The K
I can relate - I was 15 before I first took a dump in a public restroom. It wasn't a major emergency, but I just wanted to try doing it in public. The bathroom was empty, so it didn't really count. But doing that got me used to going in public. Sooner or later you'll get the runs sometime when you are out, and you'll have no choice then! A few years later, I got really sick from some fast food - I pooped right after I ate, again 10 minutes later, then again when I got home. I would have had to go more, if I had not downed half a bottle of Pepto Bismol. I had to go so badly those times that I didn't care that other people were around!
I still have trouble at my old school we had stalls with low walls and no locks on the doors. I went to pee during the break after lunch, and all the toilets were being used, and the only urinal was right next to the end toilet. While I was using it, I could plainly see the boy in the stall from the waist up. I could tell by the noises he had diarrhea. He had pretty well finished, and he even started wiping while I was there! I suppose I could have pooped in there if I had diarrhea, but it takes someone really comfortable with going in public to wipe with another guy in plain view! Later, during class, I felt the need to poop...the school must have served some funky meat that day. The bathrooms are least crowded during class, but 2 boys came in during my dump. I made the mistake of making no noise at all (Hint for people who don't want to be walked in on: It's a good idea to let people know you're around in a bathroom with no door locks. Move aroun! d, rip off some TP, just make some noise!). So 1 of them left, but the other had to poop, and he opened up the stall I was in. Turns out it was one of my friends. He apologised, and said he had to do the same thing. He went over to the next stall and started dropping a few logs while we struck up a conversation. That was my first and only experience dumping with a friend (I've been with freinds while they were pooping in public bathrooms, but I had never done it too while they were doing it). So I guess what I'm saying, Cory, is try to get used to pooping in public bathrooms. Sooner or later you'll have to, and you might have a bonding experience while you're at it!
By the way, does anyone else take Pepto Bismol? It's great for upset stomach and diarrhea, just don't overdo it!

John (VT)
Happy New Year, Everyone!

I've just been catching up on my holiday reading, and I'm IMPRESSED!!
Lots of great stories and many new contributors! Maybe its time for me to become more active here again...

Lisa: Great (nonchalant!) sixteen incher!!! I would have LOVED to have seen THAT! I tried your "hold it for an hour" plan tonight-
results at end of this post.

Melissa: Super airline dump story! I was worried early in the story when you mentioned "paying for it" and when you thought it might be a
big load of diarrhea(YUCK!), but what a final product! I could almost picture it from your excellent description, but of course
ACTUALLY (!) seeing it would have been far more exciting... oh, well.. Thanks!

Amy and Lori: Interesting stories from both of you! And yes, there are lots of guys who would LOVE to witness your performances!I'd
volunteer to help either of you have more enjoyable experiences!

Alan and Lynn: Intriguing account of your romantic double dumps! I showed the post to my wife, who wasn't quite sure what to think... one comment was that she didn't think our toilet was big enough for two... I think she may have a point...

Summer: Nice story from the college scene! The #2 term is cute...
but it sounds like you really go to town in there... more stories, please!

Malita: Also enjoyed your post! You had a very exciting episode, as well! I wouldn't ever ask for a "courtesy flush," though, because I'd
always want to SEE your creations! I posted quite a few times earlier
about my monster movements, but didn't get a lot of feedback, so got away from it a bit... (see old posts if curious). This one's for you.

I could feel a big one coming on this afternoon about 4:30. I hadn't gone for a couple of days, so I thought it might be a nice one... I wasn't desperate yet, so decided to try to wait an hour like Lisa did. About half an hour later, the urge was a little more insistent,
but I still held it. I was at home doing paperwork, so could go whenever I decide I NEEDED to...

After an hour, the urge had lessened, so I waited... It wasn't until about 7:30 (three hours or holding it!), that it was becoming more urgent again, so I farted a few times, and let it start on its way down... it came out nice and smooth, and kept coming slowly out...
then it broke off (DARN!) and another piece started... then a third... and I was finally done. When I had a look, I saw two very fat pieces, that would have totalled about fourteen inches, I think, had they not broken into two, and a smaller 3-4 inch piece. When I flushed, the two biggies competed to be the first to exit, with the
result of a toilet clog of course...(he!he!he!). The second flush did the trick. Not a bad experience!

Kim: Where are you? You MUST have had AT LEAST one good holiday episode... all of your fans are waiting!

I recently (last week)went to my dentist office for a cleaning. I got there early and the dental staff was on their lunch hour. They told me I was early that it would be about 15 minutes. I was sitting in the waiting wrong when all of a sudden one of the nurses came out and smiled at me and went into the ladies room which is right off the lobby. I could'nt help but hear a strong hiss of her piss and then a fart/ She didnt look at me when she came out. Almot that eyes down look. When it was the same lady who called my name and cleaned my teeth 15 minutes later I got very excited thinking about her with her 45 year old nice body and uniform pooping in that toilet just prior Just thought you would like this story Happpy New Year to all

I flushed some black eyed peas down the toilet this evening. Has anyone else here ever flushed food down the toilet before? If so, what did you flush?

Jersey Man
Hello all on this excellent forum. I had a terrible feeling experience in a public restroom a few days ago. I am pretty uneasy about it and I wanted to post my story in hopes that I could get some advice. Let me start by telling you all that I am an elementary school teacher. This is important as you will see soon. A few days ago, I was at a local Barnes and Noble (large chain book store). Well, I was relaxing and checking out some books trying to get some ideas about how to use some gift certificates and the like. After a while my stomach began to cramp up terribly. I felt really sick to my stomach with bad cramps and I had a good idea that I was heading for a severe attack of diarrhea. I was beginning to sweat because I had to go so badly now. I thought I would try to drive home, but I did not feel up to it and decided I needed to get to the bathroom quickly It was an emergency. I went to the bathroom which had two stalls. The further one away (handicapped stall! ) was occuppied by a guy who I could hear was taking his time and reading a book on the toilet. Well, I took the other stall and was a little uneasy knowing that I would have to have waves of explosive diarrhea with someone sitting next to me, but I had no choice. I really didn't feel well at this point. I cleaned the toilet seat off as best and quickly as I could under the pressing circumstances. I quickly pulled my pants down and was about to sit on the toilet when I heard some guy come in with his two girls. They needed to go to the potty and now all stalls were occuppied so he told them to stand there and they would have to wait until someone was done. Great, now I had a huge audience and a severe stomach ache. I waited about a minute in desperation and embarressment. I realized that the guy next to me was not going anywhere and neither were the girls and their dad. Well, I certainly couldn't wait I clutched my stomach and leaned way over in pain from the cramps.! Suddenly, I started to let out waves of severe watery and explosive diarrhea. I felt really ill. For about 5 minutes straight I was having wave after wave of diarrhea and stomach cramps. I felt really nautious and uneasy. I had to sit on the toilet for another 2 minutes and just recooperate and see if I was going to have any more problems. I passed some liquid gas and did a lot of belching. I was really embarressed and the girls were making quiet comments, yoiu know how kids can be. The guy in the next stall just kept reading. Maybe he was constipated- I don't know. Well like I said I felt embarressed and sick to my stomach, But I had to use the toilet then and there or who knows what would have happened. I finally cleaned up and tried to rush out so the father and the girls did not have to wait any longer. I was going to be embarressed to face them. I had made a lot of noise that I could not control. Also, they were about to smell up close what I had done. I w! alked out of the stall and saw a dad, a young girl, maybe 3, and then A slighty older girl- oh no, she was a student from my school where I teach. She loooked confused as I stumbled out rubbing my stomach which still ached. She was a bit shocked as was I. I didn't know what to say or do so I washed my hands in a hurry and headed out. SHe said nothing, but stared at me in disbelief thew entire time. I really did not feel good that day and serious;ly had to use the public potty. However, I have the wierd feeling that I did something wrong having seen a student. I am also a little worried about what may be said around the school among the children. Did I handle it appropriately? Is ther somehting I should have done differently? Is there anything I should do at school? Should I say something to someone? I know this may sound strange to some, but it was a real wierd feeling for me. Please help. Thanks.

Billy L.
For Christmas, we went to my grandma's. She lives on the other side of the country, so we flew. We flew early in the morning. We had something quick to eat and left for the airport. After we checked our bags in, and got to the gate, I needed a poo. So I told my parents I had to go to the bathroom. Two of my brothers had to go too. I was the only one who had to poo. I sat and dropped to smal logs. I only needed to wipe myself twice. When I was about to drop myu second piece in the toilet, the toielt flushed by itself. This scared me. So I hopped off the toilet. The toilet is like some of those urinals that flush by themselves when you are done. When I told my brothers this, they started to laugh.

Around lunch time, we got some lunch. I was really yucky. I had some crackers and stuff, so I ate those. As soon as lunch was done, I had to poo again. I told my little I was going to the bathroom, and he said he had to poo too. So we got and made our way to the bathroom. We went in together. I asked him if he wanted to go first. I think he was scared and told me to go first. I dropped my pants and sat down. As I was sitting down, I noticed something in the toilet. I looked like some of that paper you can put over the seat. I stood there for a second. Then I thought, I really have to go. I am not waiting. So I dropped my load. I was a huge load. It was really soft and mushy. When I was done I wiped myself. It was really stinking there. My brother sat down and dropped three big turds. He wiped himself. When we were done, we washed our hands and left really qhick, because our poop, mostly mine, was really starting to stink.

At my grandma's house, my grandma was really surprised that we share the bathroom the way we do. We slept downstairs and had sort of our own bathroom. She was surprised that we let others in while we pee, let alone poop. We figure, everyone does it, so what is the big deal.

When we came back home, we did the same thing. We got up early. I did not have to poop until just before lunch. I told my brother I was going. He had to go too. We went to the bathroom. This time the toilet was not blocked by paper. I sat down and dropped huge logs. They went throught taht trap door at the buttom. But there were really big skid marks. This time I kept my pee in so that I could aim at it. My brother go on and made really soft mush poo. IUt really stuck to the sides of the bowl. When we were both done, we took aim with our pee. My skids came off, but my brother's were stubborn. We washed our hands and left.

Undin the Greek
SANDRA: I bet the flight attendant that made this big-thick poo was in her late 30's or early 40's slightly fat and working for British Airways. Am I correct???

MELISSA: Very impressive your poo story but how thick was your poo? Can you give an estimate about the length??

ANNE, NIKOLA, KIM and other pooing girls: Do you have any recent impressive poo story????

The 30th of December is the last two years for me a date to see huge poos in the National Garden toilets. The good thing is that I have become friend to the cleaner and he allows me to do "favors" for him (like "killing" monsters) when I am in Greece. (I recently took a job in South England). Two years ago I had seen a beautyful German woman (late 20's) needing to use the toilet; She asked me for some paper and then got in. Then I heard an UUUGGGGGH followed by a fart and then a gentle FLOMP. I heard 3 flushes and she got out smiling saying "I'm sorry but my big boy does not leave". I told her "Don't worry that's why I'm here to clean it for you" Pretending to be the cleaner. She said she was really sorry as she had the Greek big meals during Christmas and boxing days and only that day needed a motion. So I got in and I saw a yellowish monster of more than a foot long and 3 inches thick. I had to use 4 buchets of water to kill it. Similar story was two days ago where this ! time a Greek lady (late 30's) used the toilet leaving a log of about 10" long. When I killed it the cleaner came and asked me how my "fighting" against "big monsters" was going......

Lawn Dogs Kid
I see we have got one of those "fuzzed out" pictures up top again !

KENDAL'S DAD: I just want to thank you for your wonderful understanding of Kendal and I. I always knew you were the best Uncle a guy could have ( good job seeing as you are my only one ! ).

ELENA: Hey, how's it going ? A proper thank you from me to you now for what you did, especially now I know Miguel is cool about it ( ish ! ). Love from Andrew.

LINDA: Fancy letting my lovely Uncle scare you off babe ! Hope you liked Kendal's story. I was going to write about it myself, but she has done it so nicely, I don't need to bother. Besides, I'll probably make too much detail and get the post deleted anyway ! Come back to us soon. Love Andrew XOXO.

NICOLE & SUZY: I'm not scared to ask you questions at all ! Just to show Kendal... that story about you two going for a wee on the toilet together, tell me more ! What did it feel like being watched, what were you wearing, and where do you pull your knickers down to ? There, see ! Straight to the point. Hope you both have a lovely 2001. Look forward to your reply too ! Love from Andrew xx

KATE: That was a cracking post you made the other day. I support a team at the other end of the scale, Exeter City. Thrashed 6-1 at Cardiff today ! However, because I need a lift to see them, I've been known to go and watch Tiverton Town more often. I've never seen any ladies squat down with the men at either of these places. Looks like I'll have to go to Highbury !! As for Kendal's christmas poo, it was lovely to feel your empathy, and to think it made you cry too. I don't know why I did it really. Taking hold of her ???? wasn't planned, it was completely spontaneous, but I am so glad I did now ! Have a wonderful 2001, and I also look forward to hearing about the trials of Phil trying to get to see you go again ! Your doing a good job at keeping him in suspense, although it is clear that this is due to circumstance rather than your own planning. However, its turning into an epic story of "will he or won't he get another chance" ! and if he does "What will the smal! l talk be about this time" ! Classic ! You keep it up girl ! love Andrew.

KIM & SCOTT: I've been teasing Kendal about being rude about your bottom which is why I suspect she has apologised ! I've been naughty really becuase, after all, I remember in her original post to you, she did begin by saying "I'm not being rude, but..." ! So, what kind of a steaming stonker did you manage to produce over the festive period then, from that lovely curvaceous bottom of yours ?!

KEV: I feel like I've found my first soul-mate on this site with you, and I'm so pleased you have posted. Someone who clearly cares about his sisters in the same way as I do Kendal. Hope to have some good discussions with you in time. What do you think ?

It's Kendal's birthday a week on Friday, 12th January. Same day as her friend Kirsty, although she will be 12 while Kendal will be 11. Looks like Kendal's Dad is going to set up a party just for the three of us at Kendal's house on the Saturday now it is known that Kirsty can stay over. Kendal is going to Kirsty's for a family party at her house and a stay over on her actual birthday, the Friday. I hear Uncle will be taking Mum and Dad down the Pub until late on the Saturday night. So, looking forward to see what happens with Kirsty as this will be our first time we have seen each other since the three of us had our little meeting ! I'm very excited.

Re: Grateful

You're not alone, my bedroom has the bath at one end with a big walk in shower, a great place to piss in the night.

Lili, love to have a pissing contest with you in the shower!

Good post Summer! Hope to hear more stories from you.

Jane – I loved your story and I know the feeling of that final wonderful relief. Isn’t it just exquisite when your poo just keeps coming and coming and doesn’t seem to want to end. It seems you were also lucky not to have an accident at the cinema - getting to the restroom during the credits was a good plan. I’m really glad you made it in time – lots of love from Melissa.

My dearest Steph – it’s so wonderful to hear from you again. Isn’t it ironical that you move out of New England and I go back there for school. Anyway - In some ways I envy your lack of inhibition and the fun you had pooping in front of Eric. I think it’s wonderful that you can give him so much pleasure. I have two very special and close girl friends, Valerie and Angela with whom I’ve shared some very special and intimate moments, but I could never bring myself to have a man in the toilet with me. Steph, I love you so much and I have missed you. Lots of hugs & kisses from Melissa.

Monday, January 01, 2001

kim and scott
greetings all! this is kim with another post. late at night at my house on new years eve after i was partying and eating alot with my boyfriend scott. i was watching the twilight zone marathon on tv in my room alone in my pajamas.when it was like 2 0' clock in the morning and now new years day. i then broke away from watching tv and looked at my computer at the wonderful toilet stories here. ironically when i was reading the new posts I felt the need to take a MASSIVE SHIT and i mean MASSIVE. it must of been from all that festive food i was eating all day. i then rushed to the toilet stripped off my pajamas and sat on the toilet nude . I then took a deep breath and started to push. soon a brown turd started to appear out of my ass. I moaned "OOOOOH!" in pleasure as i pushed harder and my ring expanded and my log grew larger and larger. this was my first bowel movement of 2001 and it was an enormous one!! I was even wondering if my poor toilet bowl could hold it all!haha! I th! en pushed harder as my ring stretched real wide! ohhh what a feeling to have your ring stretched really wide by a massive log like this one! i tell you squeezing this log out really was hitting my spot and i thought i might even orgasm. i then took one more deep breath as my chest heaved and ass quivered excitedly as i crashed out the rest of my mammoth brown torpedo into the bowl. my log hit the water with a great big splash! i then got off the bowl to look at my log. wow! what a whopper! it was long thick and hard!! i then got my measuring tape and measured it at 13 1/2 inches long. 2.5 inches thick! i then wiped myself and flushed. i was satisfied after having my first log for the new year! well so long now all! and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !from kim and scott

Hello everyone, I've been interested in this site for quite sometime, I finally want to contribute. I am a 20 year old female and I love going to the toliet and hearing about others doing so as well. My favorite subject to talk about and/or hear about is number 2. I am presently a sophomore at a major mid-western university. I live in the dorms and share a restroom with 3 other girls. Although I much prefer to take dumps in the larger public restrooms elsewhere on campus. I do not have to worry about the time I take or the smell that way, besides I always like to hear what others are doing as well. My favorite incident occured last semester. I had sat through a boring class with a big urge to dump getting stronger, I passed several SBDs, but the pressure kept building. After class I had a couple of hours to kill, so the time for relief was available. I went into the womens restroom in the lobby of the building my class was in. Inside there was 8 stalls, three were o! ccupied. One of the girls was doing number 2. I chose the stall next to her. I hung my backpack on the hook and locked the door. By this time, another girl had taken the other stall next to mine on the left. I lowered my jeans and panties (blue for those who want to know) to my ankles. I sat down on the comfortable seat. I love the seats in most public restrooms, the kind which are open in front and are designed so that your butt sinks down, spreading your cheeks open. I sit pretty far back on the seat, with my legs wide open, I can do my job better this way and see the results! I heard the girl in the next stall grunt slightly which was followed by a loud SPLASH. I also grunted a little which resulted in a loud fart that echoed throughout the toliet. Finally my hole began to open, my eyes began to water as a HUGE log began its way out. I did not have to push, it slowly came out on its own. After about 30 seconds it dropped into the water with a quick splash. I l! ooked down, it was about 12 inches long and about 1.5 inches thick. By this time the girl on my right had finished and left. The other girl on my left was not making any noise, nor was there any kind of noise in the restroom. I quickly changed that with three loud farts, one after the other. I dropped four more logs, each about five inches long, each made a very pronounced spash. I farted a few more times and dropped one last log about 3 inches long. I would guess that this took me about 15 minutes. I wiped and flushed, leaving some skid marks in the toliet. I pulled up my panties and jeans and left. I hope to have another story soon!!!!

I hope the holiday season has brought plenty of cheers for everyone. Gary and I have been on break from work for the past two weeks. Although we stayed in town, it has been a very good time off together. We hosted another family gathering on Christmas and had plenty of food left over for the next few days. I think it would have been a good idea to have thrown away some of the food right away.

After the Christmas dinner, Gary and I munched on leftovers for the next couple of days. By Thursday I was feeling the effects. Before Gary and I went out for the day, I went to the bathroom and had a full dump of soft poop. I had hoped my stomach would have settled down after that, but no such luck. Gary and I had lunch, and we stopped at the bank to make a deposit before going to the movies. My stomach started to hurt again, so I went to the ladies room. I went into a stall, sat down and pushed out a 10-second soft load of poop. I tinkled for a bit and pushed out another soft load. I quickly wiped my butt, did one more tinkle, and flushed. We made it in time for the movie.

However, my stomach began to hurt again during the last half hour of the movie, and at the end I was building up a major urge to poop. As soon as the ending credits began, I bolted into the ladies room, thankful I was able to reach a stall before the line started to form. I sat down and peed first before the poop started coming out. I was expecting a huge explosion of mushy poop, but instead I pushed out a series of thick soft but firm poop that felt like a single solid motion but broke apart as it hit the water. After about a couple of minutes of continuous pushing, the toilet was filled and a strong smell began to emerge, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out poop like a malfunctioning soft serve ice cream machine. Although my stomach hurt, it actually felt good to push out the poop in one continuous solid motion. I managed to fill the toilet and flush three more times before I was finally done. I wiped several times before flushing a fina! l time. I left a strong poop smell but no poop stains in the toilet. I did feel much better afterwards.

I have troubles pooping in public too. If I'm the only one in the mens room then it isn't so bad, but lately I can't hold in my poop. So now I have to go right away when I get the urge.
Pleasant Poopings!!!

Okay, I did a really, really big one for New Year's eve! It had to be ten inches long, with a lot of really smelly, crappy turds on top! Oooooh it felt so good! I did some pee too. My friend Jim watched, and rolled toilet paper for me. He took me to breakfast earlier, and though I farted in the car after, he said he wanted me to wait. I wanted the potty at the restaurant, but he insisted I wait till we got home. My ???? hurt, and I thought I'd crap my pants before we got home. I ate a huge, skillet breakfast that wanted to come out almost as soon as I ate it! Even though I'm mexican, I wasn't used to all the cheese, and green peppers. When we got home, I ran for the pot! I was on the toilet, pants pulled up around my short thighs, and I grunted for about five minutes. I could feel this thing sliding out of my ass. My butt opened up big, and Jim said 'come on honey, poop it out,' and after a bit of coaxing, I grunted some more, and gas adn poop came out. I'm a really ! stinky girl, and was embarassed. But I could tell it was worth the effort from watching him. Then came the big one. I grunted hard, and this thing came out of me. It hit the water before it plopped. It was huge like a sausage! It almost hurt it was so big, and I'm not talking about long, but thick!!! He laughed at me with my panties up around my thighs, and said 'how about a courtsy flush?' I figure if he wants to watch me crap, he can put up with the smell, right? I just kept pooping knowing it would soon be his turn next! But he never had to poop after his teasing. I was mad, because I really wanted to see him do a biggie! Oh well. My turd was big, with lots of smelly, soft poop on top, and he was happy. I almost crapped my jeans on the way home. Thank goodness for some healthy farts! I know I'll need to go again later. So far, Jimmy says he likes the way I smell. That's okay. I like that! I also really like the guy pooping stories on here. I want to watch a g! uy taking a really, really huge one without being embarrassed. Guys, talk more about your dumps, okay?!! I'll bet that big men do huge fatties!!!
Anyway, happy new year to all, or should I say 'crappy new year?'

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted for what seems like forever, but there have been a lot of changes in my life. As my close friend, Eric, wrote a couple of weeks ago, I've moved from CT to NM and have been getting used to living and working out west.

I am back east for the holidays and am so happy to see all my family and friends. A couple of days after I came home, Eric told me that he'd like to watch me take a dump. I said 'yes' without hesitation and the following day, while we were hanging out at my parents' house, I told him I had to go. We went in together and I pulled down my jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. I let out about 20 seconds worth of pee and then began to go, with little trouble. I ended up dumping two, 3-4" logs and then got up to wipe myself. Eric told me he was so happy to see me on the toilet again and hoped I didn't mind. I told him no sweat and said, half-jokingly and half-seriously, that I'd like him to return the favor.

Forward to the day after Christmas. I was over at Alex and Eric's house when Eric told me he was ready to "return the favor." It was one of those day-after-the-holiday dumps that a lot of people on here post about. Almost the entire bottom of the bowl was filled with shit of various sizes. I told him that he must feel much better after letting all of that out. He said he "sure did" and then flushed before wiping himself umpteen times. I was also so happy to see him again on the toilet. Alex and I did buddy dump a couple of times, but I'll admit there is something extra special about going with somebody of the opposite sex.

A special "hi" to Bill and Melissa; thanks for thinking about me! :-)
Melissa, great to hear from you again and I'm glad you were able to take that much-needed dump after arriving back in Atlanta. Best of luck on your studies here in (very-snowy) New England. Love, Steph xoxo

Happy Holidays and a peaceful, prosperous New Year to everyone. Peace, Steph

J. Reed
Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!! Going to keep it real for 2001. I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy. Anyway I got this story to tell real quick. When I was in the park the other day I went into these portable potties. A women went in the one right next to me. Anyway I was just peeing and I could kinda see her head until she sat down. After Iwas done peeing I heard some poops drop into the toilet. I walked out and I heard her say " oh no there is no toilet paper". I went to the portable and asked if everything is alright and she asked if I could get her some toilet paper. I usually don't do this but because she was in a portable toilet I did. She opened the door all the way when she was still sitting on the toilet, gave it to her and then left. I saw her later that day when I was walking on the path and she thanked me. She was about a young 20 year old mexican girl. She was 5 foot 8 and had a really nice face.

Now I got not one but 2 J. Reed questions to ask you guys.



Hit me back anyone.

You guys have been writing some good ass stories. Let's make them even better for 2001 you dig. Cool!

To: Grateful For Your Survey
I think your shower in the corner of the main bathroom is FANTASTIC! I'll bet it's VERY convenient to use it as a giant urinal at night or any other time for that matter. I'd love to stand next to you if your ready for a challenge with a woman on height or distance. LOL

It reminds me of the bathroom we had in the basement when I was a kid. It was just had a concrete floor and the shower area was sloped to a drain. The only time I could go down there was when someone was using the bathroom upstairs, so I had to choose my times carefully.

When it comes to your mother-in-law, just try to shut the door when she's visiting. I notice from her reaction that she stood there and fussed while she watched you take a leak. Why didn't she LEAVE if she was so upset? Kinda makes me wonder if she protests too much and in reality enjoyed watching you wash down the ceramic tile or at least looking at your cock.

RYAN: Cool story. I like to videotape myself dumping also! I do it once in a while. I'm 14, how old are you? The last time I used my video camera to record myself pooping was last week, when my parents were out. I've tried doing it in lots of positions to get the best shot of my hole opening and the turds coming out, including squatting on the toilet seat and the position you described. I agree that your position gives the best view. Last time I recorded myself, I dumped a huge load, two long turds and three smaller ones. It felt so good to get all that crap out of me. Got all of it on video, but I don't have the guts to show it to anyone just yet, not even my best friend. I've never discussed pooping with my friend because I don't think he's interested in it, although I'd do anything to watch him poop or to take a dump with him. It's cool that you're so close with your cousin, to poop with him I mean. I wish I had a cousin or friend like that. Do you have any stories of buddy! dumping or pooping in public places?

rccarguy: I liked your story also. I've tried pooping in a lot of places, but never in the snow. What did you do after taking your crap? Did you bury it in the snow or just leave it there? Do you have stories about pooping in other strange places?

Casey: What's new? You haven't posted in a while. Any new pooping stories?

Kendal's Dad
Well I just assumed maybe it was Elena and I sharing that that made us so close. According to her mom she was very shy around everyone especially around boys. However when we met again in High School I seemed to be the only boy she hung out around. Her friends kept asking.. "Is he your boyfriend?" But she shook her head and said No. It wasn't until they were going to move again.. that I realized I loved her. I showed up at her house one day and asked to speak to her mother. (I had no idea Elena was home at the time) Anyway I cried and begged her if there was some way for her to stay. Then I said something that suprised her as well as me after I said it. I said I love her.. and I can't lose her. Her mom was surpised.. and she said what she could do. I left and according to her Elena came in crying. Well Elena stayed with her aunt who owns a condo at the beach.. and well um.. I won't bore you with rest as then it will become taken out as the thread won't go with what they fe! el should be posted here.(I only posted it cause it was simliar to what Andrew and Kendal went through..not even Linda knew about this)Anyway..

To asnwer your question yes.. even though those two didn't know about it.. I DID PEEK. Hey.. I trust Andrew.. but nowadays I don't trust my wife.[winks]

Enjoy yourself... just remember.. I see that everyday now and you don't BLEH!![sticks his tongue out]

Kendal's Dad (again)
Elena and our baby to be are fine.. Elena is complaining as her favorite clothes. are starting not to fit her.. and somehow this is begening to be MY fault. Sigh.

Anyway Elena seems to be more prone to bouts of constipation now.. I mean yeah before.. but now.. they seem more serious and oh man.. when it does kick in.. you'd think she was having the baby and when she unloads.. SHE UNLOADS!! is there any NON drastic way to help her?

As usual we had quite a lot of relations come to stay with us over Christmas There’s my grandma and grandad my aunt and uncle and their two children, Olivia who’s sixteen and Daniel who’s eleven. Again they’ve all seen me nude and on the loo many times so I don’t have to change my habits. Me and my brothers move out of our bedrooms to make room for them all and sleep on cushions and airbeds in the lounge.
Daniel’s good fun. He loves to see me nude and pee and poo and likes me to see him too; I wonder if he’ll change when he gets older like my brothers. Olivia’s nice too; I’ve seen her pee and poo too, but she’s a bit more inhibited in front of the boys. She’ll wee in front of them so long as she can keep her private parts covered. She doesn’t mind them seeing here semi-nude or even her bum but draws the line at that.
They all arrived on Christmas Eve and it was nice to see them all again. As soon as there was a quiet moment Daniel came over and whispered to me to be sure to let him know when I was going to the loo and he would do the same. I could tell he was quite excited because he hadn’t really seen a girl go properly for a year since he saw me last Christmas. Olivia doesn’t let him see a lot.
It wasn’t long after that I needed a wee so I gave him a nudge. We went into the bathroom and he got a bit of a surprise when I took my pants down because my private parts look a bit different to a year ago which was the last time he saw me. When I sat on the loo he sat on the floor and rested his arm on my thigh which is what he likes to do so he can get a good close look. I only had a wee at that time but it was quite a big one and he really seemed to enjoy it. After that he said he needed a wee and he let me watch which I liked.
After dinner we watched each other poo – he went first and did a sort of normal one which only smelt a bit. Mine was a strange windy one though – I did a couple of big noisy farts and then a third one that sprayed bits of poo all over the bowl – then I did some more normal stuff though it was very runny. I do get a lot of wind. I thjnk it’s because I eat a lot of fibre and fruit and stuff. Daniel thought it was really funny and it didn’t really smell all that bad. I had to clean the bowl afterwards though which I don’t really like.
Like I said while all the visitors were around we were sleeping in the lounge. I was pretty much the last up and usually had breakfast in my nightie before having a poo and a shower and of course there was even more traffic around through the bathroom while I was doing that. They’re all ok though – my grandad’s really sweet and I can tell he’s quite embarassed when he sees me nude. I finished off drying myself and dressed in the lounge because I didn’t really have a bedroom. Most people were up by then. The boys slept in their underpants though and just put on their trousers and sweat shirts without having a shower so nobody got to see much of them.
Quite a few other things happened over Christmas – including Olivia and I keeping each other company while we had a poo. She insisted on closing the door – we had a nice girly chat though while we both went in turn. A lot else happened though I haven’t time to tell you about much more.
We did go to see Arsenal play at Highbury yesterday. The relations had all gone home by then though so it was me my brothers Matthew and Paul and Paul’s friend Phil. I’m not a great football fan but I like going to a match occasionally. Phil’s a big Arsenal supporter and he got us the tickets for free – or at least his dad did – and also got us all an Arsenal kit – I was the only one brave enough to where the whole kit for the match though – shorts included – the guys all just wore the shirts over normal trousers. It was a cold day but I managed to keep warm by jumping a round a lot. After we left the ground we all needed a pee and headed for a wall where there were lots of guys peeing. Phil, Paul and Matthew all line up and went and I squatted down alongside them and went too. I could see them going from where I was – the first time ever I had seen Phil wee and then first time for a while I had seen my brothers go too so I enjoyed that.

Kendal – you’re last post was wonderful – I cried too when I read it. You and Andrew really are close. I think it’s so good to share intimate things with your family. Are you disappointed you’re dad won’t be with you when you poo – he sounds really nice though. My dad sees me poo but it isn’t intimate in any way – he’s just there shaving while I do it – we don’t sort of talk about it really. He’s a bit grumpy in the mornings. I always do lift my skirt well out the way and push my pants down too. I think that’s really habit but probably because I know the boys like me to do that too. It didn’t really bother me Phil seeing my naughty bits – I’m not really very shy. But it was kind of funny having a sort of get to know you conversation while he was watching my wee come out. The football match was the only other time he saw me go over the holiday though it wasn’t for want of trying on his part. He came over a few times but he wasn’t around at the right times and I was out quit! e a lot once the relations had gone. It will be fun to see how much trouble he goes to see me in the bathroom some more though. Look forward to reading your next post. I live in Herts. Love Kate xx.

To rccarguy: Cool story, that is awesome. I've never heard of doing that..i might want to try it some time. Not this time cuz the snow missed us.

To RyanS: I liked your story about video taping your latest dump!!

a boy
This morning i was sick and i pooped all on myself. This is what happened. I was sleeping when my stomach started hurting. I woke up and ran to the bathroom. When i got there i pooped all in my blues clues underwear.
(I had no other clothes since there were being washed). So i took them off crap dripping all over and washed them, I then hid them so my mom wouldn't find out. Did any else do something like this (perhaps a girl)? I'm 15 if you want to know

Rob (Canada)
I pooped my pants yesterday. I was walking around in the mall (I went there to run a quick errand before briefly meeting a friend). I knew I needed to go, but figured I could wait. I was supposed to meet my friend at 6:00 p.m., and it was already 5:45. I had to make it across the city in 15 minutes, so I knew I couldn't stop (as it was, there was no convenient bathrooms on my way out of the mall anyway). I quickly hurried out to my car and began to drive across town. I ended up taking a wrong turn, but was still more worried about being late than about my need to use the bathroom. And then it happened. As I was turning around to re-trace my route, I pooped my pants. It was a soft mess, and it filled my pants. I knew it was the kind that would probably soak through my pants and leave a telltale stain, but I figured I could just quickly meet my friend and drop off the money I owed him. I finally made it to the meeting spot by 6:30. He was there waiting, so I quickly got out of m! y car and passed him his money through his open window. He asked if I wanted to get in for a while, but I just told him I was in a hurry. My winter jacket covered the back of my pants, so I knew he couldn't see, but I was still worried the smell would give me away. He asked if I was OK, and I said I was, that I just needed to run another errand, so it would have to wait. He thankfully bought the excuse and left the parking lot. I went back to my car, feeling the warm mess moving around in my pants. I got back into my car, feeling the poop squish beneath me and spread all over my backside. On the way home, another wave hit and I pooped on myself again. By the time I got home, it was spread all through my pants, and when I checked myself out in the mirror, my pants were stained brown in the back. It would have been obvious to anyone that I had pooped my pants. My winter jacket had to be washed where the poop had seeped through my pants and stained it. Thankfully my car seat is still OK. I put an extra air freshener in there to neutralize the smell. I hope it works.

When I was a little girl I use to poop in my pants sometimes and then when I grew up I still have accadents. But I love using my toilet cause it doesn't bite my butt.

Grateful for your survey,
My shower isn't designed very conveniently so I pee in it usually only during my moring shower. However, sometimes it can become a necessity... I take medication for my blood pressure that makes me urinate much more frequently. When I wake up in the mornings, I not only have to go VERY badly, but I also have a BIG hard-on. Peeing in the toilet is obviously very difficult when you have an erection and waiting for it to go down seems to take forever. With the erection, I've tried aiming into the bathroom sink on occasion, but my aim is almost as bad as if I tried for the toilet.
In the shower you don't have to worry about aim or cleaning up the mess. The only thing I do is just relax and enjoy the sensation. It's almost as satisfying as passing a nice big BM I've been holding all day.


stunned girl
okay, do guys usually make faces when they poop?
I just love the sound of a guy softly grunting and moaning when trying to poop.
I was in the bathroom again when another guy (not as cute as Mr. Hottie) came in a grunted out a few logs. Nothing special, though.

I thought your story was great,you're a very lucky pair(trio?!?)
Christmas was quiet;pot noodle and a cheese toastie don't make great pooping and since then I've been half dead with 'flu.Hopefully I'll have something to post in '01.
A very happy New Year to you and everyone else on here.

Hello Everyone,

I've been reading the posts on this site for a couple months, and now I'm confident enough to post something of my own.

I like all the real experiences and useful strategies for holding it before having an accident.

One experience I had was several years ago when I worked in the fast food industry. I would open on the weekends and the manager and another woman were opening with me. I was working in the kitchen and she was at the front register preparing for the day. Well, this one day, about only five minutes into our early morning shift, I was prepping the kitchen for the day, and she came back there to tell me something. She told me that she really needed to use the bathroom, and to tell the manager where she was if he informed. What I asked her next was an amazing question! I asked if I could join her because I had a slight urge to go, too! (I should note here that we were lovers at the time, and continue to be so even though I moved to another city). She said that I could watch her under more normal circumstances (like being at her place), but the workplace was just too risky. I agreed that I shouldn't try to watch or listen to her poo to save us from possibly losing our jobs. So,! she went poo in private, and how much she moaned and groaned and pooped was left to my imagination. But at least we continued to be lovers!!

By the way, does anybody have any great grunting and moaning and groaning stories when it comes to having a movement? There have to be some great stories out there! This site is very informative...hope to get some feedback soon! Take Care - Sandman

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