Well it was nice to get my own room back when all the relatives went home. Iím on holiday from school until the middle of next week which means then we havenít been going through the usual morning family bathroom routines because me and the boys get up a lot later not necessarily at the same times as each other. My poor dad went back to work on Tuesday which means he has to have his shave alone though I did pop in and have a quick wee while he was shaving this morning just to keep him company for a couple of minutes Ė then of course I went back to bed. Matthewís kept me company for a couple of my big after dinner poos this week; I think Iím going to ask him why he doesnít let me watch him any more. We are pretty close after all; obviously if itís just because he doesnít feel comfortable with it any more now heís older Iíll let it go. I have had a couple more encounters with Phillip too. The first time was in the middle of the day when again he managed to emerge from Paulís bed! room just as I was going in to the bathroom for a wee. I decided to tease him a bit and didnít lift my dress up or pull my pants down much so he wouldnít have seen a lot while he stood in the doorway. Then he said he needed to pee too and I had quite a good view so I felt a bit guilty. The next time was when Iíd got up quite late and went to have breakfast still in my nightie; Matthew Phil and Paul were all up and dressed and we sat around talking and listening to music for a good couple of hours before I said it was time I got dressed and I was going to the bathroom. All three came up with me so we could carry on talking. I slipped my nightdress of and sat on the loo nude to pee and poo; I sometimes do that in the morning being as Iím going to shower straight afterwards.

Lawn Dogs Kid Ė I didnít even know there was a football team called Exeter City Ė which division are they in. I donít think there are many girls who pee with the men at Highbury either though I think it happens quite often at concerts and stuff these days. Youíll have read the next episode of the Phil saga Ė Iím sorry if I didnít manage to keep the suspense going all that well. Heís still a bit shy when it comes to talking to me on my own though.

Kendal Ė Youíre grandad sounds really cute too particularly the thing with the hat. I do enjoy embarassing my grandad just a little bit. Nothing to make him really uncomfortable of course - just a bit of harmless fun. I liked the feeling of being a bit naughty when I peed outside with the blokes at Highbury too. I go outside quite often but the moment of taking my shorts and pants down was quite sort of exciting. Youíre dead right about the way boys just pull on their trousers in the morning. It hadnít occurred to me that they might have changed their underwear in their sleeping bags. Seems like youíve more experience of this kind of thing than me. Daniel is good fun but of course heís a few years younger than me. The first poo he did was a pretty regular one that plopped pretty well but I saw him do another and it was pretty soft and smelly. The smell is a problem isnít it. I enjoyed your latest description of a poo with Andrew. Him shouting about your cold hands was ty! pical boy again. The holding hands on stomachs thing is a really nice idea. I wonder what you two will find to do next.

Rick (peeper)
To Jersey Man,

How old were the two little girls that guy brought into the men's room? Now I know I am no saint, but when it comes to little children, I draw the line. Some guy bringing his little girls into a public men's room? Get outa here, that guy should be rung out! With all the crude stuff that I see now days in places, I would never bring my little girl into such a place and expose them. Now if that man had to go to the bathroom, he could have left the girls in the managers office while he took care of his personal business. I am sure the store staff would have preferred he did that rather than taking them into the men's room. The store could be exposed to some legal liability also should some one raise an issue. Of course, my mom took me into the ladies dressing rooms, bathrooms until I was about 4 or so, but those were different times. Much different.

To Kendal Hi kendal No fear i wont tease linda about her pampies, any way since you have threatened me i wouldnt dare. (just kidding) i love your posts kendal keep up the good stories.

Nothing much happened to me today, just did two big poops in the toilet one of them splashed my bum, smelt a little bit, wiped twice and pulled up my pampies (OOPS SORRY LINDA HE HE )i mean panties dohhhh! and i promised i wouldnt tease her. just gos to show you cant trust any one. heeeeee heeeeeeee . kevin

I have been reading this forum for a while now and this is my first post. I LOVE this forum! It's great that there is a forum out here where people can openly talk about things they want to talk about but might be embarrassing in their everyday lives. I have always been turned on by even thinking about women pooping (I'm a guy). I have always been shy about bringing it up in my past relationships, because I was too embarrassed. Hopefully, (now that I realize I'm not alone) I will have more courage in the future.

I have a question for everyone here: Does anyone experience a "cleansing effect" after drinking water after a big workout? I get that sometimes, and I just had that experience tonight. I worked out for about 1 1/2 hours, and then drank about a pint of water (Aquafina). My stomach started to feel funny, so I went in to the bathroom. I had a normal poop. It felt like I was done, so I finished up and left. A couple of minutes later, though, my stomach cramped up really bad. I ran into the bathroom and let out an explosion of diarrhea. It was really bad and a lot. I've felt much better after that, but I get that problem sometimes. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with the Aquafina. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Sky High Dumper
Chrissy, your stories are great! Please share more/all you experience in different flights. I travel very frequently by air and I must be honest, airplane toilets are my favorite place to take a huge, satisfying dump! I don't care what other passengers think about the amount of time I'm away from my seat - how do they know I wasn't waiting in line for a vacant lav (which is common anyway). Nobody has ever made any comment to me about the length of time, the smell or skidmarks. Enjoy the opportunity to sit back, relax and take a dump 35,000 feet in the air! More details about the lady with the nervous diarrhea please!!!

To Aletha and Buzzy : I m glad to hear your responses.I ll keep posting more as i hear my girlfriend shit.
Hi everyone, on the subject of taking a dump on the plane, my military group had just finished a training mission in the Middle East. We were on the way back to our camp in our chartered plane. Around a few hours into the flight.Everyine was sleep so i went to the restroom. while i was waiting outside, the plane had hit some turbulence. And the one of the doors had flew open. There sit the finest flight attendant leaning over taking a shit. She was so embarrased, she grabbed the door and slammed a few minutes later she finished and came out. when i went in there it smelled like sulfur and perfume. I looked and there were skid marks all in the bowl.then all of a suddden the flap was opening from the turbulence.there was a big mushy shit floating underneath the flap from where she went and many others went.when i came out she was back again . she told me that one of the military guys had given her something to try out of their MRE(Meal Ready to Eat, this food is dehydr! ated. and can make you fart shit or constipated if you don t drink water). and it tore up her stomach. Then when she came out of the restroom she came and sat down beside me and we carried a conversation for a while.

Another upstate story-Once i experienced that am poo with that woman,I would get up every morning and ahve breakfast and rush off to the toilet rooms-I took the one in the middle-this way i could hear everything from both sides-I would be the 1st one up from the table and beat everyone to the toilets-I always had to poo too,but i would wait til I heard someone else pooing before i would let go-The next morning,i was in the toilet and I heard what sounded like the same woman go into the toilet next to mine-the reason i think it was the same woman was because i heard the rustle of the newspaper again-now all of us were having a big breakfast followed by some good coffee-and Everyone i heard was doing some serious pooing-I heard this girl sit on the bowl and fart loudly and then she grunted a bit and i heard the poo start coming out-it started out slow and sped up and ended with what sounded like loose stuff with a lot of gas -Then i farted and let go with the same kind of BM-Thi! s girl was fast cause right after that explosion she wiped and left-I wasn't done yet so i waited for another person to come in to the toilets-after about 3-5 mins I heard 2 girls talking as they were coming down the hallway and the one said " wait for me downstairs,i really got to to the bathroom"I then heard her rush down the hall and take the toilet to my right-Just hearing her tell her friend she was going to go was really exciting to me-I then heard her pull off some TP to clean the bowl and she sounded like she was in a hurry-then she sat down and she said something like "OOOHAHH" and i heard a hissing fart and what sounded like a real long turd coming out woth gas along with it and then i heard it get really loose and she moaned a bit and let out a series of wet farts- wow, could this girl poop! Then I let out some soft poo,but it wasn't much and pretty quiet compared to hers-then I heard her wipe her butt-she had to wipe alot,it must have been a messy one-then she left! -I would pick the moment when no one was around and leave and go shower and hit the ski slopes-I made some friends up here too.but i'll tell you about that another time-I had so much fun up there-Tell you more later-feel a poo coming on now and I'm going to try to get to the gym BYE

This has to be quick because Dad said I could have a look at the posts to see if Linda, or Nicole and Suzy, or Ellie and Little Lou have made a post or not. So I'm being naughty by replying quickly now !

LOUISE: Don't !! I'm so embarrassed that I asked Kim that question at all !

NICOLE & SUZY: Andrew will be so pleased when he reads your post with lots of details, just the way he likes it ! I do think I'm lucky with my Cousin, you don't need to tell me. Well, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your story. It made me excited too !

Oops, I've been caught ! Dad is tut-tutting at me !

LINDA and ELLIE and LITTLE LOU, please come back soon !

Hope I'm not going to get told off too much !

Love from Kendal xxx

HAL - Your co-worker sure isn't shy, is she? Do you think she wants to get to know you better personally? I've known a few women to use the topic of elimination as a way to open up to a guy. They're the exception, to be sure, but I'm guessing that women do this with men more often than the other way around. It's good that the incident helped you get over your shyness about public restrooms. I can understand your discomfort when her questions put you on the spot, but I wish I'd been a patron at the moment she came out and said, "Wow, that was a really good poop!"

SUMMER - I also like the regular, shorter toilets better than the taller ones. What's your preference in seat length? I find the elongated type more relaxing than the short, round type. When it comes to height, I like flat, squat-type toilets even better than the seat type. Ever used one? Too bad they're so rare here in the US and in some other countries. Have you ever seen a student's feet disappear from view under the stall while she's using the can? She's probably perching her feet on the bowl rim and squatting to pee or poop. I've seen some guys' feet disappear in the stall when they do that. Some people find it more natural.

Your post about cutting some SBD's in class reminded me of a student who came into a lecture hall and let a long, noisy one just as she was sitting down. Maybe it was meant to be an SBD, but it was was loud! Her face turned several shades darker than her purple sweater.

ALICE - As I was leaving work late one afternoon, the only other person still around was a female co-worker who'd just recently returned to work after being in an accident. She had a partial cast on one arm and a full cast on one leg, forcing her to use crutches. She was in her late 20s, always friendly but reserved. As I said good night, her face was imploring a favor. Finally, she said she was very embarrassed but needed help using the restroom. Besides the women's and men's, the building had a roomy one-toilet unisex for handicapped, luckily for for her.

She must have sensed I wasn't sure what to do. I turned around while she got her clothing out of the way but she asked me to support her under the arms while she sat down and to help position her leg cast in front of her. I offered to leave while she was doing her business but she said she'd be quick. Her need was more urgent than she'd let on. She started peeing right away and at the same time quickly dropped a few logs with no effort at all. It wasn't diarrhea, just a badly needed poop. Everything happened so quickly up to that point that there wasn't any time to think about it, but then the awkwardness set in. What next? She was very cool about it all. I turned around again as she started wiping but then she told me that she'd done the front, could I please do the back? Before I could, she reached around with her good arm and flushed so I wouldn't see her production, no doubt. To my surprise, instead of feeling excited at wiping her, it was more like what a h! ospital worker might feel, just a good sense of helping someone in a moment of need. I don't think I even notices the smell. We stayed good friends on the job after that, with a special sense of trust between us.

Greetings, everyone.

I'm not sure there is a great deal to say about the holiday period that Louise has not already covered in her posts. I must say the splendour of the residence of Louise's old friend in Scotland was quite unexpected. I suppose I should point out that even though she was very understanding, kind and thoughtful enough to see that Louise and I needed some quality time alone that we did not exclude her from our company completely. Louise's posts may imply that we virtually lived for three days at the side of that excellent indoor pool! Essentially we spent three very leisurely afternoons there with plenty of fruit juice drinks (I do ask myself if Louise arranged for more drinks than were strictly necessary). No alcohol of course, as we were swimming. Was the provision of a 'piss pot' bucket solely the idea of Louise's friend? Hmm, I do wonder. She did seem truly astonished that Louise and I are in the habit of going to the toilet together, but she seemed to accept it and was e! vidently a little curious as to whether we watched each other in the act. Possibly the bucket was her idea, as it would have been obvious to her that Louise and I had no qualms about urinating in full view of each other.

Having read the posts, now I make sense of why, when we have both been at home over the last three days, Louise seems to have taken to insisting that she wipes my penis after urinating. I'm not sure it is absolutely necessary, as I do take lots of care that I _am_ properly empty, and there will not be further dribbles into my underwear once my equipment has been put away. By this time, my foreskin has been squeezed so as to expel any last drops clinging there. Comments, PV? Perhaps some guys are not so careful, and I do what I believe is required for Louise's health as much as for my own.

To Kendal,
Hello there, Trouble. Thanks for your seasonal wishes, they were much appreciated. From what I read in his postings, your Dad sounds like quite an interesting individual. I think his handling of what happened last month was superb, and I can see what a difficult position he was in. He's a good man, and most considerate.
Quite a surprise it must have been for you to see his first post!

To Andrew,
Seems like Kendal is very lucky to have both you and her Dad.

To Kim and Scott,
Any more toilet stories to tell?

I'm likely to be occupied during the evenings for several days, so at around this time next week I will have to speed-read through all the submissions to the forum between now and then.

Bye for now,


The Cardinal
To Alice:
While in military school, a colleague, who later became a close friend of mine, broke bones in both wrists in an accident on the basketball court. Both hands had to be wrapped and immobilized for nearly eight weeks, during which time my friend's roommate assumed responsibility for helping my friend with all his personal needs, including cleaning him after bowel movements, and cleaning him during showers. Both gentlemen accepted the reality of the situation, and both exhibited a degree of class and grace that I've seldom seen.

G'day all,

Sorry I haven't posted in ages...been hard to get online with the Xmas and New Year rush. Great to catch up on all your posts and see that you had an awesome time *in the loo and out*

We had a party for New Years and my friends mum made this creamy pasta stuff, it was soooo rich, I felt the affects of it a couple days after! I must've pooped about 4 times that day! All decent loads too! I don't think I ever felt so relieved!

KENDAL AND LAWN DOGS KID: Sounds like you two have a lot of fun together! It'd be awesome to have a cousin that close! I have lots of cousins, but don't have a special relationship with very many of them! I don't think any of them are into this kinda stuff, either...oh well, their loss :)

I feel like I'm starting to fit in here...its quite a friendly atmosphere. Although, I haven't spoken to many of you, I'm sure I will in the near future. You all seem like really nice people.

Happy Dumping,


kim and scott-"The storm breaks"
greetings all! this is kim and scott again with another post! recently my parents were out of the house for awhile so I called my boyfriend scott over. scott said he would be over right away. i was wearing my new red sweater and blue jeans i got for christmas at the time but in a flash i changed into my one piece white bathing suit. I wore a white headband around my head.. it was kinda amusing me wearing a bathing suit with snow all around but i was warm inside the house. when scott arrived in his blue sweats. we exercised for awhile. then i fixed us a chicken and salad lunch. after lunch i really had to shit and told scott. so we both went upstairs to my bathroom. inside the bathroom we stripped nude. scott did not have to use the toilet but he sat down first while i sat on his lap. I then put my arms around him while he put his hands on my waist. we started to neck as i pushed at the sametime. my ass quivered excitedly as a brown log started to appear out of it. scott began ! to kiss my neck as i moaned and pushed harder as my ring expanded and my log grew larger and larger! like I said before i really had to shit folks as i was squeezing out an enormous browm missile from my asshole! my log was HUGE,LONG and HARD! i squeezed even harder as my ring stretched out even more from the enormity of my log! this was one hell of a bowel movement folks! my sphincter was really breaking loose now as i started to piss also. my ass was being pulverized by my huge log. I KNEW A GREAT STORM WAS JUST ABOUT TO BREAK! as i took a deep breath as my chest heaved,ass shuddered,and my ring sprung open real wide! "whammo" i said aloud as THE STORM BROKE and i blasted out an enormous brown torpedo from my quivering hole! ohh! what a sweet release that was as my log hit the water with a big splash! scott and i then got off the bowl to admire my log!my log was HUGE it looked like one of those huge salami meats hanging up in the deli. scott and i then smiled at each other . scott then got the measuring tape and measured my log at a whopping 17 1/2 inches long 2.5 inches thick! scott then did his fulltime job of chopping my logs up so they could flush. i do it when hes not around of course. when the log was flushed i surprised scott by running the bathwater and making a huge,bubblebath for us. i then slipped into my huge tub and smiled raising my right leg up in the air with my right hand. i did not say a word. i did not have to as scott joined me a second later in the tub for somemore fun.haha! bye now. PLUS special hellos to louise and steve,pv,lawn dogs kid and kendal(I forgive you kendal for the remark on my butt. no problem.) logger,buzzy,john (vt) and others. plus thanks to all who like our posts we greatly appreciate it. .by the way since scott and i are from usa we dont know. what is boxing day? is it like christmas?and i am embarrased for saying this but what do posters mean by saying lol sometimes in their posts? please explain thank! s.bye now!

Lawn Dogs Kid
LOUISE: I shouldn't say too much about kissing under the mistletoe ! I did quite well at the school Christmas party lets say ! No more details otherwise Kendal will be hounding me to find out more. What am I talking about, she will anyway ! Over the holidays though, I was pretty poorly with a bad cold, and I don't suppose any girl would find a kiss under the mistletoe too appealing with a boy with a streaming nose, and coughing every two seconds ! Loved your story about the swimming pool with Steve. Nice to know you do sit to wee sometimes ( actually, so do I, sometimes ! )

NICOLE & SUZY: I just had to read the posts this morning to see if you had replied yet. My heart was thumping with anticipation, and it went twice as fast as I saw your names appear ! You provided the most wonderful description of yourselves going for a wee, just what I'd hoped for, and thanks for having a special one just for me ! It was just as though I was there anyway. You say Kendal is lucky having me there in real life to watch her. Well, I tell you, its not her who is lucky, it is me. She didn't say in her post yesterday, but before she left to go home, and because I had given her a very large glass of orange juice, she was bursting for a wee. This was a couple of hours after my poo, and seeing as I had had the same large amount of juice, I was ready for a wee as well. I went first, and as normal, I always pull my jeans and pants down to go to be fair on Kendal. I stood over the toilet and began my wee. Kendal stands at the side so she can have a good look. I ! always wave my willie about while I go because Kendal is always amazed at the variety of sounds to be made with one single wee by a boy, splattering on the side of the toilet bowl, which sounds different somehow depending on whether it is on the front of the bowl or the back, or the sides. Or edging as I call it, where I wee on the side of the bowl just at the edge of the water which makes an interesting fizzing noise. Finally, there is the direct into the water pee. I also try and change the velocity between gentle, and forceful. A forceful wee directly into the water makes a hell of a noise which always makes Kendal laugh. Yesterday, because I knew I would be having a big one, I managed to do a sizeable demonstration of each variety for Kendal. Nicole and Suzy, now that you two have been for me, next time, I'll do one for you if you like. Then it was Kendal's turn. She pulled her jeans down to a little below her knees, and then pulled her panties down just far enough to wee ! safely without wetting them, and perched on the edge of the toilet seat with her floppy jumper hoisted high above her ????. She still is the cutest sight I will ever see on the toilet, I'm sure. Because her bits and pieces are hidden behind her panties, I don't get to see her wee come out, although I know she would show me if I wanted her to. This time, she let it flow out of her steadily, gentle quiet pattering on the front of the toilet bowl which must have lasted nearly a minute, before the last drips tinkled gently into the water. I know when she is finished, because she flashes her lovely bright smile at me before reaching for the toilet paper to wipe and finish off. Nicole and Suzy, I am definitely the lucky one ! Even more so now you've shared a wee just for me. Love from Andrew xx

KENDAL - Thank you so much for your lovely welcome home.
It is nice to be back.
Yeah, when you feel you are ready, have another try at
standing to wee. I mean, there is no pressure or anything
like that and do not worry if it does not work too well
and it runs down your legs a little bit, it does not
matter. I bet you will find it is useful one day if you
become good at it.
No LOL don't wee in the measuring jug that your
dad uses to make the custard and gravey. You could use
a bucket or something like that if it has markings up
the side for litres. LOL you will not fill it (!) but
you will find it easy to wee into and you will be able
to estimate how much of a litre you have done by how
close it is to the 1 litre mark if there is one. If you
do not have a bucket like that then maybe you could try
an old soft drinks bottle with a funnel. Have fun.
Oh yes I have read your Dad's posts, and I think he sounds
very nice. I think it is wonderful that he understands and
supports what you are doing. He is just a little bit
different to your mum on all that isn't he? I am very
glad that he does not think that I have been a bad influence
on you and some of our other younger contributors.
I think it is a shame that your dad has not seen your mum go
to the toilet. I just wondered if he thinks he is missing
something. Maybe he likes my letters, I don't know.

WHIZZER - Oh I don't think standing to pee is overrated.
Try telling that to women who can do it well and know
it is possible. We do not agree with you, but all right
you can have your own opinion.

PV - I have been going to wipe Steve's foreskin every time he
has been for a pee. I have been doing it sometimes before,
but every time now I use the TP on him. He just says nothing
and just frowns like he thinks I have gone nuts. I do not
think he has read my last letter yet and I am waiting for
a reaction from him.


Hope you all had a Happy New Year.

The new girl on the Masthead. Im sure she is a lovely lady but something about her face makes a shudder run down my spine! Reminds me of the Ghost Story By Captain Frederick Marryat called "The Brown Lady of Rainham" about a portrait of a lady which turns into a skull-face when a man is alone in the room where it hangs. Is this picture a cunning device to make us fill our panties with fear? Seriously though she gives me the creeps. Does this picture affect anyone else this way?

Now to get back on message. Theresa and I spent a few days at Xmas with Moira and George. We had a good dinner but it wasnt till Boxing Day that anyone did a motion. It had been snowing in our part of Scotland and we went out for a walk well wrapped up in stout boots and warm clothing. Getting to the woods Moira said "I need a jobbie, let's find a suitable spot and do it in the snow" We walked a little way into the trees. Being on the edge of the countryside there were no other people about. Moira undid her brown corduroy trousers, pulled down the two pairs of thick white cotton briefs she was wearing, (we all had two pairs of knickers on that day as it was cold), and holding onto a branch she squatted. A loud fart echoed through the silent woods and George laughed, "Hark the mating call of a bull moose!" A jet of golden wee squirted out of Moira making a yellow stain in the white snow then she grunted. As the 3 of us watched slowly her ring domed and a really fat,knobbly ! jobbie started to emerge between her ???? buttocks. Her "UH! NNN! " sounds also echoed but there was nobody else but us to hear as far as we could see. It was a big one and we could see it steaming in the cold air as it emerged. It slid onto the snow and its heat made it sink slightly into the melting snow. We estimated that it must have been 16 inches long, a fat knobbly carrot shaped turd and 2.5 inches thick. Now as has been mentioned before seeing one person doing their motion can often trigger a similar reaction in others and Theresa said,. "I need too" She likewise dropped her jeans and panties (a white floral patterned pair with a pair of white Sloggi briefs under them) and also peed her yellow "marker" to the side of Moira's toilet then passed an nice easy curved "sausage" of about a foot in length. By now George and I also felt the need having watched our wives doing their big poos, so we also squatted down with out jeans and underpants pulled down, (mine two pairs ! of Speedo briefs one white pair with a black pair over them, George's white knickers similar to Moira's) and grunted then passed our jobbies, mine like Theresa's a big sausage, George producing a big straight but knobbly log the same size as Moira's as obviously they eat the same food and have similar bowel habits. When we both peed after passing our jobbies as is common for men, we didnt make a large yellow patch like the women but projected a stream in front of ourselves making long yellow tracers in the snow. When we had all finished we had a good look at our efforts the brown jobbies and the yellow wee wee contrasting with the otherwise pure white snow like some work of modern art in the Tate gallery or M.O.M.A.

When we came back home from our visit there was nothing too interesting until New Year's Eve when both Theresa and I were waiting up for midnight or "the Bells" as we call this in Scotland. We had eaten a late supper and about 11 pm needed to do a poo but decided to hold it in till the New Year, we were alone at home and had no visitors coming. Believe me it is difficult to hold a big jobbie in even when at no risk of an accident being at home. Eventually Midnight came and we both went to the toilet (we have two pans side by side, a modification I installed in our upstairs toilet) and both sat there and did our first motions of the new year. Ker-spool-loomp! Kur-spul-loonk! as each dropped two nice big fat jobbies into their respective pans. Outside fireworks were being let off but we prefered our very personal way of marking the new year.

On the hostess or female passenger in the aircraft toilet I have observed a female going into a loo and have timed her, I also do this when travelling on a train, and if she has been in there long enough I know she has done a motion. If I then use the toilet after her I am often rewarded by the sight of a huge jobbie stuck in the pan. Now unlike Sandra I always leave it for others to see. I haven't walked in on an air hostess with her skirt up and her panties down doing a motion but have had this experience on a train when the woman of about 30 I'd guess, hadnt bolted the door and I walked in on her as she was doing her poo, a good solid one by her grunts and the sound it made as it dropped. The funny thing is SHE apologised to ME for not closing the door! Later I went back to that toilet but her turd hadnt been big enough to beat the flush.

Simon, I agree about modern toilet pans not being a patch on old Victorian and Edwardian pans for dealing with "big jobs". The modern pan is made for its style not function. We bought two old style heavy duty white pans from a builders merchants, the type fitted in many school and public toilets and these can both handle big panbusters after two or at most three flushes and the "kursploonk" sound effects as they have a long drop and large water filled trap are first class!

All the best, Tony and Theresa.

Kev (big brother of Ellie & Little Lou)

I'm afraid Ellie and Lou haven't been able to post for a little while. Over Christmas, our cousin Jemma went away, and asked Ellie to look after her pet pony, Sparky. Ellie has - Let's just say, limited - horseriding experience. She's only been going for a year. Unfortunately, Ellie had a bit of a painful accident. During the recent snow we've had in South West England, Sparky slipped when Ellie was riding him, and she fell off, unfortunately breaking one of her ribs. Little Lou offered to post for Ellie instead, but her spelling's so bad, we thought it was probably best if she didn't. Ellie's not in as much pain now, so she'll probably be posting again soon. One good thing though, it has given me a legitimate excuse to take her to the toilet. Mum asked Ellie if she'd be ok with me helping her to go to the toilet, as Mum was working and Lou's taken over looking after Sparky, and wasn't home. I was delighted.

KENDAL: Ellie and Little Lou say they're both missing you too, but they'll be back soon. Because of Ellie's rib, she's had to stay laying down, so of course she couldn't use the computer, but she'll be back soon, I promise.

LAWN DOGS KID: It's really good to come across someone who cares for their cousin as much as I care for my two sisters. I think it brings me and my sisters even closer together, and it certainly seems to with you and Kendal.


Friday, January 05, 2001

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