I went to the mall for the after xmas sales this morning with my friend Cindy (we've know each other since sixth grade)and on the way to drop her off home i started to feel like i had to shit kind of soon and started to look for some place to go and ciny saw me squriming around and she knows me very well and says,gotta poop don't ya,me too,and just then i spot a gas station and cindy went inside to get the key as i waited by the restroom door and a minute later we walked into the most discusting smeely dirty ladies room either of us had ever seen,it had one toilet(no stall)a sink with a broken mirror and that was it.

Well any way it didn't matter,cindy locked the door and i squated over the toilet that had doody in it and on the back of the seat and some one left a used tampon on the floor,GROSS!....
i shot out a load of loose diahrea on the back of the toilet as cindy droped a few logs on the floor behind the door,oh what a relief it was to let it out,i had a small stain in my panties from a wet fart and wouldn't have been able to hold on much longer,cindy finished her shit and peeded over her load on the floor too,neither of us had done this before but since the place was so messed up anyway who cares,nothing much else,we just wiped are butts and got the hell out of there,god help the next woman who had to use it.

Amy: I was so envious when I read your recent post! I too enjoy a long slow dump allowing the turds to come out naturally, however long it takes. For me it is kind of an erotic experience. I have often wished that I could get a boyfriend to be with me when I take a poop, but they just don't seem interested. Incidentally, I am 19 years old and real cute, even if I say so myself. My current boyfriend is a real hot number. All the girls are after him and I have to do everything possible to make sure I don't lose him. The only problem is that he is a bit selfish. When it comes to sex, he wants me to do a bunch of things that I don't enjoy much, although he is great in routine sex. I go along so as not to cause difficulties. Recently, I asked him to come into the bathroom with me for my morning poop and hold my hand while I pooped. He just laughed and told me to forget it. My question to you is how did you succeed in getting all your past 8-9 boyfriends to be so comfort! able being with you while you poop. Also, you said that they were often "affectionate" to you when you were on the can adding to your enjoyment of a long, slow poop. Could I ask the ways in which they are affectionate and how do you get them to do these things? I'll be grateful for your advice in this matter as well as the advice of all the other posters at this site who have experience with this type of problem. Thanks a bunch, Lori


So glad to have you back. I have been on this site for sometime, but have not written. I wish I could be there with you all. I had thwe same situation when I was younger with my cousin. Oh well, I'll just wish and dream about it!!!

Hi Amy: it is fun to be affectionate while you're pooping. I used to have a girl friend who would sit on my lap while I was slowly pooping; I would massage her back while she was pooping. It was great fun! The feeling is much enhanced.

Lisa: I'm glad you too enjoy the wonderful feelings of just letting it come out. Like I said before, the best feeling is when your hole opens and the it just starts to move out. Then if it keeps going, it is super as all just gushes out. I always feel really relieved and cleaned out. Do you like the feeling of a whole lot slowly sliding our?


Hi, hope everyone had a great holiday! My sons and I went to my parents' house for Christmas dinner. We splurged on turkey, several different kinds of vegetables, and dessert!
This, of course, meant that we had to poop big time later on! :-)

We came home about 3 hours after finishing dinner (my parents live about 10 miles away) and I was ready to take a major poop! I went in and sat down on the toilet and began pooping and peeing at the same time, that's how badly I had to go. Rodney, my older son (12), said "Mom, are you almost done? I have to poop too!" I asked him to wait about 30 seconds; I still felt like I had to let out more, but the pressure on my butthole was relieved by that initial poop.
I got up and Rodney quickly yanked down his pants and underwear and plopped on the toilet. I heard him going, it sounded like it was softer and wetter than mine. He got up about a minute later. "Thanks mom, I'll wipe after you're done," said Rodney. I asked him if he felt better. "Oh, yeah!," he replied. I flushed the toilet, by then filled with my and Rodney's poop (the bathroom also stank big time after what Rodney and I just did!), and sat back down to finish my bowel movement. I let out a couple of smaller pieces and was then done. I asked Rodney, who still had his pants down, if he had to go anymore. He said he'd wait until I finished wiping, he didn't have to go that badly anymore. I wiped and then flushed at which point Rodney sat back down on the toilet while I washed my hands. Just as I finished washing, Rodney said he was all done and got up to wipe. Reggie went in there after we were done. As I said he likes to poop with the door shut, which is fine.! He was in there for quite a while, so I assumed he also had a comfortable bowel movement.

Sue, thanks for your response! Only YOU can decide if you will continue to allow your step-sons into the bathroom while you are in there. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Love, Greta

Hello! Like I said I'll tell you about yesterday (Xmas day)at Suzys. I was invited for tea so my dad took me there in the car its not far and Suzys mum and dad were supposed to go out after at 6 o clock. I didnt wee after xmas dinner so I had lots for later and for stand up wees in the showeroom I told you about. Suzy told me she hadnt weed either and we were DYING to go so when we were at the table eating I thought I would burst. Suzys dad is strict and we are not allowed to leave the table for anything even to wee so I was hoping they would go soon and I couldnt keep still nor could Suzy and her dad said Do yo want t spend a penny Suzy? and she was really bursting and said yes then he siad Serves you write you should go before tea! I couldnt help doing a little wee in my nickers and I peeped down to look and they were a bit wet and it showed, they are blue, . Then we had to wait for them to go, it was ages! but we mameged it. As soon as they went, it was only for an hour t! hey were gone, we ran to the bathroom and took all our cloths off and we stood and weed and it worked very well it was like 2 hose pipes and we laughed so much. Suzy weed further than me, she is very good at it. Then we had a showere and dries our hair so Suzys parents didnt know anything. Later we went to the toilet and went for another wee and watched each other. It was lots of fun. Hope you enjoyed your Xmas wees and poops everyone, loads of love Nicole and Suzy XXXX

Merry Xmas all of you. Im have been observing this Forum for a while but only now want to post.

Im a housewife and mother of 40, a bit on the ???? side with two teenaged kids, a son and daughter.

Normally I pass quite good motions, solid jobbies, usually once a day but sometimes I miss the odd day here and there and do a real whopper as posters call them here, a panbuster the next day. Like many here Im relaxed and open about such matters and dont bother to bolt the door when doing one at home, indeed I often leave it ajar .

Now yesterday, Xmas day, I had some family and friends round for Xmas Dinner. As most will understand this meant I was busy as, after the present opening I had to get the meal ready. I did feel the need to do a motion about 10 am but was at a critical stage with the cooking and put it off, holding it in and the urge went away.

My guests arrived at noon and by half one we were sitting down to the usual British Xmas Dinneer, Roast Turkey, stuffing etc. I had a double helping and must say I felt a bit bloated later on. I did go to the toilet but apart from a wee wee all I did was to pass a lot of loud long farts which must have been audible to others although this doesnt bother me, but the big poo that was up there didnt want to come out.

I went be bed at long last after the guests had gone, still feeling a bit full but not uncomfortable. Now this morning I woke up at 7.00am feeling a definite but not uncomfortably urgent need to have what felt like a very large poo and went to the toilet. My husband had got up earlier as he is a taxi driver and today Boxing Day is a first class earner for him and he told me that I had been farting all night in my sleep. When he had gone I went into the bathroom opposite the bedroom and pulled down my knickers, (plain white Sloggi Maxi Briefs as many of the women here wear these days) and sat on the pan. I let out another series of loud long farts then started to do an equally long powerful wee wee. I could feel movement in my ???? and a big turd starting to push its way out of my back passage as my ring opened. It was sure a big solid jobbie and slowly started on its way with my giving a steady NN! AH! to assist in. I wouldnt call it hard more firm and it wasnt uncomfortable to pass although I could feel that it was a bit knobbly and compacted. I was certainly fat but my turds usually are. I sat there enjoying the sensation as I have done since I was a kid. Slowly it grew in length with my bearing down steadily then plunged into the pan with a loud KUR-SPULL-LOOMP!" which must have echoed round the house. I wasnt finished though as I felt further movement and with very little effort two easy jobbies slid out, "FLOOP!" FLUMP!" . This second load was still nice and solid and formed and equally fat, (about 2.5 inches thick when I looked at what I had done), but easy and slid out under its own steam crackling as it came out of my back passage. It also smelt very niffy no doubt the effect of the stiffing and broccoli etc I had eaten the day before. I farted a bit more, did another shorter wee wee then I felt I was finished and after wiping my bum and pulling up my knickers I had a look at my motion. I had certainly had an Xmas Bonus! the first job! bie was a straight, fat knobbly log (my Yule Log!) of about 10 inches long and as I have said 2.5 inches thick. On top of it lay two equally fat sausages, smooth and curved, the larger one 12 inches long the smaller about 8 inches. No wonder my ???? was a bit swollen last night! I sure felt a lot better and well pleased after doing that lot. By the time I had finished my kids had got up and my son 17 and daughter 20 both needed to use the toilet (separately I add) for their morning wee wee, so I left it unflushed as I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee. I heard them exclaim "Bloody hell" as they saw my big load, and the flush was pulled 4 times. When they came downstairs they commented on the big poos I had passed. We are very open in our family about such matters. It will be of interest to see if other family members do large motions today

Your bladder capacity of 0.5 pint sounds small for an adult woman. Does this small capacity cause you any trouble or inconvienence? You should be able to train your bladder to hold more by waiting until you really need to pee before using the toilet, instead of going whenever its convienient. Try that for a couple weeks and see if you don't improve your capacity. Since you already stand to measure your urine, you should try the standing method that lots of women on this forum use.

You are at the other end of the spectrum! 1.2L WOW! How did you get to that capacity? Are you big/tall? Have you been training or is it natural? How much is a normal pee for you? Have you timed your 1.2L stream? Please do tell all! A lot of us are interested in how your above-average ability came about!

Hi all, Happy Holiday's

Melissa: Good to have you back! I just wanted to say thank you. Your postings about the pleasure of letting things slide out slowly, have made me much more comforatble. All my life, I have been ne who sat right down and grunted, strained and pushed to get my poo out.
Now, thanks to you I relax, and enjoy the feeling of my anus opening and the smooth jobbie sliding out of my rectum, followed by a satisfying KerPlop!
I think of you whenever I enjoy myself like this now.


Healthy Pooper
Hey "Stunned Girl", you really surprised me with your "Cute guys really do poop!" story. I am always surprised that women poop, you know the whole "sugar and spice" deal and girls are just WAY cleaner than guys. I figured that all girls just KNEW that all guys poop because we are much more public with farting,belching, etc. Thanks for your post!

Merry Christmas to all! While the students are on a long vacation, I get to fix up their school bathrooms. Already I replaced several leaky faucet cartridges, toilet paper dispensers, and repaired a few soap dispensers and so on. The toilet seats are still in fine shape, and I applied a coat of wax and buffed them to a high gloss. I always get comments about the toilet seats. I also overhauled some flush valves to save water. Some other guys will wax the floors, cuz I don't really like to do that. I can't wait for the kids to come back and do some big dumps, bladder-busting pisses and to hear their comments about the state of the facilities. And of course, I get to hear their gossip.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Hi I'm new to the forum my name is Tara I'm a buisness woman. I totally stunk up the bathroom at work today. You see it all started last night when my husband brought home these Huge 1 lb. Kilbausa Sausages and a one gallon bucket of Sour Kraut. You see I ate half the sausage and two plates of sour kraut and couldin't sleep cause my ???? hurt. So I hopped out of bed started watching TV and finished my half and my husbands half of kilbausa and the rest of sour kraut and took a shower. When I got out of the shower I made a pot of strong coffee so that I'd have energy. 2 hours later I was hungry again so I ate a few hard boiled eggs. Anyways I got to work and I had a meeting thats when my stomach hurt really bad I had begun to let out small silent farts but boy did they stink. Waiting for the end I almost didin't think I would make it.But the meeting ended as I was making my way out I let out a loud wet fart covering my panties with wet poopy stains. So I ran down to th! e bathroom at the end of the wing went in the back stall farted again leting out a small jet of runny poop in my pants again. Yanked down my pants and panties blowing a huge jet of runny poop into the toilet. Then three healthy sized logs shot out of my butt so fast water splashed on my butt. Then that sausage hit me and a huge long thick and soft log pushed out of my butthole.Then was the second wave of runny poop probably from that coffee just came out in a fast loud long lasting stream. I could smell that kilbausa and sour kraut in the air then I let out these big loud wet farts in unison with watery runny liquid poop and then some more soft logs came out and I then could smell those eggs and yet more runny coffee poop shot out with more wet farts. And I sat their feeling relief I couldin't belive I stunk up the bathroom. It stunk so bad byt in a good way sat there for about five more minutes and realized the entire back of my panties were staind. I looked down and th! ere were about 7 logs in there with this black cloudy water I had to flush at least 6 times and there were thick scuffs on the sides of the toilet. I need to do this again

Wren: Thanks for keeping in touch. In answer to your question, I don't feel uncomfortable about pooping when one of my stepsons is in the bathroom with me. I guess I have got used to having men around while I poop since my husband Bill has trained me to take it naturally. Ever since we got married, Bill and I have often been in the bathroom together. He is a real hunk and I can't get enough of him! In the mornings, when our only bathroom is in demand, Bill will often be shaving while I take a poop. He does make amusing comments when he sees me straining and when he hears the plopping sounds. When I am done, Bill often replaces me on the toilet and I watch him in action. Regarding the boys, they don't make any comments about me pooping. They seem real awkward. I don't think they are interested in seeing me pooping as much as they are interested in seeing my female parts. Sometimes, when they walk in on me I am nude or partially nude and I think they like to get a gl! impse of my pussy. I guess you are right. They will grow out of this as soon as they start dating. In the meantime, it is fine with me. Sue

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. The holidays have kept me busy. Anyway I have been reading all your posts.
Buzzy--you're still my main man. i'd give anything to share a shit with you. keep up those great stories.
wizzer--your stories are great too. i sounds like you can really do a load. nice story about you & your girlfriend.
cliff--i know exactly what you mean. i love to let it come out on it's own.

I my morning routine seems to be more regular now. i get up & right off i gotta pee. i don't feel any need to shit at this time. about a half an hour later i get the feeling & can't wait too long before i gotta go bad. i love being able to just sit & go.

Well the other day i didn't have my morning shit. I felt i kinda had to go but didn't have time to wait & see. I went on to work & the urge went away until after lunch. about 1 i got this really bad cramp. i headed to the bathroom & on the way another cramp hit. i could feel the load getting in position. i put my hand to my stomache as i closed the bathroom door. i'd just pulled my pants down to my ankles & say when a really load fart exploded out my ass. without trying the first turd quickly slipped out. i can feel more coming but it doesn't want out. i get one of those pains that doubles you over& causes your gut to convulse. a long turd starts out & i actually give a grunt as it finially slips into the water below. now i let loose a really explosive fart with a load of pudding-like shit that goes for several seconds. another quick turd & a few more farts to end the session. it was a terrific feeling to let this load out. the convulsion-like f! eeling when releasing that turd was actually nice. it tells of a mother load story next time. meanwhile lets hear those christmas stories.

i was at a christmas party saturday night with my girl & some friends. i'd had a lot of food & several beers that night. my girl didn't drink so she drove us home. on the way i told her i had to shit really bad. she asked if i could wait until we got home. i told her i'd try. before long i also had to piss. i'm trying my best to hold it & reach down to hold my crotch. by now we're on a major hiway with nowhere to pull over. my girl looks over as i'm really holding onto my dick. are you going to make it she asks. with a feeling of sheer panic i'm bouncing in my seat--i don't think so. i begin to dribble & squeeze myself harder. it doesn't work & my piss begins to flow freely. then i totally loose it & with a very loud fart the shit i've been holding also comes. the shit continues out & curves under my balls. another forces it's way into my briefs & fills them to capacity. suddenly i piss again. my girl is watching me as i do this & is driving! as fast as she can to get us home. when we get home i don't want to even move to get out of the car. she opens my door & seeing the distressed look on my face takes my hand. she helps me out of the car & i kinda waddle to the house & into the bathroom. she helps me out of my clothes & helps me clean up.
it's been a long time since i'd done this kinda thing. i've pissed myself on many occasions( i can't hold my piss for very long) but rarely do i shit myself.

rich--cool story about that guy dumping next to you. his girl sounds like mine. she always asks if i did a good one.

David: Thanks for your great post! It sure sounds as if your experience with the guy watching you shitting was very similar to mine. Incidentally, is Newquaye in England? How old are you? I'm 23 years old and I live in California. I am also a surfer and hang out at the beach a lot. I have always enjoyed shitting with other dudes around. One of the beaches my buddies and me surf at gives me lots of opportunities. The restroom/change room is a single large room on the beach front. It has a trough urinal and two doorless stalls along one wall. Along the opposite wall of the room is a long bench for the surfers to change and a shower stall. I often take my dump in one of the doorless stalls while several guys are changing opposite me. Most of the guys are regulars there and talk to me while I am dumping. Sometimes in the mornings, the place is real busy. Recently, one of the two toilets was clogged up and full of turds. I was in the one functioning toilet stall. A line of guys waiting to shit formed in front of my stall. I was taking my time squeezing out some nice large logs. The guy at the front of the line got impatient and said to me: "Hey Dude, either shit or get off the pot - I've got to go real bad." When I change into my surfing gear, I also take the opportunity to watch my buddies and other guys take a dump. Doorless toilet stalls are real great! I look forward to hearing some more stories from you.

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas to you all.

I was out around Manchester the other night. As I was walking I noticed numerous semi-dried-up streams on the pavenent (US:Sidewalk)
i started thinking that there seemed so many, but maybe I have just paid more attention to that sort of thing since I started visiting this site.
About 80% of the streams came from standing wees, the other 20% were from squatting wees. It's not unusual for me to contribute towards these street wees, but some people were definitely much bolder than I could ever be.
The boldest evidence of one I saw was in St.Peter's Square. It was very fresh, still running slightly. Someone had done a standing wee against the CCTV camera post on the tram-stop. Unless that persom's mates shielded them, a whole lot of people must have seen that one.
A few minutes later, I saw a guy, about 17-19 weeing into a litter bin. His mates were in the adjacent fried chicken shop, heckling him. The bin was one of those square ones with a fixed lid and slots on all four sides. The slots were at just the right height for him and gave good shielding, though it was obvious what he was doing.
A few hours later, as I was walking to the station for my train home, I noticed a guy walk up a dark side street towards some Biffa bins and he looked like he was pulling his pants down. Intrigued, I decided to walk around the block and have a nosey on the way back.
There was no poop, but it smelled like plenty of people had weed there. I added my name to the list.
I didn't see any women in the act, but I suppose if I stayed around till the night clubs close, there'd be quite a few. Hmmmm....

Si :)

To Mia: It wasn't hard pushing that shit out with a suppository. And it took maybe 5 minutes, not even 5 minutes.

To Stunned Girl: I loved your story about the unisex bathroom and that guy coming in. That must have been nice. I love unisex bathooms...There is one at my work, it's in another building that i go to sometimes. I requested to go there yesterday just cause the work is easier there and cause of the unisex bathroom. When i've gone in there it's been just me using the unisex bathroom so far. I had to pee like a race horse too when i was there.

To David: I liked your story about having to shit while you were watching the surfers...then you are done and you forget to put your swimsuit back on, funny!!!

A Merry Xmas to all from myself and my wife Theresa.

Tonyellow. I wasnt having a go at you. If you are called Tony then thats your name, its a common enough one. Thanks however for voluntarily adopting Tonyellow so readers dont get confused I suppose I ought to call myself Tonybrown or Tonyjobbie?

Ive been doing some contract work recently and got invited to my customers staff Xmas party. Now as you can imagine the toilets got heavy usage. I was in the gents toilet when one of the girls came in and said the queue (line) for the ladies was huge and she was desparate. She went into a cubicle (stall) and I went into the adjoining one. I heard her do a long powerfull wee wee then with an NNN! AH" KURSPLOOSH" she passed a big solid one. I waited till she wiped her bum pulled up her knickers and went out then had a look as she obligingly hadnt pulled the flush. A single big fat lumpy jobbie floated in the pan. It was about 8 inches long but about 2.5 inches fat at its widest point, carrot shaped and knobbly.

Theresa has just done a whopper as we got up early as we have to cook for a joint Xmas dinner with our friends George and Moira. We are going over to their house but taking some of the food with us. On getting up we went to the toilet together. I only needed a pee but Theresa passed a nice big easy sausage, a 12 inch long beacher so no sound effects Im afraid. It just slid out as she was doing her wee wee. It still lying in the pan, gently curved, smooth, a bit smelly. I will probably buddy dump my own jobbie on top of it sometime between now and before we go at about out at about 11am this morning..

All the best and happy Yule Logs to all!

Monday, December 25, 2000

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this site,and posting from a friends computer who used to post her sometime back. I'm a 22 year old hispanic girl who kind of looks like Jennifer Lopez, only wiht thicker lips, and shorter legs! I'm five foot one, and look kind of like a lttle girl on the toilet when I poop with my toes barely able to tuch the floor. Anyway, I got interested in tis sort of thing because of my uncle Raphael(ralph)who would walk in on me when I was doing a poop. At first I thought it was accidental, but as I got older, he did it alot. I do really big ones that are really smelly, and embaraissing. He saw me with my sweatpants pulled up around my thighs, and my panties pulled up higher. I crapped a big one right when he came in, and he said he was sorry, but didn't close the door all the way, and watched me from outside. Since then, I've done it for my friends, (male, adn female.) I did a big one tojnigt, 4 big smelly sausages that almost clogged the toilet. If you're intere! sted, I'll post more when I get the chance. I love how open you all are! Merry Christmas!

Lori I dont make any special attempt to get to the bathroom if I just feel the need to fart. I will hold it until Im sure no one is close enough to hear, or, if I feel confident enough, I will let it out slowly and quietly. I actually get very embarrassed if I make a noise in public. I have noticed though, that very often my poo will make me fart as it comes down inside me to get ready to come out. The problem is that I always hold my poo until the last minute. On several occasions I have been just outside the bathroom, obviously in a hurry and probably with an anxious look on my face, my mission very obvious, and a loud fart has forced its way out. Again its really embarrassing when people turn and look and Im sure they are convinced I am already doing it in my panties having not quite reached the toilet in time. But no I dont make a special effort to get to a bathroom but like you I end up in the same situation. Lots of love Melissa.
Adrian You might be right, I think she is a little too far forward; it actually looks uncomfortable to me. I would guess it was posed. Just so that you know, whenever I pee, I sit fairly well back on the toilet in an upright position. Its the most comfortable position and since if anything my pee tends to shoot just a little forward, its more practical. On the other hand if Im doing a poo then yes I sit quite far forward and I lean right over until my chest is almost touching my thighs. Its not very comfortable but it really does help my poo to come out. Also I find I stay a little cleaner Hope this helps Melissa.

HI. I have been reading the posts at this site for a while but felt too shy to post anything of my own until now.
Aaron - I read your stories about your friends Jamie and Michelle and they reminded me of something that happend when I was about 6. My mother enrolled me in ballet and dance. One day while I was in my dance class one of the girls stopped suddenly, siad something like "Oh" followed by UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNH. We all were wearing pink leotards with white tights. We all looked agt her when we heard the noise and saw that she was pooping right there in her pants. Apparently she really had to go and didn't tell anyone. The back of her leotards filled out becoming very brown. As kids will do, we all started laughing at her predicament. I laughed so I wet my pants on the dance floor too. It wasn't so funny when the pee was running down my legs and I was soaking my pants. Everyone was now laughing at both of us. It was really bad cause I had to wait quite a while for my mom to return, she had gone to the store while I was in the class. When the other kids moms came to ! pick them up they were real quick to point out what happend to me and the other girl. Comments and snickers were all over the place. I was so embarassed I will never forget it.

Last night i woke up in the middle of the night cause i was thirsty. Then i get back in bed and i had to shit. I decided to hover over the toilet bowel instead of sitting. I pushed out several 6 inch logs then it was followed by mushy and soft shit. I wiped and i left it there over night. Then i flushed when i woke up in the am. When i woke up i realized i had some dreams about going to the bathroom and that i had this one that i had to pee(when i woke up i had to pee badly) and i was hovering over the bowl and my stepsister was around and she said do u have to dump? Im like no. I think i had another dream about the bathroom...can't remember now.

To anwser Lori's question,When i was in the military i remember one morning being on the toilet takeing my morning dump,we had eight side by side stalls with no doors and across from the stalls were a row of sinks and once i saw this girl kelly who was a short trim blonde walk over to the sink across from me and she was nude except for white towel wrapped around her wet hair and flip flops on her feet and she was singing to her self very softly,she lifted her arm to put on her deoderent and as she did i heard her start to do a string of farts,the kind i call machinegun farts that go putt,putt,putt like that,she kept on with her morning routine as i continued with mine just as each other were not there,it was actualy quite common to do it i think,i know i have sliped away from my boyfrien into a ladies room to fart a few times myself.

pooping women
Well i had a final shit again today i was unbelieveable. well i was sitting on front porch and i was reading my book and i was sitting there half nude and enojoying the sunshine and well i made this loud fart sound and ment over to get up as i did i felt the soft turd coming slideing out of my butt and then i saw it drop on the grass i used it over the side or the front porch i done about 7 more little soft round turds 3 big 12 inch turds . I felt like i had not shit in days . Well i'm relieved now . catch ya soon ..

Cliff: I enjoyed your post about how much you enjoy your poop slowly emerging. I feel exactly the same! I also sit on the toilet and let things take their natural course without any straining. It feels just great as the turd starts its progress out of my asshole. The more slowly the rest of the turd emerges, the more I enjoy it. I find that my enjoyment is increased if I have a male friend around while I poop. I am 24 years old and have had about 9 boyfriends. Most of them have been comfortable being with me while I take a good slow poop. I like talking to them as a great big turd slowly eases its way out of my asshole. Some make the experience more enjoyable for me by being affectionate. Have you ever tried to increase your enjoyement by allowing a lover or friend to be present while you poop? Let me know. Amy

Nicole & Suzy
Hello to all our very special friends here, just a quick post to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.
Kendal - Hello my friend we will be thinking of you and Louise and PV tomorrow becoase we plan to do some standing wees for Christmas at Suzy's house, her parents will be out for a while and the bathroom is wonderfull, its all tiled with a hole in the middle od the floor as a shower and its al sloping towards it, we can do what we like in there! This will be Xmas evening and we will drink gallons all after noon till we are readdy to explode! This will be the first time we have really had a go at it properly and in the Nude! I'll tell all probly on Tuesday. Have fun, love from us 2 XXXX

Kendal's Dad - You are a lovely Dad and Kendl is very lucky, I'm glad you are now one of us and will post some more. N & S. XX

Enjoyed your post Melissa. I knew there had to be others who enjoy the totally overwhelming, wonderful feeling as the ring and hole starts to open and it starts out on its own (without you having to push it). I too sometimes pinch off to push it back in. That also causes a good feeling. Sometimes I get a piece partly out, and it won't go further on its own. Then, if I'm in a hurry, I will push it. I have noticed that if I wait until my body can get it out without my pushing, a lot comes out. In other words, when it finally starts, it keeps coming and coming until I'm empty. This total feeling as everything finally rushes out is wonderful. Also, there is an after-feeling for a few moments. Of course, to do this, you can't be in a hurry.

Bryian---was it hard to push out that log even with the suppisitory? How long did it take?

Kim and Scott--keep up the nice stories.

Kendal--good to see you back.

Buzzy--your stories are fun to read.

I haven't had any memorable dumps the last two weeks. There was one that was pretty thick and long but was a breeze to push out.

In High School girls would go into the bathroom and fart,it was the only place besides the locker room where you could be sure no boys could here you.

Once i was brushing my hair in the mirror and a couple of my friends were on either side of me when i let out a long loud blast and the girl next to me said ewwwwwww and started to wave her hand next to my ass and we all cracked up.

Stunned Girl
Cute guys really do poop!

The other day I went into a unisex bathroom at work when the building was pretty empty. I peed like a racehorse and release a few pieces of poop(no smell,nothing to write home about, btw)After flushing I sat back down and decided to change my tampon. As I was finished this very cute guy from work came in and sat down four stalls away. I was pretty sure he didn't see me and boy, was I excited. He peed a little also, which was followed by a minute of silence. I just couldn't wait to hear what would happen next from Mr. Hottie.
He sighed a little and released some pretty loud plopping. I couldn't believe such a cute guy actually pooped! Then there was some silence so I knew he must have more up in him. He let out a soft grunt (uh!) followed by a crackling noise. He had to grunt in order to poop! He sighed and let out a louder grunt and I heard a loud splash. He wiped, got up and flushed. As he passed by I caught a wiff of his cologne.
He washed his hands and just as he was about to leave he yelled, "Hope you enjoyed it!"
I was so embarrassed.

Greta: Great to hear from you! In answer to your question, my stepsons, Josh and Joel, never let me see them naked or while pooping. They often use the bathroom for showering or pooping, however, while my husband Bill is in there. Since I am only their stepmom, I can understand their modesty with me. They don't, however, seem to consider my feelings about being walked in on while naked after a shower or while taking a pee or a dump. Obviously, they get off on seeing me nude or on the toilet. As I mentioned in previous posts, I am not at all interested in seeing them nude or on the toilet. Bill thinks there is no harm in them seeing me in my private moments and I shall not try to stop this. Thanks for your interest. How are things going with your sons? It is great that you have such open relationships in your family. Love, Sue

Louise: Thanks for your advice about my stepsons. I guess I was a bit naive about this. I had only sisters and have no children of my own. I feel dumb about it, but you and several other posters have pointed out that the guys probably use the bathroom for jacking off as well as for showering, peeing and pooping. I shall not ever intrude on them. This could be embarrassing for me and them. Thanks for the advice. Sue

PV: I was most interested in your thoughtful analysis of the "open" bathroom policies that apply in my home and Kate's. They are really different, but similar situations. Usually, guys seem to be less worried about being seen nude or on the toilet than us gals. In Kate's and my situations, however, we cannot have privacy, even if we want to, while the guys expect total privacy while in the shower or on the toilet. I don't really mind my stepsons walking in on me, but it is a double standard. I am grateful for the advice of all the posters at this site. They all, like my husband Bill, felt that it was good for my stepsons and educational for them to see me nude after a shower or while taking a pee or a poop. They also all felt that I should never walk in on my stepsons while they are in the bathroom. You are the only poster who appreciated that this is a double standard and perhaps is even sexist. Thanks for your wise comments, Sue

Tony: I am sorry I used your name, did not know you were here already. No, I am not from America, but yes, I am into urination. "Therefore" I'll use a modified name in occasional posts here.
Merry Xmas!

Your comments were interesting. It is pretty much my choice not to have privacy. Im sure if I decided otherwise my family would respect that. At the moment though I quite like to have company while Im on the loo.

I think we all got a shock when we saw your dads post first thing for me was to wonder whether it was genuine and whether it was going to be unpleasant. Reading on it was obvious it was genuine and then that it wasnt at all unpleasant but really nice I really enjoyed the story about him with your aunt. You said you wouldnt mind him seeing you on the toilet now but from his post it sounded as though he might not want to do that. Im looking forward to hearing what happens next and if you talk to him about it. As you know my dads seen me on the toilet virtually every day for the whole of my life, but I dont really discuss it with him it just happens. It isnt at all awkward for either of us though. He doesnt try and look away or anything.
I havent been looking at this site for so long and I havent picked up on how old you are and where you are I guess youre a bit younger than me and in the states Im in England.
Youre right my brother Matthew is really nice Paul is too, but Matthews closer to my age. Hes quieter too and isnt out as much as Paul so I see a lot more of him and were really close. Hes really bright and helps me with my schoolwork and stuff he almost always comes in with me when Im doing my evening poo and tests me on something or we just talk. Ive got so used to it that I dont really like going alone. If Matthews not about I sometimes ask someone else to come with me often my dad.
I can tell from you posts and his how nice Andrew is and how good he is to you.
You were right about it being ok if Pauls friend his names Phil by the way and hes seventeen and about a foot taller than me saw me again. Thats already happenned. The other evening Id stayed on late at school and got home really bursting for a wee. Paul and Phil were in Pauls bedroom with the door open. Id just got into the bathroom and lifted my skirt up with my fingers in my pants just about to take them down when Phil appeared at the door. I paused briefly feeling quite emabarassed but decided to carry on after all hed already seen everything and this time was only a wee. I think he might have caught me in the act deliberately . We live in a bungalow and he may have heard me tell my mum I was going for a wee. It was quite funny though because wed only spoken a couple of times, once whilst I was having a poo. So he was sort of making small talk hi have a good day at school kind of thing - while I was undressing and weeing. I could tell he was trying t! o act natural and not stare at my naughty bits but he definitely had a good look a couple of times. Im not sure how much he would have been able to see. The loo is only a couple of yards from the doorway where he was standing and hes quite high up because hes tall. I made sure my skirt and pants were well out of the way. He did say to me after Id finished It looked like you needed that. Im not sure whether that meant he could see my gushing stream. I told him I was really desperate and nearly had to go in the street on the way home. It was nice that he could talk about it.

ANONYMOUS - I am 27 and - you are right - English is my second language. It seems age does not say anything about bladder capacity. I'll keep trying ...

BARRY - When I collect my piss I never do it kneeling, I am always standig and pee into a small bowl, preferably in living room (I have a wooden floor and no carpets, so an accident is no big mess).
I have noticed that when I pee standing I can't empty my bladder totally. There is still some pee coming out when I go to the toilet right afterwards.

Speaking of celebrities having accidents: Deborah Norville was said to have had diarrhea on herself while conducting an interview on the "Today Show". Sheb Wooley (of "Purple People Eater" fame) admitted to an onstage accident. Rumor has it that Cindy Williams has bowel incontinence. Jenny McCarthy admits to messing herself in school. Sandra Bullock supposedly can't control her bladder; Suzanne Somers and Cristina Ricci are both admitted bedwetters. Doris Day (remember her?) tells of a spectacular wetting accident she had during a talent show, and also alludes to wearing diapers early in her big-band career (she had "nervous diarrhea"). And no less a celeb than Barbra Streisand (!!!) once said in a TV interview that she'd laughed so hard, she wet herself!

Rizzo Great story I cann't wait to hear more, myself & the boy down the road used to have potty races to see who could go first or produces the most. Any one else got a potty story, please share with us.

Your holiday travel plans may not take you to outer space, but I thought you'd enjoy this goodie by British science fiction writer Sir Arthur Clarke (author of "2001: a Space Odyssey" and also the screenplay of that film, directed by Stanley Kubrick). It's from Clarke's article on the effects of zero gravity, National Geographic Magazine, January, 2001.

"Weightlessnes does have certain problems, however, and NASA's famous - or infamous - flying laboratory, the aptly named 'Vomit Comet,' has been used to study some of them. The plane's carefully controlled flight pattern can produce weightlessness for nearly half a minute. One of the great unsung moments in the conquest of space was when the Vomit Comet was used to test space-toilet design. The heroic volunteers had a mere 30-second window of opportunity."

Hoping your holiday toilet visits are more relaxed than that. Good Holiday cheer, everyone! - Traveler To CLIFF - Oh, yes! I'm with you and lots of others here, I'm sure, about the great sensation of a good dump. It's one of life's special pleasures. MELISSA, you described it really well. Thanks.

Hello and a Merry Christmas to everyone.
I have been reading from this sight for awhile and most of the posts are very good almost to good to be true. Example The women who' teenage sons walk in while she is using the bathroom but she cannot walk in while they are using the bathroom? If I was in a suitation like that I would just walk in on each of them. Fair play is fair play.Andrew and Kendal-Have you been doing poops together all of these years and you parents never knew about it? Don't get me wrong I am no prud I love pooping and hearing others pooping,I like to look at poop etc. I am 19yrs old a male just thought I would ask.
Thanks for reading this. Homer USA

I had an interesting experience yesterday that I thought I would share. I was in the elevator in the building I work in with one of my co-workers and his girlfriend. We had all just come back from lunch. This guy is very tall with a large build. He was flipping through some papers he had in his hand and his girlfriend had her hand around his waist. All of a sudden, this guy ripped a very loud fart that lasted quite a while. He looked up from his papers with a mock-surprised look and then looked down at the floor and started laughing quietly. While he was still laughing, his girlfriend put her hand on his cheek and turned his face towards hers. He stopped laughing and looked at her with this open-mouthed kind of duh look, like what d'ya want? Then he realized that she wanted to kiss him and he smiled leaned over and they open-mouth kissed for a few seconds. They stopped when the elevator reached the floor we were all getting out on and he says I gotta shit bad. H! is girlfriend laughs and they both head out of the elevator. I had to shit as well so I followed them. When they got to the mens room he kissed her again briefly and she stood there like she was going to wait for him. He went in and I followed. He quickly took the first stall and I went into the second. He slammed the door and locked it quickly and without using a seat cover he unbuckled and unzipped his pants. I could sense his urgency. I did the same. The very instant that his ass hit the seat I could hear that infamous crackling sound. It started out very slowly like it was a big fat one and he was groaning loudly to get it out. Then the crackle quickened quite a bit as the last part of the turd shot out of his hole and splashed into the water. At that point I started to shit but the sound of my log was drowned out by his loud grunts and the loud crackle and expulsion of his next turd, which was followed quickly by two more. It was like this: crackle, crackle,! schlump, splash, three times in succession. He groaned loudly and said, Oh man. Then I heard a sharp intake of breath and then he blasted another loud fart, followed by a grunt. There was complete silence for a minute and then I heard him start to groan and grunt again and all of a sudden a landslide of softer shit just came pouring out of his ass for about 10 seconds. It was really loud and there were many splashes! He was groaning again and there were a whole bunch more farts and a little more soft shit and then he was done. He sighed loudly and started to wipe. It was quite a show and I found it very exciting. After we both wiped, we both came out of our stalls and washed our hands side by side. He looked at me and says, "That was good!" I laughed. When we left the men's room, his girlfiends was waiting for him and she says, "How'd it go?". He smiles and says, "It was a good one." She then pushed him against the wall and kisses him again and then they headed t! owards his office.


Thank you, I am glad I could help lend some clarity to your curious but admittedly kinda cute home situation. While PV puts forward logically that a double-standard is at work, and I know you did first, I know from both friends' and my own experiences that family chemistry usually supercedes standards consistency. (Gettin' wordy ain't we.) Anyway, you said upfront you were not uncomfortable with the current goings-on, and like I said, since it's not kept cloaked, it will likely fizzle. Better, I hope it becomes a point of laughter in the future, for you and yours. I am curious how you aren't uncomfortable using the toilet (particularly "#2") with one of your stepsons in the room with you. Doesn't he make remarks on your efforts and effects? Lastly, I am SO envious of the boys! Thanks for your feedback Sue.


hey Donny the Custodian, which state do you live in? It would be awesome if you were a custodian at our school b/c our restrooms aren't kept clean enough. The guys never flush the urinals and it stinks in there sometimes. The girls never flush either cuz sometimes I go in there restroom after school and look at what they've done in their toilets and sometimes sit on one that has their pee in it and do a number three cuz just knowing that a girl sat there and did that in the toilet gives me a buzz. The only restrooms I'll use to go number two are the ones in the locker rooms b/c they are the cleanest.

Sunday, December 24, 2000

JacobG in Florida
I posted a couple of months ago about a friend who asked me to use his digital camera to make an mpg video of him pooping. Well, it happened again. We've been best friends since the 6th grade. I was even his best man in his wedding a few years ago. However, until that first incident a couple of months ago, I never knew he had an interest in this subject matter. Life can be so amazing sometimes.

I am the webmaster for my friend's automotive business. I don't charge him. In return, my friend does a lot of work on my car and truck without charging me. Last night (Friday) he came over to change some belts and hoses on my truck. He spent about two hours in my garage working on it. When I heard him loading his tools into his car, I went out to thank him. At that point, he remarked that he had to poop and he wanted me to use his digital camera to make another video of him pooping. I was a little nervous about this because my roommate, who was out Christmas shopping, was due back anytime. I agreed, but said we would have to hurry. He retrieved his digital camera from his car and we went inside. I mentioned this in my first post about this, but I'll mention it again for the benefit of those who didn't see my first post. I don't really care to see or smell poop. I would much rather just see a guy sitting on the toilet pooping. My friend really likes to see it ! coming out, which is why he likes the mpg videos of himself pooping. Anyway, we went into the bathroom. He reminded me how to use the camera. Then, he pulled down his jeans, pulled up his shirt, and sat on the toilet. Bumping my head on the bathroom sink in the process, I got down behind the toilet and leaned against the wall. He has a slender frame, so he is able to sit far forward on the seat leaving plenty of room for me to get a good shot of his anus. He told me not to start filming until he said he was ready. He then leaned forward and started grunting. I saw his anus pucker. He took another deep breath and grunted again. I heard a little Pffft and he said he was ready. I pressed the little button on the camera. He took a deep breath and pushed. Nothing was happening. He was pushing hard. I saw his face and neck turning red. I thought, he better hurry up and poop or take a breath, or something. About that time, five of those little cannon ball-type poops ! started flying out of his anus and kerplopping into the toilet. He let out a loud sigh, I stopped filming, and we both burst out laughing. After we stopped laughing, I asked if anymore was coming. He took a deep breath, pushed, and replied that he was done for now. Fortunately for me, there was no smell. He wiped about five times, flushed, and walked out of the bathroom without washing his hands. I made him go back and wash his hands. After that, we walked out into my garage and he replayed the video and had another good laugh. I thought it was good. We could even hear the grunting and kerplops. He, on the other hand, did not think I zoomed in close enough to get a good view of the poop coming out. He ejected the disk out of the camera and wrote "sh*t" on it. Since he didn't think it was good, I asked him if I could have it. He said "no," and with that, he dropped the disk into his camera case and that was the end of that.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone. Please keep up the great posts. Also, thanks to the moderators for this great site.

I was on holiday recently in Newquaye and my mates were going surfing. It was early in the morning and we were chilling on the beach. My mates were reading a newspaper, and I was watching the surfers. I suddenly felt the urge to have a shit, so I told my mates I was going to the toilet. They often joked about bowel movements, so I just went. I wandered to the toilets and pulled open the door. There were three stalls, two were full, and one was empty. So I walked and in locked the door. Unfortunately I had to strip nude due to my swimsuit. I placed it on the broken hanger on the wooden door and quickly sat down on the can. The doors were not great because both your neighbour and pissers could see you, but I like to put on quite a performance. My legs were wide open with my huge dick in mid - air. I was sitting away from the toilet - as usual and began to squeeze. Only a farts came out at first, a man was stalking me outside. He was young with blonde wavy hair with a goaty. I dr! opped several logs. After several painful squeezing minutes I had finished. I sttod up and reached for the bog roll.Very little was left, so I shouted the 'F' word at the top of my voice. The other two stalls were still occupied so I was quite embarrased. Anyway I sttod up off the can and bent over to give the stalker a sexy bum. He soon disappeared. I wiped my bum until it was clean and flushed the tatty chain. I unlocked the door, and 'SHIT' I was nude. I had forgotten to put the swimsuit back on. Luckliy no one was there, so I ran in to the stall and zipped it up. I reopended the door and washed my hands.

To Mark, I seemed to have a similar experience to you - please write back

kim and scott
hello all! happy holidays!! TO KENDAL- i did ask your cuz andrew if he saw michael junior or not. he has not looked him up. maybe you can show him later .since its much easier for you to do it then me. plus you asked me if i have a big ass because i squeeze out such huge logs. well kendal you dont have to have a big ass to squeeze out big logs. as a matter of fact you can be a big girl or a small girl who can squeeze out big logs or a big girl or small girl who cant and does small logs. as a matter of fact my ass is quite shapely along with the rest of my body!!! I am not overweight anywhere . i just happen to be lucky enough to squeeze out these enormous logs continually.thanks for the question honey and it was sooo interesting to hear from your daddy. say hello to cuz andrew for me . toodles....

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