Hey y'all! This is my first post, hope y'all like it.

I have a friend in North Carolina, and this summer I went to stay with her for a week, and while I was there, she had one of her friends come over. We watched some movies, and then she her and her friend said they had to go to the bathroom, but they wouldn't use the hall bathroom, cause they wanted to used the one in my room. But I wouldn't let em use it, and instead of using the other bathroom, they went into her room and locked the door. I was listening at the door, and all of a sudden I heard her friend laugh really hard (they had been whispering) and then some shuffling around. I figured they were about to come out, so I went in the adjacent room and sat down. Then the door burst open and my friend yelled "Don't look!", and ran out. I looked anyway, and she was running down the hall with her shirt pulled down over her butt, and she was running toward the other bathroom with her friend. As soon as they closed the door, I went in her room and looked in the dirty c! lothes basket. There were the pair of shorts and panties she had been wearing. I didn't look very close, but I went up to the bathroom door and asked what happened. She said that she had suddenly had to pee really bad. "Then why did she take her pants off before she went to the bathroom?" I said. They said she'd been changing clothes when the urge came. I said ok, but didn't believe it. I went back in the room and picked up the panties. They were soaked in the crotch. I though it might have been sweat, so i checked the shorts, and they had a big wet spot on them! Soon after, they came out of the bathroom and my friend had on a new pair of panties but no shorts, and she stayed that way for a long time. Later, they both had to poop. I dared them both to go in their pants, but they wouldn't at first. Finally my friend said she would, but she didn't want to mess up clean panties, so she put on the ones that she had wet. I told her that I could see she had pissed her ! pants earlier, and she said it was an accident. then, she pushed and pushed. As she did, a little more pee leaked through her panties and ran down her leg, and a bulge formed in her panties. When she had finished, She sat down in it. She then put on her wet shorts and stayed like that for a long time. It was amazing. Anything like this happen to anyone else?

J. Reed
Well it seems like a lot of people have responded to my last couple of questions I've asked. I must say they're the most responses I've ever gotten ever since I've been posting on this web site so thanks everyone. Anyway I have another story to tell. Anyway I was over at this park and I was in this park bathroom blowing my nose. It was kinda bothering me that day. Anyway I was doing that until out of nowhere this girl who is probably 18 or 19 walks in there and says " can I use the bathroom in here. The girls is locked and I really have to go". Well it really didn't bother me if a girl is in the same bathroom or not so I said whatever. There was only one toilet along with two urinals and the toilet had nothing covering it so she basically had no real privacy. Well she is peeing as I'm still blowing my nose. I didn't even look at her until I asked her for some toilet paper to blow my nose with. I was using toilet paper ever since I had been in the bathroom and was no good no mo! re. So I asked for some toilet paper and she gave me some. Then I asked if she wanted me to leave and she said no. She said that she likes to talk to people while she uses the bathroom, even if it is a guy. So we started talking about stupid stuff while she's sitting there taking a dump. I heard poop go into the toilet and I could smell it. And we also played that game where you look at each other until if the first person blinks or laughs you loose. We did that until she was done. She took about 10 minutes. Anyway when we were out of the bathroom and just walking she was telling me that she poops 3 times a day and takes about 10 minutes. I told her I go once a day and take about 3-5 minutes. She didn't believe me but I really do.


Linda GS
To Kendal and all, my Turkey Day poop.
That night I was asleep and I got a cramp.. it hurt so bad it woke me up. I waddled to the bathroom holding my ???? and my other hand clamped on my tushie. My cousin was walking out of the bathroom when I said Out of the way.. I gotta make a deposit at the first bank of John.(there.. there's my joke for the year) he looked at me and said um someone beat you to it. he opened the door and there was Elena sitting on the toilet straining. Her nightgown was pulled up towards the front so her tushie and hips were showing and she had her blue pampies down around her ankles.. My cousin told her.. Linda's gotta go too. Elena opened her eyes and looks at him.. then at me.(I had my hand in my pampies holding my bottom closed) She frowned and said.. sorry kiddo.. I'm pooping.. or trying to. It poked out and that's all it's done. My cousin told me.. Linda just poop in the trashcan. He didn't have to tell me twice.. I stepped out of my pampies and sat. I tilted my head back and closed ! my eyes as my poop hole opened wide and so did my tushie as a LONG, HUGE, HARD poop slide out. It came out slow but it came out.. I felt it slide out.. it felt so good. Somehow I lost track.. it was one huge poop which took like 5 minutes to come out.. then like 4 more. By then Elena had done hers. My cousin had her resting her head on his shoulder(he was sitting on the rim of the tub)and stroking her head. I got off and wiped. OH MAN THE FIRST POOP WAS HUGE!!! Anyway Elena got off so I could pee in the toilet.. Elena's poop was huge too and there was like 6 of them. Anyway that's my Turkyday poop. Elena will tell her's later. So Andrew.. wanna see me poop someday?(winks)

Andy- I'd love to learn more about your friend's experiences. Did Indian women tell her about their habits, or did she just learn from observation? For instance, how does she know they don't usually wear underwear? And, did she adopt their peeing habits while there? I didn't practice the public peeing so commonly indulged in by Indian men except for once- My friend Rajeev and I were shopping in New Dehli, and we both needed to pee pretty bad. We looked all over for a bathroom, but none could be found. We decided, 'What the hell, all the other guys do it.' We unzipped our pants and let loose, emptying our bladders on a concrete wall in broad daylight in the middle of downtown. It felt kind of stange, but the relief was worth it! Suddenly, we heard a round of applause and some cheering. We looked back to see about five adolescent guys laughing and drawing a lot of attention to what we were doing. I had hoped not to draw attention, but I should have known that as a foreigner, I c! ouldn't get away with public urination without making a scene. Oh well, I thought it was pretty funny, too! I had to go, so it was worth it in any case.

TTT- You haven't posted in a while, you're not leaving us are you? Anything happen lately worth reporting?

I had a recent experience worth sharing. I work full time in a retail store, and it seems like I always have to take a dump at work these days. The bathroom is in the office in back of the store, and there is usually someone back there when I use the toilet. I've been wondering if they can hear the loud plops and splashes my turds make. A few days ago, I drank a Dr. Pepper, hoping the caffeine and sugar would pep me up, and I drank it pretty fast. I don't often drink sodas (usually just water), and it hit my stomach hard. I felt the cramps and urgency which indicate a bout of diarhhea, and made my way to the back room quickly. This time, there was not one but two people in there. I shut the bathroom door and sat on the toilet. Pure liquid poured out of my ass into the toilet water, and I was embarassed because I felt sure my coworkers could hear it. I could feel that the worst was yet to come, so I flushed the toilet to cover the explosive sound of gas and diarrhea which I! was making. I think it worked pretty well, and I was finally done once the toilet finished flushing. I wiped numerous times (diarhhea leaves more of a mess), flushed again, and went back to work feeling like a new man.

To Nicola: Glad to see I am not the only one who gets a buzz out of using train toilets. I used to be a regular commuter into London, and I would have a dump on the way home several times a week, but now I am only an occasional traveller (which is just as well considering the state of our railways!). I suppose there is something of an exhibitionist in me, but I like the thought that when I am having a poo, someone is going to see the results on the track, but they won't know it was me! Like you, I find it even more exciting to hear someone comment on it - that has happened to me on a few occasions. However, there are times when I have got "caught". I have found people lurking outside the door when I thought the coast was clear, and I have had a couple of occasions when the loo didn't flush. I understand that the trains with toilets that flush onto the track are disappearing, although there are still some on the line I travel. I was told that the best way to recognise them is t! hat if the train has doors with handles, it probably has loos that empty onto the tracks. If the train has sliding doors, the loos empty into a tank. Does anyone know if that is true?
Love, Jill

Jamie I would like to hear stories about some weird places you've pissed in

A few days ago I had a very bad experience. It was thursday and I woke up with a pretty big urge to move my bowels. Now, I have to get up pretty early and I still only have just enough time to get ready and out the door to get to school so having morning bm's isn't a usual thing with me. So this being the case, I decided to hold it in and went on with my morning routine. After getting to school the urge had subsided for the most part. I was fine until about 3rd period. By this time the urge had returned and was even stronger then when i woke up this morning. I reallllly hate using public and school restrooms so i continued to hold it in. 3rd period seemed to stretch on forever. i gave up on paying attention and just focused on keeping my poop in. Finally the bell rang and 3rd period ended. I had to go to my locker before 4th period to get a book so i made my way down the stairwell. When i reached the landing i had a terrible cramp and began to let out some gas. I felt my ass b! egin to open up so i clamped my cheeks together the best i could. thank goodness there was no one else on the stairs. i could feel the tip of a turd between my ass cheeks. i just stood there frozen trying to think of what to do. i regained composure and relaxed my butt muscles. the urge had passed for the time being and i was simply happy that i hadnt pooped my pants right there. the tip of the turd had almost completely receded back in my ass. I made it through 5th period with no problem then I had lunch break. I decided not to eat anything due to my present 'condition' and just had a coke. 6th period was also fine except for the mild urge to pee. Then i reached 7th period. I was fine for the first 10 or 15 minutes but not far into the period the ure had reurned and was accompanied by the urge to pee. The urge to pee wasn't that bad so again i focused on keeping my bm in. i was having pretty bad cramps now and gas. i had also started to fidget. I clasped my cheeks together as! well as i could and smashed them against the seat trying with all my might to keep my poop from coming out. When the bell rang for 7th period to end i had to get up. i stood, with my cheeks still clamped togther, and walked slowly to my next class. I sat down in my seat and decided to unzip my pants to take pressure off my full bladder. By this time my need to poop and my need to pee were both urgent. I kept letting spurts of pee out. it was getting very difficult to keep my urine and poop in at the same time. i had another severe cramp and felt my ass open again. i clasped my cheeks together but this time i couldnt hold back. i felt a HUGE turd sliding quickly into my underwear. i leaned forward in my seat so it woulndt be completely smashed into my pants. as this was happening i tried with all my might to hold my pee in as the bm was causing it to come out in small spurts. finally the whole turd was out. the rest of the class was hell. i kept dribbling and i couldnt sit bac! k or i would smash the turd into my underwear. I didn't even go into the bathroom to clean up when i class ended. i just got home as fast as i could. luckily. no one else was there. when i got to my back yard i just let the rest of my pee out and then went inside. i cleaned up and threw my dirty underwear away so my mom wouldnt find out. I havent had a bm in my pants since this experience but i frequently hold in my pee at school which results in dribbling. Never actually wetting myself completely though.

Hi again: I really enjoy visiting the gents, especially when men are pooping. The sounds are tremendous. Don't yu think there shud be a CD out

Dude, help a guy out! What would you have done if it had been you? The fact that you are here indicate you have some kind of interest and it's a great conversation starter. And that can only make the whole experience better.

I know you had Nick staying with you for a days. Anything good happpen as it relates to the bathroom?


last week i saw my girl friend taking a dump in here pants because the ziper was stuck

I just got home from Wal-Mart in New Jersey. I went into the mens restroom, and found 2 stalls. The handicapped stall had a door on it, with no lock, while the first stall had NO door at all. Since the H/A stall was occupied, i reluctatly used the doorless stall. The amazing thing was that the handicapped sink was directly in front of me. the handicapped mirror, which is mounted at a 35 angle down allowed me a perfect view of myself taking a dump. It was freaky..... then everybody using the other sinks could not help but watch me plop, and wipe. Man, must have been a magnifieng mirror 'cuz my weinee never looked so huge !!!!!

this happened about a year ago. I was not feeling to good so decided to get a check up from the doc, He examined me, and then held up a cup and said can you fill this, i of course said straight faced not from here HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA oh thats so funny. (ok its an old joke but it still gets a laugh eh)

Hu HUM anyway today a friend came and visited me, while here she needed to use the toilet, she went in and i could here her peeing then silence and then a couple of farts followed by a steady plop plop of her poo dropping into the toilet, she wiped three times, flushed and then came out. I went in and smelled her aroma mmmmm.

Cousin--yes, cold medicine can cause constipation by drying out the membranes.

I remember as a kid going into the bathroom in elementary and hearing this girl straining real loud. "UH!" pause. "UH!" pause. "UH!" I don't remember hearing any plops but she was really going at it.

This is exciting ! I'm writing this at Kirsty's house. I decided to tell her about this site after we both went to the bathroom together this morning. She likes going with me, but she still won't go with her sister Bev. Bev is in the same year as Andrew. Last night, Kirsty and I went for a wee together. She went first, but only did quite a short tinkle. Just as she was finishing, there was a knock on the door. It was Bev, and she wanted to come in too. I think the poor girl was feeling left out ! Anyway, I went to undo the lock and let her in. Kirsty didn't stop me, but she rushed to wipe and get her panties and jeans pulled back up again before Bev could get in. Once Bev was in, I said I was desperate and I went next. I didn't mind Bev seeing. She's a nice girl. I had a very long wee, must have been nearly a minute ! It was a quiet one as usual as I took my normal position sitting close to the edge of the seat. Then it was Bev's turn. Although Kirsty had stayed and appeare! d to enjoy watching me, she went out before Bev took her turn. I stayed though ! Bev was wearing a nice skirt. She was going out to meet some boy ! Her skirt was quite tight, and stayed up around her ????. She carefully lowered her tights to below her knees, and then her panties to above her knees and sat to go. Kirsty has this lovely dark red hair, but Bev's is a bright orange, and she has bits and pieces to match ! In fact her bits were so orange, while she was sitting, it reminded me of the sun setting on the horizon ! Her wee was a real gusher, with hissing, loud tinkling, and gentle tinkling all at the same time. I enjoyed watching !

Now to this morning ! Like Nicole, I too have had a bad ???? with very runny poo since near the beginning of last week. Fortunately, I was feeling better by Friday and went back to school. Otherwise Mum wouldn't have let me come to Kirsty's for the weekend. Problem is, having had this runny poo all week, I now had the opposite ! I didn't do my usual poo on Friday after school. And I had no urges to go on Saturday at all. But this morning, I felt a sudden need for a very big poo. I told Kirsty, and she looked very excited and told me she needed to poo as well. When we got to the bathroom, I went first. My goodness, it was a real job to get started. I began to play over in my mind Linda's Cheerleader dance to help me, but I must have looked funny, in a trance or something, because Kirsty looked really worried and asked if I was o.k ! Anyway, no matter. It had the desired effect, Linda ! This poo was very fat, and after alot of straining and grunting, it finally started ! to come out of my bottom. Starting was difficult, because after a particularly loud gasp from me, Kirsty began to laugh, which made me laugh too! And then I couldn't push while I was laughing ! But once it had started, it wasn't too hard to continue with it. But the shock I was in for was that it turned into the biggest poo I can ever remember doing. I felt more and more of it coming out of me until I got curious and pushed my panties over my knees so I could open my legs and see it. My goodness it was long ! Kirsty's mouth dropped open in surprise and she said "Wow, its massive" ! But I wasn't yet done, and we both watched as I managed to push out enough for it to be touching the water before it finally broke off. It made a huge kerplop as it bent and folded into the toilet water. I couldn't help myself. I just had this huge grin on my face, dead proud of my efforts. What do you reckon Linda ?! And KIM, I finally managed a monster as well ! But despite this enormous poo, I! still managed to do two more pieces, much smaller of course than the first.

Then it was Kirsty's turn. And she wouldn't let me flush. She's environmental ( I think that is the right spelling, Kirsty isn't sure ) She said why waste two lots of water flushing. So I let go of the handle, and she pulled down her panties from under her night shirt and sat on the seat that I had already warmed up for her ! She said "God, I'm ready for this" ! And within five seconds I heard a rush of crackling and two quick plops. She then panted her breath out and took another big breath. As she started to turn really red I heard one more distinct plop, before a small splash, and then a funny splat sound. She let her breath out in a big gasp, having held it for at least 30 seconds ! She then breathed heaviliy for several seconds recovering, before getting up to look in the loo. There was now so much poo in the toilet it was out of the water, and really stinking up the bathroom ! She finished her wiping, and we both watched as she flushed the loo. The water rushed dow! n, but instead of pushing the poo away, it suddenly started to rise up the toilet bowl, very quickly ! So quickly that Kirsty and I were convinced it was going to overflow, and we squealed ! Her Dad heard us and banged on the bathroom door. "What's the matter girls ?". We both looked at each other, and Kirsty said "nothing" and flushed again. I was horrified, it would surely overflow now, but the water had gone down in the 10 seconds or so between our squeal and her Dad asking what the matter was. And the second flush did the job, thank goodness ! On hearing the second flush, her Dad guessed and said "Right, which one of you has blocked the toilet ?!". Kirsty said "Neither of us, Dad", and we opened the door and walked out. He then went in to check ! But before he came out, we heard him say "ffffoorrrrrrr, whose the one with the smelly bottom then ?!". We both just laughed and ran off without answering !

Kirsty has now seen this site, and she was really shocked ! And she was shocked even more when she found out that Andrew and I go to the toilet together. "But he's a boy" she said ! "I know", I said "But he is also my only cousin and we love and trust each other very much". After a minute or two when she got over the shock, she grinned and asked me what he looked like on the toilet. I grinned back and said "you'll have to ask him yourself. He might even let you watch him if you would do the same back". Now she went very red. I don't think she's quite ready for that ! I'm getting beaten up here now for letting out too many secrets !

LINDA: So sorry to hear that you are really poorly with a bad cold. Well, I've had the runs, as you have probably already seen earlier in my post ! But I'm much better now, and I really hope you will be soon as well. Glad to see that you were able to go for a constipated poo with your cousin in the shower. I bet that made you really happy, being able to go with him in there ! Take care, and don't make Elena go too crazy. She's obviously having a bad time of it. Lots of love from Kendal xxx. PS Looking forward to hearing about your thanksgiving poo when you feel better ! xxx

ELENA: Please don't get too frightened. I bet if you get frightened it would frighten the baby. So there is a good thought for you. Stay calm and stay happy, and so might the baby ( and so might Miguel as well ! ).

COUSIN: If Elena doesn't get this message herself, will you tell her that I'm thinking of her, and hoping that she will stop being frightened soon.

NASTRADAMUS: I'm 10 years old, 11 in January !

I don't believe it, while I'm writing this, Kirsty and I have just discovered that we share the same birthday, 12th January. She is exactly one year older than me ! Right girl, we will have to have a joint party don't you think ? ( she's nodding !)

DM: Glad you like my posts. Have been ill, which is why I haven't been on for a while.

ELLIE: Believe me, I know just how lucky I am to have my cousin Andrew, and I wouldn't swap him for the world. I don't suppose you could help out my friend Nicole on this site could you ? She and her friend Suzy want to know how you wee standing up without it running down your legs. You and little Lou appear to know the secret. Can you tell Nicole, or is it simply just practice ?

NICOLE: There you go, I hope Ellie can help you ! If not, it seems that the posters called PV and LOUISE are absolute experts at stand-up weeing ! It sounds as though they help themselves by somehow aiming, using their fingers. Anyway, I don't know the secret, and frankly, I'm happy to sit and wee, especially when Andrew can watch me ! I loved your story about the shoe shop ! Wasn't Suzy embarrassed that the young shop assistant saw her bits and pieces ? I know she was without knickers not to show off, but so she could wee without wetting them. I would have died on the spot if that had been me ! Oh, and I think you were really brave to wee between two cars, especially if it was a big long one ! I would have been too afraid of being seen ! Look, this post has got very long, and its not fair to waste Kirsty's Mum and Dad's telephone, especially as I haven't used our computer at home in ages. Mum and Dad are bound to let me use it tomorrow, because they won't know ab! out me using Kirsty's ! So I promise to tell you about the first time I let Andrew watch me on the toilet tomorrow ! I take it you still haven't had the courage to let Peter watch yet ? Take care, love from Kendal x.

Hi, I'm Kendal's friend, Kirsty. She's gone home now, so I just decided to revisit this site she showed me this morning. I was with her when she wrote her post today, but after spending the past couple of hours browsing old posts, I think I can understand her fascination with seeing people on the toilet now. I really was shocked to learn that she goes to the toilet so often with Andrew, but having followed their posts right back to the beginning, I have to say that I am so jealous of their wonderful relationship together. All my male cousins are complete and utter gits, and I don't have any brothers, just my sister Bev. Hey Kendal, I've read all the posts where you have mentioned me now, and my lack of interest in watching you and Chloe go, or at least letting you two watch me.

Well now I'm ready to let you and everyone else on this site know why I don't let others watch me, that was until you came into my life Kendal. Upto when I was eight, I often would go to the toilet with Bev. But when I was eight, she did something horrible to me which I've never forgiven her for. I don't think she knows what she did to me to this day. But we had gone to the toilet together, and she had done her wee before I sat down to have mine. But once I got going, I realised that I needed to poo as well. Just as it had begun sliding out my bum, there was a knock on the bathroom door. It was Dad. But instead of letting him wait while I finished, she went and unlocked the door and let him in. Then she laughed in my face and joked and teased that I was having a poo, and that if Dad waited he would be able to hear the plop. There was nothing I could do. I wanted so much for my poo to go back up my bum, but it was far too late, and it quickly splashed into the water much t! o the amusement of Bev and Dad. Then Dad said he thought I looked funny sitting on the toilet.

Ever since then, I have had a real complex about people seeing me go, and also whether anyone would be able to hear my plopping. Then I met Chloe at school, and we both suffered a bad experience when some older girls climbed onto other toilets so they could look over the partition while I was on the toilet. It was really horrible. Then Kendal came into my life as well, and between her and Chloe, I began to believe that I could trust people again. They were both so open and trusting of me to let me watch them go. But then, one day I fell out with Chloe when I discovered she was two-timing Andrew. But Kendal still wanted to be friends with me, and I am so happy that we have stayed friends, because she is such a lovely person, it is easy to trust her, and I knew that if I let her watch me go, she wouldn't open the door and let the whole world see me. That was until Saturday, when she let Bev in while I was sat on the toilet. However, I suppose I had actually finished, and rea! lly, she let Bev in so she could see Bev go herself.

Kendal is my dearest friend, and I know that now she knows what the matter was with me before, she won't open the door again, not even to Bev, unless I say she can. I know I can trust her in the future, which is why I want to carry on going with her. She makes me feel so relaxed when I go in front of her, and she is wonderful company. And I know she likes me to go with her.

I've never let a boy see me before, so I don't really know what to do about Andrew. I can see how trustworthy he is, and if Kendal trusts him, then so should I. He has always been lovely to me, first through Chloe, and now through Kendal. But I feel afraid. I can't decide what to do. I think I must be like the poster called Nicole who has made friends with Andrew and Kendal, the one who can't decide if she should let her brother watch her go. I know Andrew will talk to me about it when I see him next at school. He is so easy to talk to. But I think I would feel less embarrassed about it if Kendal could be there as well while we talk. So I think I'll wait. I know you will both read this. Please can we all talk about it together?

Love from Kirsty.


I found your post on historic conveniences most interesting. It brings to mind my mom speaking of how it was in decades gone by in northern England, before the sewerage system was laid in. She has spoken of the dry closets they had, and that from time to time the "muck-midden men" would come to shovel out the collecting bins. It was another world in that respect, wasn't it?


Dominic--As a college student, I try to spend as little time as often in the bathroom. And I just go wherever I am; don't really have a choice. Mostly in the dorm, but if I'm spending large amounts of time in the library, student center, class or work . . .
The handicap/staff bathroom at work is quite nice. We have a men's bathroom w/ a stall and a urinal and the women's has two stalls. Then in the corner by the men's room is a single room with a mirror along the whole back wall where the sink and toilet are.

Cousin--good luck with Linda and Elena. I know you're there to support them and this too shall pass. I know they appreciate all of your support.

PPG--typically, one NEVER drinks enough water...64 oz a day is "recommended." And the more you drink the easier it is to go or something like that...

Has anyone mentioned Jurassic Park? When the guy is sitting on the porta-potty and the dino blows the place away?

Also, what about X-Files: (I'll list only when someone actually goes to the bathroom, now when a plot occurs there, ie. while washing). The list I found doesn't list the past two seasons.
Deep Throat: Mulder goes to the bathroom (see him using the urinal and washing his hands).
Eve: One of the girls in the car "Agent Mulder, I have to go to the bathroom." other "Me too" Mulder: "Can you hold it?" girl1 "I really have to go" Mulder looks at Scully who says she could use some caffeine. Next scene, in a diner Mulder to waitress "Where are your bathooms?" Waitress "In the back, you need a key" gives him the keys and he hands one to Scully and they enter their respective bathrooms. One of the girls sneaks out as the other says "Agent Scully, my door's stuck" and she says "Just a minute" in a kinda out of breath voice . . . wonder what she's up to.
The Calusari: A mother is in the toilet in a park restroom, having tied her 2 year old to the sing (he's in one of those carrying things and she tied him to the sinks with the shoulder straps. She's singing to him while seated on the toilet and there are some shots of her. Warning: this is one of the most disturbing episodes of all time.
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose: the detective asks Bruckman if he can use his bathroom and then goes in and shuts the door (reemerging quickly). He is shot.
War of the Coprophages (lit. dung eaters): The doctor, after examining Mulder and talking to him says "After talking to Agent Mulder here I suddenly feel a bit constipated" he proceeds to the bathroom where we see him reading and then the cockroaches attack him.
Zero Sum: A postal worker asks her friend to cover while she takes (another) break. We see her sitting on the toilet reading a magazine and smoking. She dies.
Fight the Future (the movie): Mulder is drunk at a bar, the men's room is out of order, he tries the women's but there is someone in there, so he colors an Independence Day poster. He is joined by his new informant who also takes it out and helps Mulder color. This is refered to again in a conversation between the two of them in a later conversation.
Agua Mala: with "it" in the water attacking people, it isn't safe to use the bathroom or any source of tap water. So the pregnant women is desperate and finally goes into the bathroom and we see her sitting there peeing.

And the quote of the day: M"Do I look like I'm having fun, Scully?" S"You look constipated actually" M"That would make sense cause I'm had my head stuck up my rear end for the last four years."

Time for a busy day...

Cousin, yes ,many cold medicines do constipate.Its the codiene as far as I understand and may people have posted here about being constipated when on such medications. When I was about 10 I had a bad chest cold. Not only did I get a week off school (Hurray!) during the winter but the cough mixture suppressed the urge to defecate and when I did go after a few days I passed a lovey big fat jobbie.

DM I think it was another poster who mentioned the film with a stressed out woman having a motion anyway from her unrully kids.I have seen a similar file though but would be interested in the name of the one you refer to and will search for the website you mention. I do remember a typical British "Kitchen Sink" film where the unmarried mother in a Council Flat leaves her own middle aged mother looking after her brats while she pops out to the shop for a few minutes. When she comes back the kids have emptied food over the floor. She calls angrily with a few obbscenities for her mother and we hear the toilet flush and the older woman is shown coming out of the toilet adjusting her skirt and complaining that she needed a poo but was constipated. Her daughter retorts "Well Mum why didnt you take them in with you?" to which her mother responds, "Oh I dont like to , I dont think its right, you might not mind but I like my privacy in the toilet!"

Rick (Peeper) Black and Brown (Asian) women have been shown sitting on the toilet on the masthead as I recall have other Asiatic types. Id like to see a pretty nordic blonde woman or a ???? redhead.

Plunging Plop Guy. I have seen the wash out type toilet pans in Glasgow in some of the older tenement houses which had shared toilets on the stairs outside each house. We take the inside toilet for granted these days but lots of people when I grew up had to share a toilet with up to 5 other families. The wash out toilet as you say doesnt give a decent "Ker-sploonk!" so is no use to those who enjoy listening to someone else doing a motion but does have the advantage that you can see the whole jobbie as none of it disappears round the hidden bend. I also agree that those syphonic action pans are a waste of space and cannot handle a decent sized turd. When Theresa and I moved house we ripped out and junked the one that was installed and put in decent large white old style toilet pans, which we got from a builders merchants. These have a large deep sump or water trap and a long drop so good " Kersplunkablility!" as Theresa and I have often proved.

Adiran, thanks for the reply on the nice big jobbie you did, bet that felt great. I have to politely disagree about the sprouts and other green veg, I HATE the things and neither of us will eat them, subject closed!. I cant stand the taste, smell or texture, and I refuse to submit to the philosophy of " its good for you so you should eat it" The whole idea of the food suppliment drink that we take is that it contains all the beneficial vitamins, trace elements etc of the veg in question but tastes good, a malted chocolate flavour though there are others such as banana , vanilla, pineapple. Thus we get the good points without the nasty taste or the side effects such as wind , loose stools, etc. Each to their own, you enjoy the sprouts, cabbage etc, Ill be happy without them.

Nicola, I loved your story about doing the maths homework while sitting on the pan dropping a big jobbie. Did you calculate its volume, Pi R Squared H if I recall is the formula. You didnt say how big it was, so if I assume it was one of your usual 12 inch long and 2.5 inch thick turds it would have a volume of nearly 59 cubic inches or in metric if you prefer that type of thing 295 cc of poo. Is my math correct? Yes, Theresa and I do accompany each other to the toilet and if one is constipated the other rubs their ???? etc.

Mia, you are all too correct Im afraid. These days those guilty of self inflicted wounds get preferential treatment while often the genuine, innocent, sufferer of a genuine disease or disabliity gets the hard end of the stick! Political Correctness gone mad!

Mr. Noname
Hi Jamie--you can write anything you like. I'd love to read some of your stories. I've posted a few times but got no responses. Anyway, I especially like ladies' stories about big turds--like Kim's, Mia's, Moira's, and Anne the Bus Driver's posts. But if you don't have any, than anything else will do.

To everyone else--I enjoy the posts on this site. I think it's great that something like this exists. I didn't realize so many people like toilet stories. Keep it up! maybe I'll submit some more of my own stories sometime.

PLEASE OH PLEASE don't chnage the pic on the masthead.. I love this pic!! You can't top it. so don't try!!

Ah yes someone brought up Jackie Chan.. so I have to get involved. I happened to like Operation Condor.. the original didn't have the sound of the girl peeing in said secene but when it was re released in the US it was added. Ah but Jackie is equal unlike most.. you see gal you can see guys pooping in 3 of his movies.. they are Meals on Wheels, Fantasy Force part 1, and My lucky Stars.

Hi Louise,

Say, the board took a couple of days to cycle, there -- and I was offline last night too. I'll take a look at p468 too. If it's not there I'll keep an eye open for a new post on the period-pee theme.

"I mean there are some women who would still think it was evil and perverted or not accept it is possible for them to do it, and I bet they would hold things up and stop any progress." <snippage.>

Yep, that's a pretty fair assessment. The fact is that there will always be women who dwell inside the psychological equivalent of whalebone corsets, and are the feminine equivalent of an 'old fuddyduddy.' There are old soldiers, old farts and the like in all walks of life, and where 'ladylike behavior' is concerned they are the arbiters of taste, making sure that they train lapdogs to follow them. And even so, change occurs. Their hold on the world is now almost nonexistent, if they still held control three quarters of sport, fashion, rock and all the rest of it would not exist. Sure, toilet manners are ingrained into culture, but the mere fact those ludicrous female urinals have been designed at all means at least some change has already occurred.

Yes, the rate of change is slow, and it's sad that we personally might not see if happen. Still, there's always hope for the future -- look at young Ellie and Little Lou, and Ephermal, these are gals who have discovered the truth and are having fun doing what's always been possible, so if they can do so, so can lots more. It's a ripple effect. I remember a post on another board from a lady who mentioned it to a group of friends having dinner at a hotel, and the next time she saw them they were all practicing it

Strewth -- you took a close-proximity wee with Da Gals? It must have been like artillery fire in there! I *bet* you didn't ask for autographs!

"Yeah I said before I would go and use unisex urinals but I would need Steve to be there with me. I just hope that just talking about it you and I are helping to make a difference. It would help women a helluva lot if the rest of us all just woke up and looked at what they can do."

Frankly, I see that as the most positive thing we can do here. Make the reality cut across the prejudicial assumption that our culture foists upon us. Many might ask why we feel it's important, but I think we've answered that question a lot of times, and without getting into the feminist politics of the situation. Ask the kids -- they're the ones who will have a lifetime freed of the nonsense!

"Oh yeah, let us get rid of that silly nonsense that urinals because they are urinals must stink! You and me, we both know they do *not* have to stink! The queues would be shorter, that is for sure. How much shorter the queue was when some girls took to going in the sinks that time!"

Amen to that, sister. A properly maintained restroom smells perfectly sweet, and if it stinks it's the fault of maintenance, not the fixtures. I've known a row of cubicles smell so hideously I couldn't go near them, so 'sauce for the goose' and all that.

Oh, good show, four or five feet for your mom? That lady has a very healthy bladder! I'm still practicing for distance, I've gone four feet or so, but three and over is fairly easy. If I may be so bold, how did you find your mom's range? Have a try-out in the back yard??? (Chuckles!)

Building up -- the warm weather is reasserting itself and I look forward to more fun and trickles! Your praise and congratulations are well received.

Wow, Steve's friend's girlfriend must be keeping her consternation to herself if she's shared a restroom with you. Her tiny dribble against your whole-hearted gush? No contest, but of course she's of the mindset that probably finds anything to do with excretion to be taboo. And that's a pity, as once you step outside the frame of civilization, which can be as easy as taking a long walk, let alone going camping or hiking, you find nature is your silent partner and won't be ignored.

All my best, and looking forward to your next postings,



I am soooo delighted that you and Little Lou have quickly cottoned to the gentle art of the standing wee! It's amazing, isn't it? And there is a strange sense of personal fulfilment that goes with it, isn't there? A sense of "I did that! Yay!" Nothing else feels quite like it. You'll find it'll become second nature and you'll wonder what you ever did without the skill. Here's to many happy fence waterings for you three!

Oh, and I can quite sympathise with what happened to Kev. Yeah, unfortunately not all girls are models of compassion, many are entirely self-centered, and to do that to a lad is hardly the kindest thing. It's perhaps natural that he should be a bit unfriendly to the female gender, but just wicked bad luck that the only one he had to vent his eire on was poor Lou. Okay, kiss and make up, it's forgotten. I can just visualize Kev and Lou watering a fence together, and it's a very cute image! Did you all do the park on Friday?



G --

On a high? I walked out of the men's room hardly feeling the ground under me! I've used a wall-type urinal quite a few times, but times with an audience is still countable on one hand. I felt wonderful!


Nope, I've not seen that type of "trough" urinal here at all. There were some old tiled troughs from the 50s I guess, and I've used one of those once, but a shallow bath-like device is a new one. Hmmm, yes, it would be fun to sprinkle in one of those!

To the unidentified poster who asked whether any girls have defaecated while wearing a thong -- I try not to! There is of course no 'catchment' because there is no seat, so all that would happen is a filthy mess. Of course, if utterly desperate, all one needs to do is lift one's skirt, hold the strap aside, bend a little and let go.


Hi, welcome to the growing ranks of women who stand up to be counted! Louise and I have posted the wheres and whyfores on one or two occasions, but they are waaaay back in the postings, so I guess it would be entirely apt to post again.

Okay, gals, here goes:

For confidence, practice in the shower! Get all wet, and don't worry about trying to hit the wall, just to make a neat stream. Stand with your legs a little way apart. I put my feet about equal width with my shoulders, though i know some girls like them further apart. Push your hips forward a bit, lean back from the waist, these also help. Now, take the first two fingers of your right hand, or left, whichever you use, make an upside-down V, and use them to gently part your lips and cleanly expose your urinary outlet. This is half the battle. You can also lift your tissues carefully, just draw them up with the same fingers, to obtain a forward arcing angle. You'll want to develop pressure as quickly as possible so you don't drip too much, and press out hard again as you finish, for the same reason. Sounds hard, but it's really easy, and before you know it you'll be weeing up trees and walls -- or at least not bothering to sit down on cooooold toilet seats this winter!

All my best,


PS: Kim, that was an incredible late night poop, I'm just about tingling with envy!

Sunday, December 03 2000

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