all my friends again. School can be good fun too Ė I have been known to have an occasional pee in the playground. I did talk to Matthew and he said he didnít mind me seeing him go to the loo but he thought he was too old now for the rest of the family to see him and if I watched him then he didnít want the rest of the family to know that either. So a couple of days we went to have a game of badmington and we both pooed outside on the way there and watched each other. It was nice it was the first time Iíd seen him go for a while and you can see whatís happening better outside than on a loo. I had to be careful to wipe myself really well though since I only had the pair of knickers I was wearing and I was going to be wearing a short badminton skirt.
I had planned to tease Phil a bit but his timingís too good. He always manages to walk past the bathroom door when Iím sitting on the loo or in the shower with everything on show; itís not too hard for him to do that because heís been round our house a lot and we live in a bungalow. Heís seen me wee loads of times now and a couple more poos. Iíve seen him wee a few times too but not poo and thereís no way Iím going to ask him about that.
Lawn Dogs Kid Ė I read your post way back on page whatever like Kendal said Ė I definitely didnít see it before though so it must have been before I found this site. I really enjoyed it though. I havenít seen the film though. Love Katex
Kendal- it was interesting you said you wouldnít dare to dome some of things I do, when peeing on the car roof sounded pretty daring. It sounds to me like most of the stuff you dare is all part of intimacy with your friends. With me thereís that too but also I do like showing off. A couple of nights ago I was hanging around outside some shops with some friends and I went for a pee in a corner and an old guy went past and saw me and I definitely liked it. Iím always the one whoíll start flashing her bum in the window on the school coach too. Thing is I donít always feel comfortable with the fact that I like that kind of thing. Love Kate x

I keep a jar of Vaseline on the top of my toilet tank and I put some up my butt after every shit. Keeps me comfortable.

Lawn Dogs Kid
KENDAL: Happy 11th birthday my little princess ! Hope you and Kirsty enjoy yourselves tonight, and look forward to our little party tomorrow night ! Lots of love, Andrew xxxx

KEV: Thanks for your progress report on Ellie and letting us know how you are looking after her. You've been having to provide support for her in more ways than one ! Sorry you're missing out on the poos, but then Kendal never used to let me watch her poo until a few months ago after we discovered this site. Before our regular poo visits together, I saw her poo only three or four times, in exceptional circumstances, but saw her wee hundreds of times. Maybe Ellie might change her mind when she is better. Hope she continues to recover ok. Take care my friend, from your fellow South Westerner !

LITTLE LOU: You tell a good little story ! You mustn't worry about spellings. There have been people on this site who have been far worse spellers than you. And you are only 9 after all ! You don't need to thank Kendal and me. What are friends for if they can't care for one another when one is sick or sad. Kendal and I look on you and Ellie and Kev as very dear friends now, and we always look forward to hearing from one of you, or even all of you. You keep posting Lou. Lots of love and cuddles from Andrew xxx PS Seeing as you are also having to help Ellie, maybe you can post a short story about looking after her when she needed a poo ?

Hello all!

I've been farting pretty loudly for the last hour or so (lots of beans tonight), so I may have to make a trip to the restroom sometime later. I've also been taking acidophilus supplements lately. These are a pretty good help for digestion, as they seem to have given me slightly easier-to-pass turds. No laxative effect though, which I prefer.

Dearest Kendal: No offense, I swear! I'm only referring to the "army" of friends you have here, including myself (I hope). And I certainly don't want you growling at me, too, so I hope that's cleared up.

Melissa (NY): The only time I can recall actual water spraying out of an ass was when I saw a friend's dog squirting in the yard. Maybe the couple's exploits were brought on by an enema of some sort. In any case, that's certainly something different to look at when you're commuting back home.

Billy L.: Pooping under fireworks must have been interesting. And, it's also a good thing that your schoolmates are so understanding.

PV, and Steve too: I tend to wipe my willy if it seems to be dripping more than the usual one or two drops (this happens sometimes after particularly long pees). However, I do this only in private stalls or my own bathroom -- never at a urinal, as that might be dangerous if someone took it the wrong way. As I have heard before, "Two shakes and it's dry; any more than that and you're playing with it." But, yeah, a female companion for "restroom cleanliness" is probably not a bad thing to have if she's willing.

Buzzy: It's a rare bathroom where you can hear everything that goes on in the women's side, and even more amazing is that these two women were so open with each other under the circumstances. Cool story, which I wish had happened to me. Apparently, I must live on the wrong section of the continent for fun pooping experiences.

Heather: Hope I'm not offending you by bringing this up, but have you had any problems with non-handicapped people using the larger stalls in restrooms? It seems that some people (myself included) tend to prefer the larger stall when it's available. I've never impeded anyone's ability to use the restroom myself (yet), and I hope I never do. If you don't want to answer, that's OK. I'm just curious about it.

And finally, for Little Lou: Kev said your spelling might be hard to understand. But unless he or the moderator translated, that wasn't too bad. I think it's cool that you posted, and thanks for the hug!

Nothing intriguing to report right now, but I did have a fine eight-inch turd yesterday. About halfway through its ejection process, the turd decided to stop moving (it went into "Park", as Melissa puts it). And so, of course, I tried to push it out but it just stayed...for a couple of minutes, until the "gears shifted" and out it plopped. Then there were a few more loose little two-inch turds before I was empty. Anyone else ever have a turd that "parked" for a long time?

And actually, one more thought. How many of us actually use the paper butt-protector on the toilet seat? I tend not to, because it usually just sticks to my cheeks if I take longer than five minutes or so. Usually, I'll just make sure someone hasn't peed on the seat and sit down.

Anyway, it's good to be back here on a semi-regular basis. And I don't think I wished anyone a happy holiday season before now. So there, I just did! Goodnight, and may all your bowel motions be smooth motions.


Plunging Plop Guy
A man after my own heart as regards a good splashback up the arse when dropping a turd! Yes, it's brilliant so I hope you have the opportunity to have that happen often. I don't share your enjoyment of sitting on the porcelain , though- for me it's the seat every time. Mainly because I enjoy the comfort and knowing I'm almost covering the seat and feeling the edge of the hole in the seat as my hairy arse is sitting on it , also I love to sit on a warm sweaty toilet seat after another guy's been on if I get the chance. A seat also slightly raises your arse which increases the drop for a satisfying splash. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Great to know there's someone else who enjoys the sensations the same as I do!
Tell us more and with great detail!!!

It would be good to hear more of your experiences in seeing other guys shitting on toilets and how you were able to observe the turds dropping. I certainly agree with you how frustrating it is not to be able to complement someone and say you'd love to see them dropping a turd! I saw a well-muscled bike-rider in tight jeans the other day and would love to have been able to tell him that! The irony is that sometimes the person may be on our wavelength- we just don't know. Perhaps there's some sort of badge those of us who are brave enough to wear could have to indicate our interest in matters of the toilet! Not too obvious though, any ideas ,anyone?

Best wishes to you, and all the others on this forum, P P G

Thursday, January 11, 2001

kim and scott-shopping for a new car and doing other funstuff as well!!
greetings all! this is kim and scott with another post. recently my family was looking for a new car and my boyfriend scott came along too! when we got to this particular car dealership we saw what car we wanted and went inside to talk prices with the dealer. it was warm inside so we took off our jackets. scott was wearing his red sweater, blue jeans and workboots while i was wearing my new leopard skin spandex i just bought that fit me like a second skin. i also wore a brown headband around my head and brown sandal high heeled shoes on my feet. we were talking car prices when i felt the overwhelming need to take a gigantic shit! it came on sooo strong i could feel my ring and ass cheeks expand a bit! i knew i had to get to a toilet soon and let this mammoth beast out before all hell broke loose in my tight pants! i knew i should of gone to the toilet earlier in the day especially after having a huge fiber breakfast of total cereal and a huge lunch of pasta with salad on the side.. but i did not. I tell you with all the fiber,fruits,vegetables, chicken fish ,eggs and healthy vitamins that i eat along with the proper exercise my logs have grown enormously big and thick leading to countless spectacular dumpings for me. this has also helped me maintain my slim waist on my voluptous figure. Like i said before i needed to go to the bathroom quick so i excused myself and walked to the customer restroom located in back but just when i got there my daring nature took over and i decided to have my log in an employee restroom. I then went upstairs and saw a huge office on the right with some people working in back. i quickly sneaked by them and pushed the envelope further by going into a male restroom. inside the male restroom it was empty so i quickly entered the second stall and closed the door. i then pulled down my tight pants to my toes and sat my bare ass on the bowl(i wore no underwear at all!) i also decided to keep my clothes on this time as i started to squeeze out a brown log. i then squeezed harder as my ass tingled and ring expanded as my log grew bigger and bigger in size! my whole body was quivering trying to get this humongous beast out! i then squeezed really hard and i saw a gigantic turd sticking out of my ass! remarkably there was still some log to push out so i closed my eyes,clenched my teeth and held the sides of the bowl for dear life as i crashed out the rest of my mighty log! my log hit the water with such a splash the water came up and splashed my ass! i then looked into the bowl and i saw a gigantic sausage in there! that was incredibly thick. half of the log was in the bowl hole while the other half stretched all the way up to the surface of the water bobbing up and down like a top with the huge log tip sticking out of the water! i then got my measuring tape from my pocketbook and measured my whopping log at 18 inches long. nearly 3 inches thick. i then wiped myself and pulled up my tight pants. i decided not to flush and bag the soiled toilet paper so the next male visitor could see how great i went! what a huge satisfying dump that was! a real toilet clogger i said to myself as i left the stall and washed my hands. but just when i was leaving the mensroom i bumped right into a goodlooking male employee there. he was wearing a white business shirt with a red tie. we both excused ourselves as i apologized saying i did not know i walked into a male restroom. we all know better fellow posters dont we!haha! so did this guy but he was cool and smiled and said it was ok.. i tell you i got excited by a man catching me in the mensroom. i knew he would not tell his boss on me. he would just talk about it with his men pals later. and just when he was going past me to the restroom i surprised myself by blurting out"hey check the second stall and tell me what you think." the second stall was where my huge log lay. i then saw the man walk in and say."Holy s??t!!" he exclaimed in a loud excited voice he sounded very turned on by seeing my enormous log . i thought he would be especially since he knows a sexy little girl like me has passed it! i then left the bathroom to rejoin my family and boyfriend scott. i told scott the story later. he liked it. by the way my family bought a new blue station wagon that day. we were car shopping ya know in case you all forgot!haha! bye now! love,kim and scott. PLUS BILLY L.- scott and i love your stories but its interesting that you, your dad,your uncle, and brothers all have to shit at the exact sametime . plus hellos to all! especially steve and louise,pv,lawn dogs kid and kendal,buzzy,logger,mia and of course john (VT) keep up the great stories all! byeee !

back in junior high i never used the bathroom for any reason because it was so discusting. one day i felt the erge to pee around lunch time. i decided to hold on. i did not want to use those discusting toilet. during my last class the pressure started to build. i tried to ignore it. after class i got right on the bus rather than go to the bathroom. i sat on the bus with my legs crossed tight. it really hurt. 5 miles from my house i started spirting in my panties. when i got of the bus i had to hold myself to keep from losing control. when i got to my front door i could barely hold it. i reached in my purse for my keys. they weren't there! i left them in my room. i knocked on the door and begged for someone to let me in. no one was home. i totally soaked my panties and jeans.

you think i would learn my leason and use the bathrooms at school. but i did not. the next year i felt the urge to poop 2 period. i tried to hold it so i could at home. by last period i couldn't take it any more. i asked the teacher if i could use the bathroom. the old bat said no. 5 minutes later i was on the verge of pooping my pants. i asked again. she said no again. i said that it was an emergancy, she told me to wait until after class. i was sitting with my checks together watching the clock. with ten minutes left in class i couldn't hold on any more. poop totally filled my panties. i was too embarassed to get up. i just sat in my mess until the end of class

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