Sandra and the stewadesses: I have been on aircraft flights and attacked by diarreah. I never caught a stewardess with her skirt down. If you have to go, do not punish yourself. See my earlier posts.

Mia: Look for another job. You are not the first to be fired and you will not be the last.

KT: I was a high school junior. I was pals with a boy in class. So, we talked on the phone. I heard him straining and the sound of pee. He told me he was taking a shit. Then I heard a flush.

Billy L and Jersey Man: I went to a parochial school with toilets in the class room. I only routinely urinated and moved my bowels when forced to. My teacher and I found each other in there. It was only a sink and a stalless toilet. No big deal. I once had to make #2 real bad. So I went. Two other girls entered and found me with my uniform skirt up and white panties at my knees. I was in pain. My doo-doo was dark brown watery. But the pain would have been worse if I tried to hold it back. Then I would have been in trouble. Some of the boys heard from the girls I had diarreah. But, they did not bother me.

Thom: I had the same experience with Dulcolax in college, twice.

Nicole & Suzy
Lawn Dogs Kid - Hello and sorry its been a long time for us to reply but my computer has been not working properly. Suzy is here with me and we want to tell you about when we wee together. We don't really remenber all the details about weeing on Christmas day so we decided to have a special wee just for you today and my parent are out so we can have some fun!
We have not weed since last night! and we are bursting its after breakfast and Suzy has just arrived and shes got jeans on and her snoopy sweatshirt. Ive got my denim miniskirt on with a wooly jumper. must go and wee now so back soon to tell you about it.
Wow thats better, Suzy was more desparete than me so she weed first and she couldnt get her jeans down fast enough and she had even weed a bit and then she pulled down her panties, they are pink, right dwn to her jeans, around her ankles and then she weed and weed. It was so noisy I laughed and did a little wee in my nickers! I said come on I going to wet myself so she got off the bog, Suzy likes to call it a bog, And I pulled my nickers down. they are light blue with a bow at the elastick. I like them around my ankles too and then Lifted my skirt up tp my waist and sat down. I was weeing already! Suzy watched it come out and said theres GALLONS!
So We hope you liked that, we said wouldnt it be nice if you were watching too! Lucky Kendal.
We might do a stand up one later so well tell you next time.
Love to you and Kendal from Nicole and Suzy the daredevil (Kendal is right about that!) XX

Back to school tomorrow ! Not looking forward to it much. Don't like to leave Dad on his own. He's allowed two more weeks off work according to the Doctor, but he says he'll be ok.

KATE: What a Christmas you had ! And what a house full too. Your last post was so exciting to read. It doesn't bother me at all that Dad doesn't want to watch me on the toilet. Andrew and I always say, watching each other on the toilet has to be a shared thing that both people want to do. Dad doesn't, so that is fine. Your Cousin Daniel sounds fun. Do his poos make good plop noises ? I like to hear a good plop ! Your story about your windy poo with Daniel made me laugh ! The bit where you described your Grandad as being sweet reminded me of my Grandad who I had to live with for a few days when Mum went away. He is very old school. One day, Granny came into the bathroom while I was on the toilet to put some washing away into her airing cupboard. She left the door open, and Grandad appeared. He saw me and was very embarrassed, and as he does many times when he makes a mistake, he apologises, and his hand automatically goes up to his head. That's because he usually wears! this Trilby hat, and all his greetings and apologies are accompanied by him lifting his hat of his head and putting it back on again as a mark of respect. He is very sweet ! What about Phil at the football match then, getting to see him wee. And what about you squatting down amongst them all ! You're very brave. I wouldn't have done that ! So do you think you'll get to see Phil wee another time ? Finally, why is it that us girls are always clean and change our underwear while the boys will sleep in theirs and just put their trousers on when they get up. Unless they have changed them in their sleeping bags of course !

As it is the last day of holiday, Dad let me go round to Andrew's early. He was still in bed, the lazy boy ! But then that was good, because it meant he hadn't had his morning poo. He got up and had some breakfast first and he gave me the normal, large glass of orange juice so I will need to wee quite soon afterwards. (I know what he is up to !). And we sat and watched tv for a while. Then he said he had to go for his morning ablutions ( which translates as poo for him ). The orange juice had worked, and I was ready for a good wee by then, so as usual, I went first. I pulled my jeans down to my knees and then my panties down just enough, and lifted my floppy jumper that's big enough to wear as a dress out of the way, and sat down. I enjoyed this wee very much, a nice strong one that hissed a bit as it splattered down the inside of the bowl, and only tinkled for the last few seconds. Then I got off for Andrew to go. He pulled his pants down to his ankles as normal and the! n wrapped the dressing gown he was wearing around him. That was no good though, because it meant I couldn't take hold of his ???? like he had done mine the other day. So I said just a minute, and knelt down between his legs, unwrapped his dressing gown ( he knew what I was going to do by now ). He let his dressing gown fall around him and down the sides of the toilet. And then I did it, I took hold of his ???? with both my hands. This was very special for me, and I was really savouring the experience, when he made me jump by yelling.. "Oooohhhhhh, your hands are cold" ! Why are boys such wimps ! I didn't shout when his hands were cold on me ! I told him off, and put my hands back again. I looked in his eyes, which smiled back at me, and as he smiled, I felt his soft ???? sudden move and stiffen and tighten under my hands. It was truly amazing that I could feel him making his poos ! And they came very quickly, plop..plop..plop..plop, and I felt his ???? relax again. The! n he rested a few seconds, and I could feel his ???? breathing in and out, and then all of a sudden, it squeezed really tightly, almost violently, and he let out quite a gush of sloppy poo that lasted 7 or 8 seconds, plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop ... plop, plop..plop. He then gasped with the energy of it all and I felt his ???? relax again. Then I had to let go. The smell was so bad, I thought I would be sick, and I had to pull my jumper up over my nose to keep it out. I thought that was going to end my experience today, but Andrew is so kind and thoughtful, and he then held my jumper for me over my nose so that I could put my hands back again. He only made one more squeeze, which produced some more very smelly poo ( I think ), but I didn't get to miss anything at all, the kind boy ! Thank goodness for big floppy jumpers, I would have had to go out altogether otherwise !

G: Sorry to hear you were ill after Christmas. Andrew and I have also had bad colds, along with Dad, but Aunty and Uncle seem to have both survived, the lucky things ! Did you really only have a pot noodle and a cheese toastie for Christmas Dinner ? If I had been there, I would have made you something much better than that. Then you could have enjoyed a jolly good poo like I did on Boxing Day ! Hugs from Kendal x. PS Sorry about the confusion with Linda. She is my best friend here, and we have this pact together that we pretend to take each other with us when we go to the toilet, and then write about it on this site. So there was me and Andrew, and dear Linda in spirit !

KEVIN: pampies are Linda's panties. When she was a very little girl, she could not say the word "panties" very well, and it came out like "pampies", and it has stuck ever since. I think pampies is cute, and yes it does sound funny, I know. It makes me laugh too, but don't you dare tease her about it, or you'll have me to answer to !!

LOUISE: So glad to hear you and Steve have arrived home safely. We had a lovely Christmas, although we were all poorly ! Have you caught up with the posts yet ? Have you seen the ones by my Dad. He gave me and Andrew a real shock, I can tell you ! I have been very naughty, neglecting to practice my stand-up wees, unlike Nicole and Suzy ! But now I'm better, I shall probably have another go soon. Its just getting up the courage, it will be the first time since Mum saw me. Never mind. I will do it again, I promise. I've never measured how much wee I do. The only thing we have got is a measuring jug in the kitchen, but I couldn't possibly wee in that. Dad makes the custard and the gravey in that ! Welcome home, and happy new year. Love from Kendal xxx

KEV ( brother of Ellie and Little Lou ): I was so pleased to see you post here, and I see Andrew has replied already. I'm sure you and he will make good friends if you come here regularly. I hope you haven't scared Ellie and Little Lou away though, because I'm missing them ! Tell them to post soon. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA: Are you hiding ? Well don't, you naughty girl ! I'm missing you loads too ! About time we went to the loo together and catch up on all the gossip don't you think ? Come back soon, love you loads, Kendal xxxx PS, Happy New Year xx.

NICOLE & SUZY: I expect you two have been out shopping, taking advantage of the new year sales, and weeing in some strange places ! Well, Suzy anyway ! No, I take that back, after your one down that slide that time ! Please post soon. Andrew is dying to hear an answer to his questions ! Happy new year, love from Kendal xxx

I wonder if any one else visiting this site has an experience either personally or with another similar to that which I had some years ago with a close school friend Maureen.

She had had an accident which put her right arm in plaster making movement and attention to her own needs difficult. Although unable to write she had come back to school to listen to lessons and read and was generally able to spend the day there without apparently too many problems.

It was on our way home that in the town centre where we changed buses that she turned to me with anxious almost tearful eyes and asked if we could go into the ladies toilet nearby and if I would help her. She said that waiting to get home was just not possible she had to go right now! I said OK, but was surprised since she seemed to manage during the school day. Later she revealed that she can normally hold on all day without going and could be helped by her mum when she got home.

With haste we went into the disabled toilet and I helped her take off her coat. I was reluctant to go further, but she said help me quick get my knickers down I'm going already. This was embarrassing for both of us so I lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down (without looking, all done by feel) and eased her down on the toilet. She began farting and dropping solids straight away with gushing pee following quickly. I was feeling even more embarrassed by this time not knowing what to say or do. I had known Maureen for quite a time and spent much time with her but never in such an intimate situation. She was equally upset, as was evident by here shaky speech and red face. She sat there leaning forward, plaster arm resting on the wall and spasms from her stomach pushing the waste out. Her motions lasted 10 minutes or so with frequent intervals, when she said "its not all out yet, sorry".

More delicate moments followed when she said that she was sorry, but could I help clean up, and get her dressed again. By then I was reconciled to helping someone in real distress, and so did the job of leaning over her back and wiping her bottom so she was clean, then helping her up with her knickers, straightening her clothes and generally reassuring her that all was well and that I wouldn't tell on her. This seemed quite traumatic to me, since I had never before been that close to someone or touched them in such personal and intimate places. No doubt its the kind of thing nurses have to do all the time, however, at that moment being only a teenager, it felt sort of heroic, and I suppose exciting. I have never told anyone else about it and I am still in touch with Maureen to this day, although the event is not mentioned between us. She was genuinely grateful, and I guess if the roles had been reversed I would have been glad of her help in my own need.


There are several of us who pee standing. Loise and PV are regular contributors to this forum.

It's wonderful to be able to pee anywhere without having to remove clothing or squat in an obvious way. Oh, the freedom!

You can also go to for instruction on technique for standing pee. Have fun!

Hi guys! Beth, I have stood up to pee, outdoors, many times. Basically, I just pull down my jeans and panties almost to the ground, squat slightly, and make sure my vagina is pointing towards the ground. Then I whizz away! :-)

Hi Melissa. I've lived and attended school in New England (home in CT, college in MA) most of my life (I was born in and spent the first 1 1/2 years of my life in Westchester County, NY, but since that's only 15 miles from my home in CT, that doesn't really count), so I figured I'd try living out west for a change of pace and scenery. I again wish you good luck on your studies, you're the best!!! Hugs and kisses from Steph. P.S., Eric sends his love. He says you're his favorite poster.

Peace, Steph

Sandra- Thank you for replying to my post. Just come off a flight today and actually had a poo on it. I found a quiet part of the flight and thought "I could do with a number 2!"
I found that both toilets were free, locked the door, lifted my skirt, pulled down my tights and panties and released a few large poos. Felt very good! as I do not poo very often 'at work!'. I wiped, flushed and left and carried on with my duties.
I have looked at some of your stories and found them of great interest, what would be your usual routine for pooing? I notice you like public places!

Traveler- I am now taking more of interest in pooing at work, even us hostesses have to poo at sometime during the day!

I'm on a long flight in a ouple of days, there should be a few stories of toilet habits to tell you all about.


Jersey Man
Thank you to all o fthe posters who responded to my predicament. Believe it or not, I am still not feeling a whole lot better. I have had a stomach ache and diarrhea for a few days now. Luckily though, I have not had any incidents like the one which I posted about anymore. I want to thank all of you for making feel better for what I had to do. i understand that i did not really do anything wrong. After all, I was in the men's bathroom and using it for what it was designed for. However, of course I was embarressed. Many of you made me realize that the father really should not have had the girls in there. The younger girl was maybe 3 or 4, so I can understand her being there. The other was a 7 or 8 yr. old and you are all right she should not have been in there at all. She could have taken her sister to the girl's room, too. At the least the father did not have to have the girls stand outside of my stall while I was in there. especially when he heard that I was not ! feeling well. thanks again everyone. I must run. I will ppost again soon

Hello everyone, it's me again! Glad ya'll liked my post, I promise to keep posting as long as I keep pooping!

Stan: The girl on my left just started pooping as I was leaving, You are probably right about her listening to me, it was hard not to if I remember correctly!

Traveler: You're right, it is fun to scout out all the campus potties, there are many to pick from!

Jersey Man: I would not worry one bit about dumping in public or who saw or heard me. B&N is a great place to poop, all the books you could want and cool toilets!

I don't really have another story right now, I'm home for break, but will be going back to campus soon. I do have a question: do most of you prefer the shorter toilets or the handicap toilets? I like the shorter / regular kind. I'm about 5'7" and when I use the regular toilet, I can assume a "squatting" position when I sit down, I can "do number 2" much more enjoyable this way, especially since I like to have my legs open when I am going. The larger toilets are kinda like sitting on a horse, you are up higher and don't have as much control over the situation. They are cooler in the sense that your logs have further to drop, so you get more splashes! Let me know!!!!

I will try to post another story from last semester soon, until then everyone take care!

Hello again, and a happy new year to all.
(I forgot to say that on my first post of the year)

I was watching Discovery Home & Leisure channel the other day (maybe New Year's Day, I dunno) and the programme was about fitting out a "period" bathroom in an old Victorian house.
As well as the bath and twin sinks, they chose a decorated porcelain toilet, one of those with a long drop, and an overhead cistern with chain-operated flush.
The homeowner (who also owned the reclaimed materials business) started to discuss how these designs of toilet were much better than newer ones, "The force of the water cleans the bowl properly, so you don't get anything left behind or marking the sides....." but the presenter stopped him there, making some excuse about it not being appropriate.


Modern toilet designs are almost useless. Judging by what happens with my average poops, I'd hate to think what would happen if one of our panbusting posters ever visited my house!
(Hmmm, is it a conspiracy by Addis, to sell more bog brushes!??!?)

So after I've finished my other renovation work, I think I might invest in an 1899 toilet for my 1899 house.

Happy flushing,


Ben in NY
Chrissy, I'd love to hear in detail the story about the lady with nervous diarhea! You know, what she looked like, her facial expressions, did she hold her butt? I love it when desperate people hold their butts! Was she waiting outside the toilet trying to hold it? Please do tell the story!

Peace and love,

Yesterday i went out, as soon as i left my stomach felt funny, like i needed to shit. Then it went away. Then i ate lunch and then i had to go to the store. While i was at the store i was shopping and suddenly my stomach had that funny feeling. Then i felt the urge to shit. So i head for the restrooms in the back of the store and there was one urinal and one stall and the stall was occupied by some old guy. I heard him say something about being sick. Then he farted really loud and he must have had diahreah really bad. Im like i can hold it. Then i was done and i had to go and that stall was empty. I think i had to shit because i was nervous...don't know what about.


I think standing to pee is overrated. I aM A male and I prefer to sit to pee at home. less chance to spray pee all over the toilet or the floor. I pull my underwear to the side and pee. In public I go ahead and use urinals if available. I also like to pee in the shower, think it is very natural. any comments? back later, I have a dump coming on!!

RE: Taking young girls in to mens room
I used to visit this all the time about 2 years ago. I was going through a messy divorce. My ex-wife and her friends were really into letting me watch them in the bathroom. I have now remarried to an awesome lady. She has a real hard time peeing when I watch too close. I would never dream of asking to watch her poop up close. She hates porno so I had to give up my internet acess. When I moved in with her I deleted about 7000 bathroom pictures from my hard drive. My new wife is very stable and I don't have to worry about all the problems I had with my ex. She is an excellent mom for my 2 kids. I love her very much. "Shelving" my fetish for a few years is worth having her as my wife. She is opening up more and more over time about bathroom stuff.

I have been lurking for a few months here at work and had to comment about taking daughters into the mens room. Does everyone remember what happened in Las Vegas a few years back. A little girl was killed going to the bathroom alone by some wacko. I would take my daughter in to the men's room any day especially if there was any chance of danger. The trauma of seeing strange men pee is much easer to deal with than a dead kid.

A few years ago I saw a letter in a Ann Landers colum about a man who went into the ladies room with his handicaped wife whom need alot of assistance in the bathroom. Ann came out on his side that it was better for the other women to be offened by him being in the Ladies than his wife being uncomfortable in the mens.

Bottom line safety is more important than prudishness as far as I am concerned.

Hey,all-Boy there's been a flood of great posts lately!Luv 'em
TO CARMILITA-Boy.did your last story turn me on!You do some great pooing!I'd like to be your friend Jim!More stuff!
TO KT-There were a few girls that I was going with that I used to do the pooing thing over the phone,all the time-This 1 girl used to do it a lot and she never knew I could hear every bit of it and boy was that fun to hear!-I'd love to do the phone thing with a lot of you women on here-(Lisa,Milissa,Emily,Carlmilita, Jane and Sandra- to name a few!)
Well,here's 1 story from my upstsate stay-The 2nd morning I was there at the bed and breakfast place (I had already scoped out the toilets and where they were)We were all sitting downstairs finishing up breakfast-there were 14 of us there-9 were women-we were all done and getting up to go our own ways when I saw 1 woman grap a newspaper-she was about 5'9 with brown hair-very pretty-and go up the stairs towards the toilets-I quickly followed her-i too felt a slight urge to poop too-As she got to the toilet she slipped and fell against the wall and I caught her before she hit the ground-she turned to me and said"Thanks a lot-that's what I get for hurring up and not looking where i'm going!"I said "what's your hurry"She said "Got to get to the bathroom"I said"Yeah,me too " and laughed .Then she went into the toilet and I went into the one right next to her-Now these rooms are small-just a bowl and a sink,and there were 3 og these rooms in a row and the toilets are right up a! gainst the wall back to back to each other-I went in and got undressed and sat on the bowl and I could hear everything this girl was doing-I thoughtWOW this is great!I heard her pull off paper to clean the bowl and then heard her pull down her pants and sit down and then heard the rustle of the newspaper and after about 5 secs i heard a long fart and a slight moan from her and i heard the crackling of the turd coming out-it sounded like it started out slow and then came out fast and got loose-Oh was I in heaven!Meanwhile i'm sitting on the bowl with my own rectum filled up and I let out a nice tight sounding fart-I'm sure she heard it too cause I could hear her SO clearly-then as I was pushing out some coffee- induced soft stuff that also came out fast and loose,I heard her grunt and moan and fart again and let out some real loose BM with a lot of gas and for about 5secs or so we were both letting out our morning poop- It sounded like we were both doing the same type of poop-boy was i turned on by this-Much more than when I go at the gym or a public toilet cause finally,i was pooing with a beautiful woman!Needless to say-i got off right then!Then I heard her just sitting there turning the pages of the paper-then I had to poo again and let out some more soft stuff ending with a wet fart and some mucus-I'm sure she could hear me-then I started to wipe and I heard her start to wipe too-It's like we were in perfect synch-I flushed first and came out and then she came out and looked at me and smiled and said "I feel so much better now,don't you?"I was put back a bit when she said that-So i said "yup that was fun" and she just smiled and walked away and said "see you later!"I said to myself" Boy this is going to be a great stay" and went to shower and get to the ski slopes-more stories to come-this was truly a great stay!Keep the stories coming all esp the ladies!Well I'm off to the gym -Haven't pooed yet today,maybe at the gym-haven't been there in 2 weeks-after yesterdays big dump on the pan,I may not go today-but once i start to exercise,if i haven't pooed yet I usually have to go during or after my routimes-See ya!BYE

Hello everybody.

BETH - I always try to help other ladies who I read want
to stand and pee, and I have a standard instruction that
I have sent in twice before, so I think for you I will
repeat it again.
Try this in the shower. Place your first two fingers of one
hand either side of the top end of your pussy in an
upside-down V. You might like to wipe your lips *before* you
do anything to stop any greasiness down there causing your
fingers to slip until you are practiced at doing this! Now use
your fingers to open yourself up a bit and splay those lips,
and keep the same pressure on both sides to avoid shooting off
centre! Start to wee, and keep the pressure on to begin with so
you don't dribble at the beginning. If you have now started to
wee straight down in a good stream, just try lifting your puss
upwards very gently. DO NOT JERK BUT DO IT SLOWLY!
Hopefully you will now find you are squirting forwards a
little bit, but you will need to practice to get it right!
Eventually you will be able to start in the lifted position!
This way works for me, no doubt other women have their own
variations on it.

NICOLE AND SUZY - Hi! I hope you are having fun standing. I
thought your little story of being desperate while waiting
for your mum was good. Was there no place else for you to
have a quick wee?

KENDAL - Hi again. Your question to Kim made me laugh.

PV - Hi! I keep listening to the guys at work sometimes because
I wonder if they see do see the venus symbols I have drawn above
the urinals. I do not know if they would know what they mean.
LOL. I have not heard anything yet, but I cannot tell from their
faces because they look confused all the time anyway!
Oh I know Steve is lovely. Some of my friends keep telling me
I'm very lucky, because they have been treated really badly by
some guys they have been with. I look after him very well.
For my sister I wish Steve had been twins, then we could have
had one each. LOL
I could not remember if I had written about my friend with the
stepson who went into the bathroom with her. She got married
nearly 3 years ago I think, and her stepson was 12? then so I
bet he is now about 14 or 15. She just does not mind him being
there while she has a bath. She told me that the first time,
she had a hovering wee over the toilet while she still had no
clothes on after her bath, and her stepson was just hooked on
seeing that. She has seen him wee sometimes as well, so it is
not just that he sees her weeing and dumping. She says that
they are both happy with doing that so yeah, it is a nice
Oh yes, I have to tell you more of what happened when we stayed
with my friend in her lovely house in Scotland. Well she could
see we really liked the look of her indoor pool and we spent a
lot of our time for those 3 days just relaxing by it. Steve had
to wear a towel because he had no trunks or sorts or anything,
and I borrowed one of my friend's swimsuits. She stayed a lot
with us on that first day and I asked her if she minded us being
you know, alone in the pool, so she said she would keep
away from the pool while we were there. She said not to worry,
she would clean the pool when we had gone back to England, so
we could do what we wanted. She did not mean of course that
because we had been in it that it would need to be cleaned!
It was good of her to leave us a 10 litre bucket to wee in without
needing to leave the swimming pool room if we wanted to, and then
she left us alone with a few drinks and some food. So Steve could
swim as he could take his towel off and I took the swimming
costume off as well, so we enjoyed a really nice nude swim together
and all by ourselves. Steve wanted to wee first, and I watched him
point his stream into the bucket. It was a plastic bucket so it
was not very noisy. When I went for a wee I squatted above it the
first time and I was a bit more noisy because there was his wee at
the bottom of the bucket before I started. So I let rip with my
stream and I pissed against the inside of the bucket. The next time
I stood above it and I did not even aim it with my fingers and I
weed straight into the pee that was in there. After I had done that
I think the bucket was about 2 litres full already. On the last day
I think I pissed 4 times into the bucket, 2 standing wees and 2
squatting. The last pees were the best! We went into the pool,
both of us, and waited until we were bursting. Steve got out and
stood on the edge of the pool, held his dick horizontal and
weed as far as he could. I think that was an above average wee from
him, I liked watching it rain down into the pool in front of me.
I went a little bit later, and I stood at the edge like Steve, and
I let rip shooting it forwards as high and far as I could get it.
I wished my friend would join us in the fun but I think maybe it
would have been a bit much for her. It was lovely for us.



Wednesday, January 03, 2001

Chrissy - Welcome...glad you like my post! Actually, I don't travel that much on aircraft, it's usually just a couple of times a year to visit my family in England but I'd like to repeat an air travel story I must have told here a couple of years ago. About 3 years ago I was on a Virgin Atlantic flight returning to New York from London. We were about an hour from New York so I thought I'd pee before our landing. I went to a lavatory and it said "vacant" but I couldn't open the door. So I gave it a fierce push, thinking it was stuck and it opened very suddenly. And there, inside, looking horrified, was a flight attendant half squatting, half standing over the toilet with her skirt to her waist and...a massive sausage of a poo descending slowly from her bottom! I said "sorry" and quickly closed the door but that was enough time to see everything and I'm sure many passengers saw a lot too! I then went into the next lavatory. Once we landed and were disembarking, the flight attend! ant I saw was at the door so I told her how sorry I was for opening the door on her while she was pooing. She sweetly said "that's OK...these things happen!"

Chrissy Ė I couldnít agree more; your feelings are exactly the same as mine when it comes to using airplane toilets. You are so visible, like being on a stage in the spotlight, and everybody knows that you have been doing a poo if you are in there for more than a few minutes. I wonder if like me, you have any reservations about using public restrooms? Canít wait to hear your stories Ė all my love Ė Melissa.

John (VT) Iím glad you liked my story and Iím very flattered that you would actually have liked to see it. Perhaps I should try and describe it in a little more detail next time. Ė Melissa.

Undin the Greek Ė I have no idea how thick my poo was and I couldnít tell how long it was because the nose had already disappeared around the bend in the pipe. - Melissa

Lots of you have asked me at one time or another how big my poos are, so Iím making a special New Year resolution that I will try and let you know. I have to admit that Iím not at all sure how to measure it. It sounds very Yuk! I certainly donít want to touch it, but I will find a way some how. So I promise to let you all know as soon as possible Ė A Happy New Year to all my friends out there - Melissa.

I was wondering does anyone know how women stand up and pee since they don't have a penis to aim with?? If u know please post up the answer. Thanx

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