Hello, all! Today I had a males friend come over. Before he left I told him to just walk on in, but I meant the house while I showered, not the bathroom, as I had to take a shower.
I knew I needed to crap like a cow but try as I did I couldn't get anything out but two marble-size pieces. I sat there straining and rocking back and fourth and that's all I got for that much work. I finally gave up and showered before the guy came. And yes, he came upstairs, haha.

I have another diarrhea story. I was recently out of state for a big event. I hadn't had anything all day except a large Pepsi. Well, by the time I got back to my hotel in the late afternnoon my stomach started feeling a little unpleasant. I was supposed to meet a cute guy friend in the lobby but didn't want to get sick in his car.
I showered and then sat on the toilet trying to push out the diarrhea. Nothing happened, so I got dressed and went downstairs to the lobby. As I sat there waiting for him I felt this very strong cramp that made my eyes pop open.
I shot out off my chair and ran into the elevator as the cramps worsened. I was panicked he was going to get on and see me flood my skirt and elevator.
As soon as I got into my bathroom and sat down frothy orange liquid poured out of my hole. Within ten seconds I was completely empty. I quickly wiped up with a warm, soapy washcloth and dried off. When I went downstairs he was waiting but didn't question why I was five minutes late.


Poor Little Lou isn't very well at the moment. She kept on being sick in the night, and when me and Kev went to school this morning, she had been in the toilet for half an hour. The poor little thing had an accident so her bedsheets had to be changed. There's times when I wish we didn't share a bedroom....

Kev and me had a long brother/sister talk as we walked to school this morning. We had a standing pee together in the bushes. I felt sorry for Little Lou that she missed out, but it's nice for me and Kev to do something together.

Actually, we've got a bit of a dilemma. Our cousin Jemma, who's Kev's age is coming to stay for a few days. She knows that we often go to the toilet in front of each other, and sometimes she joins in. Kev wants me and Lou to show her our standing pee. I'd like her to learn how to do it, but I think she'd probably die of shock, as she's a bit shy about bathroom habits. What do you think?

PV: Little Lou says that if more girls our age were taught how to pee standing up then public toilets would probably be much cleaner. I think she's right, and I think we should start a campaign for girls mine and Lou's age to be taught. At our age, me and Lou are open-minded, so perhaps other people would be too.

KIKI and ELENA: When are your babies due?

Bye for now, lots of love Ellie xxx.

Thanks for your replies everyone. I am fine now, I waited, it came out, and I'm fine. I think it was all the stress from school. I will post some dump stories like tommorow.

Hey, my name's Garrett and I'm 12.
Kendal: I love your stories, keep them coming.
Anyway, I just had a nice poo after I got home from school. I went straight to the bathroom. It was so relieving! It must have been a new record! I would guess somewhere near 8-10 inches. It made the loudest plop too. Anway, I would also like to ask what makes it hard for most guys to pee in the shower, because I seem to be able to do it very easily. Finally, if anyone has a really good story, feel free to send it to me.


SteveinSTL, Nick spent quite a few hours at my place on the Saturday and then came back again on Sunday. Each day he took a piss, nothing more. The wait goes on. J. Reed, in the days when Nick did shit fairly regularly while visiting me, he often warned me not to go into the bathroom after he had been in there. Usually I would go to take a shit of my own and then I would tell him that I had stunk the place up even worse than he had!

Billy L.
Last winter, I was walking accross the lake with some friends, my brother and his girlfriend. The lake is about 10 minutes from our house. We were going to my friends for a sleepover (my brother was walking his girlfriend home). Before we got to the lake, Jean was walking kind of funny and fast. My brother asked if she was ok. She said that she was fine, but hurry up. My brother told us to hurry up.

About halfway accross, she said she really had to take a dump. My brother said can't you wait. She said, no, I have to go right now. He said, what are you going to do, squat right here? She said yes. He told us to keep walking. She stop where she was, and dropped her jeans and started squattign. We knew my brother would get really mad if we waited, so we went on ahead. The next morning, we went out to the lake to play hockey. We could see where she wnet because there was a frozen pile of poo surrounded by frozen brown diarrhea. Frozen in witht he rest of the poo was some used tissues. The tissues ont he diarreha part were completely brown. Those ont he turds were brown just on the bottom. I guess she really had to go.

The other funny thing that happened last winter happened while we were skiing. I was with my little brother and my friend Paul. My brother said he had to poop while we skiing. The first aid lodge has a bathroom in it and we asked if we could use the toilet. Me and my friend Paul had to poop too, so we went in with my brother. While we were int he bathroom, we could hear efverything was going on in the first aid place. They brought some girl in. They asked what was happened. She said she hap to pee at the top of the mountain. Her friends said, just go off the to side behind the bushes and pee int he woods. She did that. A gust of wind pushed her just far enough to get her going downhill while she was peeing. About a quarter of the way she fell and broker her leg.

About two minutes later, a guy came in with a broken arm. They asked what happened. he said that he was skiing down hill and he thought he saw a women with her pants around her legs skiing. He looked back and ran into another person who just fell in front of him. He felled down and broke his arm trying to break his fall.

Paul and my brother went first. my brother really had to go and made a pretty big poo. Paul made just one floater log and I made two big floater logs. When we were done pooing, we played sink the sub (we took aim at the floaters with our pee). I guess we were pretty quiet., because when we came out, the lady seem pretty surprised. And she turned red pretty quick, because I guess she knows we heard the whole thing. The nurse asked if we fell in. I said, we didn't, but we all had to things that fell in. She just laughed. But the lady with the borken leg didn;t think it was so funny. I guess because she got caught with her pants down.

IT sure is wierd going poo with ski boots on. I gues because your ankles cannot move and the ski boots make your legs higher than usual. It is the wierdst part about skiing. Except, of course, breaking your leg while skiing.

Hi Jon, yes, I sounded much like you, I never really went to the toilet when I needed, I would almost always have some form of brown stain in my pants, i would need to go and try and hold, normally i would be playing with friends or on the computer, when i went to school and had games i would always try and put on dark pants so people couldn't see any stains, on some occassions I would have an outright accident in my pants, I can remember this up until about the age of 15. I don't think i was alone like this, some of friends did the same, when i went round there house I would see there dirty pants so I know it wasn't just me. Sometimes i would get a wet patch on my pants cause i needed a wee as well and left it a bit late.


I imagine using a bed pan is much like using a toilet. When you need to go you tell the nurse. The curtains will be closed around your bed and you sit and do your business. when you are done you let a nurse know. You get wiped and she empties the bed pan. You probably will stink up the place a bit. Well what can you do.

TO SMITH-Sounds like a serious poo you did!I do poos like paste when i eat tex-mex food-boy don't those feel great when you are doing them!One question about how long was the poop?
TO KIM & SCOTT-What a cool idea with the camcorder-Boy would i love to watch that tape!If I were scott I would have lost my mind taping that moment!Scott you lucky guy you!I'm sure somewhere on the net,you can send that in to let all of us enjoy!(Boy would i like to know where that website is!) Good stuff!
Hey,remember a few months back,i told you guys about this call i got from a woman solicitor when i was on the bowl-well this a.m she called again!I was having some OJ about 15 mins after i got up and I was beginning to feel the morning urge and the phone rang-I answered it and i heard this woman's voice and she mentioned that she had called awhile back and she mentioned that I was going to the bathroom then and she said she was sorry that she interrupted me-I said it was OK and then she asked me if I was on the bowl now-I said "no,but i'm on my way now"I figured what the hell and here's where it got interesting and she said "well don't let me stop you you know when you gotta go- you gotta go"I thought this is too good to be true!I said " You don't mind?" And she said "I saved your phone nunber just so I could enjoy it with you ,if you don't mind"I said "You know this never happened to me before,do you enjoy this sort of thing?"she said" I never really thought about ti til! i heard you last time on the phone and I thought it was really nice to hear you-in a way it sounded sexy and it sounded like you were enjoying going to the bathroom " I was in heaven!So I went to the toilet and told her that I really had to go-This didn't feel like one of my good poops but i still had to go.She said " go ahead and go,I won't bother you,i'll just be quiet while you go"I was soo thrilled,so i sat on the bowl and passed some dry sounding pre-poop gas and started to push out the 1st turd and I listened to her on the phone and as i was pushing out the gas i heard her exhale as though she was pooing,not me!Then the 1st turd came out and splashed into the bowl and she said " you feel better now?" and I said " yes ,that was nice and we started to talk about how we never did this before and how much fun it was and she told me that she hoped that she wouldn't lose her job over this and I said " hey your secret is safe with me"I asked her as I was sitting on the bowl w! here she was from and she said "Chicago" and I said " Too bad you are so far away" and then I felt like i had to poo more and I said" I got to go again" and She said"Ok good go ahead and I pushed out some soft poo with gas along with it and I kinda put the phone toward my butt and I'm sure she got to hear it well.Then I felt done and I said " I think i'm done" and she said"Sound like you go alot"I said" this isn't one of my better ones,you should have called me on thanksgiving!'and laughed and so did she -She said " I really enjoyed that-can I call you again?"I said " sure anytime i really enjoyed it too can I hear you sometime too or can we do this thing together?"Now i may have been taking a chance in saying that to her and she said "Ok maybe-I may be a bit shy about doing that" I asked her when she goes and she said she goes in the morning after her run and coffee-I told her to please call me and she would have an appreciative audience. She said "maybeI'll try that"Then I s! aid"it was a really nice experience and and next time you want to call me,please do" and she said " Oh that's great" so long-hope to hear from you again" I couln't believe it-this was great-I think she enjoy that moment-I know I did-Hope she calls again -I should have asked her for her phone #,but then again maybe i did the right thing! think a lot of people would enjoy pooing over the phone to others-Lets all do it!LOL Then i wiped and showered and I was still talking to myself about this and couln't wait to post this-What a great Christmas present!HO HO HO !!I'll keep you all posted on this-(My luck she won't call me) Hey if she is a poster on this forum-you know who you are and please call me again!BYE

This a great sight.I am a guy and I usually avoid pooping at school at all costs. But yesterday I had to go big time. I told myself just do it and I did. The bathroom is aways crowed so I walked in one stall was free---no doors by the way. I pulled my pants and shorts down hit the seat and let a loud fart go followed by two more farts. Then two big logs.One guy looked at me through the mirror while washing his hands other than that no problem I might save my poops for school after this? Anyone else try to avoid pooping at school?
When you have to go you go. D.E.L. freshman in high school

First post. Have enjoyed this site. Brings back many memories of my earliest experiences which sowed my continuing fascination with that most satisfying urge: doing a big job and watchiing others do the same. I remember at the age of 4 standing in front of my house in the suburbs as a man on a horse stopped at the curb to talk to my Dad. I was mesmerized as the horse put up its tail displaying its puckered hole and proceeded to slowly squeeze out fat round turds, about 20 at least, which fell one by one into a gigantic pile.

From that moment I was curious to know what my friends could do. I was pretty persuasive with two of my male friends in getting them to show me how they did it. We would be out playing and when one of them had to go we would look for an isolated spot -- an unfinished overgrown cellar hole was a favorite spot -- and my young friends would drop their pants and as I crouched behind them, do a big job. I do not recall that any of these turds were anything but perfect sausages which came out at various speeds and curled slowly to the ground.

I pursuaded a young girl my age to do it under our front porch, but she had difficulty and got upset. This upset me as well and I never asked her again.

While we lived at this house which was near the woods I went, when out with one of the older girls (I was 7 she was maybe 9). I had to pee and offered to let her see me if she woulld show me. She agreed and we each dropped our pants. I was fascinated by her equipment,so different from my little wiener, and I showed her how far my stream could go. She reneged on the deal, however, and maybe it was true that she just did't have to go. I remember feeling quite cheated!

In those early days I could not bring myself to go in front of my friends. This early reticence ended later at the age of ten or so, when two of my cousins were living with us, and we spent many an afternoon after school watching each other shit. The older cousin generally produced long motions, the younger short fat ones. I demonstrated my own prowess and we did, like some of your correspondents, have a lot of fun trying to sink the floaters.

I still have fond memories of those early days in the woods when it was so natural to poop anywhere. I now wish I could have felt as free as my friends to do so. That came later and, but that's another story which I'll save for another post.

I enjoy hearing about others al fresco dumps and especially about those thrilling first experiences at seeing another person, especially someone of the opposite sex, doing a big poop. Regards.

Lawn Dogs Kid
ADRIAN: I think you misunderstood one of my posts. The Take a Girl Like You comment I made was about when I watched the video. I noticed that when Jenny moved over to the toilet and lifted her skirt, she didn't lift it up very far, and pulled her knickers down from a position that was already half way down her legs. i.e, they were not round her bottom when she pulled them down ! It was that I was asking if anyone else had noticed or not. Thanks for the reminder from you of the scene anyway !

ELLIE/LITTLE LOU: Glad to hear that Kev is on the straight and narrow again ! Can't believe that you would get big headed ! I'm very happy that Kev obviuosly loves you both still very much. It was also good to hear a story similar to Kendal and me, about how the three of you came about to watching each other in the bathroom. And you are absolutely right. What can it matter if you all watch one another, so long as everyone is enjoying the experience, and no one is getting hurt. Kendal and I have extraordinary fun together !

LINDA: You little gem ! You said I had a grin from ear to ear after the shock had worn off. Well, the shock still hasn't worn off, I can tell you. How kind of you to feel sorry for me about missing Kendal's biggest poo, and trying to make up for it by taking me with you instead. I definitely feel made up ! Problem now is.... when can we do it again? !! Linda, I've a bit of bad news for you, and me, and anyone else who enjoys Kendal's presence on this site. I got a call from Kendal at home in a heck of a state, so I rushed round to see what the matter was. When I got there, her Mum was furious that I was there at all, but luckily my Uncle smoothed over the situation so I was able to stay for 20 minutes. Kendal was beside herself with tears in her bedroom, and rushed for a comforting cuddle from her big cousin as soon as I walked in. It took me five minutes to calm her sobbing down. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Kendal had decided that she could hardly pass judgement! on the current debate about stand-up weeing for the girls without giving it a try herself, and encouraged by Louise's post, and the instructions given, she gave it a go in the shower ( which is over the bath ), and she was stood with her pelvis thrust forward, her hand over her bits, and weeing in the direction of the plug hole when her Mum came in and saw everything. Amongst the terrible things that her Mum accused her of being was that she was a "dirty, disgusting little girl, other people have to use that bath, and what ever possessed her to wee all over the bath when the toilet was right there to be used. She also made a comment which I will not elaborate on for fear of having this post pulled, regarding Kendal touching herself. The upshot is that Kendal is permanently grounded until she tells who taught her such a disgusting trick. Shes not allowed on the computer, or to see any friends, including Kirsty on Saturday. I have one sad little cousin on my hands who doesn't! know what to do. She is such a sweetie, and doesn't want to tell any lies. But she knows that she and I will be found out big time if she says where she got the idea from, and Kendal's Mum then reads this site with all the secrets that we have loved to share with you, and all the other wonderful people here. I've promised before I left her that I will sort it out, although God knows how. What a mess ! I had a man to man talk with Kendal's Dad who admitted to me that he is very angry about the way my Aunty has handled this, but on the other hand, he and Aunty have an agreement not to contradict one another infront of Kendal, and if one has taken a decision, the other will always back it up, and they will argue about it in private. Well, I really hope he wins the day, because Aunty is being the most incredible cow to Kendal at the moment ! Anyway, I struck an agreement with Uncle that while this fiasco continues, I will be allowed to see Kendal, in her house so as not to brea! k any going out curfews, and I hope to keep the poor girl sane through all of this. He agreed with me that the situation needs to be handled with alot of care, and because he knows that Kendal and I are so close, he thinks that she will talk to me, and that between us all we will get to the bottom of this. I love my Uncle ! Linda, sweetheart, keep writing to Kendal. I promised I would tell her everything that was going on while she faces her spell "in prison" ( tears in my eyes ! ) XOXO.

To everyone here, Kendal will be back ! I might be a babyface, but I feel the most horrendous sense of injustice happening here. My little cousin doesn't deserve this. She is the most beautiful person anyone could wish to meet. SAVE OUR KENDAL, I say ! If anyone has any ideas to help, then I will be very grateful to hear them. ( Shooting my Aunty is not an option by the way ! ).

PS - KIM, how ever did you manage to fit your 18 inch poo into an old pan from the bathroom cabinet. Its a wonder it didn't topple out ! Any copies of the video available ? !!

Hi, I've been putting lame posts up here for a while now, but I'm ready to let myself go a bit. Are you sitting comfortably? (No phun intended), then Ill begin...

When I first started secondary(High) school we had to make do with the grotty toilet, no papaer, no locks, ect. The 6th formers on the other hand, had it in the lap of luxery. They had their own "exclusive" posh toilets, that we wern't allowed to use. The only disadvantage to these, they were right oppsite the heads office on a long corridor. And they had no outer door, seperating them from the corridor. With me? So you would walk past the mens(boys, whatever) and be able to see if someone was sat on the toilet, you'd get their side profile, so to speak. You'd walk past, stop and take a quick ppek, and see several rows of feet with trousers round their ankles, all neatly lined up. The best time was when I had to stand outside the heads ofice during lessons for insolence, during my misspeant youth. Every so often a 6th former would walk past you, look at you, make a rude comment and then go inot the toilet. You'd be able to hear everything. from them locking the door, sitti! ng down. Some didn't seem to think I could hear the,m. They'd strain, curse, oten with an accmpanying "ahh" once they'd finished. The toilets were actually themselves quite large, so the acustics were out of this world! Ranging from a random plop plop, to jsut on almighty splash. I'd seem them pull their trousers up, flush the loo and walk out again. That all happened when i was in the lower grades,but after 5 long years, it was my turn to be in the 6th form....

Ah, PV, it seems you've started a small revolution here. The spirits of Celtic women must be smiling down on you from another realm. I read that Celtic warrior women peed while standing.

A little related humor (that I truly hope will not offend). Sister Helen went rushing to Father O'Brian one day to tell him that she'd found Sean Finnigan and Billy O'Toole having a contest to see which one could pee higher up the wall. "And what did you do, sister?" asked Father O'Brian. "Me?" she replied. "I hit the ceiling!!" "Well then," concluded Father O'Brian, "I guess you won!"

Lawn Dogs Kid
I'm with you.. I LOVE the new masthead pic. Maybe we should get a keep the pic alive rally, heh. Anyway as you probably know by now.. Linda wasn't teasing.. I thought she was too when she asked me if I'd be upset. I said it's up to you..sides I knew in real life she wouldn't jump into something like that out of the blue. Well she sure showed me.. and you it seems Heh. But really she kinda felt left out cause kendal did something bold when Kendal went in her panties that one time. It was something she would never do herself so I guess she did it to show she could be bold too.However, it seems to be catchy as now.....[makes a face] Elena wants to know if you'd like to see HER poop? Hoooooboy. Girls are so weird sometimes. Take care guy.. as well as Kendal.

Good Wednesday morning to you all. Well, it's Wednesday morning here. It's probably not morning for everyone here. Evening in England, right?
To Bryian, here's how I'm able to read and post on the forum. I use a regular Gateway computer, same kind of computer everyone else does. but what's different is that I've got some software that translates what's on the screen into synthetic speech output. The voice comes out of the soundcard speakers. So I heard what's on the screen instead of reading it. I learned to type at a young age, so that's not a problem. That's pretty much how it works. As far as my friend watching me, I lock the door when I'm in their bathroom. I do that mainly because they all do it. Since there are so many guys around there, and there's never much privacy, they consider being in the bathroom one of the fewplaces you can be alone I guess. Once I forgot to lock the door, and when I was brushing my teeth someone opened the door. But whenever I was in my friend's room and he went into the bathroom, I always made a point to listen to him. Who's to say he didn't listen to me when I was! in there though? He may have.
You know what I just realized? I don't know what the picture on the masthead looks like. Every time it's changed, people comment on it. But I never know. Moderator, could you briefly describe the new pic every time it's changed? Thanks so much.
No stories today really, except that I'm still constipated. Though I feel I really need a pooping session, I never get out more than about 3 small pieces. It's very annoying. I even tried eating some really spicy curry at my friend's house. Nothing. That stuff doesn't upset my stomach anymore. Oh, well, it was worth a try.
Okay, good day. My birthday is toomorrow (Dec. 7). Maybe I'll go out to dinner. And maybe that'll clear me out. Bye.

Carol DONT BE STUPID! You dont say what procedure you are going into hospital for but if you deliberately hold it in in order not to defecate you may jeopardise the operation you are having. If its an abdominal operation they will almost certainly give you an enema or purgative such as picolax to clear you out anyway. Also the straining involved in constipation could dangerously raise blood presure and cause all sorts of problems, likewise increased abdominal or thoracic pressure could burst stiches etc. So, please, please, dont try to hold it out out of prudishness or false modesty. Nurses and doctors are so used to seeing human stools that they are indifferent and certainly wont make a fool of you over them. So just use the bedpan, commode or whatever and dont worry about it. For a bedpan you can either sit on it, but this can be uncomfortable if passing a large solid turd, or hover over it so the jobbie doesnt get impeded as it comes out and squash up. If possible use a com! mode instead. This is like a chair with a bucket into which one does ones motion or urinates for that matter. It more like using an ordinary toilet.

On the subject of prudery I was so annoyed when I read that civil servants have blocked the Headmaster in Stockport in Northern England who wanted to convert one of the school toilets to unisex (of course leaving some separate boys and girls toilets so no pupil would be forced to use the unisx ones against their will). The excuse given was that the time wasnt right. RUBBISH! we are in the first year of the 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium for heavens sake!

Someone asked if a girl had ever had a poo accident while wearing a thong. I dont wear thongs, with a big arse like mine it wouldn't be comfortable and I prefer full briefs anyway. A friend of mine Michelle did however have such an accident recently. She had tried to hold it in on the way home and had been walking from the bus stop when she felt it start to come down. She knew she wouldnt make it home and sure enough a large soft formed poo came out in her underpants. Now if she had been wearing proper briefs it would probably have been retained inside them but the narrow strip of the thong wedged up between her buttocks allowed the squashed poo to ooze out at either side and fall onto the ground, messing her legs and the inside of her skirt. YEUCH! Needless to say she has ditched the thongs and gone back to more sensible knickers.

Wednesday, December 06, 2000

I went for a drink with some coworkers yesterday in a bar near work. I went to the ladies room to pee and noticed that the door on the stall had no lock and wouldn't close all the way. After my pee I went to the sink to wash and do my makeup. A woman in her 40s came in and went into the stall I had just been in. Because the door didn't close properly I could see her on the toilet in the mirror. She looked down the entire time. She farted loudly and I heard a crackling sound. Then she lifted up her right cheek and I saw a dark poo fall from her behind - I could see her thick brown pubic hair too. She put her cheek back on the toilet and continued pooing. I left before she finished.

Linda GS
I'm fine now and am not driving Elena crazy anymore. And she has calmed down a bit more lately. I REALLY wish I could have seen you poop that one time you broke all records with Kirsty. Sigh oh well. Well speaking of big poops..[smiles at Andrew]

Well when I got home from school Elena had food ready. She was nervous and she cooks as a way to help calm down. Too bad for us she's very nervous so there was so much food you'd think we were going to have tons of company over. Well after all that.. I HAD TO GO!! So I grabbed Andrew and dragged him into the bathroom with me. Hr was wondering what was up and I told him to turn around for a bit and he'd find out. When he turned back around he saw me on the toilet peeing. Then I told him the good news or rather he got the idea when I started to strain. I don't think he blinked for a second as I tried with all my might.(Even grabbed the seat between my legs and pulled up on it.) I think it was stage fright... but after a while...KASPLASH..aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.Then 6 more plops one right after another. Andrew had a grin from ear to ear.. um after the shock had worn off mind you. Hope you enjoyed that.^-^

Hi. Lucky you to have been the sole witness of Kendal's best performance. Sigh. Anyway don't feel pressured to have to go in front of a boy. It's really something you need to feel comfortable with too. Only when you have no doubts in your head should you do it.... this way you'll enjoy it and it won't be so embarrassing. It helps if you have a loving trusting bond with that person like I do with my cousin Miguel and Kendal does with Andrew. Anyway I felt bad about what happened with your dad. My dad has seen me a few times when I was small.. he was very shy.(He's old fashioned and from what I hear from my mom he never even changed me when I was a baby)Well a few times he needed something from the bathroom and he'd come in bumping into things cause he was trying his best not to see me. I'd giggle and say it's okay. I was a bit embarrassed but seeing him do all this just for me made me feel better. So he'd get what he needed but still not look at me. (I was already done if y! ou're wondering) My cousin is very nice and even though I trust him.. if he walks in on me he still says he's sorry. Didn't think it was nice of your dad to make comments about you on the toilet. My cousin does.. but well nothing more than I look cute sitting there.. even then if he sees it bothers me.. or even if it doesn't.. he says he's sorry. Can you see why I trust him so much? YOW.. I have to be off to school so later everyone.
P.S. Don't worry kendal.. I still had my uniform on and had my skirt covering everything so Andrew didn't get much of a show. Sides since he missed out on your performance.. I thought he'd enjoy one of mine. Hee hee.

G'day there

I have a few random recollections.

In my school days I wet myself once but only in primary school (before highschool). At lunch time we had 10 minutes to eat in class before we went outside to play. Anyway, near the end of the 10 minutes most of the kids had gone out and I was still there. I remember I had my mouth stuffed with a chocolate donut when I felt the need to go. So I went to the teacher and attempted to say "I need to go to the toilet" but her reply, not surprisingly, was "don't speak with your mouth full". So I ran out but didn't make it and ended up weeing myself.

Another thing happened in year 6 and a girl in my class needed to do a wee urgently. She was obviously in dire need as she was holding her crutch trying to get the teacher's attention to go. Her friends and her were laughing but she did go eventually and I assume she made it to the dunny in time. The same thing happened to me in year 4 and me and some other guys were with a student teacher in the art room. I can't remember exactly what we were doing but we were taking turns. I needed to wee ASAP and when the teacher turned to me and said "would you like a go?" I replied with "Can I go to the toilet?" and with that everyone laughed their heads off! I got there but I had a couple of drops on my pants.

Once I was at the baseball (fairly popular in Aus) and me and my mate were in the grandstand above the opposing teams bullpen where there were a couple of players lazing about. We could hear everything they said and they were talking about this and that when suddenly one them gets up and says "I'm going to take a shit" and walked off. On the baseball theme, I used to play softball and one day after my match my Mum was on canteen duty so I had to occupy myself. I needed a wee so I went to the toilets only to find the mens under repair. The lights were off so I didn't go in. Instead I went into the womens although I'm not sure if I realised. I went into the end stall and did a wee. Before that there was some wee and toilet paper left in the bowl. I heard a bunch of women come in and go into the stalls. I don't recall listening to their sounds (I wish I had!) but I was turned on. One of the women in the stalls asked "Do you need to go?" to another women waiting outside but sh! e replied with "no I'm right". I then flushed and came out and she gave me the weirdest look which had 'what are YOU doing in here!?' all over it. I washed my hands and went out.

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