John (VT): Thank you for sharing your story with me, it makes me feel special! Iíll look forward to more of your massive movements! I found it to be very exciting the way you held it in for awhile. I get very excited seeing a man doing his big business. I love the stories in here, especailly the ones about doorless stalls, and guys taking craps where girls can see them.

My friend Jim loves see me on the pot. He says he likes it with my panties stretched around my brown legs, and my black hair hanging down as Iím grunting out big ones. He still hasnít pooped for me yet, but he says he finally will tonight! I can't wait! Neither of us are married, or have a significant other, so it seems okay to do it together. We've been doing it ever since we took a hiking trip last month. (or at least I have anyway!) I work out a lot, and sometimes have to go two, three times a day. We hadn't hiked very far up the trail when we started teasing each other, and hiding from each other behind trees. It must have been the cold mountain air because pretty soon I really had to go! Jim went down the trail a ways, but he didn't stay away long, the rat! He doubled back on me on purpose! I was squatting under a these three bare trees squirting turds out onto the ground, when I looked over my shoulder and saw him standing there watching. I made a big, nasty pile.! The wind was freezing my buns off too! My poop was warm and steamy underneath my butt. One turd was about as thick as my wrist, and about 9" long! Thank goodness nobody else was around, bcause I was so embarrassed! Another turd looked like a huge pine cone! after that came some smaller poops. Later he said he couldn't get the image of me squatting and pooping out of his head, and asked if I'd do it again for him. I said I would. I had an uncle who would sometimes sneak peeks at me on the toilet, and it never really bothered me, so I figured it would be okay.
So, today I had to go to the bathroom to get rid of last nightís meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Jim was over and he came in with me, and sat on the edge of the tub. I hiked my skirt up around my waist, and pulled my undies down to my knees. First I farted, one of those real slow ones. After a few minutes of serious grunting, and pushing, I relaxed with my chin in my hand. Boy was it ever creamy, and soft! A long peice of sausage came spitting, and crackling out making all sorts of sloppy noises followed immediately by about 8, or 9 more heavy turds. I spread my legs to look down and saw a pile of giant floaters butting up against the porcelain bowl. I sighed hard after tahat work! Jim was very excited! It didnít clog, but it sure was tough going down! Altogether I'd say I spent about 5 minutes pooping. that's a long time for me. I usually poop in about two minutes, or less. I guess that's all for now.

Corey--I am scared to crap in a public restroom, but there is one time I did go. My boss called me up and asked me to meet her and my supervisor in the gym buiding where their offices were located. They said they wanted a quick meeting to go over a three pages of offenses (I was unaware of)before deciding to see if they wanted it to be a warning or a firing.
After the meeting I went up and sat in the bleachers of the deserted gym, awaiting my fate. My stomach began to hurt so I went through the concession area and into the deserted restroom. I quickly dropped my white bikini underwear and produced a bowl-full of nervous diarrhea. As I sat there I thought of all the happy memories I had of the building when I played there, and now I miserable having my first public restroom shit.
Afterward, they said I was fired. So much for second chances.

hi all, has anyone listened to their lover taking a poop while on the phone with them?

Rick (peeper, broker than broke)
To Jersey Man,

How old were the two little girls that guy brought into the men's room? Now I know I am no saint, but when it comes to little children, I draw the line. Some guy bringing his little girls into a public men's room? Get outa here, that guy should be rung out! With all the crude stuff that I see now days in places, I would never bring my little girl into such a place and expose them. Now if that man had to go to the bathroom, he could have left the girls in the managers office while he took care of his personal business. I am sure the store staff would have preferred he did that rather than taking them into the men's room. The store could be exposed to some legal liability also should some one raise an issue. Of course, my mom took me into the ladies dressing rooms, bathrooms until I was about 4 or so, but those were different times. Much different.

I was gone for a couple of weeks, I haven't had time to post since I would be tying up my parents phone line. I am glad to be home to Colorado. A few items.

First, for "Jersey Man", kind of an interesting story about your diarhea attack. I was in a similar situation to you except from the point of view from a kid. When I was in Jr. High, I and a couple of other kids went to the community pool which was controlled by the local school system. In order to go in and exit the pool, you went through the locker room. There was showers and toilets (urinals and shitters with partition walls with no doors). They now have doors but this was in the early 1980's. One of my neighbors and I left the pool to go home and as we were walking through, I saw one of the Jr. High teachers on the shitter. It was kind of embarassing but after we got out of ear shot of him, we kind of laughed. I seen kids on the shitters a few times when I went there as a kid.

Second, I had a diarhea attack last nite. I am changing my diet to where I eat more fruit and fish and get away from beef and pork. My choelesteral is pretty high. I thought I only had to fart but shit came out instead and it soiled my pair of underwear and even soaked through to a pair of shorts I had on. I ended up taking them off and went into the bathroom to wipe my butt. It was pretty messy. I took the shorts and underwear to the washing machine and put them through 2 cycles. They are clean now.

Earlier, I mentioned that I was on vacation for several weeks, I unfortunately have no dumping stories to tell.

Thought I'd share these stories all in one evening. I am now in New York City, the land where public restrooms are not always easy to find...'bout a week or so ago I went to a Schlotzky's deli where I got this smoked turkey sandwich on a spicy bun... Like many Manhattan eateries this had a single occupancy unisex bathroom. All of a sudden I see one female member of the staff try to get in. She looked to be in need. But the person who preceded her was there a while, so she ran off outside to another building...i gave it a look was some hidden elevator or passageway...she looked much better after the prolonged absence but that could have been due to a long time finding the place...

but that would not be the end of the relevant episodes. I started feeling cramps myself later on. I recalled something about jalapeno cheese at the counter but didn't order cheese...or so i thought. I am lactose intolerant and this felt just like one of *those* attacks. I let out some truly evil gas but eventually felt need to take a load off my mind and made my way to a Starbucks. like the schlotzsky this was a single occupancy, so i had to wait. And then this woman came behind me. i thought about warning her that this could be bad but did not. some odor but once i took a load off my mind i was okay. i did punish a few other people later that night with some more lactose gas.

eventually i found out i had eaten a jalapeno CHEESE bun. argh...i wonder if other people have run into this problem (pun intended maybe)

have fun yall,

coin flipper

This is funny, your gonna crack up when you read this.

This incident happened last summer at the calgary stampede, i was walking along the midway when i over heard a woman talking to her friend, one said "iam shitting bunnys here, as she said that i saw a huge bulge appear in the rear of her white short shorts, the woman was in her thirtys at least, but when i heard that expression i just busted a gut laughing.

I mean ive heard just about all of them from poo poo in my pants to ive done it in my pampies (what ever pampies are) but IAM SHITTING BUNNYS . well thats it you can start laughing now. kevin

I was sick and had to have my aunt watch me, so I spent the night with my aunt, and then the entire day, well I was constipated for four days and I was eight at the time, my mum told her to give me prune juice before bed time and she did, but the next morning nothing happened. So she made me oatmeal and I ate most of it. I was in my jammies at the time jammies and undies, and socks. I told her I could'nt eat anymore I was full, she left the room and came back with a hairbrush! My parents gave her permission if I was bad to spank me! This wasn't the first time either! When she left the room I ran down the hall in her apartment looking for a place to hide! And my stomach began to churn! wow! the oatmeal is working! I ran into her closet and she came looking for me,saying if I come out now it won't be such a hard spanking! I didn't make a sound! All of a sudden I farted! loud! smelly! phew! What a stink! next i started to poop! Oh! boy! a big one ugh! ugh! Oh I could feel it come out of my butt! into my undies long and warm! It was pulling my undies down! It really hurt too! felt like I had a rolling pin in my butt! She yelled again and said if you made in your pants, you're going over my knee! Come out! now! I still didn't budge, but the fudge kept coming out! I knew I was going to get it good from my aunt when she found me, she opened the closet door and looked right at my face all red! grunting and farting and pooping! Oh! out and out it came! ugh! poop! fart! ahh! It felt good to let it out! She gave me one more chance because I was sick, she said, are you pooping in your pants? I know you're sick so I won't spank you if you tell the truth! I said no! After she gave me a bath I went over her knee! and got 15 swats! with the razor strap!

Billy L.
Jersey Man,
I fail to see the problem. You were pooping in a Men's room. Where else are supposed to go? Unless a person is a bung-hole no excuse for living type person, I would not make fun of or think bad of someone because he had diarrhea or had to poop. I poop too and get diarhhea. You were doing a normal human function in a socially acceptable way. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

The next time have to poop in a public restroom and one of your students catches you coming out of a stall, do what I would do. Hold your head up high, smile and say in a quiet, but firm voice, "Hello there."

I have caught my teachers on the toilet many times. I have a male teacher and he shares the same bathroom as us (it is a bathroom at the back of the class). I have seen him pooping a few times and he has seen me. No big deal. So hold your head up high.

JacobG in Florida
Jersey Man: What a horror story! One of the reasons I hesitate to use a public toilet is the fear of seeing someone I know as I leave the stall. I think that is a common fear for a lot of us posting on this forum. In my opinion, you did the right thing by not acknowledging the girl. Had you done so, it would have drawn more attention to the ordeal. However, if I were you, I would have done two things differently. First, I would have continuously flushed the toilet during the explosive diarrhea episode to mask the noise. Second, I would have refused to leave the stall. I would just sit there until the other guy left or until the father got impatient and left. I think it was tacky of the father in the first place to wait in the bathroom with the two girls. He should have waited outside the restroom or taken them to another nearby store. I gather the girl is not in your class, so I would not say anything about it or worry about it anymore. The father was in the wrong,! not you.

This experience actually happened a coupla months ago while I was at work. First, I wanna say that I work at a public library, that will help this story make more sense. Anyway, my co-worker and I were shelving CD's when she said that she had to use the restroom. I just said ok, thinking nothing about it. Well, after a couple minutes she came back out and the first thing she said (rather loudly, I might add) was, "Wow, that was a good poop!" Now, I'm not really embarrassed about using public restrooms, (actually, she used the staff restroom, but even though it's partitioned off in the Staff Only area, it's right by the main entrance, and the walls are rather thin. So, if some one were anywhere around the main entrance, they're gonna hear you in there.) But like I said, I'm not real embarrassed to use public restrooms or anything, just as long as there's no one else in there. Well, after she said "Wow, that was a really good poop!" she went on to say "But I don't li! ke the toilet paper here, it's sorta scratchy, not like the stuff I usally use. I wonder what brand it is? Did you ever notice how scratchy it is?" Now, I will admit I was slightly shocked at this, remember she was talking rather loudly (in library volume, that's about normal volume elswhere) and there WERE people around. That, and this was actually the first time I have ever heard someone publicly talk about their bathroom habits. So, (still slightly shocked and remembering there's people around) I said "Uhh, no. I've never...done... that in that restroom." Then she goes (still rather loudly) "You're kidding! You mean you've never pooped in there?" And I confirmed to her that no, I have never pooped in there. Well, she still acted as if that were something unbelievable, but she (thankfully) let it drop. Though at the time I was mortally embarrassed about the whole situation, I'll now admit to myself that I'm better off because of it. Now I'm not as squeemish or e! mbarrassed about such things. (and lookey here! I'm actually posting on this site!) Anyway, just thought I'd share this lengthy life-changing moment with you all, hoped you liked it.

Oh, and yes, my co-worker is VERY beautiful and attractive, just one of many college girls who work here.


I really enjoyed your story. I've read it several times. Did the girl on your left who you heard dropping just one leave before you, or was she still in when you left? It sounds like she was listening to you!
Did you splash your bum on this occasion?
I like listening and being listened to, especially by females, when I get the chance.

Please write some more stories


Thank you for your kind invitation. I'd LOVE to "christen" your walk in shower with you. Once the contest is over, would you allow me to hold your cock for you? If you do, I'll show you how to aim pussy lips for distance and power.


Hope everything's settled down with your wife and mother-in-law. The more I think of it, the more I'm certain "mother" liked watching you pee.

Jersey Man: Your story triggered a memory of something that happened to me quite a few years ago. When I first got out of college I was an elementary school teacher. I taught in a semi-rural area, fairly large school building but old. There were no teacher restrooms and there were no doors on the stalls in the boys/mens rooms. I had been constipated for 4 days and decided to try ex-lax. Usually I use suppositories or even an enema but this time I decided to use what most people seem to use: laxative tablets. I took them (2) in the middle of the evening. Next morning nothing happened although I sat on the toilet and strained and grunted for about 15 minutes. I finally gave up, took a shower and went to work. I got completely caught up in the mornings work and forgot about the exlax until about 10:00 AM when I was suddenly hit with a huge painful cramp. Then I REMEMBERED the exlax. recess was at 10:15 and I sweated it out until then. I waited about 5 extra minutes for the restroom to clear out and then went in to take a dump. I had no sooner sat down then the door opened and several students came in. They registered great surprise at seeing me sitting there. At that point I was getting desparate and also running out of time--recess was only 15 minutes and I had less than half of that time left. I had no choice but to take a laxative powered dump in front of them. I tried to control the flow and noise but it was impossible to control all of it. I let go of several long logs and then some looser stuff. I was grunting, straining and sweating the whole time. Needless to say they got an ear and an eyeful. Couldn't be helped. I worried like you are that they would make fun of me and talk and you know what they probably did. I also knew that after a few days it would be forgotten. It is just one of those nature things that we all do. I know that the kids always seemed shocked to see me in the restroom even just standing at the urinal. Its like they thought teacher never go to the bathroom! There were no repercussions of my huge dump. I continued to dump in the school bathroom when I needed to. In your case you are a man who was in the mens room where you belong. The father could have taken the girls outside to wait but he didn't. Hopefully he will do damage control for you and explain to his girls that you were very sick and it was a private moment not to be talked about it. If any one does make reference to it just say "Boy I was really sick that day!" and change the subject. It will be forgotten soon. Take care. Hello to all of my favorite people!

Jersey Man - Don't worry about it! If the kids start teasing (which they probably won't), make a light-hearted remark about it.
"Well kids, I'm here to teach, and that's one of life's most important lessons - go to the toilet when you have to! Just imagine what a mess I'd have made of my pants if I hadn't!"
You'll propbably get some "Eewwws" and laughs, but I'm sure fewer of the kids will have "accidents" as a result!

Att the best,


I work for a very large well known company. Our manager and supervisor crammed about 25 of us hourly people (guys and women) into a small office for some stupid meeting. It was hot and stuffy and boring. One of our top seniority guys evidently decided he'd heard enough. He was sitting on the supervisor's desktop and let rip one of the most percussive farts I have ever heard. You could almost hear it ricochet off the desktop. The meeting ended very abruptly and I've never seen a room clear so fast. Even the management couldn't help cracking up. We all still have a lot of respect for that guy.

I had a big health dump the New Year's Day.

Pizza with extra cheese always gives me big, fat, ringlet braodening logs.

Wow, great stuff here of late. OK, one at a time...

CHRISSY - Welcome and thanks for letting us know that flight attendants are as varied as the rest of us when it comes to dumping on the job. I was on a long-haul flight a few years ago and, as usual, there was a line for the lavs after the meal. When it was my turn, a door opened and out walked an atractive female flight attendant who gave me a startled look (I'm a guy) and said, "Oh, don't use this one. The water doesn't work in there." Well, that was like a dare. Once she rounded the corner, I went in. Not even that heavy deodorizer in the blue water could mask the stink, but I certainly didn't think less of her for doing what comes naturally. BTW, the water worked just fine! Q: aircraft toilet holding tanks are drained on the ground, but is it true that they can they also be dumped in midair? If so, do the contents fall to earth as a frozen blue chunk, or is that just an urban legend? More stories, please.

JERSEY MAN - Rest rooms are there for us to relieve ourselves, whether it's a tinkle or a tough bout with the bowels. Your consideration for others is admirable, but there's no reason to apologize. IMHO, if the older of the two sisters is a school student, then she's old enough to use the women's and take her sister there with her. Please don't dump on me, good people. You know I'm in favor of unisez restrooms, but until that day...

STUNNED GIRL - Speaking of unisex, where (country and province or state) is this one-for-all facility of yours located? Sure, my face is strained if it's a tough one, but I'm all smiles for a smoothie.

J. REED - I would, indeed, do the same thing for the lady, although I'd be surprised if she opened the door all the way to take the paper from me. That's amazing! You should have also handed her a card with The Toilet's URL on it.

SUMMER - Welcome. When I went away to college, I was really shy at first about taking a dump near others, so I was one of those who scouted out all the most remote potties on campus. My attitude has sure changed a lot since then! It's great that you're so open about taking a dump in the presence of others. Please keep those descriptive campus rest room posts coming.

MALITA - Ay, !como apesta aqui!, mi amiga. !Que le caiga bien en el 2001! (See below.)

TO ALL - Umm, I'm teasing Malita about the stink, but the last part is a pun that doesn't work in English. You'll like the sentiment, though: "I hope [everything] falls well [for/from you] in 2001!"

[MODERATOR - translation: "Ay, how it stinks here, Malita! I Hope everything falls well for/froom you in 2001!"]

Be careful assuming all Mexicans speak Spanish.

have any guy mess themselves lately

derek f. if you are still lurking around please post again

Today while at the mall, i suddenley needed a toilet like NOW oh oh oh major cramps, i went literaly running holding my bum tight to stop it coming out, praying that a stall would be open and of course that i make it in time.

I rushed into the bathroom and saw only one stall open with a boy about ten or so heading towards it, i cut in front of him, and rushed into the stall, not even bothering to lock the door i pulled my jeans and blue satin panties down sat on the seat and allmost at once a flood of diarrea squirted from my bum, major stink and major noise for the next ten minits.

When i finaly got done i wiped several times flushed twice, and came out. Still standing there was the boy now looking very unhappy, he had messed his pants, now i have to admit i did feel bad about cutting in front of him, but i guess i wasnt thinking to clearly, would any one else have done this, in the same situation? male or female. kevin

Hello Everybody, we are back home after New Years.

Well Steve was right when he said we might get some
snow after our American friends had been buried under
it. We sure had plenty of it when we were staying with
my friend in Scotland. She has a big house there because
she is really rich (I envy her). It was lovely, it has
a heated indoor pool as well.
The morning after the first snow fell, Steve knew what I
wanted to do. I went with him out into the back garden
when I was really needing a wee. I had my long coat on,
with my sweater underneath, and just with my boots on my
bottom half. We were all alone and I tried writing my
name in the snow with my wee. I made Steve laugh when I
started doing it, turning my hips and hopping about in my
boots, trying to write the letters. Doing the 'L' and the
'O' was all right, but when I was doing the 'U' I started
to run out of wee. When I did the 'I' I had really run out.
I finished it by getting Steve to wee while I held his dick,
and I rewrote the 'I', did the 'S' (that was a lot of fun)
and I got it really wrong on the 'E' that looked a lot like
a 'Z'. It was a lot of fun doing it though I had to finish
off using my boyfriend, I suppose it was a kind of cheating.
It was good though because Steve took me back inside, wiped
my legs for me with TP and then he took me back to bed.
We stayed with my friend for 3 days, and it was good to use
the indoor pool. It was like a real holiday, and we really
liked it. We did not know about the pool when we went and
we had no swimming costumes, but that was fine because on
the second and third days we were given lots of private time
in the pool, so we could go without costumes.
LOL there was a bit of fun on the first day when I had been
in the bathroom with Steve and we had both had a wee. My
friend saw us both coming out of the bathroom when the toilet
was still filling up after flushing. She was surprised that
we had been in there together and she was really amazed that
we went in with each other. It was a wonderful giggle.
The next time I write I will tell more.
When we came back to England, the bad weather did not let us
do much, so there is not a lot to write about. On New Year's
Eve it was too cold to wear anything skimpy so I put on my
long coat and leather trousers. I think it was midnight when
Steve took me into an alley where I took down my trousers and
squatted for a wee. Hehe there were two other girls a bit
further down who were having a wee as well. They cried "hello
happy new year" and waved at Steve, and he gave them a little
wave back. It was fun to watch him.

ADRIAN - I think it depends what the girl is doing. If she is
having a wee then she would probably get wet with spray
bouncing off the bowl. If she is dumping then maybe she would
be all right. Oh I do not know, it may be posed. Are all these
pictures not posed?

ANONYMOUS - Hi guy! I am 5 feet 9 tall and my boyfriend likes
to say that I have an athletic build. I do not think I know
how long it took to piss my 1.2 litres, but I bet it was between
a minute and a minute and a half until I ran down to a little
dribble. Hehehehe I have not done any training to get to such a
bladder size, but I have always liked to hold it for a little
while because I like it best when I really let rip with a
'geyser' while my boyfriend is looking. You should know that
when I measured my 1.2 litres that I was *REALLY* bursting and I
just *HAD* to let rip, I was so full up.

BARRY - Hi. I measured my wee output using an empty anti-freeze
bottle that belonged to my boyfriend, and I amazed him when I
filled it up! The bottle has 200ml, 400ml, 600ml, 800ml and 1l
marks up the side and you can see through it. I nearly filled
the bottle up to the neck so it was about 1.2 litres full.

KENDAL - Hi there! I hope you had a really nice Christmas!
I think it is really wonderful that your dad supports you. Now
you can wee standing up in the bath and practice. Oh yes, give
it a good washing down after and it will be just fine. Have you
ever measured how much you wee?
Steve can not write tonight so I will have to say hello for him.

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy! I bet all the girls were chasing you
under the mistletoe! I will catch up and read all your posts
and see what you have all been up to.

PV - Hi girl, I hope you are not too roasted after such a hot
Christmas down under! Thank you for your letter, it was really
I laughed to think of how you sitting in that garden peeking over
the textbook to see if the men's toilets were clear. Hehehehe. That
is a trick I would use. Hehehehe.
Yeah, getting guys to wipe when they wee. Steve says there should
be no stinky spots in underwear if guys are sure they are done
dripping when they put their nozzles away, but I think I will
start wiping him a lot more than I do and see what he says. It
should be fun.
I will write to you again tomorrow, because now I had better start
making Steve's meal. He will be bringing his best friend back with
him, because they are doing some kind of demo down at the gym for
recruiting new Kung Fu students or something, so I bet they will both
be hungry when they come back.

I hope I did not miss answering anybody's letters. Please tell me if
I have.



Hey,Happy new year to all!Been away upstate NY,up near Hunter Mt and stayed at a bed and breakfast and did some skiing and saw some friends for the holidays and had a great time-I'll tell you all about some of my poop adventures in some of my upcoming posts-Got home last nite late and got on line and read some of the posts on this forum-some real good ones folks!-It's now 8:32 a m and as soon as i got up i went and got the bedpan and put it on the computer seat and sat on it and finished reading all yuor posts,but i didn't feel the urge yet,but I knew it would be coming soon,but it is cool sitting on the pan feeling some cramps coming on- Oh-just let out a long fart,but no poo yet-so while i'm sitting on the pan waiting for my a m elimination,i'll respond to some of your posts-
TO ALAN-always enjoy your poo story with your girl together-great stuff!
TO K T-Why can't I be that lucky to see 2 girls dump same big loads in front of me-WOW that was cool!More stuff!
TO RYAN S-Before my camera broke,i too used to videotape some of my dumps too-it was fun-I got the idea from this nurse friend of mine years ago when she got a camera and I used to tape her all the time-as a matter of fact I still have the tapes of her dumping and I watch then every now and then-I used to spread out some newspaper and squat on it with the camera on a tripad and dump on the paper-I got some good dumps on tape of me and I too watch them once in a awhile-Somtimes they are really enjoyable to view!-Too bad we couldn't exchange tapes and enjoy each other's "production"!
TO MILISSA-Aren't those real long poos the best-really enjoyed your discribtion of that poop-would have loved to see that!
TO JANE-Ditto with your story too-enjoyed the "malfuntioning soft ice cream "discribtion-bet it felt super-love your stories!
TO LISA-Honey-if I could i'd poo along side you,it would be super esp when each one of us has to go bad! We would fill the bowl up fast!-glad you missed me- and LIsa- Right now I have to poo and it feels like a good one-been sitting on this bedpan and every now and then letting out some gas and letting the urge build up and now my anus is starting to dome out and now i'm going to push out some stuff-OHHHH another fart-here it comes-AHHHHHHHHHHH_)OOOHHH--Oh yeah-it's a long sausage that is curled around the bedpan-lets' see-,it's about 10 inches and smooth-I don't feel done so i'm going to sit a bit and wait for more-been pooing real good lately with all the holiday food and stuff-left some real good loads up at the bed and breakfast place-I really enjoy those places=you always meet some really nice people and I had a super time-The toilet up there was down the hallway from the bedrooms and there were 3 small rooms with a toilet and sink in each-the rooms were right next to each other and the bowls were right up against the wall from each other-and you could hear everything in the next room-I used to try and get the center room so I could hear everything-Hold on-- Gotta poo some more-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-Just did a lot of soft stuff with a long fart in between-Oh just farted again- here comes some more-OHHhhhh-more soft stuff and I can feel the poo up against my buttcheeks-this is a big load-I'm looking in the pan-it's a big pile og mush surrounded by the long sausage-just farted again and some mucus is coming out now-it's the tail end of a glorius dump-but a lot of it is smeared up against my butt-have to get to the shower to clean up-the poo feels warm against my butt- kinda feels good-boy this felt good coming out!Well,I'm going to go clean up and shower-I'll tell you all about my upstate adventures on another post-don't want to ramble on too much here-Hope you all have a great 2001-How i love this forum!must shower now! BYE


Well I had a great new year at Le Mans in Adelaide, all capped off nicely with a concert featuring my fave band INXS. Hope everyone elses was as good.

As I mentioned in my last post, the portable toilets they have there are good for listening and one day I decided to use one. My intention was to listen through the walls, however this proved useless because of the noise and constant traffic of people. It turned out I had to poo anyway and I was there for about 15 mins doing a poo. I had already gone that morning but as usual I had to go again and it was soft and came out on demand. I would poo and then take a 5 minute break as nothing else came out. Then I got another urge. By the end I felt quite good as it felt I had got the lot out. I don't usually sit for that long. One stupid thing I came across was the taps in the sinks. I have never seen something so useless. They were the kind which you press down and water squirted out at a tremendous rate, so much so that some went on my pants and shirt which could have catastrophic effects if you think about it! Has anyone else come across these taps? Are they the joke of some ! tap inventor?

A couple of times I went into take a wee but I got stagefright! I'd pull my microsco.. enormously large penis out but nothing would come out! It was a bit embarrassing but I just put it back in, washed my hands and left.

Another time I was walking around the track when I stopped for a rest and drink and I was opposite some toilets. I saw a couple of women go in and come out within a few minutes but I also noticed a young girl go in, she looked like she was in a hurry. I was there for another 5 minutes and she still hadn't come out so I suspect she had an urgent poo (only guessing though). Later on in the day I was passing some of the portable block toilets, the ones where you can see into and under the stall doors. I saw a teenage girl go in and when I passed I saw her feet and ankles as she sat on the toilet. Her feet were fairly close together. This grabbed my attention so I came back after some more walking and sat down under a tree which was infront of the toilets. I had my sunnys on so my wandering eyes were hidden. A couple of women used the toilets but they went to the end stalls out of view not surprisingly.

Which leads me to the conclusion that I'm desperate to see a women go to the toilet. I'm tempted to sneak into the ladies but I won't because the risk is greater for men than women. I was hopeing that on new years I'd catch the odd women going in the park or something but I was too tired and went home. I envy the people on here who have friends, relatives or lovers who share a common interest in going to the toilet. I hope too, that one day I will have someone aswell. I hope this forum never stops because I feel comfortable posting here, I suppose because of the fact that I can post here without the threat of being called a sicko. Hmm Such is life...

PV: A question: Do you know of any unisex toilets in Adelaide (city area)? I was once told that one of the Uni's has them but I've never been to them. Have you seen the new toilets in Victoria Square?

I was reading the posts yesterday A.M. on this forum when I felt the need for a morning dump. I went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and within moments I felt a huge log low down, trying to make its way out of my large butt. At first it did not want to exit willingly; then,I forced myself to relax while it started stretching my hole wider and wider. Just as the feeling started to go from pleasure to pain, it decided to slowly begin its downward journey. While forcing myself to stay relaxed, and not pushing or straining, suddenly the monster got a mind of its own and my body went into "autopilot" mode. Melissa, it felt like the situation that you described at the airport; couldn't have described the feeling better! After what seemed like a long time, the beast ended its journey with just a little FLOOMP.
When I got up to see what had just exited my bum, I ran to get my measuring tape (thinking of you, Kim)! My New Year's Log measured 2 1/4" by 16"!!! What a rush it was to feel this monster exit my ass
You ladies that do monster logs would make a lot of us VERY HAPPY if only you would take the bother to measure your largest creations. It might be easier to do this if you have a private bathroom, spread some toilet paper on the floor, and slide out your log upon the paper. I know that some of you may be put off by this act, but it would REALLY add to the intensity of your stories if you would, for our sakes, provide us with the actual dimensions to help us visualize some of your amazing results! Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

I have been browsing this site, and have just plucked up the courage to post. I have a great interest in bathroon habits, especialy involving poos. I love to listen to other females poo and have a great number of stories to tell.
One story grabbed me from Sandra, the one about the flight attendent and the large poo she left. I am a hostess for a major airline and travel on various long-haul and short-haul flights. I try not to poo when i am working as it can be quite embarressing to have to face the passengers, knowing that they have seen you in the toilet for a period of time, they all know you have been poos. Some of the girls i work with do not care, theey are quite prepared to have a dump on the flight, even just a 2 hour trip. Perhaps i'm more reserved.
Sandra, you obviously travel a great deal on airplanes, have you any more stories regarding the flight crew pooing on plane, or any of the passengers relieving themselves. We once had a lady, around thirty, quite attractive have nervous diarreah, which she didn't quite take to the toilet. Not a nice job for us hostesses! The poor lady was very embarressed.
I shall be writing again, Chrissy.

Happy New Year!!

Been on a streak of what I call "perfect poops" -- the kind that are perfectly formed and lubricated and slip out so easy and you don't even need to wipe but you do for formality sake.

This is one of the best sites on the net!!! Thanks for all the great reports!!!

Here's wishing you all the best in '01!!


Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. My parents are in bed, so I just caught up on all the posts since I've been home. Scott--thanks for sharing your point of view. I've missed my daily dose of reading everyones stories. Kendal--I'm glad things are working out for you. And as everyone has said, thanks to your dad for being so understanding. I don't think mine would be, so when I'm done posting, I'm going to erase the evidence, not that I'd think my parents would look, but just in case.

So, vacation has been good. Nothing too exciting to post. For new years I slept at a friend's boyfriend's house...8 girls, 3 guys...everyone was quite open about announcing that they had to pee or use the bathroom or whatever. Personally, I was descrete, just getting up and going when I needed to.

Another time last week, my ex was over and the urge to pee just kept getting worse and worse and finally I just got up and said "i'll be right back" and went to the bathroom (literally 5 ft away and I'm sure everything could be heard, it was a very loud pee too and late at night when everything is silent) When I came out, he was standing by the door waiting to use the toilet. I could hear him pee too...I think both of us were avoiding getting up and pausing the conversation. Especially cause it was almost 2 am and once we got up he'd have to leave. We're still really good friends, though I think he still likes me more (even though he's the one who broke up with me) but I made it clear that's all it is.

I know my stories aren't so interesting. Sorry I'm quite boring . . . I'll tell you one more and then I've got to get to bed. I work at an indoor pool and there is a toilet in the first aid room off of the guard office. One day I was down and talking to this 36 year old guard. I felt the urge to poop come on suddenly (and as you guys know, I need to go right away or I get severely it is, my bms have been a bit hard and difficult to pass, though small since I've been home). So finally I just went a few minutes before I had to go up in the chair to watch the pool. I'm sure everyone could tell what I was doing cause I was in a few minutes. But no one said anything.

One big joke at the pool is "Anyone have to take a sh*t...go do it in the pool" so we don't have to work. This is said discretely in the presence of only guards in our sound-proof office. This is because the pool has to be closed at least 6 hours in the event of a fecal accident.

In terms of some of the recent discussion, I believe that it is one's personal decision IF and WHO they permit accompanying them to the toilet or seeing them undressed. I know I am not comfortable with anyone with me, though maybe in the future with a husband (I can't even imagine a boyfriend).

I'm very sorry about my poor grammar in this post, I'm exhausted. Happy and healthy new year to all. Will probably not post again or read again until I'm back to school in 2 weeks.


Sunday, December 31, 2000

Aaron, Oh, right. Thanks.

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