Billy L.
Yesterday at church, my the deacon had the sermon and the preist left the alter for a few minutes. While he was away, my little brother told me he had to poo. So I took him to the bathroom. Just as we were got up to the door, the preist got out with a relieved look on his face. We said hi, and went in. As my little brother got on the toilet, I looked in. The were a ton of skid marks. Fortunately, it did not smell too bad.

After church, we went out for lunch. Me and mother brother ate a lot of corn on the cob, turkey and stuffing. After dinner, we were playing basketball on a court near our house. I told my brother I needed to go to the bathroom. He said he had to poo again too. So went went into the woods, we found a tree stump that had fallen down and did our poo. We both made very big but soft poos. I had some tissue to wipe our butts. On the tissue paper I saw some corn. When I was done, I looked at my poop. There was so much corn on it, it looked also like brown corn on the cob. My brother's too. I never knew that food can go through you in like 6 hours. I knew that if I pooed in the morning, my evening meal often came out, but I did not think that it could come out that fast.

After lunch, I had to poop at school. There was no corn in it. So I case I got rid of all the corn or at least most of it. Plus I passed on large log and few small ones. The large one was partly in the hole at the bottom of toilet. My firend paul made some turds too. His floated, so we were able to aim our pee at them.

The first time I remember having an accident was when I was 14 years old. One day I was coming home from school and I was really desperate to have a crap. I kept thinking I should knock on somebody’s door and ask to use the toilet, but I was too embarrassed. So I kept going, hoping I wouldn’t do it in my pants. I got to within a few hundred yards from home when I suddenly couldn’t hold it back any longer and I let it go in my knickers. I was amazed to find that I enjoyed the sensation. Walking the last few yards with the feel of the warm shit squelching in between my buttocks was gorgeous! Fortunately, my parents were still out at work so I was able to clean everything up before they came home.

To Wren, Adrian, Bryian and Simon: Thanks you guys for advising me about my stepsons who often walk in on me when I'm in the bathroom. Its like having a support group! I showed your posts to my husband, Bill, and he agrees with most of your points. I've decided that its cool with me if Josh or Joel wants to be in the bathroom with me while I shower or am on the toilet. I was just concerned about the Ann Landers column suggesting this may be bad for the boys. I was reassured by Adrian's comment that letting the guys see me nude or peeing and pooping might actually be good for them! That's what Bill thinks also. I sure want to be a good stepmom to the boys for Bill's sake. In reply to Wren, I've started speaking to the guys if they come into the bathroom while I'm there. Recently, I was peeing and pooping and Joel, the older one, walked in on me and started washing his hands. He seemed awkward and guilty so I just started asking him about school and his buddies. This ! enabled him to look at me directly instead of out of the corner of his eye. I saw a large bulge in his boxers, but pretended not to notice it. It was real funny because when I wiped my pussy, he seemed to get weak in the knees and could hardly speak! I think Wren and Bryian suggested that I walk in on the guys when they are on the toilet. Bill, my husband, saw this in your posts but does not like the idea. He says that the guys need their privacy while dumping and he thinks they often jerk off in the bathroom. I think that sounds like a real double standard. Bill thinks its educational for his sons to watch me nude or pooping, but wants them to have privacy in the same situations! I guess, however, that I'll follow Bill's wishes and just let Josh and Joel be with me in the bathroom if they want, since it does not really worry me. Thanks again guys for the advice.

middle-aged-man: My medical knowledge isn't great but I think you should see a doctor about it. It may be nothing serious. P.s. is the fluid yellow?

Me and my friend Pedro had a buddy dump one time when we were about 12.My mom had given me Fletchers Castoria because I had a stomach ache.Pedro came over to play Atari games with me. (This was that long ago).Pedro noticed the Bottle of castoria on the counter and asked what it was. I said something my mom gives me. Pedro noticed the alcohaul content and thought he could get a real good buzz off of it.I told him he would be sorry but he swigged it any way. I diddnt care if he finished the bottle. I hated the stuff.We were playing River raid or something when the stuff started to work on me. I told Pedro I was going to do Cockie and i would be back in a few minutes. As usual i left the door half open so Pedroand I could still talk. I also wanted to see how many levels he would achieve while I was away from the game. After about 2 minutes he comes blasting in the bathroom with his hands squeesing his butt cheeks together .He told me " Get up I'm gonna Shit my pants right now"!I said" F---You Ass hole . I have diahreea too". What did you think you just swallowed half a bottle of? He danced a jig and said really loud "come on~ I mean it"!Or i'll just go all over your lap. I said all right why dont you if its so urgent. I slid back on the seat as far as I could and spread my legs open to make room for his skinny ,hairless Ass.He told me to put my hand in front of my Weiner because he diddnt want it touching him.I did although looking back it really diddnt make a difference with what we were going to do.He pulled down his sweat pants and white jockey shorts just in time. I could see the puddle already bubbling out of his hole.He sat with me and let it go. Between the two of us we filled the toilet up and stunk the place to high heaven! He was out of breath when he finished . he wiped for a long time but still felt dirty so he asked me to see if he was clean and to wipe him some more.I cleaned him up pretty good and then wiped my self. He checked me to see if I was clean Too!.Then we went back to our game. I scolded him for picking up any old bottle and drinking it.We never spoke about it for at least 10 more years when again I was under the influence of a laxitive. I told him I had to do Cockie and he reminded me of our buddy dump a long time ago. He diddnt come with me this time. He did ask if he should check me to see if I was clean though.

hello my name is Roxie. I am in 2 year of university. last year I was driving to the University and all I felt then is I have to pee real fast. I didn't know what to d. should I go home and pee? Try to hold it til I use the university bathroom? well I all I was sure about is I coudn't do both. I was in the middle of a highway. I became so desprate for a pee, tha I pulled over, went on the side and peed. Two people actually pulled over and watched me pee on th road. I wasn't very embarassed until a very old man came very close to face to face and pulled down his clothes and peed too. I didn't what how I felt about it and I stil don't. For the first time I expose myself and also for the first time I see a man peeing right infront of me.

I also have another story. I was sitting on the toilet in the university washroom. I was taking a poo and I always take my skirt or my pants of while I am having a poo. I guess it's cleaner and easier but once while I was sitting, someone looked down the door and saw me. It was a guy. he brooke the door and took a picture and ran and hung it on a school board. I WAS TOOO DEPRESSED. I actualy switched Universties which is a very hard thing to do, but the himiliation I had was too rough. I took the picture off the wall and shoewed to my family and I was in tears. They cheered me up but when I went and left them, my dad and my 15 year old brother were laughing soo bad that made my cry the most and I then my mom punished my bro and made him apologize because she knew I heard him laughing, but for my dad, I think he head enough from my mom wel I wish all of you write to me and have me as a new friend thank you!

I agree with PV. Why is there not a TP dispenser and disposal site by urinals? It's a great hassle to have to go into a stall and get some TP to wipe your tool. For that reason, most men after using the urinal shake their tool more or less vigorously to get rid of the last few drops of pee. But Newton's Fourth Law of motion states that "No matter how hard you shake it, the last drop will always run down your leg".

TO MIDDLE AGED MAN-First,I think you should go to a urologist,but it could be a slight case of prostatitis(sp)-some years ago I had a thing like that myself-the clear stuff is from the prostate,it may be a slight infection there-some antibiotics and you should be OK,but i'm not a doctor-just telling you from my experience-go see a doc
TO Cathy ITALIAN SISTERS-Oh yes! cool story with you and your new friend!I enjoyed that story alot!Great stuff!Did you guys ever do it again after that?
Took a good dump at the store yesterday-When I got there,the place was packed with holiday shoppers and when i got to the toilet i had to wait with 2 guys in front of me-then i finally got in there and pulled down my pants and it was the kind of dump I could hold on to for a bit and let out slowly while i listened to others guys poop and fart-i was in the end stall again and the guy next to me was finishing up and wiping and he left and at that point i was staring my BM with a slow moving sausage and another guy went into the next stall and started to clean off the bowl and then I saw him look over at my stall as he was cleaning off the bowl-I was leaning foreward with this long sausage hanging out my butt-he just looked at my butt for about 10 secs or so and then sat on the bowl himself and I could see his butthole doming out and then I heard him grunt and then i saw a fast moving rope of poo come out along with some hissing gas-it was alot of poo-Man,some guys can real! ly dump some loads-I thought I did some good ones but some of these guys make me look like i'm constipated!After this guys farted again I let out my sausage and it was followed by (unexpected) a bunch of poop that sounded like as it was coming out like Thhhhhhhhh--hthhhhhhhhh and exploded at the end with a loud fart-it felt so good that i moaned a bit-I usually out in a public toilet keep the audibles down,but this just came out cause the poo felt so good coming out-then I saw this guy start to wipe and I saw him do some thing I do-he pushed out his anus to wipe it-I too do this,but his anus really was pushed out quite a bit-It looked like a big anthill-As he was wiping I farted again and pushed out some soft stuff and this one too had that THhhhhhh sound as it was coming out- I was doing a nice poo and this guy probably was seeing it-I didn't look over-I didn't want to let him see me ,but it was kinda cool-I think he was enjoying it-Then I waited for him to leave and then ! I started to clean up-I really had to wipe a lot-it was pretty messy and as I'm wiping another guy comes in the next stall and sits down and I didn't hear a thing-maybe this guy was just there to see and hear others poop or maybe he was a weirdo-I couln't do that-Half the fun is pooing yourself as you hear others poo too!Fun stuff-I got out of there and finished my shopping-cool place-Hope you all are having a great christmas season!There's some great holiday dumping going on! BYE

The first time I remember having an accident was when I was 14 years old. One day I was coming home from school and I was really desperate to have a crap. I kept thinking I should knock on somebody’s door and ask to use the toilet, but I was too embarrassed. So I kept going, hoping I wouldn’t do it in my pants. I got to within a few hundred yards from home when I suddenly couldn’t hold it back any longer and I let it go in my knickers. I was amazed to find that I enjoyed the sensation. Walking the last few yards with the feel of the warm shit squelching in between my buttocks was gorgeous! Fortunately, my parents were still out at work so I was able to clean everything up before they came home.

Hello everyone,
HI! my name s Jim and I am new hear I have a story about my mom.
You people would no believe what my mom did to me once. I was 11, and I was playin outside in the backyard in the snow. I wanted to go poo. I decided since nobody is around i will just pull my pants and underwear and just poo. I did it and it was kinda fun I guess. Lucky me I always have kleenex in my pockets. I quickly grapped some and cleaned my self good. Then I look behind me and there was my mom watching all along! she grabbed me from my shirt to the living room were my aunt was visiting. she pulled down my pants and underwear infront of my aunt and told her what i did. I started crying and I peed over the carpet. I was grounded for a month and another month for peeing on the carpet.
The only thing I am still confused about is why she pulled down my pants and my underwear infront of my aunt!
Since then I always make sure my mom is not watching what I am doing even if it was homeowrk! please write and tell me what do you think about my mom who embarassed me!

Eric M.
Hi, Melissa and Bill. Melissa, I'm happy your sister no longer has to take laxatives. A very Merry Christmas to you, too! :-)

Bill and Melissa, Alex and Steph graduated from college last June. Alex is still living at home and commuting to her new job about 20 miles away. She has been extremely busy with work and other things. Steph has moved to New Mexico, but will be coming home to Connecticut for the holidays. Steph and I (as well as Steph and Alex) e-mail each other at least once a day, but it's not the same. We can't wait to see her!!!
I'm sure Steph will let me watch her on the toilet if I ask; I will, of course, return the favor. :-)

Happy holidays to everyone. Later, Eric

KATE - my advice to you is the same as I gave to Sue: Set your own standards, don't worry about anyone outside the group of people directly involved thinks. If you're happy with things as they are, there isn't a problem, is there?

Anonymous - my advice for your outdoor poop in winter is to hang up your coat at the side of you to keep the cold wind off you.
Squat, and be quick about dumping your load. If some poop doesn't want to come out, it will tell you when it's ready. Don't hang around trying to force it. Two 3-minute sessions are better than one 15-minute strainer!

Works for me.

Si :)

Lavinia - Do you like the feeling of getting more and more desperate? I do,
but usually I don't wait until I wet myself. Concerning that party after
school, I guess that you felt the need for a longer time already and had to
keep on the move to control yourself when you resorted to dancing (oh I do
understand you don't like to give away your predicament by obvious
movements!). That is why I wonder if you find the sensation of holding it
agreeable and wait purposely until you are dying for a pee. I know that one of
my (female) cousins, Sonya, has the habit to wait until she can hold it in only
by dancing around - but only when she is in her room at home. My aunt
mentioned this in a conversation with my mother. (I am pretty sure Sonya would
have killed her if she had heard that.) In public I have frequently seen her
make little unvoluntary movements with desperation and tension, but nothing
worse. She is 18 now, and the only occasions I remember her wet herself were
some years ago when she was 13/14. I remember a birthday party (4 years ago)
where Sonya had a skirt on (like you) and wet herself. Somebody had given her
several glasses of cider, and she was not used to it. We had to walk to a
restaurant for dinner, and she must have been desperate to pee already when we
started. Anyway, she became more and more restless during the walk, and in the
end she gave up the struggle. She stopped dead in a half-squatting position in
front of a shop window and weed in her knickers.

By the way, did you ever pee in your jeans? Did you always manage to stay dry
after school?

And do you play holding games when you are alone? I am sure you know well this
feeling of walking stiff-legged on the verge of losing it, seconds before you
can't help yourself. Was it this kind of "walking" helplessly up and down on
that lawn? I wonder if you continued moving when you felt it soak into your
knickers. If so, how did you avoid a wet patch on your skirt?


Hello everybody!

PV - Hi girl! Those latest urinal weeings of yours sounded
really good, and you must have enjoyed them. It is the
checking it will be clear to go into the men's that makes
your heart thump isn't it? It is like that for me when I
have been in all by myself. You will have lots of chances
for more I bet! I saw a weather forecast for Australia a
night or two ago and it looked like it must be really hot
there just now, so down to the beach for you eh? In England
it is cold just now but some of our buddies in the USA must
be having a tough time. Maybe if we had an outdoor wee over
in the North East states wee would have wee icicles between
our legs! LOL Good thing that really it is warmed by our
bodies so it *won't* freeze! Hehehehe.
I bet all the people who keep saying women can not stand to
pee would have been shocked by your strong, near horizontal
pee onto that wall. I often like to do it near horizontal
like that, and if I do that then I step back a bit so that
I do not get splahsed, and then when I am finishing I move
in a bit closer so I do not drip too much on the floor. But
that is only if I am feeling good. If I feel like being a bad
girl I drip as much as I like! Guys do it don't they?!
I could just see you with your thong pulled to the side and
shooting forward. That's brilliant!
Yeah, guys do not wipe, do they? Sometimes just for fun I
have ripped off some TP and dried Steve's foreskin for him
which makes him think I have gone nuts!
The dividers, yeah. There was a time when I was at work and
I found another men's toilet that seemed like nobody ever
went into it. I took the chance one afternoon last week and
I went in. I saw this white porcelein wall urinal and it had
those divider things that Steve told me about. It had 3 spaces
for guys to stand at, so I went into the middle one. There
was enough room for my arms to move at my sides, and I just
lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers to the side. I targeted
the middle of the wall in my space and pissed like crazy. I
really washed that wall and it all ran away in the trough at
the bottom. I drew a little venus on the wall above when I had
put my knickers back in place then I loved the noise my heels
made when I went out again. I was not seen by anybody when I
came out. It was a lot of fun and I wish Steve had been with me
so I could have peeked at him over the divider. That would have
been fun. Oh, and WHY do guys have to throw cigarette butts in
the trough? Slobs.
Oh yes, I have been with Steve for 7 and a half years now and
it just keeps getting better and better. I had not had any really
steady boyfriend before him and he is the only one I have ever
slept with. I was always a bit of a slowcoach with boys and I
wanted to wait until I found a guy I really wanted, and Steve
just makes me feel so special. If I could find another guy like
him (his best friend has a girlfriend already) for my sister I
would feel a lot better because I think she is lonely and I
know she has a lot of love to give. She is like me and she feels
a bit shy around men really. Steve says a lot of guys do not
think they can get girlfriends as beautiful as she is, and that
is very kind of him.
I will try to write again before we go away. Have lots of fun
over Christmas eh?

KIN AND SCOTT - Hi! Yep, Steve still reads and likes your stories.
I think he likes to imagine your bumhole streched open by a long,
thick log. LOL

LAVINIA - Oh dear it must have been horrible to wet yourself like
that in School. Oh no. I agree with PV, I hope they are now in
prison and getting some punishment for whatever they will have
done since. It is like my boyfriend says, leopards do not change
their spots and they will have done other things since your school

SUE - I do not think there is something wrong with your stepsons
seeing you on the toilet. I am sure it is a good thing some way
because you know they have a good interest in girls. Maybe you
should walk in on them and look at them when they are peeing
or having a crap so they will be all right about being open with
girls who come into their lives later.
Do they walk in on you when you are in the bath or do they just come
in when you are on the toilet?
I have a friend who has a stepson who comes into the bathroom when
she is in the bath. Then sometimes she has a hovering pee over the
toilet when he is still there and yes, he sees everything. Sometimes
he has a pee as well and all this time they are talking about other
things. PV, did I not write to tell you about that? Well Sue, she
knows he likes to be there because he likes girls and he knows as
well that his stepmum is out of bounds too, but she thinks seeing her
like that and talking will be good for him when he is around girls.
I think it will be all right for your stepsons and you just like
it is, because sometime soon your stepsons will get girlfriends to
well, you know, take interest in.

LAWN DOGS KID - I bet you are having lots of fun now Kendal is back!
I am happy you liked my advice. Enjoy Christmas!




Welcome to the board, dear! It's an interesting situation you present, and, as you say, to some extent the house only works on time because you don't demand the privacy that your menfolk have assumed for themselves -- which is a teensy bit against the norm, as usually the girls of the house are the ones who are gifted the privacy because men are supposed to be rugged and couldn't-care-less. (We know that's not the case!)

My advice? Okay, you're 14 and the youngest, and the youngest often gets the least consideration in things like this. But if you're perfectly comfortable using the toilet with company, and open-showering and being nude around the house with your family, my earnest advice is to stick to what feels right. If you're cool with it, and your family is cool too, then go with the current.

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly that it's a shame your brothers have "closed up" to obtain their own privacy, shutting you out of the warmth and comfortable companionship that you so selflessly extend to them. That's rather mean of them when you think of it in that light, I suppose. Bottom line? Do what feels right. If as you develop into your mid teens you become self-conscious about sharing with them, you have the in-built, cast-iron female right to demand your privacy, and as your menfolk have already claimed theirs, they can't complain about it -- they'll have to rearrange their schedules to accommodate you. But if it feels good, then I think it's absolutely wonderful that you can be entirely open. I envy you, as a matter of fact, as I grew up in a very closed home situation, and never enjoyed such special, simple, delightful moments at any time.

Hugs to you,


SUE --

Bearing on pretty much the same issue as Kate above, your situation is reversed but I'd tender the same thoughts -- do what feels right. If you're happy to use the toilet with your stepsons there, and they receive the benefit of knowing about "female things" in a caring home environment, then I think the situation is a good and beneficial one. If you and they can be mutually open and entirely casual about it, then you have a special family environment, and I doubt it should be discarded or terminated from simply the concern that it might not be correct. Play it by ear, and if it feels right, don't change a thing.




I have a biology degree and have 'done my homework' as it were! My only knowledge of the penis emmission you describe is a mixture of the elements from which semen is composed. There are seven glands in total contributing components to semen, and it is characteristic for them to discharge when, shall we say, the glands have produced more than has been required in the timeframe. This happens as a rule after urination, a spontaneous, slow emmission of slippery, sticky, semen-like fluid. (Yes, it probably contains at least some sperm.)

I doubt there is anything to be concerned about, it happens to teenagers, and as far as I know it can happen to men at any age, and develops in proportion to their frequency of sexual activity (sorry Mr. Moderator, but I have my biologist's hat on at the moment!)

Good luck,



Hi there dear! Sure I remember you, you were so sweet and kind when I was able to open up and describe the situation that gave me the dreaded complex for all these years, and in so doing you really helped me along the road to freedom. I'm really happy to see you back, and I hope you'll be a part of the community here whenever you're able! Got any college stories? I'm sure we'd all love to hear!

Here's one in return to start you off: I needed to visit my college today for an appointment, and as it's in the middle of the summer holiday here in Australia, the place was pretty much deserted, so i had a wee in the men's room -- twice. The first time was a fairly high traffic bathroom, a big place with a tiled floor that angled down into the gutter with a steel wall. I stood up to it and pished the wall, no sweat. The second time was another bathroom, fairly high traffic again but totally deserted. This one had a platform in front of the gutter, so I stepped up, drew my shorts over and had a good wee, standing at the mid point of the long steel wall. I even looked over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirrors over the sinks! Ah, such fun, and so liberating to be able to do it!

All my best, dear, and to all,


Just got home from school. It seems really strange to come back to Andrew's house instead of my own. Dad will be home in a day or two, so I'll be able to go back home then. Not that I mind living with Aunty, Uncle and Andrew. Its actually really brill. But I do wish Dad was home.

So many people to reply to today !

LOUISE: You first, 'cos you're going away. Hope you see this first. You are a heroine to me, although I think I used hero last time, forgetting that there is a female version of that word. As for the high toilet with the furry seat, it's some sort of material that is held onto the toilet seat with elastic. I've never thought about it getting dirty before. However, Granddad is the only guy who uses the loo ( and I think he sits down to wee, cos I saw him sitting one day with the door not quite shut properly. I didn't hear any plops, and after he finished, I had to go, and there wasn't any poo smell, so he can't miss can he and get the seat dirty !) I think Granny washes it two or three times a week anyway. She has spares you know ! Have a lovely trip ! love from Kendal xx

NICOLE: I think you are right about Lavinia, but she says she's now 17, and the school thing happened when she was 13. She seems to be ok about it now. And yes, it feels very sad to think that Mum and Dad won't be getting back together again. The worst for me is that Mum would rather live with a man who doesn't want me to be there too than have me live with her. I'm not going to say anymore, it makes me cry. So, what did you and Suzy get upto on Sunday. Do tell ! I'm dying to hear. Take care, love Kendal xx

PV: I love my family on this site very much. I feel a very lucky girl to have so many friends write to me. That's why I try to reply to them all. Thank you for your lovely welcome back again. Andrew calls me sweetheart as well ! Love from Kendal xx

KIM & SCOTT: Thank you for your lovely compliment. I've always been encouraged to work hard at school, particularly by Mum. Oh well, I suppose I shall just have to motivate myself now, although I'm sure Dad will show more interest now Mum has gone. PS, I looked up Michael Junior. He isn't as cute as my Andrew, but he does have lovely brown eyes doesn't he !

G: Thanks for the welcome back again. I don't think I know you very well. Tell me all about yourself next time you post !

ELLIE: I thought of another problem about weeing on the floor of the bus. Apart from puddles, if you disappear from view, and are caught squatting on the floor by another passenger, it would pretty obvious what you were doing. Weeing on the seat would only need your knickers pulled down, and your dress lifted from under your bottom. Pulled down knickers could hide under the dress. So no one would ever know as you sat that you were weeing, even if they stopped and stared ! PS, I missed you and LITTLE LOU as well. I see Andrew told everyone that I took you two with me to the toilet for company when I was having to live at Grannie's. Linda and I have this thing going where we pretend we have taken each other to the loo together, and then tell the story. When you are sad and lonely, its a real comfort to think someone is with you. So I took you and Little Lou one day ! Hope you two and Kev are taking good care of one another. Love from Kendal xx.

LINDA: Gosh girl, I'm really dying for a poo right now, but I'm doing my best to hold onto it so you and Andrew can see. He's a bit late getting home ! I've just about recovered from your enormous hug, took my breath away ! But boy, I needed that. I love my hugs. Andrew gives me lots of them, and so does Dad, but he's still in hospital, although not for much longer hopefully. Going to see him tonight ! Now girl, what's this about flashing my cousin with your purple flowery pampies ! He'll love that when he reads about it. Anyway, no more tears. It seems I home to stay now, and I'm very glad. But don't you ever think I'll leave you. I didn't leave you before. Its just that Grandad doesn't have a computer, so I had to rely on Andrew to give messages, which I thought he did very well !

Now, I promised you the story of the poo on Grannie's high toilet with the furry seat ! I don't know how you managed it really. You didn't go poop for four whole days, then all of a sudden you decided it was time, RIGHT NOW ! You were holding your bottom all the way up the stairs which made me laugh ! In the bathroom, you rushed to get your pampies down in time, and then hoisted yourself onto that high seat. You commented how weird it was to have something furry under your legs, but how warming it was too ! Then you began a big whizzer, and your face went all red as you began on your poo at the same time. Your wee made a huge tinkle with all the force you gave it, and this poop of yours was so urgent, I could hear it crackling out of you before your wee had even stopped ! The look of exhileration on your face had to be seen to be believed. ( sorry, I have to interupt this story with the news that Andrew is now home !! ) Crackle, crackle it went for what seemed like a wh! ole minute, and then you gave a little sharp intake of breath as you realised it was breaking off. My God, what an explosion that was ! The hugest plop you would ever here that seemed to make a noise in two stages. Like KERLUMP..PLOP. That was the water all dropping back in again afterwards. Then you had several more smaller poops that all splashed your bum ( that's if my poops are anything to go by, they always plop in Grannie's high toilet ! ). There, how did you like that Linda ?

I also promised to tell you about Kirsty. Well we had our talk all three of us together, and she was surprised how easily she could talk about the toilet with Andrew. But then he is easy to talk to, whatever the subject. We decided in the end that she could join us both one day without any pressure for herself to do it as well, just see what she felt like. I honestly don't think she is that bothered that Andrew would see her sitting on the toilet. As she said, if he hides his eyes while she gets to sit, and doesn't look while she wipes, he won't see anything under her dress anyway. And if she decides to wear trousers, then she will make sure she wears a long shirt or jumper which would act in the same way. No, I think she's far more worried about the noises she will make ! So, we certainly won't have to do it together on Grannie's high toilet !

I'm busting Linda. Andrew just wants a quick word..

Hi Linda ! Good to see you posting again, although I can't see it yet. Kendal says it will be worth the wait to read ! Speak to you in a few minutes babe. XOXO.

Middle aged man - that is pre-lube juice. Sometimes I have it after peeing and while doing number three. I once took a muscle relaxant drug and a lot more pre lube juice came out than normal.

Monday, December 18, 2000

Bill – I hadn’t even thought of that. Perhaps she did “Try for a poo”, as an afterthought. She certainly succeeded.
P.V. Hi, so glad you remember Melanie and me. That was a wonderful complement you gave us - thanks. Undergrad life is so demanding that I can’t get to the board as I did in the summer vac after I finished high school almost eighteen months ago now. But I promise I will post whenever I get the chance.
Love and kisses to all my great friends out there – have a great Christmas everybody – Melissa.

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