Greta: Great post about you and your sons and all of your bathroom habits. It was especially good of you to teach them that, although you are free to leave the door open while using the bathroom at home, it is not polite to leave the door open when using the bathroom at someone else's house. When I was growing up we learned that lesson the hard way.

When I was growing up, my family was faily open about using the bathroom with the door unlocked or open. Myself, my two sisters and my mother left the door open while we peed and sometimes when we pooped, unless it was a really smelly dump, in which case we closed the door. We would all walk in on each other with no problems. My Dad did not fully participate in this openness. He never walked in on us when we were in the bathroom, and when he didn't want any of us to come in, he would lock the door behind him. I guess that was understandable since he was the only male in our family. Our parents also taught us to always shut the door when we had to use the bathroom in someone else's house.

Things changed when my older sister Beth was 13. She was at her friend's house (strangely enough, her name was Greta). Apparently Beth had to use the bathroom, and she left the door open while she was taking a dump. Greta's younger brother Pete, who was in my younger sister Michelle's class, walked in on Beth and teased her incessantly until Greta told him to stop and leave Beth alone. We found out about it the next day when Michelle told us at dinner that Pete told her and everyone else in the class everything that Beth did at their house, right down to the details about the farting and the smell. My Mom and Dad were furious and told Michelle to wait until after dinner, after which we all had a big talk about this. They reminded us about not letting the bathroom door open when in someone else's house and also about why it's not nice to speak of someone else in the manner of what Pete told the class about Beth. For her part, Beth said she just forgot she wasn't in o! ur house when she used the bathroom at Greta's.

No one got punished for this incident, but from that point on, not only did Beth closed the door when she used the bathroom at home, she locked it behind her, first when she was pooping but eventually every time she used the bathroom. A couple of years later I followed suit, and Michelle did a couple of years after me. Many years later, when I told them about my fascination about pooping and about this site, at first they thought I was crazy and getting into porno, but I reassured them that there's nothing like that here and that I wasn't into anything resembling "scat". Now they tease me about it and sometimes tell me to say hi to my "toilet friends" for them.

Hopeful yet frightened. I know it's oft repeated advice but your best plan is to go and discuss your problem with a doctor without further delay. On the basis of what you've said, I think the problem is unlikely to be anything as serious as cancer but it could well be symptomatic of colon trouble, irritable bowel syndrome or an anal fissure. It goes without saying that you should seek expert medical advice and soon. There are a number of points which you should bear in mind and which the doctor will almost certainly ask you, including:

Has there been any unexpected change in your normal bowel habit as well as the frequency and consistency of your stools?

Was the blood bright red or a darkish red?

Have there been any 'bits' in your motions? (An indication of worms).

These are all questions you will almost certainly be asked and you need to think back over your bowel motions so that you can answer them as accurately as possible. You may need a physical examination and may be asked to make a repeat appointment, taking with you a sample. This isn't to worry you but rather to prepare you for what will probably happen. For what it's worth I think your problem is unlikely to be a serious one but even if is it can usually be treated successfully if detected early - hence the importance of making an appointment immediately. Good luck. I hope all goes well. Keep us informed of the outcome.

On a separate note, did anyone see the "Antiques Roadshow" tonight? Well a lady took a portable 19th century commode toilet along to be valued. It had a flushing mechanism which, I think, worked by levers. Apparently with a little attention it could be made to work and it was valued at 300 to 400. Interesting.

Has the bleeding happened only once or has it recurreed

To the unnamed poster: About pooping in a coffee can, i've done something simular. I'll pooped in this container i was the top of a police siren thing i have. It's a couple inches deep so i can piss and poop in it sometimes. This lid goes on top of this light so it looks like i police siren.

To Hopeful yet frightened: Don't know what to tell you. Im 19 once when i was 11 i remember i had to go to the dentist and aftwards i had roy rogers for dinner and i was playing with my sister and i had to stop to go use the bathroom i had to shit. It was diahreaha and then i remember coming back and going again and i swore that there was blood in my shit. Or it could have been tinted from something i hate. I may have gone one or 2 more times and it stopped and went back to normal. So the best thing to tell you is go see your doctor. When this happened i didn't want to tell my parents and they never did fin out.

To Greta: I liked your story about your son, thats good they are open like that.

To Taking a Massive Dump: I liked your school stories about shitting in school

To Billy L: I liked your story about sneeking up with those girls an pooping with them. I have one can a girl join you pooping at school? couldn't you get in trouble?

To Traveller: Good im glad someone reply to this post. No i don't know if my other co-workers use the dead-bolt lock. Nope im not going to use that lock when i have to go, i want someone else to come in there while im in there. Any way i won't be going to this buiding alot, maybe a few times a week. Im sent all around that campus.

To Mulkinator: Funny story about pooping at the concstuction site on the building and it lands on the ground LOL

Yesterday moring i was on my computer and i was babysitting my nephew and he was in here and i had to get him outta of here fast cause i had to poop. I was feeling the urge for about 30 min then it came on stronger and i had to go to the bathroom. It was light brown and really soft.
I haven't been since...I gotta go pee now

To Greta: I related to your story about your two sons and how they felt comfortable about taking a dump with the bathroom door open when you guys are alone at home. I am a 34-year-old divorced guy who lives alone, although my girlfriend often stays with me during weekends. My two sons, Rich aged 15 years and Jason aged 13 years, spend one weekend with me each month. When they are here I make sure that my girlfriend is not around. Like your sons, mine are pretty open about dumping. My apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Last weekend, I was shaving in the morning and Rich came in and simply sat on the can. He talked with me while dropping his load. Another time I was taking a dump with the bathroom door open and Jason came in to wash his hands. After he was done he sat on the edge of the bathtub and talked with me while I dumped. We all have never even discussed this matter - it seems to come naturally to us all. I am curious about what they would do to change their bathroom habits if my girlfriend spent the night during one of their weekends with me. I often dump with the bathroom door open when she is around - I am curious whether they would also do it, but I have never asked them. Do you think Ann Landers would approve of this arrangement? I am real pleased that my sons feel comfortable about dumping while I am around. I raised them to be natural about all bodily finctions, sexual and otherwise.

Charlie--My high school was not like that. As long as you asked to use the bathroom when you first got to class (cause there was never enough time between the bells, so unless classes were right next to each other, you would go to class first and then ask to go to the bathroom) or during independent work (as opposed to lecturing), the teachers were very understanding about letting us go. Now in college, you just get up and go whenever you want...but it's better to go between classes because you will miss a lot.

Steve&Louise: If it makes you guys feel any better, I thought that warning was implied throughout your posts. Or maybe that's just my old fashion upbringing. I'm also quite a bit older than the other trainees (though they seem a lot quicker-learners than I). I have a story for you guys (and PV and everyone else). Today we had a special program at work, so I was wearing a skirt (long with socks and boots). I was the last one in the building and was locking up, but I had to pee before leaving, so I went into the handicap/staff bathroom and locked the door (habit I guess). I took off my underwear and held my skirt up under my shoulders and attempted to try peeing facing forward like that. Oiy, what a disaster! The pee went everywhere! Down my legs (I managed to wipe it off before it got on my socks), all over the toilet rim (I had lifted the I really feel like a guy) and all over the floor (I wiped both the toilet and the floor before I left). I ende! d up stradling the toilet with my knees locked onto the sides trying to get as much into the toilet as possible. I guess I'm just not ready for that step yet and will stick to the shower for a bit, but I was in a daring mood today. That's all for now, take care.

MIA - I have asked a girl (not my g/f at the time, but I wanted her to be!) if I could watch her on the toilet.
I'd asked her out on a date - we'd been out for a meal. She told me that she really needed to pee, but wouldn't go in the ladies' in the restaurant.
I tried getting her to pee behind my car in the far corner of the car park, but she wouldn't.
Anyway, she waited till we got back to my house, then ran straight upstairs to the bathroom. I asked her if I could join her, but she said no.
Later, after we'd had a few drinks, she needed to go again. This time, I asked more directly if I could watch, but she still said no.
She ended up having too much to drink and was half asleep on my bathroom floor. I had to take a dump, but I don't think she noticed.

Another time, I was at her house. I'd been down to the pub with her brother. the urge to poop had built up in the pub but the toilet there was foul. As soon as we got in, I headed for the downstairs bathroom, but there was no TP. I ran upstairs and just as I was about to go into the bathroom, her friend also headed towards the bathroom. I said Don't go in there! but she went in and didn't close the door - she only wanted to wash her hands or something. All I could do was dash in , pull down my pants and boxers and sit on the toilet. I let out a huge sloppy load, and was very relieved after doing so! Her mate quickly exited the bathroom!
I was staying over at their house that night, not with this girl, but with her brother.
In the morning, the girl told me that I'd upset her mate by going in the bathroom like that. I told her it was a case of that, or I'd have made a mess in my pants and all over the floor.
I apologised to her mate for scaring / upsetting her like that, but she couldn't have seen anything I don't think.
That was the end of that matter, and it hasn't affected our friendship.

I haven't asked anyone else yet, so I still haven't seen a girl pee by choice :(

Si :)

Billy L
The story about the lady breaking her leg skiing is true. Boy, she would have really been embarressed if we started laughign while we were in the bathroom pooping.

Firday, dad took me, some of my friends and cousins and uncles back to the cabin that is like 1 and 1/5 hours from here. There is still no running water, so we put this toilet seat thing on the trailor hitch to poop one. There were only boys there. I used it before, so it is no big deal. Friday night, at about 2 am, my little brother wakes me. He says he has to pee. This is no big deal. I put on a pair of jeans and a light jackey while he does the same. We goe out to the tree beside the house and pee on it. Then he says, oops I have to poo now. Sometimes when he gets up in the middle of the night, he has to poop when he gets up (even if it is just for a glass of water). So I said you know where to go, I will get the toilet paper and wipes for his hands when he is done. So he goes and sits on the toilet seat, while I get the paper and wipes. As I am leaving the cabin, my friend Paul comes out. I say, what's up? He said I have to poop too, where do we go?. I said, this is fo! r my brother. I will poop in morning most likely. I go out to the truck and give it to him. There is only his turds in the hole. I guess no one else had to poop yet. I give my brother the toilet paper and he wipes himself. He hops off the seat, and Paul hops on. First thing paul does is start to pee. I told him to hold his weiner, so that he does not pee on his pants. He finishes peeing and make a huge poop. Must have been like 18 inches long. And he is only 10 years old. His parents better get one of those real strong flush toilets. Then comes out like 5 more logs and then a pile of lose poo. In the loose poo is a bunch of corn, which we had for supper. When he is done, he wipes his butt and washes his hands with the wipes. I said, boy you really had to go. He said, yeah, that is the first time since Tuesday.

There were about 13 of us all together. I did not have to go at all while we were at the cabin. We left and stopped to eat dinner on the way. IF we had running water, I think we would stay until Sunday, but we cannot stay that long and go to church being so dirty and stuff without takinga shower. On the way home, I really had to poop. We stopped at Burger King. My little brother said to me, thank, my rectum is about to explode. I said, me too. Me and my brother and a couple of my cousins head off the bathroom. I take the toilet first. My cousin Bob says that he can't wait any longer. He drops his pants and drops a load into the garbage can. Boy did it stink. It was a lot worse than my load, which was quite big. I pushed out just one long turd. In went into the hole in the toilet and stuck out the front of the toielt. THere was a bunch of corn that back end of it too. From dinner the night before. I told my cousin to close the bag in the garbage can, which he did. I wiped ! my butt, and my brother sat down and unloaded too. After we done. my cousin wiped his butt and two of my friends came in. One of them pooped, and then we played sink the sub, where we all take aim at the floating poop. As we take aim, I notice the water level in the toilet is rising. I said we better not flush this. We all washed our hands and left. About ten minutes later, I see some guy with burger king clothes go in with a plunger. About two minutes later, he was done. Which was great, because I had to drop about 4 more logs after dinner.

At church this morning, my brother said he had to go. I did to0, so we both went. This time my brother pooped first. Then I pooped. My brother pooped out like one large turd and about 5 little ones. He also peed while pooping because we know our mom and dad would be mad if we took too much time, so we could not play sink the sub. I added oen large poop and about 5 little ones. I peed also sitting down. THen I flushed. The water level rose out to the top of the bowl, and then suddenly started to fall. Almost and overflow. I think when we poop, we had better flush more often ro there will be a bunch of floods. Furtuinately, the toilets at home and at school are able to take bigger loads, so we are ok there.

Thomas, you should see a doctor. If you already have a family doctor give him or her a call. If you do not and place where you work or go to school has a health service, perhaps you can go there. You might be able to go to a city or county health department clinic for this as well. Otherwise, tell your parents and ask to have them take you to a doctor.

You really need to see a doctor. There are several things that this could be, some are serious like cancer.

ANd you should not be embarassed. I am a doctor and I poop. So does everyone else.

Please see a doctor about this.

TTT- happy birthday. Being blind must cause all sorts of interesting and/or frustrating experiences with finding and using restrooms. Sorry, I don't know anything about Indians using enemas. In India, they just drink the water (bad joke). I do have another story from India though.
One day, my friends Rajeev and Sonal and I were riding on a rural highway with some friends of Sonal's, a couple named Sandeep and Priti. Sandeep's car broke down and we pushed it out of the middle of the road. I needed to pee, so I wandered off a little ways, found a tree to stand behind, and watered its roots. Then I went back to the car where the others were standing. It was very hot, and I took a drink from a large bottle of coke in the car. I offered it to Priti, who was standing right next to me. She declined, saying, "If I drink any, then I will have to find a tree too." We laughed, and nothing else was said about it. A short while later, some truckers stopped to offer us a ride to the nearest town. We all loaded into the cab, and rode for about an hour to the next town. Being concerned with how we were going to get back home, I had completely forgotten about Priti's reference to her need to pee about an hour earlier, and she had made no indication that she was ! getting desperate. So it caught me off guard when she turned to me in the truck and said quietly, with a sheepish look on her face, "I have just soiled my jeans." I tried to conceal the fact that I was inrigued by her accident. I tried to look for a puddle where she was sitting, but I could see nothing. A little while later, we reached town and the truckers dropped us off. When she got out I noticed that the cab was pretty damp where she had been sitting, though not soaked. I tried to look for signs of wetness on her jeans, but she was wearing a long shirt which conveniently covered any tell-tale signs of an accident. She still had to go, and she found a toilet soon after we got off the truck. She came out and said, "Whew, that was getting really bad." I didn't mention to anyone else what she had disclosed to me. I also didn't probe her further about it. I couldn't help wondering how I was able to keep from wetting myself on that terrible bus ride (earlier post) when I had fel! t like my bladder was going to explode since Priti, who should be more used to such inconveniences, had sprung a leak. I think maybe she just let a little go to ease her discomfort- that seems to agree with what Andy has posted about Indian women casually peeing small amounts at a time. Do you have any wetting stories to share?
I seem to have pretty good bladder control, but one irritating occurence is those last couple of drops that always leak out after I've zipped my pants back up. I always try to squeeze it all out before zipping up, but almost without fail, the last bit drips out on my way out of the bathroom. Most of the times it's just a few drops, but sometimes it's a big enough squirt that it makes a spot on the front of my pants. I hate that. Does that ever happen to you, or is that pretty much a male thing?
I'm gona run for now. Hope you're not constipated anymore. Any "juicy" stories about how that one ended?

Plunging Plop Guy
What you described with blood on the toilet paper does ,I think, happen to most of us at sometime,and unless it happens every time you go during the next few days will probably cure didn't mention srtaining or any pain as you went and could well be due to some undigested hard matter you passed.
If it should happen again soon,make an appointment to see your doctor and he or she will no doubt ask you for enough information to establish that is most probably nothing serious.
I had all sorts of strange symptoms for a long time and eventually had a medical examination and there was nothing wrong,so be reassured that doctors are used to anal malfunctions in normally healthy people occasionally without it being anything major.

You may be better already but I understand how worrying it can look when it happens but if it is haemorrhoids as I had occasionally and you look down the toilet and it is red,that too is apparently in most cases not serious.What the doctor's main concern is whereabouts the blood is from,and if it is bright red,that indicates that it's not from further up the colon.
I'm not a medical expert so I'm only telling you what I've been advised,so hope it stops you worrying unduly.
I wish you well,Take care.

I wonder if one of the main reasons many of us have for embarrassment at "being caught with our pants down" sitting on a toilet could be not so much at what we're doing ,the sounds ,smells,or efforts we're making to shit;but in the case of men especially-the concern that we look as good as other men as regards our muscular development. I suppose if a rather thin guy is sitting on the toilet on view and all round him are very muscular guys on the other toilets really covering the toilet seats,he might feel inadequate.alternatively,like the boy at school I
described in an earlier post-he was acutely embarrassed at the thought of girls seeing his muscular legs when he was changing.
I can remember at the age of puberty,sitting on the wooden toilet seat at home wondering when I would be covering the seat.I thought that when I was 18 the toilet seat would not be visible as my legs would be completely covering it and really looked forward to that.The 1" visible either side was of concern to me!Anyway,I soon realised that seat sizes vary and that some I've sat on seem far too big,whereas most of the ones I've used I almost cover.I've also realised that however well-muscled a guy's legs are,the ones I've seen on the toilet don't tend to overhang the seat,as the muscle just expands higher on the seat.Hope you can follow this!
The first time anyone apart from family saw me sitting on a toilet was when I was at school at the tender age of 5.I can remember it well,as the procedure was that if anyone in class wanted to go for a "biz" as we called it,we would ask the teacher for some toilet paper that was kept in a cupboard in a box and go to the boys' toilets.These were specially made for young children and I remember sitting on this toilet,and having an urgent biz,with the toilet door locked.I already wanted privacy!suddenly 3 older boys banged on the door and demanded I open it so they could see me .At that age anyone even a few years older is an authority figure so I duly opened the door as they laughed and jeered to see a small boy sitting on the toilet.They then went off.I wiped myself ,went back to the classroom after my first experience of being looked at .
The custom in class was that if a boy had been in the toilet for more than a few minutes,the teacher would send another boy to go and "see if he's all right" and I always hoped she'd send me and that he'd still be on the toilet when I got there.It also was of interest that in the cupboard was this special box of TP that was ceremoniously issued to the boy on an important mission to the toilet!
So,after I left primary school,I never sat on a boys' toilet again until one day when I was on holiday in the West of England as a 30 year old man.I visited glastonbury for the day and making my way to Glastonbury Tor and ready for a shit,found a public toilet just outside the gardens where the 1000 year old thorn tree is.
Once inside,I found 2 cubicles,one with a normal adult size seat,and the one next door had a small toilet with small plastic seat specially for boys.There was noone else around and the boys' toilet wasn't marked out for boys only so I decided to use that one.
I certainly felt good covering that seat well and truly and if anyone saw me sitting on it I might have looked rather silly,but noone would see a frightened small boy but a grown man sitting on it this time!It was like I'd acqitted myself of what might have been a sense of shame,and now I was very obviously a man.

Regarding seat sizes;a wooden one I used to use in a public toilet when I was 16+ was the most comfortable one I've ever used.There were 4 cubicles,each with a toilet that seemed to be ideal for the seat and these were smaller than most so that on these an average man's arse covered it nicely.I can remember using these quite a few times,and enjoying the feel of it so much;I took a tape measure and wrote down all the dimensions.IF anyone is interested,I'll give the details,but one factor that made it so good to sit on was the fact that the diameter across the narrowest part of the hole was 7 1/2 " .The usual is 9" and so there's more support on this one.
So if there are any carpenters out there ,let me know if you want details.

Nothing interesting to report of any good sessions I've heard lately,my own have been fair but perhaps I'll post a fantasy next time as looking through some of the earliest posts has been mind-blowing and if I was to say whose posts I really enjoy,I'd have to say DREW.Are you still with us Drew?Your accounts of shitting with those other guys and making comments of all the sounds are absolutely brilliant!Glad you were able to appreciate some of our British toilets when you came over.
Also DAZZ,Your descriptions of your plopping in your toilet at home are really great,Hope to hear more if possible.

I agree with SMITH.Yes! this site is like gold to those of us fortunate enough to share such intimate details.I relly feel at home with you all. All for now,Good dumping, PPG

Hopeful yet Frightened. I can understand your fears. Any bleeding is worrying but from an internal source such as the bowel its especially so. Now it may just be an anal fissure, a polyp or haemorroids (piles), even a long fingernail when wiping the bum after a motion can easily cut the junction of the mucus and cutaneous tissue, just like the lips and inside the mouth. However, it COULD be a symptom of something far worse so DONT DELAY! See your doctor as soon as possible. Hopefully its nothing too serious and you will be reassured but if it is something worse the sooner it is dealt with the better. Please keep us informed and best of luck!

Greta, the way you have brought up your two sons is identical to my own mother's way of raising my brother and me. We were brought up not to be ashamed of our bodies or our natural functions. Mum would take both of us into the toilet with her when we were kids and by letting us watch her she toilet trained us quickly and with very little fuss. However, she also ensured that we were well aware that most people were NOT as progressive, even in the mid 1970s into the 1980s, and that we were always to close the toilet door if strangers were present or in someone else's house. Also while it was acceptable in our own family circle to talk about defecation quite openly others didn't share this attitude so to be circumspect. Above all we were not to do anything which made others uncomfortable and we must respect their customs when in their homes or they were guests in ours. Both myself and my young brother have a very open attitude to defecation and, when I started to menstruate a! t about the age of 12 or so not only was I fully aware of this perfectly normal part of female biology from my mother being open about her own periods but my brother also learned all about it and thus avoided the smutty boys in the bikeshed playground humour which most males associate with a woman's monthly period. So congratulations Greta, if my husband and I choose to have children then this is how we will bring them up.

Talking about my husband it was his office Xmas Dinner on Friday. Spouses and partners were invited. One of the men in his office is gay and brought his partner. This did cause a bit of a stir amongst the older element but we were only too happy to have them sit with us, it just doesnt bother me in the slighest! I have friends who are gay, lesbian, (almost par for the course in my line of business and as a Field Hockey and Netball player), and a very charming male friend who is a TV and really looks the part. As long as it harms nobody else I couldnt care less what adults do. Anyway we had our meal and the two of us went back to one of the others houses. Well, you've guessed I needed a jobbie and passed a big fat panbuster into one of those silly high water level syphonic pans. Needless to say the turd wouldnt go away. I left it and politely mentioned it to my hostess. She didnt mind a bit, telling me that she often had the same problem and, had I told her , she would have! let me use the ensuite toilet in her bedroom which had an older style pan which could cope with "large poos" as she put it. I could sense she was a kindred spirit as she went to have look. "Nicola, what a beauty! I bet you feel better after dropping that?" she exclaimed. I confirmed this, any possible feeling of embarassment being replaced by one of pride. Her husband came past to go for a pee. "Hazel, have you bombed out the toilet again?" he exclaimed. "No, that's one of Nicola's" she replied. He also had a good look as did my husband who had come out to see where I was. Nobody was in any way offened, far from it. This couple, Hazel and Gordon, also being broadminded about such things. So perhaps those born from about 1970 onwards are more open minded and less prudish than their predecessors about such matters. To the person who asked about the Headmaster in Stockport who wanted to convert some of the school toilets to unisex, unfortunately he was stopped by the local educa! tion department who said that the time wasnt right for such an innovation. One would think it was 1900 not nearly 2001! Im sure the idea will come though, already we have night clubs with unisex toilets and even one I have read about where in the ladies toilet they have two seater pans or twobicles as they call them, so friends can have a wee wee or even a buddy dump togther.

I see that there are a lot of posts today Sunday 10th Dec from people who have hang ups about doing a poo in a school or public toilet. Its never bothered me in the slightest, you need, you go! I wonder if this is because of the American doorless stall being so common over there. This just would never catch on in the UK, our toilet cubicles have doors unless removed by vandalism or in some infant schools, mental hospitals, prisons etc the toilets are doorless. I have used a doorless toilet when playing hockey and the Girls Toilets at the school in question had some doors missing. I just sat there with my navy blue knickers at the top of my thighs and did my motion, it didnt bother me that some of the other girls in the team could see me and it didnt seem to worry them either. Lets face it, as it says at the top of this Forum, we all do it, even the Queen, Presidents, (however Florida votes!), religious leaders etc etc.

Yes a stool will look a bit different if done into a container rather than into the water of the toilet pan. It will smell stronger of course as its entire surface area is exposed not only for a few seconds as it comes out before being immersed in water. Also it will look a bit shiney from the lubricating mucus secreted by the bowel to ease its passage. I have often done a jobbie outdoors or into some waterless container when the need has arisen. Also once at school there was an outbreak of food poisoning, ( I didnt get it Im glad to say). We all had to provide a stool sample into a plastic container with a lid. (A bit like the coffee cups you get from Macdonalds etc). Now you can imagine a load of teenagers and one of the boys suggested "Nicola could do one of her huge turds and we could break it up and use a bit for our samples" Needless to say although I found this hilarious, I didnt donate one of my big jobbies for their use as this would have invalidated the tests.


Our cousin Jemma is staying with us at the moment, and yesterday, she gave us the shock of our lives! As you know, me and my little sister Louise have been learning to pee standing up. Well, imagine the shock we had, when we were in the fields near where we live, and she lifted her skirt, pulled her knickers to one side, and peed standing up! I think we must have misjudged her! And to think me and Little Lou had the dilemma of whether we would show her or not! I think she was just as surprised to find out that me and Lou could do it too!

STEVE AND LOUISE: Me and Little Lou think that being able to pee standing up is brilliant, but we are always very careful where we do it. As I said in my last post, once when me and Kev were playing in the park, we went for a pee, and this old lady said we were dirty children. I think that was unfair. I mean I'm sure most kids would pee in the bushes or in a corner rather than stop playing and go home. Lou and I both think that girls should be able to pee standing up, and how we pee is nothing to do with anyone else - It's our choice.

LAWN DOGS KID: It's good to know that Kendal is OK, but me and Lou are glad that you are there for her like our big brother Kev is for us. I hope she's back soon. We're missing all her stories!

When our parents were at church, we had a go using the urinals (our parents own a pub, which doesn't open till lunchtime on Sundays). We had the place to ourselves, so we unlocked the men's toilets downstairs and had a go. The urinal is a ceramic wall with a drain underneath it. It went very well, and Kev was really nice to us, showing us where to stand so we didn't splash ourselves. Jemma didn't come in, because she said it should be a brother/sister thing first time, but she says she'll join in next week. Kev says that he's happy now that we can pee standing with him , and he's really pleased, because me and Little Lou didn't even know that girls could pee standing up till he told us.

Bye everyone, love Ellie xxx

Lawn Dogs Kid
To those making more messages of sympathy and help for Kendal's plight, I thank you all very much on behalf of her.

JON: I think you may have made a very wise suggestion, apologising and claiming it was just an experiment dreamed up by herself could work I suppose. Saying she was just experimenting was all she was doing, so she wouldn't feel she was lying. Many thanks.

G: Similar thoughts from you my friend ! Only problem would be that Aunty would demand to know which friends had told her about it. My ex, Chloe, bless her heart, came to see me and said she would be happy to say she had shown her how to do it. She didn't think she would get into trouble with her Mum and Dad because they are more open about these things, so the inevitable visit from Kendal's Mum that would have been expected to have followed would not hold any fears for her. Thing is, Kendal would not want to lie about it. And besides, the whole sorry problem has taken a new twist now.

ELLIE: Thanks for your message of sympathy. Glad to see you and Kev and Little Lou are getting on so well now.

NICOLE: Yours has been quite the best message I've seen so far. Wee all over Aunty. Now there is a thought !! Seriously though, your kind message of sympathy will give Kendal a lot of heart. She sure needs it at the moment. At this point in time, I'm very grateful to my parents about the telephone. It has been in use for several hours since Friday night. I'm sorry to have to say that Aunty has decided to leave Uncle, and has took off to Cumbria, 300 miles away from Devon where we live, and taken Kendal with her. Kendal is distraught about it and wants to come home, and obviously, Uncle is doing the very best he can. Of course, he will get every support from me, and Mum and Dad. The first I knew was when Uncle came home from work on Friday night to the proverbial note on the kitchen table. Aunty had packed bags during the morning, and removed Kendal from school at lunch-time. He was in a deep state of shock at our house, in tears of course, not because of Aunty. Apparantly! , their marriage has been in tatters for ages, unbeknown to us. But he wants Kendal back. And God knows, so do I. I'm telling Kendal what people are saying on the telephone. So keep writing to her. She is getting to hear. You and Suzy take care now. Love from Andrew x.

LINDA: The same goes to you Babe ! Kendal was at great pains to tell me from Cumbria that the first poo she had up there, you were with her all the way, holding her hand, and encouraging her, and telling her not to worry because you were sure she would be home soon. She has become very attached to you and Nicole. So lets all be positive for her sake. Please, please keep writing to her with your funny stories about your poops ! Hope Cousin isn't giving you too much grief about letting me watch that time. Mind you, it seems to me as though he is bringing you up in exactly the right way, like my Mum and Dad, allowing you some freedom to act with your own decisions, especially if you are involving him with your decision making, thus allowing him to give you good advice first ! Hope to see you writing soon. XOXO ( repeated several times over !)

STEVE ( & LOUISE ): I haven't told Kendal about your post yet. I know she will be so upset to think that Louise is upset, I shall save that for a better time at the moment. Kendal is a very bright little girl, but as happens to us all on occasions, we don't always think things through fully. She knows what her Mum is like. And believe me, she would not see the stand-up wee that she did in the bath as being an event encouraged by Louise. She would definitely see it as making up her own mind to try out the experiment. Kendal is not a child to do as others say. She is a girl who likes to think for herself, and if she hears about something she thinks she might be interested in, then she wants to give it a go to see. That is what happened with the Stand-up wee. She also doesn't think it is right to give advice about things you know absolutely nothing about. Hence she decided to sit on the toilet with me there, and wee her panties, just so she knew what it would be like for ! Nicole if she had decided to sit on the toilet and wee her knickers for her brother to see. Kendal knew that I would love to see her do that, but that was not the only reason why she did it, and neither was it the main reason. For such a little girl, barely 4ft 6", she is old beyond her years. And yet she is still wonderfully a little girl playing with dolls, and doing everything that any other 10 year old would do. Have you ever seen the film "Beautiful Girls" starring Timothy Hutton and Natalie Portman amongst others ? There is a wonderful scene in that where the character Willie ( Hutton ) meets the little girl next door, Marty ( Natalie ) and asks her how old she is. Marty replies "13, but I'm an old soul" ! I know I'm Kendal's older cousin, but she truely amazes me how much more common sense she has than me, and many of my friends both male and female. I miss her very much. Now, the thing I have to say to Louise is please read all the above. Kendal will not want you ups! et. She won't blame you. She will say it was her own silly fault. I know her ! She told me while I was able to still visit her face to face, that although she regrets the way things have turned out, she was having a wail of a time weeing standing up, and didn't regret one bit that she had tried it out. She hasn't done it at her Granny and Grandad's where she is living now because she thinks she should have respect for their bath !! That is Kendal all over. She can bring tears of laughter out of you as well as ones shed for her current plight. Louise, you are not to feel bad. I will, and no doubt Kendal will as well, think about you and PV, the next day I get to see her, and she shows me how she can stand-up wee. It will be truly amazing. That is the legacy you have left us. And as everyone here will now appreciate, Kendal's punishment from her Aunty was probably an over reaction due to the stress of the marriage problems. I would rather have that thought in my head than cont! inue to hate my Aunt for what she has done. She is Kendal's Mummy after all is said and done. Steve, make sure Louise reads this. Tell her I insist !!

To "Hopeful Yet Frightend"
Hello mate. I rang the same alarm bells at your age - just over a year ago. I went to the doctor, and all I had was a bad case of piles!

You see, with all that straining and pushing, you damaged one of your blood vessels in your arsehole, so when you wipe, the paper is full of blood.

I panicked when there was blood in my shit... Here in the UK, there is a magazine called "Mens Health". According to them, your query would direct your attention that you have cancer... BUT BELIEVE ME IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY BECAUSE WE ARE YOUNG...

See a doctor to confirm your "suspected vessel puncture", and eat lots of oranges and bananas.

AND STOP EATING SHIT JUNK FOOD!!! EAT LOTS OF FRUIT AND VEG!! Trust me, its healthy, and your shit will smell better(!)

Sunday, December 10, 2000

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