Matt I pee in the pool all the time it feels good and you don't have to get out of the pool just let it go! About odd places to pee or poop I once was at the theatre and had to pee so I slid my panties to the side and peed in my empty popcorn tub. My daughter once pooped on the floor of the school bus because she couldn't wait till her stop.

My name is Tara.I'm a 17 year old West Virginia native and love this sight.When I was 14 I got food poisoning from an all you can eat place here where I live.About 2 hours after eating I was shopping with my mom and I told her I didn't feel well so we left.When we got home I got as far as our front porch when I exploded and pooped my jeans.Mom got sick too but she made it to the toilet.I simply could not wait and had to go in my pants.


I have always liked girls as long as i can remember.
girl guides was always fun lots of my friends being so independent
going camping and pooping and peeing in the woods.
we used to watch each other peeing and laugh and joke about the noises we made hissing sounds.
one day we decided to see who could do the biggest poo we all laughed and giggled as each of us took our turns pooing on a blanket .
well michelle was good nearly a foot we recon it was so funny watching this long poo laying as she squatted.
emma just done a pile of runny poo .and riana lots of little poops
then there was me well i sure recon i was a foot long till i slipped on some pee and landed in the lot.covered in shit i was .all the girl laughed and helped to clean me off.i miss them all now but we had some naughty makes me just want to poo in my panties now thinking about it.

Bryian - I don't know what the rules are about school toilets but I suppose that when they clogged up and there was only one set of boys toilets left working it wasn't possible to do much about it. Its not happened before. I don't think the boys got more than a telling off as thay were 5th formers and we are in the 1st year. I felt that the headmaster didn't really think it was more than a sort of joke.

Sarah - I'm glad there is someone else who has weed in the changing cubicles, like I wrote about a while ago. Do you like weeing in places like that - I do it with my friend Suzy though she's more daring than me.

Can you tell of when you had the biggest shit EVER? How comfortable did you feel? And when didi you commit to a long relaxing fart?

Can you tell of when you had the biggest shit EVER? How comfortable did you feel? And when didi you commit to a long relaxing fart?

Can you tell of when you all had the biggest shit EVER? How comfortable did you feel? And when didi you commit to a long relaxing fart?

All the same questions? Well, there stories ARE interesting, don't you think?

Hello, I am new here and I am so happy to find that there are people to talk to about this subject. I am 17 and still at school. I have just read the posts about having accidents at school and because this has happened to me I thought I could talk about it. I don't know anyone else to say it too and its a bit embarrassing. I'll never forget the first time because it was my first day at school and I was 5. I was too shy to tell anybody that I needed to wee and to poop and I tried to wait until the end of the morning because my mum would come and take me home for lunch. But I couldn't wait and while we were all sat on the floor listening to a story I wet myself and them I did a large poo in my pants. It was all warm and squishy but when it went cold and the teacher noticed I cried.
When I was 10 I remember one day I wanted to wee very badly in class and I asked if I could leave the room. The teacher was a horrid woman and she said no. Then I said it was urgent and she got annoyed and told me to stand in the corner for answering back. I could not stand still and she told me not to move and to keep my hands on top of my head. Then it started to come out and ran down my legs and I cried again. All the other children laughed at me and I was told I was a dirty girl. I hated school then.
I have seen Nicole tell of the behaviour of the boys at her school and I know what is like. Once when I was 13 I went to the toilet to wee, I wanted to go very badly, and there were 2 boys there who grabbed hold of me and one held me while the other lifted my skirt.they laughed because in my fright I had wet my knickers a bit and they held me still until I wet myself some more.
I know I should try, like Nicole, to wait until going home but I never can and I'm afraid if I deliberately wee outside in my pants then the boys will look up my skirt and see. We have to wear regulation grey knickers and they always look wet.
Oh well, its nice to talk about it and there are people who are worse of and get bullied and things. I'll write again, Vinny.

Hi, I'm new to the board and I thought I would tell you about my first peeing experience,

It was when I was a kid and a friend of my moms used to come around and bring her daughter who was my age (7). We would go and play upstairs while they talked downstairs. Once while we were playing she started to squirm a little and move around, I asked her if she was alright and she said she needed a wee. I asked her if she could wait because we were in the middle of a game, she said she could. After five minutes she started to hold herself in desperation, she said she had to go and started to walk towards the bathroom still squirming, i wasn't sure whether I should follow her but to my suprise she turned around and asked me if I was coming. I followed her into the bathroom and she pulled down her jogging bottoms and sat on the toilet with her legs dangling just above the ground. I watched as she had her wee, I remember feeling very excited. I think that must of been what started my love of seeing females on the toilet.
What are other peoples earliest memories of peeing/pooping experiences? I'd love to here them.

I have a question which I hope someone can answer. Are there any American TV series where a woman has been shown either pooping or farting? The only example of pooping I've heard of was a MAD TV show where a woman was shown using the toilet to poop, and she was actually shown grunting and wiping. Are there any other TV shows where a woman was shown using the toilet to poop, or there was a reference to a woman pooping?

As for farting, the only TV show I know of where a woman was shown explicitly farting was an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, where Sabrina dropped some papers while doing a lab presentation in science class, and as she bent down she farted very noticeably. The only other female fart depiction I know of was a Simpsons episode where Marge farted while the family was talking to a car salesperson. There was an episode of Roseanne several years ago where there was a reference to a teenage girl farting, but the actual fart was not shown.

Does anyone else know of any other TV shows where female pooping or farting was shown?

Hi everyone!

J REED: I remember a clasroom accident (if you can call it that) at mine and Lou's dancing class about 6 months ago. As me and Lou are from an Irish family, we do Irish dancing. The competition dresses have lots of stiffener in the skirt, which makes it wery difficult to move the dress sufficiently to use the toilet. There was this girl called Kayleigh, and she hadn't peed before she put on her costume. She had to hold it for the duration of the competition until she couldn't hold it any longer, and let go all over the floor. I felt so sorry for her.

Something a bit horrible happened to me and Little Lou today. To be honest, it really upset Lou. Our school went on a trip to London today, and on the way back, me, Lou and Kev were the last three to be dropped off afterwards. There was no toilet on the coach. About half an hour from home, Little Lou really needed to pee. By then we were the only ones left on the coach as everybody else lives near town and was dropped off there. Me, Lou and Kev were all sitting upstairs on the coach. We asked the driver if he could stop in Town to let us use a toilet but he said no because he had a schedule to keep.In the end, Kev told Lou to pull her knickers down, pee on the seat and then move to another seat afterwards. She started crying, because she knew that it was a naughty thing to do, so me and Kev had to persuade her that it was ok just this once. She did it, and wiped herself on a page ripped from an excercise book. Kev was so nice to her, and he held her hand while she did it. ! I ended up having to as well, so I peed on the seat next to the one Lou used. It was horrible, and we were both quite upset. Kev had to pee in an empty water bottle. I wish the driver had stopped, but he refused. He wouldn't even stop to let us pee by the side of the road.

About twenty minutes after that, he dropped us off near the park, and Kev had a game of football with us before we went home. I know I complain about Kev sometimes, and I know he has his moments, but me and Lou really couldn't have a better brother. The way he comforted us both on that coach today was really nice,and I was glad he was there.

LAWN DOGS KID: Little Lou says that to make you feel better, she'll be your pretend Kendal, as she's nearly the same age (she's just turned nine). She's tiny and blonde, with big blue eyes,and hair to her waist. She's like a china doll. She says that you can pretend she's with you in the toilet if it makes you feel any better. She reads all the posts, but she doesn't post her own as she's only little and her spelling's not very good. But she says that if she could make you feel better by being a pretend Kendal for you then she's more than happy to do so.

Lots of love, Ellie xxx.

Eric – Yes I remember you as well as Alex and Steph – Do they still log on? Melanie is my sister, and no, after that terrible diarrhea accident while walking home, mom never forced her to take laxatives again. I haven’t maintained all the good eating habits (fruit etc) I learned from last year and that has caused me to have some very difficult poops. Also I still hold my poo until the last minute – I never got over that habit, and so I have had some really, really close calls on accidents.
Bryian – You remind me of myself, I sometimes can’t go if there are other people around in the bathroom or if I feel insecure at all. Luckily since about 12 or 13 I have had girlfriends who like to come with me while I poo and then I feel O.K.
Now I have a question for every one. Does anyone flush the toilet after a pee and before pooping? I have heard this happen two or three times now. A few weeks ago I had to use a public restroom mostly to pee, but I had felt a vague ache in my tush that told me a poo might also like to come out. I had just sat down, got comfortable and started peeing when someone entered the stall next to mine. I heard a rustle as the woman lifted her skirt and the distinct sound as she pulled her panties down. From the position of her feet I guessed she was sitting upright on the toilet. We both finished peeing about the same time and I decided I would wait a little longer and see if a poop would appear. Not unexpectedly I heard the rattle of the toilet roll holder as she pulled off a length of paper followed by the sound of wiping. She then stood up turned around and flushed the toilet. Again I could tell by the position of her feet that she was watching the water rinsing out the! bowl. What surprised me was that after the toilet was completely flushed, she sat down again; only this time she shuffled her feet back and forth like she was looking for a comfortable position. Once she was satisfied there was total silence and after about a minute the unmistakable long crackling of a long poo could be heard followed by a heavy splash. She shuffled her feet once more and again a period of silence was followed by more crackling sounds as a second log eased its way out and fell into the bowl. At that she tore off more TP, wiped herself, and once again turned round and watched as the toilet flushed. So – does anyone out there do this or have you heard someone else do it? Please let me know - Lots of love – Melissa.

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted....had a family emergency. My brother took a fall at work and it was pretty serious......he was unconscious for a while (he suffered a cuncusion and broke his left arm in 2 places)....he works construction. He lives in North Carolina near Mom and Dad. Spent a week there....he's doing better and was released from the hospital 3 days ago.

I still have my 8am morning poops and rewarded myself with a good one this morning. Had the latest issue of People magazine on hand (my favorite bathroom reading!!!) and started out with a good fart then my 6inch sausage inched it's way out slowly from my arse.....then hit the toilet with a light kersloop. Sat there a bit afterwards and did a couple more farts and peed........what bliss!!!

I hope everyone is well and keep your stories coming......I did read some of the posts while in North Carolina....they helped me get through a difficult time.

Emily :o)

once i was at work and i really had to poop. i asked my boss if i could go. he said it was too busy for me to shut down my line. i pleaded with him and told him i was going to poop my pants. he said i would have to wait until my break, which was in 90 minutes. i tried to hold it. i hurt so much! i had to hold on to my butt to keep it from coming out. when i handed a customer his change i lost control. a giant log came out into my white cotton panties. i left the register crying. on the way to the bathroom i pooped in my panties again. my panties were full of poop. my jeans were stained brown at the seat. it was the most embarrassing moment of life

J. Reed
Thanks for all your responses. The most I've gotten ever since I've been at this web site. Anyway I do have another J. Reed question for you guys. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SPYED ON USING THE BATHROOM IN PUBLIC? Hit me back anyone.

Nothing wrong about your boys peeing at the same time in the same toilet.My father and I used to do this on a regular basis.The bathroom door was seldom locked in our house,so if one of us was in already the other just took the opposite side of the bowl and peed away.This went on from a young age to well into my twenties.Love the new pic.Looks as though she's having a really stiff one!

Lawn Dogs Kid
KIM: No idea who Michael Junior from Belgium is. However, I'm bound to look cuter than him, whatever he looks like !!

EPHEMERAL: It was only the last few words of my last post that got cut off. Effectively what they said was that although I could picture Kendal as clear as day, I could not hear the sound of her poos in my head. I will be seeing Kendal for Christmas as well like you suggested. You'll see why in a minute. And I promise not to give up on girls just yet !

NICOLE: How awful for Jane. If I'd caught those boys doing that to you two I'd have flushed their heads down the toilet for you ! I understand what you say about Peter. If it could mean the difference between being able to post to this site or not doing so, then DON'T DO IT WITH HIM. Kendal and I would miss you too much ! As for passing on your love to Kendal, you can do that yourself, because HIP, HIP, HOORAY, Shes back !!!! ( speak to you soon, love Andrew x)

I got home from school yesterday to find a strange car parked up outside our house. To cut a long story short, the loveliest, cutest, blonde haired, blue eyed girl leapt out of the back, and ran 50 yards to greet me with a flying leap and a hug stronger than any bear could give ! My God, did I cry or what ! She had been brought home by her Grandparents when it became obvious that they were going to be left looking after her, because her Mum has been having a long-distance affair with a Cumbrian gentlemen for several months now, who doesn't want Kendal living with him. Oh yes, and apparantly Kendal is going to have a half brother or sister, in May/June time, because her Mum is expecting this bloke's child. So there is no hope of a reconciliation between Uncle and Aunty. Taking everything into account, it was felt that Kendal would be better off back with her Dad ! Thank goodness for that ! Anyway, she was here when I got back from school, but they hadn't been able to ge! t hold of Kendal's Dad to tell him. He was out of the office and not contactable ( for a good reason we were to find out an hour later ), and not wanting to hang around because of the long journey home, Granny and Grandad thought she would be safe with me. I made them a cup of tea, and they left within half an hour. It was an hour before Mum came home. An hour in which Kendal said hardly a word. She just wanted to cuddle watching kids tv, but not before she had taken me for a poo with her !

An hour later, my Mum came home, and was in tears as well at the sight of Kendal. Then we discovered that Uncle, Kendal's Dad had been taken into hospital with stomach pains that day, which was why he couldn't be contacted. Mum immediately rushed us all into hospital to visit him. More tears for him and Kendal. It doesn't look to be too serious. The hospital think he is showing signs of developing a stomach ulcer through stress, so he has to take it easy for a while. Anyway, they are keeping him in for two or three days for observation. So Kendal is living with us until then !

Today, Thursday, Mum said I could stay off school to look after Kendal. After she and Dad had left for work, Kendal was thrilled to be with me for a change when I needed my morning poo. But she wants to write about that. Afterwards, I took her to her school to see the Headmaster, who was very pleased she was coming back, and is expecting her tomorrow now. Then I took her on the bus to town, and we went to wait outside my school for Kirsty. When Kirsty saw us both together, she just raced for a hug herself, and lots more tears ! I took us to MacDonalds for a drink, and we had our chat that the three of us had planned to have last weekend, but didn't for obvious reasons. Again Kendal wants to talk about that ! She needed her poo at MacDonalds, so I missed out there, unlike Kirsty !

We stayed in town, and met up with my Mum who then took us to the hospital to see Uncle. Then it was home, and straight to my bedroom to be on here ! Kendal was bursting for a wee when we got back, but of course, with Mum and Dad home, I didn't get to see that either ! Shucks !!

So folks, here she is, my darling Cousin Kendal. YYYAAAAAAAAAYYYY !

Hi everybody. I'm not going to say too much now because I'm feeling very very tired, and I have to go back to school tomorrow !

But I just wanted to say to everyone who has been so lovely to me and Andrew while I was away, a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have missed you all very much, and especially my Dad and Andrew.

LOUISE: I'm fine, and I seem to have got away with what happened. No one is asking any questions about it now !! Don't feel bad. I just feel so lucky to have all these "Uncles & Auntys" as you were described as by PV (?) looking after me, and I'm very grateful. As much for Andrew as me. He has been through hell without me, and you have all been so nice to him. Far from being mad with you, you and PV are my heros now. I'm going to enjoy stand up wees outside, but sit on the toilet when I'm at home, so Andrew can watch !

NICOLE: So sorry to hear about your friend Jane. That was so nasty of those boys. Thanks for all your love and support for me, and for Andrew. Hope to discuss stand-up wees with you soon ! Love from Kendal xxx.

ELLIE & LITTLE LOU: Glad to see that you are getting on ok with the stand up wees. Thanks for your sympathies too !

TO ADRIAN, GARRETT, SIMON, EPHERMAL, COUSIN, PV, JON, G, STEVE and KIM. Andrew kept a list of names, so I hope I haven't missed anyone out, because I haven't had chance to read old posts yet. If I have, it's Andrew's fault !! Thank you all for all your suggestions of help and your kind thoughts.

LINDA: My very best friend here ! You can't begin to know how much you have helped me all the time I was away. Through all the loneliness without Andrew and Dad, I had you with me all the time, keeping me cheered up, like you were on holiday with me. You were there for every one of my wees and poos, and when I'm not so tired, I tell you about the one time you pooped in granny's tall toilet with the furry seat ! I hope to hear from you soon with everything you've really been up to. Take care and all my love to you and Elena and Miguel. I'm so happy to be home ! xxxxxxxx.

Bye bye everyone, love from Kendal xx

LAWN DOGS KID - Hi guy, thank you for your last letter,
and yes I do feel a lot better now. I know how upset I would
have been if I had been Kendal. I do hope she is now all right,
and let's hope she comes to see you again very soon.
Oh hey, you are right, do not give up on us girls will you?
Steve had to wait a long time wasting his time on other
women before he took me by his side, so it may be that you
will meet lots of girls who will not be right for you, but
someone will one day make you very happy. x

KIM AND SCOTT - You two do take big risks don't you? I enjoyed
your story, it sounded like there was not a moment to lose!!!
Did your log flush away all right or did Scott have to break it
up? I bet he did didn't he? If you had run out of time Scott
would have had to say at the party that he had to flush
away Kim's log!!! Would you have been embarrassed or

EPHERMAL - Hi girl!!! Sorry for not writing yesterday, I am
really busy at work.
Now then, as a teacher in the WSPC how can I help you with your
problem? If you had to *force* some pee out in the shower then
it must be that you did not really want to go very much. Is that
right? If that is right then your pee must not have been
squirting out very hard even if you were pushing it out. Yes?
So if the pee has not been under any pressure it will not have
been going very quickly, so that may be why it split and some
went down your legs. You did not say if you were lifting to
shoot forwards so I do not know if changing the angle would
help you.
Enjoy your holidays!

PV - Hi girl, I'm here to write again at last!
Yeah, your expeerience in the men's toilet standing beside that
punky girl. I bet she must have been in the men's before if she
could be that casual. I now know what you and Steve mean by
"dividers". It must have helped you a lot if those things help
shy men. Maybe that girl should be another member of the
Women's Standup Pee Club (WSPC). She can join our newcomers of
all ages.
I don't think I would like any guy referring to me as a
"squatter". I bet the Navy guy in the film you were shown would
call a group of women together "pussy" or "fanny" instead of
"girls" or "women". It really irritates me to be spoken of that
way. If the guy deserves being taught a lesson like you talked
about, I thought I could be the one to do the dousing, but then
I thought again that maybe he would be better put straight by
trying to beat some of us for distance. then he would learn who
was good at standing. Oh yeah, we could make him clean up all the
wee afterwards.
Nobody has argued with me about not liking the Spice Girls, so
maybe everybody agrees with us about that.
The netball has gone indoors now, and because it is in the Sports
Centre we have not been doing any weeing outside. There has not
been much going on there because we have been sharing showers
with other teams sometimes. LOL there was once a long queue for
one toilet cubicle before we went out to play our match and
some girls really wanted to go, and when they went in they made
lots of noise in the bowl. I did a standup and did not use my
fingers that time, and I wondered if I made the loudest noise.

I read your letter to Steve and he does deserve calling a prince.
Before she had met him I think my mum was a bit worried about
what he was like, but when she did meet him she found out he was
lovely. 7 and a half years of happiness. I've probably embarrassed
him now LOL.

If we are lucky, Steve and I are going away to stay with friends
and our parents through Christmas and New Year, so it maybe that
I will only get to write one more letter before we go.



HOPEFUL AND NOW OPTIMISTIC asks how you know if you have hemorrhoids. For you and DEL, this is a problem of swollen veins and tissue around the anus or just inside the rectum. Yes, Del, that little pea-shaped thing you describe is probably a hemorrhoid. I've read that they're common and usually not dangerous. Sometimes they bleed, sometimes not. If they're very large or painful, you should see a doctor. Otherwise, they tend to go away by themselves. You can also buy some good, over-the-counter creams or suppositories with zinc to speed along the healing. (To find out more, type "hemorrhoids" into a search engine and look for a site with accurate info.) I had this problem a few months ago, so I've read up on it - but I'm no expert, OK? Just experienced.

I bought a used mountain bike early last summer. Great bike, but it had one of those squishy, foam saddles. After riding it a few times, I started to get some small lumps around my anus. Yep, hemorrhoids. The most common reason for them is pressure on or around the anus. This can be from straining when you're constipated or from something pressing against it. In my case, the foam seat was conforming to my butt crack and that caused the problem. I bought a harder saddle, the kind with a split in the rear and a small place on each side where your sitz bones rest. Big improvement. It took about 2-3 weeks for the hemorrhoids to go away by themselves and I haven't had a problem since. Like you, Del, the hemorrhiods didn't hurt when I took a dump, but it sure was a royal pain in the ass to wipe. Wet wipes helped. Hope your annoyance goes away soon.

TO SAMANTHA-Wow-sounds like a hot story-I myself would have liked to have seen suzi's sexy ass while she is pooing!In fact i would have loved to have been a bird in the tree above you girls seeing you both poo on the lawn!Tell us more!At least i'd liked to hear more about 2 women pooing together outdoors!
TO BILLY L-Boy you do some good pooing-enjoy your stories
TO POOPING WOMAN- Cool story of you pooing on your lawn in the morning with you nite gown-Pooing in the store isle is a bit too far for my taste,but hey whatever
I feel a dump coming on and I'm going back to that store with the clear view of the toilets-That was fun the other day-today's poo doesn't feel as strong as the other day,but it will be fun just the same-Wish i could sneak into the ladies room there-i'm sure it's the same view-then i'd really be in heaven!(Am I twisted or what?LOL) Must fly now-getting cramps BYE


Hello again! I was just reading my own post and realized I forgot to leave my own name, so here it is. Like I said, I'm new to this forum, so I just want to thank Ephermal for replying to my post so soon! I actually wasn't expecting any replies. Well, anyway, nothing new has happened yet, but I'll post as soon as something does happen! "Talk" to ya'll later!

To Bryian: Fortunately, noone saw me. I would have died of embarrassment had that happened.

Last summer, I went for a one-day hike in a national park with two other guys. I normally dump straight after breakfast every morning, but, when forced to get up early, I don't have the urge and instead go later in the day. That day, we made an early start and I didn't go after breakfast. I had the foresight to take some toilet paper with me. While we hiked up a mountain and along a ridge, I started to feel the need to go, but held on. By the time we sat down for lunch, on top of a ridge covered with grass and a few trees, with a view of our town far in the distance, I really had to go. I excused myself and went off a short way down the side of the ridge, well out of sight, and squatted down in the grass behind a fallen tree, my shorts pulled down to above my knees. Out came a soft, light-brown shit, nearly a foot long, which curled around on the ground. Anyone who has been in the Australian bush in summer, inland well away from the coast, would know what the flies can be ! like. My smelly dropping immediately attracted a swarm of large, brown-coloured bushflies, almost the size of a fingernail. Not wanting them near, or worse still, landing on my arse, I waddled several feet sideways to finish my business, and then further sideways to wipe. When I had finished, I looked back at my large curly poop and it was absolutely covered with bushflies. Crawling over it, they were. More flies had discovered the other small pieces of shit and the dirty toilet paper. When I returned to my companions, they asked if I was alright. I said I was, and nothing more was said about it.

Matt--there was recently a quite heated discussion about peeing in the pool. Please look back in the archives. I personally know that it is unhygenic and those reasons have already been discussed.
Not a very busy posting day, hopefully this will be updated once more before I leave tomorrow. I'll miss my new friends here.

We had a girls-night-out for coffee tonight (3 of us) and ended up talking about camping and peeing outdoors. "Sally" and I do not have much experience with camping and were asking leading questions to "Alice" on methodology, especially that of not getting all wet. Alice told us that she uses a tree for balance and does a standing squat (like over a toilet). I suggested the standing method (prior to this point in the conversation...long story getting to it, but it was round-about and not like "hey stand to pee" and neither was receptive about it at this time. Sally also brought up the whole "guys stand to pee because of the hunter-gatherer instincts" thing.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Hey guys! There have been some really good posts here lately. I'm especially enjoying the ones with guys taking dumps. Right now I'm pretty snowed in with all the snow and ice. nd on top of that I've got to take a dump which I'll take later on and post a description. Last Friday me and my friend were talking (he spent the night). See he wants me to get into masturbating with him (that's all I'll say about that) and I want him to get into pooping. But before I said that he told me a poop story. I got really excited. It was a good story too. He was very descriptive too. So I'll just pass it on to you guys. His family got a big block ofcheese. Well in 3 days he ate about half of that block (and this was a big block of cheese too). Well, about 3 days went by and he hadn't pooped (that's not normal for him like it is for me) which meant he was really constipated. He made several attempts to try to push it out but with no success. Finally on that 4th day he got on the john and ! pushed with all his might. It took a him about 15 minutes just to get the turd out. Finally with one last push he got the thing out and it splashed in the bowl, then he dropped about 4 small sized logs. Then we wiped and had to plunge the toilet and break the big turd up because it was too big to fit down the whole. He said you could see alot of cheese chunks in the light brown turd. Now he feels sorry for me when I was constipated back in Febuary or March. He wouldn't give me some soap up my butt. I think if I were constipated now and I asked for some soap he'd probably do it after know what kind of pain it is to be constipated. I think my attempt to getting him into pooping topics is working. He's even thinking about letting me watch him dump. If you knew Alex, you would know that he would never do that ever. But now he will it seems. See ya. I'll tell you guys about my dump when I take it later on.

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