Hi I am new here and am going to post. An experience i had once was at after school sports practice, my team I and gone to a different school to play a game of volleyball. After practice and before the game I had to take a poop. so I went into the girls loker room and found that there were no stalls around the toilets juts four toilets side by side. But I didn't care even though I had never seen it like this before. So I pulled my shorts down and my panties and sat down to poop, at first I let out a couple of farts and then begen to let out a log and i liked the feeling of it coming out, then I grunted and farted a little bit again and some more came out. As I was pooping another girl came in and saw me sitting with my shorts and panties at my ankles, she came over pulled down her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet next to me. She say hi and then said I needed to poop too. She started to push and a fart came out and she said oh I have a gas, I smiled and said that i had ! a little to. Then I watched her push some more and heard the poop coming out of her but then it hitting the water, as she was doing hers I pushed out a little bit more poop and peed and then got paper and wiped myself. She was stll going when I pulled up my panties and my shorts. I went over to wash my hands when I heard her fart again and some more come out of her. It was kind of stiky after that but I didn't mind. I said bye and left. On my way out I saw a sign saying girls room under constuction and that was why the stalls were not around the toilets. This a good experience anyway. When I am at home my boyfriend sometimes comes over and when I need to poop or pee I let him come to the bathroom with me to watch. I have watched him too.


Hello there, happy new year.
Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid - Hi, I'm glad to have found you as my friends, sorry I' can't post very often. I'm pleased that you are interested in my stories Andrew, I wasn't sure if anyone would be. I have seen the sort of details you like to read from what you ask others, like Nicole & Suzy (Hi you 2!) so I'll try to put in all those sort of things. I do enjoy reading your posts very much and I too think you are lucky to be cousins and friends at the same time.
I don't really remember too much detail about pooing at school but I didn't enjoy it I know. But there was another time when I was 12 or 13 when I pooped my pants at school. I had got up in the morning feeling like I needed to go and when I did a wee first thing it almost came out but my Dad shouted at me to hurry because I was very late so I held on to it and went to dress. At school, in assembly I felt the pressure really build up and had to really concentrate to stop from doing it. I was OK until morning breaktime though and I was about to run for the toilet when I was asked to help clear up after the lesson - it was art and someone always had to help at break. I was too shy to say 'no, I need to go to the loo',and I stayed in. I couldn't stand still, you know how it is when you think you are about to be able to do it, the pressure builds up, and I was having to really squeeze my bottom cheeks together. But I felt it start to come out so I tried sitting down on a hard ! chair but the teacher came back in and I had to carry on clearing up. He asked if I was OK, I suppose I was red in the face. I was scared stiff I was going to do it in my pants. Just as I finished the bell went and I had to go to the next class but when I got outside I couldn't hold my poo in , it just came out in one go and I couldn't help making a sort of groan. I had stopp ed walking and then I realised what I had done and felt my knickers with my hand and there was a huge lump of poo there! I decided to not go to the next lesson and to walk home like I do at lunchtime some days. I didn't want anyone to see what I'd done and when I looked quickly there was a brown mark on my pants ( school uniform grey). I just walked out of school and it felt funny with such a big heavy lump in my pants. My mum wasn't there yet so I managed to clean up before she came home.

Once when I was playing with the boys next door, I was 11, they were 10 and 14, I needed to wee badly but my parents were out so I couldn't go home to wee and didn't like to say anything. I got more and more desperate and had to keep running around but eventually I wee'd a little in my knickers. They were pink Andrew! and I had a black skirt on. James, the older boy saw my knickers were wet and began to make fun and I tried to pretend I was OK but he caught hold of me and said 'well keep still then to prove it'. I really wet myself then but it was OK and we all laughed - it was not the first time I had done it when playing with them.

Well thats all for today, bye for now, your friend Vinny. XXXX

Hello to all! I'm ready to go back to school, I miss being able to go poop in the restrooms back on campus. It is not as fun at home, not being able to hear others or have them hear me!

Traveler: I agree with you about the elongated seats, as I've said I love the kind you find in most public restrooms: open in front and designed so that your butt sinks down, it feels so great especially when taking a long big one!

I thought I would share a story from high school when I first discovered that it was "okay" to poop at some place besides home. I was always scared to poop in public, it seemed like such a private matter. I usually make alot of noise, take alot of time and make alot of stink. At home I could do this in peace without worrying about what others thought. I never really bothered with going in public and suppose I never really had to, or I just held it until I got home. I forget what grade I was in, 10th or 11th, but I remember this one day at school that I had to go REALLY bad. I was able to hold it in and gain some comfort on and off throught the day but by the time school ended I was hurting. I was a cheerleader and we had after school practice on this particular afternoon. Somehow I was able to make it through the practice routine but I needed to go BAD after it ended. Several of us girls decided to go to the mall after practice. I thought I would catch a ride hom! e first to change out of my practice uniform (and take my big dump!) so I asked one of the other girls, Mandy, if she could give me a ride. She said sure but she would be about 20 minutes because she had to go poop first. I was shocked by her nonchalant way of saying what she had to do. I said "Oh, you do that school" She said "yea, if I need to, it's no big deal, the restrooms are really clean and they are made for using." I thought to myself how silly I was for torturing myself all day long just because I was modest. Mandy was right, restrooms really were there to use and stalls give you privacy. I could recall many experiences over the past years when I would go to the restroom and hear (or smell) other girls going, it was really no big deal, I never really knew or cared who they were, the same rule could apply to me. So I told Mandy that I didn't mind the wait and that I really needed to go to. She said well, let's get to it. We went into the locker roo! m. It had 5 stalls. Mandy chose the first one, I went into the third one. I told her that I had never done this before. She laughed and said, it's easy, you pull your panties down, sit and poop. I laughed and said "you know, your right!" I lifted my skirt, pulled down my cheerleader panties and had a seat. I heard Mandy grunt and fart down the way. She soon was dropping log after log. I did not have to strain much, I had so much in me that it had no where to go but out! My hole opened wide to allow a mammoth log out. It hurt alot, and it was slow coming out. I grunted loudly as it slid out. After about 2 minutes, it was out. I looked down between my legs to see a huge turd about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide! I ended up dropping 5 or 6 more about 4 inches each. Mandy finished after about 10 minutes, she waited another 10 for me. She said "Jeez, you must have really had to go!" I said I did and thanked her for convincing me that going at school was not so ! bad. She told me that she did it at least once a day at school and where she went never really bothered her as long as it was clean. I finished up and flushed my load but it got stuck. Mandy said forget it, let's go shopping. Every since that day, I have lost my inhibition about going in public. In fact I look forward to pooping in public, it is my favorite pastime!!!!!

Last night I decided to try crapping; the urge was very slight but I felt full of crap as I hadn't had a movement in awhile. I sat down on the toilet and gave a steady push. After about five tiring minutes one "hen egg" ball came out and splashed water up my ass as it landed heavily in the bowl. I sighed loudly and bore down again, my legs and ass quivering as another "hen egg" pushed my ring open and slowly slid out of me. I moaned from the sheer effort of pushing so hard and leaned back on the bowl to help squeeze out a ball that didn't want to come out.
There was about five minutes between poop pieces coming out and I was tired and gave up in frustration.
Does this hapen to other women who are about to have their period? Poop like this doesn't give much satisfaction when you're going.
Maybe tonight I will get the rest out.

Rude & Tattood
Hello again. Pretty disappointed that no ladies replied to my previous post about accidentially farting infront of someone.
Anyway, I have another story. My parents friend, I'll call her Susan is quite good looking for a lady in her 40's. Blond, about 5'4, nice large breasts and a little chunckie but still pretty. Anyway...I have heard her break wind many times. The first time was at Christmas a few years ago. She was leading us into her living room to show off her decorations and as she got to her tree she turned around and said, "Oops, I'm farting" and all that was hear was three or four quick and loud farts one right after the other. I loved it!!!
Another time her daughter was watching our pet and when I went to pick it up after we got back into town, Susan was squatting down to say goodbye to our pet when she suddenly ripped a big fart. I couldn't beleive it. She just said Oops after. ANY OTHER LADIES WITH STORIES LIKE THIS PLEASE POST!!!! Or stories of being in a public washroom and hearing other women farting and plopping.

To Malita: I liked your story about you having to shit before going out and your friend was with u and watched u for a bit. I can picture you sitting on the can and that yellow shit with corn in it. I don't know why i picture this soo good.

To Tex: I've had a simular experince but it wasn't after a workout. I drank atleast 4- 8 cups of water and i remember my stomach feeling soo full and then i had to shit a few times after doing this. I did this for the hell of it so i could pee alot.

Last night i was watching tv and i felt a funny feeling in my gut...almost like a fullness feeling. Then within 15 minutes i had to shit. I went to the bathroom and pushed a 6" log out. There was corn in my shit. I ate corn the other day, i asume there will be more corn in my shit next time i go cause i did eat a decient amount and i don't think all the corn passed. I haven't had to shit today.

has anyone messed their pants in public especially you guys

A while back, I read in a magazine that there was a non-toxic (of course) substance that you can supposedly get in any drug store that, if taken, will make your poop black. I think it was some sort of charcoal or something. Can anyone supply me with the name of this substance?

Gruntly Bogwell
Greetings and Happy New Year to those who post and those who lurk on this site with more than a passing interest in the pooing activities of others. Its been a while, but I ran out of stories, until this past holiday season. My mother-in-law was staying with us, she weighs a bit over two hundred pounds and eats, by her own admission, six meals a day because of her hypoglycemia. You can imagine the strain on the digestive system, not to mention commodes across the country or her tendency toward vociferous farts, especially when using the toilet (and sometimes not). I'll be she has scared the poop out of more than one woman using the stall next to her with her anal air cannon.

Anyway, I have to admit that I was skeptical about the two and three inch diameter turds reported by some of those who post here. Butt, now I'm a believer because during the holiday season, I felt the need for a turkey and stuffing generated poo, so I headed upstairs to the bathroom off the bedroom, as the house was overrun with in-laws. Unbeknownst to me my mother-in-law had been napping on our bed, the TV was blaring, no one was on the bed so I headed for the bathroom. The bathroom has two room, one, for the commode and shower and an outer room with sinks and dressing area. The mirrors on the walls of the outer room happen to be placed so that as one enters the outer room, the angles are such that you can look into the inner room and see half the commode. I stopped short as I entered the outer room to the sound of grunting and bleating fart echoing from the toilet. The TV noise covered my approach and apparently my mother-in-law thought everyone was downstairs and l! eft the door open while she engaged in relieving her "travel constipation." The rustling of paper told me she was probably working a crossword puzzle and I could see her ample, white haunch hanging over the side of the toilet below her green dress which was above her waist revealing the generous curve of her bottom. I could not see her face or shoulders, just her back half. Another strain emanated from the toilet room followed by the tinkling sound of a latent pee. Another NNNNGGGGGHHHHH produced a booming fart, which startled me. I was getting a buzz from watching the effort, then the fetid aroma arrived. She straightened up and leaned forward with a groan that resulted in the telltale plip, plop of a few turdlets hitting the water below her bum. Then came another NNGGGGGHHHH, pant, pant, UNNGGGHHHHHH, pant, pant NUUUNNNGGGGHHHHAAAHHHHH… ……..….FFLLOOOOMMMMPPP…..then a very audible sigh. The big one, I assumed, had arrived. She shifted her position, sat back pulled th! e front of her dress up, spread her legs and I guess looked between her legs into the toilet to see what had just stretched her hole and said under her breath "Whoa, that was a tough one." She settled back and all became quiet for a few minutes and worked on her crossword puzzle, which gave my heart a chance to slow down from the rush of witnessing her poo struggle. By pulling her dress up to look at her turd she had exposed the side of her stomach…all of a sudden the flesh here tightened, she uttered another grunt and several turds began ????ing and ploomping into the bowl followed by a wet fart. The wiping process was a hoot as she had to shift around on her haunches around to get at her hole. She flushed and I retreated to the closet in the bedroom to give her time to clear out. Still needing a poo myself, I waited until her footsteps retreated then went into the bathroom, which was ripe to say the least, but I needed to go. There jammed, unflushed in the toilet wa! s this monster reddish- brown turd, 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter…NOW I'm a believer…I didn't think holes could stretch that much. So….for the hell of it I did a secret buddy dump on top of this beauty.. lowering my jeans and sliding down my briefs to settle my skinny ass on the already warm seat. It didn't take much of a strain, with the wine from the day before helping to push out the turkey dinner. This one came from way up inside and I put about 18 inches of semi-soft dark brown poo in a variety of lengths on top of the red-brown monster. Of course I had to plunger the whole mess several times…but what a poo trip.

Linda GS
I did post but somehow it didn't make it. Oh well I'm NOT hiding. I'm spending time with my baby sisters and I have tons of stories to tell.. but I can't right now. I promise that later we will and maybe me, you and my baby sisters can have a big potty party and go to gether. [giggles] yes I do know that pmaies are a kind of pamper.. but no.. they are underwear.. the ones I wear.. I'd show you.. but.. I save that for Andrew.. they're cotton and they ARE underwear. Kendal will talk for me seeing as how i've had to say thins about a zillion times. Oh kendal you wanna gossip in there? Sure.. I haven't had um.. a "movement" in a while so if we do.. it may be an adventure.

I felt like I had to poop last night but I didn't bother and went to bed. In the morning my bowels were very full and I hadn't done anything on the toilet for 2 days. I had my morning coffee and cereal and took my newspaper into the bathroom expecting a good long toilet session. I had to pee very badly also. So I pulled down my jeans and Jockey Pouch briefs (I like the support)and sat down. I have an open front toilet seat which gives me room for my dick to hang through. I started tinkling and relaxing my asshole and could feel the turd slowly pushing out. Rather than pushing, I usually just let it out naturally even if it's very slow. I spread my legs, lifting up my nuts and dick to watch. Slowly but surely it came out and started making its way into the water and down toward the outlet of the bowl. It broke off and fell with a loud splash. My girlfriend was sitting on the edge of the tub reading the paper and she took a look between my legs and asked if I was done! . "Nope, there's more," I said and felt more turd moving down into my rectum. SSSSSSSSSS! (long hissing fart) and the second one started out, this time a lot faster. It broke off and I still wasn't sure if there was more. So I sat for 5 minutes and sure enough, more turd came out. At this point I was very satisfied and pulled off some toilet paper to wipe and it was pretty messy. I wiped 10 times dropping the paper onto the floor so I could get a better look at the turds. I stood up to check and there were 4 logs, each about 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches around. The toilet was pretty much filled and there's like no way all this is going down without clogging, so I left them to soak and soften up. My girlfriend then hopped onto the toilet and peed on my turds! (I had warmed up the seat nicely for her). 2 hours later I went back into the bathroom to check on the turds and they had started to dissolve, so I figured it was safe to flush. They went down without too m! uch struggle leaving humongous skid marks in the bowl. Then I threw in the paper and flushed that. I flushed a third time just for the hell of it. That was a lot of doodoo.

Jeff A.
Hi all, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. There've certainly been a lot of new pictures these days! I really love the new people on this site! You're all so wonderful, it's good to read your voices! It's nice to know that this place is here, and it's become such a beautiful forum with good people. There are some really creepy forums out there. Places where I feel like I'm going to get VD just by double clicking! I've never seen one like this before, or since. I started here when the pages were numbering somewhere in the 150's, as have a lot of the old posters that it's so good to see still.
STEPH: You are one of them! So good to see you posting again! I’ve really missed you, and Alex, and Eric, though you may have written and I’ve probably missed it since I’m not a real regular here anymore. It’s nice to know you’re all still together. Does anybody remember Bridget, and Silent Spice?
JERSEY MAN: For the man who let young girls into a men's room: I'd love to kick his ass so hard he'd have to take his hat off to take a dump! That's just plain irresponsible! It's bad enough for the kids, but what about the people just trying to take care of business? Eight years old is too old to be in a men's restroom. Try dragging an eight year old boy into a ladies room and see what happens. I agree whole heartedly with Rick, that in these times, it's very dangerous, legality wise. He could end up having his kids taken away doing things like that.
J. REED: Great story of the outdoor toilet, and the pretty Mexican gal using it! I would have definitely handed her a roll like a gentleman, and after she finished, I'd probably propose to her on one knee. Or, better yet, I could lie, and tell her I was with the Port-O-Potty customer service dept., offering a free wiping for every 1000 dumps, and she was the lucky winner! But seriously folks, yes, I would have been a gentleman. To a man, or a woman. Especially to somebody in an outdoor toilet, because if you get stranded indoors, you can always flush, and use clean water to wash with if necessary. But outdoors, there ain't much down there that you wanna' wash with…
SUMMER: I’ve always loved women’s restroom stories, and this is the one place to get a lot of them. Keep up those great stories!

It’s also good to see some of the others here that I remember so well: Traveler, PV, Rick, Sandra, Buzzy, I know I’m leaving people out, and I’m sorry, but there's just so many of you!

TEX: Yeah! I work out too, and try to drink 64 oz of water a day. Working out really gets the blood flowing. You're actually burning calories for an hour afterward even if you're just sitting around. The water loosens everything up good, and a diarhhetic reaction is typical. But it's not the bad kind, it's the good kind that just makes you feel kind of hollow, not wrung out.

I can't remember who posted about the woman saying she was "shitting bunnies" but it was hysterical! They ought to make buttons for that. "I shit bunnies at the rodeo."

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi!

this is one of my first memories of
a girl at school this would be about when i was
9 or10 we were all in the main class room
with all the chairs against the side walls of the classroom
the girls on one side and on the floor in front of girls side was
a small poo on the floor when the teacher saw this she said
whats that muck. then I heard someone say its a poo poo
miss there was a lot of giggling , then the teacher looked
at one of the girls who was sitting opposite and when she got up
the teacher lifted the girls skirt up and pulled down her knickers
and looked to see if she had done it when she started doing another poo
the teacher then quickly pulled her knickers up while she was still pooping
and sent her to the toilet when she came back she was made to stand in a corner
with out her skirt her knickers were quite messy.

Hi all here! Hope you had a good festive season. By what I have read many of you had good "Yule Logs".

Tony,(Scotland) I have read the Ghost story you mention, "The Brown Lady of Rainham" and it sure scared the hell out of me as a kid! Now I can see where you are coming from as regards the girl in the picture. Im no psychologist but she has a very long thin face and very deep dark eyes and a high forehead so I can see why his gives her a skull like aspect, added to the fact of her very serious expression. An article I read once said that people are instinctively happier with those having round faces and put off by long faces, so maybe that is why this picture makes you so uneasy. Any psychologists out there have an answer?

After my Xmas buddy dump I had two big poos on Boxing day at home. The first being two big lumpy jobbies at about 10 am which took a bit of effort which was rewarded by resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! KUR-SPLOONK!" sounds. When I looked down the pan there were two fat logs, one about 12 inches long and blunt at both ends, Log shaped in fact , the other a 7 inch carrot but again very fat, and after dinner in the evening I went again and this time did a big easy curved jobbie, like a fat brown cucumber slid out with a "Floomp!" . This one was also about 12 inches in length and floated in the pan. During the holiday, if anything I was slightly constipated given the change in routine, so my jobbies were on the knobbly, lumpy, side. Listeners such as Tony, Plunging Plop Guy, GC etc would have loved it, lots of "NNNS! and UHS! and "PLONK! KERPLOONK! and of course the big "Depth Charges" "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMPs!" My husband enjoyed rubbing my ???? and giving words of encouragement while! I laid my "eggs!"

I went back to work Tuesday 2nd Jan and with all the exercise etc I am back to doing the usual big long fat but easy motions I usually pass, nice slightly curved ones, starting with a 14 inch panbuster which stuck in one of the women's staff toilet pans at work. "I see Nicky's back!" one of the others laughed as I washed my hands afterwards.

Now I havent seen an Air Hostess caught on the throne but I have had this happen to me often on trains, boats and planes. The toilet doors on these open outwards or are slide doors as a safety factor and for the same reason have a "soft" lock. I have lost count of the number of times I have been revealed on the pan on a train. On a boat I was on a river cruise and the toilet was like a funnel and flushed by pumping a handle back and forth. Anyway, I was sat on the toilet demin skirt hitched up round my waist and floral panties at the top of my thighs. As I bore down to pass my big jobbie "NN! AH! the door opened and a little kid of about 5 with his mum was standing there. She apologised profusely but the kid of course found this greatly amusing and I could hear him saying "mummy that lady was doing a big poo-poo!" What made it more amusing was that of course the turd was so fat and long that it jammed in the small hole at the bottom of the pan. Later on the upper deck this kid was with his mum again and said, "look mummy, there's the lady who's big poo stuck in the toilet" I found it most amusing and started to giggle but it was the mother who was embarrased and blushed deep red. On a plane journey I went to the toilet and again was sat there doing a big one when the door opened and a smart looking man of about 50 was standing there. He apologised but took his time and had a good look at me with my jeans and black panties down at my knees as I had to stand up slightly to accomodate the big jobbie it came out . I hope he enjoyed seeing the big whopper I left for him as he went into the same toilet after I came out, not that this bothered me of course, I am quite happy for others to see my big jobs! Malita, we have a lovely Spanish Girl working with us and she passes large easy formed poos which are real stinkers, is it the diet that Hispanic people eat?

Tex, while it is a good idea to maintain a sensible fluid intake, drinking large amounts of cold water after a hard work out while the body is still hot etc can cause abdominal upsets . I drink isotonic lucozade at ambient temperature as this maintains the fluid, salts and sugar levels and avoids cramps, and I havent experienced this nasty effect. Try a smaller volume, non chilled drink as I suggest and have a larger, cooller drink after you have showered and changed and your system has returned to normal. Perhaps the Aquafina, (not a brand we have in the UK as far as I am aware), has some ingredient which upsets your GI tract. Try another brand or ordinary tap water.

Aren't Belize, Cuba and possibly Brazil and others exceptions to the "Spanish folk" steryotype?...

OK, I'm finally back -- hopefully, for a while this time.

I hate my computer. At least it's still under warranty. But in the meantime, having only read a few days' worth of back posts, I'm totally out of the loop here.

Kim & Scott -- I read your last post, and I love anything that ends in a 17" log. Excellent!

Kendal -- You've got quite a cadre of friends posting on this site now -- including your dad! Very cool, and it's good that he's open about this kind of stuff.

Summer -- Your first story (on campus, with the big farts and the listening girl next door) is exactly the way I envision young females pooping. I don't know how to explain that exactly, but it does. There was a bathroom on my own campus which, for a while, had a sizable hole in the men's room wall through which one could hear the female students going through their pooping routine. This was in the library building, and the ladies' room was consequently very busy. I heard a few poops like yours during that period. But, I'm rambling.

Malita -- Great stories and huge turds. Always a fine combo. Keep it up for your growing group of fans (including myself).

Personally, I have no holiday stories to tell. Sad, I know. But I'll throw out another question for the audience to feed back on: does anyone ever squat on the seat? I do it quite a bit when I'm at home, since it's easier to get away with it. Anyone else?

With hopes of a poop-ful New Year,

One comment about the girl in the pic at the top of the forum-she looks very pretty,but it looks like someone is taking the pic of her without her knowing about it-she just has that look on her face like she is totally alone and she is definitely pooing,but looks like she is a bit nervous about something-just my observation-
TO MALITA-If jim doesn't appreciate you-screw him,move on-hey instead,tell me all about your good BM's-Hey too bad we couldn't do phone poos together-would be fun stuff!Love your stories-keep them coming!You are definitly a good pooper!
TO TEX-I work out a lot too at the gym and sometimes the same thing happens to me too-It's just the workout itself and the water somtimes brings it on faster,but tex,just go and sit on the bowl for a bit and read a mag or paper and then you won't have to rush back for a 2nd time-I'm sure the water is OK
Another story while I was upstate-I spent a total time of about 2 weeks up there,but i came home for 1 day to make sure all is well at home ,but when i went back there for new years,I got really friendly with this girl Kim(who I found out later was the girl with the newspaper in the toilet!)We went skiing together and had a good time.The next morning we were both eating breakfast and her and I were drinking coffee and she says to me"These breakfast's are sooo good but they really make me poo-poo" and she laughed-I said "Yea they do that to me too"Hse said " you have to go now?"I said no,but pretty soon,how about you?"Hse said " I was just about to get something to read cause I got to go soon"Now this woman seems very casual and relaxed about a lot of things-I would guess she was about 30-35 years old and had been married and had travelled a lot and we really hit it off well so i thought i would take a shot so I said" well I have to go too-shall we go" and smiled at her-S! he looked at me and got up and said" wait,let me get this paper over here"and we walked up to the bathroom-Now inside i'm going nuts thinking about what is going to happen here?So we got to the bathroom and there was only 1 available-now her and I had gotten to know each other real well over the last few days and we had some intimate moments-so i said " hey lady,want to share this taxi-cab?"She just looked at me for a min quizically and said"well I don't know--" and smiled a bit and just then the bathroom right next to it opened up and I said "Ok you take that one and i'll take this one"I figured I'd give her a way out in case she tought i was a weirdo-So she decided to go in to the other room and she said"Hey,we can still talk thru these walls-OK?"Then I knew she must have been able to hear everything just like I did when I go in there-So i went in na dshe went in and we continued to talk-she said" can you hear me OK?"I said" I hear you pretty good"Then she said " I hope you ! didn't get offended but i really never went to the bathroom with a guy,i used to always do it with my girlfriends in college" I said"I thought I may have offended you-but I was just thinking that it was the only bathroom open,and I laughed and said" not that I would mind going together with you at all!"She said " hey we are in a way-hey I really do have to go so i'm going to go now"I said "Ladies first,cause i'm that kind of guy" and laughed and so did she.Then I heard her sit on the bowl and I heard a loud fart and she said "Oh this is going to be good" and then i heard her grunt and out come the turds with a lot of gas too-I was in heaven-Then she said " I really do have to go bad ,sorry about the noise"I said"Sounds fine to me,hey we all do it " and then I let out a tight sounding fart and exploded into the bowl with a bunch of mush and it felt soo good i let out a moan of relief and then i heard her fart again and she said "I bet that felt good huh" as I heard her push out! some stuff and I said as i grunted "Sometimes I really look foreward to moments like this cause the best things in like are free"Then she said Are you done yut,cause i am " I said "I think I mighthave to sit here for a bit" and then I heard her start to wipe and she said " I hate these messy wipes,don't you?"Just then I had to poo more and farted and let out some mush and more gas and she said" Sorry i guess you are not done yet are you?"At this point I was getting off big time and I could barely say"I guess not"Then I heard her flush and then she said"I'll wait for you " and she waited for me right outside the door and then I felt done and wiped and then came out and we both looked at each other and she said " hey that was pretty fun don't you think?" I said " That was certainly different,but i really enjoyed it for some reason lets do it again sometime"I didn't want to let on that I was really into this kind of thing,so i was being kind of cool about it,She leaned over to m! e and we kissed and went off to her room and had a great lovemaking for quite awhile-Then we went out to the ski slopes and I was hoping we could poo together sometime-What a great girl Too bad she lives in Canada-Tell you more later-sorry so long but I wanted to tell you the whole thing-It was great
Also exploded at the gym yeaterday am along with some other guys,but I miss pooing along with the ladies upstate-It was nice at the gym pooing too-went alot tell you later BYE


KIM AND SCOTT - I like your last post. I think it's sweet that you and Scott can share stuff like that. I'm sure the position of you sitting on Scott's lap to go #2 is kinda erotic!

But I must know, how did you two start that? Here's my problem: I've been with my girlfriend for almost 4 years now. She knows that when it comes to just the two of us, I like sharing stuff like that - you know watching each other use the toilet and stuff. But she's very against it! I don't know why either! She tells me that when she takes a bath sometimes she pees in the water. Everytime she's in the swimming pool she pees. And instead of using the tiolet in the morning she pees in the bathtub before she starts the water running. For someone who is not shy peeing all over the place, she doesn't like sharing tiolet-time with me.

Can you, or anyone else help me??

I've let her see me on the toilet plenty of times, but if I let the door open while using it, she sighs at me and tells me to close the door like I'm a little kid!

Well, that's my story.... Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Oh, oh, CARMELITA. Sorry to bring back memories of scoldings. The morerator is right about making assumptions. I, too, used to do some huge, trap buster poops when I was about 12 or 13, except that instead of getting scolded, my mom always made me take a laxative. Ironic, don't you think? I guess she and my dad thought that was easier than having to plunge the toilet all the time. Keep up those "10s" on the "Carmelita stink-o-meter." Good one!

Don't you love those long logs that curl around in the bowl? I've been eating a lot of figs and other fruits lately and I did one like that a few days ago. When I flushed, it broke in two and both halves struggled to go down the hole at the same time. On the second flush, one of them finally broke loose and won the race.

Once in my work I went with a publicist to visit a jazz trumpeter at his hotel suite. (I won't mention his name, but he was a well-known and much loved figure who helped revolutionize jazz. He has since passed on.) It was fun to meet this musician in person. He was always happy and joking with people. When the publicist excused herself to use the bathroom, the trumpeter caught me completely off guard by talking about the big bowl of bran flakes he'd eaten for breakfast that morning and about how he had done "a big, long slinky" that curled "around and around" in the bowl. Then he made circles over his stomach and started singing this really old song, "The music goes round and round... duh da da da da da daah, wo dee oh wo, oh yeah" - then pointing to his behind - "and it comes out here!" The publicist might have wondered what we were cracking up about, but she never asked and I never told.

TEX - You're right about water and exercise. Try a few glasses or a bottle with breakfast sometime, too. It's nature's best cleanser.

TONY - The lovely girl on the Masthead: a) realizes too late that she hasn't locked the door in a airplane toilet; b) suspects her bf is lurking just outside; or, c) is off topic for this forum.

stunned girl
I live in Michigan, but our unisex bathroom wil no longer be anymore. Two women complained about sexual harrassment because they saw mens privates in the bathroom (what were they expecting?) How pathetic is that? Now that bathroom will be for men only.

Lawn Dogs Kid
KATE: Phil will be loving you to pieces ! Going to the loo and not pulling your panties down far and not lifting your dress up will have been a much different experience for him, and is probably more exciting than being able to see everything, the sort of "being able to use your imagination a bit" syndrome. And then next time, he gets to see you pee and poo completely starkers. You're one wonderful girl, lucky Phil ! Take care, love Andrew xx

KEVIN: It's not Kendal you need to worry about. It will be Linda if she catches you. Linda in a rage is very scary. Take it from someone who has experience ! Especially when she uses the word GRRRRRRR !

STEVE: Why is it everyone seems to think that Kendal is lucky to have me ? I suppose the truth of the matter is that we are both very lucky to have each other. I bet you think the same way about Louise !

GEMI: You are right, it is definitely your cousins' loss ! I suspect that Kendal and I are so close because we don't have anyone else, no brothers, sisters, or other cousins. We are jolly lucky that we live in the same village as well. If you like this sort of thing, I hope you manage to find a good friend to share it with, like Nicole has Suzy.

KIM & SCOTT: Wow ! The storm has certainly broken ! Did you really manage to crash out your latest torpedo while sat on Scott's knee cuddling ? By the way, saying you forgive Kendal will make her feel heaps better. Thanks for that ! Reading her latest post, her Dad will stop her coming onto the computer for a few days for being naughty and taking advantage. Besides, because it is her birthday next weekend and there are plans here in Devon for her, she is going up to Kendal ( the town in Cumbria, England ) to visit her Mum, Grannie and Grandad. I wonder if he'll doff his hat at her ! By the way, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas day, ie 26th December. Apparantly, the history of it stems from a custom of giving tradesmen a Christmas box on this day. A christmas box would have been literally a box with goodies in it, as in the old days, tradespeople would have been quite poor. My Mum still follows the tradition, although she doesn't leave a box. She leaves an env! elope with money in it for the postman and the dustbinmen, although she does this before Christmas. She couldn't leave a box for the dustbinmen. They would probably think it was rubbish and throw it in the back of the lorry ! Hope that explains things for you Kim. As for LOL, I don't know either !

KEV ( BIG BROTHER OF ELLIE & LITTLE LOU ): I am so sorry to hear of Ellie's accident. Please send her my love and my best wishes that she will feel better soon. Love to Little Lou as well. I have never forgotten how she tried to make me feel better by offering to be my Kendal while my real Kendal was taken away from me in Cumbria. She has a heart of gold, you all do ! I was interested to see that you are from the South West like us. It's not allowed on this site to say exactly where you live for the sake of anonymity, which is a very good thing. However, I think they allow a broad general area. We live in a village in the surrounding area of the town of Tiverton, North Devon. If you don't mind me asking, what's your nearest town ? Just curious. Hope you don't mind. You say that you have had to take poor Ellie to the toilet. Do you think she will mind if you tell us one or two stories about this. Helping someone to the toilet who needs caring for like Ellie at the mo! ment would make a wonderful and heart warming story. What do you and Ellie think ?

To The Cardinal:
I think it was really great of your friend to help his friend while his wrists were immobized. So many guys, especiaially straight ones. I think people should be caring and understanding in such sutuations. More stories about such incidents, please!

Saturday, January 06, 2001

I find the anatomy of the woman in the picture really puzzling. What is she doing with her arms? And is she really sitting on the toilet? I can't see much evidence of it. I hope she is enjoying what she is doing, she does not look any too happy...

Christmas was a multiple poop time for me, as I'm sure it was for many other people. Also it afforded me the leisure to have a proper shit, I mean about 20 minutes on the pot instead of a mere ten. If I have a 10-minute shit, which I do on most weekdays, I nearly always have to go again within a couple of hours.

Sara T.
Louise- I liked your story about the poolside weeing!

Steph- I was born in Westchester, too. What part are you from?

Nothing of much interest to report lately. Oh, except that I've found sitting backwards on the toilet to pee is more comfortable (as in, sitting facing the tank). And yesterday I was sitting on the couch (luckily I had a towel under me, as I'd just showered), moved the wrong way and accidentally peed a bit!

Traveler: Thank you for your good wishes! The moderator is right though. I don't speak spanish. My grandmother, and parents do, but rarely around us, especially when we were growing up. Only if they were angry at us! One time when I was in the eighth grade, I clogged our toielt with a big, smelly poop. We had to have the manager come over to unplug it. My dad got so mad! He spoke spanish to me then! But I still loved your sentiment! Everything is falling "from" me quite well. I don't always stink so bad, but yesterday's poop on the "Carmalita stink-o-meter" was a 10! The flies were dropping dead onto the floor!

Buzzy: I love that name, it is soooo cute! I wish you were my friend Jim too, because he chickened out on me again! This is like the third time he's promised! He told me he dosent' think he's should because he's kind of been seeing a new girlfriend. News to me. Oh well, I guess I understand.

Me, and my friend Renee decided we'd go out to do a little tire shopping for my truck. I was about to put my shoes on, when I realized I couldn't put off using the bathroom any longer. I asked her if she needed it first because I was afraid I was going to pollute it! She just laughed and said no. So, I went down the hall to the bathroom. I was sitting there on the pot with my pants and underpants down around my ankles grunting hard. I had my legs spread wide, and my head hanging down, and my hands were clasped together. I grunted a good hard one, and crapped a big turd. It made a kind of 'sloooppp!' sound, and started off stinking good. It also splashed water right up into my b---hole. That's a really weird feeling too! Then, Renee tapped on the door, and said, "Can I come in for a sec?" and I said "You better plug your nose if you're coming in here!" she stepped in, because sometimes she'll come in and watch , or just talk to me while I crap. She covered her nose wit! h her hands which I didn't blame her for at all! She giggled at the way I was sitting because I'm short, and my toes just touch the floor. My head was all the way down with my hair hanging over my knees. After a second, or two, I did a really long slow fart, and Renee couldn't take any more. She said "I'm outa' here! I'll catch your next one!", and stepped back outside. I pushed a little harder, and a big, wet turd started crackling really loud. It crackled loud, and spitting farts, and smell! Renee could hear it from outside the door, and said "That sounds like a big one Malita." I didn't say anything because I was still busy grunting. I spread a little wider so I could peek down into the toilet to see what I'd done. That first turd first turd was pretty good, really brown, and about 6" long. The second turd was very big though, and light brown, almost yellowish. It curled all the way around the bowl, and had corn in it. It reminded me of one of those balloons that peop! le make animals with. We'd worked out that morning so maybe something worked loose in me, I don't know. It could've been worse, I could've been driving in my truck on the way to the tire place! Thank goodness I wasn't, because I would never have been able to hold that one back!
Thanks for reading!

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