Hi all! this story is about a recent trip to the ATM machine. I went to the ATM to get money before going out for the night. There came these two beautiful ladies behind me carrying on a good conversation on how they were gonna get trashed that night. While they we re talking and i was getting the money from the machine. Then the finer female farts a very wet one. She grabs her ass and says Ewwwwh i got to shit. so she whispered to her friend her pin number to her atm card and gave it to her. so she took off around the building.i had to walk the way she went to get to my car. she stopped me and said excuse me will you stand and watch around while i take a shit.I said sure. then she unbuttoned her pants and squatted. she lets a another wet fart then all off a sudden she starts shitting and it sounded the same as her taking a piss. The scent was very nautious. i was holding my breath while she continued to shit. then her friend came back from the machine and said holy ???? what did you eat today? then she said you know what i gotta shit too so the other squatted to shit and she asked me did i mind watching out for them i said no because i love to watch women take shits and hear it. they both continued to shit then they both finished. they didn t have
toilet paper to wipe so i went to my car and got a roll of tp and gave it too them. they wiped and looked at each other s shit. there was a big brownish green mound of shit where the first girl shitted and the second girl had let 3 long turds. they said thanks and walked towards a taxi. i asked them where they we re going? they told me where and i offered them a ride since i was going that same direction. and since that night we laugh and joke about that night we meet. we three went on to become close friends.

Lori, I enjoyed your post about your stop at the gas station with your friend keep posting. If were your boy friend I would go in with you.

I was five and I was being watched by my aunt and uncle because my parents were out of town,I had problem with constipation when I was a kid so I had to have castor oil yuk! Well I wouldn't take it from my aunt so my uncle grabbed me took me to the bathroom pulled down my pants and used the strap! Five times! I cried! and ran in the kitchen and was glad to have three spoons of the oil! Well a little while later i was playing in the living room, I was wearing overalls, panties, socks and shoes, I felt like I had to fart and let it out, my aunt said you better go sit on the pot, I said I'm okay. She said you better not make in your pants! All of a sudden PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! FART FART FART, I was making doody like there was no tommorow it was coming out chunky,and it was just in my underwear! My aunt said are you making in your pants? I said no! Knowing full well I was going to get it good from uncle later! Than it came out softer and painful, you'd never think a five year old c! ould have so much poop in him,grunt! fart! ugh! I never knew to this day why I did that for. When I was all done I went inthe tiolet and unbuttoned my pants and I was covered in poop, from my waist down front and back! My uncle came in, and ran a bath for me and cleaned me up. Afterwards I was over his knee getting the ass straping of my life! I never forgot that, I cried my blistered ass! to sleep that might.

Hi Cliff--I had one of those great feeling craps today. I had been holding it for over an hour so it would be easy to pass. As I sat on the toilet I had a quick pee then my turd slowly began to emerge. It came at a nice & slow but steady pace. It came out with a kinda pointed end. Taking a quick peek I see a very fat 16 incher. 1 quick wipe & I was done. What a wonderful feeling as it just kept coming & coming.

Buzzy--where are you hiding? did you fall in? i'm looking forward to a gym story from after christmas &/or new years.


Hello again, I did try and post a few days ago but for some reason it didn't appear. I was answereing some questions from one of you asking me if i enjoyed being desperate to pee and things like that. Its not so much enjoying it as sometimes feeling a sort of excitement when I know I'm not able to wait much longer and either I'm going to wet myself or have to pee somewhere and risk being seen. Maybe I'm an exhibitionist or something. If you have not read my other posts I'm 17, at school still, tall - 5ft11 - and slim. Or skinny as my brother says. Perhaps that is why when I really want to wee my bladder visibly swells, like a football. I can sometimes go all day - I'm shy except when writing here and don't like to say I need the loo - and like Nicole I hate using the toilets at school because of the things that happen there with the boys, like I told you before. I work in a shop on Saturdays and the only toilet is nxt to the managers office and somehow I just can't bring myse! lf to be seen or heard going in there so I try to wait until lunch and the all afternoon. Two weeks ago one of the girls had a birthday and we drank some champagne and by 3 o'clock I was bursting. I was on checkout then until 5 and it was agony. I couldn't sit still so then I stood and I'm sure people noticed me hopping about. At 4;30 a woman brought somthing with no price on it so I went to check on the shelves, and on the way somone had spilt some lemonade. I ahd a brilliant idea and I crouched down over the puddle and just let go! Not very much but enough to ease the pressure a little, I could hardly stop! My black skirt was short and stayed dry but my panties were wet for the next half hour before closing.

Someone asked about having to pee on a journey and this reminded me of long trips in the car with my parents. My dad hates to have to stop and so we had to wait ages sometimes. My friend now has a car and since she wet herself in a traffic jam she carries a small washing up bowl under the seat and then all she does is slide the seat back and move forward over the bowl to pee. She says at least the seat doesnt get too wet although she doesn't mind wetting her panties.

I'll write more soon, happy new year, Vinny.
PS Nicole - yes of course call me Vinny. Love, L.

I was going to take a bath, and before I got in the tube I decided to crap. Well, when I was done there was a lot oh sh*t in the toilet. I started to wash my hands, then I had to crap again. This time it was gassy, huge, and stinky. When I got off the the pot I flushed twice.I wiped a lot too. Now I feel like I got to poop again. Love the stories.

bruce i like to hold off as long as i can to shit.i like the feeling of sitting down and with no thought or push the turd comes out on its also makes for a big long turd if you can wait.the bigger the better you feel when you are done.mine usually range between 12 -18 inches.they start slow then i push harder at the end this tends to keep the turd in 1 piece.i usually have to shit atleast once a day.

I'd be interested in knowing how many women would like urinals in their restrooms. It seems like women do not like to sit on public toilet seats and that they are fully capable of standing and using a urinal by spreading the lips of their vagina and aiming their peepee hole straight into the urinal.

This morning i was at work, i was in a different building doing some work.(my work here can be stenuous) I had a banana and some milk when i was 1/2 way done. Then i was almost done(about 10 min from being done when i felt an urge to shit really strong. I finished up quicky and then i headed for the employees bathroom. I went in and put some paper on the toilet seat and then i pulled my pants down and let out my was very soft(shredded like) and it was about 6 inches. I wiped 5 times and then i flushed and washed my hands. Wish i could have done this in that unisex bathroom.

That ladie up top reminds me of Connie Chung...guess cause she is chinese...isn't that funny(picturing connie chung up there).

Carol. I really enjoyed your post about your enormous Boxing Day morning poo. Obviously you needed it badly. You did some pretty impressive sausages by the sound of it. Personally though, I'd have heeded the urge to go when you first felt it at 10am on Christmas morning, regardless of the stage your cooking was at. Unless they were at church (admittedly I was on Christmas morning) your husband or one of the children could have kept an eye on whatever was cooking whilst you went to the loo. If the turkey was in the oven - and it almost certainly would have been for a 12.30 meal - it would have been perfectly alright left unattended for a few minutes. I think not going then constipated you a bit and Christmas food is constipating anyway - as I know only too well. I had a good dump on Boxing Day morning and made quite a stink. I think it's the combination of turkey, sprouts and wine that was mostly responsible.

Someone asked the other day (was it Kendall?), if you have to have a big bum in order to produce big poos. I have read most of the messages on this board over the years, and what seems like a big thick poo to some people is quite normal for others. My bum is not huge (38-39 inch hips) but I can certainly produce poos as large as most described on this page... and I have done since I was a teenager (I am 31). The size of ones "motions" is much more to do with diet, and exercise, as well as other factors such as metabolism. I guess I am lucky in that I eat loads, but hardly ever put on weight, although I do exercise regularly.
Having said that, I have to report having two very large and satisfying dumps on boxing day - one of which was at a friends house!
Love, Jill

Happy holidays! I am back in the USA after my annual Xmas visit to the UK to see my family. As always when I am in the UK, I am astonished at how loud poos sound when done into British toilets! I was staying at my parents' house and in the living room I easily heard my mother, father and husband pooing - it sort of resounds around the house! Same thing when I stayed with friends - I heard everyone in the house, including the kids pooing! Every public bathroom I visited - stores, stations, pubs, etc. - it was the same thing. The ladies room at Heathrow sounded like World War II what with all the depth charge noises! The only poo story I have is from when I was on the plane going to the UK. I had been waiting outside a lavatory for about 3 minutes, when the door opened and out came a flight attendant who said she was sorry but was unable to flush the toilet. Sure enough, I went in and saw a thick sausage in the toilet. It was sort of curved around the pan and the thicker end of ! it was blocking the holw where everything is sucked out. I did a much more modest poo on top and flushed again, but still no luck. Using some toilet paper, I mashed up the flight attendant's poo with my hand and flushed again. Success! Both poos were sucked away leaving a massive skid mark.

Jan,you asked if a band ever defecated on stage.Ozzy Osbourne(of Black Sabbath)crapped on someones car hood after a concert of his.And once,at a concert in Texas,he wizzed on the Alamo.

Rude & Tattooed
THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW MY LAST POST. Any ladies in here have any stories of passing gas by accident and getting caught please post them here or if they pass gas at work (school teachers especially) Or if any guys have stories like mine or of there teachers farting in class. Also any ladies who have been caught pooping outdoors.

Hello everyone (Ladies Especially) I have been reading your posts for over a year now and haven't yet posted. I get very turned on by women talking about having bowel movements and hearing women pass gas. A few years ago I was on holidays with my Uncle and his girlfriend at the time. We were sitting around the campsite in lawnchairs when Carol went to reposition herself in her chair and accidentially blew a huge fart! It turned me on hardcore! She instantly turned red and said that she didn't mean to let it out so loudly. Another time on the same trip we were in the camper when she says, "I have to ploof(fart)" and she ran outside turned around and ripped another huge one. She said it was unhealthy to hold them in. Then we were in the van when she cut another huge fart and said that it slipped out. A few minutes later she said, "I need to ploof again" and lifted her asscheek and blew another fart. I was in heaven!!! None of them smelled bad but they were long and loud!

Once I walked in by accident on my aunt...she was sitting and doing her "thing"...I started to leave and she said it was ok to stay...I think she enjoyed doing it in front of me...
I was about 14...maybe 15...turned me on...

Kendal's Dad
Many of you will be wondering what has happened to Kendal and Andrew lately. Well, like me, they have been laid low with a very bad cold, all over Christmas !! I was the first to recover by boxing day, and I suspect, that now we have got home today, Kendal will be feeling well enough to want to post tomorrow. Unfortunately poor old Andrew is still suffering !

I'm very grateful to my sister and brother-in-law ( Andrew's Mum and Dad), who had me and Kendal living with them since I came out of hospital, while I was convalescing. I'm now much better, and thank G from Scotland, and PV for their good wishes to me. Further, to PV, I have been nothing but astounded at the wonderful way the nice people on this site have rallied around Kendal, her "Aunties and Uncles" as you describe yourselves. I couldn't possibly stop Kendal from posting here. She would have too many good friends to lose.

To Cousin, your letter to me certain struck a chord. I firmly believe that closeness between people is a direct result of the experiences they have shared together. The toilet is a pretty rare one. But my goodness, it certainly didn't do me or my Sis any harm, and it certainly hasn't done any to Kendal and Andrew either. Please pass on my very good wishes to Linda, and tell her how sorry I am that I scared her with my sudden post. I really do not intend to become a regular here at all, mainly because I don't have the stories to tell like Kendal and Andrew which so many people seem to like reading about. Also, my very good wishes to your wife, Elena. I hope her and the baby are doing well.

Nicole, you have become one of Kendal's best friends here, just like Linda. Thank you for your sentiments towards me. However, I won't be posting often, if at all.

Kate, you are certainly a perceptive young lady. I can assure you I really do exist ! However, you hit a nail right on the head as you will see.

KENDAL, sweetheart, thank you for helping to look after me. Your offer about seeing you on the toilet is wonderful and meant a lot to me. However, it is not something I want to do. It wouldn't feel quite right to me. And besides, I remember reading one of your earlier posts, I don't remember who to, where you described me coming into the bathroom while you were on the toilet, but always for a reason, and that you would feel funny if I was then to stop and watch. That isn't to say that I will never go with you. Forinstance, if you are poorly and want someone to hold your hand, then your Daddy will always be there for you. Those circumstances are different. But to watch you for no other reason than to watch, I'll leave that one for you and Andrew to enjoy together. By the way, sweetheart, did you enjoy a good poo with Andrew when I took your Aunty and Uncle down to the pub on boxing day evening ?!! Kendal will explain this question to everyone when she next posts, I'm sure.

My very best wishes to everyone for the year 2001.

Grateful for your survey
I came across this website while searching for a survey on how many people pee in showers. I've pissed in both home and public showers for years and while I don't recall my parents ever telling me I could do so, in school most of the guy's did, so what. My wife has seen me piss in the shower hundreds of times and I've seen her do it as well. Our main bath is all ceramic tile, with a seprate tub in one corner and a large shower area in the other corner. The shower has no doors or threshold between it and the rest of the bathroom, very modern. If I wake up in the night and have to pee, instead of turning on the light, which would wake my wife in the adjoining room, as well as blind me, I've got into the habit of just walking over to the shower area and quietly reliving myself in the dark. In a couple of hours it will all be washed down the drain anyway and my wife even confessed she'd rather have me do what I do, than piss all over the toilet or wake her up. My mother in-law s! pent the hoidays with us and last night nature called upon her, just after me. I didn't think about having company in the house, so as usual I wandered over to the shower area and began urinating. I no more than started when the light came on and I heard my mother in-law gasp, "Well I never"! I couldn't just stop and she stood there and threw a fit, waking my wife. Once she realized what had happened she defended me a little, at least admitting she's aware of what I do. All day my mother in-law insists that I'm the only one who's ever urinated in a shower, not to mention doing it without the shower on. Thanks for the info. Between you and a half dozen other sources, I have proof that somewhere between half and three fourth's of us pee in our showers. I'm curious, how many of you do it in the dark at night, like me?

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi,Everyone, Hope you all had a happy christmas, Chanucah, Yuletide or whatever! It looks as though many of you are still away as there aren't many postings here yet so I bet there'll be a lot of interesting happenings to report with the results of eating more than usual!

My own health problems are better than last week; I'm still very itchy after I've been to the toilet sometimes , and on Christmas Day every time I went for a piss I felt like I wanted to shit but it wasn't very productive but was certainly messy to clean up. Much better now though, but still not right.

I'm still not sure what a butt gasket is and where they're kept in toilet stalls. Are they hanging up and how are they disposed of after using the toilet? When I listen to men in public toilets I sometimes hear the sound of toilet paper being pulled off the roll or from the dispenser and placed on the toilet seat to avoid contact with the seat. As for myself, I usually spit on the seat to clean it, then wipe it clean with some TP, unless I use the toilet after a guy who I really like the look (or sound) of, then I want to sit directly on the warm sweaty seat!
As for TP, I can remember going to public toilets where the TP instead of being in each individual cubicle; was kept on the wall of the main part of the toilets. This meant you would have to decide how much you were going to want in advance, and in full view of others. Sometimes the TP roll holder had a springback mechanism so you could only pull one sheet off at a time; quite time consuming and really advertised the fact of what you were intending to do!
For those of you who, like me, like to hear the sound of arses being wiped, I certainly recommend the strong medicated TP. Not only does the sound of it carry through the house, but you can tell someone's arsewiping technique and how many sheets are used! This hasn't happened to me lately but I wish I'd thought of that when I had that guy staying with me years ago whose shit sessions were quite predictable! Staying in a guest house some time ago, I remember a young guy staying there who was absent from the living room for a time after our meal, when I could suddenly hear the toilet paper being torn of and the sound of it wiping his fit arse. I was sitting downstairs and the bathroom was upstairs. I suppose many people living in flats can hear TP being used by people above if it's the right sort,if not the plops themselves. Great if you know who's actually doing it!

JACOB G. IN FLORIDA, I suppose I share your lack of enthusiasm for actually seeing the shit coming out of someone's arse. I'd love to see it sticking out and dropping when viewed from the side and aware of the mystery of its emergence into the world, which I have done, but to see it coming out from a more direct angle, seems to reduce the sense of it being a crack, more a tube that itself is sticking out. I love to see a
guy sitting on the toilet concentrating on what he's doing, his facial expression, his thighs, his posture, and to hear the grunting, farting and plopping and sighs of relief and just about everything to do with it such that I don't need to see the arsehole opening and closing as well. Now, a glass toilet! I'd certainly enjoy watching the action in that!!!
Your friend who wanted and allowed you to film him and then wanted the film back is I suppose still undecided as to whether he really wants to share such intimacy with you, but terrific you were invited to get so close and great you were both laughing about it, which probably reduced any intensity on his part.

Nothing else to share at the moment with you all so I'll take this opportunity to wish all those I've "met" here; a great new year, and all those who regularly share such intimate details with us, best wishes to you also, and to the many who have read our toilet details and not posted anything themselves yet, and to the many curious web-surfers who have discovered this forum and who may be surprised, reassured, shocked or even disgusted; I hope you feel you understand the extent of people's varying interests, and that you appreciate we share our enjoyment of our biological functions, as well as health tips and academic interests in the history, use and social conditioning of going to the toilet.
A very big thank you to the moderator, and the administrators of this forum, which has reassured so many of us that we are not alone, and that we can communicate our interests in a graphic and yet decent way.


There was this one time i had to piss REAL bad a couple years ago when i was 17. I was out with a bunch of my friends at a party and i had alot to drink, whenever i drink i have to take the hugest leaks and there always these almost last minute dashes to go take a piss because at parties and stuff im usually talking with people so i really dont head over to the bathroom untill im in a desperate situation, i just dont realize how bad i have to go, and then it just hits me. I guess most people are like this though when they drink, but being a guy its embarassing having to take a leak real bad because you dont really see guys who have to piss so bad their dancing around squeezing at their dicks, guys can usually just take it out and pisss basically where ever they want so thats usually why you see girls doing that not guys, for guys it would be whimpy. SO i was at this party and i had to piss but i held it till i really had to go (this also helps so your not making bathroom stops every five minutes) I started to head over to the bathroom but on my way there i saw a friend of mine who i hadn't seen for about a year, so i talk to him for a bit, i usually have a rule that when i gotta piss bad at these parties that i go streight to the bathroom and not talk along the way because it might be risky and i could end up really desperate. But i made an exception, i figured it was fine since i had never pissed myself before since i was like 3 and i thought i had a strong bladder. But during the conversation the pressure was building and i suddenly had to take a leak so bad i couldnt stand still i started sqirming a bit as we talked but somewhat descreatly, i had to end the conversation because i couldnt take it anymore i told my friend i had to take a leak real bad, and my sqirming was now somewhat obvious, i told him i would be right back, then he said he had to go to so we headed over to the bathrooms, i was in more serious trouble than i realized, i think being a bit drunk made me not realize i was about to piss my pants, but all at once i did realize it, i felt dribbles of piss leaking out and i had to squeeze at my dick to hold it off, "Shit i gotta piss REAL bad" i said aload, my friend saw me kinda hunched over squeezing my dick "damn i guess so " he said, was embarassed to look like that, like a little kid. but there of coarse was a line to the bathroom and me being drunk i waited in the line for about 5 minutes when i could have just gone outside but i wasnt thinking since i was drunk. i squirmmed around and tried to hold it in my frind thought it was funny but i dont think he realized i was about to piss jeans i had to take a leak so bad. Then a sream of piss gushed out, my heart dropped, shit! i thought, i couldnt belive i had to go so bad, i had never been in a situation like that before, I felt the piss in my jockey shorts and i doubled over to stop the piss from coming out, and there was a wet spot on the frount ! of my jeans my friend saw this and figured out how bad i had to go. Then i realized i shoud go outside instead of waiting in line. i Ran outside for the door but it was too late all the people bumping into me made it worse and i could feel streamms of piss coming out in an intervale surges, then by the time i was outside it was just gushing out, there wasnt anything to do and by then i had pissed my self so much i was so obvious and i just didnt give a f??k. Its embarrassing being a guy and that happens since your considered to be a whimp when stuff like that happens, are there any other guys who have pissed themselves since you had to piss so bad?

Hope you all had a Merry Xmas or whatever you celebrate, Chanukha, Id, Yule, Kwanza or the like.

The other half and I went over to visit Hailey, an old schoolfriend of mine and in one of my Hockey teams and her husband for Xmas Lunch. Now the two lads went down the pub leaving myself and Hailey to cook the dinner. We got on with it, it was easier without them getting in the way, stealing bits of food and a glass of wine, and it was quite pleasent talking about old times at school. We had put some spuds in the oven when Hailey let out a loud fart, patted her ???? and said, "I need a poo, Ive been puting it off since this morning as Ive been busy, its coming down." Now as we used to do so at school when we were teenagers she then said, "Nicky, come in with me if you like" I did of course as he undid her belt, slipped her jeans and floral patterned panties down and sat on the pan. She farted again, did a wee wee then with an NNN! UH! I smelt the odor of a good healthy motion and heard the crackling as she passed a nice big solid jobbie "KUR-SPLOOSH!" into the pan. When ! she stood up we both had a look at a nice big fat sausage of about 12 inches long. Now as often happens watching another person doing their motion had made me feel the need. I knew I had a big one up there but in a hurry to get out that morning, (I had to drive, hubby had gone out for an Xmas bash with his Rugby Club mates and didnt want to drive in case he was still over the limit, a good excuse to let him drink on Xmas Day, still as he has bought me a new BMW for Xmas I cant complain). I had held it in till I got to Hailey's . I told her. "Its just like being at school as I need one now, let's buddy dump!" She giggled as I pulled down my brown cords and white Sloggi Briefs and sat on the pan with her big turd lying beneath me and after doing a wee wee gave a grunt UH! NN! AH! and slowly a fat jobbie started to emerge. FLOOMP! it slid into the water. When I got off the pan and we looked another big sausage of the same size as Hailey's though a bit lighter in colour lay on t! op of her's, hence the quiet drop. We wiped our own bums pulled up our knicks and trousers and pulled the flush but both the big jobbies stuck in the pan. Giggling now like two teenage schoolgirls we washed our hands and decided to leave our joint effort as we did in the girls toilet when we were at school. We went back to our cooking, still laughing and about an hour later the lads came back and Hailey's hubby went into the toilet for a pee. "I see you two girls have been busy," he yelled with my old man also going to have a good look.

Hope the rest of you had nice big ones too. All the best, Nicola.

Merry Christmas to all!Been away upstate NY for a few days and I'm heading back up there again-just came home for a few hrs and i'm off again-Just wanted to check the posts-
TO TARA-Really enjoyed your poo story-you did quite a load!
TO LISA-Yes it would be great to poop along with you when we both really got really full rectums and we could let it out together! Now that would be fun! Also I think CLIFF and a few others were takling about enjoying a nice long poo-I totally agree there is nothing else quite like enjoying that kind of poop-You guys should also try what I do alot-Let out a nice long turd and halfway out stop it and let it hang there for a bit til the next cramp and let it come out on it's own!Now that is super-try it guys and girls
Been staying at this bed and breakfast place upstate NY and When I get back i'll tell you all some cool poop stores i had up there-It's bee fun-Well have to get ready to leave-I'll be back after the new year with i'm sure some more stories about the upstate place-Have a great new years all-eps to my ladie friends here-LISA,EMILY MILLISA and a few others that i can't think of now-Enjoy this time of year,all-Its' the best time! BYE

I had gone to a christmas party with my new girl friend allison, it was her companys and kinda fancy so we were both dressed up.

Now iam not sure if the meal just was too rich for us or if it was because we ate too much (noooo couldnt be that)but later that night on the way home allison said that she needed a bathroom real bad, as a matter of fact so do i, i said.

We were not far from my place so we just carried on, by the time we got there allison was allmost crying, "iam gonna mess my self if i dont get to a toilet soon she said through clenched teeth, and holding her stomach. I parked the car and we both jumped out and ran to the house, allison letting little stinky farts go now every few seconds, i did not dare even fart, i knew if i did i would poo my self.

Now me being the perfect gentelman (well it could happen)i said to allison for her to go first, she rushed up stairs holding her bum the smell of poo lingering in the air, i followed, as i got to the bathroom i heard her farting and a lot of noise as her poop splashed noisely in to the toilet, she was grunting and straining like mad.

I walked in, nearly done i hope i said, she nodded "nearly" as another load dropped in to the toilet the smell in the bathroom was getting bad, allison breathed a sigh of relief iam done she begun to wipe, several times got up and flushed, i quickley dropped my pants sat down and exploded into the toilet, allison looked at me "jesus did you have to go or what" i just let go again saying nothing.

Finaly i got done i wiped a few times and we both got into bed and er went to sleep. (after a while) kevin

This morning i woke up early and showered and i got online and i felt the need for a huge bowel movement. I went upstairs and sat down and pushed out a soft and huge load. It was light brown and very soft. I wiped like 10 times or so.

Plunging Plop Guy: you described correctly the stainless steel toilet I used in York. I think I know the ones you were talking about five minutes away, but I don't think they're as busy as the ones I went to. I also had a good dump in McDonald's after waiting in line with a couple of teenagers. Got to hear one of them dump, while the other had the pleasure of using the stall I had just dropped my load in. Canadian and American toilets do not give you a good splash. I don't really like getting splashed, but do love the plopping sounds that are so much more amplified in British toilets. I hope everyone has had some good post-Christmas shits. I dumped a huge soft load both today and yesterday.

Friday, December 29, 2000

Lori: It's difficult to give you advice because every case is different. I do think, however, that you are not being assertive enough with your boyfriends, particularly the current "hot number." You say that he makes you do many things that you don't enjoy, but he refuses to even sit with you while you take a dump. This is so little to ask of a guy for whom you are providing a lot of pleasure. I know you are afraid of losing him. You might, however, consider refusing to participate in certain activities that he likes, but that you don't unless he holds your hand while you poop. This may bring him around! You asked how I got my various men friends to help me increase the pleasure that I get from a long, slow poop. I was simply upfront about it and made it clear that this was an important need for me. To date I have never been refused. You also asked what I meant about their being "affectionate" to me while I enjoyed a good dump. I can't mention all the things on a fa! mily web site like this. Some examples: One guy would massage my breasts while I pooped and this was great. Another would massage my thighs and this was better! One activity I greatly enjoyed was with a guy who would massage my stomach while I pooped. He liked to feel my abs contract as I squeezed out my turds. This particular guy really got into it and he liked me to sit on his lap while he dumped and I was real happy to oblige! After he was done dumping, we would both be really turned on and would head for the bedroom. I hope this helps with your problem. Please let me know how it all works out for you. If your current "hot number" continues to be uncooperative, you might have to find someone less "hot" but more accommodating to your needs. All the best, Amy

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