When I was about 6, my family and I went to an outdoor swimming pool with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They told my cousin Johnny, who was probably about 4 then, "If you have to pee, just go in the pool." Just when we were all leaving a few hours later, Johnny followed their advice. There he stood at poolside in full view of everyone, with his swimming suit pulled down to his thighs, aiming right into the pool. His mother, horrified, ran around the edge of toward him. Before she could get there, he knew he was in trouble and announced, in a loud voice, "But you told me to pee in the pool if I had to go!" A lot of people got a good laugh that day.

That incident you saw doesn't surprise me one bit. When I was in highschool I worked for a school uniform supplier here in Toronto. (Anyone from the GTA who went to a Catholic Secondary School will know the one. Anyway...) At the end of the day it wasn't unusual for us to find a load someone had left in one of the changerooms.
I allways considered the feat as a great accomplishment actually since the changerooms were 'minimalist' in their construction. It didn't take much effort to hear what was going on in one next to you since they were only separated by a plywood wall.
I don't think we ever caught someone in the act.


Smith – I can’t really remember which poop was the biggest ever. I remember more than once crying with pain when I was much younger and of course there was last summer. I guess I would have to say that was the most difficult poo I can remember. Now, if I don’t stick to my fruit and fiber diet, I poo perhaps only once every three or even four days. Then I really do have a long, slow and wonderfully satisfying poo. Many times I have sat on the toilet with my little ring stretched wide open for perhaps as much as fifteen minutes enjoying the pleasurable sensations of my poop slowly easing its way out.
Michelle – I feel so sorry fro you, I have worked summer jobs in retail and had to hold my poo until I was bursting. The pain is awful and after a while you are too tired to squeeze any more and it just starts to come out no matter what you do. And yes my accidents have always embarrassed me terribly. So I know exactly how you feel, you are not alone – love Melissa.
Healthy Pooper – I’m glad you liked my story and thanks for the complement – that made me feel really good. – Melissa.

C'mon people! Let's get some desperate tp pee and wetting stories!! I am really interested in hearing some stories of this type. Let's go!!!!

someone tell about childhood pooping experiences?

One time we we re in the middle east at a port. It was a big open lot. The porta johns we re about 1000 feet away. Me and my co workers we re sitting around. One of my co workers named Anne said Dude i got to shit anybody got toilet paper. So she got toilet paper and went to this cement building. Over there they don t have toilets.its a hole in the floor so you either shit hit or miss the hole. So a few minutes later i went to the cement building because i had to piss. Before i went in i asked was anybody in there? i heard two females answer yes. one came out and anne was still in there. a few minutes later she came out smiling like she always did. the building was clear i went to see what each girl did . The first girl that came out and she had a big puddle of piss. then i went to see where Anne went. Oh my! this was the biggest turd i ve seen in my life. it was about 3 inches thick and about good 18-20 inches long. it had broken off. i pissed and walked back out . then all o! f a sudden some of my male co workers went in the building. they came out saying on my God, somebody had a brown baby boy. Then later on i told them who done it.

To GRETA and MIKE: I saw your posts about your teenage sons pooping with the bathroom door open and while you were in the bathroom with them. Greta mentioned the Ann Landers column warning that this is unwise with "sexually aware" boys. I am a 30-year-old gal and my husband, Bill, is 40. He is a real hunk. He has two sons from a previous marriage, Josh and Joel, who are aged 14 and 12 years. They look much older and are at the age when their hormones are raging. I am not into young guys, but they are real cute. We have one bathroom in our apartment and the lock on the door has been broken ever since we moved in. I am pretty relaxed about pooping or peeing while Bill is shaving or in the shower. He also often poops while I am busy doing something else in the bathroom. One Sunday morning about 6 months ago, Bill was out jogging and I went to the bathroom to pee and poo. I had just sat down when Josh walked in on me. He asked if he could get a towel and wash his hand! s and I told him to go ahead. He took his time and I could see him watching me out of the corner of his eye. He was wearing only boxer shorts. When I started to wipe my pussy and butt, I could see a bulge in his boxers and realized that he had become excited. Since then whenever I go for a shower, poo or pee, either Josh or Joel walks in on me with some excuse about getting something. I asked my husband about it. He told me not to worry and said they are just healthy boys and there is no harm in them seeing their stepmother nude or on the toilet. It does not bother me too much, but do you guys think I should let this continue?

To J. Reed: You asked about being spied on while shitting in public restrooms. Some time ago my buddies and me spent the morning at a beach in California. I needed to poop and headed for the restroom. I pulled down my swim suit and sat nude on the can after wiping the seat. It was one of those stalls in which there was a fairly wide gap between the partition and the door frame, but the stall had a door. After I sat on the can, I could see a young blond guy outside the stall. I thought that he was waiting to use the stall I was in, but then I realized that the adjacent stall was empty. It dawned on me that he was watching me take a dump! I have often taken a shit with other guys around so I was not worried about it. Actually, I put on a good show for him. I spread my thighs wide apart and cut two or three loud farts. Then I pissed loudly into the bowl pointing my dick inwards. I then grunted and sighed as I expelled my logs. He came nearer to the stall to get a bett! er view of me through the crack. When I was done shitting, I stood up to wipe my butt and gave him a good view of me doing this. He disappeared quickly when I flushed. I guess he thought wrongly that I might be mad at him.

GEORGE enjoyed your story of the group winter buddy dump!

RM I recall an episode from Third Rock from the Sun where the lady senior guy and his girl friend farted. It made them closer. My wife and I play fart baseball, usually in the moring when we are both lying in bed. She farts loudly (but usually not smelly unless we have had lamb for dinner) and I try and respond. You can hit singles, doubles or triples and occasionally a home run, but that is reserved for truly long rip-snorters. A silent but deadly is an automatic out. Little rips are foul balls. I once heard a record called The Crepitation Contest, made in England. It was a play-by-play (so to speak) where the announcer had names for each type of fart. The climax of the contest happened when one of the cpntestants shit himself. It was hilarious. Wish I could find a copy.

About al fresco shitting, something I have always enjoyed. Our family went often to NH to visit my grandparents. I had my first outdoor shit while on a side trip to Maine. We visited an island off the coast and I had to go. I went into the woods and found a fallen tree I could sit over. I remember sitting there straining to get my hard turd out. I was really constipated because I was very shy about using the toilet where we were staying. My Dad was really pissed that I had disappeared. I was 11 or 12. It was an exciting experience and I wanted to repeat it.

When we got back to my grandparents place I went into the woods every time I felt a poop coming on. My favorite place was a wood stove which our neighbors had dumped in the woods down the lane from our house. It was perfect. There were holes in the cast iron top so I could sit there like a toilet and squeeze out my logs. I agree with many of the posters here that being outdoors while taking a healthy big shit is a special back-to-nature experience. I recommend it!

I wet my pants at the mall last week. I had a lot of coffee to drink
that morning, and with the colder weather of course, I piss a lot more. My crotch was soaked and a wide wet streak ran about halfway down my leg. I was on my way to the men's room and just couldn't hold it. I let the rest of it out in the urinal, aiming towards the plastic screen making a loud hissing, splashing sound. I must have peed a gallon. My kidneys hurt and I could not stop dribbling for about 5 minutes. There was a strong urine smell coming up from the urinals plus some shit smells in the busy restroom. After I put my dick away, I was still dripping. On the way out some kids looked at my wet crotch and the look on their faces was priceless! A little girl about age 6 said to an older girl - "Look, that guy wet his pants!!!" And the older girl seemed embarassed. In a friendly way I said "Yeah! Just couldn't hold it!!" Then the girls decided that THEY should go to the restroom before their bladders got too full. I have a big bladder and have been involved! in many pissing contests but it's not often that I wet my pants. Many times I have taken LONG tinkles in the toilet within earshot of women and I know they sit there talking about my big pisses.

To RM i know of one movie with farting in it, FRENCH KISS with meg ryan. In one scene she is on a train in france eating breakfast with some guy (cant remember his name)and meg is eating some bri cheese, she says to the guy mmmm this is fantastic, i cant think why i never eat this anymore?.
Some time later meg becomes ill turns out she is lactose intolerant, you hear her burp and fart quite loud, its a really great movie, see it if you can.

On another subject (like me) I pooped in my black satin panties today while at work, purely an accident, i thought i just had to fart, so not giving it much thought i let go, and OOOPS oh no, i rushed to the toilet dropped my jeans and surveyed the damage, not to bad soft poo very soft and smelly, i took off my panties and put them in my pocket, and wiped several times before my bum got reasonably clean.My jeans got a thick brown skid mark in them, and by the end of the day they were dry and crusty.

Bladder Fan
I know of another U.S. TV show that showed a woman farting and pooping (and also peeing). It was the season premiere of "Hype" on the WB network. They showed a sketch with actors playing Britney Spears and Prince William, and the Britney girl used the toilet in front of him while he was brushing his teeth.

J. Reed asked who has been spied on while using the bathroom in public. This happened to me in college. People used to drill holes in the stall divider so they could sit on the toilet and watch guys use the urinals. I am straight but I don't mind if another guy looks at me, so sometimes I would use these urinals even while someone was in the stall that had the peepholes. One time I did this when I had to pee really bad -- I went for about a minute -- and when I finished I noticed that the guy in the stall was moving his feet around as if he was really enjoying himself. It didn't bother me because the pee had been so pleasurable to me as well. I wish there were more girls who didn't mind being watched while they pee.

My best friend Danny and i are both married now but we have been friends since we were young kids and have always openly used the bathroom (and sometimes the out-doors) in front of each other.It has never been a big deal to us but I'm wondering if this is typical behavior of young, adult, male, best friends.I dont even like my wife to barge in on me ,but it's different with Dan.We used to share a condo before we became married one point the bathroom door was removed to be paint stripped .We diddnt even notice it was gone for the 6 weeks or so it was at the shop.We always got ready for work together in the morning, one of us would usually be on the can while the other was shaving,showering, etc . We had our best conversations in the john.We would compliment each other on a particularly large sounding splash.i would usually leave the shower running while I stepped out and he stepped in.We would even drink beers while I was in the tub and he would come just to keep me company or sometimes he would drop trou and take a dump.We both take the portable phone in the can and call each other when we arrive home from work and converse while we both take craps in our own homes.We hear each other fart and splash and grunt.We still compliment each other on large splashes.I always did enjoy a good dump.can any of you people out there tell me if this is normal behavior.We have been doing this since we were kids.This is a great site and this is my first submission . I have more great stories of the days' that Dan and I shared a home.More to come later. !

Hi everyone!
This is a story about me and my ex. We were staying in a hotel. we had eaten alot that day denny's del taco ,pizza hut , and ice cream. we were in the room and me and her had a farting contest. she let out some of the loudest and rauchiest farts. we stopped and later that night she said her stomach was beginning to hurt. so we went to sleep she woke up to use the phone. while she was on the phone she farted and boy did it stink. then a few minutes later i felt the bed shaking while she was on the phone. i woke up and ask her was everything ok. she said no i gotta shit.i went back to sleep then i heard her hang up the phone. then i heard her run to the toilet. a few minutes later, i heard her peeing and farting. then about a minute later i smelled the awfulest scent that i ever smelled. i woke up and she was shitting up a storm. she hadn t shitted since that previous saturday morning. it had been 5 days since she shitted. then when she got done she asked me to wipe. i grab! bed a towel and wrapped it around my face. my eyes were burning and nose running from the shit chamber. when i looked at what she did, you could not see any porcelain. it look like a swamp. then form that day on i became obsessed with females taking a shit

KENDAL - Hi!!! I am very glad that you are back.
I would like to hear about the high toilet with
the furry seat. I bet it has to be washed very often,
because no way will it stay clean with guys around. LOL
Nobody ever called me a hero or heroine before but
thank you.



buzzy, me and suzi have often pooped together we have never been shy
with each other.when we go camping with our familys we like to wander
off together.
i remember suzi pooped her panties one day after school and i laughed till i peed mine.yet again we had to sneek home to change
well we will be friends for life i know and we do what comes naturally.
looking back now i dont think our parents were that stupid and im sure they would of thought some one pooped on our lawn .
well i better go now my ???? is growling .can feel a wet fart coming
on .hope i can make it.

I dont know why but I dont like the idea of my wife entering the bathroom when I am doing my business. It must be a space thing because when you are married the only space you have is the bathroom. I never had this problem when i had a male room mate. I must be hung up on ladies acting like ladies.Danny and I were friends since we were kids and sharing a bathroom was quite normal to us.When we shared a condo , we never closed the door ,in fact it was removed to be paint-stripped and we really diddnt miss it.We worked such unstable hours, the only time we saw each other was in the morning while we got ready for work. One of us would usually be on the toilet while the other shaved , showered ,etc.Normal behavior to us but i guess best friends dont get hung up about these things. One time Danny was really sick with food poisoning.I stayed home to take care of him because he was so weak.He passed out as he would stand up so I had to walk him to the bathroom every few minutes or so .The first couple of times I would sit him down and leave until he called me to walk him back to bed.On one of the trips he held my hand tight and said ,"dont leave me this time ,my stomach really hurts bad!"He had tears in his eyes from the pain. i felt sorry for him so I sat down on the tub and continued to hold his hand.As he began to cry harder I stroked his head and tried to comfort him.All kinds of foul water was comming out of him .He grunted loud and what seemed like 2 gallons fell out of him. He started to black out and I knew he was getting dehydrated.He was to weak to even wipe his own ass so i knew I had to do it for him. Thats the kind of devoted friend I am.I wiped him , held him at the sink so we could wash our hands and led him back to bed.I knew it was time to go to the ER .I dressed him and put his shoes on him ,but I diddnt know how I was going to keep him from having an accident all over the car on the trip to the Hospital which was almost 30 minutes away in the city.His stomach could not even handel another Immodium.I knew my fiancee kept a box of maxi pads under the sink for herself so i put one in danny's Underwear right under his hole and told him this is all you have between you and the out side world so try to keep it in. If any thing drips this should be enough to contain a small ammount

GG (German Guy)
I read an article on SPIEGEL ONLINE - a German magazine (which is - I suppose - also known in the US) in the section "KULTUR". There is an article called "Club-Kultur: Cookie und die irrste Toilette der Stadt" which is "... Cookie and the most weird toilet of the town".

Cookie is a club in Berlin. And this is what is told there:
''Unisex-Toiletten liegen spätestens seit dem durchschlagenden Erfolg der US-Comedy "Ally McBeal" im Trend, doch Cookie geht noch einen Schritt weiter: In einem großen loungeartigen Raum mit Sitzgelegenheiten stehen die Kloschüsseln teilweise vollkommen frei herum, und wer ein "stilles" Örtchen sucht, für den sind nur einige entlegene Aborte geeignet, was von einigen durchaus als schockierend empfunden wurde.''

I put the original text here first because I don't know if I can translate it very well. The text says that unisex-toilets are in trend since the "Ally McBeal"-Comedy, but ''Cookie'' goes a step further. There is a big lounge-like (? hope this is right translated?) with seating-possibilities and some toilets are absolutely free in this area. The last sentence tells that some people could possibly be shocked by this.

I'm glad that also here in Germany some people are very open about this topic. If I made mistakes, please tell so that I can improve my English.

P.S. I think I will also visit this club when I have the time to go to Berlin.

I'm so glad things have worked out for you.It's good to have you back.

Kendal - What wonderfull news! I'm so glad you are back ans how super for Andrew. I bet it took a long time to read through all the post, I think you get more than anyone else here! I haven't got a lot to report today but I want to say that I was very sad when I saw Lavinia's post, have you read it? The poor thing has had a awfull time at school. When I think that we enjoy what we are writing about (mostly anyway) its sad when someone has something like that happen.
Well I will try and arrange for me and Suzy to have some fun tommorrow because we are going into town shoppin in the afternnon so I'll tell you all about it on Sunday. Lots of love Kendal you have been very brave too I think its horrible when families break up. Nicole XXX

Lawn Dogs Kid - Hi, I do wish someone like you had been around the other day too, but sometimes I thing that there aren't any nice boys. Appart from you of course. I'm glad you are there to take care of Kendal, she is lucky to have you. Love Nicole XXX

Lavinia - You poor thing, why are boys sometimes so awfull? You have my sympathy and I think there are lots of friends here for you who will write and say the same. If it makes you feel any better I have had similar experiances like both of yours and I'm sure that some others will tell you of the same thing because we cant be the only ones. It is nice to talk about things even when they are not nice and it helps you feel better. You mustn't risk doing what I do when I wee my knickers at school although I'm carefull to do it so no body sees what I'm doing and then only with white knickers which dont show a wet patch. Its not really allowed because its not uniform colours but they aren't very strickt except when we do games. Anyway I hope you will keep on posting here, you sound like a really lovely girl I can tell. Dont be too sad, can I call you Vinny? its a nice name. Love from Nicole.X

Everyone I think we should not let people behave like they did to Lavinia because even if we like weeing type things its not fair to do that. Wee in peace should be our motto I think.

DEL:Traveller thank you for the infomation on hemorrhoids. I will check the web for more information. For some reason I thought teens did not get hemorrhoids. Crazy me. Thanks again.

Jay Reed: Yes I have been spyed on several times at school while using the the toliet. Some guys are always doing this. One guy in fact will go into the stall next to you if it is empty and sand on the toliet seat and look over at you. In a way it can be a turn on.
I am waiting for the day when I see one of them using the toliet.Will let you know when it happens. This is high school by the way. Thanks again for the information. I may try a buddie dump this weekend a friend and I have talked about it . DEL

Hi to Melissa , glad to see you still visit here. In answer to your question, I don't flush after peeing if I am going to do a motion. I wonder of the lady you described had second thoughts after wiping and standing up and deceided to sit back down and try for a poo.

I am also glad th here from Eric M again. Best Holiday wishes to Alex and Steph too, if they still visit. Eric: do you still get a chance to watch Steph on the toilet? I hope so.

My morning dump went easy today. When I was at the sink brushing my teeth, I felt the pressure build in my rectum, so I sat down on the toilet. As usual I peed first, then, feeling my sphincter relax and open the whole load slowly slid out, dropping with one large Ploop! followed by several smaller little Plips!

I quick wipe and into the shower. It always feels great to stard the day with that empty feeling!

My best to all


TO KAREN-Great stories of you and your girl-buddies pooing together-I for one love those kind of stories! More stuff!
TO EMILY-Hope all is well with your brother-too bad -Glad to see you back,pooing at 8 am as usual-keep 'em coming!
TO J REED-I've discovered a few times while i was pooing in a public toilet people sneaking a look but doing it like that wanted me to see,and that was a drag for me and sometimes they would get weird with come-ons and stuff which is not my thing at all-I don't mind when i'm in a public toilet pooing along with others and we both enjoy it in our own space or in the case of a few days ago in the tiolet with the clear view on the wall behind the bowl-I don't care if we both see each other as we poo but that's as far as I want it to go-Just as long as it doesn't get weird,i don't mind
Speaking of toilets,i went to that store yesterday am to poop and when i got there i had to wait-when i walked into the toilet all 3 stalls were full and 2 guys were standing there waiting-it was cool standing there hearing all this pooing and farting-after about 3-4 mins i got into the stall and this time i was in the last stall and as i was cleaning the toilet i looked over to the next stall and saw this guy sitting down on the bowl and then he sat foreward a bit and farted and I saw as i was going to sit down him look over at my stall and then he farted again and I saw his anus open up and push out all this loose poop and it came out fast.Then i leaned foreward and farted a long dry one and started to push out my own long sausage-meanwhile i'm looking over at the next guy's butt pushing out some pudding poop and i was letting this sausage hang out my butt- it was pretty cool-I think this guy was looking my way too by the way he was sitting-then i got a small cramp and ! pushed out the sausage as it fell into the bowl without a sound and then i farted again and let out a small amount of soft poo and then i felt done-at that point i looked over and saw this guy wiping his butt,so I started to wipe mine too-then i waited for him to leave before i left-I like the fact of not seeing the person face to face after pooing-this way nothing gets weird or uncomfortable-this bathroom is a fun place to poop-i just hope I don't run into any weirdos -I usually just poop at the gym,cause i know I feel comfortable there-this place is stall an unknown-So we'll see-seems to always be busy and while i was pooing ,a guard came in the toilet i guess to make sure everything was OK which was a good sign-this wasn't one of my better poops-can't wait to go there when i really got to unload a good poop-semms like other guys like to do what i do too here,which is OK Haven't heard from the telemarketing woman,although she may have called when i left to go to this place-h! ope we can connect soon-that would be fun!BYE

Lawn Dogs Kid
Mum and Dad both had some early morning meetings today, so Kendal and I decided to get up at the crack of dawn with them. Thats great because it gave us much more time than might be normal to get ready for school, post on here, and go to the loo together of course. More about that in a minute or two.

LITTLE LOU: That message from you given to me by your big sister was probably one of the sweetest things I've read here on this site. It sounds like you and Kendal do look very similar, only Kendal has shorter hair ! Now I know what you look like a bit, if I'm ever lonely without Kendal ( which will happen more often now with frequent access visits to the Lakes to see her Mum and Grandparents ), I think about you being my pretend Kendal instead. You are so kind hearted. Thank you ! Love Andrew xx

ELLIE: What a fine brother you have for helping you both when you needed to wee on the bus. Mind you, it would have been a bit of a shock for the next person to sit on that seat. I can picture it now ! Person sits on seat. Gets wet bottom, and thinks "how did that happen ?". So, they slide to the other side of the seat, and get an even wetter bottom ! Its not funny really I suppose, but I have a dreadful sense of humour. Ask poor old LINDA who has suffered at my hands before now ! Actually, we must have nicer bus drivers where I live. I remember being on a late night bus when this crowd of four girls, and two blokes got on. They were very chatty, and pretty drunk. Anyway, we hadn't travelled more than two miles before one of them went very quiet. One of her friends asked if she was ok "You're not going to be sick are you ? "No" came the reply, "I'm trying desperately not to piss myself" ! Of course my ears pricked up at this conversation ! Within another mile, it was ! getting very bad for her, so her friend went to the front of the bus and asked if the driver wouldn't mind stopping at the next stop for her friend to get out and have a pee. He said it would be alright as long as she was quick. When he got to the stop, the girl desperate to go walked very slowly, holding onto herself if you get what I mean, while her friend helped her along. Then the other two girls got off and said they might as well join her for a pee too. After they were off, and hiding behind the bus shelter, one of the drunk lads got up to get off the bus as well. His mate said, "do you need to pee too ?". His mate turned round and in a slurry voice said "No, I don't ! I'm getting off for a look" !!! And he did as well ! I remember thinking why can't I be that bold. A chance to see four women taking a pee behind the bus shelter. I wonder if any of them did it standing up ? Speaking of which,

LOUISE: Thanks for your kind encouragement about the ladies. We'll see what happens ! Your post went up at the same time as mine about Kendal being back. She says she will find a safer time and place to practice in future ! Have a lovely Christmas if we are not going to hear from you while you are away.

Kendal is telling me to hurry up so she can have a turn ! So quickly, when she got up this morning, she got dressed straight away into her school things. After I got us some breakfast, it was time for my poo. Right o.k. Kendal says she will tell this story !

LAVINIA & KAREN: Welcome to the site. Loved your first stories !

O.K, O.K, O.K !! I'm getting really badgered by this little cutey at my side here. Your turn !


Welcome home, sweetheart! We've missed you like crazy, and we sure do know how much everything you and your family have been through has cost you, and those you love. You've got family here too, and we're solidly behind you. Now we can breathe easy, our missing little sister has come home. Phew! We're all looking forward to your next posts, and hope nothing so awful ever happens again.


That was indeed a nasty incident for you and Little Lou -- adults tend to be calous toward the toilet needs of kids, and if they want to be that way I say they deserve to take care of any mess that results. Good for you two, and good for Kev -- yes, he's a good brother.


Sorry you'll be leaving us over the holidays, we'll miss you, but look forward to your accounts of progress in the standing action!


Now I remember you! Hi, dear! You and Melanie used to be the most-liked gals on the board a year ago! A lot of folks have missed you, and I for one am delighted you've come back.


More adventures to post about the standing adventure -- used a beachfront urinal in an old Victorian-type place today, I'll write specially for you tomorrow and hopefully you'll see it before you go away for Christmas.

This has been a real reunion today, friends new and old coming together. This is where a sense of communityreally develops!

Cheers to all,


My cousin can't half hog the computer sometimes !! Yes you do ! Yes you do !! Its turning into one of those pantamime things here !

I'm feeling much better after a big sleep ! Don't know about going back to school. I've got a feeling that the teacher is going to give me lots of home work to catch up on what I have missed while I was away.

Well, I was very excited this morning knowing that Aunty and Uncle were leaving early for work ( thats Andrew's Mum and Dad ). Because it meant I would be able to watch him have his poo. And knowing that, I saved up my big wee that I always have when I get up in the morning. Uncle and Aunty were gone within 15 minutes of getting up, and Andrew got me some toast and orange juice. After drinking the orange, it seemed only five minutes later that I was getting a bit desperate. Thankfully, Andrew said "Poo time". He must have read my mind. However, without asking, he went first, which meant I had to wait even longer ! He slipped his uniform trousers and his orange pants ( LINDA !!! ) down to his ankles, and sat. Within half a second, there was this rip-roaring trump into the toilet, followed by plop-plop-plop-plop-plop ! And what a smell. I had to pull my school sweatshirt over my nose to keep out the stink ! We both laughed at his big trump, which didn't help my position v! ery much at all ! He stayed sat for another five minutes while we talked to each other, me through my sweatshirt. During that time, he had two more sessions of pooing. Each was quick plopping just like the first. Then I told him how much I needed to wee, so he finished up wiping ( he needed lots of paper, being a sloppy poo ), and didn't flush the loo. I lifted up my school skirt and pulled my panties down just far enough to go. Not that I needed them up to keep my legs warm on the seat because Andrew had already warmed it up for me. And besides, I wanted to sit further back on the toilet to make sure that I weed all over Andrew's big pile of poos and paper! What a relief ! My wee stormed out of me in a huge gush with lots of hissing, and splattery noises as it poured all over the poo and paper. I had a really good time !!

LITTLE LOU: I once used to have long hair as well, so I bet we would look very similar. Andrew says I look like Mischa Barton, the little girl in the film where Andrew gets his name from, Lawn Dogs. In fact, Andrew and I had a shock a few weeks ago which we forgot to say about. We hired "Notting Hill" with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. There is a scene where Hugh Grant interviews a little girl about her role in the film that Julia Roberts is going to be in. We both had a double-take when we saw the little girl who looked just like Mischa Barton. And then in the credits at the end, her name appeared, so it was her ! Shes only in it for around 30 seconds though. But anyone who has seen that film, or who sees it on video soon, thats who I look like ! Oh yes, and before I forget, I would be more than honoured to have you pretend to be me when I'm not here for Andrew. You're a very kind girl ! Love from Kendal xx

ELLIE: I'm so sorry to hear about the nasty bus driver that wouldn't let you have a wee. Serves him right if the next customer complained about the wet seat ! I think I would have weed on the floor rather than the seat. I know it would have left a big puddle on the floor, which is maybe why you and Little Lou did it on the seat so no one would see. But he would have had to clean it up back at the bus station, and he might have learned to stop for people to wee in future ! Anyway, its not as though you two make a habit of something like that. It wasn't on purpose. You had to do it, so I hope you both didn't feel too upset about it afterwards. Blame the driver ! What would ANNE THE BUSDRIVER have done ? It would be good to hear her comments about this. You must both love your brother very much. He and Andrew sound very similar, and he was very kind to hold Little Lou's hand while she did it, to make her feel better. Did he hold yours too ? Perhaps not. Your old enough t! o do the deed on your own I suppose ! Take care. Love from Kendal xx

LINDA: You haven't posted at all while I was away. My dear friend, I hope you are o.k ! How's Elena doing with the baby ? Hope shes o.k as well. And how could I forget your lovely COUSIN ! Quick to talk to Andrew again when he needed his friends ! I hope you'll write again soon. I've looked at my watch. I have to go to school in five minutes, so I'll tell you about your poo at Grannie's later, and about the talk with Kirsty as well ! Must go now, because I need another wee. It must be that orange juice I had for breakfast. Come to think of it, Andrew gave me a very large glass full ! Was that on purpose ? He's nodding his head ! Just so he could see me do another wee with my uniform on, the naught boy ! Come on then, lets do it ! I mustn't be late on my first day back at school. Love you Linda, xxxx. PS Andrew wants to add something quickly to the end of my post to you. I've told him it will have to be quick, or he'll miss my wee !!

Yes, LINDA: Kendal is taking fairy steps out of my room to the bathroom. If she gets there before I finish this, then I miss her wee ! So I've just time to say to you ... XOXO !! Take care babe ! Love Andrew.

kim & scott
hello all! this is kim and scott. TO LAWN DOGS KID- I think you are cuter then michael junior. by the way andrew -keyword- michael junior and press GO to see what he looks like ok? PLUS KENDAL-we are all happy to see you back. I tell you andrew and yourself write very well. better then many adults.I am not saying this to butter you up either I mean it! PLUS LOUISE-haha! thanks for liking our story. scott and i do love taking risks. me even more so. I wear scott out. your right at the party we did not have any moment to lose .so scott broke up my log and used the toilet plunger to get it all down. and if we were found out flushing away my log scott would blame himself. saying it was his huge log instead of mine. scotts so sweet but thats the way he is! say hello to STEVE for me. by the way does he still enjoy my posts? when he gets the chance out of his busy schedule to read em that is!take care friend. PLUS EPHERMAL- going to miss you. post again when you can! PLUS J. REED-r! ead some of the kim and scott posts i think in the month of november to answer your question about me being spied on by a cute little girl while i took a dump in the public restroom!PLUS EMILY- sorry about your brother. glad he is ok. well scott and i have to bow out now.see you when we see you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL! love,kim and scott. P.S. scott is pretty slow he still has to put his christmas tree up. he will get one in the weekend. bye friends....

Friday, December 15, 2000

Plunging Plop Guy

Feeling really good ,having had some satisfying shits the last few days,the itching and soreness having gone.Seems that when my turds are firm and dry,the sensitivity clears up and it's much easier to clean up afterwards.I also was able to do a few loud arse-splashing plops in a public toilet and get myself heard by the young bloke in the next cubicle,so feeling much better in several ways!

To J.REED,in answer to your question about being spied on.
I've certainly been spied on as well as observed quite openly when I've been on the toilet.I've actually known a man stick his head under the partition to have a look which seems a very risky thing to do!Also,I've known someone next door to sneak glances at me through a hole in the partition and naturally,I look through as well but I've never put my eye to the hole as some have done.As for spying in the furtive sense-yes,I've sometimes looked up and seen some guy looking over the partition,and only recently looked up and seen a small mirror being held at the top of the partition.I like being watched if I'm actually having a loud shit at the time so I know that they know what I'm doing and presumably they like it, but I regard it as invasive and even sinister when they are merely wanting to see my privates.I've even had a guy look over the top and ask me to show him my dick,to which I've told him to f--- off.
There are also men who stand at the urinals not to have a wee but to turn round and observe other guys going in and out,and I always like if possible to remind them of what sounds come from within a cubicle!

So,Here's a fantasy I'd like to share with all the guys who like or would love the opportunity of a real buddy dump.I'd regard it as the ultimate experience and hope it could happen to those who'd most appreciate it.

I imagine myself and 2 friends on holiday at a campsite where we are the only people there.Let's call the other two Mike and Steve. We get on really well and when we get to the place where we're staying-find that there are 3 toilets side by side in the toilet block.Not just side by side in the sense of no partitions and a few feet between them-these toilets are so close that the actual toilet seats are almost touching!!! The pans are the traditional older British ones with a long drop and a good size water trap and we observe these with a sense of surprise,excitement and nervousness as we contemplate the idea of timing it so we can shit together the next day.
I couldn't sleep very well,excited by the prospect of sitting there with my two friends and I wondered how they felt about it.
Anyway,we got through breakfast rather quietly,I thought,then Steve was the first to say it;"I think I could do with going on one of those toilets,er.....anyone else want to join me?" Mike and myself in unison replied yes and were glad that we both felt good and ready to go and drop brown. So,we went across the yard'entered the small building ,proved to ourselves that there were indeed 3 toilets standing together,with working flushes and that we were the only people there.For me it was a dream come true and the other two were getting quite excited about it. We all three peeled down our jeans and underpants,although Steve wasn't wearing underpants,and slowly sat down on these very,very inviting toilets,Steve on my left,I in the middle and Mike on my right.Naturally,our thighs were touching as we sat there,there being no room to spread our legs,my legs especially,sitting there between them.
Each of us started to push and as often happens on holiday,felt a bit constipated,and so we grunted a bit,farted a lot and were all feeling very turned on by this male bonding in its most intimate form.Slowly,Steve annouced he was "Going to do one...UHH UHH UHH and Mike and myself started pushing our own reluctant turds so that there were three guys with thighs covering the toilets trying to shit and feeling the turds inching their way out.being retracted,pushed out again a bit more until Steve said "I'm doing one,OOOOHHHH,It's coming,AHHHH PLOPPPPP!!!!! I swear I even felt the vibration through our legs as his turd splashed under him drenching his muscular arse and to much appreciation by Mike and myself,as Steve stood up so we could see the drops of water on his hairy arse,framed by the imprint of the toilet seat on his buttocks,and of course,admired the knobbly log lying in the toilet,Such inspiration encouraged us to drop our turds as we all sat there for about ! five minutes,grunting,farting and plopping almost simultaneously sometimes,or with several seconds between one loud plop and the next,until we all knew we'd finished,our buttocks and undersides really wet with the splashback and with our privates tucked under our thighs,I spontaneously became "relieved" as I'm sure so did my two friends though we didn't mention it.
We took it in turns to stand up and wipe our arseholes sharing the most personal activity we'd ever done,pulled up our pants and jeans,flushed the toilets,and went out. We then sat very quietly looking at the view ,hardly needing to chatter,after all,if talking is a means of communicating with each other;what greater means of expression could beat the intimacy of our last few minutes.
We got outselves our tea,eating it together,knowing,all being well,we'd be excreting it together tomorrow too.
This had been male bonding to a transcendental degree-I lay in bed that night feeling not only the closeness I felt for two friends but it was as though all of humanity was involved in my ecstacy.
If only everyone was able to if only once, experience such intimacy through a shared enjoyable biological function as we had done-perhaps the frustrations people live with could be banished!
Well,I hope some of you liked that,and it was great to share it!

Could someone explain what the difference is(if any) between sitting on the CAN,POTTY,JOHN and COMMODE .I just wondered if there is a slight difference between them.
In Britain the word LAVATORY is used as well to describe a toilet but is a rather old-fashioned word,though used by middle class people to an extent.It really means a washing place as the old name for wash basins is lavatory basins,now often called sinks. Confused?
Slang words here for toilet are BOG,CRAPPER and in the North East an outside toilet is a NETTIE.
Cockney slang for shitting is used fairly commonly,PONY AND TRAP for a crap,and a TOM TIT for a shit.
The word POOP is rarely used and POO is only ever used with children.
Anyway,whatever you call it-have a good healthy satisfying and enjoyable one!! Be Happy, PPG

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