Kendal's Dad !
This is my first and probably my last post. It will certainly be a shock to both my darling daughter Kendal, and my kind and considerate Nephew, Andrew.

Firstly I would like to say that your secret is safe with me, as it has been for the past several months that you have both been posting to this site ! You two might well think that us adults know nothing ! Well, actually we do know a thing or two. Ever since I found the title of this site in the address records on our computer, as left behind by Kendal, I have been fascinated to read about what you both get up to in the privacy of your own space.

I have a story to share with you both. My sister ( Andrew's Mum ) and I have always been very close, and still are. I was born in the September, and she was born very soon afterwards in the following August. We were therefore in the most unusual position of being in the same school year together. As a result, many people wrongly believed that we were twins ! However, we may as well have been twins, because of the close bond we shared just like many twins do. Our Mum and Dad, thats the Granny and Grandad common to both Kendal and Andrew, were not so well off in their early years of marriage. I arrived within 13 months of them getting married, and my sister just short of their second wedding anniversary. We lived in a very small cottage with only two bedrooms, and up until we were both 12 years old, we had to share a room together. From as far back as I can remember, probably from the point at which we had been potty trained, we would go to the toilet together. The first ti! me that I remember clearly was Sis wanting a wee in the middle of the night, but being too scared to take herself on her own. So I took her, being the bit older and braver brother ! From that first night ( we were probably only 3 or 4 years old ), the whole thing became a nightly ritual for many years. I also remember the last night, when Sis was 12. She had dragged me out of bed as usual, complaining about ???? ache and that she wanted to try and poo. This was so exciting for me because the times she had needed to poo in the middle of the night in all those years could probably be counted on the fingers of both hands ! I remember her slipping her pyjama bottoms down just a little way. It was a cold night, and keeping them up her legs helped to keep her warmer. I know I was shaking, but it was probably more from the anticipation than the cold ! I watched, starting to feel more and more sorry for my little Sis as she strained and strained without being able to make any grun! ting noises for fear of waking Mum and Dad up, and without any success at shifting her poo. After many minutes, she did finally make a small plop, and content that that would be all she could manage this time, she took paper to wipe herself, and then withdrawing it back into view again to see how much more wiping was necessary from the stains left behind, we were both shocked to see the paper streaked with blood !

A very frightened little girl ( and boy come to that ) decided it was time to involve Mum and Dad, and we went to wake them. Of course, Sis's first period was really a cause of celebration, the start of womanhood. But it signalled the end of our regular toilet trips together. This was because for the next two months, Dad slept in my room with me, and Sis with Mum. We then moved house to one with three bedrooms, and thus had seperate rooms for the first time ever, and although I would often hear her go for a wee in the night, she never needed her big brother again to hold her hand. Not that we never saw each other on the toilet. Both of us would walk in on the other from time to time without complaint from the one sitting on the toilet. But it was never the same.

The last time I saw Sis on the toilet, she would have been 19, and had been out on the Raz with her new boyfriend ( Andrew's Dad ! ). She came home in a very drunken state, and I had to help her into the bathroom for a wee. She was quite incapable, and I had to do everything for her, including lifting up her skirt and pulling down her knickers and then sitting her on the toilet. I remember her beginning to wee before I actually had her sat, and thanking my lucky stars that it all went into the toilet ! I didn't wipe her after she finished, I decided to draw the line there. But I did have to hold onto her so she didn't fall off, and wake her up from going to sleep twice ! I then took her to her room, undressed her and put her to bed. Fearing about whether she might be sick, I decided to sleep on the floor by her side in case I might be needed. But other than a get up for another wee in the night which I also got to see for old times sake, she was fine. Sis married Andrew'! s Dad only a year later.

So, good ladies and gentlemen of this site, I expect that you will all appreciate that I understand the fascination of both Kendal and Andrew to want to watch each other at the toilet. I further appreciate the discretion that they both exercise in not going together whenever they might be discovered. While their fascination is as pure and innocent as it is, I don't have any problems with them doing this together. However, I would not be happy if as a result of them finding out that I know about them via this post, they were then to openly go together in my presence. No, I am happy for it to happen in my absence, a case of when the cat's away, the mice will play, or indeed, what I don't know about won't hurt me !

In all likelihood, they will eventually grow out of it in the same way as I did with my Sister. However, I won't interfere with that process. It will happen in its own good time.

I have been truly amazed at the kind support shown to Andrew and Kendal over these last few troubled days. They have made a lot of friends on this site who are caring, considerate, and in my opinion, very good people. But, Kendal, that doesn't mean that I will be relaxing the rules on your computer usage !! Well, perhaps every other day might be acceptable !

I may know about what Andrew and Kendal get up to together, but I remain convinced that they have kept it secret from my Sis and Andrew's Dad. If Sis knew, she would certainly have said something about it to me. Not because she would have disapproved and wanted it stopping. Far from it. She would have wanted to laugh and chat about how we used to do it as well ! However, I caution you both not to change any of your own rules you have made. Do it when alone, but not in the presence of the Olds !!

Andrew is in the fortunate position of having a private computer and telephone line in his own room that his Mum and Dad never touch. But Kendal has to share our computer with me. Although I found out from investigating the quaintly named address left behind by Kendal, it is most unlikely that Andrew will be discovered in the same way. He would be too clever for that, and hide his tracks well, I bet !

The fiasco over the handling by my wife ( sorry, ex wife to be ) of Kendal's wee in the bath was quite unbelieveable. I had to snigger when I read Andrew's post describing the arguement I had with my wife when I told her I wee in the bath as well ! Well sweetheart, you have a jolly good wee in the bath in future ! Daddy doesn't mind, so long as you give it a good wash down afterwards ! Anyway, I'm sure I would rather have you practicing your stand-up wees in the bath rather than outside somewhere where you might be discovered by someone !

Andrew, you are very good to my daughter. Long may that continue ! And I would just like to add how lucky you are that so many women on this site seem to be quite happy with the idea of taking you to the toilet with them ! Kendal's Mum never let me watch, and I was married to her !!

Anne (Bus Driver)
Ive been very, very, busy as you can imagine at this time of year as you can imagine so I havent been able to post.

There are a lot of coach hires for shopping trips, office parties etc. There have been a few incidents related to each. This first tale will probably turn on Scots Tony, Adrian and Plunging Plop Guy.

I had an early coach for a group of OAPs who had specifically asked for me as their driver as they liked my approach. I took this as a great compliment. Now when I got up at 6.00am to drive into the depot I was half way along the road when I felt I needed a motion. No urgency, it was a nice solid one but I decided to use the Ladies toilet at a public car park en route. It was cold day and as I parked up I saw the man who is part of the mobile toilet cleaning team who service the public toilets every day. He was coming out as I went in. I went to one of his nice freshly cleaned cubicles, hitched my grey uniform skirt up round my waist, pulled my white cotton briefs down to the top of my thighs, (as I said it was a cold day) and sat on the pan. I did a noisy hissing wee wee then I felt the jobbie come down. It was a big hard lumpy turd, knobbly, and took a fair amount of "OO! and NNN!" efforts before it plunged into the pan with a terrific "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" throwing up a co! lumn of icy water which hit my fat arse. That sure woke me up! I wiped my bum and had a look. It was a beauty! About 10 inches long, 2.5 inches fat, compacted and dark brown and had a rounded end. It floated in the water. I pulled up my knicks and pulled the flush, but when the water settled I saw that it had stuck as I thought it would in the bottom of the pan. I left it for the admiration of any other user and fixed my skirt, left the cubicle, washed my hands and drove to the depot. I drove my pensioners to their theatre trip and back. By this time it was the afternoon and I had finished my shift so drove back. Now I had eaten at the canteen and as I got near the same car park I felt I needed another motion. I parked my car and again visited the same Ladies Toilets. I entered the cubicle I had used that morning and was delighted that my big jobbie was still stuck there, with a shorter turd of about 8 inches long which some woman or girl had done, jammed next to it. I again l! ifted my skirt and pulled my knicks down and sat on the pan. This time I passed an easier motion, a long fat curved sausage of about 12 inches long which went "Floomp!". I wiped my bum , pulled up my knickers and had another look. This big curved jobbie was smooth and a lighter brown and a bit smellier and lay on top of the big hard lump I had done that morning and the smaller jobbie someone had buddy dumped on it. I again pulled the flush but all 3 turds stayed put, with about 4 inches of my latest effort sticking up out of the water. I left the lot for the cleaner to deal with the following morning when he next visited. A "technical" note for Tony of Scotland. I noticed a matter you have mentioned when I went to that toilet the second time. My big hard jobbie was still stuck in the bottom of the pan but the water around it was tinged slightly brown and it seemed to have swollen up slightly. Now you said you had seen this happen and it was due to the turd reabsorbing the wate! r. BTW I assume you are not the other TONY who recently posted as his style and content seems totally different. Similarly the Anne the Housewife who posted isnt me. Im not married, although I have my own house, and Im certainly no "housewife".

The second incident was an office dinner. On the way up, no problem, but when I picked them up a few were well drunk. I did say at the start that if they felt sick or needed the toilet to let me know and Id stop as soon as was practical and legal. I had also ensured that there were some large brown paper bags to be sick in should this occur. Now half way home one of the men came to the front of the coach to say his wife was desperate to do the toilet and could I stop asap. Luckily I was out in the countryside so I pulled the coach up and she staggered out accompanied by her husband. I heard the whoop whoop of her vomiting copiously then a cry of "OH NO! Ive done it in my knicks!" Her husband rather sheepishly came back aboard and said that his wife had had a big accident both ways in her panties pissing and shitting them. Now I am very sympathetic to anyone shitting or wetting their underpants by accident and as she had had the sense and decency not to soil my coach I hel! ped her out. I always carry a spare pair of panties in my bag so I gave these, a pair of pale blue Sloggi Briefs, to her husband to give to her along with a packet of moists to clean herself and my battery lantern to see what she was doing. Luckily she was wearing a minskirt which had escaped being soiled and her motion had been a big soft poo but formed not watery diarrhea. About 10 minutes later, during which time I had advised others to relieve themselves in the field she came back on the coach looking very sheepish having dumped her soiled knicks in the field. . I then drove back with no further incident.

A couple of days later I had a call to come to the Inspector's Office. When I turned up I found a parcel from that woman's husband. Apart from a letter thanking me for helping her out, there was a large box of chocolates (candies) and a pack of 5 new pairs of Sloggi Briefs the same size as the pair I had given the woman, (which I had told her husband I didnt want back). I must say I was touched by their gratitude and only sorry that she had let overdrinking spoil her night out.

If I dont post again beforehand, a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all, especially Adrian. (I have to say I often think to myself, "I bet Adrian would love to be in here with me" whenever I do a nice big jobbie). Big solid ones to you all!

kim and scott,
Great story, Scott, about the buddy dump monster kimlog! Wish we could all be there to witness these happenings; you two are a source of inspiration to us all.
I find it very curious when in one line you say "live and and let live"; then you proceed with an attempt to publicly humiliate and verbally assault someone.
In conclusion--The best of Yuletide logs to everyone!

Not a lot to tell,but here goes anyway.I'm a 34 y.o. male,6'2",blonde hair,grey eyes and 14 stone.I live alone in a cottage in the N.E. of Scotland and a lorry driver to trade.(Sounds like an ad doesn't it?:))
My toilet life is pretty boring which is why I v.seldom post,standard dump every evening usually the same size,consistancy etc.Outdoor dumping doesn't give the same thrill to me as it does to others on here,because having worked outside from the age of 6 it's a thing that's taken for granted,as I live in an agricultural area and everyone does it.
I have no idea where my interest in this subject came from,I've always liked hearing females on the toilet,although i've never met anyone who likes this(like PV I live in hope!).
I hope this answers your question,thanks for asking.Once again good to have you back and I hope your dad gets better soon.

To Bryan: thanks a lot for writting back but I don't think it was that to show her that I pooped outside and also she took off my pants and my underwearfacng my aunt not turing the other side. But I think she did that jut to himiluate me! i mean my aunt wanted to spank me when she heard, but thank God my mom refused because my mom doesn't believe in such punishment and I wouldn't have apreciated my aunt touching my butt!

to PV, Lulle and any other girls out there who like to measure bladder capacity, what kind of container do you typically fill with your pee when your measuring it, also how do you do this? While standing or sitting on the toilet? My girlfriend pees into a coffee can for me and what she does is kneels down with the can between her legs and under her pussy and lets out her gushing stream into it, it's the most beautiful sound in the world. Do you ever do this?

I have been reading about women standing up to pee. How do they do it since they don't have a penis to aim with?

To CUROIUS-Ok-so maybe weird IS the wrong word here-the reason i mentioned that is because when i was about16 which is when i found out I was interested in folks pooing I was in a public toilet pooing and some guy in the next stall tried to get too friendly and it kinda tramatised me a bit-so i guess in the back of my mind I don't want that to happen to me again ever-so if i offended you -sorry-yea,we are all "weird" on this forum I guess or in a case of arrested development!Yes I do enjoy hearing guys pooing and farting and I am straight-so what-I can't sneak into the women's room so this is good enough for me-!Yes also lately i grown to really enjoy sitting in the men's room pooing along with others and enjoying a peek every now and then-Yea,we're all weird -so what
TO EMILY-I too,love snow-here in NY we got about 3 in-Aren't those coffee and magazine poops the best-I too really enjoy those-Have a great Christmas and ejoy your morning eliminations and take your time sitting on the bowl-let it come out on it's own and relax your anus and read your mag and let it come!-then you won't have to poop again in an hour or so
I had to poo as soon as I got up this a m-had to go bad-woke up with cramps and climbed out of bed and sat on the bowl and this big fart came out and then nothing happened and I felt like i really had to push and I could feel my anus pushing way out,but with no results-so I got up off the bowl and got my mirror and then squatted on the bowl again sort of like a catcher- and saw my anus domed out and open which usually means a dump is working it's way down,but I was getting some powerful cramps and I just looked at my anus as I pushed for a bit-then i felt my rectum fill up and my anus opened up and I could see the start of the poop-It was knobby at first and as i pushed it came out slowly and got smooth-my anus was really domed out too with this poo coming out-it looked cool-somtimes like these i really enjoy wayching myself dump-somtimes it's a real turn-on.Then I just let this turd hang there with my anus opened and relaxed,enjoying the view of this long turd hanging into the bowl-I should videotape this sometime-anyway-after a few mins the turd started to move again and finally fell into the bowl-I looked and it was a long one-about 11 inches-I've been eating pretty good lately so more output i guess-I didn't feel done so i just squatted there for about a minute and farted again and a bunch of choc moose poop came out really fast and with a lot of farts-i guess that's where i was getting the cramps from-it felt sooo good when that stuff came out that I moaned loudly and got off real good right then-It was a lot of soft poo that took about 10-15 secs to all come out,but boy did it feel great!Then i put the mirror away and wiped my butt and got into the shower to clean up-That was a good dump-it was cool seeing all that moose poo flying out my anus like a rope-It's moments like that is when i really love to watch the poo come out of my butthole-it's just great!Some of you guys should try it! BYE

To Freddy: Good story about logging your friends dump, it's a good one.

Hello everybody. This is just one last quick letter before
I go away with my boyfriend over Christmas.

PV - Did you read Steve's letter about Jackie having a bath
when Steve went for a wee. I did not set him up for a
surprise, honest! I thought she would have been finished
when he came home. He had a nice eyefull! LOL She is another
I would like to find a nice man for, I think she deserves one.
Yeah, Steve often gets a little blob of semen dripping off his
cock when he is having a dump. I do not know if he gets it
at other times, I have not seen it on him if he just has a
wee. Does it come out because having a shit massages his
prostate or something like that? I will not go into it very
much or else the Moderator will bounce my letter, but I have
read about prostate massages. I don't do that and I do not know
anyone who does, but I have read about some women doing it.
I would like to see the look on his face if I suggested doing it!
LOL The other thing about the blob is that it can ooze out
before he wees or at the end. Ladies are not the only ones who
can have gooey wees!
Did I not tell you about my friend (she is 38) who does not mind
her stepson being in the bathroom with her while she is going to
the toilet? Pissing or shitting it makes no diff. Kinda confidential
stuff I know, some people might get the wrong idea.

LULLE - I know I can do 1.2 litres, and then I am really bursting!

SUE - It may be Coprologist is right about not walking in on your
stepsons. I know I said maybe you could think about doing it, but I
think he is right about boys of that age. I did meet a lady a year
ago when we were in Spain who had a 14 year old son who did not mind
it. Even his two sisters were not banned from the bathroom.
I know most guys would be really embarrassed by being caught jerking
themselves, maybe you should give them that private time.

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi!! What are Kim's intestines like. To push out such
logs I bet it's like one big thick passage from the stomach to the
bumhole. LOL
Yeah, I did sometimes get the eye from guys on the beach. Well maybe
they were turned on but I did not go right up to them and ask. LOL
No, Steve does not get jealous, he just likes to give me the room I
need to be me. He does not suffocate me, you know? I have heard of
guys who just want to control their girlfriends, but he is just not
like that. He's just a lovely sweetheart guy. No, he does not mind
other guys looking at me or whatever if it makes me feel good, but I
know he would protect me well if someone, you know, bothered me.
Other women look at *him* too because of how he looks, so it is the
same for me!

Happy dumpings and peeings everybody.


Hi everybody, Ive just got home from school this minute so I thought I'd write now before I do my homework. Suzy is with me too, she often stays a bit on her way home. And I'm DYING to wee! Mums in the bath and I cant get to the loo! So excuse my mistakes I can't really concentrate.

Kendal & Lawn Dogs Kid - Its been a long time since I posted much so I still have to tell you all about Saturday but I really can't type I do want to wee so much. Suzy will write now she says.
Hello its Suzy IM not used to doing this but poor Nickie is burstinh to wee. She is hopping abroung the room with her hands up her skirt and we are laughing about it. Well on saturday we went on the bus and we didnt have a wee before we went out so we would have some to wee somewhere. Its very exiting noing thatwe will have a wee somewhere and as the time goes on it is more urgent to finda place to wee. I had my pink skirt on that shows wet marks so i didnot want to wet my nickers and Nickie wore a denim dress and we both had trainers and anoracks. I said we coud go up in a lift in a big shop and when noone was in there we could wee in there. i was wanting badly to wee when we found a lift and we went up and down 3 time before noone was there. Then I pulled down my red pantied and crouched down and did a little wee then the lift stopped and I stood up quick and only just pulled my panties up before the door opened! It was haqrd to stopp weeing and I wet my panties a bit! Then we went to the park and nickie went to the top of the big slide and when she was at the top she sat down and said watch me! She moved her legs apart and didnt sit on her dress and i saw her nickers, purple ones and then they went wet and dark because she weed down the slide. We laughed a lot at that! Then I really had to wee still and wanted to poo as well but there were so many people I just couldnt pull down my panties. Nickie said wet them but she didnt no I wanted to poo and i was frightenrd I would poo my poants! Then the poo started to come out and I had to swat down because when i poo i wee too so I did it all. We went to a carpark and i hid behind a van and emtied my panties. luckly they werent very messy!

So thats what we did. Nickie is still dancing about and she has just showed me that she has leeked some wee. She has white ones on and ther is a wet mark. Got to go now my mum is here bye everyone love from us 2 xxxxx

Hi Louise,

Oh, you're so right, checking makes the heart thump for two reasons -- that it'll be clear and you'll get the thrill you're after, or it won't and you'll lose the thrill -- either way, it's a tense moment! I remember once using a men's room in the courtyard of the law building at college, and sitting in the garden with a textbook, keeping watch over the top of the book for what seemed an age until I was sure I would be clear. That was a real pulse-pounding time.

In Aus right now it's too hot for comfort. We had 104F today, the same is forecast for tomorrow. I'm typing this in the evening, it's still 92F and earlier I swapped shorts and halter for a bikini. It's so hot that unless you drink lots of fluids you dry up! I haven't had much of an urge to go since this morning -- been a few times, but nothing spectacular. More leaves through the pores in this weather...

Yep, we've seen the snow storms in the US, and that's no fun at all. I can just imagine folks stuck someplace on the roads, and what predicaments they'd be in -- say, any stories from folks Stateside?

"I bet all the people who keep saying women can not stand to pee would have been shocked by your strong, near horizontal pee onto that wall. I often like to do it near horizontal like that, and if I do that then I step back a bit so that I do not get splashed, and then when I am finishing I move in a bit closer so I do not drip too much on the floor. But that is only if I am feeling good. If I feel like being a bad girl I drip as much as I like! Guys do it don't they?!"

They do indeed, there are often spots all over the pedestal, so why not us? Yep, I've done the step back-step forward routine, it's really strange to be able to take a step in either direction while you're actually flowing, and you need to be careful that the motion of your hips doesn't send the spray in all directions, but it can be done!

"I could just see you with your thong pulled to the side and shooting forward. That's brilliant!"

You're too kind, dear!

I think parents ought to teach their sons to wipe after they wee. It would keep smelly pee spots out of kids' pants, and it strikes me their equipment might be healthier for it -- just a thought, but if there is any similarity at all between male and female hygiene, I can't help thinking a wipe, that takes a few seconds, is better than not... Guys, how many wipe? Come on, 'fess up!

"I targeted the middle of the wall in my space and pissed like crazy. I really washed that wall and it all ran away in the trough at the bottom. I drew a little Venus on the wall above when I had put my knickers back in place then I loved the noise my heels made when I went out again."

I can just visualize it! A tighter fit, the spaces here seem to be at least two-person, but the one you used sounds like it would be a very pleasant peeing experience. I'd love to know what the male staff in your business think when they catch Venus symbols here and there... (Smiling hugely!) And yes, why do guys leave butts floating in the Yellow River? Yuckety-yuck!

Steve is one in a mill, dear -- stick to him like glue! Whether you'll be able to find another just like him for your sister is up to fate, the odds are slim -- there are so few of such quality to be had!

No, you never mentioned your friend and her stepson -- that's a most excellent situation, it seems rare for an adult to ease off and be open with a kid, let alone of the opposite sex. It's the whole unspoken "code of prudery" that rules social behavior, and there are times it has a lot to answer for.

Merry Christmas to Steve and Louise (and everyone here!), have a happy holiday, and I look forward to your postings after the festive season.



STEVE -- lovely letter, I'll write a nice reply for you when you're home after the holidays!

Say... was this site around when George Michael was hanging around those toilets to hear some noises? It would have saved him a lot of bother if he had seen this site in the first place...

I must admit to you all that when I was little, I used to keep a close eye on the ladies toilets where discreetable; in Cyprus, there was this restaurant where the toilets were naturally divided for mens and womens, but when going inside, it is actually one big room with a partition, and luckily the upper half was exposed, so every pin drop was audible...

I locked myself in the mens for about 10 minutes (pretending to have a shit) and I was listening to the women going in and out... for some reason the men did not feel a need to visit the bog, so there was peace and quiet on my half of the room.

I heard a medley of logs, a hurricane of farts and feeble urine, but if anyone reads my posts, they will know i have a farting fetish, and believe me I was in luck that day...

If George Michael is reading this... HOW COULD YOU BE SO BLOODY CARELESS?! (I whisper to the prat! - pun intended)

HI gemi!!!!
I am interested in any of your pleasant experiences in the bog... I bet you know how to shit...

About 5 years ago my family was on holiday in Malta. My brother Graeme, and I were mucking about in the water, when Graeme thought he saw a leaf or a sea-sponge floating on the water. It was only upon grabbing it in his hand he realised it was a big stinking brown jobby, as it disintegrated and left tagnuts on his hand!

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I've been lurking for quite some months, just never had the guts to post.

I've enjoyed reading the stories that you write, especially those by Kendal, Lawn Dogs Kid, Linda GS, George & Moira(UK), Tony(UK), Nicola(UK), etc. You guys really know how to write entertaining stuff! Hehe. Welcome home, Kendal! Everyone missed you and your groovy posts!

I don't have any stories to tell at the moment, but I wanted to make my presence known! Don't be shy, write me back!


Just wanted to Thank Everyone for the well wishes for my Brother he is doing much better and is resting at home with our Parents.

I will be spending Christmas with them :o)

Today we are going to see between 3-5 inches of snow in DC....the very mention of snow in this city is like the threat of Armagedon....sends one into a panic and the drivers around here.....yikes!!!!!

In anticipation of the storm I had my movement around 7am this morning....don't normally go for another hour but when I become anxious about something I can go earlier. Will definatley take the metro into work....usually do but sometimes I'm a glutton for punishment and brave driving in DC. I love's so pretty....I feel my bowel stirring again....looks like it will be one of those coffee and magazine reading mornings in the bathroom.....I enjoy that too. May go for a stroll around the monuments after work today....everything is like a beautiful winter wonderland here when it snows.

Ciao Emily

Male Squwatter
Ladies beware, oneday you will be building up pressure for the urinal and you will I promise shit yourself. It has happened to me and men do not push to pee. Next time you go for a dump try and hold the dump or fart and pee at the same time. You can't. I want all urinals band and lat us all adopt the natural posture of sitting and relaxing all muscles and see what falls. If you girls insist then take off your panties and stand legs apart over the bowl but beware if you have a little runny poo it will go down your leg. Your beautiful arses were made to fit the bowl and cheeks open naturally and bingo!! Poo time. If us men could go into a cubicle and do our thing there would not be a stigma about going into a mens loo with your pals and going to a cubicle. There seems to be a thing about a man behind a door and a women. Men do not shit if they say they are off for a pee. So let us be able to sit and produce what comes just like the girls, I think men have more skid/accidents bec! ause we are forced to pee standing. WE WANT TO SIT AND ENJOY.

I've never told anyone this because I'm shy about toilet issues.Thanks to this site I can talk about this.I was coming home one night and I had a flat.Changing a tire to me isn't so bad.I had two older brothers so I know all about that.The problem was I was desperate for a poop and it was cold and snowy.I got the tire changed,shivering from the cold and quivering from trying not to poop my pants.The delay was too much though because I did poop my pants as I drove home.My secret until now.

Give me a break man!!!! I'm barely getting into pregnacy.. and already you're having me experience the worst. As for being constipated... yes.. but nothing too serious.. yet. if it does happen.. I'll post just for you.. okay?[winks] And so.. now starts my story..[grabs Andrew and rushes off] Well it had been a while since I had made number 2 and well when i got the feeling I wasn't about to fight it. So after Andrew being a gentleman turn around while I undressed, I crashed on the toilet and placed a towel on my lap (Kendal.. if your friend Kirsty does decide to do this.. and is wearing pants.. a towel covers up great). he turned around trembling.. I just smiled and talked to him as I peed. HE asked me how I was taking expecting a child.. I told him I was scared and excited too...this would be my first child.. and I was really looking forward to it.So I sat there bent over talking to him... I had one of the poops Linda loves.. the kind that are long.. and ready to come out! with little or no pushing. I felt kinda nervous as the infamous crackling was loud.. and I knew he could hear. But I talked more to drown out the sound. i asked him if he looked forward to having kids of his own. he blushed and said maybe one day.. but not today.. or tommorrow.. he was still too young. I laughed and replied.. good answer. Well not much fan fair as my HUGE poop came out without a plop.(WAAAAAAAAAY too long) But I promised him.. and after a bit of struggle PLOP KAPLUNK..and a tiny PLIP. Whew.. I felt loads better (no pun intended) And so I wrapped the towel around me and we had a look. I still think he's recovering. Anyway he waited outside while I got cleaned up and dressed. And so.. did you enjoy that Andrew? heh.. don't worry about miguel.. he finally gave his blessing.. afterall he said he'd see everything posted here so he knew nothing bad would go on without him knowing. So kendal.. you gonna join me sometime? heh. Oh well Linda has tons of stuff to tel! l you next time.. basicly she left a list of she wnated to know about your poop at McConald's Andrew spoke of.. and if you made it to the toilet in time after your last post. Linda's twin baby sister's are staying with us.. so we should have lots of stories to post here soon. Later.

Well You guys are in such luck today! My friend Dan is here and he has to do Kahki real bad and I'm going to log the whole transaction while he does it.He is undoing his belt now. Down go the boxer breifs He has a funny looking winkie.He is going to sit facing the tank so i can see what comes out and decribe it to you.Dan has just a little bit of hair on the top of his crack and his cheeks are pretty pale compared to the rest of him.There goes a tiny fart. There is some pee.He is taking a deep breath and a grunt and a push Ahhhh Ahhh Ahhhh Come on Push Here comes it's crowning it's dark and big around it's moist and sticky. Splash ! I would not call it a sausage , i would call it a loaf. He told me to go look at it up close. Yes definately a loaf! He is straining to see if there is any more.Just a little ball and some more pee.I think that was it .It

Making a quick early morning post. Dad is coming home tonight, and I don't suppose he would be too happy if I say I want to be on the computer rather than talk to him ! I see Andrew's post after mine didn't get on. Must have teased you too much Linda ! Anyway, I won't be on for a few days to show willing to Dad. Hope all of my friends are fine and happy. xxx

KATE: If you are happy for your Dad and your brothers to be in the bathroom while you wee and poo, then what does it matter. You carry on for as long as you feel comfortable !

Sarah, Re using the Toilet when travelling. I remember once I was a child, we went on a outiong with the girls next door aged about 10 and 3 years. on the way home we got stuck in traffic. After a while the 10 year old said she need the loo. After a conversation along the lines of can you wait and discovering she need a poo. Her mum who was driving pull over went to the boot of the car & produced her younger sisters training potty from the car. She proceed to pull her daughter kinckers down and sit her on the potty. after a quick clean up we were soon on our way although she was very shy, so were all agreed not to tell any one.

I hope this helps.

Does any body know about celebreties having accidents?If someone knows then please post it here.

Plunging Plop Guy

First of all,a plea for help as I seem to have given myself haemorrhoids again! Perhaps someone has been in the same situation that I'm about to tell,and can advise how to avoid what happened.
On Sunday,I thought I could do with a shit after breakfast but when I sat on the toilet I realised it was by no means urgent so thought I'd go later and if I still didn't feel an urgent need;I'd walk to the public toilets and maybe go in company.
After a while,I heard a guy go in the next cubicle to me ,have a piss,then some really loud plopping all over in a minute,so I decided to use his toilet when he came out.He was a tall well-built young man,and when I went into the toilet he'd just used,found the toilet seat to be cold so thought he may have hovered over it to shit,and saw there was one of his small turds left in the water.That was enough inspiration for me to sit on it and use it so gently pushed and started to have a really long-lasting shit that must have taken at least 15 minutes.No hard straining,and I must have done about 60 at least small turds,sounding good and plopping with arse wetting splashes nearly every time.however,I just couldn't feel like I'd finished as there was always another one to do and I instinctively knew I was going to have problems as I had had this happen before-if I keep shitting for a long time,and they're small and I don't feel like I've finished-I get haemorrhoids.
No pain at the time but as I walk out of the place,I feel like something's sticking out and the best relief is to sit on a soft chair.If I stop before I've emptied my bowel,then I feel like I still want to go and that also feels uncomfortable.
So,why am I producing so many small turds that sometimes take forever to get done then give me problems? It's Tuesday now and I've been doing incredibly dirty shits that get stuck as they're so soft and I'm still quite tender,and only very slowly getting better again.Please,if anyone can help,tell me what I'm doing wrong!
Sorry to gross anyone out,when after all,most of the time,we all share our enjoyment of the toilet rather than the unpleasant side of life,but if anyone can help,this is certainly the place as I've never had a proper explanation as to these matters from any doctors.Many thanks in advance to those who can help.

Glad you enjoyed my fantasy,DREW,and great to know you're there!Like I said,I LOVE the posts about all those times you've had a good plopping session with other guys and shared the experience,and we are certainly on the same wavelength in that respect.I was amazed to see that you actually used a toilet I have when you were over here!The one you sat on was a stainless steel one with circular water trap,rather small with screwed-on white plastic half seats,right? You should have gone to the ones about 5 minutes walkaway from there by a department store-I know them well! You might even have sat next to me in there if you had! No,I wasn't the tramp you met in that one you went in though! I know we're not able by the rules of this forum to make specific references to enable meeting,but if you visit Britain again,let me know which toilets you will visit and perhaps I'll hear you sitting on a good British toilet having a loud plop!!
Many people here who post refer to the loud plops heard in American toilets but you say that in comparison,they're not nearly as good as ours.Not having heard a toilet being used Stateside,you will know better than I do how they compare.Were most of the ones you found in Britain better? I know I'm often disappointed in the newer ones that I find,which often have small water traps and reduced "plopability".Let me know all the toilets you visited if you remember and how they felt to use and I think it was you who said you were surprised to be able to hear a guy shitting 5 cubicles away!Did you notice you were getting splashed a lot when your shit dropped and do you like that happening?I love it as you've probably noticed from reading my posts!

JACOB G IN FLORIDA-Hi! You're another one whose posts I've enjoyed since I discovered this brilliant forum.I suppose many of us have been unable to have a buddy dump in the way both of us would love,but I am still absolutely amazed at the descriptions of public toilets in the USA. I find the idea of having a very minimal partition between the toilets more exciting than it being completely open,rather like the way we imagine things that are partially hidden with a heightened sense of curiosity and interest and it seems that either the lower half is hidden or the upper half but seldom the complete person.What is the idea of the gap between the door and the partition!,and how is it so easy to see everything in the reflection in the floor tiles! Wow,it seems like every effort has been taken to assist us in our interest!
Did you ever revisit that one you went to where there were 4 guys on the toilets and you couldn't believe your eyes?

Glad you feel like this is your sort of place and look forward to hearing from you,the new guy whose name I've forgotten! Sorry.

Just a tip that may be of use to anyone embarrassed or put off by the smell they make in the bathroom or when someone else has stunk it out-Have a box of matches handy and strike a match and immediately blow it out.The phosphorous will mask the smell,the flame will burn off the methane,and blowing it out will allow the smoke to also mask the smell. Saves getting cold from an open window and cheaper than air fresheners. Personally if it's not too ripe,I prefer the toilet smells but it depends on the person and what they've eaten!

Best wishes and HEALTHY,happy dumping. PPG

To Jim: That sucks that your mother did that and pulled your pants down in front of your aunt. Maybe she wanted to show that you poooped out side in the snow.

This one is for Buzzy.

I love reading the posts on this site. Being gay, I find it a turn on to read about other men's shitting interests and habits, none more so than when I read about straight guys buddy dumping and sharing their experiences. Many would say that these feelings we all share about our bodily functions whether we are straight, bi or gay, are weird. My philosophy is live and let live. I am therefore most curious to know why in many of your posts, most of which I enjoy reading incidentally, do you always end up by saying "Nothing weird happened"? Come off it Buzzy. Of course it did! You got turned on by a man crapping and creamed your knickers. Wouldn't the great majority think that was weird?

Before schoolage, me (I am a man) and a girl used to play together a lot. We were very open about peeing and pooping and frequently did both in eachothers presence, both in the bathroom and outdoors. In summertime running around in our swimming suits we used to pee in them everywhere.
She did even on occassion pee deliberatly in her pants when we were out playing because she didn't want to stop playing and go inside to use the bathroom. I did too a couple of times, but I did it when I was alone. I even pooped my pants out of lazyness a few times, but my mom didn't like that too much...

This, I think, has led me to be very open about peeing and pooping, and me and my wife is very often at the bathroom together whatever we are doing. The thing is, that I still think about being "lazy" and poop my pants when I am doing something I don't want to leave. (To be honest, I have done it a couple of times, too). Am I a wierdo?

Middle-Aged Man and PV -

That happens to me also but usually after peeing before taking a crap. I am a 17 year old male.



The reason why Bill thinks you should not walk in on your sons while they are in the bsathroom is that they may be jacking off. No man likes to be caught wanking, and for teenagers the idea of being found doing it by their Mom is unthinkable. It is not really anything to do with pooping or peeing. Of course one don't need to jack off in the bathroom, but it is easier to clean up if one does. But it is something that demands absolute privacy...

Greetings, All.

To Middle Aged Man,
There is some suggestion in your post that the substance has only recently begun to appear. Fresh from reading the replies, I can see the argument that you may be suffering from some infection or other. What does cause me some concern for you is your comment that the substance is accompanied by what you describe as almost a burning sensation. I must bow to the superior knowledge of those with suitable qualifications on matters like this, such as the reply from PV, and I must say that the possibility crossed my mind that you could have noticed, as she suggested, some 'overflow' fluid from the seminal glands. From personal experience since my mid-teens, I have frequently had episodes of such overspill, and it is perfectly normal. If, for whatever reason, I have not been engaged in any sexual activity for a couple of days or so, this is when I have noticed the fluid, after urination as you have stated in your own case. When the fluid appears, I do not experience any 'burning! '.
You do not state how active you are sexually, it might not have
seemed relevant at the time, I know. I once read somewhere, and it does seem to be this way with me to an extent, is that the male reproductive system responds to the demands placed upon it, so it may well overflow if there is any abstention from the sexual activity
that the body expects. If you still have suspicions that there is
infection, for the sake of your partner you should either abstain from sex or use condoms to avoid transmitting it to her. If doubts are still there, consult your doctor, who should be able to help you on this. At best, there will be nothing to worry about, or just possibly you could have some infection.
Best of luck, friend.

To Kim and Scott,
Yes, as Louise says, I am still around and reading your posts, sometimes several at a time. The descriptions of Kim's attire is certainly very entertaining mind candy, so to speak! Kim, don't spoil that figure by eating _too_ much over the festive period, will you? Scott, I suppose if you need to break up Kim's logs in the next few days, then I guess that might indicate Kim need have no weight worries!
I'll speak to you again in the New Year. Cheers!

To Kendal and Lawn Dogs Kid,
Kendal, Good to have you back, sweetheart. For a time we were worried we had lost you.
Andrew, you were there for her when it mattered. Well done on that.
Merry Christmas to you both.

To PV,
Yes, I agree with you about my female work colleague. I don't think she's received the message yet, but I am actively distancing myself from her as much as possible. Last night there were a few Christmas drinks after work, and it was plain that she was gravitating towards me on several occasions. No way could I avoid her completely, so in a polite way I did my best to keep her at arm's length. In the end, when I wanted to leave the party, I waited until she was safely out of sight in the ladies' toilets before I disappeared. Possibly this will be an ongoing problem. Louise makes light of it by constantly teasing me on this, saying that the lady will be dragging me into the toilets for some kind of buddy-pee and ... afters. She knows full well that I will not play with this lady, and loves to needle me about it. If it comes down to it, I might indeed have to drop Louise into the conversation.

"From the image I have of Louise, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that the Spice Girls would fade to a pack of
drabbes by comparison! For myself, I only seem to register bad vibes from them, and tune out ASAP! Still, to be in close proximity to peeing celebs is a rare event by any definition. "

Absolutely, make no mistake, Louise is a really beautiful girl. Without the need to burn herself on sunbeds, she is naturally quite dark skinned for someone so blonde, and the effect is very striking. Add to the picture her lovely long, flowing hair, beautiful face and gorgeous statuesque figure and what you see will easily eclipse the Spice Girls. It is just as important to mention that she is just as beautiful, if not more so, under the skin. One of the most beautiful sights in the world has to be that of Louise standing to urinate a gusher in the sand on a Spanish beach.
She was the winner of a bottle of wine in a little 'beauty contest' that was held in a bar in Spain this summer. I encouraged her to enter, and at first she was resistant to doing so, but I know she felt good about coming first.

"... and nice people do not get off on agro and conflict ..."

Well said, and thanks for the compliment, kind lady.

Ah, I see my comments about some traumatic toilet incident in childhood having knock-on effects into adulthood may have struck a chord with you. You of all people know it to be true, don't you? I'm happy that you are handling it so well now, and I hope my encouragement, and that of Louise and other friends on this forum, is proving to be of great help. What enraged me about poor Kendal's troubles when I became aware of the situation was the thought that she could, had she reacted differently and if she had had no support from friends, have been saddled with a mental inhibition. I'm very relieved that it is not the case.

There has been no pishing contest yet against my female opponents, so I reckon my defeat will now take place sometime in the New Year. Not sure if any plans are firmly in place, but I know I have no chance of winning! I would do well to practice my floor cleaning technique <snicker>.

I had a major surprise last Saturday, when I went for a wee in my own bathroom. Louise came with me, even though she was in the middle of preparing to go out with me that evening. I had just arrived home from my friend's house. To my astonishment, I found Louise's friend Jackie having a bath. Louise pretended to have forgotten Jackie was there, and teased me about 'getting it out' and having the pee that I had wanted. That was easier said than done, as when faced with Jackie's obvious charms (I had never seen her topless before, but I was impressed), and not to mention Louise in one of her black dresses, I became too hard to be able to urinate with any accuracy into the toilet. There I was with an erection poking out of the front of my trousers, and I couldn't pee! Jackie wanted to show me how well she could pee standing up now, but what she produced was only a slight dribble, and some of that ran down her legs. None of this helped my condition, so I waited for Jackie to s! tep out of the bath. When she was out, I stood by the bath and leaned forward slightly. With some effort I did succeed in releasing a spray of urine into the water, and both women were watching intently, which just served to prolong my condition. They were both giggling like schoolgirls, and teased me mercilessly.
Later, I was treated to one of their own performances on the way home. It was in an alley that Louise has used before, and both girls squatted, knickers removed and dresses lifted, for me to see. Jackie was as open about me watching her as Louise is, and seemed to delight in how I saw everything as they both gave the ground a pressure wash.

Hahaha, seems I've missed some good Dredd stories. Hmm, if weeing on a wall could result in an arrest for 'wasting hydrolyzed nitrogenous products', then I wonder whether vomiting would bring a similar penalty.
Here's another one for you... ever wondered about the toilet facilities in the MC1 iso-cubes?

This is my last post now, until next year. So take care over the Christmas period, won't you? Undoubtedly there will be plenty to discuss when we return.

Best Wishes, everyone.


Hi. I'm a 15 year old boy and i sometimes have little accidents where i start to pee my pants when i have to pee real bad. I was wondering if there are any other teenagers out there who have this experience. Please respond!!



My record so far is over 600mLs, which is a pint on Imperial measure. More usually I expell around 500mLs, but bursting to go can reach different levels of intensity. With training a bladder can go longer and stretch more, but it can be a bad idea, some folks have given themselves bladder infections or stress injuries by waiting abnormally long periods. I think my total bladder capacity is probably in the order of 750mLs, but it would take some serious effort to get there. Still, a desperation period and a pee-dance can be fun, and delivering a gushing blast into a container held under your pussy is such delicious relief!



Linda GS
Oh I'm sorry Kendal.. here you are bursting to poop and I give you a huge hug. Surprised it didn't come out then and there. heh.. sees Kristy.. she seems to be putting the rules.. someone else did. Hmm who could it be?[giggles] Hey.. I was happy to see him.. I get silly and giddy when I'm happy and oddly enough.. I had just done a poop.. after 4 days. Ironic huh? Well okay... I'll do you a story about us here soon. Oh and Andrew.. Elena wants to see you.[giggles and winks]

kim and scott
Hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post. fellow poster ephermal wanted me (SCOTT) to tell you a story about kims monster logs from my point of view? so i will! a few days ago my parents went out because my dad had a meeting to go to and would be back late . so i invited kim over to my house. I invited my girlfriend kim over to my house to have some fun plus also to see the foot long sausage i passed into the bowl. i bagged the paper so kim could see the full size of it! when kim arrived at my place wearing a tight white sweater and very tight blue jeans and cowboy boots i showed her in. but before i got a chance to say anything kim told me that earlier in the day she had a huge breakfast and a huge lunch and now she had to use the toilet and squeeze out a massive shit as soon as possible. kim decided to have the log at my place because she knew i loved to watch. i then walked kim to the bathroom where she saw my big log. "WOW!" kim said excitedly "I guess th! is was suppossed to be a big surprise for me huh?" "yes Kimmy" i said "But i think the surprise for me will be even bigger!" i said (We are talking about our logs of course folks!) "We will see!" kimmy said smiling broadly as she quickly took off her sweater.zippered down and slipped off her blue jeans. took off her underwear socks and boots. kim then sat on the bowl very naked. kim smiled at me as she began to push. soon a brown log started to appear out of her ass. kim squeezed a little harder as her ring expanded wider as her log grew and grew! kim started to moan in pleasure as I saw to my astonishment kims log grow from a big one to a gigantic one! as a matter of fact kimmys log was so gigantic it pushed my big log in the corner out of the way while still coming out of her asshole! kim then took a deep breath as her chest heaved and ass shuddered and ring expanded unbelievably wide as she exploded an ENORMOUS brown missile from her quivering hole! her monster log hit the! water with a big splash. I tell you my log was big but kims log was out of this world! her log went all the way from the bowls hole all the way past the bowls water-up the porcelain! I then got the measuring tape as kim moved her mammoth torpedo out of the hole so i could measure it better. I had measured my log before at a foot long and when i measured kims log. her log notched the tape all the way to 19 1/2 inches long. 2.5 inches thick. wow! what a whopper! kims log was not only huge and thick it was rock solid too! kim then wiped herself and we flushed it down by breaking it into pieces. kim then put on her clothes and we went to a movie, hoped you liked the story. love, kim and scott. happy holidays...... PLUS LOUISE- HI!!! thats good steve still reads the stories .I know he is busy. scott and i love all your stories also! plus i hope this is not too personal but when you are walking nude on the nude beach do you notice other guys giving you the eye and getting turned o! n? I think this must happen many times to a pretty lady like yourself right? does steve get jealous sometimes? dont answer if you would rather not i just thought of this and never asked you this before. thanks. byeee PLUS KENDAL-welcome back!! thanks for looking up michael junior. what does andrew think of him? HI AND WELCOME ROXIE- scott and i think thats terrible what happenned to you at school with the guy taking your picture and hanging it on the wall for all to see when you were on the bowl like that. plus i dont think it was too proper of your dad and bro to laugh afterwards either. my parents wouldnt laugh at me after that. they would want to strangle that boy.(Not physically but ya know what i mean) by the way i love to shit nude and my man scott loves watching me. did you ever shit nude in front of a boyfriend or anything? just wondering. and please dont answer if you would rather not. byeee take care our new found friend!

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

A word on Glycerine Suppositories: I find going on the toilet after one of these things is a messy affair to clean up after. It leaves your ass so wet or sticky ,you cant feel comfortable after wiping!I prefer to do it this way: prior to showering , I soap up my hands and insert the suppository up my ass as far as It can go in . This will vary with the level of constipation you have. Sometimes this hurts really bad and you cant get it in far but it will still work ,you just have to wait longer.After the suppository is in, I go about washing myself.By the time my hair is washed,the burning in my ass has gotten bad enough but it will help to hang on a little longer .While the water is still running , just a little push is needed and a large , wet , greasy , cake like , thing will come splashing to the floor.The kahki is soft enough to wash away with the water , then you just wash your ass with soap and water. It feels Great! Much better than anything you can do on the toilet!And! no mess!Try this . it really works.

Ben in NY
Middle aged man- to my knowledge, the burning, the uncontrolable oozing, and the white stuff (which is actually puss) is gonerhea (or however you spell it). I'm sorry to hear you have it, but those are the exact indications. Go see a doctor immediately!

Middle aged man, Better have yourself checked out. If my guess is right you have clap and will need penicillin.

to: middle aged man

it sounds like an inflame of prostate. if you go FAST to
your doctor it should be no big problem. it should be
possible to heal it in 10 days just by taking pills.
bye, Elink

Middle aged man. My advice would be to go and see a doctor about your discharge. If there is a problem, the sooner it's dealt with the better. I'll remember you in my prayers. Good luck.

Kevin. I was soory to read about your experience with the rude woman at the newsagents. Your 'accident' was none of her business and she had no right to comment on you messing yourself the way she did. I don't doubt for a moment that she was telling the truth when she said that she was thirty years old and had never messed herself - at least as an adult. However, I'm sure there must have been times when she's got pretty desperate and come close to it. Most people have the occasional accident during life and if they don't the odds are they've come close to messing themselves once or twice. It's nothing to be ashamed of though. We can't always control our natural functions as well as we'd like to.

Hiya! I am female and sometimes I try to see how much I can hold. I have just peed into I can I put between my legs and weed while standing. So good. I was almost burstig before but I only peed half a pint somestimes it's a bit more. How much do you pee just after you thought you'd burst?

Last night i went out to dinner i came home and i watched tv. My stomach was starting to feel funny, within a few min i had cramps. I left the tv and went upstairs to the bathroom. I pushed some soft shit out, i was on the toilet for about 5 min. Then i wiped and flushed and went back to my show. Then i went again within 15 min, this time it was pure diahreah. I went 2 more times. I've been ok since last night till now when my stomach feels funny again.

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