O.K. This is the 3rd attempt to get my post through, so one more try!
PV – Believe me I am no Amazon, I’m 5'5, 112lbs and rather shy. And there are a million reasons I wouldn’t survive in the navy.
Mia – I’m glad you read my old pots – I would love to know which was your favorite – please, please let me know. As for letting a girl friend watch – well if this post gets through you will at least have my answer on that subject. And no, I have never let a boyfriend watch.
So here goes with the 3rd try. Hi all – I wonder if anyone out there remembers me, it’s been over a year since I posted last. Looks like my post yesterday was cut off in the middle. Nicola, Sandra and I think Linda are still here. Buzzy, I still love you, my “Picasso of Poop”. I have been so busy as an undergrad up in New England that I just couldn’t keep up the postings. But I have been reading them occasionally. Anyway Buzzy I have to confess that I did not keep up your diet recommendations as I should have and I paid the price.
During summer break I was back in Georgia and on this occasion I was spending the day with Valerie way up in the north Georgia mountains. I guess the exertion of hiking must and going four days without pooping do not mix. We were on a deserted path when I felt the first vague feelings in my ???? but I said nothing to Valerie and we kept walking. A few minutes later however the feelings became very insistent and for an instant I thought my poo might start coming out. I stopped and clenched my ring trying to force my poo back and luckily it worked. But the exertion had made me groan and Valerie turned around asking what was the matter. As soon as she saw the strained look on my face she knew exactly what was wrong. “Oh No! – you don’t want to poo now, you’ll just have to go in the woods”. I felt I was able to walk again and headed off the path and made for the sanctuary of a large thicket that looked like it would hide me from anyone using the path. Valerie foll! owed closely and watched as I undid my belt, pulled down my zip and lowered my jeans and panties. Bent at the knees I started to pee as we both watched it splash on the undergrowth. Even before the cascade ended I felt the pressure building behind my closed ring and that unmistakable full feeling I have whenever I’m about to have a major, major BM. As I finished peeing my poo started to push hard against the inside of my ring but it seemed that my hole just didn’t want to open up. The pressure eased a little then after a few seconds came back so hard that I winced loudly with the pain. Valerie who had been giggling while I peed looked concerned. The pressure built again and this time the pain was so intense I cried. “Are you O.K?” Valerie frowned and moved towards me crouching down with her hands on my knees. “It hurts,” I blurted as yet another cramp gripped my tush, only this time the pain made my tears flow. Valerie stood up and moved around behind me. I felt! her gentle touch on both my cheeks as she eased them apart and I heard her say, “I can just see the tip but that’s all”. Another cramp gripped me and this time I felt my poo moving but the pain was unbearable as my ring at last surrendered and opened up. I cried aloud and tears started to pour down my face. I heard Valerie’s voice, “Good girl, it’s coming out, come on Melissa, you can do it” Gradually the cramp and the pain eased and as the sensations returned to my ring I could tell it was stretched wide and my poo was at last on its way out. “It’s coming out slowly” I heard Valerie’s encouraging voice. “Are you O.K?” she asked. The pain had now gone and was turning into the pleasurable sensations I love as my poo very slowly slides out of my tush past my widely stretched ring. “Does it still hurt?” Valerie asked. “No, it feels really good now”. It’s still coming out” Valerie continued, “How much more are you going to do?” By now I could feel it coming out ju! st a little faster and for what seemed an eternity I savored the delightful sensations as it stroked my ring. I could tell by the hollow feeling that was forming that the end was getting ready to come out and sure enough as the tail slowly eased out my tortured little hole closed in relief. I stood up and turned around, still with my jeans and panties around my knees. I wiped the last tears from my face and we both stared in amazement at my huge poo now lying in the grass.
Again, lots of love to all, specially my friends who still post – Melissa.

Hi, all.
To Arron, unfortunately, I'm still constipated! Eeks! Every day or so, I let out a couple little pieces, but I can just tell there's a whole lot still in there. I even tried some laxative Saturday night, and it didn't help except that a few more little pieces came out yesterday. That's it. Looks like I'll have to take it again.
As far as wetting incidents, hmmmmm. Let's see...
I used to go to this camp in Alabama every summer. I loved it... all the outdoor activities, the people, the whole atmosphere was great. Except that it was a 12-hour busride from our starting point here in Mississippi to the campground. At that time we used a big old bus with no air conditioning and uncomfortable seats. Well, our tradition was always to stop at McDonald's for supper, and then a gas station somewhere between there and camp. Of course, because of the heat, everyone would stock up on sodas and stuff. So about and hour or so before reaching camp, people would start needing to pee badly. Sometimes the driver would stop and let people out, but usually he didn't because there weren't good places for people to go outside. One year, around that time, I was needing to pee very badly. And every little bump we went over made me think I was going to lose it right then and there. I wasn't the only one either, because every time we hit a bump on the rough road! , half the busload of kids would groan about needing to pee. It was really funny though. We'd all laugh at the same time about it. Well, finally, we reached camp, and I asked desperately where the bathroom was. One counselor took me to the bathroom behind the gym. Well, it was a bathroom the year before. This year it wasn't anymore--it was a laundry room for the counselors. We couldn't find the bathroom anywhere! So I had to go at the corner of the building in the grass. Luckily, no one saw me. That same year, one of my cabinmates peed in her sleeping bag in her bunk and we smelled it the rest of the week. Yuck!
Hey, I know this is a little offtopic for the site, Aaron, but what do guys in India usually wear? I was just curious.

I hope this question is not an offence to anyone but I have a question. Every now and then I like to insert my middle fingers into my ass to see what it smells like. The smell is always the same in fact it is not that bad of a smell. I know there is a lot of bacteria in the area which makes for the smell.A lot of peoples poop smells the same I can smell it at home or in the guy's bathroom at school. So my friend and I were woundering if most asses would smell the same(my friend likes your sight also.) I desided I would write to this sight and see what you folks think.Thanks for your help DEL Dec 10th

Mulkinator, I enjoyed your story and could not belive some of the places where you pooped. I hope you will share more stories with us
would you tell us the story about how and why you went in your buddies lunch box that took curage I would be intrested in hearing about it

Has anyone ever had those day when you seem to SHIT MORE than you eat in 2 days? Strangely, while my diet was equivalent to one meal on Sat and Sun, I had to shit 3 times on Sunday - the equivalent of 30 inches... Plus I was farting a lot yesterday. It was uncomfortable holding those long farts so they had to keep coming out...

Question for all:
Who can recall their biggest fart in their life and wettest? Write to this forum as usual.

Oh and Mr Editor, do you think you can provide us with a Christmas treat? How about the most graphic picture yet to be place on the top left corner? I want to see a lady emitting a really really BIG shit.

Only 13 days till christmas, and 14 days until the UK sewers will be clogging with shit... At least "Titanic" is playing on BBC ONE this Xmas Day, @ 17:45, so that will give us 3 hours to digest that platter.

To "Hopeful Yet Frightend"

See what I mean? Every one was only too oblidged to answer your problem, and I'm sure we have put you out of your misery. Oh, I didn't say why you should eat oranges and bananas, according to my Dr, it makes really pasty shit, and ideally will flow out of your arse in one pulp.


That just reminded me of a sketch in the 80's comedy "Spitting Image". (us UK residents MUST remember this)

It was shown after the program finished. It showed a Newsflash like it was direct from ITN. The long pause made me think something serious happened, and then the puppet of newsreader Alistair Burnnet came on and said (in the tone as if someone had died). "The comedian Bernard Manning, has farted. He was 55. (PPHRRRT)".

This happened when i was about twelve, i was out with a friend of mine walking around our town making a nuisance of our selves, when my bud cliff said he needed to poop, now i did too but i hated using public toilets, how ever cliff said he did not care.

Well we made our way to the toilets and cliff rushed in stiff legged and holding his bum, to this day i still say he shit his pants but he denies it.

Well anyway while he was doing his poop i stood outside, now there was a bit of a line up in the womans toilets, and two old woman was standing just outside the doors, just then i heard one say to the other ive done a packet while ive been standing here.

Now i had never heard that expression before, i mean i just cracked up laughing, at that point cliff came back out and asked why i was laughing, i told him and pointed to the old woman, of course we both started laughing again, as i continued laughing i suddenley let go my self messing my pants, cliff looked at me did you do a packet as well, he just rolled up, but anyway we both walked home after that me with my legs apart smelling real bad, it was a big solid poop and i could feel it banging against my bum.

I got home lucky for me my parents were not home so i took off my poopie underpants and hid them to chuck away next day, took a bath and then carried on playing with cliff. To this day when i go back to england and see cliff we still laugh about doing a packet.

Does anyone find that tobacco is a laxitive? I don't smoke regularly but occasionally lite up a pipe.Friday evening I was shopping and lit up on the way home. About five minutes into the pipte I felt the urge to poop. Went right to the toilet when I got home and .... thinking about this site and the many posts from folks who take the time to truly enjoy having a nice big BM...I decided to pay close attention to the feeling. After a wicked piss and a short sharp fart I relaxed and waited until the fat jobbie expanded my hole. I pushed a bit with an "ughh" grunt and felt the turd start out. Without another effort I felt the rest of the firm fat job slide slowly out.
I could feel its lumpiness and then it got smoother and slid silently into the water. I new it was a big one and had to have a look before I destroyed the view with TP. Sure enough, a foot long solid turd (how I hate it when we'll be measuring in millimeters!) floating in the pot.

How I envy you Brits on this site (Scots too). I remember fondly my year at University in my drafty freezing rooms and that toilet up in our stairway where the sound effects echoed when the poop splashed into the pan.

A note to Billy at page 479 (I think) whose friend dumped on the ice while crossing a frozen lake. Reminded me of a story told by buddyfrom South Carolina who was ice fishing in NH. On his way back from his fishing house he passed another and noticed a turd someone had left behind it in the white snow: "Couldn't believe it"he said. " Big around as your arm and twice as long" Now that I wish I'd seen. Could rival Kim's biggest.

Reminds me of a memorable winter dump. In high school I had to walk the dog every night. There was 6 inches or so of snow on the ground and a full moon. It was almost like daylight. I was walking behind some closed-up summer camps when the urge struck. I went over to an outhouse and went in. It was a two-seater. Sat down and just about literally froze my ass off -- it must have been 10 degrees. I squeezed out a log which seem to never end. It just kept coming and finally dropped to the ground. Fortunately I had my flashlight and had to see what I'd done. That massive job was a well over a foot and 2 inches thick. Unfortunately I had to waste a handkerchief to wipe but figured it was worth it. I was careful to drop it down the other hole. The outhouse did not have a bighole dug under it and I figured that turd would remain frozen so there was a good chance the owners when they came up to open in the spring would gasp in shock.
I enjoy the stories by others who have left shockers for public viewing.

i remember being at a park this one afternoon getting ready for my soccer game. i came early so i could warm up. just then i felt it. oh man it hit me like a ton of bricks. i ran to the mens room and i felt it just pushing out. to my luck it was locked. so i said shit, i'm going in the womens heads up here i come. no one was in there but of course no doors. so i just ripped my shorts down and just let it flow out. man i let the biggest faurts. all of a sudden this nice cute girl walks in a just sees me sitting on the toilet genitals hanging out and all. she was frozen and i said i will be just one minute i strained out. she said do you mind if i watch i said ok. she stood there amused and just stared. watching as my poop began to grow. i just talked to her having a normal conversation she asked what school i went to how old i was and i just said sorry as i groend alloud. just then i finished and she asked if she could wipe me and i said ok. she asked me to rel! ax as she wiped my cheeks up and down. just then she said ok my turn. she pulled down her jeans and her jellow satin panties and pulled them to her ankles. she put her arms around her stomach and leaned forward and moaned and goaned and i heard the straching sound of the poop making its way out. her face got all red and just then plop it hit with force. and the flood gates opened as just then 5 more poops hit the water. she sighed and said wow. i just stared at her the whole time. she looked real cute sitting there with her panties at her ankles. then i asked if i could wipe her. she said ok. oh it was great fun.

To Lawn Dogs Kid,
Thanks for your reassuring posting. Louise did not take things lightly at all. I think she underwent some kind of temporary mental regression to the age of 10 in sympathy with Kendal, but she is better now. Thank goodness.
As Louise says, you too will undoubtedly encounter such problems with girlfriends. Just don't try to understand them, you will probably fail as often as I do <snicker>. Be there for them, give them your support and answers to the occasional problem they might have and you will not go far wrong. In fact I'm sure you don't need that advice, your seem to be handling things just fine.

To Ephermal,
Yes, warnings were indeed implied in Louise's postings. Perhaps I did not express the problem correctly. Louise did imply that care should be taken over privacy when learning to stand, but she was worried that when writing to one so young in terms of years that she should have included a gentle reminder. Remembering that she had not done so, she discovered the posts discussing Kendal's current problem
and for Louise it was a case of "oh no, what have I done".
Thanks for your concern, it was appreciated.

To PV,
All sorted. Will speak to you soon, there is much to talk about but I will wait until I can make a proper job of it.

To cheer everybody up, I thought I would mention the postcard Louise and I saw a few weeks ago when we were shopping. On it were the cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead, both looking astonished to see (from behind) a girl in a swimming costume, standing at a urinal with dividers, obviously aiming with her fingers. I have no time at all for Beavis and Butthead, but for that I made an exception.

Bye for now,


LAWN DOGS KID - Thank you ever so much for your lovely
letter. I was really worried I had got it wrong and
put the idea in Kendal's head to stand up for a wee.
I know now that I over-reacted, and I left Steve puzzled
and wondering if I was angry at him when I wasn't.
I am glad that you believe Kendal will be okay, because
I remember what I was like when I was just 10 years old.
When I was that age it made me really unhappy if I was
shouted at and I would cry a lot, so I was not very
pleased with myself when I thought it was because of me
that Kendal was in deep trouble. Yeah, 10 year olds
grow up a lot faster than when I was Kendal's age.
I was upset that Kendal was walked in on like that.
Steve and I agree with the guy JON, and we think that
Kendal should just explain that she had an idea and wanted
to try it. Yes it was an experiment, so that is what she
should say if she is asked.
Steve was right, she should have had her shower without
her mum walking in if she did not want her to. It was
never like that with my mum, I did not mind because we
were all okay about it, my sister and I. If we weed in
the bath or shower it was fine.
Steve was right about girls of that age being told they
are disgusting for just having a wee. I mean, there is
nothing dirty about it because it will all get washed
away! I hope Kendal does find standing to be very useful.
Your letter telling us about her problem made it sound
like she was already very good at standing to wee without
having to practice.
Thank you again for your letter. You know you sound a bit
like Steve sometimes, and I bet you will make some girl
very happy one day.

EPHERMAL - Hi girl! Yeah, my younger students *are* very
quick learners, aren't they? I hope you are still
practicing. Steve makes me practice self defence and he
pushes me very hard, so I push my students of the standing
pee very hard as well.
That was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it when you went in
the staff bathroom. There must be something you are doing
differently for you to pee down your legs. What can it be,
do you think? Are you pressing hard when you get started?
Are you opening your lips slightly like I think you should?
If you are pressing them together without knowing it then
you could find it all goes wrong. I'll tell you what to do.
Go back to the basics in the shower after you have read my
advice (and PV's too). If you can not find it then I will
write and post it again. We will beat this because you know
you can do it.

ELLIE - Hello! Thank you for your nice letter. How long has
your cousin Jemma been able to wee standing up? It really
cheered me up to read about that. Yeah, I think you have
got it right as you are careful. I think Steve was more
worried about the safety than I was. I knew you would be
all right, and as well as that you have your brother Kev to
take care of you. It *is* your choice how you pee. Absolutely
right, and it is *not* dirty.

PV - Thank you for your latest letter. I will try to answer it
for you this week but I am working lots, so I do not have much
time. Just keep washing the yard and the beaches until then.



Monday, December 11, 2000

Karie, try that post again.

I was travelling today and just after breakfast felt the need to poop. I thought I could wait till the next town but it became urgent so at the next clump of trees i pull off the road and get some papar from my bag lock the car and go behind the bushes. I lift my skirt and take one leg out of my panty. This is so you can get your feet apart and kenees apart for a good dump. I bend and get nice and comfartable.I can feel it coming but at the same time another car draws up at the trees. I hear the door open and a male and female talking. She says for him to bring the papar she has to go. I hope she does not see me or come around the bush where I am. I let go with a long deep fart, but because my butts are apart does not rip out and I now feel the start of a huge log. I look between my legs past my fanny and can see my arsehole getting longer and longer as I hold my ring eventually I am ready to let go and as it comes this other girl comes rushing around the bush with her jeans d! own already. She sees me but says nothing as I start a stream of pee. She turns and pulls down her panties and does not sit but just pushes her but out. I can see her little brown hole as it stretches to drop a feww round knobly turds. She is like 4 feet from me as the light brown gush starts. Talk about spraying gas and shit together. She still says nothing apart from the groans and heaves.Afetr each wave she half stands and then bears down again and gushes forth. Just then the man arrives with the paper. He sees me just finishing another log and offers to wipe us both. I have never doen this before but feel daring so get up and turn around. He very gently wiped my arse up and down telling me to relax as he spits on the papaer and goes round and round in my butt hole. The cleanest ever. I satnnd and dress as he starts to wipe the other girl. The same nice and clean. I am about to go when he says now its his turn. He pulls down his pants and shits a real man size log and then ! turns and gets wiped by his girl. What fun but I hope i never see them again at a party or such.

I am really enjoying this sight more and more. I have been reading some of the old posts the last few days.A lot of the stories are about constipation etc. I have a question for anyone can a teenager boy or girl get hemorids? (not sure of the spelling)
I was checking out things in that area the other day and there was somthing on the ass that looked differnt like a small sized pea. It is not sore or anything I am just courios. My movements are good although I strain a bit. Thanks DEL

Has any one ever peed or pooped in the sink in a public bathroom?

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