Thanks to all. Elena is a bit more relaxed now and has calmed down. I told her mom how high strung she was(not her fault.. it seem women seem to just love to dish out birth horror stories to new expecting mothers)so they had a talk, whatever they talked about worked. heh. Elena has even relaxed more on the toilet as well. This morning I got a surprise. It was so cute.. I wish I could ahve recorded what i saw as in picture or film but that would ruin Elena's trust in me.. especially the new one she now has in me. Let me explain, I tried to make her comfy as possible so I said if she even wanted to take my gamboy or even my diskman into the bathroom with her she could.. I'd even go as far as to hook up the TV in there for her.(I did that many a time for Linda when she was small and would NOT go to the bathroom cause she'd miss out on TV)I walked into the bathroom and sigh sorry. There was my lovely blushing bride and future mother of my child in her sweatshirt her sweatpant! s and panties pulled down just far enough to expose what needed to be listening to my diskman on the toilet. Sigh it was sooooooo cute.. you HAVE to se a gal on the toilet pooping singing Dancing Queen!!! Sigh. Sorry, I'm blusing from head to toe and I'm so giddy. Okay anyway she opened her eyes and saw me and blushed. She took off the earphones and I told her how's it going. She sat with her hands on her lap and gave me a thumbs up. Then she smiled and closed her eyes and there was a loud KAPLUNK in the toilet. She sighed and rested her head in her hands and looked at me. I could feel my pulse pounding in my head. She smiled and said I really needed that. As for the rest.. sorry a guy has to keep SOME secrets. Anyway, she is more relaxed and I'm giddy as ever. Sorry. Anyway..[tries to keep from cracking up] kendal, andrew.... Linda HAS gone in a dumpster.. but I doubt she remembers cause she was so young. So yeah that funny thought you two had.. is right. I post it.. but Linda might kill me.

J. REED - Stinking it up? One time three friends - two guys, a girl named Mary, and I - met at my place to work on a project. It was a small one b.r. apartment with the bath was just off the living room, at the end of a short hall. Just before lunch, Mary excused herself to go to the bathroom. She was in her early 20's, tall, attractive, large framed, wearing jeans and a sweater. We were working at the hall end of the living room, so we could see Mary close the door behind herself but there wasn't a sound to be heard after that. After about three minutes, though, all of us guys started looking at each other with funny expressions. We couldn't see or hear Mary, but we sure could smell what she had done in there! When she finished and opened the door, the odor got even stronger. Wow, did it stink! We teased her about what her next one would be like, after she'd had lunch. She came right back at us with something like, Yeah, like guys never stink it up, I'll bet.

Once I was visiting a family in another state. I was in my early 20's and this family had two daughters in their late teens. I slept downstairs on the couch and woke up before breakfast with a strong urge to take a dump. There was a half bath right off the kitchen, so I took full advantage. I didn't want to go to the upstairs bath and risk disturbing the whole family. Good thing I didn't, too. You know how it is - sometimes you finish smelling like roses, other times it's a real bomb. This one was a bomb! A few minutes after I'd finished, the two oldest daughters came downstairs. Wouldn't you know it, one of them needed something from the half bath. She opened the door and gasped aloud. "Oh! Who did this?" she and her sister demanded teasingly. "It was YOU, wasn't it? Ewwww, it smells awful." All I could do was smile and shrug my shoulders.

ROSE - I'd love to have a pooping session with my wife like you did with your guy. She recently came in to do an urgent BM while I was showering, something she hardly ever does, but wiping each other? Maybe someday.

ASHLEY - Normal pooping shouldn't hurt at all. You might have hemorrhoids or something else easily treatable, or it might be more serious. If the pain doesn't go away very soon, ask your parents to take you to the doctor. Don't be embarrassed. Healthy is better.

Emily, Did you ever try to poop or pee with your legs crossed in lady like fashion? If you did was it messy?

I have to go into the hospital in early January for an elective procedure & I'll be confined to a hospital be for a few days. Someone I know (not very well) had the same procedure done last year told me that it was "very strange using a bedpan". I didn't want to ask her, but how does one use a bedpan? I don't want to appear dense, but I really have no idea. I am going to try to hold my poop until I am discharged, but just in case, I'd like to know. I really don't like the idea of anyone seeing my waste.


Well, me and Lou have learnt how to wee standing up, and we can do it properly. Kev was really impressed.

LOUISE and PV: Yes, me and little Lou read the posts on this site from you both, so I guess we owe you a big "Thank you"!

ANDREW: Kev says he treasures both his little sisters, but he says he doesn't show it too often in case we start to get big-headed! You were right though. Now all the stuff about what that girl did to him is out in the open, he's almost back to normal!

KENDAL: It was nice to hear how you and Andrew started watching each other. We started in our family when I was 7,and Kev was 8. Our parents had just bought a pub, (we still live there now), and we moved in above it. It was really creepy in the dark, so if I needed the toilet at night, I'd go and wake Kev up and get him to come with me. When Little Lou was about 5, we let her in on our secret and let her come too. Ever since then, we've always gone to the toilet together. We're really close, so I don't see any reason why we shouldn't. We enjoy it. Our parents probably wouldn't like it much, but what they don't know doesn't hurt them.

Kev had a really good idea today. He suggested that when our mum and dad go to church on Sunday, we could open the men's toilets in the pub, and me and Lou could practice using the urinals. I think it's a great idea. Our parents will be out, so it will be just us in the pub, because we don't open till lunchtime on Sundays! I'll let you know what happens. Until then, we'll just satisfy ourselves with the fence in the fields, or the park.

Bye, love Ellie xxx

Little Lou
Hello I'm Ellie's little sister. I think she's told you about what me and her and our big brother Kev get up to. Well, NICOLE: Ellie says you want to pee standing up like we do. I got it quicker than she did, so she asked me to help you. The 1st time we did it, we did it together in the shower, and yes, it did run down our legs. But then we tried aiming the stream with our fingers, and it worked. We got all the instructions off this site. Just have a look at Louise and PV's old posts. They will tell you all you need to know. I'm only just 9 and I managed it, so it's not difficult. Good luck, love Little Lou xxxxxxxxxxx


Today at work i got this assignment and it was to go to this one particular ward with hospital pacients on the ward. This one older lady comes up to the nurse and says...."I I I don't feel good....Im constipated". Then a while later i heard her say "do you think i'll be better tomorrow to go out"? I guess she wanted to go somewhere. I forget what else was said. Being in this surounding, im always hearing things that are bathroom related.

To JacobG: I was here yesterday...just lurking...nothing to report on. Thanks for caring. About sitting in the sink with hot water.... um i did that the other night because i was having stomach cramps and i needed to pass that hard shit ASAP...i didn't work well last time. I haven't had to use that method since the other night and i haven't been since.

To TTT: I've got a good question?? How do you post and read these messages if you are blind?? And how do you know that your Indian friend isn't watching you shit?

i posted this recently, but i think it got lost in the log jam of posts which seemed to release about six pages worth on the same day! so i thaught i’d re-post now things are back to normal. it would be great to get some feedback on the following .cheers all.

looking through some very old posts,the time has come to send one in myself.
the question i would like to ask everybody is; did you as a child or teenager often have dirty underwear? i’m not talking about one off accidents, but did you often hold your poo just to avoid going to the toilet?
thinking back to when i was a boy, i cannot recal a single time of actually going to the toilet, but many instances of holding back often for hours at a time until the feeling passed. i had various hiding places arround the house & garden where, when i had to do a poo, i would run to and stand with my legs crossed squeezing with all my might until the feeling passed and i could carry on playing. depending how desperate i was this would happen from once to ten or more times a day! i do not recal any particular reason for not just going to the toilet- my way just seemed better. obvoiusly ones ability to hold back is not always sucessful and so pooy pants (underwear to all you americans) often resulted. i would always know when this had happened, as i would get a cold feeling arround my bottom from the dirty pants. i would then usually go and find mum to clean me up. i never recal being shouted at and this continued up to the age of 13-14 after which i used to wash my! ow! n pants and hide them to dry before putting them in the laundry basket.
as far as i could tell, most of the other boys i knew did a similar thing to a greater or lesser extent. i think my best friend used to do it on a major scale. often when we were playing he would crouch down, squirm about and make the most strange faces as he faught to keep the poo back. strange noises would often be heard which we called ‘having a baby’ neither of us ever admitted what we were doing but i think we both knew. once his mum came into his bedroom and said ‘where have you hidden youy dirty pants: don’t deny it, i can smell them” she was also always asking him if he needed to go to the toilet so i guess his pants were a constant problem.
slightly later on when i was in my early teens another friends little brother who was 10 had the same problem. i never saw him holding it but i saw and heard plenty
of evidence to confirm that he definately did. by that age i was facinated by the idea, and often used to go to the bathroom to look in the dirty washing basket for his underwear. every pair i ever found was soiled to some extent, from mild stains an inch or so long, to major brown patches four or five inches long! he was always being told off and shouted at by his mum.
amongst all the other boys i knew i would suggest that it was the norm rather than the exception to have dirty underwear and it certainly wasn’t considered odd.
there were various techniques used to keep poo back- some worked better than others. crossing your legs as i did worked pretty well, crouching down as my friend did (i have tried in later years) does not seem to work too well- big messes resulting. i have seen other kids just shove their fingers up their bottoms which obviously results in major dirty pants.
so come on then lets hear your childhood/teenage memories. did you or your friends do similar things- did you try to hide/dispose of your underwear? i would imagine girls do the same sort of thing but probably not on the same scale as the boys.
peace to you all.

kim and scott
hello everyone! this is kim and scott again with another post. A few days ago my parents had a dinner date with friends and they told me they would be back late.They left a chicken dinner for me in the fridge I said ok to them as they left out the front door. when they where gone I decided to call my boyfriend scott over to my house. scott told me he would be over right away. when scott arrived we ate the chicken dinner that my parents had prepared for me. after we finished the dinner I felt the need to have a HUGE MOTION! I then told scott about this as he followed me upstairs to the bathroom.(Scott loves to watch me on the toilet) as soon as we entered the bathroom I took off my tight pink sweater,zipped down and took off my tight blue jeans, and slipped off my underwear and socks. i was very naked. I turned my head around to look at scott and i told him to get the camcorder . i wanted him to film me taking an enormous bowel movement! scott who still had his clothes on went ! to get the camcorder. when he came back I was nude kneeling right on the toilet bowl with my ass facing outwardly towards scott. i had an old pan from the bathroom cabinet on the floor so I could squeeze my log into it! I then signaled scott to start filming me as I began to push. my ass quivered excitedly as a dark brown log started to appear. I then pushed harder as my ring dilated and my log grew bigger and bigger in size! my boyfriend scott was getting great close-ups of my ass squeezing out this huge log! I pushed still harder as my ring widened more as my log grew to an incredible size! the way my massive log was coming out at scott filming it, it must of looked like 3-D! Boy! did I have to shit folks! this was now a gigantic horse sized bowel movement I was squeezing out! which was coming out of my ass really slow. each push I did sent great tingling jolts of electricity in my ass!I then pushed again as my humongous beast lengthened!I had to stop to catch my breath fro! m pushing because my log was sooo big! My ring was totally outstretched by this monster turd! I then took a deep breath and braced myself as I moaned "MEOW"!! in pure pleasure like the great sex kitten I was as I blasted out a mammoth brown torpedo from my quivering hole! the log went right into the pan on the floor. My ass still quivered excitedly after that size log! i then got off the bowl to look at my log with scott. we saw that my log was an enormous ,dark brown sausage that was thick and solid! scott filmed my log with the camcorder and then went to get the measuring tape. when scott came back he measured my log at 18 inches long. 2.5 inches thick!!. what a whopper huh? folks! I then wiped myself and picked up the pan on the floor with my huge log in it and dumped it in the bowl and flushed it down with difficulty. scott was soo excited by my log he took off all his clothes too and we had more fun together!!haha! hoped you all liked the story. from kim and scott. P.S ! thanks to all who like the kim and scott posts. special hellos to-LOUISE AND STEVE,PV,JOHN (vt),LINDA GS ,LAWN DOGS KID AND COUSIN KENDAL,J.k,DAZZ,DAVE,BUZZY,NICOLA MIA, MOIRA,ANNE THE BUSDRIVER,ADRIAN,UNDIN,NONAME,MR.MIKE,LOGGER,TONY FROM SCOTLAND and more. WHEW I am out of breath so long now!

Lawn Dogs Kid
I know I've said about it already, but that picture up the top really does something for me !

LOUISE: My appearance doesn't bother me at all. Baby face and blonde ! I've been able to use it to my advantage on many an occasion. No one thinks I can do any wrong. Little do they know !

KIRSTY: Don't know if you are likely to revisit this site, but Kendal and I will see you off the 10am bus on Saturday, o.k ?

LINDA: Are you really gonna let me watch you take a poop ? Kendal has put me on my guard now in case you're teasing me ! XOXO.

NICOLE: Now I'm very embarrassed ! Fancy being caught out on all fours trying to get a better view ! Kendal really laid that part of the story on thick ! I hold my hands up, I really did do that. And do you know what, I damned glad I did ! Had any good stand-up wees yet ? Do tell ! Love Andrew.

Kendal met me off the school bus this afternoon to talk about Kirsty and our planned visit at the weekend. Still in her school uniform, we got to my house where upon we immediately took advantage of my Mum and Dad still being at work. My God, I was desperate for a wee ! I pulled my trousers and pants down, and I couldn't let it go to begin with because it was hurting so much. But after managing the first dribble, it came out of me in a solid steady stream that must have lasted a minute. Relief beyond all imagination ! Then Kendal took her turn, lifting up her school skirt, and pulling these really thick tights she was wearing down to her knees, and then her panties to the same place. "The poo position" I commented to her. She smiled and replied "yeah, saved it just for you!". The dear girl ! She sat down, and holding her skirt up high above her ???? as normal, I melted as her eyes stared straight into mine while she concentrated on the job in hand. She sucked her bott! om lip under her front teeth, and breathed in a huge breath through her nose, and then I looked down in time to see her little ???? begin to clench and strain for around five seconds, and then it relaxed again. Her poos slid out of her with no effort at all. Flop.........flop...flop.flop............plip ! The tiny end piece was the one that made the most noise, and even that was just a plip sound. Kendal looked so disappointed at her efforts. But I wasn't, and I told her so. Whether she turns out to be Miss Flop or Miss Plop really doesn't matter. Both are just as exciting to me, waiting for the first poo noise, the huge buzz of anticipation. Kendal couldn't disappoint me having a poo even if she tried !

Being shy at school I often had pee or pooping accidents and just sat in it, well red in the face until other lads spotted the mess or smell and told the teacher.At 7 I pooed in class my school shorts and sat 1 hour.At 10 I went for a pee in the school toilets and soiled my pants in the rear very bad.I was laughed at so long.At 14 I had diarrea on the football pitch in white shorts,very bad day.At 15 the runs in my school uniform in physics and at 16 pissed my trousres on the school bus home by accident.I then deliberatly soiled my clothes as it made me feel sexy.Especially as the other youths didn't know what was between my bum and pants,so hot.
Love messy justin.

Lawn Dogs Kid. I too watched 'Take A Girl Like You' and was disappointed that there were no toilet scenes this week - although to be honest I wasn't surprised. To answer your question, if I remember correctly, in last week's 'loo scene' Jenny pulled her knickers down to just below her knees and they were white ones - although to be honest it's academic.

To Ray
That must have been embarising with the door opening all the time. Do all the doors in your school open so you can see guys using the can?
To all you folks who like to watch yourselves pooing I thought I was the only one until I came accross this Websight. Keep us informed Ray good luck. Iwould like to share stories with you folks I will have a story soon.

To PV,
Hello there. As promised, her is my full reply to your most recent posting. Actually, some of the points I have already answered yesterday. Anyway, to complete the job ...

I have not asked her this myself (some might find it difficult to work into the conversation, I guess), but Louise told me that her friend Jackie removed her bikini bottoms when using the mens' room at our local pool for no other reason than 'it seemed like a good idea'. It seems Jackie sometimes urinates an irregular 'cone' of fluid rather than a stream. Now even Louise's twisting streams can spread out, of course, but we were all chatting about it a few days ago. Jackie had frequently been practicing urinating while standing in the shower, and had varying degrees of success. The recent level of interest from some relative newcomers to the forum makes me wonder just how many females out there are doing the same. Some of the postings suggest that interest in standing could well increase with the passage of time. I'm told that Jackie has become quite proficient in the technique, not that I have yet seen this in person <snicker>. Another success for Louise's tuition!
Jackie's reaction to the interior of the mens' room was one born out of novelty. Actually seeing for herself how the fittings were designed, and thinking about how men have stood in front of the urinal and pissed at the steel wall, was all very new and fresh to her as an experience. Not that she at all minded being there. It will no doubt be of interest to her to try out an individual urinal at some time in the future, rather than the steel wall type.
Something else that Jackie wondered about was the perhaps disputable matter of who can wee the greatest distance - males or females? Inevitably at some stage I will be the male representative in some bizarre contest, mismatched against a team of women including my own girlfriend, who I know can go some for distance if she really tries. It hardly seems fair, does it, though I have no idea just what kind of venue they have in mind for such an event.

Your mention of the Judge Dredd story brought a smile to my face. Haven't seen that particular story where Dredd finds the pile of human crap in the shopping mall. "Don't worry, citizen, we'll get to the bottom of this'. Ha ha, typical Dredd humour. I've always hugely enjoyed the Judge Dredd stories, from the very darkest to the ones on the lighter subjects. Outstanding. Actually, since Mega City 1 always seems to recycle virtually everything including body parts, there would be some very inventive recycling of human bodily waste too, you might suppose. I wonder what the penalty would be for say, failure to recycle urine? Solids? In a poisoned world it seems that such resources might be relatively scarce. There's another one for you to have a little think about...

Perhaps soon I will have something more substancial to discuss with you soon. If Louise is involved, I'm sure it will be very much worth posting about.

We'll talk again soon. Take care now.


Tuesday, December 05, 2000

Ashley. You should talk about the pain you're having with your Mum and Dad. I think they should take you to do the doctor for a check up. Although I don't think there's liklely to be anything seriously wrong with someone your age you should see the doctor all the same - he or she might be able to prescribe some medicine or a course of treatment for your condition. Good luck.

Hello everyone!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, me and my fiance had a wonderful pooping session at his cousin's house. No one was there but us, so we had all the privacy we needed. I was watching TV when he told me that he had to poop badly, so we both got up and went to the bathroom. He immediately went over to the toilet and flushed it (maybe his cuz had left something floating in there that he wanted to drain before he got started.) Then I sat on the tub and he sat down on the toilet to poop. We talked and held hands while he went at it. Then he began plopping...and soon, he was finished. He told me to limit the amount of TP I used to wipe him because the toilet was a bit weak. So I tore off small pieces and wiped him gently. I told him I had to pee so he fixed his clothes and washed his hands. I began peeing and told him that I felt a poop coming on too, but he told me to wait til he flushed first. (He always does the flushing when we go to the bathroom together.) So I peed ! and waited patiently for him to finish washing his hands. He then reached behind me and pressed the lever down, holding it. I could hear the water swirling under me. Then everything gurgled down the drain. Well after I heard the gurgle, I started pooping big time. It didn't take long for me to finish and he started wiping me. He flushed the toilet, but it only partially did the job, so he grabbed one more piece of TP, wiped me one last time, and flushed the toilet again. Everything swirled around for what seemed like forever, but eventually it all went down the drain. Now that was not a good pooping toilet...and I am glad everything worked out because I would not have wanted his cousin to come home and find that we had clogged her toilet!

one i was sitting down on a coach with my girl next to me and she announced she had to shit. I was astonished. I had never heard her say that before. Anyway, she got up, farted, and bean walking towards the toilet. She was a little drunk, and for some reason decided se wasnt closing the door. She went in, pulleed her pants down and began pushing.

billy L
Ashley, my cousin had the same thing. She had some sort of abcess or infrection or other. A doctor had to drain it like 3 or 4 times, and he was fine after that. I think she was embaressed, but other than that, I think she was ok. I think you should tell your parents. It really hurt when she pooped, too.

Hi all, I love this site. I love reading all the stories but I am so shy when it comes to pooping anywhere but home, or in private. I have held in many turds waiting to get home. Just last week a freind of my gf was here and I was too embarassed to poop while she was here. Anyone else have this problem?

To Ashley,

I read your post. If you could describe in detail how it hurts. Does it hurt when you try pushing or just when you sit on the toilet?

J. Reed
What's up y'all? Nothin much is going on here. Anyway I have another story I would like to share with you guys. My little brother had this little friend of his who he doesn't really like very much over at our house playing video games. I don't like him at all but he was my brother's company and I couldn't kick him out. Anyway he says that he has to go to the bathroom but doesn't say if he has to pee or take a dump! Anyway he goes and takes five minutes then I suddenly have to go pee. When I get to the bathroom it smells like crap if you know what I mean. Yes the guy I do not like stinks up the bathroom and I have to wait 15 minutes before going back in there. Man I tell you it smelt bad!!!!!! Anyway the J. Reed question of the day is HAS ANYONE EVER CAME TO YOUR HOUSE AND STUNK UP YOUR BATHROOM OR HAVE YOU GONE TO ANYONE'S HOUSE AND STUNK UP THEIR BATHROOM? Hit me back anyone.

Ashley- I think I can help you out with your problem. Just go take your dump and even though it may hurt the pain might go away later or if that doesn't work I think something may be wrong with you. You might be constipated or you might have an ulcer or something like that. Anyway if the problem continues I think you better tell someone like your parents or a even doctor. I hope this advice helps you out.

I got a story....
For the last 2 days my stomach was feeling funny, i thought maybe i was getting a stomach virus or the Flu...but i wasn't really nasusaded or any thing. I felt a tad nasusus...but i was able to eat. I go to work yesterday and eat some baked chicken with the skin on it. I come home and eat dinner and my stomach totaly feels funny, nauseaded and stuff...Then i feel a rumble in my stomach and i knew i was gonna need the bathroom. I go up stairs and try and go, i had cramps. I'd rate them a 6.5(10 being worst and 1 being mild). I push and push i get a few hard balls out then i still feel that rumbling(the loose shit trying to get out). Then i fill the sink up with hot water and i tried sitting in that and playing with my anus to get those hard balls out....Nothing worked...then i turned to a suppository, i put one up my anus. And like 5 min later i had to shit, i got that hard stuff out and it was pure liquid after that. Then i get in bed after this and i felt a need to go aga! in, i let a few drops out. Then this moring i tryied to go again cause i was feeling a little rumbing...and nothing happened. It's since gone away.

Mari- one thing that always interests me when girls are desperate to poo...did you put your hand over your butt and press on it when you were desperate?

J. Reed: I poop four or five times a day, with each session lasting about 10 minutes. I spend about half that time getting it out and the other half wiping. I wipe with wet tissue and liquid soap.

SteveinSTL: Good to see you are still around. A while back, you, at least I think it was you, told me about a bathroom in a park on St. Petersburg beach without stall doors. I made a special trip to that park just to check it out. As my luck would have it, nobody was in there when I walked in. I am too shy to use one of those myself, but I would have loved to see someone else using them.

Byrian: Where are you today? You usually post everyday. I liked your story about sitting in the sink with hot water. Have you had to do that anymore?

Lawn Dogs Kid
That has to be one of the best pictures I've seen at the top of this site. Many more of those, thank-you !

KIM: What a fantastic story about the midnight poo. Done in the nude again I see ! For some reason though, when I saw the girl in the picture, I immediately saw you in my mind, with a little skirt pulled up over your hips just like her ! Seems I missed out on Kendal's biggest ever poo though, having just read her post.

KIRSTY: So now you know the secret that Kendal and I have. You lucky girl ! I wish I had been able to see Kendal's big poo as well. Don't worry your little head about things. You are part of the gang big time now ! I'll have a chat with Kendal later and we'll come to town to see you this weekend, on the bus. There is nothing to be afraid about. Neither of us would want you to feel unhappy or uncomfortable about anything. But then you know that really, don't you ? Hopefully see you soon. Love from Andrew.

COUSIN: I pity you my friend. Having to put up with two "hypochondriac" women ! (just kidding girls !)

NICOLE: Cool story about you and Suzy in the shoe shop ! And your big wee in the gutter ! I see Kendal has been appealing for help on your behalf. Not that you needed it, because I also see PV has responded to you already with full instructions. Now I shall really look forward to hearing about you and Suzy practising ! No news on the Peter front ? Take care my dear, love Andrew.

ELLIE: Your too kind to me ! Hey, perhaps now Kev's problem over what that girl did to him is out in the open, he might be a bit kinder to you and little Lou now. He should treasure you both, like I treasure my little cousin Kendal !

LINDA: Hello angel ! So whats this I've been reading about. You making a nuisance of yourself with Elena and Miguel ?! Never ! Your thanksgiving poop story was well worth the wait I have to say. Poor you, having to do it in the trash can ! ( I still laugh when I remember Kendal thinking that you sat on the big dustbin to go, do you remember that ? ) Hope you are getting better from your bad cold. Still, if you had a bad cold, it must have helped when you had to go in the trash can. You wouldn't have been able to smell the huge poop you made ! Now whose teasing me ! Of course I'd love to see you take a poop, but I think Kendal wouldn't let me. Anyway, you are teasing aren't you ? ( he says, hoping you are not ! ). Just found out what XOXO means by reading some old correspondence from you to some chap called Andrew P. ( wonder what happened to him, his stories about his cousin Jayne suddenly stopped. Mores the pity, they were getting really good !) Anyway, XOXO to you ! !

Watched the second episode of Take A Girl Like You last night. How disappointing ! No toilet scene this week ! Didn't get any response to my question over where Jenny's knickers were positioned last week. So I presume there wasn't anyone out there as sad and interested as I was in why a woman would wear her knickers under her skirt half way down her thighs ! I shall just have to put it down to "Artistic Impression" !

Hi everyone.
No, Aaron, I'm not leaving. We're getting ready for finals here, and I have trouble finding time to post. But I'm still here.
Hey, Arron, do you know if any of the Indian friends you have ever use enemas? I'd heard once that Indians often did. But out of all the ones I know here, only one does. And he didn't tell me, I over heard him in the bathroom one morning and figured out what he was doing. He thought I was still asleep. I was borrowing his room to sleep in and he was sleeping in the livingroom. But he had to come in to use the bathroom.
An interesting thing happened to me and my Indian friends this summer. We were taking a road trip from Chicago to San Fransisco. We'd stopped at a service station somewhere in Colorado, and I was going to use the restroom. There was only one uni-sex restroom with two stalls. Well, the friend who'd walked into the station with me didn't have to go. (let me take this moment to explain that I'm blind. This will make the next sentence make more sense.) Anyway, for some reason, the people at the gas station had propped the bathroom door open with an empty chip rack or something like that. Since that area was crowded, he guided me into the restroom. Sure, there were two stalls with doors, and the door to the room was open, but I'd never thought he'd just walk into the restroom with me like that. He did leave afterI'd gotten acquainted with my surroundings.
I just came back from my morning pee. And I keep getting so annoyed with the girls here in the dorm. Maybe some of the women on this forum should teach them how to pee standing up. Because every day I go into the bathroom here, all the seats are covered in pee where girls came in and hovered over the toilet and peed everywhere. It's worse than when my stepfather misses the bowl. (lol) I don't think they realize how nasty they're making it for those of us who might have to do more than pee.
Here's a humorous recollection and then I'll wrap things up for the day. Last summer (with the same group of guys I keep mentioning) we were all sitting around talking. One guy just finished a large coke from somewhere. And then another guy asked if there was any coke left in the house. There wasn't, and that's why the first guy had gone out the buy one from Wendy's or somewhere. The other guy said "Well, I want one!" And the one who'd finished his said, "Well, I finished mine. I could pee it out and give it to you, though." And, me trying to be humorous also, said "That gives a whole new meaning to fountain head, doesn't it?" Okay, it wasn't that funny now, but it was when it happened. Take care everyone. I'll be back tomorrow.

ASHLEY - i no what you mean this has happened to me too .... all you have to do is wait it out and eventually it will come......p.s where are you from??? i would also like to hear some pooping stories you have had if u want to share them

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