Hi you all,
My earliest childhood memory of a pooping incident is of me lying on my back looking up and seeing my mother's face looking down at me. She is holding up a white cloth with a brown heap on it and she is uttering "ewwww!", but she is smiling.
I also distinctly remeber standing on a lawn under tall tress filling my nappies/diapers and my mother saying: "awww, now we have to go home to change your clothes".
Later I had a baby sister two years younger. We must have been about 3and 5 years old and we were out of nappies/diapers. When we had to go, and we soon learned to have to go at the same time, we were each of us sat on a chamber pot. We had great fun buddy dumping! Those were the happy days! One chamber pot was out of porcelain of an off-white colour, the other one was enamelled white with a blue rim. My baby sister could do astounding things on the potty. She could tighten her ???? thighs and sort of move backwards and forwards, tereby creating a vacuum in the potty that produced farting noises. I had to laugh so much, that I fell over backwards, full potty and all, making a big mess on the wooden floor. The old lady we called Grannie, but who was not really our grandma and who took care of us children when mother was out, was not amused, but she adored us and shielded us from parental wrath. Another of my little sister's feats on the potty was to lean back while peeing.! This made her pee rise up between her thighs creating a little yellow triangular puddle. Her problem was to stop in time to be able to let the pee drain down into the potty. If she stopped to late which happened more often than not, the pee ran past her knees to splash on to the floor. Again Grannie was not amused.
Then we came upon the idea of playing catch on our potties. We held on to the rim with both hands and pulled ouselves forward with our heels making the potty slide acros the floor in jerks. Soon I discovered that pushing with my feet and thereby going backwards could make me go faster. I proceeded to speed around on the carpet in the middle of the room in this way to avoid sis trying to catch me. Got caught in a fold of rumpled carpet and tipped over backwards, the contents of the potty splashing over me.
The end of potty sport came suddenly: Grannie was taking our full potties to the bathroom for emptying and we children were running around continuing to play catch. One of us collided with Grannie sending both potties flying. Alas, the porcelain potty, the more comfortable one, shattered to bits on hitting the tiled floor just inside the bathroom door. So there was only one potty left. No more buddy dumping indoors. We resumed buddy dumping, but outdoors, but that is another story. So now it was I who had to use the toilet of the grown up's. Already earlier on my parents had tried to persuade me to use the bathroom like grown up people do. I did not want to because I was afraid of falling in! It was an old fashioned bowl, comparably as high as a table top is to an adult! It had a dark brown wooden seat, a heavy lid to match and the flushing was done by pulling on a handle dangling almost out of reach on the end of a brass chain. The water for flushing was stored in a small! tank just below the ceiling, and when released, sounded like a major cataract. As I said, to little me it was scary. But it was no use. Potty broken, use the big toilet now.
So much about my earliest childhood memories, I will continue when I have chance to write about how I was plagued by pooping accidents during the first ten ten years or so of my life and why this happened.
In case this gets posted before the 25th, I wish you all a peaceful and harmonious Christmas.

Sara T.
Last night I spent the evening with two friends, Ivette and Virginia. We had gotten out of the pool and went into this carpeted storage room for towels and we all had to pee. Virginia said, "Just go on the carpet, I do it all the time." We stood and peed through our panties.
Then later on we wound up eating bran cereal and it made Ivette and I crap a LOT. We went together once downstairs. Then I went again while she was in the shower. Then we went three or four times each this morning. She had diarrhea and I had very small sticky balls of crap. In and out of the bathroom- my ass felt like it was on fire!

Cliff Ė I know exactly how you feel. I just love to sit on the toilet and let everything happen naturally. Sometimes I can sit for ten minutes or more just savoring that wonderful full feeling knowing that eventually my hole will soon open and the real sensations will begin. Sometimes, just to add to the pleasure, I squeeze my ring shut which pushes my poop back inside. When I relax I get to feel the sensations as my poo drops down again and my hole once more swells under the pressure. If you have read my previous posts you might know that one of my big problems is that my poo will often start to come out only to stop with the tip protruding. Although the sensations are exquisite I have become frustrated at times waiting for it to continue. I found that if I keep squeezing it back, eventually it wonít stop but keeps going, opening up my hole and I get to finish my poo. And yes I agree that the best part is feeling my ring expand as the tip slowly eases out. Lotís of l! ove - Melissa

Question for the other females.

Do any of you ever just step into the ladies room to fart?

I have done this occasionaly since i was in my teens and i am now 39.
For example i'll be in a mall and start to get that feeling you get when a big one is building and if i'm near the restroom i just go over infront of the sink and check my makeup or hair and let it come out when it's ready to do so,a couple of my friends do the same thing.

Once when i did this it came out much louder then i expected it and it felt real warm which usualy means a bad one and since a woman was at the sink next to me i said sorry,i didn't think it would be so loud and she said whats to be sorry about this is the place to do it,right.

Last Sunday i had diahreah...and last night(Thursday) i realized i hadn't had to shit since(that was 4 days). So i knew it was time for a Supisitory. I entered it up my butt and i felt hard and dry shit up there. I just wasn't getting the urge before the supisitory. I entered it up there and about 10 min later i had to go. Oh what a relive it was. I produced this hard log which was really soild about about 8-10 inches long. Then i sat more cause i felt more shit up me and pushed a few smaller pieces out. Then i felt some gas and farted and then a bit of soft poop came out. I wiped alot and then flushed.

Last post I was telling about the first time I saw a girl pee, a childhood friend of mine named Jamie. Not too long after this incident, her sister Michelle wet her pants at the birthday party for one of the kids in the neighborhood. We had all been playing freeze-tag outdoors, during which time she had apparently been ignoring her bladder's need for relief, as kids frequently do when having fun. When the game was over, we all headed indoors, most of us heading straight for the one bathroom we were allowed to use. A long line formed in the hall. Michelle made the mistake of drinking a glass of water before getting in line which put her near the end and also increased her desperation. Almost immediately, she started complaining and squirming. I watched her intently, because I had never seen anyone carry on such a display before. She made it until only a couple of kids were in front of her in line, and then her eyes widened and she hollered "OH!" and clutched her abdomen. It! looked like she was going to unbutton her pants, but she just stood there with a sheepish look on her face and wet her white shorts in front of everyone. I couldn't take my eyes off of her until her mother came to pick her up, I was so intrigued.
Another time, I was playing with Michelle and Jamie at their house one afternoon. Their mother went to the store and left us at the house. We were playing in their room when we heard a strange noise from elsewhere in the house. Michelle and I were scared, but Jamie said she wasn't scared, and she left to check it out. For whatever reason, she didn't come back, and Michelle and I were convinced that someone or something was in the house and that it had gotten Jamie. We sat on the floor in the corner of her room and whispered to each other for fear the "Thing" would hear us and find us. Michelle whispered to me, "I gotta pee, but I'm not going out there, I'll just hold it." A minute or so later, she said more urgently, "I gotta pee!" But we sat still on the floor. A few minutes later, she said suddenly "I'm gonna pee! I can't hold it!" She sat with that same wide eyed expression, but she seemed to regain control for a few seconds. Then she closed her eyes tight and w! impered "I'm gonna pee, I'm gonna pee... I'm peeing!" I watched her pee in her purple corduroy pants sitting on the floor right next to me. She was visibly relieved when she finished, and she wasn't at all ashamed of what she had done. After all, it was better than being eaten by a monster!
Another time, Michelle and Jamie and I were playing on the playground at school. Jamie said she needed to use the batroom, so we all decided we'd take a break and go. Jamie must have been holding it for a while, because when we got in the building, she started running. Her shorts started dripping as she ran, and then she just stopped and stood still with her legs apart and really let loose a flood! She peed much more than Michelle had on the prevoius occasions. Michelle and I were the only ones in the hall, and we watched as the dark spot on the crotch of her cute blue shorts spread until they were soaked in front. At the same time, yellow streams poured down both of her legs and dripped from her crotch, splattering loudly as a large puddle formed at her feet. When she had finished, Jamie ran to the bathroom and cried, but Michelle went in and consoled her. When they came out, Jamie had decided it was funny, and she giggled a lot. She held her book bag in front of h! er to conceal her drenched pants as we walked with her to go call their Mom.
Like I said in the last post, these two sisters' accidents which I witnessed fascinated me. I had never seen guys wet their pants, and I had never wet myself either, except a few bedwettings. I decided that girls must have a lot harder time keeping control than guys. I still have this fascination today, although I have never witnessed an adult or adolescent female peeing herself. I did have a woman tell me that she wet herself while we were riding together in a truck (previous post), but her long shirt concealed any signs of wetness. Also, an ex-girlfriend of mine got drunk and wet herself before she could sit on the toilet, but she had closed the bathroom door, so I didn't witness the wetting. In fact, I only found out because I felt that the back of her skirt was soaked when she lay down next to me in bed. She tried to deny what had happened, but finally admitted "I did piss my panties in the bathroom" and then she changed clothes. I have seen women pee in public o! r other odd places a number of times too, which was really cool.
Still, I have never truly witnessed any females past puberty take a major pee in their pants. So any stories shared by the women or teenagers posting at this site have really been great, and I look forward to hearing more. Could you include what you were thinking/how it felt when it happened? Did you totally lose control or did you let go deliberately? I look forward to hearing your responses, I'm sure you all have plenty of great stories. It seems like most of the posts at this site are focused on crapping, so let's get some more pee stories going, male and female alike.

Smith--- You seem like an interesting person...
At the moment, I don't have any good stories to tell. But be assured, when I do, I'll certainly share them! :)

For those of you who'd like to know. I'm an 18 year old female, from Australia. I've noticed a few fellow Aussie's here, too! A special G'day to them! I'm from Melbourne! I feel kind of unfitting here at the moment, but I'm sure I'm not the only new person! And, I'm sure I'll get to be friends with a good percentage of you guys! Drop me a line if you want, people!

Good pees and poops to you all,



I like the new picture. Given the angle at which the lady's perched my guess is that she's either posing or doing a good solid motion. I think if she tried to wee sat at that angle she'd be lucky not to wet the seat. Perhaps one of the ladies would like to comment on this observation?

Anne (the bus driver). It was a pleasure to read your post. I can well believe that you've been busy in the run up to Christmas - I know the feeling. Arrgh! I liked reading about your two big motions on the same day. Your big poos are certainly impressive but two in one day is quite something (22 inches in all). I think the lavatory attendant would undoubtedly have his work cut out the next morning. Did you have any breakfast that morning before you set out? I hope you did as nutritionally it's the most important meal of the day. Generally I need a wee when I first get up (who doesn't)but the need for a motion doesn't usually arise until after breakfast, if then. Today I attended our office Christmas lunch and ate well, having all the traditional fayre. No doubt I'll have a big motion in consequence either later tonight or in the morning. Last night I did a big panful with three largish sausages each
about 8 inches long and some other stuff as well. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. No doubt you'll be having Christmas dinner with relatives or friends - I look forward to hearing about the results. Missed you a lot.

Best regards

My God, I died on the spot this morning. I wondered why Dad was grinning like a cheshire cat when I asked if I could go on the computer. Now I know why !

I don't really know quite how I feel about this. Andrew and I have loved having our wonderful secret, but it doesn't seem to be quite the same now Dad knows. I suppose part of the problem is because Andrew and I both use our real names here, which made it easy for Dad to identify us. I'll talk to him later about this. I'm also not going to say anything to Andrew, and let him find out for himself that Dad has posted. I would just love to see his face ! In fact, I might be allowed to go and see him later, so long as he is home from town, then I would be able to see his face !! Thats assuming he hasn't read it already though. Hope not !

DAD: Loved your story about you and Aunty. I had no idea that you used to watch her too. I suppose that for me it must be "like father, like daughter" that I do this with Andrew as well ! Does this mean now that Mum has gone that we can go to the toilet and see each other now if we want to ? Now I know all about this, I wouldn't mind you seeing me on the toilet !

LINDA: Looking forward to hearing your story about the two of us going together ! By the way, have you been on the booze you naughty girl ?! I couldn't make much sense of some of your last post ! However, if you did give me one of those lovely bear hugs of yours while I was bursting for a poo, then it is certain that I would have pooed my panties !! I couldn't believe that Elena has taken Andrew for a poo with her ! Was Cousin allowed to watch as well ? I hope he won't be too jealous. Andrew would never take advantage, and probably would be nervous like Elena described ! Anyway, what do you reckon about my Dad writing on this site. He definitely wrote a good story about him and Andrew's Mum ! I could just picture them in my mind as little children much younger and smaller than we are, taking each other for a wee in the middle of the night and looking after each other like Andrew and I do. Ahhhhhhhhh ! Anyway, this is perhaps my last post before Christmas, dependin! g on what Dad says, so huge hugs to you and Elena and Miguel. Have a lovely time, and don't forget to let me in with you for your Christmas poo. I'll be taking you with me !! lots of love from Kendal xxxxx

STEVE: How kind of you to welcome me back again ! You and Lousie are such lovely people. I hope you both have a very happy Christmas and New year. Love Kendal xx

G: Now you're not a stranger anymore ! Thanks for telling me all about you. I bet Christmas in the North of Scotland will be good. Will it be snowy ? I'm sorry you don't get a chance to see girls have a wee if you like that sort of thing. But never mind, you might get lucky one day. In the mean time I hope you continue to enjoy my stories. This site is so good, with so many girls talking about their wees and poos, I'm sure you can imagine us all going ! Take care, hugs from Kendal x

KATE: Glad I and others were able to help you. I bet your brother's friend who saw you with your nightie right up having a big wee and poo really enjoyed the experience. Perhaps now he's seen you, he will have been bitten by the bug like the rest of us here ! Still, I suppose if he ever stays over again, now he's seen you once, it wouldn't matter if he saw you again ! It sounds like Matthew is a very nice brother to you. Andrew ( Lawn Dogs Kid ) is a lovely cousin to me !

NICOLE: Lovely to hear from you again, and it was good to hear from Suzy as well. It sounds like you both had a lot of fun. Hope your Mum has finally got out of the bath so you could have your wee !! Suzy is a real dare-devil isn't she ? Fancy doing a wee in a lift ! People would see the puddle ! But then I suppose they wouldn't know it was you for certain. Oh, and as for pooing in her panties, I know what that is like don't I ?!! But what about you, weeing down a slide !! I have to say it reminded me of that time I sat on top of Uncle's car and did a wee down the windscreen, just like Mischa Barton did to her Dad's car in the film Lawn Dogs. Andrew told a wonderful story about me doing that, but I don't remember the page number now. Anyway, what has happened to the stand-up wees ? Louise and PV will be disappointed. I shall be practising now I know Dad doesn't mind ! Have a lovely Christmas Nicole, and Suzy too. Lots of love from Kendal xxxx

Better go now. Hope I haven't forgotten to reply to anyone. If I have, I'm very sorry !

Oh yes, I have forgotten someone haven't I ?!

KIM & SCOTT: Thanks for your welcome back again. I don't know if Andrew has seen Michael Junior or not. You'll have to ask him . Your last story, or I suppose it was Scott's really, I don't know how you manage to do such big poos ! I don't mean to be rude or anything, but do you have to have a very big bottom to be able to do big wide poos ?

Right, I'm gone. Have a very happy Christmas everyone, especially to ELLIE and LITTLE LOU and their lovely brother Kev, because I haven't written to you this time !

Also to ILEO: I miss you. Hugs from Kendal xxx

bye bye everyone, love from Kendal xxx

Kendal's Dad
I'm glad to see you posted here and didn't give us hell. I'm a bit impressed that you handled it friendly.I'm sort of the father figure of Kendal's friend on this site Linda.Yes it is odd how"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" isn't it? Alothough I am a bit prudish except around those I know very well I never did any such things except with my now wife Elena when we were small. I grew up pretty much alone with no siblings till 18 so I really didn't have many people to grow up around.. my folks being busy left me with their at the time neighbor.. and that's where I met Elena. I playing the same roll you did many times of being the braver child and protecting Elena from any ghoulies in the dark. (I'm going to get beat up by her for that but who cares)and then later as a comfort to her when she was ill or could not go. It makes me think though... was it all those times when we were small that made us closer? Elena never played with anyone else and anytime I would go oe! ver she'd drop whatever she was doing and come and greet me(One time she was on the potty and came waddling out with her panties around her ankles.. she was 4 at the time and I may not post here agian cause I'll be dead when she finds out I told you)All jokes aside.. we are close.. and we feel we can tell eachother anything.. and oddly enough Elena's mom knew of us back when we would sneak around... and at times I have seen her as well not only as a child but.. most recently...Elena's has banned me from her house.(Luckly not the one we live in)Anyway she's playing.. and she handle's it well. It makes me wonder.. if maybe it was this sharing that made us the way we are..inseperatable. I don't know..but who knows..not me. Anyway sir.. just wnated to say hola and say that regardless you are welcome here.. and I think I speak for all. However you scared poor Linda. Don't worry she'll be back.

To the anonymous poster who asked about the standing female wee --

I gave a description of the basic technique for Nicole and Suzy just a couple of weeks ago -- you should find it five or six pages back. I know it's hard to grasp when society instructs otherwise, but I assure you it's comparatively easy!



I usually collect my urine in a plastic container from the standing position when I'm measuring volume. I use a 500mL (half kilo or so) yoghurt pot, held between my thighs as I stand over the toilet. When I'm ready to measure I'm usually desperate beyond belief, so relaxation causes a powerful flood that is almost beyond description in terms of how it feels! The container rapidly reached a pound in weight -- I halt my flow, empty it and go again, with the second filling therefore beginning at 500mLs. I've not done the kneel/coffee can thing, but I agree it sounds fun!



What an unexpected and delightful surprise! Thank you for posting to this community with openness and candour, and for assuring some very concerned "aunts and uncles" that there are no problems for Kendal and Andrew. This means a lot to many here! I bet Kendal and Andrew get a surprise the next time they log on -- a nice one! And may I add how relieved (pun not intended!) we are that you're home from hospital safe and sound.

Sincerest best wishes for a Merry Christmas,



Thanks for the kind comments on bladder size, I'm not too shabby in those regards, but of course I'm only a wee little'un (!) compared to dear Louise! She'd still be fountaining up the wall when I was well and truly dribbled dry! I believe there have been some studies (clinical) made of the various relationships between urethral diameter, bladder capacity and flow rate, but the bottom line is that human biological variation is almost infinite, and females express the full range from lengthy duration, very narrow streams, to gargantuan gushers of short duration. The record I believe is around 2L, which is beyond grasping!



The issue of the open bathroom policy is an interesting one, and while you each have your situations in balance, there is a common aspect that struck me while thinking about your two otherwise quite different cases. And this is a "double-standard." In each case your homes have an easy-going open bathroom policy, but in each case that only seems to pertain to moments when the sole female in the house is using the toilet or shower. Now, I'm not trying to politicize this point, but that seems unequal to say the least. Sue's stepsons are "at an age" where *they* need *their* privacy, but Sue's is at least partially immaterial (maybe an overstatement, I agree). Kate's older brothers are "at an age" where they have learned to be private and "cannot be expected" to change, while Kate has "learned" by simple necessity that privacy is a concept that, alone in her family, does not apply to her.

I'm not saying that each situation is not entirely workable in and of itself, and satisfactory to those concerned, but it seems a teensy touch odd that the easy-going nature of an open bathroom policy should not be applied equitably -- with the same onus upon all who participate. Age is a factor in psychological development, certainly, in terms of what we learn, and that's my point: two different lessons are being learned/taught to the participants, and I must pose the thought that the benefits of these lessons are complex and by no means clear-cut. Just a thought!

All my best, and a Merry Christmas to all,


I am grateful that I located this site -
All of your (everyone's) observations have helped me solve one of the worlds' greatest mysteries - the Lock Ness Monster is just a humongous tird that has floated up on occasion from the local septic system when temperature and current conditions are right. Thank you all very much! Look for me this year when I win the Nobel Piss Prize!

Anne, yes I am no connection to the other Tony who posts here from time to time. I think he is an American and seems to be more into urination , not my scene as you know. You are right that a big solid jobbie will if left in the water of the pan start to discolour the water around the turd and yes, it does absorb water and swell up before eventually dissolving. In hot weather of course bacteriological action will break it down faster than in the cold.

I must also praise you for your kindness to the woman who wet and soiled her panties. Sure, she shouldn't have drunk so much but its easy to be wise at Xmas especially if the person is not used to a lot of alcohol and the booze if being provided free. Anyway, it was decent of you to let her get off the coach in time and although unfortuately for her she got taken short, (its difficult to hold it in if similtaneously vomiting), help her clean herself up and donate her your spare pair of knickers. I must also say that the couple in question have to be commended for showing gratitude by giving you sweets and replacement panties. Too many people these days take the kindness of others for granted, especially if you work in the service industries.

Someone asked about celebs having accidents in their panties. Im sure it has happened to mamy. The most famous I read about, here I think, was rock star (of a couple of decades ago), Suzy Quattro who did a poo in her panties under those famous leather trousers while on stage. I also recall a female TV presenter on a TV program who had to leave the studio suddenly saying she felt unwell and her male colleague had to cover for her. When she came back she was wearing a different skirt and although nothing was said it was understood that she may well have wet or even soiled her panties and the skirt she had been wearing.

Finally, a very Merry Xams and a Happy New year to all who post here, new and old.

Friday, December 22, 2000

Thanks for all your advice on how to relieve yourself when traveling I think I will bring along a old icecream tub the we can both use and some tp. My daughter and I are looking forward to making yellow snow and frozen piles! Hapee Holidays!

Adrian. Hey I appreciated reading you liked the story.The girl who went to the building told me she could hear Anne fart and heard the turd coming out of Anne s ass and hitting the floor

PV, SIMON, KENDAL. Thanks for your friendly comments. I really like the atmosphere in this forum. You said what I was thinking anyway and it was good to know that people think itís ok. Like I say Iíve never felt uncomfortable using the loo or being naked with the family around so thereís no reason to change Ė particularly if it means getting up earlier!
The only awkward moments have come when other people have been in the house. There are some family and friends who have known me since I was young so I havenít suddenly felt the need to start closing the bathroom door when theyíre around But obviously my mum and dad told me some time ago that when other people are here I have to shut the door and not wander around nude. The only thing is the occasional mishap happens if I donít know or forget that weíve got a visitor.
It doesnít happen too often but we did have an incident in the morning a couple of Sundayís ago. I didnít know that the previous night my older brother Paul let a friend crash on the floor of his bedroom. Sunday morning I was on the loo doing quite a big pee and poo and my young brother Matthew was leaning on the doorpost talking to me when Paulís friend came out of the bedroom. The loo is opposite the bathroom door and faces out, Iíd lifted up my nightdress well clear and I was right in mid flow in both senses so he must have seen quite a lot. He was quite shocked at seeing me like that and seeing my brother casually talking to me. Iím not really bothered about being seen but obviously it was still embarassing. He was cool about it though when he got over the shock.
Obviously itís a lot worse if somebody sees me and is difficult about it. Thatís happenned a couple of times at home and also a few times when Iíve been weeing or pooing somewhere outside and got caught. One or two people have made me feel like I was behaving really badly.
Iím not going to change my habits though. Iím learning a part for the school play at the moment and Matthew was helping me learn my lines over dinner this evening. He came into the bathroom with me when I went for my after dinner poo. We carried on going over my lines while I did a really big load and it took about ten minutes; there was quite a lot of noise and a bit of a smell but he didnít complain. It was kind of nice.

JacobG in Florida
Plunging Plop Guy: Hi, I'm glad you enjoy my posts. No, I have not been back to that restroom with open stalls where I saw the four guys. That's in Panama City Beach, Florida, which is a couple of hours from where I live. It's also a very popular spring break destination. I have not forgotten about it, and plan to revisit the area early next summer. It's one of the few open stall restrooms I know about. Of course, I'm too shy to use one, but maybe that'll change one day.

I have to drive to Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow (Thursday). I'll be back Friday, and will hopefully have a story to post.

I was with my gf and her cousin last week out shopping at the mall. We had some pizza and started to head home. On the way home her cousin who was a 25 year old female asked if we could stop at my apt. because she had to use the bathroom. It would have taken about an hour to get to her house and 10 minutes to my apt. I watched her fidget in the back seat for a while, and had that I have to poop face on. It was kinda exciting, but I didnt tell my gf I got excited thinking of her cousin holding in a poop.

"G," thanks for your response! It was nice that you and your father were able to pee simultaneously into the toilet. I'm glad my sons aren't the only ones who do that.

Sue, only YOU can decide if it's okay for your step-sons to continue coming into the bathroom while you're sitting on the toilet. If you don't have a problem with it, that's cool! I don't have a peoblem with either son seeing me completely naked, or vice versa (although my younger son now likes to poop in private, which is fine by me). We live in a small house with only one bathroom, so being able to have more than one person in the bathroom at a time can be practical.

Sue, do either Joel or Josh relieve themselves openly (either with the door open or with somebody else in the bathroom)? How do they feel about you, or their father, seeing them naked? Thanks again for your response!


Hello everyone:This story is about me and my girlfrined. I went to pick her up and bring her back to my hometown for a week. She mentioned that she hadn t shitted since the first night we met like 3 days now. So the next night she ate wendy s which makes her shit. Later that night she had to shit at the hotel. She s shy about shitting around guys. she went to the toilet and i told her i wanna hear. she s still shy, so she went to shit and when she was about to drop it she flushed and i heard a loud KABLOOSH! over the flushing then i heard ploop ploop. then she farted it sounded like fabric ripping. Then during she took two shits while i slept. The next morning we went to a tire store to get new tires. we we re in the lobby, she walked outdoors to fart then i saw her walked to the bathroom. I was near the near the water fountain,and i heard her farting and shitting. shortly after i smelled her shit. i was saying damn what did you eat. so she opened the door and said come here.i looked at what she done and i saw 3 big logs that covered the hole in the toilet. they were all out of the water.when she flushed it look like the turds had a racetrack in the commode. so we went to sit down in the lobby. a few mins later some worker went to the restroom. You could hear them say holy shit look at the skid marks in here. damn somebody took a hellacious shit. we started laughing. Then later that night i had left the room for a minute then when i came back in , i went to the bathroom. there was a 16 inch thick turd floating from where she had went. She was finally able to shit around me. Then we went to the mall a few days later, i was trying on clothes. then i heard her ask where the restroom was. I heard her fromthe time she left the sales guy to the time she sat down. i Snooked from the dressing room to the bathroom.i saw her siting on the toilet with her legs wide open and a big turd hanging from her ass.then she let a loud bloosh.she wiped and left it there! . we left the store and hurry up and left the mall. I still tease her about shitting in public.

Sounds like you have a major league bladder there! Most women I've met have only made it to about a pint (give or take a little) when really desperate. Most men do a pint with no major desperation. (I've seen women grab plastic pint cups from the pub and go out back, so they don't get there shoes wet from the splatter). The force with which women urinate is much more varible. I've seen women pee over a pint in less then 20 seconds, while others take nearly a minute for only 3/4 of one. Comments anyone on the bladder size or emptying speed? Has anyone known a correlation between these items and a women's features? - ie big hands = big bladder????

Sounds like you may be young (or English as a second language) from your post. How old are you??? Your capacity will probably increase as you get older until after puberty. If you are beyond puberty, then don't worry about the smallish size unless it causes you trouble, then consult a physician.

Does anybody really enjoy the feeling of taking a good poop the way I
do? To me, it feels so very good, when you have time, and it's one of those that just comes out by itself when you relax your asshole. Its different than a sexual feeling; but to me, a very enjoyable feeling. I especially like the feeling as my hole just starts to open and the turd just starts to poke its way out. Anybody else on this site enjoy the feeling?


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