The other day I wanted to get a closer look at my poop so I did in a coffee can (no coffee in the can) to me it looked different out of the water. The only bad thing I guess would be the smell?
Anyway after I finished I was going to the bathroon to dump it in the toliet and my brother saw me. He said what is that smell? I knew I was caught so I had to confess his only commet was get rid of it the smell is awful. Down the toliet it went.I found it interesting has anyone else tried this? Del:

Buzzy: That was some story about you taking a dump while on the phone with that woman, and I guess she enjoyed it as much as you.

J. Reed: I'm going to answer your question of the other day about coming into someone else's house or someone coming into your house and stinking up the bathroom. Yes, it has happened to me on both counts. Last year I posted a story about the time I was at my friend Carrie's house when I was 14 (a long time ago) and had to take a huge dump, and her brother Ben witnessed the first few minutes of it. Then my husband Gary posted a story about the time when we were dating and we had to rush to his place and I had to take a dump. Both times I ended up stinking the place and cleaned up after myself.

There was a time last year when someone visited my house and left a stink in the bathroom. One Friday I happened to be at home working one afternoon when a client of my firm dropped by to drop off some papers before going to a high school football game. She brought along her daughter, who was a cheerleader about to cheer her first high school game. The daughter, who was in her uniform, asked if she could use the bathroom. I let her use the toilet right by the front door. The client and I sat in the living room and talked while waiting for her daughter. After a couple of minutes, I heard the toilet flush, but she didn't come out of the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard another toilet flush, but she remained in the bathroom. A couple of minutes later the toilet flushed again, at which point the client went to the bathroom door, knocked and asked her daughter if she was all right. She yelled through the door that she was almost finished. Then there was another t! oilet flush and she finally came out. She came up to me, thanked me for letting her use the bathroom, and apologized for the smell she left behind. I said it was OK and will take care of it and told her to enjoy her first cheerleading game. I went into the bathroom to clean up but didn't see any traces of poop in the toilet bowl. However, there was a lingering smell.

The next week when the client came by my office, she talked about how well her daughter did in her first game and said the only reason she stopped by my place to drop off some papers was to let her daughter use the bathroom because she was so nervous about her first cheerleading game in high school that she developed an upset stomach.

Hopeful yet frightened
Hi. I have a serious question. A few hours ago went for a crap and when I wiped there was blood on the paper. I wiped all around my ring to see if it was a cut or something but when I put my finger up there it had blood on it aswell. I am nearly 20, male and I have to admit my diet isn't the best, ie bit too much junkfood (although I have cut down). I'm hoping it's nothing serious and I don't want to tell my parents just yet in case they worry too much.

What do you think it is. I'm absolutly terrified that it's cancer or something, is there anything else it could be?


Just had a very successful shower pee...the good shower was in use so I used the bathtub shower and turn on the water...then I let loose and the stream went about a foot and a half and near the end started getting closer and closer to me finally dying out as it was almost straight down. Then I switched from running water to the shower and took my shower. That was nice cause the last few times have been unsuccessful.

Hi, I've been reading this forum for a while and think it's great! Before I post my own story, I'd like to comment on a recent "Ann Landers" column. A man complained about his live-in girlfriend relieving herself openly in front of her 11 year old son. Ann's response was that the girlfriend was an "exhibitionist" and should stop being so open in front of her "probably very sexually aware" son.

Which brings me to my story. I am a 33 year old single parent of two boys, "Rodney" who is 12 years old and "Reggie" who is 10 years old. I'm using the name "Greta" since my real name is the same as one of the established posters. My sons' names have been deliberately fabricated.
I have brought up both boys to be comfortable with their bodies and to respect the appropriate "boundaries" when it comes to dealing with other people.

If nobody else, besides one or both of my sons (or, if I am alone), is at the house, I always go to the bathroom with the door wide open. I have always been very open about letting my boys see me nude, but am by no means a nudist or
Rodney, my older son, also goes to the bathroom with the door open; this is for both when he has to stand to pee or sit down to poop.
Reggie, my younger son, used to both pee and poop with the door open, but now leaves the door open only when he urinates. If he shuts the door, that's how I know he has to sit down to move his bowels. He told me he feels more comfortable having the door shut when he has to poop. Although Rodney told Reggie that "there's nothing to hide, we're all family," I respect Reggie's decision 100%!

I would like to stress that I have impressed upon both boys that they should ALWAYS shut the door before going to the bathroom if anybody else (besides us three) are at the house, or if they need to go to the bathroom at somebody else's house. One more thing, and this is somewhat paradoxical. Rodney, who is so open about sitting on the toilet with the door open at the house, does not like to poop in public restrooms. Reggie has no problems using a public stall when he has to poop. I know both of these things only from what both of them have told me.

I hope everyone liked my post and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks! Greta

OOK i was 15 years old i was going out with this hottt gurl and we sat down at this resraunt and the batrooms where full so i wiated and my gurl friend walked up to me and said come back here so when i walked back i had pee all down my leg.

Does anyone have advise on pooping in public without embarrassment? I love to shit butI hate doing it in public. Sometimes my school food causes me to have REALLY bad cramps and REALLY bad, big loads of crap. How come no guys have their pictures on the site? Usually I have my best loads in public.

One time I was listening to my teacher talk and talk about an upcoming test when BOOM I HAD to take a crap. I didn't want to do it in public but it was bad! So I signed out to go to the bathroom. When I got in nobody was using the stalls or the urinals. I got into a stall and pulled down my pants and it came out right before I sat down. It landed in the toilet, thank goodness. I was sitting there when someone came in. The person was my S.S. teacher. He said sorry Pete but you got to get off the john! I got off he got on and said mine smelled worse than his!

Taking a Massive Dump
Today I went into the bathroom near the end of school to crap. I sat down, relaxed my body and the crap flowed out smoothly. When I stood up and looked, the crap was probably 12 inches long. I left it there without flushing and I left the stall. About a second later, a guy comes into the bathroom. He is walking quickly and heads for the stall next to the one I was in. I notice that this guy (in 7th or 8th grade) is extremely urgent. I go to the sink and wash my hands quietly, because I want to hear what's going on. Here's how it goes...

The boy walks into the stall and locks the door. I hear (but I don't see) his pants coming down. I hear him sit down (which I rarely do) and begin. This kid, with no shame whatsoever, explodes with me a few yards away. It started with an initial crackle followed but a tight fart. Then a huge mass of crap (probably pretty mushy) hits the water like a bomb. This is followed by a loud and short fart. The guy sighs and, judging by the sound, takes a huge wad of toilet paper to wipe his ass with. This is where I left, thinking, "Damn, if girls could do that I'd be in heaven!"

One more shit story,
On Tuesday morning I went to the bathroom with the intent to crap. Before I could get into the stall, this guy (different from Mr. "Enola Gay" from above) walked into another stall and began to crap. Now I know who this person is, and I've never seen or heard any accquaintances or friends crap in front of me. Well anyway, the dump was not exciting, though I could hear a few crackles and one airy fart. He had gone into the stall in a hurry so he really must have had to dump bad. And he left the stall as soon as he had come in. I then proceeded to take MY dump in a different stall.

Final Note,
I am always self-concious about crapping in front of people. However, when people such as the ones mentioned above take a crap in front of me, with no shame, I become less so. It makes me think about people who make fun of others for their bodily functions. Don't they crap, too? In wish everyone would be like those mentioned in the true stories above, following the philosophy: "When the shit hits you in the sphincter, just let it go."


Hey guys! I've been pretty busy recently, so nothing exciting's happend. I'm a community actor, and I'm in th Holiday show at our theater, so I have rehearsel every night, which has left me kind of constipated. I go now every three days, and when I do go, I don't go extra like I think I should. Today I went poop for the first time in 3 and a half days. But it was a good poop. I did it in my pants. It feels so good against my butthole, the warm poop, and forcing it into my underwear, itz awesome. Still no urinal poop, but oh well. A lot of people ask about pooping at school. I never ever poop at school. I hold it in at all cost. But I never have accidents, unless I poop my pants on purpous, but I only do that at home. I never poop in public. I have like a phobia. but then my own fear preventsme from getting the urges to poop in public. Now I heard awhile back about a "Soap Chip Trick." could someone explain this? Im curious.

Josh - Hey what's up? Ive tried squatting, and it feels good to let all tht poop out in that posisition. Do you poop in public a lot? Wha about outside? Where do U dig pooping? I like going in my pants and outside. Do U know anything about putting soap up yur bottom and it makes you go poop?


Well my last post did not make it for some reason (on the board not-- oh never mind)SOOOOOO undaunted i will tell you about the time back in school junior high i think in england.

There was a real stuck up girl in our class called jeannet (spelling)she really thought her poop did not stink, i hated her and she hated me even more, years later i found out her father owned the leftley estate in barking, so there you go i should have been nicer to her.

Anyway to get back to the story, this one day in class jeannet actually raised her hand to ask to go to the toilet, now this was rare little miss stuck up asking to use a (heavens)school toilet, well the teacher said no, and i noticed she looked very uncomfortable and was squrming around in her seat.

I guess about half an hour later jeannet suddenley burst into tears the whole class looked at her and it was obvious she had wet her knickers, pee was running down from her chair onto the floor, to top it off as she got up, we all noticed she had pooped her self as well,the smell was terrible, poo running down her legs.

Lovely i thought couldnt have happened to a better person, i think the whole class was glad she had finaly had her comeupance.

But like i say if i had known who she was back then hey i could have been nice to her. (YEAH RIGHT he he he)


You wrote: "Ah, PV, it seems you've started a small revolution here. The spirits of Celtic women must be smiling down on you from another realm. I read that Celtic warrior women peed while standing."

Thank you kind sir! Er, do you recall where you read that? I would love to find the quotation, if you have any idea of the reference. Was it in a classical text? Strabo, Di Cassius, one of those? The idea is entirely apt, and I wouldn't have expected anything else, as the Celts had the most egalitarian structure of any known historical people, to the best of our knowledge. I can just visualize those mighty, red- or flaxen-haired warrior women, watering the trees in the forests of Gaul -- another custom that probably perplexed, offended and terrified the Romans. Oi vey!

PS: I loved the Irish peeing joke!

For JacobG in Florida, I had thoughts on your posting about you and your co-worker making eye contact. You at the sink and him through the door. I am kind of leary about wanting to take a shit at work and not wanting to be in the bathroom when someone steps out of the shitter to try to give respect and anonymity to the person who took a dump. I do enjoy an open shit but I prefer to do it around strangers. I also prefer to do it around college kids since they still have a sense of humor and haven't gotten more serious about everything yet.

On the pic of the gal on the can. I like it :) Too bad the back part of her butt got cropped out. An Open Question for the Moderator, where do you get the pics :) This comment might be off tangent to this forum but she is cute :)

~Melissa~ It's interesting to hear you talk about the north Georgia mountains, that's my home terf ~s~ gold and apple country :-) I do enjoy quite a bit of hiking myself also.

Nothing really that memorable except for a poop I had today at the college, it was a quite one in the science building around 3:00PM and there wasn't a soul around, just me, and the squeeky clean restroom and the really huge stall at the end, it didn't really feel that different but when I got up to wipe and turned around I got that surprised look on my face, you know, that "I CANT BELIEVE ALL THAT CAME OUT OF ME" look ~lol~ It took alot of wipes, like six or seven but it did come clean and wasn't that sticky, I didn't flush though, I was afraid that it would totally clog the toilet and flood the place, so I left it to the descression of the nest person who came into the stall, hopefully some highly qualified janitor type person who would have more practice and equipment at their disposal :-) Actually I have seen a woman janitor around the college that seems to have some type of "poop breaking" device along with her plunger on her cart, who knows, maybe shes an expert ! clog-buster **s** Well all, I must go now, happy poops to you all.


Billy L
Yesterday afternoon, after school, my friends and I went to play in the woods. We were playing hide and seek. We heard these other people come walking through the woods. It turns out they were 5 girls from our class. We were already hidden behind trees and stuff. They wlked passed us. Then they pulled off behind some thin bushes. Three of them dropped their jeans. One of them only peed, but the other two made poops. While they were going poop, we snock up behind and yelled boo! Then we said, do you mind if we join you? Me and two of friends just dropped our pants and pooped. I usually pooop in the morning, but I didn't since two days before. SO I made a huge poop, two big logs and about 4 little ones. One of my friends dropped on big log, and the other made a huge pile of soft poo. We know the girls and sometimes when the girls toilet is being used, the girls poop or pee in front of us. Plus, we sometimes go with the girls around if we playing with their brothers or something! at their house, so it was not that big of a deal. And we have pooped and peed in the woods together or see each other going in the woods near the lake in the summer (poo only -- we usually pee in the lake).

This morning at school after lunch I had to poo again. I said to the girls I have to go to the bathroom to poop. Wnat to join me? They just smiled. It was really funny. While I was washing my hands, one of the girls came in and said she really had to go and their toielet was being used. She just sat down. I did not flush (usually my firends come in and play sink the sub). ANyway, she said, bot you really had to go again, huh? I said, yeah, it must be all that high fibre cereal mom gives me in the morning.

I just walked out really fast. You could hear all of the turds she was dropping and it really smelled.

My ears perked up about 5 minutes into my algebra class when I heard the girl behind me say something about needing to pee and that the bathroom was too crowded. Every so often I looked back and nothing exciting was happening but with about 15 minutes to go she got up and asked the teacher if the could go to the restroom and the teacher said no. She kept uncrossing and crossing her legs. When she got up to leave I'm positive I saw a small wet spot on the crotch of her jeans.

HI MELISSA!-- I remember reading your old posts but it was before I had the nerve to start posting here. Glad you are okay.

Gruntly Bogwell: Where did you go? You had some interesting stories! You saw things from the bottom up, LOL!

Chuck: The ultimate constipation guy. We miss your performances.

Mr. Noname: please posts about your ex's big dumps.

I finally crapped the other day. It was a wide one that stretched my ring. I had to push hard to get it started but then it slid out easily afterward.

Has anyone asked their Bf/Gf if they could watch them crap only to be told they were a sicko? How do you bring it up that you want to watch them crap?


to matt, thanks for the reply to my post- can you remember any reason for not going to the toilet?was it that you couldnt be bothered or did you enjoy the feeling of holding it? with me i think it was a combination of the two.what method did you use to hold it, did you often get into trouble for the state of your underwear and did you ever try to hide or dispose of the evidence? cheers
secondly, the sight of a horse having a dump has always facinated me as far back as i can remember. i recently had the good fortune to be doing some work in a stables.there was an old grey horse in the field who, at least twice a day would come plodding slowly up to where i was working, stand about 6 feet away, lift his tail and slowly produce a very large mound of poo. it was facinating to see it come out at such close range- it must have been nearly 3 inches in diameter!! he would then plod slowly back down the field and carry on grazing. i reckon he was doing all that just to please me !!
thirdly, to kendal grounded by her mum for weeing standing in the shower. there are alot of taboos surrounding the process of going to the toilet and many people will be shocked by anything they do not consider to be "normal`'. people have prejudices about all sorts of things- i suspect your mum would be absolutly horrified at this site and consider it vile and depraved. you have to accept that her ideas are not likley to change and i would suggest the best idea is to appologise to your mum and say that you just wanted to try weeing like boys do and that you won't do it again.hopefully this will smooth things out but in future it would be safer to practise with the door locked!!
hope this may help .keep smiling.
thats it for tonight- i'm going to bed cheers all.

BRYIAN - That's pretty unusual, I think, to find a "Men's" and a "Women's" adjacent stalls in the same restroom in an older building in the US. I'll bet the hospital administrators converted one of the restrooms on that floor to some other use and changed the one you used into a Unisex. Not to spoil your fun, but I think you'll find that most of your fellow workers use the deadbolt lock and go in alone or one gender at a time. (Of course, you don't know that - do you? - and you don't have to ask, either, so you're not going to use the lock ;-) You say there's no urinal, so the stalls are probably marked "M" and "W" because female employees don't want to deal with a toilet bowl that has piss splashed all over it by untidy guys. Well, there ought to be a urinal in a facility like that, some type that both men and women can use. In answer to your question about unisex toilets in the US, I can't say for sure, but from all the older buildings I've seen, I'd say definitely not! . US culture has been just too uptight about that. I think unisex restrooms are a modern trend in the US, and slow to catch on, although it seems they've been around for a while in some other places, like southern Europe and Latin America, at least. (BTW, see my question about unisex toilets in US or Canadian schools in the 12/7 posts, under my comment to Nicola.)

MELISSA - your post was cut off. Please repost and finish your outdoor adventure story. It's time now for a big morning dump. Happy weekend, all!

To Traveller: There is a unisex bathroom at my work, i explained it in my last post. There is one main door, with 2 stalls. The first stall says mens and the second stall says women. I just discovered this the other day...see where i work there are lots of buildings and i got an assignment at this building for the first time.

Poor Kendal!

Who does her Mum think she is? She shouldn't have walked in on Kendal in the shower in the first place, and how Kendal wees is her business!

Little Lou is loads better now, thanks. Now it's Kev that's causing the trouble. He went to a party and came home so drunk that he couldn't stand up.

The three of us had a lovely bathroom moment yesterday. Kev was getting ready for school in the bathroom. Lou needed to wee, so she said could she come in, and Kev said yes, bring Ellie too. It was nice that he allowed us both in. We're getting on really well at the moment. There hasn't been an argument for weeks.

NICOLE & SUZY: be careful about peeing in the park. Once, when I was peeing in the park with Kev, this old lady saw us, and called us "dirty children". There's strange people about...

Love Ellie xxx

Lawn Dogs Kid - I'm most upset! Somehow I didn't get to read your post telling us all of poor Kendal and so I didn't say anything yesterday, you must think I'm horrible. She 's so lovely I know though we've never met and you MUST do all you can to help her - I know you will, you're lovely too and Kendal is lucky to have you near to her. Please give her all my love and say that I too want to join a save our Kendal campaign. I hope she will be back on line soon, its not the same without her is it? Me and Suzy are going to have another upright wee attempt later and we will imagine we are aiming at Kendals Aunt, that will help our aim enormously!
Love to all Nicole & Suzy

In my twenty-some years of construction, I have taken many a satisfying dump. To say that I've deficated in some interesting places would be an understatement. I've gone in everywhere from sewer pipes, porta-johns, my own drawers, and even my buddie's lunchbox. However, my greatest and most satisfying shit was taken in a job site in Manhattan in the month of November. I was on the fifty-second floor of the new ICT building and it was colder than a witches titty in a brass bra. We were just getting ready to wrap it up before lunch, when suddenly I had the urge to "drop my kids off at the pool", if ya know what I mean. Well, anyways, it was either find a spot to shit now, or shit my britches in the elevator on the way down. After what my buddies did to me the last time that happened, I thought I'd reather stick to plan A. Because we were working in a cramped up enough place as it was, I felt wrong to just dump a log on the floor, so I leaned out way over the edge of the bea! m and proceeded to drop my trousers. The wind stung like hell as I hung my fat hairy ass over the ledge, but hey-what can a guy do? I felt a huge bubble of gas force the obstruction on out of my pipes, and I watched as the wind carried the first turd out of sight. The second log again sailed with the wind somewhere towards the crowds of shoppers down on 12th Street, but to my disappointment, missed all of the innocent bystanders and landed on the roof of one of those portable hotdog stands. But the third one- oh, it was a beauty! As I managed to pinch that sucker off, I turned down to watch, the wind blew it into the building, where it made a nice four or five foot streak down a new window somewhere around the 45th floor. As it spiraled down towards the ground, it made a satisfying splatter as it landed on the hood of some broad's shiny new SAAB. I always hated the rich, anyways.

To Lawn Dogs Kid,
I've not posted anything specially to you on this forum before, but I know Louise has done so, and to Kendal also.
Louise is feeling very badly about the way poor Kendal was discovered having a stand up pee in the bath. Louise feels responsible for encouraging Kendal to experiment in the first place. What Louise has said to me is that she wanted to add a word of caution to her advice to Kendal, that she should only proceed to try the standing pee in conditions of privacy. I think Louise's guilt feelings stem from the realisation that she was too late in giving that warning to Kendal, and she is quite upset about it. I am certain that to place Kendal in trouble with her folks is the last thing that Louise wanted. I'm guessing that Louise forgot for a moment that not all parents are
quite so open and understanding as her own mother always has been.
I would like to ask if you (and of course Kendal) can forgive Louise for what was an unfortunate omission in her advice. You do seem a great bunch of kids, and I hope this problem does blow over, most of all for Kendal's sake long term. What does anger me is the truly terrible way that Kendal has been embarrassed in front of her folks by a so-called responsible adult. And for what? Severe punishment for what is a completely harmless act. Such repression can give people severe problems later in life.
Louise is unaware that I am writing this - she herself seems to be in no mood to write at the present time. She is a wonderful person who has a personal mission to spread the word to females that they are capable of standing to pee. With the very best of intentions she tries to find ways to share that knowledge, and she is horrified to find that Kendal has had this bad experience.
You are doing the right thing in giving Kendal your full support. My best wishes to you both.

To Ellie and Little Lou,
Louise was truly delighted that you have tried the standing wee. On her behalf, I feel that Louise would be happy for me to offer congratulations to you both on your success.
Yes, enjoy your standing pees, but please please please take care about just where and when you do it. Our society has these expectations of how boys and girls will do certain things, peeing being an important one of them. So in the year 2000, soon to be 2001, there are still heavy pressures to do particular things in a particular way. As Louise and PV have been discussing for some time, old ways and beliefs die hard and people often do not like to step out of line and say (or _do_) anything unusual.
I do not want to undo any of Louise's hard work (she might get angry with me, and I wouldn't like that), it is simply that you will need to be careful of standing to wee anywhere near someone who might think it is "wrong" to do it. Maybe, years ahead, if enough girls stand, it will be widely accepted. It is just that it isn't accepted now, and it is not your fault that it is that way.
If you enjoy standing at the right times, perhaps the two of you, when you are all grown up, will be able to enjoy standing alongside future boyfriends just the same way as Louise and I. :)

To PV,
After what has happened, I too feel your disappointment in the human condition. I had noticed a change in Louise's normally bright and cheery disposition. She had become much more withdrawn than usual, to my complete bewilderment, as when I asked her if anything was troubling her, she came back at me with the short reply, "nothing". I did not press the matter, and I just decided to step back and give her some space, deciding that if there was no change I would talk to her again. At the time I suspected that something had happened, but not that it had any connection whatsoever to this forum.
It all became clear when I saw Lawn Dogs Kid's posting concerning Kendal's problems. I have not been able to look at this site for a day or two due to lack of time, but it did not take me long to find the cause. When I told her I knew, she started talking to me, and said she wished she had added a word of caution to her advice to Kendal.
On a brief, but lighter note, it seems you share my sense of humour when it comes to the one-liners and situations that frequently appear in the Judge Dredd stories. Your posting certainly put a smile on my face, which was all too quickly wiped off as I read back through the posts. I will send you a proper reply when I can. Right now, as I'm sure you will appreciate, I have another problem to deal with.

Bye for now,


TO JACOB G -Woooah that's a weird story about that guy in the stall-I too would have felt really weird about that too-don't want any of that stuff!
TO MILISSA-Hey good to hear from you!Lets' have some more good stories from you esp since this one got cut off!! tell me the rest! -i always enjoy your stories please re post!
TO LEO-You must be from somewhere warm-where did you do your woods poo?Too cold here in the N E-I miss pooing outdoors!
No calls from the sales lady yet-that was sooo cool-now when the phone rings in the a m i get excited that it's going to be her but so far---Zippo- BTW almost had an accident this a m -was out doing errands and I haden't gone yet and I was driving and out of the blue I got a big cramp and right away i felt my rectum fill up and had to rush to a toilet!-i was no where near the mall or the gym otherwise i would have rushed there-I got home and ran out of the car and as i entered the toilet i was pulling down my pants to get them off and as i was sitting on the bowl,this big hissing fart was coming out and as soon as i was seated this explosion of pudding poop and chunks and farts flew out as i grunted out loud in relief-Wow it was close!This poo wave lasted about 5 secs and I just sat there and checked my underwear and I'm proud to say,they were still clean!I haven't had a "plotch"in my underwear in years,thank god the streak continues!Then i farted a long wet fart and pus! hed out some mucus and 1 real long squgglie-almost a foot long and I really had to push it out Then i felt done and wiped my butt which was splashed with loose poo-I looked in the bowl and all i saw was brown water and a lot of chunks of loose poo and one long squgglie wrapped around the bowl-what a mess,but it sure felt great exploding out of my muscular butt!--I right away jumped into the shower! another 2 mins and i would have had a big problem!-I don't remember eating anything strange-That was a real"touching cloth"poop!-It happened so fast,i really couldn't enjoy it as much as my usual dumps,but still it was a great relief!Whew!Close one!Well i'll keep you all abrest with the sales lady! ( If and when) BYE

Lawn Dogs Kid
What a shame for Kendal,I feel so sorry for her.A possible way out is to say that she heard about having a standing wee from friends(which is not strictly telling fibs)and also that it could be a way of saving embarassment if she's caught short and there's no toilets handy.I also think that your aunts reaction is well over the top;she shouldn't have walked in without knocking,and i'll bet she's peed in the shower at some point too.I hope it all works out for you in the end.

Howdy! Ok, as i'm sitting here typing i'm bout to piss in my pants!
Is everybody's highschool like this:girl walks into class. girl has to go to bathroom. teacher says no. girl either begs until permission granted or has an accident.
lol, this happens everyday at my school. as for me, i only have to go after I get home. I know it's different, but still....
Ashley-glad you could go. stress can definitely make you constipated.
Well, gotta go before I wet myself........c ya

I heard on the radio this morning that pub landlords in Lincoln are complaining because people are nipping into their pubs and using the toilets as public conveniences. Thery're calling on the City Council to provide more public toilets in order to reduce the incidence of this problem. I know that Lincoln isn't over blessed with public toilets but is there a town or city in England that is?

TRAVELLER: I grown up in central Quebec (Canada) and I remember to use unisex bathrooms at my two last elementary years and at my junior high. These buldings was old and build before WWII as a girl school. The coolest part was the handicapped stalls. The one for male was directly in front of the female one and a crack in the wall get some of my best sightings...

About the skiing and peeing story, it is really true? It seems kinda too hard to believe. Two so weird peeing accidents at the same time. I don't know, but lucky you, if it is true.

Lawn Dogs Kid
I'm really grateful for all the support of Kendal that has been flooding in already. The least I can do is thank everyone individually, and answer some of the posts.

ADRIAN: I never thought about selective editing. Very good point ! Thanks.

GARRETT: Thanks for your comments. Hopefully you won't have too long to wait for Kendal to be here again.

COUSIN: Thanks for your great advice again. To tell the truth, although I obviously enjoyed the implications of Linda's post very much, and would love it to happen again some time, I was rather worried about Elena. Not that I wouldn't like it, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven actually, all these nice people wanting to go with me there ! No, I was more worried about you and your feelings, especially as memories of Chloe and Michael still ring fresh in my mind. It seems Michael and Chloe had been carrying on together before the incident I posted about where she willingly went to the toilet in front of him while I was there too. Now I still say I reacted in the best way to it, but history will show, that my trust of Chloe ( and Michael ) was misguided. Cousin, I want to put your mind at rest. I would love to see Elena go, but unlike Michael, the only thing in my mind will be the opportunity of another wonderful toilet experience, which we all love on this site. NOTHING ! ELSE ! In other words, I know I can trust me, and I hope you can too. Kendal is my pole-bearer to that ! Bringing up the subject of Kendal at this point, tell Linda not to worry too much. Kendal is bearing up very well at the moment. Unlike her Mum and Dad ! Kendal tells me she heard them arguing and that her Dad told her Mum that he has taken a wee in the bath on a number of occasions, and was she going to ground him now ! ( Kendal and I nearly wet ourselves together laughing when she told me that ! ) . She sends her love to everyone in the "Cousin" household. PS We had one picture at the top of this site for months without change. You and I should mount a campaign for the restoration of the last picture, to be kept for months !

LINDA: XOXO !! She'll be back. You'll see ! ( hugs better ).

SIMON: Thanks for your great advice too. I know how to do it. It's just a case of getting the opportunity !

EMPHEMERAL: As you will see above, Kendal is sending messages via me anyway ! I know what you mean (evil grin back again !!). However, although Kendal and I have our secret, it is that closeness which Uncle has recognised that is allowing me access to her at all. And in that respect, Uncle's trust is not misplaced !

PV: Aunty is an unequalled, top of the country, continent, world, universe PRUDE !! She always has been. I don't know what possessed Uncle ( my Mum's brother ) to marry her in the first place. But I thank God that he did. Because Kendal wouldn't be here otherwise ! Aunty makes decisions, and 95% of the time they are the right ones to show some respect to her. Problem is, she will never admit to the few wrong ones she makes. And its no use confronting her about it. So, I'm jollying her along at the moment. Something I'm good at with that innocent face of mine !

NICOLE: So glad you and Suzy are having fun with the stand up wees. That was a great story about the practising in the Park while walking the dog ! Look forward to more of those. As you're not responding to mine and Kendal's queries about what is happening with Peter, we won't ask anymore. Save you any embarrassment we might be causing by going on about it all the time !! As for the idea of a joint wee between the four of us, you and Suzy, Kendal and me, now that would be fun if only it was possible ! Still, bet you wouldn't want to really with me there even if it was possible. Weeing with a boy ?!! Love from Andrew x PS Kendal wants me to send her love to you as well !

While the incarceration of Kendal continues, she and I have no chance of watching one another. So we are making up for it by whispering all the gory details in wonderful technicolor in each others ears, in case someone elses bigger ears are listening outside Kendal's bedroom door !!

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