Hi I am new here, I have been reading the posts for a while and they all sound good. Now I would like to post a story and comments. It was during the Holiday and my friend and I had gone sking, we were there for a while and had a good meal at this nice restraunt. About 4 hours later I felt the urge to poop, so I told my friend that I ahd to use the bathroom. I went to the ladies room took the last stall pulled down my ski pants, my tights then my panties and sat down. The first thing I did was fart and then a good one came out and it felt good. then some more came out and I was really relaxed. While I was going, I heard the stall next to me being taken, I heard the woman pull down her pants fast and panties and sit down. Immedetly she farted pretty loud and grunted and some really soft stuff splashed into the bowl and she farted again, she and some bad gas. Well i finished my job and wiped and left the stall and washed my hands. The woman in the stall came out and washed her h! ands too and said that felt good and she looked relieved and I said that I was too.

To Buzzy: Your stories from up state are really interesting, and you and rhis kim sound like you had a good time. You might like to here me poop too because I usually have a good one with some farts and grunts. Also I would like to be in the stall next to you to here you.

To the rest of you keep the good post coming


Sara T.
To Bill-
To answer your question about urine samples-
I've only taken two recently so I will tell you about those (the rest were when I was really young and Mom had to help me).

The first one was in my reguar doctor's office. They were testing me for diabetes and sent me to the ladies' room with the cup. She gave me very specific instructions: Wipe yourself first, and only use the middle of your pee stream in the cup.
It was a nice bathroom with three stalls and it was comfortably big. Nothing messy happened that time. The only thing embarrasing was that her office is next to a lawyer's office, so this handsome lawyer saw me walking back with a cup full of pee!

The second time was a drug test in the ER. THAT got messy. The bathroom was only for one user at a time and it was incredibly cramped. I barely had room to move. I ended up with pee on my hands and on the floor. It was also running down the sides of the cup so I washed everything up as best I could and went back to the nurse.

Billy L
Someone asked how seeing someone's turds make you have to go more? It is kind of like when you go by a water fountain and have to pee more. It just happens.

Anyway, yesterday, at school, there was a rather embarassing incident. The fifth and sixth graders had a movie. A couple of the boys were sent to our class for detention instead of getting detention after school (the principal lets them miss fun things like that instead fo the after school thing). Anyway, we were having a test just before recess. When we have a test before recess, we are allowed to leave for recess early when we are done with the test, if htere is a teacher's aid out there (sometimes the principal will watch us until everyone is out). I finished my test, but I had to poop. I went to the bathroom in the back of the room. My friend paul was pooping. He was almost done. I heard one more turd plop and he said that is it and started wiping. The fifth grader came in. He got up and I sat down. We started talking. I passed a fairly long log, about 3 little ones, and then a bunch of little marble-sized balls. Paul went to the sink to wash his hands. Just then, the! fifth grader said, look out, then went to the sink and pushed paul out of the way and started to puke. When he was puking, you could see bits of beans and chicken and choclate cake, just what I had for lunch too. He was wearing white and red sweat pants. He heaved like five ro six times. The first 3 or times, you can hear that he was filling his pants because of hte crackling sound. Then for hte last 3 heaves, he pushed out nasty liquid poop. It ran down his legs and ran through his sweats. It was pretty nasty. Some of it even landed on the ground. The boy started to cry. Paul stated laughing, but I said, remember when you were at my house last summer and we had to change the sheets in the middle of the night? Then he said, oh, sorry and left. I guess he got the teacher, because the teacher came in while I was finishing my poops and started wiping. I asked the teacher if there was anything I could do, and he said just go out to recess. Just then, the other fifth-grade boy came in. He saw I was wiping and said, good, I got to go too. THe teacher said, please knock on the girls room. If no one is in there, please use that. He said ok. I flushed, washed my hands (there are two sinks in there, otherwise, I would have waited) and left. I guess boy used the girls room, because no one was there when I got out. When I got back from recess, I went to the bathroom to pee. The bathroom was clean alreeady. I guess the janitor came in during recess. When I got out, the teacher asked what happened. I told him. He asked why I did not let him go first. I said I got into the bathroom first, and the boy didn't say anything. He said ok. He asked me to take the his papers to his classroom, and put them with a note to the teacher about what happened.

TO MILISSA(NY)-Funny story of that couple on the LIE-I"M from this area also,but i have never seen that-You sound like a very open person about pooing-let's hear some more stuff from you-i have enjoyed your stories in the past,but haven't heard from you in quite awhile!
TO CARMILITA-Boy that would be fun to phone poo with you also-what part of the country are you from?I love your mex food poops-When I eat mexican food,i poop a bunch of multi-textured poops with a lot of gas from start to finish and yes i often do real long turds not that wide,but long I think it's just the shape of my rectum cause most of the time my poos are really long- esp if i eat refried beans-they made me really poo o lot and the poos come out like real long soft sausages-hey,let's both eat tex-mex and have a good phone poo session(too bad we couln't hook up)Oh well just keep posting to me with your poo stories,they are super
Went to the gym this am as soon as i got up and when i got there i started my routine for about 25 mins and felt a poo coming on,but it was the kind i could hold off for a bit so i continued to work out til i really had to go and then i went down to the stalls and it was pretty busy with other guys farting and pooing their morning BM's It seems that everyone does their real good pooing in the morning-including me!I waited about 30 secs and a stall opened up and I went in and as i'm cleaning the toilet the guy in the next stall lets out a long fart-it must have lasted 15 secs,now that was long!Then I got undressed and sat on the bowl and this guy started to let his poo out and it sounded like one continous long turd coming out with crackling and some gas in the middle and he is going " Ahhhh" throughout- this sounded like one long dump!-then i started to push my excrement out-had no pre-poo gas at all,the poo started to come out right away and it also felt long and kept coming and coming as this guy in the next stall continued to let out his snake of poop-so for about 10 secs or so we were both doing some long turds-it was great,but i was quiet while he was Ahhhing the whole time.Then i looked in the bowl at my dump and it was 1 real long turd about a foot long and about 1 1/2 in wide with the first part being knobby and most of the rest was smooth-now the strange thing was that even after the turd came out,i still felt"full"Meanwhile this guy let out another wet fart and grunted and exploded in the bowl with some loose stuff that went on for about 15 secs or so,boy this guy really had to go!It was great to listen to and then i felt some stuff start to fill my rectum and i decided to just relax my domed anus and let it come out on it's own-I didn't have to push at seemed like my body was doing it for me-what w great feeling that is!I decided to open my legs and look at the poo as it came out-It was soft and formed pretty well but as soon as it came out about 3-4 in it would break off and splash into the bowl.this happened about 4-5 times as it was coming out slowly-if it had all stayed together,it would have been another real long turd,but it kept breaking apart as it came out,but it felt wonderful esp with the fact i didn't have to push at all-all automatic! I was doing a serious load today!The i heard this guy in the next stall wipe and he left and another guy came in and right away sat down and farted and did what sounded like a coffee dump-started out coming out slow and sped up and he exploded in the bowl with a lot of loose poo-also at this point i felt another cramp and decided to push this time and my asshole opened up and exploded with a bunch of mush and now i let out some good farts at the tail end of all this stuff coming out-that's when I knew I was done(when I let out a wet fart and sprayed the back of the bowl with loose stuffcause I was leaning foreward as i was pooing-Boy did that feel super!The I felt totally done-I really needed that dump!i was feeling kinda stuffy the last few days-every now and then I do one of these kind of BM's,but this was nice to do at the gym with the other guys also doing some great pooing!Then I wiped and it was a messy one and I went right to the shower and clean up,but boy did I feel good after that dump!Hey CARMILITA,would have liked to have phoned that one to you!Great stories all BYE

To Billy L: I loved your story about being in the hospital and having to use a bed pan, especialy when other people were around(and did or didn't know you had to poop). Cool story. The 4th of july part reminds me of a hospital near me...could it be the same one?? How old are you now?? When your friend was over and both of you had to poop, then you both finished and your mom came back to clean the bed pan, did she find out that your friends poop was in it with your poop? I take it that that was a lie, that you told your mom you hadn't gone in a few days(when she saw all that poop in the bed pan). Did you like the bed pan? Have u used a bed pan since, just for the hell of it?? Cool story Man!!

I haven't had any new stories latly

GRUNTLY BOGWELL- I just had to post after reading your story about your mother-in-law. I love reading you posts as well as FAT WOMAN'S, but she seems to have disappeared. Anyone know what happened to her? My mother-in-law always does crosswords when she poos too, not that I've seen her but when I go to her house, they're always on a neat pile next to the toilet. Plus I have also heard the rustling of the paper when she poos-accompanied by some grunting and panting-exactly what you described.
My mother-in-law told me she suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome- something I'm not too familiar with. All I know is that it causes sudden diarrhea as well as difficult constipation. The latter symptom seems to be more common with her. I've only been married for 2 years and she lives 2 hrs. away from us so we don't visit often, but EVERY time I go over there, she always has a MAMMOTH session in the bathroom, locking herself on there for an hour or more. So this leads me to think that she's pretty much constipated all the time.
Oh, yeah, another similarity between yours and mine: She's a pretty hefty lady, maybe around 270 pounds or so. She puts on weight mostly in the butt and thighs so you can imagine what she would look like on the toilet (i've never really seen this for myself).
Except partly, once. We ate lunch at a restaurant last year and both needed the restroom after. There were 2 stalls and one was out of order and the other one not only didn't lock but wouldn't close properly! So my mother-in-law held the door closed while I peed and then I did the same for her. To my surprise, after her pee stream died out, she didn't reach for the paper, she just sat there silently! I couldn't believe I was so lucky. I heard her take a deep breath as she started to strain. She apologized for the wait. I think she was embarrassed. Then she grunted again, not the GGNNNN type thing, but you know that quiet sort of grunt that older, heavier women tend to do when they sit down, or bend over or do anything effortful.
Boy, did I want to see what she looked like! So I sneaked a peek between the crack of the stall. It was that type that is made cheaply, there was a wide gap and I could see everything. She didn;t even notice me as she stared at the floor, closing her eyes as she grunted again. Sometimes she would press on her flabby stomach as she strained. After about 10 minutes of this she was really out of breath, but she continued, grunting and moving her huge ass on the seat so that I heard the seat cover crackling against it. Then finally with the biggest grunt I had heard so far, it fell out of her. She wiped then, and we didn't talk about it at all on the way home. But she seemed uncomfortable and when we got home, she went into the bathroom for a long time...I think she wanted to finish the rest in privacy.
Anyway, great stories, Gruntly! I hope you will post some more soon!

Traveling Guy (a.k.a. Traveler)
I've changed my handle just a bit. "Traveler" is too impersonal, like "traveler's diarrhea." I'll use the a.k.a. for a while until everyone here knows it's the same me.

Glad you were flattered, not annoyed, CARMALITA. Romantic? Well, I've surprised my wife with flowers and stuff like that. As for "thrilled," we like each other a whole lot. We're very open about everything. We can joke about elimination, too, but when it comes to doing it, she likes her privacy and I respect that. She took a quick dump recently while I was showering, rare for her. Afterwards she laughed and said, "Sorry, that was a loose one!" She's seen me on the can when I've neeeded a new t.p. roll and I could tell it gave her a buzz, but we don't talk about it. That's what make this place like a special second family, don't you think?

Not just LOL but ROTFL, Malita!! Bill Cosby is right, kids say the darndest things. Did anyone see the episode with a clip from the original show where Art Linkletter asks a kid, What's your favorite school subject? "Going to the bathroom." Is that guy on this board? Hey, if you're going to be the Poo-Poo Lady at that store, wear the distinction proudly, like a Brown Badge of Courage.

You want one of my "good turd stories," huh? I was on a date with this girl I liked a lot. Funny thing, she was way open about peeing and pooping, but I was still shy about it then. We were out walking through an interesting neighborhood, enjoying a super fine day, when she told me she had to take a dump. I did, too, really badly, but I didn't say anything. We headed for a nearby gas station. As soon as she went into the women's, I slipped into the men's. You know how it is when you've been holding it, lots of dammed up gas, so as soon as I got settled in, out came a big blast of a fart. That was followed by one of those major dumps that's not too hard, and just a little mushy, the kind that happens so fast you know you did it but wonder what happened. Those are usually stinkers for me, and that one sure was. I guess I was so focused on getting the job done that I didn't notice anything else. Then I heard the sound of a flush, and it wasn't mine. I looked up an! d noticed a large, square hole high up in the wall between the men's and women's. I guess a fan was suppposed to be there. Oh, no! If I could hear her, then... I wiped, washed up, and opened the door to find my gf standing outside with a huge grin on her face. "And what were YOU doing in there?" she teased me. I answered with a red face, "I guess the same thing you were doing." "Nevermind," she said. "I could hear it all and smell it, too." She had such fun teasing me about that.

As this is my first posting, I will be brief.
When I was 8 years old, I awoke in the middle of the night with a
baffling sense that I was not alone in bed. I looked under the sheets and there, softly lit by the full moon's light, was a perfect
little poo.
My pyjama's were still on. I had no idea how the poo had gotten there, but I knew with certainty that I had to dispose of it without my mother knowledge. Although barely awake, I was clear-minded enough
to know that she would not approve of me sleeping with a turd.
Padding softly to the bathroom, I carried the strange little chap cafefully in my hands. I slipped him into the toilet bowl without a sound,and for some reason, tore off a few sheets of toilet paper and threw that in as well. I then flushed, and went back to bed, being careful to stay away from where the poo had been sleeping.
I lay awake for some time, trying to piece things together. Eventually, I slipped back into dreams, and awoke in the morning still confused.

Stephanie,great post,do you usually fart a lot as you are going
potty or are you one of those quiet on the potty?

Hi All
TEX - I too sometimes just sit on the cold porcelain instead of the seat, especially if I feel it's going to be a good solid tough one. I don't know if it's my imagination, but I feel that my cheeks seem to spread further apart and my hole opens wider to allow the solid turd to slowly exit my anus. I love to grunt, fart and squeeze and the crackle of that hot turd making its way out also seems to be louder. Unlike you though, I'm with PLUNGING PLOP GUY as far as splashback goes. I love to have my arse splashed by the turd when it hits the water.
Also like you PPG, I love to see a guy sitting on the toilet, staring into space and watching his facial contortions as he grunts and farts. On the few occasions I have been able to watch a guy performing without him knowing he is being observed, I have felt guilty afterwards about invading his privacy. I also like to watch the turd slowly coming out of a guy's arsehole, but unfortunately those occasions are extremely rare. I mean, how can you say to a guy you've just met "I'd like to watch the shit come out of your arsehole" If only!!!

A few days ago, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I decided to treat myself to a good cleansing enema. I do this about once every three months or so. I filled an enema bag with about 2 pints of warm soapy water. I soaped my arsehole first, allowing my finger to slide right up and felt a hard turd. Then I inserted the nozzle and slowly let the warm water into my rectum. It was a bit of a struggle getting all the water in, as I felt the need to expel after half the contents of the bag was inside me. I stopped the flow and allowed the water inside me to travel further up, then let more water in. I eventually managed to get the full 2 pints inside me. Then I sat on the toilet(on the cold porcelain) and allowed the first wave to exit my hole. There was a whoosh and out came water and some solid lumps. Then a couple of minutes later I started to get the cramps which I love, because I then know another wave of shit is on the way. I had about six lots of cramps ending with! some loud, gurgling farts which echoed in the toilet. The whole exercise lasted for about an hour and a half. Boy did I enjoy myself, and felt really good and clean afterwards.
Take care all

Havent posted in ages and just thought i'd pass on my five cents worth. Concerning the poop in the phone box trick. I have afriend who is a telstra technician (the main phone supplier of phone services in australia) - she fixes and repairs all the phone boxes etc and usually has to deal with a lot of graffiti etc.
But im suprised at exactly how many people poop in phone boxes - apparently it is a daily occurrence. Hardly a day goes by where she doesnt have to clean up some log left by someone!!! One of the best suprises she had was when she was actually fixing a phone. There she was doing what she had to do with the phone box and her Teltra van parked right outside - someone actually had the nerve to climb in the van and actually pooped on her seat!!!!! Go Figure - in broad daylight while she was there - and to top it off she didnt even notice!!!!!! She cam back to her van and there was this steaming turd on her seat!!! To say she was shocked was an understatement. Now dont get me wrong this women is by no means into all this shit and she is totally disgusted by all this but when she tells me about i have a little chuckle to myself!!!
Perhaps the worse thing is some poeple actually force poop into the ear piece - so the next unsuspecting person holds the phone up to their ears and get a nice gob of shit in the earlug!!!!!
Further on from this i also had a friend who worked as a bus driver for transadelaide and he also had plenty of stories about people leaving logs on buses - apparently they would just crap on the seat and get off at the next stop. Im sure Anne the bus drive must have had similar experiences.
I also have a friend who had a friend that was known as the phantom pooer. The poor guy got killed in car accident and sadly is not with us anymore but he used to poop anywhere and everywhere and the leave a number next to it graffiti style. You would often see a turd on a bus stop seat with the no 39 (or whatever) nest to it!!!
I guess im lucky because this friend knows about my little fetish and always so kindly offers to let me watch him. Youd be proud of him - he does panbusters too!!!!!!

Hi all,
Back from holiday and great pooping. Went to the sea and at the one beach was a toilet for men and ladies but with one entrance, ladies right, men left and no cielings just all one room. Great sounds and grunts. I would take a jog each morning and then a poop in the ladies. A good long poo and listening to the grunts from the stuck bums and the runs from the exploding ones. The joggers are the ones with the urgent poos. After a few days there was one lady who pooped regularly, so I would wait for her and we would chat over the wall. One day I was short of paper so asked her for some of hers. When she was finished she opened my door and watched me as I wiped. I think she got a buzz cos she would do it every morning after that even if I had paper she would ask to watch. On the last day she asked me to watch her which I did. A tip for those that skid. After getting up in the morning always put a little body cream on your ring. It makes for much cleaner wipes. See you all late! r got to go ???? rumbling.

Jeff and Melissa from N.Y., great to hear from you again!! This post is my only real outlet when I get home from work, Love it all!! Oh, I am stayin' out of trouble and behaving myself.

Brisk Boy
Had a good, yellow, bladder bursting piss this morning

Gotta leave that lemonade alone before bedtime.

The rest is PISSTROY.

Belizean Lurker

I was born and raised in Belize (and still live here) and the truth is almost everyone in Belize spoke English until recently. However, a huge and continuing wave of immigration from Central America has now made Spanish a close second. English is still the official language. We have always had and still have a neat afro-latin culture sorta like Cuba's.

Lawn Dogs Kid
LINDA: Good to see you posting again ! Sorry that you had a post stopped. If it was anything to do with showing off your pampies to me, I suspect that would be why it didn't get on. A couple of times I've made references to your pampies, and each time, the post was deleted. So, just some advice for you ! Kendal is looking forward to your girly session some time. Any chance I'll be able to join in at some stage ?! Take care babe, and love to Elena and Miguel. XOXO.

LAVINIA: Great story ! I suppose if your poo was hard, it would look as though you had grown a tail in your panties !! As for the boys next door, could have been worse. They could have tickled you like Nicole's brother does to her until she wees in her knickers. Still, like Kendal, I wonder why you didn't ask to use their toilet ? Look forward to your next post, love Andrew.

STEVE: There is one big reason why Kendal and I are very close, and probably will be for ever. We respect one another totally, 100%. There isn't enough respect in this world now days.

LOUISE: Stop bringing up the subject of kissing girls ! Kendal didn't say anything to me last time, but she won't forget twice ! My cold is much better, thank you for asking. Unfortunately, all the mistletoe seems to have been cleared away. Shucks ! Glad to here that the champion of the stand up pee does like a nice sit down sometimes ! Take care, Love Andrew x

BUZZY: I'm with you. I think the girl at the top was on not very long ago. If I remember rightly, she was leaning forward with her cheeks puffed out a bit. Now we are getting to see the start of the clean up operation after the stonking great poo she must have done !

KEVIN: You're in trouble mate, if Kendal is going GRRRRRRRRR at you !

HEATHER: You have a lovely name, and thanks for sharing your story with us. When I spoke to Kendal on the telephone a little while ago, she was very interested to hear about you, and I'm sure she will speak to you as well when she is allowed on the computer next, because she is also in year 6. She loves to speak to people her own age here. Take care, x

Saw Kirsty at school today, and she is looking forward to having a double party along with Kendal this weekend. They will be 12 and 11 respectively on friday, and Kendal is going on friday to a party at Kirsty's, while Kirsty makes the return trip to Kendal's on Saturday. On Saturday, I get to go as well ! Should be very interesting with Kendal's Dad going out on Saturday with my Mum and Dad, leaving us on our own. I wonder what we'll get up to ?! Kirsty has agreed that she wants to go to the toilet with me and Kendal together some time, but Saturday may be a bit too soon yet. Still excited though !

NICOLE & SUZY: Back at school now ! So, how many wees have you managed though your nickers on the school grass so far, or is it too cold ? I'm still on for the demo wee sometime if you're interested in seeing ! I'll post about it like Kendal does to Linda ! Look forward to hearing from you two again soon. Take care, love from Andrew xx

KATE: Exeter City are in division 3. However, the way things are going at the moment, we'll be lucky to stay up. Hope you're enjoying some lovely wees and poos with Matthew and Phil. Look forward to the next chapter in due course ! Love from Andrew x

Sandra- I see now how you are able to poo without making much mess. So you don't wear anything like tights etc? I must admit, i find your stories quite encouraging , and would like to make an effort to poo outside.

Melissa- Your story about yor friend pooing in the same stall as you sounds really great, all of our staff are a bit more reserved and probably not do that.

Kev (Big Brother of Ellie & Little Lou)

Ellie is still in a lot of pain, so she hasn't been back to school yet, although she's a bit happier now. She asked me to say hi to everyone, and she says she'll be back very soon.

KENDAL: Ellie was very touched to hear that you were so upset to hear about her accident. She says you needn't worry, cos she's stronger than she looks! (she's just like a slightly taller version of Little Lou. She's deceptively strong for her size - About 4ft 8!)
We're glad to hear you had a good time at your grandparents. We don't see ours too often as they live in Ireland. I bet you were pleased to see Andrew when your Dad came to fetch you! I told Little Lou that she can post if she wants too, but her spellings aren't too good, so you probably won't know what she's on about anyway. At least she tries though.

LAWN DOGS KID: You wanted to hear about how I've been helping Ellie in the toilet until she's better. Well, here goes...As you know, she has a broken rib, so it is painful for her to sit up, unless she sits 100% straight.Which is where I come in. I come in with her, and as it would hurt her to pull her knickers down, I help her. As she sits on the toilet, I kneel down in front of her and let her hold on to my shoulders so she sits up absolutely straight. It's no problem, cos she's so tiny, and I'm quite a bit bigger than her. The first few times she was crying cos her rib hurt her so much. It breaks my heart as I can't even give her a cuddle in case it hurts her even more. Actually, she's a bit unfair with me. She only lets me in when she needs a pee. If she wants a poo, Lou goes in with her. I suppose it's her choice, and I'd never go in if she didn't want me too. I suppose it's a dignity thing, but then she's pooed in front of me in the park before. She's not in quite as! much pain today, so she went on her own this morning, but I must admit, I've loved having a legitimate excuse to watch her on the toilet.

Bye for now,

Little Lou (little sister of Kev and Ellie)
Hello as kev may have told you my spelling is bad but I'm only 9. I'll try hard though. On the way to school today Kev and I went for a wee in the fields on our way. We went behind the heges. I took of my knickers, lifted my skirt round my waist and did it standing up then kev weed. he must have really needed to go because he was weeing for ages and he made a big puddle. I would like to say thank you to KENDAL and her lovely cousin ANDREW for being nice to Ellie. You have made her feel lots better.

Love and kisses and cuddles, Little Lou xxx

A much better p[icture than the last one!
To Tex
Yes, like you I never use the seat when I have a crap, I always sit on the porcelain rim. I developed the habit about 6 years ago when on holiday in an hotel with a bidet. It is so satisfying to clean up your arsehole properly on a bidet. Anyhow this bidet was just like a seatless toilet, and I found it so cool and comfortable, that now I always lift the seat before having a shit. In a lot of public toilets in Britain they have stainless steel toilet bowls rather than porcelain, because they are vandal-proof. Curiously enough, the stainless steel ones are just as nice to sit on as porcelain ones, and in cold weather, they tend to be warmer.

Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Hi everybody I am new here this will ne my second post. I like to hear from people here about my first post on saturday january 6 the after school experience. Anyways your new post Melissa is quiet a story, when you have to go you have to go. I had my good sunday morning poop with the sunday paper and all it was great to relieve myself. It came out really well and I liked the feeling of being able to sit there and poop for a while. My sister came in to take a shower while I was pooping and she said she need to poop to, I said i was about done and she took off her night gown, i was finished and wiped and flushed and washed my hands. and left bye for now


Happy New Year!
During Christmas time I got the idea of pissing in a little box and then did it. I had been eating a lot of spiced Christmas cookies beforehand and when I smelled at my piss I amazedly discovered that it had a rather lovely, rich, warm smell of Christmas spices: Ginger, cardamom, syrup, pepper, cinnamon and so on!

Chrissy -
The pay phone poo isn't that risky. I do it if I'm not wearing any panties and I have on a pleated skirt which is fairly loose. I pretend to make my call, spread my legs a little and the poo comes out effortlessly, dropping to the floor. I don't squat, I keep on standing. I don't wipe, but my poos are usually fairly firm and dry. Once I get inside to a toilet, I may wipe myself.

I love this site. It is my first time posting here but I've been reading for a while now. I'm 11, and I'm in 6th grade.
I remember an accident I had a couple years ago. Me and my mom and dad were in the car on the turnpike driving home from visiting relatives for a week. It was a nine hour drive and we were about 5 hours into it. Well, suddenly I got that strange pressure that tells me that I have to find a bathroom soon, or else. I told my parents that I had to poop, and they said they would get off at the next exit. Since it was a turnpike, though, the next exit wasn't very close. So about 15 minutes later, we still hadn't gotten to the next exit, and I really had to poop. I didn't think I could hold it for very much longer. And we couldn't stop the car so I could get out and squat by the side of the road because I'm in a wheelchair and I can't stand or walk by myself, so I couldn't squat by the side of the road either. I told my parents that I didn't think I would make it to the next exit. My mom said that if I was sure I couldn't make it, there was no sense giving myself cramps trying t! o hold it in, so she told me it was OK to have an accident and she would clean me up when we stopped. I didn't really want to poop in my pants, but I didn't have much of a choice, so I did like my mom said I could and relaxed and let it come out. A lot came out, maybe the size of a bottle of water, but it was pretty solid, so it all stayed in my panties. It didn't really smell very bad. Since I always pee when I poop, I also peed a little, but I didn't have to pee very bad so I peed for maybe 10 seconds.
When we got to the next exit about 10 minutes later, we stopped at a Wal-Mart and went back to the restrooms. Nobody saw the bulge in my pants because I was in my chair. We went into the handicapped stall and she helped me sit on the toilet and got my panties off. They were totally soiled so my mom just threw them away. Then she had me wait in the bathroom while she went and bought me some panties in my size. When she came back she cleaned me up and then put the panties on me. Then she wiped off the inside of my shorts, they were dark so the poop stain didn't really show through, you could just see that they were a little wet on the butt but since I would be sitting in my chair nobody would see it.
Since it was dinner time, we stopped at Burger King for dinner, then headed home. The rest of the trip back was fine.

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