Hi every body I’m back in New England again for college. It was so wonderful to see my friend Yao (she’s Vietnamese) waiting for me at the gate – we love each other very much. We hugged and kissed and I told her how much I had missed her. She didn’t need to say a word, the look in her wide brown eyes told me all I needed to know. “Look I don’t want to rush, but I must poo,” she whispered as she still embraced me. It didn’t take us too long to find a ladies room, but to our dismay there were only four stalls and three were occupied. It was obvious why no one wanted the fourth stall – there was no seat on the toilet. “I can’t wait” she whispered and dragged me in with her. I stood with my back against the door as she pulled down her jeans and then her panties almost to her ankles. She looked behind, satisfied herself that she was over the bowl and bent over with her hands behind holding her tush open. I squatted down in front of her and looked up into her eyes. A th! in stream of pee started to splash very noisily into the bowl but it didn’t last long before it ended in a last few drips. Yao grunted softly and a frown creased her forehead. “Is it coming out,” I asked. She gave me the smallest of nods and as her frown deepened a soft crackling noise told me her poo was on its way. I looked between her legs and stared in astonishment as the tip of a long solid dark brown poop slowly appeared. Then suddenly it fell with a loud splash and I giggled even though I hadn’t intended to. “There’s some more coming” Yao gasped and three more smaller but softer poops fell from her rear, each one making a splash that left water on the rim of the bowl. This time we both giggled. Yao stood and turned around and we both looked into the bowl. There were four logs all nestled together. The first was a darker brown near its nose and slightly knobby, but it became smoother and lighter in color towards the back. It was also not quite as wide where it ! broke off as it was nearer the tip. The other three were all the same lighter brown color, very smooth, and about the same thickness. I’m not good at guessing how big things are but the first log must have been about six or seven inches long and about two inches wide, certainly a little more at the widest just behind its nose. The other three were all about four inches long and two inches wide.

Now, for New Year I promised I would try and describe the poos in my posts in a little more detail – I hope this is a little better – please let me know everybody. Also I promised I would try and measure one of my poops. I have to admit I don’t have a clue how to do this – I really don’t want to touch it at all – I have a hard time just cleaning a toilet. Does anybody have any suggestions? It would help me keep my promise. I love you all – please help - OXOX from Melissa.

Sandra- That is amazing, actually doing a poo in a phone box! Iwould never have the nerve to do that. How do you keep yourself clean when you poo like that? I wear skirts and tights and would find it very difficult to keep clean.

For the last couple of days i have been office based, and will be for the next couple of weeks, therefore there will be an opportunity to post about people in Head Office and routines. I went to the ladies toilet after lunch with a need for a pee and a slight urge to poo. All the cubicles were free apart from one, so i decided to visit the one next to it. I peek under the partition and saw heels, like cabon crew shoes and beige tights. I thought must be one of our staff. There was silence for about 30 secs, put i heard a crackling come from her and then a couple of large plomps, quickly followed by the rustle of paper. I didn't here any pee, she must have done that before i got there. I continued with what i was doing, one long and a two poos, wiped and left. The lady was still doing her makeup an we chatted. She was from another section of sewardesses and was training new recruits. She was around thirty five, blonde and quite tall for those interested, quite attractive i ! suuppose. She left me doing my makeup and i didn't run into her for the rest of the day.

Hopefully there should be more interesting happenings over the next few weeks.

Billy L.
This weekend we went to our uncle's cabin. My parents were watching my friend Paul and his little brother Don. So they came with us too. I didn't have my usual poop on Friday, either in the morning or the afternoon. Before we got to the cabin, I really had to go. I almost asked dad to pull over so I could poop in the woods on the way up. When we got to the cabin, the urgency was lower, so I decided to wait. My friend Paul said that he had to poo, too, on the way up. When we got to the cabin, Paul got out, and went about 10 feet behing our truck, dropped his pants and started letting out a large log. It was about 15 inches long. Then about 5 more turds came out. The last one had corn from lunch in it. While I was pooping, my father got a toilet seat thing that attaches to our hitch on the truck. He attached it, and sat right down on it. He dropped 1 hug log, followed by about about 5 small logs and some loose stuff. My uncle came out just as he started passing his last log, and! said, why don't you poop inside? We just got the water pump connected. My father was done by the time he spoke.

When we got inside, my uncle said to my father and me, why don't you go out side by the pit in the back and see if the water comes out. That is the place where the sewage will drain until next spring, when they connect the sewage to the septic tank. They are going to put the septic tank in the same spot. They dug it a little deeper than they need to hold all the poop and toilet paper and stuff. My little brother said can I try it first? My uncle said, yeah. Wait about 2 minutes and flush the tiolet. My dad and uncle and I went to the where the sewer line came out. About a minute after we got there, we heard the toilet flush. We were expecting just water to come out. At first water came out, followed by about 5 turds. Then, after everything came out, we heard another flush, followed by about 3 small turds and and some toilet paper.

At that point, especially after seeing my dad's turds and my little brother's turds, I really had to go again. I had some tiolet paper in my pocket. I leaned my butt out over the hole, and dropped 1 huge turd. Then about 5 smaller ones. There was corn in my poop too. Then, Paul came out while I was wiping.

He looked down the hole, and said, wow, that is a big one. We went in for the night after getting our luggage in. We said to Paul;s brother, we thought you were going to flush the toilet, and wait to hear from us before using it for real. The next morning, we ate breakfast. We went to a Sears store. My dad and uncle got some hardware for the tub while we were there. So Paul, my little brother, Don and me were playing hide and seek in the store. It was early in the morning and not many people were there in the store. Paul was it first. I hid in plumbing and so did Don and my brother. They went a few rows befind us. Paul found me immediately. I knew where my brother and Don went. So when it wsa my turn to find them, I went a few rows back to where they were. I found both of them sitting on toilets. I told them that they shouldn't use them because they aren't hooked up. About this time, I noticed it smelled like they both crapped their pants. THey both said oopsie. I told the! m to get up and said I can take you to the bathroom if they need to. My brother said, ok. Don said, he wsa finished. Where is the toilet paper. I said there is none here. He got up and pulled up his pants too. I looked in both toilets, and they both had turds and pee in them. Don;s toilet also had some diarrhea in it. It was gross. When he poops, he always sits forward, with his wiener as forward as possible. Unfortunately, it was one of those long toilets. So there was piles of soft turds and nasty streak marks. Forunately, my brother sat back and just had his turds land in the hole. But his pee made it pretty nasty. I said we had better go to the bathroom and get your butts wiped. They said that is a good idea. We ran into Paul on the way, and told him to look in the toilets. I said we are going to the bathroom. He said that he had to go doodie, and we all went. Just then, we say and dad and my uncle coming for us. We said we are going to the bathroom, and will be out in abo! ut five mintues. When we got there, Don was afraid of going into a stall alone. So I helped clean up Don and my brother in one stall while Paul pooped in the next one. We all washed our hands, and then came out.

We stopped for a small lunch at a McDonalds and then came back to the cabin. Then we were outside all day. While were playing, we went to were the sewage comes out. My cousin Bill had to poop. So he stuck his butt out over the pit like I did the night before, and dropped his load. Unfortuantely, he was not there the night before, because he had strep throat. His mom brought him up the next day. He was disappointed that Don had already dropped a load in the toilet, because he wanted to be first. There were like five more loads that my uncle, brother and dad must have dropped. The pipe comes out kindof high, and the turds and stuff fall about 8 feet. There also some nasty looking water arround the turds. Everything comes out on a slope, so the turds get stuck higher up and don't join the rest of the water.

AFter dinner, I had to make poops. Don and my brother had to poop too, so I let them go first. They both went and passed a few logs. Then Paul came in just before I was about to sit down. He said that he had to poop too, really bad. He sat down. He passed one big log, a bunch of little ones, then had some diarrhea. When he was done, I really had to go. I sat down, and passed one large log and a bunch of small ones. By this time it was really smelly, because we have one of those low-water toilets that save water. Anyway, we all peed at the toielt paper and turds. it was a real mess. When we flushed, we were surprised. Not everything went trhought the hole. We had to flush about 5 times to get everything through. One time, the water level started rising, but the flush after that cleared out the extra water. I guess we are going to have to change our buddy dumping there.

That night, we all had to take showers. My little brother and Don went first. Then Paul and cousin Bill and me, because we were next youngest and then my older brothers. This was pretty cool. While I wsa taking my shower, my uncle came in asked if it was ok if he used the toilet while I showered. I said, no problem. By that time i was washing my legs. All that was left was my weiner and butthole (I always wash these last. Just the order I learned to, I guess). When I got out of the shower, I wanted to say, god, who died in hear? I got out of there as fast as I could, because it really smelled. I dried as fast as I could and ran to our room to change into my PJs and get to bed. I did not even stay to brush my teeth.

The next morning we ahd to get up pretty early so we could get to church. My mom packed our Sudnay clothes. We all got dressed, and had an early breakfast. We got to church anout 20 minutes early. Which was good, because Paul, Me, Billy and Don all had to drop loads. We all went into the bathroom. One of the alter boys was sitting on the toilet. He finished. There was so much toilet paper, you could not even see his poop. He got up and started leaving without washing his hands. We said, you better wash your hands. We do not want to recieve communion without him washing his hands. He said, yeah you're right and washed his hands. We all just dropped 2 or 3 logs. I was the last to go. We all had to pee pretty badly, so we peed while we were still sitting down (usually, we save our pee for later, and aim at the turds and toilet paper). Just as I was wiping, a alter girl came in. She said, looked at me, kindof embarassed, and said, ooos. I said, no problem. She said, but you ar! e taking a crap. I said, yeah, don't we all? She said, I guess. Then I got up and pulled up my pants. She looked in the toilet, and said, boy you really had to go. I said, yeah, it just came in waves. Then I flushed to tiolet. She said, my turn, and hopped on the toilet. I know her from school. While he was sitting there, I siad, you really shouldn't be embarrassed. She said, yeah. I was just surprised to see you all in here are once. I said, we always go together when we have to. She said yeah, girls too. We washed our hands while she was still sitting there. I said, why aren't you using the girl's room? She said there was a line in front of the girl's room, and the nun who was in there is really good at smelling up the joint. We just smiled, and I said, yeah, you should have smelled it last night while my uncle was there. You could hear a lot of plopping noises while we where there. We left and went into the church. When I went up to communion, I looked at her. She had a fun! ny smirk on.

kim and scott
my boyfriend and i wish to say thanks to the nice replies to our last post. TO LAWN DOGS KID-yes honey. I really did squeeze a monster log out by cuddling on scotts lap like that. you should not be that surprised i had many logs while sitting on scotts lap before and thanks SOOO much for explaining boxing day to me. I knew i could count on you or kendal or steve or louise to explain that to me! PLUS DM-thanks for liking our post. TO ACTIONMAN- thanks for your nice comments. It sounds like your girlfriend doesnt want to buddy dump with you. at least not yet. try waiting her out and bringing it up from time to time ok? BE PATIENT!if she never wants to buddy dump with you so be it! her loss! if you guys have a happy relationship anyway buddy dumping doesnt really matter.If it does bother you too much actionman and/or your relationship is not solid enough find a new lady who shares your interests more. as for me and scott i am pretty sexually aggressive anyway and likes to try out! new things! we where having sex awhile first before we ever buddy dumped together then one day i had a mammoth log in front of my boyfriend scott and the rest is history.THERES NO STOPPING US NOW!! good luck in the future actionman. scott and i are pulling for you!

Eric: Your substance is called "Immodium". It is a product to stop flu sickness by making shit more solid...

I am 16 years old and I love to hold my poop for as long as I can. I really enjoy the smell of pre-poop gas. Do any other people enjoy doing this or am I on the wird side? I have a friend who also likes to do this sometimes we do it it together and see who can pass the smellest gas. Then we poop after we can't hold it any longer. Any people aroud my age like to do this? Dude form California.

Jersey Man
hello eveyone. I just wanted to say again to all of you who responded to my bathroom experience (the predicament with diarrhea and the guy bringing his daughters into the men's room while I was going) thank you for responding and making me feel a little better about doing what I had to do. I wanted to give you all an update as to what happened. First of all, I am starting to finally feel better. I must have had a virus or something because my stomach was uneasy for over a week. I had many bouts with diarrhea and some bad gas. Well, anyway, this week while I was back teaching in school, the Barnes and Noble incident did come up. The 2nd grade girl and a couple of her friends came by my room after school. The friends asked me if it was true that I went "really sick potty" as they called it in the bathroom at the bookstore. Well I said I did have to use the toilet at the store. I just explained that I had a bad belly ache and it caused me to have a bathroom emergency. ! Therefore I had to get to the bathroom right away. I said I was not feeling well that day. The little girl who saw me in the bathroom said "yeah that was kind of what my mom said, She said you propably ate some bad food and had dairrhea and that you must have had a real bad ???? ache and had to go to the toilet. SHe said that sometimes grown ups and even kids get emergencies and have to go potty as soon as possible". I said yes that is true. It seemed that the girl was well informed on the situation. THen she said I am sorry that we were in there and I hope you feel better. We were in there because my dad had to take my sister to the bathroom. They both had to poop , too. I said okay let's forget about the whole thing now. They said okay. I think everything will be okay now, but I still feel a bit funny about the whole thing. My stomach turns just thinking about the whole ordeal.


I had a word with Louise about the male way of not wiping after a wee, and it seems you've pretty much covered the why and wherefore -- I guess it might be one of those lifetime habits but I'd have to say that many a gal would end up in a bit of a mess if she neglected to clean her privates after use. It strikes me that both the urinary meatus of the penis head and the sebacious tissues of the foreskin are directly equivalent in terms of their products to the meatus and labia minora of the female... So a quick dab with a tissue couldn't hurt (in fact I think it might be rather nice is just the right lovely person was doing it?)

Congratulations on your fab holiday!



Another classic, and another encounter that leaves a poor lass whimpering with envy. Oh, Kim, a vast torpedo launched while straddling Scott's lap. The gusto and joir de vie with which you celebrate your days is an inpsiration, dear. BTW, 'lol' means either 'laughing out loud,' or 'lots of laughs.'



My first memory of seeing an accident was when I about 8, me and this girl in my class had to go measure the rainwater for a project we were doing. As I took the measurements she started to hold herself, I asked her if she was alright and she said she needed to go pee. After a couple more minutes she was crossing her legs and holding her bottom, she suddenly squealed as the pee started to run down her leg, she started to run to the toilet, but it was too late she had totally wet herself.

I would be interested to her other peoples first memories.

To jeff a The posting about the woman shitting bunnys was from me, and yes i thought it was hillarious too, i swear i have never heard that expression before, the mind boggles at the thought of someone pooping out a bunny.

to lawn dogs kid so its linda i have to watch out for? well in the words of homer simpson all i can say is DOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!, love reading all about you and kendal and of course lindas pampies OOPS i did it again.

Someone (no name) wanted to know has any guy messed there pants, uummmm yes i have many times.

toilet helper
Hello everyone. Great stories. I love to hear some of these stories. The ones about people pooping in the planes and boats are excellent. This is truely a great forum. i have an interesting story that I'd like to post and get reactions from you guys and of course gals on. This happened to me about five years ago. I had an accidnet at work. I'd rather not get into how it happened, So I'll just say that I am luckt to have both of my hands and all ten fingers today. I had to have surgery and both hands had on what they called a splint that covered my forearms and hands. I was unable to use my hands. Well, after my surgery I was going to physical therapy. Since I had just had an operation, I was onantibiotics and other meds. Hs anyone else had antibiotics and suffered reactions? Anyway, on with my story. I was at the phsical therapy place waiting to get started and I was talking withthe head nurse there as she started to take down some info. She was a nice middle aged woman that made me feel comfortable. I started to have some stomach cramps while I was talking with her. It hurt pretty bad and I thought I would have to go to the bathroom. I was a bit embarressed because I could not use my hands. I had to lean over a lot in the chair to relieve some of the pressure of the crampimg in my stomach. The nurse must have sensed what was going on being the professional that she is. She asked if I was okay. I said my stomach hurts. Hse said that if I had gas that she could give me something. I said that i don't think I have gas. Then she knew what was going on. She said "you know it is normal for people to get an upset stomach from medication. Would you like to use the bathroom. I said I guess, but I can't use my hands. She said I will help you- after all it is my job. Don't be embarressed it happens all the time. Now, let's get you to the bathroom. Come on. I followed her. As I got up I could tell there was not much time left. She took me in to the bathroom helped udo my clothes and got me on the toilet. The poor woman, I was hrdly even seate when watery and gassy diarrhea gushed out of me. She was cool about it. She said I wish you told me sooner so you didn't have to suffer like that. She said i am going to give you some privacy for a while. I or another nurse will be back to help you. I thanked her and settled in for a lot of waves of diarrhea. I wish I could have flushed the toilet because of the sounds and awful smells, but the splints would not allow that. After a few mins. a different nurse knocks and pops open the door a little bit. Her younger sounding voice said I am Kristen, are you okay. I felt another cramp coming and said i guess. I am having kind of bad pains in my stomach. She said is there anything you need right now. I said a little more time. She said, I will check on you in a bit. Let us know if you need us. She did not even get the door closed when I started with more waves of diarrhea. Finally I felt better. She came in and helped me clean up and dressed up, and offered me something to settle my stomach. It turned out that this girl was someone I went to high school with. kind of eerie. I'll post the rest another time.

Nicola. I enjoyed your account of your two big poos on Boxing Day. It didn't surprise me to hear you'd done some big jobbies then, especially if you ate well on Christmas Day. Who didn't have to have some big motions immediately after the indulgences of Christmas? I was rather constipated on Christmas Day but things started to move on Boxing Day and I've done some big jobbies since. One evening last night I did a real panful with at least five sausages each of which would be a good five inches long plus some other stuff. Anne the bus driver would certainly have been proud of me.

Eric, Pepto Bismol will make your shit black, or any other preparation that contains bismuth. It's good if you have an upset stomach, the shits and pain in the gut.

Hi Louise,

Sorry I've not been keeping quite up to date over the last week or two, I've been busy over the holidays with all sorts of things. Hey, envy, envy, staying at a big house in Scotland, I'd like to retire there!

Oh, wow, you adventurous darlings, you really gave it a go, a steaming, yellow "Louise" in the snow! I'm grinning at the mental image you invoke -- the cold striking at your bare legs as steam rises from your gush. Oh, it must have been so delicious! Yes, there are plenty of gals who engage in the gentle art of snow signatures these days, it seems -- another frontier soundly defeated.

Yes please, do tell more about your friend's reactions to yours and Steve's communal activities!

You know, when you mentioned taking your pants down in an alley on New Year's Eve I had the momentary feeling you were going to say you'd deposited a Yule Log (chuckle!) But that must have been a fun pee, if a cold one!

Now onto your comments in reply to my last letter --

We've sure had some hot days here, and a cool spell over Christmas too -- it snowed in he mountains of Tasmania -- a white Christmas in the antipodes! I've had a few nice wees in the yard, I went out one night before bed and had a really beautiful standing wee on my back lawn, under starlight with a breeze whistling through my legs. Paradise for an instant!

That time in the gardens at the university? Oh yeah! It was one of my early enterprises. I sat there soooo long I was almost so desperate I went into the ladies' instead just to be sure of relief. But I gathered my courage in both hands, packed my books into my bag and sauntered in by the wrong door! It was one of these wall mounted singles, with a prominent, narrow lower rim, and so easy to use I found myself yet again mystified by the 'girls can't do it' nonsense as I stood there, doing it. I hope that by our adventures, and those of our friends here, ever more gals realize they are not bound by biology, only custom, and choose to explore their options!

Re guys dripping, I get the impression that several more inches of urethra than a gal could well accommodate a last cc or two of urine after the impulse to pass has faded. Might it not drip subtly as time goes by? Just an impression -- and I'm sure Steve will absolutely adore being gently squeezed and patted dry, no matter how little he needs it!

"I have not heard anything yet, but I cannot tell from their faces because they look confused all the time anyway!"

That's a delightful remark on the male species. Not all of them of course, to wit -- you have one of that special 1%, but the less said about some of them the better! (Okay, guys, no more feminist back-scratching, I know you're really softies and sweethearts deep down! [ducking...])

Oh, how nice about your friend and her stepson. No agro, no difficulty, they enjoy each other's presence and are really easy with it. How delightful it must be to enjoy such company!

Your Scottish friend sounds a real trooper, you two got a miniature tropical holiday in the middle of a howling winter! Using the bucket like that must have been really cool -- reminds me of the plastic bucket I kept using in the garage last summer. It all mounts up, doesn't it?

And oh! your 'farewell performance' to Scotland! I can see it in my mind's eye -- a beautiful blond lady and a hunky guy, each launching magnificent arcs that go crackling into the pool four or five feet across the surface (how close am I???) It must have been the most fun of a week of wonderful weeing!

What have I been up to? Besides the above-mentioned garden jobs and a couple of sink pishes, I had a really fabulous shit a week or so back. I went to the seafront one morning and on the way decided I needed to have a fairly serious opening. I used one of the old beachside toilet blocks that have been around since Queen Victoria, or at least George Vth! The cubicle was very sparse, it was an anti-vandal setup which meant there was no seat, just a bowl, with a cistern built into the wall, just a flush control to push. There was a paper dispenser and a napkin disposal, and that was it.

I didn't fancy parking my bottom on something that bare, that untold thousands of prior bottoms had previously been parked upon, so I decided to empty out standing up. I took off my jacket and hung it on the back of the door, pulled my jeans and panties down to my ankles and backed up to/straddled the bowl. I put my hands on my bottom cheeks and drew them quite firmly apart, bent a little at the knees, and with my back quite straight I bore down smartly.

I was surprised and pleased, as I began to pass something both pretty soft and rather large, and the sound effects of the long drop were really nice. At once another turd started to appear, and I relaxed a few moments, letting it simply hang out. I kept my cheeks wide open the whole time. When I was ready I pushed and it was like squeezing heavy putty from a tube, that's the only way to describe it. SPLONK! I was still feeling full, though, and after a moment's rest I went again. Yes, a third log! SPLASH! Guess what, still not empty! I rested a bit more, then gave it all I had, pushed out the last length, slowly now as the pressure had eased. It stopped a couple of times, and at last I was brown-tailed. It was sticking, so I shook my hips a bit and pushed again, and when it at last dropped into the bowl I relaxed with a sigh.

Keeping my cheeks apart still, I bent over, then switched my hands to my knees and weed backwards into the bowl. When I was done, I took paper and reached behind (getting good at that!) and was surprised again by finding my hole was completely clean. The spreading trick works pretty well. So, with only a cursory wipe (against at least eight waddings to clean up had I allowed my hole to pinch in on a softy) I dressed, flushed and washed my hands feeling very pleased with myself.

I hope you enjoyed my latest exploit, and that you and Steve (and everyone else here!) has lots more fab seasonal news!

Hugs, darling,


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi! And yes,I'm still here!
I want to share with you my satisfaction and pleasure I had this morning having a good shit in a public toilet feeling comfortable during and after, the best I've had for a while.
A long easy but grunting session sitting on a great toilet dropping medium to small turds,making fairly loud arse-splashing plops for several minutes with a few farts to go with it.brilliant! unfortunately no audience and as there wasn't anyone about for most of the time, decided to shit with the cubicle door wide open to experience the feel of shitting with no door. I closed it when someone came in to have a piss, but I think I learnt my lesson and stopped straining before I got piles, like I think I did recently.No itching, sensitivity, or discomfort and hope this is going to be a regular thing -it was so good!
I called in at a walk-in-surgery yesterday to ask advice about my often very sticky and hard-to-clean sessions. the nurse thought I might be overdoing the bran in my breakfast, so have reduced the quantity and will monitor the effects.

TONY in SCOTLAND- Very interested to read of the arrangement you have at home with the 2 toilets you have side by side. Was it difficult to have them installed that way, plumbing-wise, and did you get strange questions from your plumber at your request? Also,how close are they to each other, my preference would be to have them almost touching ! Anyway, sounds like a great idea, and one that a lot of us here would be interested in copying.

When I was 11 years old, I visited some elderly relations in a rather backwards part of the country in that even though they lived in a small town, that part of it had yet to have mains drainage connected. I remember the revulsion I felt when I went for a piss in the outside toilet and lifted the lid of the long box-shaped toilet and saw the bucket almost full of turds and toilet paper from these old people's previous week's use, and the stench!
Not long after, the sewers were connected and flush toilets were installed and I wondered about the two boys next door, how they they enjoyed the novelty and convenience of shitting into water and the splashes and noise etc. Perhaps there were a lot of people who never experienced the pleasures most of us on this forum share until a whole new world was opened up to them with flush toilets being used for the first time. I'd love to hear from anyone from Central Europe who have recently discovered deep "plopping" type toilets and if it's sparked off an interest in shitting that they didn't previously have.

DREW, good to hear from you in answer to my last message. If you can possibly remember all the toilets you visited in Britain that you considered really good for sound effects, It would be great to know which, and where they are. Many of the toilets I've visited in different towns seem to be the more modern ones with smaller water traps or with noisy hand drying machines etc. I found a potentially great Gents' in Newcastle at Eldon Square next to a sports centre, but even though the toilets were superb- deep stainless steel pans, and lots of use, there was a hand dryer in almost constant use, and on my occasional visits there, I never heard anything good.

Nothing to report on the domestic scene-I've just had a friend staying here for two weeks. To say he's not interested in this subject would be an understatement, In this repect, no two people could be more different! I've told him about this forum, inviting him to read some of the less graphic posts but he didn't want to, though he was absolutely amazed at what I told him, especially that there are so many women interested in using toilets, and he thinks it great that we are able to share such intimate details, but it most definitely isn't his thing. He was glad I found it as he knew it would be something I'd be looking for on the internet.

Until next time, Good shitting, P P G

I guess it's been several days since I've last posted something, but with all these great stories, who's counting? I especially like all the "pooing at school" stories!

I remember one time when I was in grade school a long, long time ago (I guess I'm getting old), there were these two girls in the Catholic school I attended, and they were always talkative and roudy in the classroom. We had seating charts, and they ended up sitting behind me. I remember one particular day, and it should've been a normal one just like any other. The two girls were busy talking behind me, and this wasn't unusual. Sometimes they wispered things to each other, and this day was no different. Suddenly, however, one of the girls raises her hand and asks the teacher if she can be excused to go to the bathroom. The teacher already knew that the girls tended to make interruptions in class, and she told her no and that she would have to wait!! I could hear the girl's reaction as she moaned and squirmed in her seat.

Now let me tell you here that it was amazing to me (at least back then, anyways) the extent of the average young person's vocabulary especially when it comes to having to go to the bathroom! Within 2 or 3 minutes after the teacher's denial to let her go, I knew by the way they were talking that the one girl had to go number 2 real bad. It was thoroughly amazing the way she described her predicament and how she was going to relieve herself after class. She sighed and moaned out loud as she squirmed on her seat. Amazingly, I actually became "aroused" by her situation, and I really wished I could have at least followed them to the bathroom after class!!

But, alas, I couldn't join them! I definitely heard her plight verbally, but I could only imagine her getting to the toilet all in panic and sitting down and literally exploding! But it was definitely the first time I had ever been sexually aroused listening to someone describe how bad they had to go number 2! And to think how young we were at the time. I hope this story didn't offend anybody!! Until Next Time - Sandman

Anne (bus driver)
I hope the festive went well for all. For the first time in years I had a break and only returned to work this week, Tuesday 2nd,

Mia, I certainly get constipated just about the time of my period and pass big fat "eggs" as you describe, "PLONK! KERPLOONK! PLUK!" as they come out with a fair bit of NNN! and EEH! efforts. Sometimes after doing these big balls I will pass an easier jobbie, a nice long fat one, or I will finish that session but do the longer easier turd a few hours later. I just consider this as part of being a woman. It doesnt really bother me, Id rather be a bit constipated any time than loose or suffer diarrhea!

I see the girl at the top has changed to a more friendly looking black woman. I didn't find the other girl spooky but very sad. Perhaps she hadnt had a good motion, even perhaps she was suffering a bad attack of the runs?

Gruntly Bogwell,that was a great story about your mother in law and the big fat jobbie she did, as a matter of interest, how long was it? I bet you enjoyed the buddy dump on top too. Now you see that its not a fabrication that some of us can pass really fat solid turds.

I did one outdoors too this Xmas. Being off work and it snowing for the first time in years I went out for a walk, suitably clothed, thick boots and socks, jeans, two pairs of panties, thermal vest over my bra and a thick pullover on top and a puffa jacket and gloves. Not very sexy but warm and practical. While enjoying the fresh clean snowy countryside I felt my poo coming down so found a spot behind a wall and pulled my jeans and knickers (pale blue and plain white) down and squatted. My wee wee made a yellow stain then I felt the jobbie come out. I hoped it wouldnt be too difficult to pass as I was getting a cold bum but thankfully it was a nice easy one and slid out quickly. Wipeing my bum I pulled my panties up, tucked in my vest and pulled my jeans back up. Lying on the snow was a big curved fat sausage shaped turd, about 12 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, lumpy at the start but smoother towards the end. It steamed in the cold air. I walked off feeling a lot better! for this.

Sandra, not wanting to be critical, but what would happen if you did a motion standing up when not wearing knickers and instead of it being a nice solid turd which drops neatly and cleanly onto the ground it started off solid but then became loose and spluttered everywhere and made a mess of your legs and the inside of your skirt? If outdoor pooing is your thing then good luck but I can see you either getting into a terrible mess one of these days or even trouble with the Police if caught "creating a public nuisance"

Eric, charcoal, used to suppress flatulence will colour your stools black, so will iron tablets or tonics but be careful NOT to take too many of these as they can cause bleeding in the stomach if taken to excess. Black pudding is a far nicer food to eat which will cause black jobbies. I am curious, why do you want to do a black turd anyway?

I have walked in on a passenger who was sitting on the toilet on a coach I was driving. Some women had gone on a hen party and had obviously been drinking. One went to the toilet and as I drove to the end of the journey one of the other women said "Where's Cheryl?" Realising she had gone to the toilet they knocked the door but got no response so I drew to the side of the road and went to the toilet door. Getting no response I used the pass key and found a sleeping Cheryl with her black nylon panties at her knees. She had done a whopper, a nice big solid one, then fallen asleep on the pan. A couple of her friends wiped her bum and adjusted her knickers and skirt before I stopped the coach near her house and they took her still asleep indoors.

Sunday, January 07, 2001

Chrissy -
I'm so glad you like my earlier posts. I don't know how many you've seen, but you are right in as much as I do like to poo in public places! The one that got the biggest reaction here was when, one lunchtime, I went to the park and needed a poo. I simply walked off the path to the grassy bit, pulled up my skirt, squatted and pooed in full view of the passers by! My other favorite trick when I'm not wearing panties (in the summer) is to go to a pay phone, pretend to make a call and poo while standing up so it falls to the ground. I guarantee if you do this, nobody will notice! It is VERY convenient if you need to go. I've also pooed between parked cars, on station platforms and in changing rooms (in the latter case, I poo in a plastic bag and take it out to the garbage. I actually try and be as discreet as possible, but if people see, then they see - I'm not going to go crazy! I also like to poo in my panties while talking to people. I did it at a Powerpoint presentation at! work - I filled my panties and didn't miss a beat while giving my talk! Anyway, let me know which of my posts you like the best - I'd be very curious!

Billy L.
Yesterday at school, boy did the toilet get a lot of use. I think it was something we ate from the cafeteria. About 6 of us ate in the caf and all six of us had to poo after afternoon recess. I did not poop in the morning, so I had to poop just after lunch. I just passed one large log. During recess, I said to my fiend paul, who also ate in the caf, I have to poo again. He said, so do I. We were play king of the hill at recess. Just before the end of recess, i saw my teacher go in early. Right after recess, Paul and I headed for the bathroom. When we got there, my teacher was just wiping his butt. It was starting to reek in there. I said to my teacher, we had better get a strong fan. My teacher was done, got up and flushed. There was a hige floater turd and a pile of soft turds on the buttom. Paul sat right down. He passed a huge log, about 12 inches, that went from the hole in the toilet to the front. Then he passed a ton of loose poop that filled the hole. I sat down and pas! sed a ton of loose poop. The poop was almost coming out the toilet. Then Mike came in. He also ate with us. He said I have to take a massive dump. Mike usually doesn't poo with us at school, because he usually goes with us in the woods when we go to our fort in the woods after school. He sat down and pass a few big logs and then a massive pile of loose poop. He wiped, then we all went up to the toilet to pee in it (sink the sub, but there were no floaters today). Peter came and had to pee too. So we all started peeing. Just then our teacher comes and said, you boys better hurry up, class is about to start. He looked in the toilet and said, wow. Who did that? Three of us said, me. He said, you guys ate in the cafeteria too? We said, yeah. He said, same thing happened to me.

Just before school let out, I said to paul, I have to make another dookey. I am going poop in the woods on the way home. He said me too. As soon as class let out, our teacher went strait back to the toilet. Our coats are hung next to the bathroom. We were talking for a moment. You could hear our teaching dropping a bunch of loose poops. On the way home, Paul, me and Peter went into the woods. Fortunately, there is a valley where people cannot see you when you poop (not a problem in the summer and fall with all the leaves). When we got out of site, I pulled my pants down, and squatted. Another pile of mushy stuff came out. I could see my corn from lunch. I had some tissues in my pocket and cleaned myself. Paul and Peter both did the same thing. They both had corn in their turds too.

Today, our turds where back to normal. After lunch, Paul and I both passed normal logs. Two of mine were floaters, we aimed at them after we were done. I had to poop again with Peter after school. We decided to go ice skating on the lake after school, so we decided to stop in the woods on the way to the lake by our fort. We cut through the woods where we pooed yesterday. Our pile where frozen, but you could still see the corn. I said, you want to poop here again, and Peter said, sure. So we pulled our pants down and laid a couple more turds out. Mine were three small ones, because most of today;s poo went down the drain already. Peter dropped one big one and three smaller ones. His was a lot firmer than mine, but i think that is just becuase I poop more often.

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