I was at the mall shopping for jeans again when I heard a funny hissing sound coming from the changing room next to mine so I stood on the chair and looked over to find a girl about 19 peeing on the floor of the changing room seems like I'm not the only one who has done this in a changing room anyone else ever pee in a changing room please post! P.S. I pee in the shower all the time and so does my daughter Once I was in there pooping when she rushed in and had to pee so she peed in the shower no big deal!

Thanks for your post Sarah. I love to hear of women using the bathroom in unexpected or odd places. I would love to hear stories from other ladies about odd places they have peed or pooped at. My ex once peed in a car wash down the drain...very sexy i thought...
How many women here pee in the pool?

My friend Nate took a crap under my front porch.

Mr Pee Pee
I remember one day when I was small I must have been about 7 or 8 ywars old. I was walking with my older sisters girlfriend in the neighborhood park. She was holding my hand and I suddenly felt the need to poop. I tried not to tell her but I really had to go finally I told her " I have to make cocky".She smiled at me and said ok lets go over there. Well there was a tree next to a ball field where some girls and one boy were playing. She walked quickly to the treeI could see that the boy that was playing with the girls noticed me because he pointed at us. I told her about it but she said "dont worry,no one will see you. She pulled down my pants and told me to bend over and go. I bent over and I started to pee. I could see the boy and the girls kind of hiding in the bushes but moving closer I think she saw them too but she did not say anything to them. I started to poop and I could hear them laughing. After I pooped she took some tissues out of her purse and wiped my ass for an! unusually long time. The boy and the three girls he was with were still laughing and I think she knew that they were there because she chuckled. I was kind of humilliated. I thought this was a coincidence but then it happened again. Ill post that story another time.

J.Reed - Yeah, I've seen classroom accidents of both kinds so I liked to hear that one of yours. When I was 9 there was a real stuck up girl in my class, very prim and proper she was. Well, once I noticed that she was rocking around on her chair and then after a while she put her hand up to ask the teacher if she could be excused, as she put it. The answer was no like always so she got more and more desperate until she was using both hands to stop from pissing. Anyhow before the lesson was over there was a loud noise of her piss as it ran onto the floor and her skirt was all wet. The kids all laughed because she was not really liked much.
The last time I saw something like that was when I was 16 and a girl called Laura who was really hot stuff was sat in front of me and she couldn't keep still either. She had on a very short skirt and when she leaned forward to watch what was going on, it was a science demonstation, I could see her purple knickers. Well, she was really jigging around before long and asked if she could go to the toilets. Everyone thought it was funny but anyhow she was allowed to go. I reckon she didn't make it in time because when she came back I watched carefully until she leaned forward again and sure enough there was a dark area between her legs on her panties where she peed in them. Did you like that as much as I did or what? Ciao. P.Nut

The Pooping women
Well I was busy for a day or so i had not had time to take a dump so while i was busy for those todays i had gotton up one morning to go out and get my newspaper and when i bent over to pick up the paper i felt the urge to pass some farts and start pushing a hard turd out while i was bending over i had no panties on and just my nite gown so i decided to pull up my gown in my front yard and dont care what anyone thinks so i just went over to the bush and let a long jumbo turd out and a few short quick lumpy ones out i really felt good so when i finished i went in the house to finish up i had to pee a gallon and wipe my ass off and then i got a another day started . i will write again soon now.

One day i was in public bathroom at walmart and i usually dont show my ass in public to anyone but people i know so i asked for this box from this guy who was putting up stock and he said mam what do u need with it i said to take a shit in he said yes mam so i really had to go so i went to hardware section to get some lights and i pulled my panties off and had nothing under my dress so i need to shit now bad so i let a fart when this man walked down the isle so when he walked down the isle i pulled up my dress started pushing out my turd and customerservice person walked bye i told him i dont need anything but to take a shit they said the bathroom is up front i told them that it was full and the other was closed so i was going to finsh my jobbies and then i would leave so when a man come bye they would not ask me what i was doing they would say hello . so i done about 10 jobbies and no mess on the floor so i left talk to u all soon . that was my joyous day .

Hi everyone, great stories! Anyway, one time, me and two friends, Mike and Jeff were playing with nerf guns. I was the prisoner of Jeff, and we were having lots of fun. Well, Jeff says to me "I gotta crap." So I tell him the bathroom is down the hall, on the left. He walks toward the bathroom, and tells me that he dosen't want to lose his prisoner, that I'm coming in with him. I say ok and walk in. He closes the door, and I stand in the bathtub, right across from the toilet, as he pulls down his pants and boxers, ans sits down. Oh it was big. And it smelled bad too. So he finishes fast, and we leave. I was so embarrased to walk outta the bathroom with another person. We then continued our game.

me and my best friend suzi locked our selves out of home one day
and we were dying to shit so we took turns shitting on the lawn to make out it was a dog so our parents wouldnt know.
well as we took turns it really turned me on to poop and pee in front of suzi.and to watch her massive turd evacuate her hot ass wow that did make me hot

Billy L. :)
This morning, my mom took my brother and me to the eye doctor for our annual eye exam. We were there about 3 hours. We stopped in the bath room on the way out. My had to poop. When we were done, we peed in the toilet. He dropped like 8 little logs. When we were done, we flushed the toiet. It was one of those new models with the small tanks and real powerful flush. In like 1 second, my brothers turds and TP and our pee was gone.

When we got back to school, we went to lunch. After lunch I had to drop a massive load. On huge log, about 18 inches long. THe first part of the turd went into the hole and the last part curled around the front of the toilet. When I was done, my friend paul made poops too. He made a pile like my brothers. Except his floated. We aimed our pee at his turds when we were done.

JReed...I remember one time in first grade this girl across from me, Sarah (I remember that was her name cause she couldn't write her "s"es so I always did it for her, though she denies it) wet her pants one day in class. All I remember is her mom picking her up and she came back later in different clothes. I don't remember the details, sorry.

To the members of the WSPC (Women's standing pee club): tonight I had another go at the shower. I didn't have to pee at all, but I was able to finally force some out halfway through my shower (after washing my hair, before conditioner or body wash) and Louise, I think I discovered part of the with the solution please (PV and the girls too): half of my pee went forward but at the same time, some STILL went down my the stream apparently splits itself.

PV--aawwwww...I think I must break the news now, sorry to disappoint you. I will be going home Friday morning and therefore Thursday will be my last post (if I have one then). Even checking e-mail on my parents computer is a pain, so I will not be spending time online. Not to mention what they would think if they knew I was at a site like this. I will be returning mid-January and look forward to a long session of reading up to then and will hopefully have some stories from over break.

Henri--beinvenue! S'il vous plait, ecrit les histoires. C'est possible qu'ils sont des gens qui lient ici, mais tu est le premier d'ecrire. Ton anglais est bon, c'est meilleur de ma francais ;)

Reply to CC---oh, come on! We're not goddess...we just want you to think that.

Andrew--oh, the end of your post got cut off :( Maybe you can go visit Kendal in Kendal for Xmas? That would be nice. Don't give up on girls yet. I'm 19 and have only had 4 boyfriends, one when it was too young to be serious and one that lasted less than three weeks and never got serious and I wish I could erase it from my record. Don't give up, it'll be fine.

Kim and Scott--Can we hear Scott's point of view the next time Kim passes a massive log? I think that would be interesting...

George--I had never heard of that before that people who live close together tend to need a motion at the same time. Is this really true? Where did you learn that and do you have other examples? I find that very interesting cause I've never noticed it among my families or friends.

Eric M.
Hi Melissa, I do remember you. Do you remember me? I used to post along with my sister Alex and our friend, Steph. Your posts were my favorite and I liked reading your last post. I remember your sister; sorry I forgot her name, but is your mother still forcing her to take laxatives?
I am also an Undergrad (Junior Year) at a college somewhere in New England. I have been reading the posts off and on and have had nothing major to write.
I'm sharing an apartment this semester (I'll be going abroad for Spring Term) with a couple of friends, so there's no more worries about taking a dump in the dorms! :-) I know everyone has to go to the bathroom, but I prefer dumping in private, not public restrooms.
Later, Eric M.

To respond to J.Reed's story and, I had a similar experience in 7th grade boys P.E. class where we were out at the track running laps. Now, realize that the track was a good 1000 feet or so from the boys dressing room (and restroom) and one kid asked the coach if he could go use the restroom. The coach said no and wait until we were done at the track. Well, the guy then proceeded to poop right in his gym shorts and it made a weird sound. That afternoon, I remember riding the school bus home sitting a few seats away from him (we lived in the same neighborhood) and it stunk something fierce!

TO CHRIS-Nice story with you and that girl you met-Why can't I be that lucky-That's amazing with her pooing after you and wiping your butt-That's a dream come true for me,i'll tell you that!Some years ago,When I had this nurse friend and we used to do all kinds of poo adventures together we used to watch each other drop big loads and then we would wipe each other's butt-I used to love when she wiped mine right after a healthy dump-Ahhhh the good old days!
TO MR NO NAME-Lets hear those stories with you ex- bring 'em on!
TO POOP DOG -You dog,you -funny story of you dumping in the ladies room!
Finally had a good poo adventure yesterday a.m.-A few days before i was shopping in this store and i went to the mens room to pee and the urinals were full,so i went into a stall and to my amazment,i could see the reflection on the wall behind the bowl very clearly,the next bowl on both sides(I was in the middle stall of 3 stalls)There was 1 guy sitting on the bowl,but he was sitting back so you couldn't see anything except when he wiped-it was almost like a mirror!
SO yesterday a.m. I felt the beginnings of my a.m. BM building up so i went to this store and went into the bathroom and took the middle stall.As I was wiping down the bowl,a guy rushed into the stall on my right and quickly pulled has pants down but kinda straddled the bowl and i was getting ready to sit down myself and then i saw what had to be one of the longest turds to come out of someone-It was incredibile! It started out slowly and just kept coming and coming-it stretched from his domed anus all the way into the water!It had to be well over a foot long!Boy he must have had to go bad! This really made me have to go bad myself!Then I sat down and let out a tight pre-poop fart and pushed out some cable of my own,but it was nothing like what I saw come out of this guys butt ( when i looked mine was about 10 in long i guess)!As I was pooing I looked back and saw this guy pushing out some soft pudding poo and we were going at the same time! It was great-I wonder if he sa! w me too,but I sat foreward on the bowl. he was still straddling the bowl,-This is a great place to poop,i just hope I don't run into any weirdos here-the view is so clear-I could see this guy's anus open up and dome out with this huge poop-it was cool-This guy must eat like a horse cause he pooed like one!Then someone went in the stall on my left and sat down and let out a wet fart followed by some loose poo,but when i looked,i saw this guy was sitting all the way back and couln't see anything,but it sounded good-this was a big room with a lot of room ambience,so the sounds in there were great! and the view was even better-I'll have to check this place out again!Then the guy on my right wiped and I farted again and pushed out some soft poo and that guy left and the guy on my right was letting out the tail end of his BM as I was-It was fun! Then I felt dome and wiped and left! What a good place to poop!I'll Have to do some of my holiday poops there!Tis the season to jolly and ! poopy!BYE

Healthy Pooper
Melissa - Thank you, thank you, Thank You, for posting your story for the third time. I REALLY appreciate it, it was a great story, and it was awesome to read it all the way to the end. Happy Poops!

Well,last night,for the first time in my life I thought I had clogged the toilet.I'd felt the first stirrings about dinner time but thought,ach,I'll just hold it.Being a lorry driver I don't always get the chance to go when I need so my control's quite good.
Anyway,when I got home it was straight to the toilet and plonked down on the seat,first with one cheek then stretching the other over and down(anyone else do this?).Relaxing,I felt my hole stretching to not quite the point of pain and my jobbie(what a great word!)sliding slowly out.
It started as a lot of little bits stuck together to make one big turd,a bit like sheep shite,then got softer as it went on,making some very satisfying splashes as it hit the water.After wiping about four times I stood up and flushed,and watched horrified as the water surged up like a tidal wave with bits of jobbie and tp swirling about.Luckily it stopped just below the rim before sinking back down leaving some major skidmarks on the pan.Close one!

Thank you everyone for your responses! George, the way I am bringing up my boys is different from MY relatively strict upbringing.

Jane, sorry you had to "learn your lesson" about keeping the door shut the hard way. "Greta" is just a pen name; my real first name is the same as a frequent poster to this forum. I don't want to cause any confusion or take away from her limelight.

Mike, I'm happy to read that you're so open with your sons, and vice versa. As with you and your sons, the topic of going to the bathroom in the open has rarely been discussed, though, as I wrote in my first post, I have told both my kids to make sure to ALWAYS go with the door shut if there are other people (besides us) around.

Bryian, thank you for liking my posts!

Nicola, I LOVED your response the best!!! (Though I appreciate everyone else's responses, as well). My last post was censored (and not posted) because it was apparantly too graphic; sorry, moderators! What I will say is that I would rather have both of my kids learn about one's bodily functions, not only bladder and bowel movements, but menstruation and other normal, but "taboo," subjects from me rather than "out in the schoolyard." This is especially timely since my older son, Rodney, is now well into puberty.

I'd again like to impress upon everyone that I give my sons total freedom to go to the bathroom with or without the door open, provided that nobody else (besides us three) is at the house. I do not, by any means, force them to expose themselves if they don't want to.

Rodney and Reggie can, and do, simultaneously urinate into the same toilet; this is especially true if both of them have just come home from somewhere; school, etc. They take opposite sides of the toilet and pee away. This has been going on for as long as I remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone? What do you think about this?

Thanks again for all your responses and my apologies to the moderators for my "graphic" last post! Greta

J.Reed - I've only ever seen someone pee in class once, after repeated asking to go to the toilet and being refused. She slid forward on the chair and moved her skirt out of the way and just peed through her knickers on to the floor. The whole class clapped and cheered! Not one person made fun of her!
There were also many cases of "accidents" where someone peed or pooped their pants in class but had not asked to go to the toilet first. There was usually some mild fun poked at them.

Maybe if a whole bunch of people responded in the same way to these "Bathroom lockouts" they have in the U.S. and filled up a corridor or something, whatever committee approves these lockouts, would have second thoughts about such a barbaric practice?
It's just the caretakers / janitors I'd have any sympathy for, having to clean up afterwards.

Today i was at this one building...i felt a minor urge to shit. I held it, im like i'll go when im done as i couldn't leave the room for a long period of time. Mean while im working and i hear a pacient say to the nurse(a boy who was between 16-19 y.o) "Um..When im done can i go back to the ward??? I I Really need to urinate". Im always hearing things like this when i work at the hospital.Then after i was done my work, I tried to go when i was done, i sat in the mens room(a one person bathroom) and nothing came out. I could sit there on the toilet because i heard people outside the door and like i can take a shit cause i don't have to go bad and i can hear what they are saying and i was afraid they might hear me(im not usally like this). I was also afraid someone might come in because a key will open the door and there is no chain or bolt lock on the door. I got up and flushed, i only peed.

To Nicole: About the toilets being cloged at school.....Isn't that against the rules for the other sex(female) to use the other sexs(males) restroom in public like that? The school should have taken a few bathrooms and made them a makeshift girls bathroom so the boys couldn't come in. And did those boys get in trouble or get suspended for what they did?

To Mark: I liked your story about shitting in high school and your crotch getting wet. Did any one see it happen or know it happened?

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

One time I was at the mall trying on jeans when I had to pee in the worst way so I squatted down and peed in the trash can that was in the fitting room

poop dog
One time I was with my girlfriend in school we went to pitt, PA. When we got there we both had to shit real bad. We went into a hotel lobby and both of us went into the womens room. So here I am shitting in the ladies room, and I can hear people coming in and out. So I let out this whopper of a loud blast, and my girlfriend started cracking up. I could her a couple of women start to giggle. I decided that I needed to look at my creation when I got up and spun around the turd that was hanging on (unbeknownst to me) landed on the seat. I spun back around and sat right the f??k in it. Immediatly the stench of squished shit blasted me. The fun turned to a big problem really quick. I feably wiped up my shit covered leg and we stumbled out of the bathroom.

Moral of the story

Never look before you here the last plop.

This happened when I was about 13 years old. I was staying with my dad's friends Angie and Ron, for the weekend because he and my mom went on a cruise. Anyway, I was with his friends and we had been shopping for hours in the same store. I had to go to poop really bad, but there was no bathroom in there! I knew they probably wouldn't leave the place just because I needed to use the bathroom, so I was forced to suffer. I was able to hold it okay for about 15 more minutes. Then I felt like I was going to explode. I had to walk funny to try and hold it. I didn't want them to know I needed to go, so I decided to go look in the electronics department of the store. I slowly walked over there, waddling a bit, and went to a corner to look at a computer display. My stomach was beginning to hurt from holding it in. Soon it got unbearable, so I stood there and decided to let some of it go so the pressure would cease. Well, as soon as a little bit started to go, I realized I couldn't hold ! it in anymore and I ended up loading my pants a lot!

Nothing new to post for me today. Steve--yeah, that's how girls are, get used to it (and take heed, Andrew, he's right) ;o) But you gotta love us . . .

Louise--I will keep practicing. And since I'll probably be closing up at other events when I get better I'll try again. I think I just don't have the consistency or confidence yet. I also don't have anyone to share this with other than you guys. I did push as hard as I could like you instructed, but I may have been in a different stance or something and just didn't know exactly how and where to stand. You were lucky to have your mom teach you.

Oh, I watched a movie today as a "yea exams are over" thing. It was THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT and in scene is shows a boy wetting his pants. He gets scared (I don't want to go into details cause that will give the plot away) and they show him sitting down and all of a sudden this yellowy stuff starts running from his crotch down his leg.

Okay, bed time...

Hello friends, plenty of time today, I'm at home again - guess why! The loos at school arenearly all blocked! Only the boys 'bog' is working and it was like that yesterday when the school was open. I secretly thought it was funny when all the girls had to hang on without a wee or a poop until we went home because I'm used to doing that every day. We were told we could use the boys loos if we needed but nobody wanted to be the first because there were some boys hanging around in there and I heard that they were going to look under the doors and things. After lunch in my science class two of my friends were getting really desperate to wee, I could tell by the way they were moving thier legs and rocking about on thier chairs. I wanted to wee too because I hadn't been outside at lunchtime it was raining to hard for me to go and have my usual wee but I waited till going home. Between classes my friend Jane who needed a wee more than all the others asked me to go with her to the boy! s loos! She was really bursting and couldn't stand still so I said yes though no way was I going to wee in there. There were 2 boys following us and saw us go in and they pushed past and said that we couldn't use the toilet unless they could watch us! I hate them my poor freind was nearly crying and we tried to push past them. Then Jane wet herself all over the floor the poor thing and the boys laghed at her. We went to the Headmaster and told him so Jane went home early and I think this is why the school is shut today. I said to Jane I hope the next time the pipes are bunged up its the boys and we can get revenge!

Lawn Dogs Kid - Thanks for being the contact with Kendal and do give her all my love and from Suzy too. I still haven't made up my mind about Peter, families can be funny as you know! and I don't want to risk him giving away any secrets. I'd hate to be cut off from my friends on this site and I don't want to stop what me and Suzy are doing, its such fun. Love Nicole and Suzy XX

Kendal - XXXXXX Thinking about you my friend, Love, Nicole and Suzy

Last week my sister had a friend named Chrissy Joe over the house. The bathroom is in between mine and my sisters bedrooms. I was watching TV in my room when I heard the bathroom door close and lock. If I wanted to I could hear everything going on in the bathroom. When I relized it was one of my sisters cute friends I decided to take a listen. I heard her put the toilet seat down then pull her pants down and sit. She peed then a pause for about 30 seconds and a fart, not loud, but one that was let out carefully. Then I heard two logs hit the water. She wiped three times, flushed and left. Man, did it smell like she took a healthy one when I went in.

J. Reed
Sorry I haven't been here for a while. I've been busy. Anyway just another quick story to tell. There was this one time when I was in the seventh grade and tis girl in my math class had to use the bathroom, but the teacher didn't let her. She sat right next to me and kept shaking her legs. She kept begging the teacher during the whole period and she kept saying no. Then finally she asks one last time and the teacher says no and the she gets on the floor and pees her pants and she also had to poop. Everyone in the class laughs at her and it really sucks. So the J. Reed question of the day is HAS ANYONE EVER EXPERIENCE SOMEONE PEE OR POOP IN THEIR PANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLASSROOM? Hit me back anyone.

Now I gots to go later.

kim and scott
hello all! this is kim and scott again with another post. last weekend scott and i were at scotts house for a holiday party. scott was in his suit and tie and i was in my blue dress and white sandal high heeled shoes. scott and i danced,laughed and had a lot of fun at this party not to mention eating a ton of food. While I was dancing i felt the need to have a massive shit and told scott i had to use his bathroom. scott said ok as we walked upstairs. now nobody in the party was upstairs at all. scotts parents,my parents, friends where all down stairs.(So we thought it was safe to be in the bathroom together) as soon as scott and i entered the bathroom i slipped off my blue dress and underwear and stood before scott buck naked except the sandal high heeled shoes on my feet.I then grabbed scott by the tie and led him to the toilet bowl. I then decided to have my log standing up as I bent my knees and hunched my ass down a bit as i struck a sexy pose for scott and started to ! push. soon a dark brown log started to appear out of my ass. i then pushed harder as my ring expanded and my log grew bigger and bigger in size. i really had to go folks my log was ENORMOUS!! i then squeezed harder as i felt a great tingling sensation in my ass ! scott watched bug-eyed as i was pushing this monstrosity out! I then tossed my head back and closed my eyes as i squeezed out the rest of my mammoth brown torpedo from my quivering hole! my log landed in the water with a big splash. "Wow! kim" scott exclaimed as he quickly got the measuring tape. scott was really hustling to measure my log this time because we did not want people to know that we were gone from the party and we were upstairs doing this sort of thing. some of our friends know we do this sort of thing together in the toilet and dont mind but some would mine if they ever saw us so we had to hurry and get out of this bathroom together before we were caught. scott then measured my log at a whopping 17 1/2 i! nches. 2 inches thick. i then wiped myself and flushed . i then quickly dressed as scott and i rejoined the party downstairs. when we came downstairs we saw some friends going to walk upstairs to see what happened to us. thank goodness scott and i finished just in time. its hard to do this with a party going on downstairs in full swing. but scott and i are daring AND LOVE TO TAKE RISKS!!haha!hoped you all enjoyed the story . HAPPY HOLIDAYS! from kimberley & scott. PLUS melissa sure I remember you. you just got married to joe from new york right? and you lift weights like scott and i do right? if i am wrong please correct me. byee PLUS this is a tad off subject but i saw on tv recently this cute,little blond 12 year old boy from belgium who sings classical music .who speaks english too. his name is MICHEAL JUNIOR. i am telling you this kid can sing and is super-cute! I am sure my european friends like STEVE AND LOUISE,ANNE THE BUSDRIVER, NICOLA,LAWN DOGs KID AND KENDAL HA! VE HEARD OF HIM RIGHT? not to mention PV FROM AUSTRALLIA (I hope i got your country right my friend)what do you guys think of him? i think hes very talented and will perform in america soon where scott and i are from!. a bit of feedback if you like. PLUS LAWN DOGS KID i heard that you were blond with an innocent face i bet you are at least as cute as this kid. (YOUR probably cuter!)well so long my friends .byeee

Lawn Dogs Kid
LOUISE & STEVE: I'm so very pleased to hear that Louise is feeling much better with herself now. And Steve, I'm always happy to accept advice where girls are concerned. To be honest, Chloe was my first real girlfriend, and when that didn't work out too well, I've kind of been off women ! However, reading about lovely relationships like you two obviously have makes me think I'm missing out here ! Not that I will be rushing into anything mind ! Now that I know you are ok, I shall tell Kendal what has been said, and she won't be so distressed about it then.

Unlike last night. She was dreadfully distressed. Having got home from her day out with Granny and Grandad, they decided to pick that time to say that they have arranged for her to start at a school in Kendal ( That is the town in Cumbria where she is now living, her Mother's home town, and where she gets her name from ). She now realises that things are perhaps more permanent than she first thought. However, she burst into tears and ran away out of the house. Granny and Grandad are too old to run after her. She told me all about it from a Public phone. Eventually I managed to pursuade her to go home ( that word, home should be here in Devon ), and I know she got back ok only a few minutes later because her Grandad rang me up to thank me for being responsible and telling her to go home. He is a lovely man, so kind and gracious. However, I was bad and put him on the spot, asking him when she would be coming home to Devon. There was an awful long silence, and I'm convinced t! hat he was trying to compose himself so I wouldn't know that he was sad. "I honestly don't know Son".

Well, I'm ever the optimist ! He didn't say she wouldn't be.

I had to laugh with her in the phone box as she imagined her first day at the new school. " What are the kids going to say " she asked, then, putting on a silly voice of another child, "what's your name ?" ( her own voice again ) "Kendal" (silly voice) "Kendal from Kendal, Hahahahaha" ! I told her she'd be ok. Then I heard take a sharp intake of breath before agreeing that she should go back to her Granny and Grandad's house, but not because it was the right thing to do. No, it would only be because she needed a poo, and she didn't want to do it in the phone box. I told her to keep her head up and not to take it out on her Granny and Grandad. She promised me she would be good. Then she added "It's so lonely going to the toilet now. I miss you being there with me" ( my turn to compose myself ) So I said "take Linda with you". She said "yeah, but she'll be getting sick of the sight of me soon, cos I'm making her come with me every time I go, even for wees". I told her that ! Linda would never get sick of her. Anyway, she decided to take some extra friends with her. So, LINDA, NICOLE, SUZY, ELLIE, LITTLE LOU and KIRSTY, you lucky girls !!!

Needed a pee myself after I got off the phone. Went upstairs to the bathroom. As I stood in the doorway, I imagined Kendal walking back to her Granny and Grandad's, the relief on their faces and the fuss they would make over her when she got back. Then her trekking to the toilet. At that point, I swear she walked past me in spirit, and I watched as her image in my mind lifted her dress and pulled down her panties and sat down on the toilet. Having settled herself, the dress was hoisted up above her ????, and I watched it begin the strain of moving her poo. As I looked up, her beautiful blue eyes were looking straight into mine as they always are ( were ), and I waited, holding my breath so as not to miss a single sound, waiting for that first plop, waiting, waiting..... the image was bright before me, but try as I did, I couldn't

At the high school I went to, the stall doors had no locks and there were gaps of about two feet between the bottoms of the doors and the floor, so you could easily see the feet and ankles of anyone sitting there. The toilets had no seats, just two curved pieces of wood, one screwed onto each side. I was very nervous about shitting at school and would only go when I really needed to. One lunch time when I was 14, I had the urge and sat down in a stall. Normally, I drop my underpants and trousers down to my ankles, but when going at school, I would only drop them to well above my knees, as did everyone else as far as I had noticed. I sat there leaning forward with my right hand outstretched to catch the door in case someone pushed it. The shit was large and mushy. What made this dump memorable was that, in my nervousness, I forgot make sure my penis was pointing downward. Since my underpants were above my knees, I had to keep my legs together much more than usual, so my penis d! idn't drop down of its own accord. Also, I am uncircumsised, with a long foreskin. It was a very hot, humid day, and my floppy, sweaty foreskin stuck to the skin on my leg. So when I peed, warm liquid spashed over my leg and the rim of the bowl at the front. I had to wipe my crotch as well as my arse. Fortunately, my clothing didn't get wet.

To Buzzy,
His girl was there and he looked a decent type. Maybe I was lucky. Eat right and shit big. Lets here it!


Oops - wrong Melissa! The one I was asking after was the body builder who married recently -- 6'5" and 300lbs. That's not to belittle your own super contribution to the board, and I hope you'll post often!


Looking forward to your letters, both. It's been a difficult time for many here, and it brings home what a community we are. One of our favorite kids is hurt, and we rally like avenging aunts & uncles. Well, that's a nice way to be, I think. (Hugs for you both.)

ELLIE, LITTLE LOU, EPHERMAL, KIM & SCOTT, LINDA, and too many more to name -- you make our day, keep up the wonderful work.

Hoping Kendal comes home soon,


This a reply for CC:

You're not alone! Yes, I too have the habit of picturing hot girls sitting on the toilet. I know we've been through this before, but there's just something about a girl using the toilet that's a real turn-on. My personal thought is that it helps to make them more human, more down-to-earth, instead of the beautiful, pristine goddesses they are. But, that's just my opinion. Anyway, I'm new to this forum, so please look for my posts! "Talk" to ya'll later!

Hello to you, I am French and 16 and I no see there is many other French people here, no? I think it is very good website here and I like to watch girls when they urinate since all time. I will tell you of my teacher one day who is requiring a toilet. She is beautifull woman maybe 35 years and one time she is moving the legs beneath the table where she sit for all the lesson. After I follow her to ask questions for my work and she is very unable to stand still then say excuse please and run to toilets. I did see some urine spot on the floor after her.
Please tell stories of this kind for me, it is very interesting for me and I nowhere find thing like this site in France. Apologise for my english, is not too good. Thankyou . Henri.


On the show the Waltons all of the children were in the bathroom and little Elizabeth was sitting on the toilet in the corner, probably doing a bm.

A lady wondered if relieving herself in front of her two children was bad. She will have to decide that for herself. In the past, when the standard of living was much lower, the Walton scene may not have been so uncommon. Today we have more problems with sex than in the days of the Waltons.

I got this new Adam Sandler CD...and theres a few songs and they got a lot of bad words in it. The rest of the CD Is adam talking or telling stories. There is one track called, "The Hypnotist" Adam goes and talks with the doctor and Adam gets hypnotised because he wants to stop smoking. Mean while the doctor says, we are count back from 5 to 1.....Mean while you hear the doctor fart every 5 seconds. Then the Dr. says ohh i think that squrited out...then he says i know that one squirted. This one is funny. Any one here this?

To Chris: Good story about poooping before your socoer game and the mens room was locked and you used the ladies room and a girl came in and ended up watching you and wiping your ass for you. How did that feel? Was it a turn on?

I had to take a dump outdoors today. It's not the ideal weather for it, but when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?
I'd had my morning dump before I left home for work, but I didn't do much, it was mainly smelly gas. I could tell that there was something brewing.
After lunch, I could feel a huge fart ready to escape, so let it out... but there was definitely some poop in dire need of being dumped. I went to get some paper towel from the van and my mate thought I was up to something. I told him I'd gone back for a pen, but he said "Your pen's on the dashboard - what are you up to?" He saw the wad of paper towel I'd rolled off and said "Oh, you're going for a green-fielder!"
I found a clearing in the bushes and squatted down. I made a bit of a cowpat and needed a fair amount of wiping.
As I got up, I chuckled to myself - across the way from where I had my dump in this Cheshire town, was a large salt works. Their logo is "BM" in a sort of ellipse!

I'd heard outdoor poops called "Combats", "Alfrescos" and "Grunt-Sticks" but this was the first time I'd heard the phrase "Green-fielder"

Si :)

Thanks for some encouragement, Kim and Mia! Enjoyed your last few posts, as always.

Okay, here goes another of mine about my ex's dumps. I wrote one several weeks ago. You can probably find it if you dig back into some of the Old Posts.

This one is from five years ago, and just a few months before the first one I posted. My ex and I were in Italy on holiday. She went to study Italian at a summer university and I went along for the fun. We were renting a small apartment in a one-story building and it was still the beginning of our relationship. We had to share a room and I know that my ex wasn't quite comfortable with it at that stage of our relationship (she a was fairtly devout Catholic). Nevertheless, sharing a room together allowed us to get closer and get to know one another better. Naturally, living in "close quarters" and being as crazy about her as I was, I became curious about her bodily functions. She would get up ang go to the toilet every morning before going to classes. I started listening in when she was on the toilet. The bathroom door was thin, and if you were close enough you could hear a lot. She would always pee first, which was easy to hear. Her poops were usually silent, and I could ne! ver really tell if she was actually doing one or not, unless that smell of a healthy dump was lingering afterwards.
I began to fantasize about her having big dumps. One afternoon she came home from classes and we were going to go down to the beach for the afternoon. She went into the bathroom to change into her swimsuit. She had to use the toilet and she hadn't dumped, as far as I could tell, earlier that morning. After her pee there was a silence. No gas, but I knew that the toilet was one of those deep ones, so the sound effects should be good. Sure enough, there was a plop, followed by another, and then a silence and then a really big "ppPLLoPP!". I got really turned on when I imagined what it must have looked like. I counted about 5 to 6 plops, and at least one was the big one. I was dying to see what it looked like! I would have given anything to watch it squeeze out of her hairy ring!! Unfortunately, at that time, she didn't know of my fascination with poos, and I was far too shy to tell her. She wiped, then flushed, which was my cue to "act naturally" (i.e. get the heck away fr! om the bathroom door!), though later in our relationship I'm certain she was aware that I was lurking outside, but never seemed to mind. Fortunately, though I could never see her in action, she was always pretty willing to talk about her "sit downs", as we used to call them.

I have several more stories about her, and the better ones are yet to come!! I'll post more later.

Happy sit-downs to all, and to all a good "plop" !!

TTT: Sorry to hear that you are still so plugged up. I know the feeling, get it from time to time here. Perhaps you should try a gylcerin suppository. I know that you were worried about when a laxative would work...well these are quick effective and very prompt. Works for me everytime, right away. Let me know how they work if you give them a try.

CC join the club. Since childhood whenever I saw an interesting girl or woman I would fantasise about her sitting on the toilet pan doing a big fat solid jobbie. I can rememeber doing this from the age of 5 or 6. This would involve girls at my school, female school teachers, girl cousins, aunts, female neighbours and their daughters, classmates mothers and even women I saw in the street or shops. I remember a ???? school dinner lady at our school, no raving beauty, just a plain fat women in her mid fifites I suppose at the time but I used to imagine her, with her skirt up round her waist and her knickers down at her knees sitting on the pan doing a really big fat jobbie. I also used to imagine some of the female stars on TV programs and in films doing a big poo. Even 40 years later I still imagine some womens I see doing a good motion, so just sit back and enjoy it!

Greta and Nicola. Your upbringing is very similar to mine as regards openess about toilet matters.

As long term readers will know, from the age of 5 until I was about 18 I was brought up by my Aunt Helen along with my two older girl cousins, my mother having had a nervous breakdown and having gone into what was then called a Lunatic Asylum, after my father walked out on her for another woman a commonplace event these days but a scandal in the 1950s. (I have never seen him since and have no wish ever to do so). Now I was an only child and I found myself in a female environment, my aunt being a widow who had been left very comfortably off when my uncle died. Aunt Nellie, as she liked to be called was very progressive for those times, and brought up her two daughters who were more like sisters to me and myself to be proud of our bodies and not to have prudish attitudes towards our natural functions. At first this was strange to me as my parents had not been open but I soon got used to this. Not only did the girls quite happily leave the door open when both doing a wee wee! or a motion, but my aunt was equally frank. If I was having a bath or shower and she needed a poo she would just come in and lift her skirt, pull down her knickers, sit on the pan and do it. She would also inspect what she had passed and was quite relaxed about myself or her daughters having a look too. Similary with menstruation, she didnt hide the fact that she had monthly periods, and when the girls started to do so in their early teens this was NOT treated as a matter to be hushed up but she actually celebrated the fact that her daughters had now become women. Like you two however, Aunt Helen always told us that most other people, especially in those days, were NOT as open about such things and we too didnt leave the toilet door open when we had less "liberal" visitors or where at another person's house, and were restrained about discussing these topics unless we knew the others were as open. Perhaps this is the last taboo as people are far more open about most personal m! atters these days.

"Hopeful and now optimistic". Glad you seem to be okey now, hopefully it was just an anal fissure. I would however still go to see your doctor just to be sure. It wont do any harm to do so, that's what he is there for. As regards piles or haemorroids, these are in effect varicose veins of the rectum. If put under pressure by straining or if passing a very hard lumpy turd then these can start to bleed. A doctor or nurse would be able to tell you by introducing their finger into your rectum (or you can GENTLY do this yourself, but NOT with sharp finger nails,) or if they use an instrument called a proctoscope they can look up your back passage not only for piles but for polyps, diverticuli and other problems. I recommend you to see a doctor and set your mind at rest.

Lucmarc whatever the EU etc say, people her in Scotland and the UK in general will still use the good old Imperial units in everyday life so Moira and I will still be passing 12 to 14 inch long and 2.5 inch thick jobbies. Your tale of the dump in the snow reminds me of when I was 10 in 1963 and there was a really severe winter in Britain, the last of its type weve had, when thick snow started on Xmas Eve and lay for weeks. The two Girls, Nicola then 14 (no relation to the one who posts) and Debbie 12 and myself were playing in the snow after lunch when we all felt the need to do a motion, not uncommon when people live closely to each other. We found a suitable spot and squatted down with our white cotton knickers at our knees and started to do it. There was soon 3 yellow stained patches where we had all peed then with gasps and grunts we all passed our jobbies, nice big solid turds. These steamed in the cold air and started to sink into the snow as they were at body heat,! 98.4F (37C) when passed while the snow of course was below 0C (32F). This amused us all greatly. A week later we were playing in the same fields when Debbie suggested we go and see if the jobbies were still there. Sure enough as the cold had prevented both bacterial action and of course there were no flys or other coprophagic insects around the 3 big jobbies were almost as if we had just done them. For a couple of weeks they stayed like this and we added to the collection by having an outdoor buddy dump on another occasion. Eventually a thaw set in and when we went to look again the turds had turned into a brown mush I suppose owing to the effects of ice crystals thawing out as happens to soft fruit if put in the freezer then thawed out. The rain washed these soft remains into the ground.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Billy L.
Someone asked me if we can get in trouble because girls can come into the bathroom. They come in only in desperate need. They come in maybe 3 or 4 times a year. So I guess they can. I do not think we can get in trouble if they just barge in.

Last night we were out playing at my friends house, me, my brother, and some of my friends. After we were done, we went to McDonalds down the street for a snack. If was starting to get dark out.

My friend Bob needed to poo and I needed a pee. And the other kids wanted to pee or wash their hands. So four of us went into the bathroom. In the bathroom are a sink, urinal, toilet and our school principal. The principal was on the toilet, wiping. He turned red. We just started laughing. We hate the guy. Last year, he was my teacher. He gave us an extra credit assignment. I did mine and turned it in. He lost it on his desk. Then he gave us a lecture about responsibility. Then next day, he said he found it. I asked if I would get credit. He said no. I said you're the guy who lost it. He that's tough. I said this is not fair, can I go see the principal (he was not the principal at the time). He was very mad and sad no. After school, I went into the office and saw the principal. The next day I got the credit, but he did not like me after that. When Mr. Jones got up, we looked at what he had done. He had nasty diarrhea. Mr Jones flushed. After that, Bob said I do not want to! poo on the same toilet that Mr. Jones was on unless I cannot wait. Mr Jones was real mad. He washed his hands and left. We would not speak about Mr Jones that way in front of him, but we hate him. Fortunately, he is only a temporary principal and will be a teacher next year. I said I do not blame you. So we just peed in the urinal and left. So We got our food, ate and we all went to my house for a little while to play Monopoly. When we got there Bob still had to poop and it was time for me. So we went into the bathroom. Bob;s poop did not smell a lot, but boy mine did.

Hopeful and now optomistic
Hi people

Thanks for your advice everyone. I don't know if its too soon but today I was perfectly alright. My bowel habits haven't changed and the shit was normal. There wasn't any blood on the crap that I could see and I didn't strain too hard or anything. How can you tell if you have hemaroids?

Anyway if it happens again I'll shit myself, put my heart back down my throat and see a doctor.

Thanks again.

Casey: Hey, how's it goin? I understand what it's like to have a phobia of pooping in public. A lot of people feel that way, including me sometimes. I don't particularly like to poop in public, but when I really have the urge to go and the toilets are clean then I go. But I've gotten over being shy to poop at school. I take a dump at school whenever I have the urge to go... It's even a bit of a turn-on sometimes, to be pooping and you can hear the person in the next stall pooping also. I know how hard it is to overcome a phobia, but you should try it if you ever have enough courage to do it. You mentioned that you're planning to poop in a urinal for fun... That sounds cool but my question to you is if you can't even get up the nerve to poop in a public bathroom the normal way then how will you manage to do something like that??
To answer your other questions, I don't often poop outdoors. I only have once or twice in my lifetime, but I'll save those stories for another time. Also, I've never tried putting soap or soap chips up my butt to make me go poop, have you? Does it work well? One more thing - when you poop your underwear on purpose, how do you clean it?

G'day my pooing companions

As is normal for someone my age I have developed a crush on a girl who is about a year younger (used to go to the same high school). I saw her in the supermarket the other day. Now I assume most guys would go home and imagine her naked or something but aswell as doing that I can't stop thinking about her sitting on the toilet and doing a huge poo. This strikes me as unusual as most girls I see I imagine going to the toilet. Does anyone else do this? I guess most people, regardless of gender would see someone and say 'Oh nice tits' or 'nice bum' whereas I see a girl and say to myself 'Oh she'd look beautiful on the toilet'.

Another thing (apparently strange to the 'normal'world) happened last week. I went to my mate's girlfriend's place who was away on holidays (he was minding the house). I thought to muself 'I must use the toilet to see where they go', they being his girlfriend and sister. I did go and saw where the go to the toilet. I imagined them sitting down taking a poo. Now, is this being obssessive? Or strange? It feels natural to me but also wrong as if anyone found out, I'd hate myself. However, I have a suspicion that my mate likes a poo.

Earlier this year during one of our regular phone chats he said 'I have to take a dump'
'Oh right' I replied
'I'm going to take a dump, you're coming with me' (he has a cordless phone) So he goes into the bathroom, dectectable by the echo and proceeds to take a poo. I was sceptical, as he often takes advantage of my gullability.
'Yeah right, you're taking a shit, good one' I said in a mocking tone.
'I am! Hang on I'll try and get you to hear a plop'
I didn't end up hearing any plops but I wouldn't put it past him that he really did take a poo. He has done it another time since. I wasn't really turned on, I have no interest in males doing poo's, only people of the feminine gender. A couple of other times he has told me he needs a poo, I must add he's a very outgoing character, he isn't afraid to do embarassing things in public. The other week we were at an oval and he says 'I need to take a shit but I don't want to scratch my arse with leaves!'. He has also told that once he said to his girlfriend that he wanted to hear her fart and apparently she did. So I just wonder if he has the same interests as me. I wonder if he sneaks around the bathroom door when his girlfriend goes to the toilet. Maybe, just maybe, one day I'll let slip that I like to hear women going to the toilet. I don't know. it another time since.

TO PENNY-Interesting story abut you pooing along with that girl and guy,although i myself would have been a bit hesitant with a stranger wiping me-It's great to poo along with another person along side you out in the woods i did it a few times this summer with some other bike-riding guys i met up while i was pooing in the woods(check old posts)
Nothing new to report from me-my poos lately have been pretty dull-been so busy at work haven't been able to eat much or the right kind of food-I just go in and do a quick soft poo and that's been it -also,haven't heard from the telemarket-lady-hope she calls back-that really was fun!BYE

Lawn Dogs Kid
ELLIE: Want to hear more about you all using the gents at your pub, especially when Jemma joins you next time. Sounds really coooolll.

Kendal telephoned me last night. She was wondering what she was going to do with herself today, with no school to go to ! However, her Grandad promised to take her out for the day into the Lakes, Windermere and Keswick I gather. She says it is really strange at the moment, because although she is with her Granny and Grandad, her Mum hasn't been staying there as well. But even so, she is enjoying the chance of some quality time with them before she comes home, she says. I asked her when she thought she would be coming home. There was a long silence. Then she said, "I haven't a clue, but don't you dare take away my hope"! I was choked !

Brightening things up a bit, she was telling me about her escapades on the toilet. LINDA, you are getting to be there all the time now that she can't be with me. You lucky, lucky girl !! Anyway, she says she has had three poos so far, and they have all made excellent plop noises. She says that she wants to take Granny and Grandad's toilet with her when she comes home because it is a high one ( so Granny can get up and down off it a bit more easily ). It thus has a longer drop, and is much better for plops. And Granny also has the toilet seat covered with a furry thing that keeps Kendal's legs and bottom warm while she goes ! I really do wish I could see her enjoying that toilet. I really wish I could see her at all.

Healthy Poop
Melissa - Please, please finish your outdoor/hiking pooping story. Your post stopped with the word "Pee". We're all dying to read the rest of it. Please? Thanks so much!

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