Cathy-Italian sisters
I had been reading posts on this site be a few months and decided to do my first post. I am a 39 year old married women of Italian decent. I want to write about my first "buddy dump". My best friend is a 35 year old women named Tracy. She is Italian and everyone at work started calling us the Italian sisters. We have only known each other for a about a year, but have become really close. We recently went on a girls only weekend in New Hampshire. We stayed at a quaint motel in the White Mountains. We went to a local resturant that had an all you can eat buffet. We then went to a country & western bar right next to the motel (we didnt want to have to worry about driving). We both really over did it with the drinking. We headed back to our room a little after midnight, and were both really drunk. We were walking and holding onto each other, and I really had to poop. Tracy let out a fart, and then giggled. I then farted and we were laughing hysterically. We got in the room and we both headed for the bathroom. I couldnt wait to use it, and I could tell by Tracy's face that she was about to shit her pants. We talked and I convinced her to buddy dump with me. I had told her about this website before. She said she would do the buddy dump but didnt know how. So we quickly took our shirts and pants off and we both pulled our underwear down. I decided to use the technique that Alan and Lynn have posted about here. I pulled up the seat and sat on the back of toilet and instructed Tracy to sit on my lap facing me. Tracy almost fell and I grabbed her and we embraced in a bear hug and leaned back. We started peeing, and peed in each other's lap and legs. We put our foreheads together and both let out a loud fart, and our asses exploded. We both dropped a couple of big logs in the toilet. We were moaning and pushing and we both burped in each others faces. I felt like I was getting sick. We pushed out several more large logs and continued farting and burping. We both threw up on each other a couple of times. We sat on the toilet for about two hours. The Italian sisters really stunk up the bathroom! We wiped up and climbed into the shower and cleaned off and then went to bed. We were in bed most of the next day with pounding headaches. When we got back we told of husbands we had a great time. We didnt share our bathroom episode with them.

middle aged man
I used to think there were only two substances that came out of a man's penis: urine and semen. Recently, I've noticed that a third substance has been coming out of my penis on occasion. Sometimes, after I am done peeing I feel a kind of funny, almost burning sensation in my penis and a different substance oozes out. It's not urine, but it's not semen either. It's much thinner than semen and very slippery and sticky. It doesn't squirt out the way semen would but just sort of oozes out uncontrollably. When I try to wipe it off with toilet paper, it sticks to the tp and the tp sticks to my skin. I'm thinking it's maybe some kind of prostate fluid or something. Does anyone know what this is? Does this indicate I am about to have prostate problems or something? I am 44.


Hello and thanks to Nicole and Lawn Dogs Kid for replying to me.

Nicole - Yes of course you can call me Vinny, some of my best friends do. Don't worry, I'm not really sad about anything but it wasn't very nice to be made to wet my panties by those boys. Like you I have always seemed to want to pee at the most awkward times and I have also always been very shy of saying I need to go. Thankyou for being so nice Nicole.

Lawn Dogs Kid - I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Please tell me what it was you liked to hear, I don't know what it is people really want to know.

Sarah - Going on a long journey has often ended up with me being so desperate but that has often been because I have been in a car with my parents and my father hates having to stop until we get to wherever we are going. Its more difficult for us than for boys - when my brother Jeremy needed a wee (he is 12 now)in the car when he was younger he did it in a bottle or something. Now he's older he wont do that when I'm there so he gets very desperate too and last summer he wet his trousers in the car. When I start to drive I will try to find a small bowl or something to keep under the drivers seat in case of emergencies like being stuck in a traffic jam. I have a girlfriend who does this and she says its easy to push back the seat and slide forward until she can pee in the bowl without being seen. How old is your daughter?

AJ - I can remember so many times when I've been really bursting I don't know which to write about. A lot of them have been at school of course but last year I went to a party after school and drank lots of shandy - alcohol goes to my head if its strong. It was at a boy's house and there were about 30 of us. After an hour I was dying to wee and even dancing to keep moving didn't help much. I gave up the idea of waiting until I went home ans looked for the toilet. There were at least 6 girls and 3 boys waiting at the door! I just couldn't wait without holding myself and I hate being seen doing that so I dashed out into the garden. There were people out there too and I couldn't find any private place. I began to leak a bit and its a good thing I had a skirt on - we were all still in school uniform - and not jeans. I just couldn't help it and I walked up and down the lawn just weeing in my knickers. My friend who I arrived with was the only one to notice and that was because! she had wet herself too only she did it waiting at the loo door and got laughed at by some of the boys.
I hope you liked hearing about that, I will tell you about more times like that if you want.


I think the reason some people flush after peeing, before continuing with a shit is that they don't like having their bum splashed with pee when the shit drops with a plop.

Do you like a good spash on the bum when it drops?

The weather in the Northeastern US is nasty this time of year. Any suggestions for pooping outside while camping or hunting in cold weather without freezing to death?

Sarah: The best way to relieve yourself when travelling is find a "rest area" - Just joking. Last week I picked my sister up from junior college. She encouraged me to hurry home, as she had been holding it all day. She has awesome capacity (and drinks lots of water/coffee/soda during the day). The bad weather caused the highway to look like a parking lot on the way home. My sister was truly desperate by now, but feared going along the road with everyone else in the jam watching. She said her bladder was spasming, so I new there was only seconds left before my she would lose it. I dug around and found a plastic sandwich bag from my lunch. She quickly pulled her jeans down, moved to the front of the seat, and positioned the bag and let loose. She quickly filled one bag and motioned for a second. I didn't have another, so after a few seconds, she could no longer keep the flow stopped and the remainder of the stream deflected off of the glove box and onto the floor ma! t.

So, I recommend sealable bags for you and your daughter. Just make sure to have a couple (or big enough ones) depending on your bladder size. If anyone else has a better solution, I'd like to know.

Tracy S
Dear Sarah:

I recommend wearing diapers....that is what I do when me and my parents go on long trips.......this way if I have to go to the bathroom they do not have to keep pulling over. I have been wearing diapers on car trip ever since I was 10 and I peed my jeans coming home from my grandma's.......I am now 17 and it works just as well for me now as it did then

Linda GS
Um.. I'm not dead yet.. I'm getting better. (giggles) Um sorry to worry everyone.. we said good bye to our old PC and got a new one.. but I had to wait for my cousin and Elena to finally go and BUY it. Grrrrrr. Oh but to come back and hear great news. EVERYONE IS BACK!!!! Melissa!!! Great to have you back!!! Kendal.. PLEASE don't ever leave me again. Andrew...... um.. well you never go anywhere so how can I miss you? [winks] Just playing.[flashes him her purple flowered pampies by lifting the back of her nightgown] Am I forgiven now? (giggles)I better not do that again as my cousin just gave me a look.. it scary. Anyway... just coming back to tell everyone I'm back. [crushes kendal to death with a huge hug and tries not to cry] Sorry.. but I worried so much for you. As for Andrew.. see me and Elena in the bathroom next time.[winks]

Hi everyone!

KENDAL: Great to see you back. Me and Lou have missed you! We both felt pretty guilty about the incident on the bus, but you're right, we really had to go. I sincerely hope it does teach that horrible bus driver a lesson.We probably would have gone on the floor if we had been thinking straight, but we were so desperate we panicked, and didn't stop to think. At least we didn't leave a puddle though.

LAWN DOGS KID: Thanks for cheering me and Lou up, with your idea about the next person to sit on the seat! Sort of funny, in a nasty kind of way, but it made us laugh. Kev says he only hopes the bus driver is the next person to sit on those seats!

MESSAGE TO LAWN DOGS KID FROM LITTLE LOU: Hi! I'm glad I cheered you up, even if it only made you feel a little bit happier, love Little Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bye for now, Love Ellie xxx.

At aviation shops you get a thing called a lady john. A funnel that you pee into and then a plastic bottle to catch it. As for a no 2 a plastic bag is best but big enough to caver your butt in case of a spray or loose jobbie. Hope this helps
Happy Crapping all over Xmas.

Iíve been visiting this site for a few weeks but I havenít posted anyting before.
Iím a fourteen year old girl and I live with my mum and dad and two brothers, one fifteen and one seventeen. When me and my brothers were young the whole family used to have a fairly relaxed attitude towards nudity and the bathroom. My mum has always shut the bathroom door when she has a poo but when she pees she only pushes it too though she doesnít like it if anyone else tries to come in while sheís going. When me and the boys were young she didnít mind us seeing her naked but that gradually stopped as the boys got into their teens. My dads pretty much the same; heís always shut the bathroom door when heís having a poo. He didnít used to mind us seeing him naked but that stopped too as we got older. He still pees with the door open but always with his back to the door. My brothers used to leave the door wide open whether they were peeing or pooing and never had any problem with being seen naked by the other members of the family but they started getting shy too as they g! ot into puberty. Theyíre just like my dad now and I donít see them naked or pooing now and only peeing from behind.
I havenít started covering up yet even though my breasts and pubic hair started growing a while ago. I still leave the bathroom door wide open whether Iím peeing or pooing or showering and donít worry about wondering about the house nude or partially nude. It still feels ok to me and I think itís a shame that the other members of the family have stopped being relaxed about their bodies.
We only have one bathroom in our house and the only loo is in the bathroom; me and my dad and brothers all get up at about the same time in the morning and so we all want to use the bathroom at once. My mum doesnít work so she gets up later. The three menís bathroom routine consists of a pee and a shave (though Ben the youngest only shaves a couple of times a week). They tend to bath or shower in the evening. My morning routine takes a little longer; I always like to have a poo as well as a pee in the morning and I wouldnít dream of going to school without a shower. So what usually happens in the morning is one of the men gets up first has a pee and starts to shave; while heís still shaving I drag myself out of bed and join whoever in the bathroom and sit on the loo for my pee and poo. I always do a major big strong piss in the morning but often my morning poo is quite a lot of air and just a few little lumps. I like to get rid of it though but my major daily poo is usuall! y after dinner. After this I take off my nightdress and have a shower; while Iím doing that and drying off and fixing my hair the other two men come in in turn pee with their back to me and shave.
Like I say Iím quite comfortable with this but I do sometimes think itís a little odd that Iím the only one in the family now who doesnít claim any privacy. Trouble is our morning routine wouldnít cope with me shutting myself in the bathroom on my own for half an hour. I would have to forego my morning shower or get up a good bit earlier. I love my bed far too much for that. I wonder what other people here think I should do.

sarah, if you do not want to pull over so much, limit the access to drinks. I realize that you may still have to poop, but you can limit how much you have to pee. However, you should still stop every 1 1/2 hours or so. So maybe pulling into the first rest stop you see after 1 hour fifteen minutes is not so bad for a break for a few minutes. Perhaps you will have a good poo.

Sarah. Perhaps the best advice for someone travelling long distances is actually to take frequent stops, irksome though this may be. There are some things you can't put a price on and comfort is one of them. Unless you're intent on testing your bladder capacity, I would advise taking toilet stops at fairly regular intervals. If however, you really have to travel considerable distances without access to a proper toilet, I would strongly advise taking a decent sized container, preferably one with a resealable lid and a blanket or two. That way you can answer the call of nature discreetly and without mess.

Sue. So long as you're not uncomfortable with Bill's boys walking in on you when you're on the loo, I wouldn't worry about it. They won't come to any harm from seeing you doing something which is perfectly natural and part of life for all men and women. It may even do them good - whatever Ann Landers says. I occasionally read a British tabloid, the Daily Sport, which so far has portrayed atractive young women in just about every pose possible - except on the loo. Why there should be a fair amount of openness about practically everything else but an insufferable prudery when comes to going on the toilet, something which they all have to do anyway, beats me.

Kevin. I enjoyed reading about your experience in the Middle East and the enormous poo which your colleague Anne did. Wow! At 18 to 20 inches long and three inches thick it must have been one of the biggest jobbies you've seen. Did she do any farts before she went or show any signs of agitation? She must have been fairly desperate to do it. My guess is she'd not opened her bowels for a day or two.

I like the new picture. The lady in question looks like she's bending forward to let out a serious poo. At a guess I'd say by the way she's dressed that it was probably taken in a nightclub.

Last night I went out for a meal with some friends and I must have eaten something which disagreed with me because this morning I had the 'runs' for a brief while first thing. A dose of Imodium has so far settled it though. I don't think it was food poisoning as such, just a case of something 'disagreeing' with me or triggering the IBS to which I'm occasionally prone.

JacobG in Florida
Freddy: Welcome. I enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more from you.

Buzzy: You may remember I recently posted about a restroom in a conference center next to my office building that has highly reflective tile walls too. What's unusual about this one, is that the person using the handicapped stall faces the stall next to it, since toilet in the handicapped stall is perpendicular to the wall. One does not have to turn around to see the view you described. I took two lunchtime poos in there this past week. The first time, nobody came in. The second time, the person sat straight up, so I didn't see anything. I look forward to hearing about one of your good poops in that restroom. I'll post if I have any more experiences.

Plunging Plop Guy: I appreciated your fantasy. I've never buddy dumped, but if I could get over my shyness, and find myself with the opportunity to buddy dump, I would hope it could be similar to your story. Also, I have never considered a difference to exist between CAN, POTTY, JOHN and COMMODE. It's just a matter of vocabulary style. I've always considered a lavatory to be a sink or wash basin.

Keep up the great stories, everyone.

KIKI!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you?

Today my girlfriend & I were shopping when she said she needed to pee. We went to the mall bathrooms & there was a long line there. She said she could wait until we got home as we were all done shopping anyway. As we were driving hame I felt my large coke kick in & needed to piss too. It only took a short time to get home but byt the time we did I had to go really bad. I followed her into the bathroom & when she pulled her pants down I told her to hurry cause I had to go too. She started peeing & announced she needed a shit too & it might take a few minutes. She let out a nice tight fart & i heard a couple of small plops. I'm now desperate & holding myself really hard to keep from pissing my pants. After a few more seconds & a few more plops I can't wait any longer & with one hand holding on & the other undoing my zipper I pull my pants down & piss in the sink. My girl is watching as I piss for over a full minute. She's farting ! & suddenly I hear a big splash & 1 more fart. She says she's all done. I love when we get to go together.

Billy L.
Yesterday, after lunch, I also wet myself in school. I had to pee and poop, but not that bad. One of my friends handed me a copy of an email he got. In it, a tech from Wordperfect got a call. The computer screen went blank and nothing he did could get the words he was typing on the screen. So he called the tech. The asked if there is a C: on the screen. There was nothing. Then the tech asked him to check and see if the cables are plugged into the back of the monitor. He said he could not see, because the only light is coming in from the windows. The tech said turn on the lights. The guys said he cannot because there is a power failure. The tech asked if he still had the boxes. The guy said, yes. Is it that bad? The tech said yes. The guy asked what do I tell the store? The tech said to tell them you are too stupid to own a computer. When I finished this I laughed so hard that I almost wet myself. This never happened to me. My teacher came and asked what is so funny? I told him! . He just started laughing. Then me and my friends got up and went to the bathroom. My and bob had to poop. While i was on the toilet, our teacher came in for a pee. I said I almost laughed so hard that I peed myself. He said he did too. I dumped too big turds. Bob and I switch places. He dumped on long floater and about 4 little sinkers. We played sink the sub and left after washing our hands.

I saw that new movie yesterday, "Dude Wheres My Car". It was pretty funny. There were a few bathroom sceens i would like to tell about. There is this one sceen when the movie first starts the 2 dudes(Chester and Jesse) are sitting on the couch and this guy walks out of the closet and has to pee so he goes over to this big house plant and pees in it and walks back in the closet. Then later on Jesse and Chester are talking and he says i feel a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach...chester says why don't you go sit on the toilet..jesse says, not that kind of feeling. Then a little bit later before they go out Jesse announces he needs to shit(nothing was shown of this).
Speaking of movies with bathroom sceens, reminds me of something last night on comedey central Porks 2 was on(think it was 2) and the gym teacher has to go to the bathroom and she goes to the bathroom sits on the toilet pulls her sweat pants down and her red panties down and shes sitting there singing....and meanwhile the guys are fooling with the pipes and they put a snake up the pipe to come up to the toilet that the gym teacher is on. Then she sees it and she runs into the gym with her pants down. Any one remember seeing this?

To Traveller: Funny story about that boy...guess he got the wrong understanding huh. Guess his parents ment while he was in the water and not in full view of every one.

To Sue: Liked your story about your stepsons walking in on you on the toilet...Do it to them and see what happens...I guess you should let it continue if you guys are totaly open about it. If you were the real mother maybe it wouldn't be a good idea for them to come in on you.

Another example of a female farting on TV was Jenny McCarthy. She did it once or twice in sketches, and I think she even did it for real once.

I heard somewhere that Joan Lunden once farted on live TV. Can anyone confirm this? I also read somewhere that Roseanne used to fart during rehearsals.

Don't know ANY examples of females pooping on TV or references to same? Does anyone?

Elena-- How are you? How's the pregnancy going? How's your constipaiton comming along? Has your hubby had to help you out with an enema yet? If he does make sure he doesn't hand tthat bag any more that two feet above ypour bottom. Let the water runin slowly and try to hold it as long as you can. There's less cramping that way and it gives everything a chance to soften up before you have to push it out. Take care of yourself and let us know how your going.--JW


The best way is for both of you to wear diapers and change them at appropriaye points if you've had to use them.


Plunging Plop Guy: yes, I'm still around! Glad you loved my stories. Your fantasy buddy dumping story was terrific! That would be a dream come true for me. Looking forward to my next visit to the old country to hear some good plopping sounds in the toilets; Canadian and American toilet bowls are way too shallow!

I was at my mate's house today and had to pee. There was a huge turd stuck in the trap at the bottom of the pan. It was at least twice as thick as anything I push out! I peed directly at it, but all that did was make it give off a bit more smell. After I flushed it was still there, it hadn't moved one bit!
The next time I went for a pee, it had gone.
Hmm, I wonder why his drains keep blocking up......

I was watching SM:TV live this morning, and there was a comedy sketch about the swimming baths. Part of the dialogue went something like this:
Dec: I've been banned cos I peed in the pool.
Cat: But everyone does that!
Dec: Yeah, but not from the top diving board!!
A bit like Traveller's post really!

KENDAL - I'm glad to hear that you're back in your home town. Hopefully the time you get to spend at Andrew's will go some way to making up for the distressing events of the past week or so.

SUE - Right and wrong are very difficult to define. I think everyone is entitled to have their own set of standards, so you should set ones that suit YOU. If you're OK with the boys watching you, then don't worry about it. The novelty may even wear off.
Maybe a quiet word with them would do the trick - they may not even think they're being THAT obvious!
But if it bothers you so much, don't hesitate so say something about it. Nip the problem in the bud, so to speak.

Si :)

I would just like to write to agree with the last post of Plunging Plop Guy.
I am new to this site and may be posting stories of my own in future.

To push up my poop who posted in October 2000 are you sill around?
Did you ever poop in the urinal? I like to watch the poop come out too. Its better with a lot of farting etc.I have never pooped outside at least not yet.Tell us more about your pooping habits I think you and I have a lot in common? Dec 16th DEL


Hello, dear, welcome to this online community.

I guess everyone has a story or two to tell of bathroom misadventures as kids, but some fare worse than others. What those boys did to you counts as physical and mental abuse, and in any school I went to they would have been severely disciplined simply for setting foot in the girls' toilets. Their actions branded them barbarians, and I hope they're doing long stretches in jail somewhere these days, where they have no vestige of the privacy or peace they thought such fun to take from you. Seriously, males like that make me so furious I could take one to hit the other with.

Ironically, I had a bad experience at school when I was only 5, a group pee that should have been fun but ended up leaving me with an anxiety condition ("avoidant paruresis," aka "bashful bladder") that has taken thirty years to break free of. It's easy to speak of now, but for the greater part of my life it was a silent demon.

Anyway, welcome to the board, and I hope you'll find a happy home with us!


Hi Louise,

Oh, sure, the dividers are a big help, they're that subtle psychological boost that provides a modicum of privacy whilst one is still figuratively in the open. They sure help, and build confidence so one can look ahead to perhaps not needing them, even when there are others around. The punk-type person looked so at home she must have been doing it for ages. She took the open end nearest the door, without benefit of a divider, while I was at the other end, two dividers along. The WSPC -- I like it! Say, if you now know what dividers are, you must have used that kind of urinal -- do tell!

"I don't think I would like any guy referring to me as a "squatter". I bet the Navy guy in the film you were shown would call a group of women together "pussy" or "fanny" instead of "girls" or "women". It really irritates me to be spoken of that way. If the guy deserves being taught a lesson like you talked about, I thought I could be the one to do the dousing, but then I thought again that maybe he would be better put straight by trying to beat some of us for distance. then he would learn who was good at standing. Oh yeah, we could make him clean up all the wee afterwards."

Ah, yes, teach the mysogynistic twerp the meaning of embarrassment. I've never heard of a man yet who can squirt seven feet, much as they might like to brag they can. Stand him up with a row of women and I'd bet he comes last. And it's a nonviolent solution, too -- at least until he turns violent when he finds out the Great Male Preserve isn't, and never was.

Yes, with the bad weather season indoor sport will be all the rage, though in some parts of Britain indoor boating sounds feasible! Pity about the shared facilities, that does tend to 'crimp ones style' in terms of how comfortable one is to 'let the good times flow.' I hope you get back to good old fashioned fun in the sun (and the showers) as soon as the warm weather returns.

You and Steve have been together seven and a half years? That's wonderful! And I bet it would be impossible to recall how many shared expeeriences you've had in that time, though of course certain special moments will always stand out.

I have a couple of adventures to report, you'll love 'em! I used urinals on successive days! The first was at the theater complex, I went to the earliest morning session, the place was like a graveyard and when I went to the loo I thought 'what the heck, let's give it a go,' and went into the mens'. The way they're laid out, the entrances are recessed and out of sight of the main passage, so it's easy to go the wrong way, it only takes a second. I had the place to myself, so I quickly crossed to the steel wall, unzipped my shorts and drew them down a bit, and started in just a few pushes, like last time. It was the same kind as in town, with dividers. I crackled on the wall a bit, then the rest fell in the gutter in front of my feet. Satisfying, pleasant, and I wished there had been other people around, certainly some female company, if not yet the normal inhabitants of that particular room!

And the very next day I was down by the sea and spotted a big, old brick dunney that looks rather Victorian, or maybe a bit later. There's a snack kiosk at one end, and a play area with a sunscreen over the top, then the loos -- ladies opening one way, men the other. The mens' is the one farthest from the kiosk and I was approaching from that direction along the seafront. There was nobody about and I'd observed the place for several minutes as I walked, so I was sure I was clear.

I went into the interesting one and found an unusual layout, a single toilet stall (with door), a steel wall-type urinal built alongside it, and across from them a nice twin-place shower bay, the whole thing open and built of glazed tile. I can just imagine guys using the showers, and gals too for that matter! So, without a moment's hesitation, I stepped up on the platform, drew my shorts aside to the left, slipped my thong over and had a strong, almost horizontal, wee onto the wall. It was a really good one, it felt great, relaxed but hot at the same time, with a bit of flattening in the stream. I was sorry it came to an end! Well, after a quick wipe with a tissue (how can men just tuck themselves away without drying themselves? Why isn't a paper dispenser part of every urinal???) I straightened myself up and stepped out, the whole process took less than ninety seconds.

There, hope you enjoyed my performance, and I wish you and Steve a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to your stories, as I'm sure there'll be some delightful fun for you in the process.

Merry Christmas, and all my very best to you both,


Got up this morning with a real bad stomach ache, i went to the toilet and tryed to poo all i managed was a wee and a couple of squeeky little farts.

I sat on the toilet for a good twenty minits not being able to poo i finaly got up off the toilet and got dressed.

About an hour later i decided to go out for a newspaper, about half way there my stomach cramped something fierce and i winced in pain and held my stomach, i begun to let very loud smelly farts go and on the third fart i suddenley did a big poo in my white cotten jockys for her (briefs)oh man it was a big one i stood there as another one came out, and then i weed a bit.

I carried on walking legs slightley apart now aware of the huge bulge in my panties, i got to the paper box put my money in and got the paper, as i turned around a woman was standing there to get a paper too, she noticed the bulge and of course the smell, all she said was "you should be ashamed of your self, iam thirty years old and i have NEVER messed my self" with that she got her paper and stomped off.

The thing that got me was for once i couldnt think of a good come back (well it was early)oh well if i ever run into her again ----.

I want to just wish every one on this board (and the moderator) a very merry and happy christmas, keep pooping and i look foward to reading all about your weeing and pooping storys. kevin
I notice another kevin posting here, should i change my name or just leave it, its just it can be confusing???

Messy Butt Wiper
I have a funny problem that's actually rather embarrassing. Everytime I wipe myself after a shit, I end up getting crap on my hand. No matter how careful I am or how much paper I use, I always end up getting brown stuff on my palm. Does anyone else have this problem?

I started thinking about the fact that wiping your ass is one of the few things parents teach you at an early age, and then there's never any reinforcement as you grow older. As kids get older parents will yell at them about their manners or about how they hold their utensils when they eat or how they talk to other people, etc., and they'll yell at kids to take a bath or shower or comb their hair or brush their teeth, etc. But wiping your ass is something that parents never really talk about after a kid starts doing it on their own. This is something we learn when we are 3 or 4, and then after that we are totally on our own. No one really helps us with our technique or anything, and we have to pretty much figure out for ourselves how to do it effectively. What other human activity is like this? None. Every other human activity gets scrutinized by parents, but not this one. I guess I never really got too good at it. I use lots of paper and do my best to clean mysel! f up, but I always, always get some of it on my palm, and sometimes I'll get it on my fingers. Anyone else have this problem?

I had this weird dream last night about going to the bathroom. I dreamed that i was at work and i had to poop and i go to the bathroom and i see this girl i work with in front of me go to the bathroom too, she goes in the first door and i see her pee standing up. Then i go into the mens room and i had to poop so i left the door open so she would see me. These bathrooms weren't the normal bathrooms.

Sue, Interesting situation with your stepsons Josh and Joel. I admire the openness in your family. I admire you for being able to first of all pee, but more impressively move your bowels with one of the boys in the bathroom with you. I'm with your hubby: I don't think it's a huge deal either. You are their stepmom (and I say this without subtracting any weight from the meaningfulness of the job). Really, I think the boys should be grateful. You are fulfilling their natural curiosity about the opposite sex and how she uses the bathroom. This ridiculously simple mystery of life perplexes many more men, guys, and boys than is socially acceptable (or legal) to admit. For my two cents, I say simply let it continue until it fizzles. For one thing your bathroom doorlock is (still?) broken. For another, hiding it from them will only fuel their curiosity. When he's there with you, one of the boys, do you talk with him? That might serve even more to diffusing the potential awkwardness o! f a situation that for the smell, is so natural and nice. More, unless it makes you uncomfortable, go into the bathroom to get something while he is sitting on the toilet. And yes, strike up a conversation. Something simple. Just ask if he had a nice day. Then tell him you'll leave him now but he should feel better shortly. Good luck and let me know what happens!

Hi ,all- got up late today and I can feel a dump coming on-I may go to the gym today or to that store for the scenic view.This is one of those poops I can hold off for awhile till i can get to the toilet of my chosing-Feels like it might be a good one-Had some keilbasa and some brown rice last nite-could be a good dump-Well i'm off to do this poo somewhere-let you know how it comes out! BYE

TTT - Ask some of your male Indian friends to show you some outfits called kurta pajamas. I'm sure they'll have some, and it's a somewhat formal outfit worn throughout India. How are you these days? Still got the constipation blues?

Matt - When I lived in Mississippi, I saw a few women pee in some interesting places. Once I was getting drunk at a bar out in the country, and needed to let some of that beer out something awful. The tiny bathroom was full, so I went outside and around the back of the bar and peed on the wall. While I was standing there going, a sexy blonde rounded the corner and said "Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was back here. Don't mind me, I've really gotta piss too." "That's okay," I said. I finished up, zipped up my jeans, and started to leave. The girl was pacing frantically looking for a place to go, but there was no cover anywhere. Then she asked me, "Hey would you make sure nobody else comes back here until I'm through?" "Sure!" I said. So I stood at the corner of the building facing towards the front while, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her lower her black knee-length denim shorts and squat in the tall grass. Man, she let out a gusher! I heard it splashing noisily ! on the ground. I was really tempted to turn and watch, but I didn't know if she'd get angry. I regret not looking now. After what seemed like forever, the gusher stopped and I saw her stand out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked at her just as she got her pants over her hips and watched her button them up. All she said was "Thanx, man," as she walked past me. "Sure," was all I could say. I could have kicked myself, because she never asked me not to look, only to be sure no one else came back there. Her nonchalant attitude made me think that she wouldn't have cared if I watched- maybe she wanted me to. Oh, well.

Mark- I remember the first time I saw a girl pee. It was also the first time I ever saw what really makes boys and girls different. There were these two sisters who lived down the street from me and we used to play together all the time. Michelle was about my age (seven) and Jamie was about two years younger than us. I was down at their house one afternoon, and their Mom had left to go to the store. Michelle went to kitchen for something, and suddenly Jamie asked me did I want to watch her go to the bathroom. Intrigued I followed her in, and closed the door behind us. She pulled her pants down to her ankles, and who can explain the wonder of seeing such a strange sight for the first time? While she sat there peeing, Michelle hollered from outside the door, "Jamie?" "Yeah!" Jamie called back. "Where's Aaron?" Michelle asked. "I'm in here!" I called back. Michelle laughed in surprise. "Ooooohhhhh, I'm telliiinnn' " she threatened. But she never did. She thought it was wonde! rfully naughty. She would later give me plenty of great sights too. These two sisters are really responsible for my fascination with female urination. More about them next time.

The best is the one when you stand with crossed legs and the sweat runs of you as you hold it in. You have to pull down your panties at the right moment between the waves of cramps otherwise as you bend you will shit yourself. You then sit and let go and nothing comes but you can feel it start to emerge slowly as the next cramp takes hold. The first 6 inches is hard and scratchy ans your eyes water as it slides out to let a gallon of rotten brown water follow to splash the bowl.Remember if you splash the bowl you have splashed your cheeks too so wipe your whole bum because you will get skids all over not just at the butt hole. You have a good pee no more poop it is all out a good wipe and you leave the mess there. You are so empty you feel thin, and so light headed that you could faint. The cold sweat afterwards is great and the relief that you made it to the john.
Happy crapping over Christmas and New Year. We should get some good dumping tales during this time with all the eating and drinking. Post them all girls.

Sunday, December 17, 2000

What is the best way to relieve yourself when traveling long distances? My daughter and I are going to pensylvania for the holidays and don't want to constantly pull over what should we do?

Has anyone ever peed or pooped in the subway?

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