Good Morning!!!! It's 8:33am and guess what I had my first poop
of the day!!!!

Kiki: Loved your poop story about camp.....I wonder how the person whose sleeping bag you pooped on reacted when he/she woke up the next morning and was greeted by a surprise. Pretty cool!!!!
I almost did that in my sleeping bag once when I was little. I was about 6 or 7 and I was sleeping in my parents room on a sleeping bag, I had the flu and didn't want to sleep alone in my room. Mom tells me I woke up in the middle of the night hiked up my nightgown and started pulling my panties down as if I thought that was a bathroom. She yelled to me but I didn't hear a word.....must have been in a deep sleep so she wisked me into the bathroom and there I went. Funny thing is I have no recollection of that night.

Buzzy: That's so cool you poop in a bed pan.......I had a nice 8 inch thick sausage this morning. Boy did it feel good coming out....started off with a little pee, some gas, a couple of pushes and out it slid. Sat there for a bit afterwards just enjoying the relief...decided to note the time exactly 8:05am when I went. Haven't had to go twice yet today...don't always depends on how much ruffage I had the day before....LOL Have fun at the gym and keep your stories coming!!!

Kevin: I sorry to hear about Sandra....hang in there.......and to answer your question about how a woman pees standing up.....I tried it a couple of times...the best way is to stand right over the bowl or urinal (I've only used the bowl since I've only tried it at home) aim the front of your arse into the middle of the bowl and that should do the trick.....I've never messed myself up or anything doing it this way....not really into that though....I prefer the good old fashioned sit down pees since you never know if gas or poop will follow sometimes.

J.Reed: In answer to your question I poop for the most part once a day in the morning....sometimes I'll go twice in the morning depending on what I had to eat the day before. During my time of the month I'll sometimes have an evening poop as well. It takes me about 20 minutes to finish a poop because I like to sit and read a magazine for a bit and savor the relief.

To Everyone: This is the time of year when holiday parties and all are going on....that means great poops!!!! Love to hear holiday poop stories....I'll have some to share too!!!

Ciao Emily :o)

question from Earth
a question for the MEN is there anyone who has pooped in bed either your own or someeles's (a son perhaps)on purpose

Hello fans... back with another flashback.

This time it involves me - once again in Cyprus. Well, It started with what I was eating. We all went to someones house to eat (in fact, it was the lady who had the amplified fart, which I wrote the other day), and she made pasta. It was meant to be the starter, but I ate it as a full course meal. Fine.

Then the same night, we went to a restaurant, and I ate spaghetti, this time two portions, so by now, my belly was just cooking with waste.

Due to the climate and its intence heat, when I went to bed, I iterally drank ONE LITRE of water... don't know how I did it but I stomached it.

Then thats when the bowels wanted to move. I woke up from my sleep with me bursting for a piss - and my bum felt VERY VERY full. I pissed, hoping to reileve my belly ache.

Went back to bed. After a minute of twisting and turning, I realised that I couldn't fart and needed a shit... really baddly.

I had to hold my arse for the first time, as my bouncing walk was liable to spill.

I sat on the seat... and 10 seconds later, a LONG LONG LONG paste of shit came out - it was literally paste, not hard, but soft and very long. I thought... WOW! I was proud to emit that long shit (I was 16 then).

I haven't done anything like that ever since...

Strange how only when I'm in Cyprus my belly works to its optimum operation, while here in southern England, my shit is boring.....

I was round at a friend's house the other night doing a bit of plumbing work, and they reminded me about a toilet incident.
His bedroom used to be in a converted garage in the house, and it had a little en-suite bathroom. Anyway, when I was there once, I really needed a dump and had to use his bathroom. I did a huge load, but it was soft towards the end and needed a fair amount of wiping.
The problem was, the toilet couldn't be connected to the main drain directly, as it was below the required level, and it had a saniflo unit fitted.
(That's a gizmo that fits at the back of the pan, shreds up your poop and TP and pumps it down an incredibly small 1-inch pipe where it can connect to a proper drain. I think they're called Macerators)
He said that ever since that time I used his toilet, it never seemed to flush away properly anymore!

Oh, and I didn't install the offending bathroom. He asked me if I could repair the saniflo once but I declined. Normal pipes, fair enough but I could just imagine a load of crusty poop and TP stuck around the blades and pump on the thing. YUK.

Well, I'm joining the ranks of those who have been constipated this week...there seem to be several of us...anyway, I don't know exactly what the problem has been, but it's finally going away...Friday I had a turd that looked like a was really thick all around (maybe 2+ inches across) and tapered off at both ends. It was really hard and really difficult to do. Of course it felt like I still had to go, but just couldn't. Then yesterday afternoon I was closing up at work (so I was alone) and had to pee really badly (I had been holding it for awhile cause I had just gone...that's what 32 oz. cokes do...) Anyway, when I got to the toilet, I peed and then felt like I had to poop, so I pushed but only passed a lot of gas and three itty bitty pieces. Then I was about to go to bed and felt a strong urge to go as I was saying goodbye to my friends. I don't know how long it was or anything cause I was too tired to think about that...but it was so hard to get out. The! n again today I had a very hard, thick (3 in across probably) and kinda long (for me...) motion. I was in process of going when the custodian knocked, but he didn't come in. He's very nice. I stopped to warn him about the mess in the bathroom (in the middle stall, apparently someone was too drunk this weekend to find the toilet and puked all over the floor in the stall!!! He said freshmen tend to do that...oiy! He also said that the mens rooms are always MUCH worse than the womens.

To answer this week's "poll" on a good week I typically go once a day 5-6 times a week...and usually I'm very quick (2-3 minutes) but like i said, the past few weeks have been bad...
I tend to be so quick that it's hard to tell (like as someone waiting for me) what I'm doing cause when I'm in an unfamiliar bathroom, I tend to be pee-shy and it takes awhile to start going so it takes longer.
So PV, Louise...I'm having failing experiments :o( The past few days I just have been unable to pee in the shower. I did last night and half of it dripped on my legs and down while half went forward...why? That hasn't happened before.

Today I wasn't feeling to well after lunch. So I ignored the pain. Well about 5 minutes later I was on my way to the bathroom. I like to crap alone so I waited until this kid was finished. When he left I ran into a stall. I almost had an accident in my pants. I sat down and pointed my thinger towards the bowl and push like hell. Since I was alone in the bathroom I let myself do some grunts. Boy did it hurt when it came out.

Also I tried the shower water up the a$$ thing. Nothing worked for me, and does it have to be cold or warm water?

NICOLE: I promise to tell the story of when Andrew first watched me on the toilet in a second or two, but first:

ASHLEY: Go and see your doctor !

KIRSTY: What a surprise to see you on here ! Andrew and I will see if we can get to see you on Saturday. And I am so very, very sorry for letting Bev in like I did. I had no idea. But now I do, you can rest assured it will never happen again. Love you loads xx

LINDA: Wow, I really liked your thanksgiving poo story. Fancy having to do it in the trash can, although I know it is the small bucket variety, and not the big one the dustbin men come along to empty ! I still need to get tissues out every time I think of that silly mistake of mine a while ago. The thought of little you perched up high with your pampies down having a poo in a big dustbin just makes me laugh so much ! Anyway, I presume you must be getting better now. Is pooing back to normal ? Mine is. I had a real good one after school today. Good in terms of relief though, not plopping. You know me. I think I need to be renamed Miss Flop !! Now, Linda, what are you saying to my Andrew ?! When he reads your post I bet his eyes will really sparkle with anticipation. Unless you are getting your own back for all his teasing from the past ! Hope not though, because the three of us together would be real fun. Maybe even Kirsty might join us one day ! Right, must get back! to Nicole now. I don't break my promises ! Lots of love from Kendal xxx

NICOLE (AGAIN !): Andrew and I have been watching each other on the toilet since I was seven. The first day I let him see was at my house. Now before this, I knew that when I went to the toilet he used to stand outside and listen ! He wasn't as good at keeping quiet as he is now ! So I decided that it really would be fun if I let him watch. But I wasn't really sure if he wanted to, and not wanting to be a brazen hussy, I hatched a plan ! I decided that the next time opportunity arose, I would wait to decide to wee until we were both outside the bathroom one day. Then I would say I wanted to wee, and go in, but not shut the door all the way, and wait to see what happened. The thing is, by doing that, I knew that Andrew would be able to see a good reflection of me sitting on the toilet. Thats because our bathroom wall is covered in shiny black tiles. Its not the best reflection of course, but it does provide for a tantalising glimpse if you stand in the right place outsid! e ! Anyway, the thing is it works both ways, and while you are sat on the toilet, you can see what is going on outside as well ! Get my drift ? So, the chance duly arrived, and I said I was going for a wee, and left the door open a bit. In fact, it was open enough that Andrew could have peeped with his whole head round the door if had wanted to. As I sat on the toilet, I felt this huge rush of excitement about whether he would look or not. I stared at the tiles and could see that he had his back to the door. Not wanting to give up yet, I squeezed my ???? to make myself wee loudly. It was then I saw him turn. I just knew he was looking at me, and what became so funny about it was that I then saw him kneel down on all fours and move around all over trying desperately to get a better image of me in the tiles. I felt so very happy, I decided to invite him in, saying something like "you can come in if you want, I don't mind. You don't have to watch my reflection in the tiles". ! When he heard this he really jumped with surprise. He didn't realise that I had been able to watch everything he had been doing. And that is why, Nicole, Andrew said he would be very embarrassed when I told you the story ! Anyway, I watched him still in the tiles as his hand came out to push the door open ever so slowly. I don't think he was sure about whether I had meant what I said or not. But I really did, and when he was finally stood in the doorway, able to see me in all my glory sat on the toilet, he smiled at me, and I smiled back at him, and we have watched each other ever since ! Now isn't that a lovely story ? I have to say it was a while before we watched each other poo though. In fact, I've only begun to enjoy being watched having a poo, and watching Andrew back since we started posting on this site a few months ago now. I'm starting to feel like a veteran !

Nicole, you too could know what a wonderful feeling this is with Peter. But only if, and thats a very big if, you both want to do it. If you don't totally want to do it, then please don't do it. I know how awful it can be if the arrangement is only one sided ! If Peter is not the boy to do it with, then save yourself for a boyfriend ! In the meantime, enjoy it with your girlfriend Suzy, like I do with Kirsty ( and Linda, via cyberspace of course ! ) I only let special people watch me, who I trust. People peeping at school and so on is terrible. I'm not an exhibitionist, and don't get any buzz out of strangers or people I don't like watching me. Just my very special friends, and especially my very special cousin ! Take care Nicole, and I look forward to hearing your news about you and Suzy weeing up walls now PV has told you how to do it ! Love from Kendal xx.

J Reed - loved your story - what did the girl look like?

PV - Hi!!! Wow I just read your letter about how you went
into the men's toilets with the other women. I can just
guess how good you must have felt about it. Oh, I know
just what you mean. When I had my first public wee on the
nude beach in Spain I felt such a big thrill and I was
even more exposed too. I mean, I had guys in front of me
who could see everything when I was squatting! Yeah, I
bet some women must have seen your stream like that even
if there were those divider things. Steve has told me about
dividers but I have never seen any yet. They do not go all
the way down to the floor do they? Did the punky type girl
just do it hands-free or did she aim? Well maybe you were
just so wrapped in what you were doing you just did not
notice. I do not know if I would have noticed her style if
I had been you! Now I wonder if any other women used the
urinals when you had gone? Oh I am just so pleased for you.

Oh yeah, you are so right about the ripple effect of letting
women know about standing to pee. We do have some more young
recruits standing with us now, don't we? Well I hope we can
get a lot more!

I waited until the Spices had left before I had my wee. This
was from when there were 5 of them. I can not remember which
two of them were shitting but I could hear a few splashes.
I do remember that when they were pissing they really washed
those bowls with it! They must have been bursting. While they
were doing it I just went by the mirror like I was checking
my make up but I saw their reflections because they had the
stall doors open. I do not like them and it was back when
all they could say was crap like "girl power, yeah". I bet
they felt I was not a fan and I was not happy being in the
room with them. Well I mean I am not a fuddyduddy, you know
that, but I do not think they are good for young girls to
admire, you know. Oh no I will have upset all the Spice Girls
fans now!

HAHAHAHAHA no, my mum did not try it out in the back yard!!!
We kindof worked it out when my mum stood up when she was
having a bath and she found she could just reach the taps
if she aimed at them so we think it is about 4 or 5 feet.

Yeah, please write if the warm weather makes things happen.

Steve is going to write in a minute, so I have to write
quickly to some of the other writers.

Lotsa Hugs, and well done in the gents' !!!

KIM - That was a helluva dump you had. Hehehehe I do not
think I could measure mine just like you do it. I know my
logs do not come near yours for size anyway.

ELLIE, LOU - Hi and welcome!!! Enjoy your standing wees and
glad you could join us! Did you work it all out yourselves
or did you read about how PV, me and the other girls do it?

LAWN DOGS KID - LOL I hope you are not worried about looking
so young. I bet when you are older you will feel very good
about looking very young. Thank you for your answer.

KENDAL - Hey, girl, give the standing wee a chance. I bet you
would be really amazed at what you could do, so give it a try
in the shower. It is like PV said, no more really cold toilet
seats if you can stand. Oh yeah, it would amaze Andrew!



ashley have you had trouble going to the bathroom. The symptom you are describing can be brought on by excessive straining. The next time you feel like you have to go just relax as much as you can and then only try when you feel the urge. If the urge goes away just sit and relax until the next one comes along then try again. By doing this you should be able to go with a minimal amount of straining. There are other things you can do but you should try this first. Let us know what happens. There are a lot of people on this forum that can give you advice on how to deal with problems like the one you are having.

hello Rick

Once for a dare i was asked to put a tube on my willy and pee down it into the toilet the tube just fit over the end and was 2 meters long. it was weird but fun. what else you want to hear.

Greetings All.

To PV,
Hello there, seems like ages since you sent your last post, and even longer since I last posted anything. I'll try my utmost to make a proper job of replying to that one tomorrow, as I will have the house to myself during the evening. Louise has a business trip with her boss, so I expect she will be quite busy. Goodness knows what sort of time she will arrive home, the trains being in the lamentable state they are in.
Personally, I don't have a great deal to report on the toilet front.
Naturally Louise and I have shared the bathroom, watched each other, and this activity of course has often progressed to - ahem - other things, especially in the snug warmth of a bath.
I have had further problems with the lady at work. She was the one I escorted into the men's room once when we were in a remote location far distant from any ladies' room that we knew of. A few days ago I escorted her to that same room again, but this time I chose to remain outside while she went in for a much needed leak. Now she is very good looking and attractive, and I must admit that if I were unattached I could well have been interested, but I have never been one for straying. Apart from the very strong bond Louise and I have, I have very strict personal rules in that area. Louise thinks the unwanted attention I have been receiving is hilarious, and that such complaints coming from a man are quite strange. Yes, she's just needling me, I know!

Well, here is another question that has been settled. Louise is most definitely _not_ the Spice Girls' greatest fan! Actually, I have to agree. Plenty of males would have gladly swapped places with Louise to be there to witness the five of them urinating and dumping, but I personally wouldn't be interested in meeting them.
Hah! I liked Louise's comment about getting "unfriendly vibes" from them. It is very likely that they felt comprehensively upstaged by Louise's beauty. Seen it happen many a time, I can read it on girls' faces. Louise's close friend Jackie causes the same non-verbal reaction, especially when they are in company together.

Thanks for your kind comments on the subject of watching over the girl who peed in public. Well, I was just glad she was okay.
I was very relieved that nothing happened, and let me tell you that even after all these years of training, in such a situation when you know there is some probability that it could all come on top against four, for a few seconds my rectum felt like it was about to force an involuntary emission on me to rival Krakatoa!

Finally, I must echo Louise's congratulations on your men's room episode. That must amount to a truly MASSIVE step forward! Very well done indeed! From what you have said, I have every confidence in your own in-built capability to beat this problem you have had. I think you should frequently replay the experience in your own mind, give that very capable brain of yours every available opportunity to strengthen the circuitry that allowed it to happen in the first place. Perhaps now, you should not engage in any further attempts at anything at quite the same level for a short while. Probably it would be wise at this stage to pursue something a little less obviously stressful. Less demanding. What I think you could do is possibly ease yourself into the habit of routinely using ladies' facilities when in company. Of course, your beach weeing is obviously beneficial. Immensely so. In time, using the ladies' room will seem just so routine and insignificant in comparison.
I wish you the best of luck. ;>

Until tomorrow,

Cheers :>


TO J REED-You know,you probably can find out the answer to your question by looking back on old posts,cause this question has been asked quite often-I don't remember what page they are on,but check it out-Oh yes,I go once a day except in the hot weather I go 2-3 times -must be the heat-It takes me about 10-15 mins to go cause i go in 2 to 3 parts and I like to take my timw
TO ASHLEY-Don't fool around- just go see a doctor-you are too young to get into taking laxatives-Try eating fruit-bet you don't eat that do you?-Just go to the doc-
TO DM-To answer your question-I put the bedpan on top of the computer seat and sit and go and type at the same time-once in a while i borrow my friend's laptop and go sit on the bowl and type as i poo-they are both fun to do-It's easier to poo in the bowl-somtimes when i go alot in the bedpan,i get poo on my butt and that is a drag-BTW that is a great suggestion to bring a laptop into the woods when i do my outdoor poops-I'll have to try that- Hook right up to a satellite connection and do it live right to the site! Now that would be fun!Maybe they will make the transmitter dishes smaller-right now i couldn't see myself with a 2-3 foot dish and going into the woods-now that would look a bit weird huh?LOL-Cool,idea though!
Had a good poo this a m-Got up early and had to return some stuff to Home depot and i wanted to beat the rush so i went over there early-Last nite i ate some chinese food-(stir fried fish with v????s)and it was quite a bit,but boy was it good! Anyway,by the time i got to home depot,i was getting cramps and as i was walking in the isle i let out a fart and boy did it burn and stink,so i just held it while i retured the merchandise,I didn't want to gross other folks out by leaving bombs up and down the isles-Then i rushed off to the toilets and when i got to the bathroom,there were 2 other guys in there dumping and one of them was really shitting up a storm-now i really had to go bad so i went into the stall next to the storm shitter and pulled down my pants to my ankles and sat on the bowl-now i know if i pushed,it would be over in a flash,so I decided to just sit there and relaxed my anus and just let the poop drop out-so when I did that the poo just came out slowly an! d plop plop plop ploped into the bowl with some hissing farts in between-boy did it feel gooood!Then i just sat there and i looked in the bowl and saw 3-4 poos that were soft and about 4-5 in each.Chinese food really makes me go alot,but it is a bit on the saft side with a lot of hissing gas-I knew i had to go more but i sat there and let it build up again while i listened to all the other guys doing their morning dumps-it was great-it sounded like a lot of guys were doing loose dumps with a lot of farting too.Then this guy came into the next stall and just let out this fart that lasted about 20 secs and while he was letting out this fart i let out a hissing fart myself but it was nothing compared to his and then i exploded with all this soft pudding as he was crackling out a big one-it was super,for about 10 sec we were pooing a bunch of stuff together-(Needless to say I got off right there!)Then i sat there and pushed out some squgglies and some wet farts and wiped my butt ! and it was a fun experience-i really had to go bad too!Then just before i flushed,i looked in the bowl-the water was mostly brown with a lot of loose stuff floating around-it was a good dump!Every now and then i really have an intense pooing experience-this was one of those-it was just right!Ladies-love your poo stories-BYE

Plunging Plop Guy
TONY in Scotland;Good to hear you decided to replace the boring toilet you found with a proper one! I'm sure there must be a lot of older type toilets finding their way to reclamation yards as so many people seem to want to change their bathroom suites for no other reason than that they consider the bathroom needs "updating".Who knows ,there may be a large number of very frustrated spouses of men or women who decide to buy a new toilet completely unaware of how enjoyable the old one was to use by their partner!
When I moved to this house,I saw an ad. in the paper for someone selling a Victorian bathroom suite and so I bought a very good one that has good plopability! There is also,not far away,a shop that specialises in old bathroom fittings.Maybe others not interested in using toilets as we are have realised the benefits of an efficient conventional pan.

To SHITMAN,Yes! How much I agree a CD of shitting sessions would be a good idea. In an adult comic called VIZ I remember seeing ads for fart tapes,so perhaps before long there will be the real thing!
A few years ago a popgroup leader said "I thought of making a shit record,that would be interesting". Sorry,I can't remember who said it but I kept the cutting from the newspaper which included it in a list of quotes.When I find it I'll mention his name.

DOMINIC-That was a great post of yours I read the other day.There was another Dominic who lives in the Midlands and works in a warehouse who posted here a few weeks ago,but you mention studying for exams and I assume you're 2 different guys.
I suppose it's inevitable that we can mistake each other in this forum and baffle people by referring to the wrong one when replying
so welcome to the Toilet!
As I'm no longer a student I can't help you with the question you asked,but as I'm already replying I might as well mention that when I was at school,I never had a shit at school after the age of about 7 but that I almost always went when I got home at dinnertime.I certainly took my time over it as it was at the age of 13 that I really started to "enjoy" going and had great control over my shitting so would often be anything between 10 and 20 minutes.
If you read through the many and varied old postings from guys in the USA,you'll find a lot where the toilets are open plan and that where some students are not at all keen to use them for a shit and would rather wait till they get home if they can,many really enjoy the companionship of shitting with their mates and inhibitions are soon lost.The time factor of a good shitting session can often be dependent on constipation and there are certainly a load of great stories of mutual grunting and plopping with some taking ages to get done.
Have a great read!

(I got in a bit of a muddle with my spacing so that's why there's a big space left here!)
Anyway,I really liked the way you described needing a shit while playing football,going to the toilet,sitting down and being on for 10 minutes getting your arse splashed as you dropped a load!I love the sensation of getting my arse splashed on the toilet and hearing of other guys getting splashed as well.Do you love the sensations of getting your bum drenched by a big plop? If you do and are happy to go into details ,it would be great to hear about. I know some guys love it as much as I do,some dislike it and many are probably indifferent to it but I think that if one enjoys a loud plop,the water splashing up is almost inevitable!
I hope you get some good replies from students about time on the bog,and I wish you well with your exams.

MARK,Another great toilet experience there! I don't think I'd have been able to piss in that restroom with all that plopping and farting going on from that friendly guy you met! Another rather low partition the way you describe it.
In a magazine I have that shows some young guys in an American restroom(The subject matter isn't the sort that I can go into here)There are 3 stalls without doors,and although the top of the partitions is about 6 ft.high;the partitions have a gap under them equal to the height of the toilets themselves!! Not a case of anyone looking over them but when you're on you can look under!

That's all for now, Have a good one ,Everyone! PPG

ELECTRA - Only the trains built within the last 5 or so years have sewage tanks on them. I think the first ones were the East Coast Main Line ones, (Inter City 225) which are now GNER. There were a lot of sliding door trains built in the 80s and early 90s that flushed onto the track.
I believe (but don't know for certain) that the Royal Train has always had tanks though!

Tuesday, December 05, 2000

Elena--come back! everything will work out fine for you. If my weak, mousy, former sister-in-law can handle childbirth you can to. The body can do amazing feats.

Buzzy--like your stories!

I haven't had any crap sessions worth reporting, though I had diarrhea two nights in a row. Must be a stomach bug.

Did you read where the FDA is pulling a drug off the market that treats IBS? It is blamed in the deaths of 8 women and a few more became so constipated they had to have surgery.
Why is it we are in the 21st century and we had no cure for that condition? Pathetic, if you ask me.

I need help. I'm a 12 year old female and I am having extreme pain in my um, butthole. it hurts to sit and i cannot take a poop. i do not know what is wrong with me, i know i have to go but it hurts to much. somebody please help me.

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